Nicole Kidman in Prada at the UK ‘Paddington’ premiere: cute or blah?


It’s almost like the producers were trying bury the fact that they made this film!!! The world premiere for Paddington – the film about a huge, creepy, CGI Paddington Bear – was held in London on Sunday night. Most people forgot about it because it was the same night at the AMAs, obviously, which is why I’m so late in getting to these photos.

From what I know of the film (not much), Paddington Bear is now voiced by Ben Whishaw after Colin Firth “consciously uncoupled” from the work at the last minute (it was so late in the game, there were already previews using Colin’s voice out in the world). Whishaw was brought in to give Paddington Bear a nicer, softer, less creepy voice, hoping to offset the fact that actors are interacting with a CGI terror. You can see the trailer for the film here.

Nicole Kidman plays the villainess in the film and she wore a wig for much of it, I guess (I don’t care). For the premiere, her hair was not the best – I really wish she would stop with this too-light color. I think she would actually achieve a more youthful look (which is what she’s been aiming for all these years) if she just went back to a darker shade of red. Nicole’s dress is Prada Resort 2015. It’s not the best, but not the worst either. And I do like she’s holding her own umbrella. Her face looks… tight. Like if she smiles too much, it hurts.

I’m also including photos of Keith Urban, Ben Whishaw (adorable) and for some reason, Kate Moss. Moss brought her daughter Lila Grace and another child (I’m assuming the other little girl is Lila’s friend?). It’s cute to me that Kate Moss came out for this.




Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. QQ says:

    Jeezz Lila looks so much like Fresh Kate

    • katenotkatie says:

      She really does! Spitting image. I’m sure she has a modeling career ahead of her.

      And Ben Whishaw is the cutest! Loved him in the Brideshead Revisited remake and as Q in Skyfall.

  2. Tristan says:

    Blimey Kate Moss’s daughter looks like she’s a raving beauty already!

  3. doofus says:

    GAH! The worm-lip is back! I like her shoes, though.

    Kate Moss’ daughter (the one in the plaid leggings, I think?) is SO pretty.

  4. Alexi says:

    Nicole looks granny like in that dress

  5. scout says:

    Kate Moss’s daughter looks like her, so cute! I love Nicole Kidman as an actress, usually dresses very well but here it’s ok. Hate that pocket patch bling design on the chest.

  6. Lilacflowers says:

    Ben Whishaw for all the hugs

  7. minx says:

    That’s a horrible dress.

  8. kibbles says:

    The trailer looks awful. This movie will not do well at the box office.

  9. mollie says:

    I think that Nicole’s face looks great for a change, not so plastic, but I agree 100% on the hair! She’s always looked so fantastic with a darker red.

  10. Mary Jo says:

    I really like Nicole’s shoes, but the dress is awful.

  11. Santolina says:

    Color police, here, to say that Nicole should never wear black…

  12. FingerBinger says:

    I like the Paddington umbrella. That’s all I got.

  13. Lucy says:

    Both Lila and her friend are beautiful!! And I kind of love their outfits.

  14. Triple Cardinal says:

    This is Prada Spring/Summer 2015?! It’s heavy and matronly. Awful. What’s that tchotchke over the left breast? Don’t like the shoes–they look trashy–and I don’t like the dress. She got the makeup right, though.

    So did Keith. He should ease up on the bronzer.

  15. Naddie says:

    Ben Whishaw is a dream. And Lila is lovely.

  16. sills says:

    I don’t mind Nicole’s dress, it’s an OK look for winter. The real winner here is those girls’ matching high-tops. Boom!

  17. weegiewarrior says:

    Paddington bear is supposed to be cute and sweet like a little puppy ….this thing is hideous.

  18. melain says:

    Nicole and Keith. I just love to look at their before and after pics. Especially his. I don’t like her ‘just toxed’ cheeks or whatever is going on there. But the overall effect is Hollywood pretty.

  19. Heidi says:

    ❤️ this on Nicole.

  20. Paola says:

    I like Nicole’s dress! She is cute and always smart…