Kirk Cameron tells women their role is to focus on the home, family & ‘joy’


Evangelical douchebag Kirk Cameron has taken a breather from fighting for freedom against homosexuality to take on the war against Christmas. He’s promoting his ridiculous new movie called Saving Christmas. The sad thing is that Kirk has an audience who will pay to watch this drivel, but he still has to promote. And we can still laugh at him. My Christian relatives even laugh at him. He’s embarrassing.

Kirk decided that one of the most important ways to save Christmas is to tell women what they’re supposed to do during the holiday season. Ladies, you’re supposed to stay home, cook, and care for your family. If you feel sad or mad about something, don’t let it show. You’re supposed to provide “joy” to your family. Don’t you forget it. Here’s Kirk’s little speech that he plastered on his Facebook page:

If you are a mom, if you are a wife, if you’re the keeper of your home, I want you to know that your joy is so important this Christmas. Because Christmas is about joy and if the joy of the Lord is your strength, remember, the joy of the mom is her children’s strength. So don’t let anything steal your joy. If you let your joy get stolen, it will sap your strength. Let your children, your family, see your joy in the way that you decorate your home this Christmas, in the food that you cook, the songs you sing, the stories you tell, and the traditions that you keep. Invite your whole neighborhood into your Christmas, and invite the world into our story of our king and his kingdom. Join me and go see Saving Christmas November 14.

[From Kirk Cameron on Facebook]

Kirk sat down with the Christian Post too. He’s really upset that public schools are putting “a big wet blanket” on his favorite holiday by using the term winter break instead of Christmas break. So sad. Kirk believes “they want to take that out of Christmas so they don’t offend people who hate Christmas. And then we have a new group who are telling us, convincingly, that Christmas is actually a celebration of paganism.” He truly thinks that everyone who isn’t a Christian must hate Christians — because no one can ever have a different opinion. He’s nuts, but I’m not going to argue with him. There’s no use.

You can watch the video clip of Kirk’s “rousing” speech to the wimmens on Facebook, but wait. You don’t have time to watch it ladies — the kitchen is calling!

Kirk Cameron

Photos courtesy of Kirk Cameron on Facebook & Fame/Flynet

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  1. PunkyMomma says:

    He’s realted to the Duggars, right?

    • Flora Kitty says:

      The Duggars favorite actor. Bleeech.

    • Kori says:

      He was at Jessa’s recent wedding.

      • mayamae says:

        And here’s his barf-worthy comment about Jessa’s wedding.

        “We flew to the Duggar hometown, not only to be part of the fun and excitement of honoring this precious couple, but as a father, I want my daughters to see what it looks like when a couple reserves their ‘first kiss’ for at the altar. Wow! This kind of moral excellence and purity is rare today, but our sons and daughters are priceless. This dad has only a few years to etch these meaningful images on the minds of his children.”

        I don’t know, “moral excellence and purity” are sounding a little Aryan.

      • Falkor says:

        The reason the Duggars breed so profusely is so that they have voter majority down the line and so that they will have plenty of like-minded white folks on their side for the race war they think is on the horizon. I shit you not, these beliefs are the crux of the Quiverfull cult’s doctrine. You’re probably getting Aryan vibes because the white fervor is intense with this crowd.

    • mytbean says:

      The thing that creeps me out with him and the Duggars is that their smile does not match their eyes. Their message is over the top but even they aren’t buying the something – maybe everything – that they are trying to sell us. Their faces are constantly masking chronic anguish… they scare me and make me sad.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Yep. I’d say there’s a lot of repression, internal conflict and cognitive dissonance going on with the Duggars, Kirk and folks like them who have a template of how they think the world should be and spend their lives trying to get others on board with their ‘vision.’

        Ever notice that these people are never content to just live a quiet life? They simply crave the spotlight.

      • deehunny says:

        Reminds me of that Broken Daughters blog/blogs where women share their experiences of being in the Quiverfull movement. Many recall getting beaten/disapproved and more for not constantly having a cheerful disposition. They are taught it is unGodly to show negative emotion

      • Falkor says:

        Behind the smiles are screams, but Quiverfull women don’t get the freedom to show any emotion other than jubilation in public. If they don’t look happy for outside the family, there will most certainly be punishment from inside the family. Their house is a house of unspeakable horrors and to be a Duggar means to be filled to the brim with family secrets, or else.

    • Darkladi says:

      A village named Stepford is missing its idiot!

  2. feebee says:

    I hope this doesn’t break comment policy to say I really want to punch him in the face.

    I mean I could go into detail but really it ends up at that point.

    • annaloo. says:

      No, I’m sure with you. Cameron needs to focus on STFU

    • V4Real says:

      I think I would pull a “Gone Girl” if I was married to this man.

      • deezee says:

        Yes but his wife was the driving force in his full evangelical conversion.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        Which is pretty funny considering she developed a whole new name and personality after meeting Kirk Cameron, I know someone who went to college with her – she was Nancy Mueller back then and a sorority girl at SUNY Geneseo back in the 80’s. I think she graduated in 1985.

      • Bridget says:

        @deezee: are you sure about that? Because i thought that he started moving evangelical before he met his wife – remember his firing of Julie McCullough for posing in Playboy? Tou can even see it in thedirection that Growing Pains took.

      • holly hobby says:

        Yes I think I remember his wife, Chelsea Noble, turned him into a nut. I think toward the end of growing pains, he distanced himself from the cast too.

      • Bridget says:

        Except Kirk was pretty young when he went evangelical, way before his future wife joined the show. Take for example the episode where he and his friends are offered drugs – he apparently insisted that they add a PSA-style message at the end because he felt that it needed a moral.

      • mayamae says:

        @paranormalgirl, Wiki backs you up. I learned something else too – Chelsea is a “kissing double” in Kirk’s movies. He refuses to kiss anyone but her, so Chelsea is given hair and makeup and then filmed from behind.

      • jenn12 says:

        How does she have time to be a kissing double when she’s busy in the kitchen and smiling all day long?

    • Kitten says:

      No that is a perfectly acceptable reaction to this dude.

    • funcakes says:

      Kirk is a politician that screams to the media that homosexuality is a sin……and eventually is caught taking his hooker in a hotel room doing meth.

      • GByeGirl says:

        He looks really unhealthy, actually. Even in the movie poster, which I assume would be photoshopped to make him look better. His skin has a gray cast and his teeth look worn down and his jaw looks like it can’t support his face.

    • Josephine says:

      I do wonder what happened to him over the years to make him hate women. And gays. And non-Christians. And people who would support such people.

    • Lucinda says:

      I abhor violence but I’d pay to see that. He really is as stupid as the character he played in the 80’s. I try to be accepting of people and their faith but this awful.

    • QQ says:

      Im here *eye to eye* with you

      he should focus on that closet he lives in to make it cozy for himself and whatnot

    • Tiffany :) says:

      That is my instinct too…but since I am in the middle of watching first season of Orange is the New Black, I think a different tactic might work better.

      Hitting him would make him feel justified and like a martyr.
      Making out hardcore with another chick right in front of him would probably make his head explode, and would be much more enjoyable. The other option would be making out with him, but I don’t think I could do that without vomiting (and that might be a form of sexual assault)

      • mollie says:

        Oh, say goodbye to the world until you are done with OITNB.
        Nothing else matters while watching that show, and when you are finished watching them all, you will be like me, broken, sad, and waiting for the new season to hurry up and get here!

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Yeah, I don’t want to dilute the joy of housecleaning or anything, but punching that smug little face would be very satisfying.

    • Stubbylove says:

      No Doubt – who the hell cares what Kirk Friggin’ Cameron has to say? Nutjob.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      My grandmother, God rest her soul, loved Jesus and was a churchgoing woman. She would have beat this boy black and blue for his fictitious “war on Christmas.” She knew full well the real suffering of religious persecution, she fled Iran and spent her entire life working to bring others to safety. This guy is an idiot who has missed the message of Christianity completely and should be often and loudly ridiculed.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Thanks for such a powerful and important comment, Bob Loblaw.

      • Olive Malone says:

        Yes! Religious persecution (of any kind) is pervasive and awful. He sounds like a child. Limited understanding that cultures and beliefs exist outside of his narrow scope.

  3. Jenns says:

    I guess that explains why the women look so miserable in this photo. Because they weren’t at home.

    …Or it could be that they have to work with Kirk Cameron.

    • Ag says:

      HAHAHA, this picture kills me every freaking time i see it. never gets old. thanks for the laugh. 🙂

    • Cidee says:

      Agreed. This photo NEVER gets old. Sometimes when I’m having a bad day I pull it up and have myself a little chuckle. Thanks, Kirk!

    • Jackson says:

      Oh my…..I started laughing before I even clicked because I knew which picture it had to be. Yaay! Thanks for my first good laugh of the day.

    • doofus says:

      agree with all three responses.

      I knew what it would be, and I gleefully clicked. that pic is PRICELESS.

    • MrsB says:

      Ohhh my goodness, I have never seen this before. I’m dying. Thank you for sharing!!

      • Ag says:

        MrsB, you have been missing out BIG TIME. 🙂

      • MrsB says:

        I keep coming back to look at it again and again. I can’t quit laughing, so many glorious things to be seen in that picture.

      • Ag says:

        haha! those sad, wrapped sandwiches, just sitting there, waiting to be eaten. the looks on those women’s faces. the little cake. the empty room. LOL party committee FAIL. (where do they work? are we better off not knowing?)

      • Tiffany :) says:

        The woman who is hiding in the door way makes me think she is scared. Very sad photo!

    • The Other Katherine says:

      Never seen that picture before, and it just became the best part of this day for me (which is kind of a sad comment on today, but oh well).

    • Green Girl says:

      LOL This picture has long been in a special folder of pictures that make me laugh every.single.time. I knew which picture this would be and I still laughed anyway.

    • Falkor says:

      The cherry on the lulzcake for me is always that one lonely, lame ass candle placed crookedly with absolutely zero care. That picture screams “EVERYONE *HATES* YOU!” so much louder than any person possibly could.

  4. MsGoblin says:

    Please crawl back under the rock from whence you came.

  5. DavidBowie says:

    I couldn’t even finish reading this garbage he keeps spewing.

  6. Ag says:

    $hit. i need to shut down my computer, shred my case files, and quit my job. off home to start prepping for christmas! although, it will be a sad holiday that we will prob have to spend under a bridge without my paycheck coming in…

    • Abbott says:

      Make sure that your bridge is spotless. Ag! It’s your womanly duty.

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      If you would just learn to radiate joy from your heart, then your family would realize how much happier, healthier, and holier they are under that bridge than they were in that bastion of feminist materialism you’re caging them in right now. It’s all about womanly priorities, ok?

    • Pandy says:

      Decorate that bridge little lady!

    • Ag says:

      oh, i will make it spotless AND i will decorate, ladies! thank you for your support! i knew i could count on my fellow womenfolk to understand my innate need to clean, cook, decorate, live to please my man 24/7, and pop out as many little ones as possible before uterine prolapse sets in.

    • MsMercury says:

      I have nothing to add but this thread is hilarious. It is cracking me up. You ladies (and/or menz) are funny.

    • FLORC says:

      Let me see if I have this correctly.

      His logic is insidious in nature. It’s bits of common sense. Things we can all agree on in some form. A little praise. He’s stating Women, mothers, wives hold their families together. They are the strength (praise).
      And in the same breath that those strong women should focus on their families and keep all their personal wants and needs to themselves or it could upset the family knowing the mother/wife isn’t tickled pink living for her family’s love.

      And to the above back and forth… It sounds true even though intended to be a joke.

  7. irishserra says:

    He even looks evil and hateful.

  8. savu says:

    No energy for this d-bag nonsense. He can believe whatever he wants, but has no right to think other people should believe what he does.

    Also the “war on Christmas” is the most bizarre concept. Have you ever met a person of another religion here in America? Jesus. (Irony intended.)

    • doofus says:

      “He can believe whatever he wants, but has no right to think other people should believe what he does.”

      yes, THIS. anytime a religious argument is used to discriminate against someone (gay marriage, etc) I say a version of that. NO ONE is preventing you from the freedom of practicing your religion and live by its moral rules. what we want to prevent is you FORCING others to practice your religion and live by its moral rules.

      but in their tiny little narrow minds, allowing others to freely practice (or not) their religion is preventing them from practicing theirs?…does not compute.

    • Algernon says:

      Every year I say it and every year I believe it more and more. If you really feel “persecuted” by a “war on Christmas” because some people say happy holidays, then your life is great and you have no real problems.

      • bettyrose says:

        Besides the “war” is on consumerism. Not everyone wants to go broke buying massed produced crap as gifts for coworkers we barely know. I got no issue at all with people celebrating a holy day with spiritual observances and family celebrations.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        It is so hard for me to understand how anyone can think that there is a war on Christmas, when the trees start going up in stores before Halloween. It isn’t being scaled back in anyway…it is being extended to a 3 month event! They are even doing “Pre-Black Friday” sales before the other sales!

        As a kid, growing up in an area that was nearly 100% Christian, I always said “Happy Holidays”, as a short cut for “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”. There is NOTHING offensive or insulting about “Happy Holidays”.

    • Sunny says:

      I totally agree. You shouldn’t force your beliefs on anyone. I don’t get why anyone would believe that behaviour was ok.

    • mayamae says:

      What Kirk doesn’t seem to realize is that he’s reinforcing the stereotype of right wing nuts fighting their War on Christmas. That movie poster is pure satire yet he’s completely earnest. A true zealot. Why doesn’t he just stay home and load up on “Jesus is the reason for the season” buttons?

  9. Alexandra says:

    The struggle. He’s so brave to fight these horrible people who “hate” Christmas.

    I was so in love with him back when he was on growing pains. Wah

    • MaiGirl says:

      IKR? He was such a beautiful young man. And then he went all Mel Gibson on us, and became ugly inside and out.

      Hatred extinguishes the hot.

  10. Jaderu says:

    I’ll have you know Mr. Cameron, that I NEVER. I said, I said, NEVER let my joy get stolen during the Winter Break! My flask stays neatly hidden and impervious to theft beneath my apron as I bake (take out of box) cookies and stuff the ol’ bird in the KITCHEN.
    I swear. Women are the worst. We’ve been getting all uppity this morning! First we ruined Brad and George’s friendship and now we’ve ruined Kirk’s Christmas.

    • Ag says:

      it’s the voting. we shouldn’t have been allowed to vote. it was all downhill from there.

      • Jaderu says:

        We get to vote? My husband has been lying to me. I’m spitting in his sammiches from now on.

      • grimmsfairytale says:

        It really started with this literacy business. Why are we allowed to read anything beyond the cook books?!

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I think it was the removal of corsets. Free the boobs, free the animal spirit that leads to debauchery! If only we had been left confined and contained.

      • Falkor says:

        Amen grimmsfairytale, a literate girl is a lonely girl!

      • Trashaddict says:

        Well, my womb is the source of my hysteria. Wish I could pop out some more babies so it would prolapse on outta there. Too late. I’m an old, menopausal, dried up, nonfertile B&^&*.
        Oops! O Lord Forgive me, I swore. Bless me Kirk, for I have sinned, that’s 5 more loads of laundry and bake 2 more pies for pennance!

    • embertine says:

      I too like to take my joy in liquid form as I prepare the perfect Christmas dinner for my loving family! You know what they say: “I always cook with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food.”

    • Kitten says:

      I like to pack my joy into a large glass pipe and smoke it before decorating the holiday tree with pentagram ornaments.

    • Izzy says:

      This is perhaps the best collection of Christmas comments I have ever read. Granted, I’m Jewish, but I do love Christmas. And “liquid joy.” So I guess I’m one of you now…

    • bettyrose says:

      Al I got from this post was “winter break” & “flask.” I have found my joy.

  11. mkyarwood says:

    What a kreep.

  12. NewWester says:

    Kirk is so far in the closet, he is part of the drywall. He pushes his “straight” lifestyle so much, that he must be hiding something. I am waiting for some gay scandal to happen involving him. He is just gross

    • Lindy79 says:

      Kirk is so far in the closet, he is part of the drywall


      • Esmom says:

        I know, I choked on my tea when I read that, lol.

      • Ag says:

        LOL LOL LOL

        it’ll be the usual delicious “male hooker in an airport bathroom” scandal. or a rest stop.

      • doofus says:

        I also choked on my coffee. well said, NewWester.

        and Ag, I see a Larry Craig-style toe tap in his future, too. I’ve always said that the people who are loudly homophobic are the ones who are running from their sexuality.

      • MsMercury says:

        LMAO I’m loving this so much!

    • mernymerlyn says:

      Me too! There has to be something out there. When it comes out, it will be scrumptious!

    • Hautie says:

      Okay, I laughed at the drywall comparison. 🙂

      But to be honest… I am more inclined to believe he got sucked up into one of the culty Christian Fundamentalist groups. Which unfortunately, is a lot like Scientology. They are a cult. Their whole message is that men are superior and women at there to listen to the men. And they are just a little too crazy for me.

      Do not think I am making light of this comparison. Because I am not.

      I saw some truly weird “Christian” church groups growing up in the South.

      I attended private school. What I found out later, was consider a too lax Baptist school. For the system, that the other private Christian schools belonged to in the State.

      You know why it was consider lax school to the others.

      Because we had a female principal. Who had a PhD in education.

      The male board members made it clear that a females place, was in the class room. Not as the leader of the school. And tried to force the Pastor (who happen to OWN the school and the church) to fire her, for a male of they approved of….

      Ohhhh and the same board, was furious that girls were allowed to wear pants to school in the winter months. Seriously. We were a uniform base school. Lots of plaid skirts and sweater sets for the girls. But in the Winter months… girls were allowed to wear navy Dockers if they wanted.

      But yea…. I have come to suspect that one of those culty Christian church fanatics groups… got a hold of him. Told Kirk what a special snowflake he is for being a man. And Kirk loved hearing every word of it. I am sure his wealth (at the time) had a lot to do with them grabbing onto him too.

      • mom2two says:

        You are right, he did! I forget the guys name who converted him and he partners with…Ray something or other…but yes, he did. I know his sister is a Christian but I don’t even think she is as far out as him (at least not publicly).
        Google some of the backstories on him during his Growing Pains days. He was not well liked on the set. Had Matthew Perry fired because he thought Matthew was the “devil”. Had Julie McCullough fired because she posed for Playboy at one time (might have been pre- Growing Pains days, I don’t remember) and when GMA or Today had a Growing Pains reunion, Joanna Kerns called him out for his behavior on the set after his conversion and how he alienated the whole lot of them because they did not believe the same as him.
        His comments on FB about women and Christmas, not surprising.

      • Sarah says:

        The Matthew Perry thing is what killed my budding crush on Kirk Cameron (though it was really Mike Seaver). First, Sandy was the best boyfriend they ever gave poor Carol. Second, Matthew Perry is much better looking than Kirk. And finally, Matthew can act circles around Kirk, comedy or drama or that sweet spot in between. Then there’s the fact that he seems like such a genuinely nice, smart guy who’s humble and keenly aware of his own flaws. I wasn’t too thrilled about the way he treated Julie McCullough, either. One wonders what he now thinks about that most hedonistic sinner they ever had on the show in the form of the teenage foster kid the family took in for the last season. Has Kirk just said prayer after prayer to rid his soul of the Leo taint?

      • Falkor says:

        The Scientology comparison is 100% valid. There are Christian cults and why some people are not willing to accept that I will never understand. All any cult is is religion taken to a dangerous and harmful extent whether you believe in Xenu, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Buddha or Harry Potter. All religion is dangerous when taken to extremes and any religion can inspire cults.

    • I Choose Me says:

      My stomach. It hurts from laughing.

  13. SypherMomma says:

    So glad he’s around to Mansplain things to us women folk.

    • aenflex says:


    • lucy2 says:

      I know, right? I was just going to stand in an empty conference room with a bunch of Subway sandwiches for Christmas, but now I know what to do! (see Jenn’s link above)

    • Chris says:

      I think this is what grates most. If he was all like “our job as people or Christians is to spread joy this season”, it wouldn’t be quite so terrible. But the fact that he’s like ” gather round ye women and let a big important man explain your role–I will speak slowly so you can comprehend” brings it to a whole other level of douchery.

  14. Lindy79 says:

    I have never seen the word joy used so many times in one place yet resulting in such a feeling of ……not joy.

    I’m off to listen to Joy to the World by Three Dog Night to wash this crap out of my mind.

  15. Zapp Brannigan says:

    I don’t have time to read this my ovaries and roast turkey dinner are demanding attention. And only one of them can be cured with gravy when they dry up.

  16. Ainsley says:

    Obviously this guy’s scared of women. He can only deal with a woman if she’s in a “place” he can handle.

    Imagine if a woman finds joy in working as a doctor or lawyer or astronomer. Can he handle that? Doubt it. He would be diminished

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Clearly if a woman found joy in working as a doctor, lawyer or astronomer she is a WITCH, burn her! ( buy don’t burn that dinner, ladies)

      • Belindaya says:

        @Zapp Brannigan, “she is a WITCH, burn her!”
        I m crying while reading this!!!I LOVE YOU !!! 🙂

  17. JWQ says:

    I am just ashamed that I had a crush on him when I was younger! He makes me gag nowadays!

    • Kori says:

      I’m with you! I loved Mike Seaver back in the day. I even thought it was sweet when he got a bit church-y and married young–no harm, no foul. But now he is just such a dogmatic prick that I’m ashamed that I ever had a crush on him. Between him and Alan “I’m just a big a douche as my son” Thicke, I can’t even thick about Growing Pains without gagging a little.

      There was a hilarious anti-Catholic screed aimed against him though by someone even more crazy than him. Kirk was promoting Halloween because it gives people a chance to dress up and mock Obama. He got called out by a guy who went on an anti-Catholic tirade about how Halloween is a celebration of Catholism (right up there with devil worship apparently) and Martin Luther didn’t nail those reformations to a door for nothing.

    • HughJass says:

      Don’t be. He was soooooo cute! and very charming and charismatic.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      Am I the only one who ALWAYS loathed Kirk Cameron? I was a tween/teen when Growing Pains was on, and thought he was absolutely the worst part of the show. So arrogant, so stupid. Urgh.

  18. Marianne says:

    But what if I see Saving Christmas and it SUCKS OUT ALL THE JOY FROM ME?

    • Lindy79 says:

      Impossible, he’s going to be handing out bottles of joy at each screening

      • The Other Katherine says:

        If the bottle of joy is a 15-year Macallen, that might in fact save Christmas. Otherwise, I have my doubts….

      • HughJass says:

        You mean the Joy, dishwashing soap? Oh right! To do an extra cleaning to make up for the time you spent out of the house.

    • Rachel says:

      I am utterly shocked that it will be opening in theaters. Really?

      • Kitten says:

        It’s playing in 400 theaters (yes I checked).
        It’s funny because it’s only playing in 2 theaters in Massachusetts but it’s playing in 32 theaters in Florida. lol

      • **sighs** says:

        I can’t tell you how ashamed I am to be a Floridian right now. And severely embarrassed that I probably know at least a dozen people that will pay to watch this garbage.

      • vimto says:

        Poor Florida.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Kitten, there is no joy in Massachusetts for we invented gay marriage, Mindy Kaling, basketball, Ben Frankin, and Amy Poehler. I can’t believe it is playing in 2 theaters here. Doubt the Coolidge or the Kendall are the two theaters.

      • Heather says:

        All in the bible belt I’m guessing.

    • Ange says:

      It should! You should feel guilty for even leaving the house. Everyone knows a good wife waits for her husband to bring home the DVD.

  19. Abbicci says:

    Warren Jeffs and the FLDS called it ‘keeping sweet’. Pretend to be happy while you are dying inside or you will be punished. If you are unhappy it is your own fault.

    Kirk has the same rant just a difference audience.

    Screw this guy.

    • Esmom says:

      Sounds like something straight out of the 1950s. Someone needs to get the memo that we’re in a new century now.

  20. Chris says:

    I am so ashamed that I had the HUGEST crush on him in the 80s. Oy.

  21. Esmom says:

    You have got to be effing kidding me. And that poster, wow, I thought for sure it was a parody. He IS a parody, I guess.

  22. It’s a sad day when ex-child star Lindsay Lohan seems more sane than Kirk Cameron. That being said, f–k this guy.

  23. Alyce says:

    I hate the war of Christmas / war on Christians lingo spewed by Rush Limbaugh et al. There are actually places in the world where there IS a war Christians. A couple just got burned alive in their kiln the other day for being Christians. The most that happens here is that your check out lady in your local store (which is totally decked out for Christmas) might say “Happy Holidays!” So please, take several seats.

  24. spaniard says:

    Hey Kirk, I don’t believe in God but I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!, Oh and my husband will be in charge of the kitchen because I don’t know how to cook.

    I will rot in your hell, I know.. 🙂

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      You’d be downright amazed at how many households fit into exactly this scenario….now where’s my brother, last year was his first taking on the manly tradition of turkey making, and I must say he did a damn good job….

      • Kori says:

        My hubby always cooks the turkey (I do the side dishes) and his famous green bean casserole on Thanksgiving because I’m usually busy watching NFL football which he hates!

    • mom2two says:

      Kirk will darn me to heck because not only does my husband cook on Christmas…my husband decorates for Christmas too. If there is anyone in my house who holds the Christmas joy in their heart, it’s my husband.
      But my husband will also tell you that he is a huge geek about Christmas and has been ever since he was a child. He loves doing that stuff, which is good, because I don’t.

  25. kri says:

    Shut.The. F^ck. Up.

  26. Tracy says:

    I hate my teen age self for crushing on him.

  27. Lilacflowers says:

    Damn those Sisters of Saint Joseph who told me that Jesus was actually born in the spring but the Church scheduled the celebration of his birth for the solstice because people were celebrating all sorts of other stuff then and they wanted to divert attention away from that stuff like Solstice and Yule and Chanukah so they put Christmas there and many of our traditions, like decorating with trees and boughs and lights are taken from the traditions of those other pagan or Jewish faiths. Those nuns hated Christmas! That’s why they told me that!

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      Sisters are by definition women. They weren’t radiating womanly joy when they told you that, were they? Besides, everyone knows that Jesus is a Pisces. It just makes total sense.

    • Jackson says:

      Of course those nuns lied to you, because they are “catholic” and not “Christian!!” Waaaaay down the totem pole. And they have that whole woman thing going on, too. What a shame they never married and had a man and chirruns to cook and clean for. Sad!

  28. Lilacflowers says:

    It really bothers me that all this War on Christmas/Saving Christmas stuff always ends with a message to buy stuff. The message of Christmas in my home is not to buy right-wing Christian propaganda.

    • Nerdmomma says:

      I’m glad you pointed this out because it was bothering me. I feel like this movie is supposed to be against the commercialization of Christmas, judging by the poster. So… Go watch my movie! I gotta make that $$$$!

    • lucy2 says:

      Thank you! He’s preaching to everyone about the religious holiday, joy in the family home, etc, and then closes it with a plea to go see his f’ing movie. If that’s not blatant commercialism of a religious holiday, I don’t know what is.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Fox News started the War on Christmas to sell its commentator John Gibson’s books

    • Marianne says:

      Exactly. Kind of tacky on his part to preach about joy during the holiday season…errrr wait…….CHRISTMAS season and then end it off with the “And make sure you see my movie”. Cause that’s what Christmas is truly about, right?

  29. Kiki says:

    Kirk Cameron, take you male chauvinist a*** and shove it up you butthole. DOUCHEBAG.

  30. Maria says:

    Well, considering jesus wasn’t born on Christmas and the day was intentionally changed with the intent of luring pagans, he can have several seats.

    Decorating the tree, wreaths, and so many other customs practiced during the holiday season ARE pagan traditions.

    I don’t expect someone as ignorant as him to understand this but it’s the truth.

    Christmas lost its true meaning with capitalism anyway, also, his overuse of the word joy and ideas of womanhood are annoying.

    Twat waffle.

    • Hope says:

      Yep, Christianity has pagan DNA. To argue that anything exists in a vacuum without external influences is to deny the very nature of our world.

      On a side note: you are perfection. Especially with the twat waffle comment 🙂 And I have to say that twat waffle might not be harsh enough. See, I used to say twatzilla, and my friend would say twatwaffle. We then came up with the following formula to rate someone on a scale of 0 (twat) to 1 (full blown c%$#.) Twat is as close as one can get to absolute zero, waffle is worth .25, zilla is worth .50. So saying someone was a twat was rather meaningless, labeling them twatwaffle meant they were an annoyance, twatzillas were bona fide jerks, but a twatzillawaffle was a full-blown a$%hole, or 3/4 of a c&%$. Just thought I’d share. I would consider Kirk a twatzillawaffle.

    • Kitten says:

      You tell no lies, but this man has turned a blind eye to historical facts his entire life. You can’t reason with someone who lives in willful ignorance.

  31. Jess says:

    No, my role as a woman during Christmas is to do whatever the hell I want, which in my case is try to make it through tense family dinners without having a mental breakdown over my mother’s constant back handed compliments, then I pop an emergency Xanax and pray for it to be over. I try to throw some joy in there since I have a daughter but that’s just on Christmas Eve and the next morning when it’s usually just the two of us.

    I have no problem with women who choose the life Kirk describes, I think it’s wonderful if that’s their CHOICE, but nobody should be telling women what to do, period. Kirk is such a douche.

    • JWQ says:

      I agree with you completely about that “it’ s wonderful if it’ s their choice”! there are women who want to be doctors and women who want to raise children, and as long as they decide to do it because they want to instead of because it’ s what expected/forced on them, then it’ s great! What I hate is when they just let a man decide for them (doesn’ t matter if it’ s their husband or father, or brother, or son) just because they’ re women and are not allowed to think and have ambitions since they don’ t have a dick. Kirk is one of those aholes! Plain and simple!

    • Beckysuz says:

      Yes a thousand times….I think whatever a woman chooses to do with her life is a beautiful thing, be it doctor, attorney, SAH mom or wife. But I cannot with these men who think the only right choice is at home ,prego and making him sandwiches(joyfully). Don’t get me wrong, I cook for my husband all the time, but I do it because I love to cook and I like knowing my family has healthy delicious meals, not because my husband thinks my only value lies in taking care of him …and guess what ? He cooks too! And cleans the kitchen! And holds the fort down when I go to work! Because the choice I made is to have a partnership with my husband, not a dictatorship

  32. Jenna says:

    I don’t understand why these Evangelists (including the Duggars and anyone like these people) have such bad fashion sense. Is it part of their religion to dress like a bum/totally unfashionable/frumpy/it’s obvious they shopped second hand? You can show second hand and find AMAZING stuff (I pretty much only shop second hand!)… I don’t get this.

    • Beckysuz says:

      Well because if you wear anything flattering to your body it’s vain and immodest, and more importantly the menfolk just can’t restrain themselves…it’s up to us women to make sure a man never has impure thoughts about us…they have no control over that…the slutty sluts force them to think nasty things when their knees are showing

  33. Falkor says:

    I’m thinking I’ll give Cameron some seasonal festivity for his family this year in the form of fruit cake farts in all of their Christmas stockings. All said fruit cake farts will, of course, be extra beefy and super joyous.

  34. mia25 says:

    Just out of curiosity – does anyone know if this douchebag is married with or without children? Sorry, can’t even be bothered to google him, but just curious.
    And PLEASE tell me that he did not just say that I am supposed to invite my entire neighbourhood into my house for Christmas dinner?

    • Kori says:

      He married Chelsea Noble, his former co-star. They have several children I believe but I don’t know how many.

      • mia25 says:

        Thanks Kori.

      • Missa410 says:

        Kind of concerned I know this off the top of my head, but they have six children, four adopted and two biological, three of whom are daughters.

        I’d watch a movie called Saving the Cameron Girls. Cuz someone needs to.

  35. elo says:

    Hmmm and somehow I suspect women play more rolls than he does these days.

  36. DenG says:

    I have heartily offended my husband because I have not sewn a new apron for the joyful season. Winner of the sinner competition?

  37. GreenieWeenie says:

    Do you think he gets Botox? That forehead though…

  38. Ciria says:

    What if you are none of those things?

  39. Kemper says:

    I thought Christ was actually born in March, not December. The pagans moved it. Uh oh. There went my joy. Damn. I need to start drinking earlier.

  40. Ann says:

    Sometimes women should be in the kitchen. To slowly poison their husbands.

  41. Chrissy says:

    I was expecting him to have said something hugely controversial but really? People are upset about that? I can understand what he’s saying. In the days of Pinterest, it can seem like there’s a ton of pressure to create another new memory, house perfect, homemade advent calendar, new cookie recipe, etc. It seems like all he’s saying is to not lose sight of the reason for Christmas and ignore the extra crap. I don’t see the controversy. I know plenty of moms – those that work outside the home and those that don’t – that feel totally overwhelmed with all the extra crap that comes along with the Christmas season.

    • mia25 says:

      That’s not how I interpreted it. To me he is saying that women should get all of this “joy” PRECISELY from those Pinterest-type things: decorating, cooking, singing songs. Things he calls “traditions” of Christmas. Then if that isn’t enough the woman – “the keeper of the home – ” must then spread this “joy” by inviting the entire nosy, judgemental neighbourhood over to her place so that the neighbours can also partake in all the festive celebrations (after watching his new movie of course). Let’s be real – that is what a traditional Christmas has always been all about in the western world and what he is talking about – decorating the home, gifts to make the kids happy, singing songs, entertaining family and friends. Any woman that has to do all of this, for her family never mind for the neighbours, is going to be stressed and under pressure to have everything perfect. But he is saying that a real woman shouldn’t feel any of this pressure, they should only feel pure, unadulterated “joy”.

    • Algernon says:

      Yeah, he’s not saying “don’t lose sight of what’s important during the holidays: being with family and being thankful for your blessings.” What he’s saying is, “Women, it’s your *job* to be in the kitchen making the holidays perfect for everyone else and if that stresses you out keep it to yourself because it’s your *duty* to make a perfect holiday regardless of what you actually want from the season.”

    • Courtney says:

      Yeah, me too. To me it came across as “happy wife, happy life”.

      • doofus says:

        the saying “happy wife, happy life” usually means “treat your wife well and keep her happy and YOU’LL be happy”.

        in this instance, he’s saying that as a woman IT IS YOUR DUTY TO REMAIN JOYOUS or everybody’s Christmas will be ruined.

        not really the same at all.

  42. Comity says:

    I’m not a Mom or a wife. I am the keeper of my home- do I still have to do all that crap?

    • mia25 says:

      Yes if you’re a woman. No if you’re a guy. (lol!).
      I’m not a mum or wife either and I cannot stand my extended family coming over to my house for “the festivities”. This year me and my close friend are celebrating Xmas together at a five-star hotel and restaurant. She so that she does not have to spend another Xmas at home all by herself. Me, so that I can get away from the annoying family members at that time of the year.

      • Ange says:

        Wonderful idea. My husband and I were in a hotel for Christmas last year and we did lunch at a restaurant, it was such a good time. Wonderful food, great music and attentive servers who never let my glass go empty…. bliss. I hope yours is as good!

      • JWQ says:

        I wish I could do the same! My best friend hates Christmas. I don’ t, but I hate spending it with people I see twice a year because I don’ t want to see them more often! It would be great to do like you!

    • MaiGirl says:

      But of course! I know that I will be totally decorating and creating memories with my cats! I won’t let their hatred for being dressed up as reindeer steal my joy! Off to bake tuna cakes 😀

  43. Ginger says:

    But it’s going to be really hard to get back to the kitchen Bedhead with this ball and chain around my bare feet and my pregnant belly in the way.

  44. Jaded says:

    Kirk, Imma tell you something so listen up….where I come from (a vastly multicultural community that seems to get along well and respect each other’s cultural celebrations) Christmas is actually a time of year where we appreciate and love everyone in our lives. All my direct family members (parents, siblings) have passed on. I’m not married nor do I have children (I know that sounds like a heathen lifestyle to you but I deliberately chose not to breed so suck it up). So I get together with my family of friends, thank the universal power that I have them in my life, we cook, we eat, we drink…a lot actually…we may smoke a bowl or two, we laugh and play music and not one of us thinks of religion while we celebrate.

    Perhaps in your tiny brain you will eventually detect a glimmer of understanding of what I’m saying. Christmas, Diwali, Rosh Hashanah, Kwanzaa, whatever, are ALL times when we celebrate our family and friends, not bow down to some archaic idea of “a woman’s place is in the home barefoot and pregnant serving her man and giving joy in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord Amen” .

    So please go back to your man cave with its posters of Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise saving the world and re-think your mean-spirited and thoughtless words.

  45. Murphy says:

    So…isn’t this mandatory joy i.e. cooking and typical Christmas traditions…aren’t those the activities he is fighting against to “keep Christ in Christmas”?

  46. Mikeyangel says:

    I wish he would go away. That is all.

  47. Honeybee Blues says:

    I live in Colorado where recreational joy is legal. And as soon as it gets above -7, I’m heading to the Joy Store.

    • Algernon says:

      From now on, I am calling all marijuana dispensaries “the joy store.” That’s amazing.

    • Kitten says:

      I was just at the Joy Store in Denver last week and it was amazing.

      On another note, if Boston didn’t exist, I would move to Denver in a heartbeat. What a kickass capital city you Coloradans have.

  48. Steph says:

    Hey, it is a free country and he has every right to practice and talk about his religious values. Why is it that Hollywood mocks traditional Christians and not traditional Muslim values,which to me can be far more archaic regarding their treatment of women and homosexuals? Why is it that Athiests are free to express their beliefs without ridicule? If he were running for a political office and if he were pushing legislation that would impact the lives of women and the gay community, then I could understand the criticism…but he is not,thank God.

    • DenG says:

      “Why is it that Athiests are free to express their beliefs without ridicule?” Come on down to the American Legion here in NJ and you’ll be surprised at the Vets who are all about fighting for freedom, God, country, flag. You wouldn’t dare express any belief that counters theirs. Also, I’ll bet it was a joy for any non-white person to serve with these Vets because they liberally use the “N” word and actually mocked a sailor singing the national anthem on Veterans Day. Nice.

    • Pia says:

      Atheism is not a belief system. It is an intellectual rejection of all that requires faith and dogma. You either choose to understand science or not, no belief required. The aspects of life that we have not answered simply remain unanswered, no need to fill the holes with beliefs or faith in that which has no evidence. Yet, on a regular basis I am told I am going to hell or that I couldn’t possibly have morals because I’m not following someone else’s rule book… what was it that your were saying?

      • grimmsfairytale says:

        Golf clap.

      • Kitten says:

        *joins in clapping*
        Christians complaining that they are oppressed and silenced in American society (um, are we living in the same country?).

        Meanwhile, atheism is so f*cking misunderstood that people (as evidenced here) don’t even know what the hell it is.

    • grimmsfairytale says:

      Let’s forget that you’ve misidentified what atheism is and move on: Atheists are not MORE free to express themselves. People like him interpret disbelief with hate; you’re not Christian? You HATE god! You don’t celebrate Christmas? There’s a WAR on Christians! You HATE Christians!
      Which is ridiculous and untrue.
      There’s a certain amount of “othering” that we all do to other people who don’t share our belief/disbelief/critical thinking. You assume atheists are allowed to criticize everyone freely. No. There is a significant amount of backlash from criticizing any religion or faith because people have esteemed belief in believing something without evidence-faith- and confounded it with moral integrity. Which isn’t true.
      So admitting you’re an atheist-coming out, as it were-can be difficult in a world that esteems belief without evidence and the othering of those who don’t agree. The common default argument is you hate something that the other group loves which is untrue.

      And where were you when Sam Harris was being called racist (face palm. Islam is not a race) with Bill mahr by Ben Affleck for their statements about Islam being dangerous/controlling? Because that happens. People who criticize religion don’t just criticize Christianity, and they don’t hate god or Christmas because you don’t hate what you don’t believe in.

      • Kitten says:

        Marry me?

      • DenG says:

        I’m feeling not so joyful for posting a comment. To me, a belief is an acceptance. When I believe, I allow, I receive, I take. Might be a religious belief or a scientific belief. I don’t always know how to express those beliefs to others who reject them, but I accept that at some point, everyone gets ridiculed. I usually discuss with my husband and keep a low profile otherwise. Religion and politics. Let’s talk about death and taxes.

      • grimmsfairytale says:

        😉 I’ll go pick out some rings, lady.

      • grimmsfairytale says:

        @Deng everyone is going to be criticized, but I’d your belief is based on reason or evidence thug have no reason to react with anger or feel attacked. When a belief is based on faith or a feeling state, it’s easier to react with anger-like Kirk does-when someone disagrees with you.
        It’s a good thing to realize others will challenge you.

    • Ange says:

      He’s still pushing a pretty dangerous agenda wouldn’t you think? I have no doubt that given the opportunity he would looooove to make us all adhere to his way of life.

  49. **sighs** says:

    Someone needs to attend a Latin class. Or crack a history book. Or just crawl back into the cave he came out of.

  50. Mzizkrizten says:

    I think his point is that moms often let the craziness of the holidays (family gatherings, gift buying, demanding kids, etc) get to them and keeps them from enjoying it. Men don’t seem to do this as much, not that I notice. A bad attitude is catching but thankfully so is a good one. So he’s encouraging women of his faith to remember the meaning of Christmad and to do what they can to feel joy be joy spread joy.

    • HughJass says:

      I actually kind of thought that too — be joyful and remember what the season is about and don’t get overwhelmed like many women, myself included, do. A lovely sentiment. It’s just poisoned by his stupid rhetoric.

  51. Jayna says:

    What are men supposed to do? I have watched my mother and many friends have the joy zapped out of them during part of the holidays because of spouses that dump everything for holiday celebration on them,all of the food shopping, the cooking, gift-buying, house-decorating, on and on, with lots of relatives, the husband’s especially coming over, and the husbands don’t lift a finger, all the while many women working also and/ or raising children. Sometimes all it takes is the husband actually appreciating and helping out, which many don’t do.

    I look back and wish I had helped my mom more, because I see now how unappreciated you can feel at times.

    I don’t need this man telling women what to remember, when he is ignoring in the same comments telling men what they need to do to make Christmas special also and joyous. If he had been even-handed, including men also and their roles during Christmas to help make it joyous, that would have been different.

    Woman, know thy place.

  52. Lilacflowers says:

    I will be full of joy on Festivus when I air my grievances about the war on Christmas.

  53. Katie says:

    I am a christian woman, a married chrisitan woman, and I can tell you that I would never have married my husband had that been his expectation of me. I ecounter his very attitude very often in the church and it brings out my feminist streak!!

    • DenG says:

      Unfortunately, when I married 33 years ago, I wasn’t clear about what restrictions would be enforced. No TV, no books other than the Bible, no clothes resembling menswear (pants), and apparently not paying the phone bill when calls to Jimmy Swaggert ministries became outrageous (that was all him). Sitting in a restaurant across from him praying out loud to defy the devil who was present in the enticing waitresses was also delightful. Lasted 3 years and I escaped. You can’t converse with that kind of mindset. Nothing you say or do is within the correct righteous boundaries.

      • Katie says:

        I guess because I grew up seeing my dad treat my mom as an equal and being treated as an equal myself, I am still baffled this attitude exists anymore. Though I was recently given a scriptural run down of why women shouldn’t be leaders in churches by a man younger than I that I am not married to. I was incensed, as was my husband!

  54. Lis says:

    Kirk Cameron should crawl back into whatever hole he fell into after Growing Pains ended and stay there with his antiquated mouth closed.

  55. Sumodo1 says:

    Happy Hanukkah, Celebitches!

  56. Suzy from Ontario says:

    Does it really matter if it’s called Winter Break instead of Christmas Break? Celebrate Christmas traditions at home. The kids won’t care what it’s called. Sheesh! If he wants respect for his traditions and religion, then he needs to extend that same respect to others who have different beliefs imo. Hate doesn’t have to come into it at all.

    I read something the other day, a quote that was about making a good soup. It was something like: the carrots aren’t better than the peas, and the peas aren’t better than the cabbage and the cabbage isn’t better than the beans…we need all kinds of things to make the best tasting soup and that’s how I feel about the world we live in. Why not teach your kids about different cultures and beliefs and tolerance and how interesting differences are instead of choosing to believe it’s all about people persecuting you if they celebrate in a different way! So tired of people like Kirk Cameron.

  57. chloeee says:

    He comes in to my restaurant quite frequently his wife is lovely and beautiful but he is sort of dismissive. Not overly rude just little eye contact and as quick an answer as he can provide. He one time made a huge deal over a little person who works at our local Vons. This dude kicks ass and is probably my favorite and the store. But Kirk HAD to practically shout, “look at you! You’re awesome”. It was one of those moments that you cringe because he just came off as rude and ignorant without meaning to.

    • Franciss says:

      LIke one of those people who congratulate themself for not being racist.

      Whelp, no, you don’t actually get a gold start for operating at “basic human decency” level.

    • Godwina says:

      Shudder. On so many counts.

  58. lile says:

    This dude needs to take a long ride off a steep cliff. He is as delusional as they come.

  59. Brianna says:

    Woah, why doesn’t he tell his sister Candace that, since she has a few kids and works full time? He is so hypocritical.

  60. Claudette says:

    I can’t stand this moron. He’s always talking as if some injustice is being done to Christians when really he has the freedom to celebrate Christmas the way he wants to. Doesn’t he get that? He really just wants to force his views on other people. He’s deluded and so dumb. There are a billion religions out there. Stop claiming some special right for yours. Had you born in India you would be a Hindu. Had you been born in the time of Ancient Greece you would have been believing Zeus was real too. Go away.

  61. MAC says:

    I hope I do not get in trouble for this comment.
    I believe he has a right to say what he believes and to live it within the law. My feelings are that this type of person (I know them well) gets high off being better than. They are legalistic insane maniacs who want to control, control and control.

    I was hoping when I saw the photo that he was taking the commercialism out of Christmas. I should have known better.
    I have my own personal beliefs. (which differ from his). I never once in my life said the things these people say to people, even dying people about being saved etc. I have seen it first hand and I now actually stay away because I get physically ill as I watch them brainwash their children. I can not stand the my way is the right and only way stuff. They are the do what I say not what I do people. That type of thinking and brainwashing incites violence and wars.

    I just hope that people have some type of spiritual something becuase life can be really hard. Especially at any holiday.

    • Kitten says:

      Absolutely. The *need to feel better than* is such a huge driving force for humans in general.
      I see it with some religious types and I see it with some of my fellow atheists.

      It’s a really difficult thing to separate from our inherent human nature and I speak from personal experience as I’ve had to check myself plenty of times in that regard.

      Insecurity, fear, a need to feel superior to others–these are the things that cause division and unrest among humankind.

      On a personal note, I think religion/spirituality/faith/beliefs are great if they help people to cope. As an atheist I’ve never felt a need for those things, but maybe running is my religion because it’s what I turn to when I need strength–it’s my therapy, it helps me cope.

      Sorry for the rambling but your comment struck a cord with me.

      • MAC says:

        Running is fantastic. I miss it dearly.
        Maybe I should have used better wording than spiritual something?
        I just meant whatever works.

    • Ginger says:

      You are so correct! And I was brought up in such an environment and rejected it as an adult for the very reasons that you stated here. My Grandfather was the only true Christian that I have ever met in life and I find that sad. I have no issue with the Christian faith, only most of those who practice it. It’s a knee jerk reaction now when I hear people like Kirk Cameron and the Duggars, I am instantly upset like I was so many years ago because they twist the teachings for their own means. I gravitated towards the Buddhist faith years ago after much soul searching and I’ve never looked back. I’m not saying Buddhists are perfect or anything but I know that I am much more comfortable and happy within my practice.

  62. Franciss says:

    As a child of the ’80s, I’m 99% sure my first impure thoughts were about Mike Seaver.

  63. pnichols says:

    Kirk Cameron is a hump

  64. deezee says:

    @Bridget I used to be quite the fan of his back in the day and read a lot of articles about him. I remember reading that he dated one of the girls that starred in the Parent Trap remake (with the triplets) and she was quite religious and it opened his eyes to it. That he didn’t want to end up like his best friend at the time, Adam Rich, and fall into drugs. But it wasn’t until he met Chelsea Noble that he truly embraced a religious life. I don’t think it started out quite so evangelical. I think it progressed.

  65. holly hobby says:

    I’m not Christian by I love Christmas! My tree is the first one up in the block during Thanksgiving weekend. My kids go to Catholic school too. Even I use Happy Holidays. Why? Because we have to respect people with other religions, Stupid! Do you think someone who is Jewish is going to like it if I say Merry Christmas? Gee, please be respectful to others. What a dumb dumb.

    • Marianne says:

      If he’s so concerned that kids can no longer particpate in Christmas Activities at school, then maybe schools should be more open to other holidays as well. In fact, one could argue that it would be a good learning experience to learn about other people’s customs etc. And more people would feel like they get to take part during the holidays.

  66. Carrie says:

    ‘From the food you cook…’ Ahh the kitchen, every women’s god given special place. Of course the first thing he says to use to spread your womanly joy is to cook for everyone else.

  67. GirlyGirl says:

    Kirk Cameron should shut the hell up.

    closeted-quasi-religious-weirdos have no place in my world

  68. Tiffany says:

    Soooo….Ludichristmas is not on this guy’s radar. And he calls himself a Christian.

    Sit down Kirk and watch 30 Rock and get a real understanding of the holidays.

  69. muchdungo says:

    So sick and tired of people trying to portray Christians as these crazy unreasonably people. He has moral values I don’t agree with his stance on gay marriage but we all have a right to speak our minds.

    • moot says:

      Exactly. And those who think Cameron is crazy and unreasonable are also exercising their rights to speak their minds. If you can be sick of those people, why can’t those people be sick of Cameron?

    • Brianna says:

      The problem is he is the one portraying Christians as crazy. No one else.

      • Marianne says:


        Zachary Levi has spoken about his faith (he’s also Christian) but he doesn’t come across as rude and judgmental.

    • Godwina says:

      Another person who has no clear understanding of what “freedom of speech” means.

      And we’ve been doing so much better with this recently, as a culture!

      Baby steps.

    • Xas says:

      Part of the “freedom of speech” means in the respect of other parts and acceptation of differences. If he’s right to speak, we have the right to be against his thoughts. Easy as that.

  70. tarheel says:

    His sister Candace aka DJ Tanner is also a misogynistic Fundie wingnut.

  71. TotallyBiased says:

    Only Christians who ARE crazy, unreasonable people are portrayed as such here on CB. Now, it might be unreasonable of me to point out that he truly looks like the sort of creeper, slimy douchebag one wants to keep away from the school kids in his Saving Christmas pictures, but that’s just my opinion. You know, me speaking my mind.
    (Oh, and if your idea of morals includes male dominion over women, then your morals are unacceptable to me. I have higher morals than that.)

  72. Misprounced Name Dropper says:

    Loved his work in that 80s sitcom back in the day but it probably hasn’t aged well. As for his comments he’ll have to try harder to upset me because I’m not easily impressed.

  73. Vvvoid says:

    Kirk, Christmas, aka “Saturnalia” is indeed a pagan holiday that the church pasted Jesus’s name onto. That’s why the argument is “convincing,” because it’s just true. Indeed, the Romans celebrated Saturnalia beginning on December 17th and it involved gift giving and banquets. Pagan Europeans adorned their homes with evergreen branches during winter time near the winter solstice as a part of their winter rites.
    The only thing “Christian” about Christmas is the name and arbitrary, opportunistic, and disingenuous attribution of Jesus’s birthday which was a machination of the Church for the purpose of trying to convert pagans who were averse to giving up their beloved holidays.
    So I have a reason no Christmas Warrior will like for why it isn’t a big deal for non believers to celebrate Christmas: it’s not actually Christian anyway! Ha. I am no Christian and I haven’t any qualms with celebrating Christmas, that rite of winter belongs squarely to my awesome pagan ancestors and I’ll be damned if any forked tongued dogmatic Church prevents me from carrying on their age old traditions.

    That said, I don’t find his comment to mothers (and I am a mother) particularly offensive. I kind of agree but perhaps for different reasons. When family gathers for a holiday celebration at their mother’s home, what better time to demonstrate fortitude of spirit and a positive outlook for your children, no matter what? I lost my mother last year and holidays will always be so hard now. The sheer joy my mother got from simply feeding us all until we burst all week long and decorating that damned tree was infectious and comforting no matter what else in the world was going on. It was as though her happiness meant everything was going to be OK. That is a wonderful gift from mother to child, the best gift you can get for Christmas. Ideally this should also be the role of fathers as well, but I don’t know of any who take the same pleasure in the holidays as mothers tend to so I understand in a practical sense why Kirk directed this at mothers only.
    PS: all of you who still have your mothers, so long as they aren’t more monster than mother, know that you are so very fortunate not only during the holidays but always, for when they are gone, the world is forever a bleaker, more lonely place. I feel almost like an orphan without my mom. Words can’t express.

  74. msw says:

    Well, if being at home is so great, he can stfu and go enjoy it for himself. You want that for your family, great, but THIS is why people don’t like evangelism. Don’t tell grownass people what they need to do.

  75. Isabelle says:

    A lot of Christians like Kirk are people faithful to a religion versus Christ. Jesus spoke about living the Christian life would require a hard life, a life lived in sacrifice & servanthood. The role of Christians in Christ’s words was to take care of the poor, the sick, imprisoned etc… To be merciful, meek & humble, to be servants to mankind. He never called Christians to be proud, people filled with joy or people that would fight for their right to force their faith on others, to be fighters of his fake birthday holiday or to fight over stupid ass stuff. He even boldly said pray for your ‘enemies’, never said take them to court, challenge them in public eye & insist you have more rights than them. Also Jesus is very clear in Matthew 26 who he considers his true followers, & surprisingly it’s not people that want to take Christmas back. Very opposite of it actually, people like Kirk should read it & maybe it will take that fake robot smile off of his face.

  76. mollie says:

    Whoa nellie. When this guy finally cracks, breaks and falls, it is going to be quite the tumble down.

  77. michele says:

    So freaking preachy! Jesus!

  78. Godwina says:

    The “angel in the house,” right.

    *moons Cameron, flips him the bird between thighs at the same time*

  79. BlueBennu says:

    In the words of Cheryl from Archer: YOU’RE NOT MY SUPERVISOR!!!!

  80. jwoolman says:

    It’s a strange phenomenon. There’s a certain subset of Christians that have a great need to feel persecuted (the Catacombs Complex?) and so they interpret everything as persecution. If public schools or government don’t celebrate Christmas, then it’s active persecution rather than just dealing with a multicultural/multi-religious society and letting people celebrate their own way in their homes and churches. If public schools don’t force children to recite Protestant prayers, it’s persecution even though those prayers conflict with others’ beliefs (including other Christians) and nobody is preventing children from silently praying any time they want.

    Kirk actually thinks Christmas needs saving from the pagans and heretics, while actually he should welcome the opportunity to keep it private. Religion and governments/general nebulous secular culture never mix very well. He can put Jesus back into Christmas in his own home and church, that’s called real freedom of religion.

    Part of the problem is also that his religion requires proselytization, so he also feels compelled to convert the rest of us. This is also the motivation of the bible thumpers who periodically plague us, screaming bible phrases and insults about our clothing as we walk by. It’s hard to deal with them without restricting free speech for everybody else. Kirk is famous enough as a former kid actor that he doesn’t need to scream on street corners, but at heart he’s just another bible thumper. The worst thing for him is to be ignored (which of course is persecution in his dictionary), so he really shouldn’t be invited anywhere to interview or speak. I do wonder what happened to him as a child or young teen to throw him into this rigid, unjoyful version of Christianity so early in his life.