Evangeline Lilly probably not leaving ‘Lost’

A few months ago, “Lost” star Evangeline Lilly proclaimed that she probably wouldn’t be interested in acting post-“Lost”. Internet rumors began swirling last week that Lilly intended to quit “Lost” this season, and was already auditioning for the new fall television shows. That rumor turned out to be false, however. A “source” close to Lilly confirms that she’ll be on “Lost” for a while, but the denial is very carefully worded.

An Internet rumor claiming that Evangeline Lilly is auditioning for fall 2009 pilots — and thus may soon be leaving the role of Lost’s Kate — has been summarily dismissed as false.

“None of this is true, not even remotely,” a source close to the actress tells TVGuide.com.

So, from where was this far-out fable born? While the original online account cites a “solid” source as saying that Lilly is putting out feelers, the writer of said story “never called anyone to clarify [her claims] — not ABC, not Lilly’s publicist, not her agents,” says our own insider. “It was quite irresponsible.”

Both ABC and Lilly’s spokesperson declined to comment for this story.

From TV Guide

Why would both Lilly’s people and the ABC people decline to comment? Maybe there’s more to the rumor than initially thought, although I tended to believe Evangeline when she said she wasn’t going to make a go of acting in the long run. In a few more years, she’ll probably be in some poverty-stricken country doing relief work.

For fans of “Lost”, the character of Kate probably wouldn’t be sorely missed. Kate is… how do I put this?… kind of a wet blanket. She always gets herself into trouble, she always goes off somewhere half-cocked. Lilly and Matthew Fox are the “stars” of what should be just a straight-up ensemble, and if their parts get cut back, I won‘t miss them. If “Lost” loses Kate, perhaps we can have more episodes focusing on Sayeed and Sawyer (swoon).

Sidenote for the Losties: How great is this season? How sweet is it that Desmond named his son Charlie? I jumped out of my skin when Locke got into another car accident! And I love the new characters… this new guy who crashed on the latest plane crash, the one who pocketed the gun, he’s got a good story, I can tell.

Evangeline Lilly is shown at the premiere of “Afterwards” in Paris on 1/5/09. Credit: ANG/Fame Pictures.

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  1. Enonymous says:

    Is Lost still on, damn I though is was canceled or something.

  2. Ash says:

    I love Lost. I would also not care if she was off the show. I like her as an actress, but her character is beyond annoying to me. More Desmond! Love that guy.

  3. Kolby says:

    I LOVE the new season. The first half of season 2 was sub-par, but on the whole they’ve managed to keep the show fresh and well-written. I love the direction they’re going in.

  4. Kolby says:

    And I love Desmond – I wonder how he’ll get back to the island.

  5. Brett says:

    I’ll be upset if Lilly is off the show. As much as I agree that Kate can be a pain in the a** sometimes, she’s one of the original cast and it would be sad to see her go. As for Desmond, I got pretty tired of him walking around in Season Three saying, “Ya gonna die, Charlie!” over and over again. He could disappear and I wouldn’t miss him at all.

  6. AlaskaJoey says:

    Kate and Jack have the chemistry of 2 wet dishrags. I hate the two of them, but I actually don’t mind Kate when she’s paired with Sawyer, because they do have chemistry. But I’d still like to see Sawyer with someone who appreciates him. More Sayid, more Desmond, and more Jin for me, please!

  7. Kolby says:

    LOL @ “Ya gonna die, Charlie!”

  8. lostfan says:

    I have a feeling that this new guy (ceasor i guess) is working for Widmore. Widmore knows Elliose so he might also know about the second plane crash and he might have sent that guy.

  9. becca says:

    Gahhhh, I need to start watching the episodes of the new season. :O.

    Truthfully, I started to lose interest after Charlie died. Dom Monaghan was the only reason I got interested in the show.

    Lucky me, I have spring break next week. 😀

  10. iheartlasagne says:

    God I love Lost! Fans should def check out weekly recaps at Pajiba.com. Even though I understand the general Kate annoyance, I don’t think she’s that bad. I really want her to end up with Sawyer – they seem to be setting up for him & Juliet to get together – NOOOOOO!

  11. Ned says:

    She is a beautiful and charming girl.
    I like her a lot.

  12. SolitaryAngel says:

    I have a terrible feeling I know how they’re getting Desmond back on the island–remember when Ben called Jack to pick up Locke’s body because he was “tied up”? He was calling from the dock all beat up & bloody? I think his little errand included killing Penny–remember how Ben told Whidmore that he would kill HIS daughter the way Whidmore killed Ben’s? Ben called Jack from the MARINA–and who do you know who lives on a boat? Desmond spent the last 3 years hiding from Whidmore–and that’s the only reason Ben couldn’t find them! But Desmond went to the church to tell Daniel’s mother the message and Ben was there too. Do you guys agree? I think he killed Penny, probably little Charlie (hope NOT) and probably has Desmond tied up in the cargo hold.

    And Kate can be annoying but Jack is awesome! How can you guys dislike him?!?!?!

  13. MDD says:

    “LOST” is what good tv should be engaging storyline and characters.

    P.S. Kate sucks…

  14. BluePlanet says:

    Lost rules ok? This season has been awesome! I am a total Lost geek… 🙂

    I don’t think she’d leave the show with only one more season to go. Besides, she gets to have steamy love scenes with Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway, why the hell would you give up a gig like that?

  15. RAN says:

    OMG Solitary! I think the exact same thing about Ben’s little errand. And THAT’S why/how Desmond gets back to the island and will eventually kill Ben – by the finale.

    I agree with Kaiser and a few other posters here… Kate is tolerable, and I like her story with Sawyer, but the whole Jack/Kate thing… wet blanket. I like Jack better now that he’s not some sanctimonious jerk – for now anyway.

    I have an unhealthy obsession with Sawyer. If they ever cut him from the show, I’m done. The guy is absolute man candy and I’m standing in line for the sample 🙂

    I also agree with you Becca – Charlie was my second favorite, not due to looks, but because I loved his character. Almost gave the show up when he was killed – but by then I’d decided to keep Sawyer, so I had to stay.

  16. SolitaryAngel says:

    Hey RAN! Great minds think alike! I wonder how long it will take them to catch up to us? LOL

    Y’all know Charlie’s coming back, right? He’s the one who told Hurley to be on the plane–and that’s who the guitar case is for–the one Hurley brings with him! I can’t wait!!!

  17. iheartlasagne says:

    Yeah, I am on the same page with the Ben/Penny/Des thing, although I hope it aint so. I freaking bawled when Des and Penny had that abbreviated phone convo on the freighter. Not so interested in Charlie, although he is OK, but Sawyer and Sayid? Oh baby! Luscious man locks all the way. I like to think Josh Holloway is really a bit like Sawyer too, he wears that character so well. Damn I love this show! I really hope they (writers/producers) can keep it up til the end.

  18. Mimi says:

    I’m with AlaskaJoey!

  19. RAN says:

    Solitary, I got chills when I read your post – Tell me Charlie is coming back for sure!!! That alone will keep me watching – – Well… that and Sawyer! 🙂
    Desmond and Sayid aren’t too bad either 😉

  20. SolitaryAngel says:

    RAN, he’s coming back! Somewhere deep inside, I have a feeling that, at the end, the island will bring them all back to the beginning, and the main characters will probably be the only ones who remember everything!

    As for Sawyer? Ooooh. Eye Candy Extraordinaire! He can joke around with Juliet all he wants, but he better NOT touch! He breathes for Kate, and when they went through that flash and he saw Kate delivering Claire’s baby, the look on his face made me cry. There is no one else for him.

  21. Amphitrite says:

    I understand the Kate annoyance, but I’d be very upset if she left- not quite sure why, but part of it is that she’s absolutely gorgeous which is good for all the make out scenes whether it’s Jack or Sawyer (or both).

  22. TomTom4049 says:

    Well LOST is officially gone from the airwaves and I for one (but I’m not alone)hated to see it go. We watched those people for years and got to know them. Its kind of like seeing old friends move away. But, the finale left some holes for us and perhaps a movie later on? Why did Ben stay behind saying he had some things to do. I’ll keep hoping those genius writers can craft a movie out of the end for us.