Justin Theroux hides in closets so he can pop out & ‘scare’ Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston appeared on Wednesday’s episode of The Talk, which is a show I sometimes watch when I’m at the gym. And when I say “watch,” I literally mean that I watch it while listening to music and I mindlessly try to figure out what the ladies are talking about. As I watched this clip of Aniston’s appearance, I was reminded why I never listen to The Talk. These women – with maybe the exception of Sara Gilbert – are super-annoying. Good lord.

Anyway, I wouldn’t normally care about this appearance but Jennifer actually told a really funny story about her hipster fiancé Justin “Emotive Eyebrows” Theroux. In between complimenting Justin for his “brilliance” and for being her “creative crush,” Jennifer admits that Justin loves to scare her. Like, he loves to hide in a closet and jump out at her. She told the ladies of The Talk: “He makes me laugh constantly. He loves to scare me. He hides in closets for 20 [minutes]! He was shutting down the house and I probably got distracted cleaning up whatever and I don’t come right away and I’ll get to the bedroom and he just comes flying out of a closet. I go, ‘Have you been waiting here for like 25 minutes?’ You, really, for 25 minutes in the closet?” Here’s the clip.

That’s really… silly. And funny. I just can’t imagine Justin like that. Like, saying to himself, “I’m totally going to hide in the closet and scare Jennifer when she comes walking in!” And what if she’s high? That would totally kill her buzz, dude. As for all of the rest of it, the complaining about the tabloids and all of that… sigh. I’m not going to fight with her anymore about it. Her press machine is so all over the place, it’s like the right hand is too high to know what the left hand is doing.



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  1. NewWester says:

    “Loves to hide in a closet” For Jennifer’s sake she better hope that Justin is not trying to tell her something…..

  2. lisa2 says:

    I’m pretty sure she has already told this story of him hiding and “scaring her in closets”.. Maybe she forgot.

    I don’t think it is funny… maybe once but after that.. not so much

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      My four year old nephew does that and he rolls on the floor laughing when you jump. But…he’s four…

    • GoOnGirl! says:

      My exact thoughts. just goes to show this woman has nothing, and I mean nothing, new to talk about. This is an old story.

    • jujubee says:

      My dumbasss ex-husband used to do that. It WASN’T funny, it was unnerving. So, notice the
      “ex” in front of husband.

    • Tack says:

      Agree, not funny at all.

      I’ve heard her tell this story more than once too, about him scaring her. And I get the feeling she doesn’t like it. Reading between the lines it seems like she’s living in a state of constant anxiety with him . But the world is watching, so she plays along like it’s funny.

      Maybe he does it to exert what little control he has over her – ‘ keep her in check’, so to speak.

      Maybe this is why the marriage hasn’t happened, she has come to realize she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life with a sophomoric prankster….. jerk. haha

  3. TeresaMaria says:

    Lose the skinny jeans, dude. You could keep the eyeliner.
    All I’m saying.

  4. I was gonna say, I thought we heard a variation of this story like last year. I guess it’s fine–I’d be pissed off, after the first time. That’s the kind of stuff you do once or twice a year–it’s not the same as hiding behind a corner–I would legitimately freak out if someone jumped out of my closet.

    Finally watched the trailer for ‘Cake’ (for some reason my stupid computer wasn’t showing the video at all)–it was okay. It looks like a lot of those indie movie trailers that are all over youtube…I didn’t think it was anything special. Nothing that would make me want to run out and see it. Maybe if it was on Netflix.

    She needs to seriously direct–I saw her lifetime short, and I thought it was decent. She could do really good with that.

    I wonder what her next career move is going to be after ‘Cake’–IMDb has zilch for her. It’ll be interesting to see what she does. Personally and professionally.

    • lisa2 says:

      I think she co-directed it with another woman. Anyway she says she wants to direct. I’m sure there are a lot of scripts out there. Not sure why she hasn’t done it.

      • There were like four other directors–five shorts, each one directed a short.

        And YES…there are tons of scripts out there. And she doesn’t have to just do drama. Drew Barrymore did Whip It for her debut. Have her fiance write her something she she loves his creativity….

      • FLORC says:

        Good point VC.
        At this stage Aniston has no excuse to not jump into producing or directing. She has the production company. The funds, the screen writer. If she wanted to finally do that labor of love Goree Girls she can (and should). Good example that the only person stopping her from anything is herself.

    • Lucinda says:

      I would like to see her direct. I think she is an average actress but she has shown some marketing intelligence over the years in the way she has kept herself in the news plus she makes a crap load of money in endorsement deals. She knows how to hustle and I could see her really hustling for a movie she directed. Plus I love the idea of more women directors and I think Aniston is a strong woman who really could do something cool behind the camera if she so chose.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Lucinda, who wrote: “I think she is an average actress but she has shown some marketing intelligence over the years in the way she has kept herself in the news…”

        Jennifer Aniston doesn’t handle her own PR. Stephen Huvane, her PR Rep, deserves the major credit for keeping Jen in the news.

  5. Maya says:

    Whatever floats their boats. If Jennifer is fine being scared and sees it as funny then we really cannot say anything.

    I personally would commit grievous bodily harm towards anyone who scares me. My natural instinct is to defend myself and I will probably end up smacking that person.

    And I agree with with Kaiser – I am not going to comment anymore on Jennifer’s PR games because it’s a train wreck waiting to happen. When it all comes down crashing on her – I will comment. Until then I will just read and laugh about the new level of desperation she reaches everytime she promotes Cake.

    PS: can Justin please take Jennifer aside for 20 minutes everyday to teach her to formulate her sentences? Jennifer’s way of describing her partners is giving us headaches and just makes her try really hard. All of that booze, drugs must have killed some of her brain cells. That or Jennifer has been listening to Justin’s intellectual crap and tries to copy him and sound somewhat intelligent.

  6. Tippy says:

    Theroux seems like a real rascal.

    I wonder what else he has in his bag of tricks?

  7. Kiddo says:

    Everything in that top photo needs to go back into the closet, STAT. The ridic-Simplicity-teengirl-pattern-uni-pocket-offset-zipper coat; those stupid jeans in combination with those shoes. No wonder she gets scared.

    • Esmom says:

      Ha, I had to go back and look at the photo…that coat is ridiculous. The shoes are really bad, too. The jeans are pretty common, though, they don’t offend me as much.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Yeah, like she’s not traumatized enough by just opening her closet.

  8. Ag says:

    that would annoy the $hit out of me if someone jumped out at me like that on a regular basis, i get startled way too easily.

    • Kiddo says:


      I am almost innocent of scaring you.

    • Tippy says:

      Yeah, it’s funny for the prankster until they get whacked in the head with a frying pan.

    • Wren says:

      Oh me too!

      My dad used to think it was hilarious to jump out of the bushes and yell “BOO!” on Halloween when me and my friends were out trick or treating. Or just whenever really. HATED IT! But when you’re a kid, what can you do? My BF did the “hide and jump out” thing to me once and I freaked the f*ck out on him. No way were we going to play that game.

  9. Sara says:

    that game seems to be the hollywood trend. i heard John Travolta is a big fan too. the thought of him jumping out of the closest scares his wife, too.

  10. Seapharris7 says:

    My boyfriend did this to me once. ONCE.

    After the fear, seething rage, came hysterical crying and tears. He knew he messed up. It’s never happened again.

    • RobN says:

      My husband had the same experience, plus a large bruise on the side of his face where I instinctively hit him.

  11. Jess says:

    That’s really funny, I can’t picture him like that either, he always looks so serious, but that’s good they have fun together. My 7 year old daughter does this and it’s so annoying, lol.

  12. Gia says:

    I will forever be perplexed by this pairing. It’s like a soccer mom dating her sons ‘cool’ friend. And thank god she got new glasses. I won’t say again what I thought she looked like with them on, because my comment got banned, but it wasn’t good!

    • Janet says:

      I am at a total loss to understand what, if anything, they have in common, besides both being B-list actors who are desperate to make the A list. He comes from a highly literary family. Paul Theroux, Alexander Theroux and Marcel Theroux are all award-winning novelists. Louis Theroux produces famous documentaries. Aniston is on record as saying she reads nothing but self-help books. I’m trying to picture her at a family dinner where all the conversation is sailing over her head. It must be excruciating.

      • G&T says:

        “Aniston is on record as saying she reads nothing but self-help books.”

        Is she?

      • Janet says:

        She said in an interview years ago when she was asked what she reads. She said she reads self-help books.

        From the general tone of her interviews, she sounds like she’s not very well-read.

      • G&T says:

        A quick google found this-

        “I’m always going to be interested if somebody gives me a self-help book. I’ll at least give it the first couple of pages because sometimes they speak and sometimes they don’t. But they’re worth investigating,” Jennifer said.

        But while she can appreciate some printed advice materials, she refuses to take flack for it.

        “I say to people who look down their noses at motivational books, ‘Screw them.’ I’m telling you, people have got to mind their own business. It just shows, so obviously, their own fear or resentment,” Jennifer said. “They put down somebody else’s choice to sort of make themselves feel superior. They could probably use a little self-help themselves.”

        Hardly the same as her saying she reads ‘nothing’ but self-help books, now is it?

  13. Luciana says:

    My husband does the same thing. I usually arrive at home after him so hides (not necessary in the closet) and pops out. I know it’s happening and yet everytime he scares the hell out of me. I’m married to a manchild!

  14. Paloma says:

    A little juvenile, isn’t it?

  15. Willa says:

    Call me juvenile, call me immature, but it gives me real joy to do this to my husband and sister. 🙂

  16. FingerBinger says:

    It sounds like some weird sex game. Whatever works right?

    • Chris2 says:

      Oh god I hope not…..my juvenilest (?) kitteh still loves to lurk and leap out at me, much to her mother’s evident disdain.

  17. Louise177 says:

    Yes, Jennifer did say this story before. She’s been doing a lot of media for her “Oscar campaign” so stories get repeated. Jennifer clearly thinks this is a cute story but it’s stupid. A grown man jumping out of closets is really juvenile. It doesn’t make either look cute and funny,

  18. Ruyana says:

    The more I hear about, and from, these two the less I like them.

  19. lunchcoma says:

    Is he 8 years old?

  20. journey says:

    he actually probably stumbled into her mega closet and it swooped him in and it took him 25 minutes to fight his way out. Jen just happened to come in as he finally burst out, and he tried to play it cool and pretend he was just trying to leap out and scare her. who knows how many maids and housekeepers are still wandering lost through the bowels of that giant closet.

    • Ennie says:

      Maybe he was trying on her clothes and when she came in, he was playing cool you know like in the Tootsie movie…

      • Karen says:

        I read they were converting a 2000 sq foot garage into a closet. That’s the size of a house.

        I wonder where he files taxes-NY or CA? My bet he doesn’t spend all that much time in the CA closet.

  21. KatyD says:

    How much is she paying him to put up with this air-brained, non-stop PR crap? He must be the laughingstock of all his tres cool hipster buds. She needs to up his salary, that’s fer sure!

  22. deehunny says:

    Is she nervous talking about him or something? She keeps running her hands through her hair every 15 seconds. Either it’s a self-soothing method or she is really trying to shill her aveeno

    • Janet says:

      Every interview you see her in, she’s twirling her hair every 15 seconds. It seems to be a nervous tic. Her hair is like her security blanket. She has to keep touching it in order to function.

  23. GoOnGirl! says:

    her face in the picture from The Talk looks flat and puffy. That’s wierd, just flat and puffy.

  24. TC says:

    She told this story on Ellen nearly 2years ago. I can’t remember what she was promoting, if she was promoting anything. But she said Justin likes to hide behind the curtains and then jump out and scare her. Maybe now he’s upgraded to a closet? Aniston told Ellen that Justin calls It “trickery.”

  25. gio says:

    JT is cool, i´m sure he is a funny guy

  26. Paul Rainwater says:

    mindless silly bull crap, must be nice to be rich and have nothing to do but yap about nonsense and get paid millions…

  27. Boring Angelina says:

    Such a great couple love them!