Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend FKA Twigs made a Google Glass video: amazing?


Robert Pattinson has been dating British singer/musician/artist FKA Twigs for more than two months now. It seems relatively serious. Like, I think this is the most serious relationship he’s had since Kristen Stewart. Rob even followed Twigs around Europe for a few weeks while she played some shows, all of which he attended. They went shopping together in Paris and they looked very much in love.

I’m sure loads of people knew FKA Twigs before Sparkles ever came around, but you can’t deny that there has been a lot more interest in her music/career/life post-Sparkles. Apparently, FKA Twigs is so hip and cool these days that Google hired her to make a video promoting Google Glass (and her music). She directed the video and she stars in it. The video is set to her songs “Video Girl” and “Glass & Patron.” The video debuted on Monday and now it already had more than 800,000 views.

I didn’t realize she could dance. Wow. I mean… she seems like a really Cool Girl. Maybe even too cool for Sparkles? Nah. They make some kind of wonderful sense together.


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  1. MCraw says:

    I really really like HER. The music love will come later.

    • Raquel says:

      She is amazing. She is so talented, and self-aware. I loved her recent interview with rookie magazine:

      She is so refreshingly beautiful and honest. While I also agree with other poster’s with the fact that she should be known as FKA Twigs — not Robert Pattinson’s gf FKA Twigs, I admittedly did not know much about her until learning that she was dating Robert. In that regard I am glad that this relationship is opening up new audiences for her as a performer.

      Musically, I have really been loving “Papi Pacify”, and “Hide”.

      • MCraw says:

        Thanks for that link! I’ll delve into it when I’m done with work. I like the things she’s said in the past interviews and how she handled all that awful racism twitter threw at her. Her music is just a tad too out there for my taste but there are some that I really like. Her dancing is amazing and how she plays with her look makes it fun just watching her. I look forward to more of it.

  2. Kiddo says:

    I can’t see the video, but I love that first pic.

  3. G. says:

    I stumbled onto her music a few months ago. It’s decent. She seems cool.

  4. Narak says:

    Love her videos and wow!! She can dance!! Love her!!!

  5. Anon says:

    Didn’t realize she could dance? She was a dancer first hello!!!

  6. Hannah says:

    She is way too cool for sparkles! But he looks so happy with her I can’t help liking this couple! Never seen him this relaxed and happy.

  7. HughJass says:

    Wow! and consider that she is dancing with her eyes closed when she has the eye makeup on.

    • FLORC says:

      Janet Jackson did a tour while completely blind. Her eyes had to stay shut for some medical reason that’s escaped my mind. No one realised because she was so on point. Never missed a step.

      • Snazzy says:

        I didn’t know that! I went to see One of her shows back in the day …. Amazing! Such a talented performer

      • FLORC says:

        HArd to search while my mobile is being a pain, but it was that tour where she was all black outfits. Whe wore big black goggle looking glasses that hid her bandages. To everyone else it just looked like a piece to the costume.

  8. KellyBee says:

    @ Kaisar

    You have to read her interviews she a very self aware person and more young and old celebrities should take a note from her.

    • Anname says:

      There is also an interview she did on youtube, it’s almost 5 minutes, for her Mercury nomination. I like her too, seems like she knows what she wants and has worked hard to get there. Rob likes strong women, who have their own thing going on. Nice he isn’t going the revolving supermodel route.

      She will be at the Mercury awards on 10/29, I hope she wins!

  9. Lea says:

    I think she’s so cool. Insanely talented and inspired. Yes, I’m a fan.

  10. Andrea says:

    She’s such an upgrade for RPatz

  11. Corrie says:

    Her music takes a bit to get into but once it does, its into you… no turning away from it. Its hot and sensual and beautifully constructed. Great video and lucky Google. They dont care shes dating Rob, she pulled this on her own.

  12. mkyarwood says:

    I’m in love. Reminds me of Portishead.

    • Liz says:

      That’s a great comparison! Have liked Portishead for years and have been addicted to Video Girl since I first heard it.

  13. Artemis says:

    i like most of her videos (‘tw-ache’ is awesome) and the way she dances. But the songs are a bit…disappointing. There is no ‘climax’. It’s like a book that just ends. Like sex without an orgasm. A dinner party without dessert.
    There are only 3 songs (Two Weeks-great video, Hide & Papi Pacify) that really do it for me and the rest is OK-ish.

    I love that they can’t categorize her, kind of like Fiona Apple 🙂 Also when I followed her interviews, I enjoyed the fact that she’s quite solitary, independent or whatever you call it. And quirky, she loves ‘old’ music. She works hard for her dreams and she’s confident about who she is.

    Also, it’s ‘luck’ that RPatz is dating her around the time that she blew up. She was getting more press this year and she was nominated for an award so 2014 really is her break-out year after years of working on her artist. Shame that she has to endure the racism that comes with dating RPatz though.

  14. Yabby says:

    It really bothers me how the title reads ‘Robert Pattinson’s gf made…’ she was known in her own right before he came along. Can we just call her FKA Twigs without heading her name with his? Sigh.

  15. Neelyo says:

    Came here to say the same thing, Yabby. He should be known as her boyfriend. I really enjoy her music.

  16. Nicole says:

    She’s really pretty and talented. Can’t say that I knew her before she started dating Sparkles. There’s only one that bothers me: I wanna tell her to close her mouth!

  17. Freebunny says:

    She’s very pretty on some pics and too weird on others.
    I guess they make sense together.

  18. Shahrizai says:

    I’m into her sound and aesthetic!

  19. FLORC says:

    Not sure what it is, but something seems wrong. Not fully genuine or aloof. She is for the most part aware enough, but for me she’s a flash in the pan and easily replaced. She just doesn’t ring true
    Good for sparkles though. They seem happy and cute.

    Google glasses need to go away. I’ve only heard tragic stories directly related to those. Bar fights, car wrecks, assaults.

  20. MAP says:

    She seems awfully flexible, so congrats Sparkles.

  21. Bridget says:

    Its official, no one looks cool in Google glasses.

  22. Vampi says:

    Does anyone know what the “FKA” stands for?

    • Tig says:

      Read somewhere means “Formerly Known As” bec when she started out, there was another performer as called Twigs- who knows, but that’s my recollection.

  23. Jessa says:

    Don’t know what it is, but the music, the dancing, the look….all just rubs me the wrong way. I think she is all (attempted) style and zero substance.

    • FLORC says:

      I’m there too. I’m told she’s great and grounded and cool. I’m told there’s no reason to not like her. I just can’t get there. I don’t like her. There’s a piece missing for me to like her and i’m not sure what that is.

  24. vv007 says:

    I want to like her, she looks so cool but her music…it just doesn’t do anything for me which is too bad. The visuals are terrific.

  25. Leah says:

    I really like her. She is cool and interesting and i find her beauty really unique. She makes Pattison more interesting and cool.

  26. Breezy says:

    Not sure how I feel about her. The “anime eyes” thing was a a step down imo. I can’t speak for anyone but last time this happened (Gaga) it wasn’t received very well. Everyone I spoke with was really bothered by it, so I can’t say it doesn’t bother me to see it again.

  27. JB says:

    It’s true, twigs was cool long before Sparkles’ stepped into the picture.

  28. moo says:

    I’ve never heard of her before. I found the video weird but engaging. I noticed her anime eyes blinked at the end. Not her opening her real eyes, but the top lash of the anime eyes blinked closed and open really quickly.

  29. LAK says:

    She’s a trained dancer. Her nickname ‘twigs’ came out of dance class ribbing about her limbs – according to gossip.

  30. kattyk says:

    Well, I actually was liking her up until I saw that video. I can’t explain exactly what bothered me, but the video seems very Lady Gaga-ish and uncomfortable. She’s a fantastic dancer, but it just left me very uncomfortable.