Kanye West spent Thanksgiving with his Parisian dude friends, not his family


Imma let you finish, but North West is the Best Black Swan Ever!!! Aw, look at little Nori. Nori’s mom posted these photos on her Instagram, calling Nori her “best friend.” Oh, and Kim Kardashian has access to a dog?! The dog is named Georgia. Georgia is super-cute. Kim and Nori spent Thanksgiving in LA, with family. Apparently, Khloe cooked and most of the family gathered at Khloe’s house. Khloe Instagrammed much of the preparations – this is the only time I’ve seen a Thanksgiving with a black-and-white only color theme. Very strange. But the food looks good. It’s also totally possible that all of the Kardashians refused to go to Kris Jenner’s Thanksgiving too. Is that weird? Kris must have been pissed.

Interestingly enough, Kanye West skipped Thanksgiving completely. He wasn’t even in LA. I believe he was traveling as well while Kim was touring through Australia and Dubai, but Kim made it home to LA in time for Thanksgiving. Page Six says that Kanye was in Paris for the holiday and that he was seen dining at Ralph Lauren’s restaurant with “two male friends” on Thursday. So, is there trouble in Kimye paradise? There were reports circulating a week ago that Kim and ‘Ye were having some problems, but I sort of dismissed them without a second thought. But now I am reconsidering. It’s definitely a little bit strange that Kanye didn’t come home for the holiday.

Oh, and Page Six also had this story earlier in the week about Kanye being extremely rude on a plane – go here to read.



Photos courtesy of Kim’s Instagram, WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. PHD Gossip says:

    Well at least her marriage lasted longer than 72 days. Huge accomplishment for her.

    • michelle says:

      LOL, yes!

      Nori is beautiful and precious, but I’d love to see her in colours and more toddler-like attire. There is something disconcerting about seeing a toddler in haute-couture – at least to me. Like her skunk halloween costume – now that was an adorable, appropriate costume for a child her age. She just can’t be comfortable in all that leather, etc.

  2. Frida_K says:

    Nori is super-precious.

    • RussianBlue says:

      I totally agree. I feel badly for her- it’s so odd to try to make your toddler a fashion-forward prop. No one else does this. I hope the ease up once in a while a let her enjoy fun colors. I have definitely seen Kim choose colors- I wish she would allow her child the same.

    • BBob621 says:

      More semi-precious, like an industrial diamond.

  3. HH says:

    I’m assuming it’s how they’ve arranged their marriage. I mean, he wasn’t there for most of the pregnancy, so we shouldn’t really be shocked.

  4. Tiffany27 says:

    Nori is the cutest. That cape is hideous, but it looks like she liked having it on.

  5. lassie says:

    When does North get to be a toddler? Why does she wear that couture at 18 months old? What happens when she has a blow out of her diaper in leather and fur? Does she ever get to run around and be a toddler instead of her 33 year old mother’s ‘best friend’?

    Poor Northwest. Never had a chance…

    • Tracy says:

      I look at sweet North and just cringe at what that family will turn her into.

    • Tifygodess24 says:

      She doesn’t because Kim needs to prove to everyone that not only is she a fashionista but North is as well. Not to mention North gets Kim a lot of publicity so she’s going to dress this little girl up like a doll- with no care whether she is comfortable or not, so she can stay in the press. Kim treats North like a prop. Sad.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Kim’s role model was her demented mother, she doesn’t know how to treat North as anything except an extension of herself, she has no concept of North as an individual with needs who should be nurtured and not objectified.

  6. Hazel says:

    Nori is the only likeable thing about Kim. What an adorable baby!!!!

  7. NewWester says:

    “Two male friends” Now Kaiser, what are you implying?

  8. shunty says:

    I must have missed the memo when Ignori joined the Men Of The Night’s Watch cos I’m totally getting Jon Snow vibes.
    Relinquishing mom duties for best friend duties which means the nanny has taken over mummy duties. Let’s pray for nori

  9. embee says:

    North is would be so cute if she was dressed a little better. She looks like a crow about to fly around the sky. Stop sticking back her curls. She doesn’t look very comfortable, but she’s not wearing heavy shoes for once

  10. Anon says:

    I don’t think it’s a big deal that he didn’t come home for the holidays. My significant other and I always split up on holidays because we’d rather spend time with our own families and friends (except for Christmas because we have it at our house).

    • Snazzy says:

      exactly. people assume everyone celebrates thanksgiving – but maybe he has some personal trauma linked to it ( I know a few people like that) and therefore hates to celebrate it.

      Who knows, maybe there is trouble but I feel like these two are really working to build a brand as opposed to “just” being a celebrity couple … so even if they are fighting I figure they will likely work through it.

      • H says:

        Right. Thanksgiving might be a difficult holiday for Ye with his considerable mother issues. He’s still in grief. Or he might just be irritated by the loudness of all Kardashians together.

      • Dirty Martini says:

        And so as a Christian and loving fmaily man (hey he said it!), it is more important to indulge his personal trauma with dinner out with the guys in Paris than be with his daughter on one of the biggest holidays of the year in the USA?

        Sorry–don’t buy that as a reasonable excuse even if it were true. (And not complete speculation)

      • Snazzy says:

        @Dirty Martini: meh, to each his own. Well, that’s you, for me it’s a perfectly reasonable excuse. I choose to be in tune with the suffering of those I care about, so if they don’t want to celebrate a holiday (thanksgiving, xmas, whatever ….) I do my best to respect it.

      • Dirty Martini says:

        I’m sure 2 year old Nori respects Daddy’s suffering. The world does revolve around his artistic pain.

    • word says:

      I remember Kim saying that Kanye would photoshop himself into the Kardashian Kristmas Kard each year…so now he has the chance to mingle with the Kardashians on a holiday and he chooses to spend it far away…he at east should be with his daughter, forget the rest of the Klan. This is the exact reason I think Kim and Kanye will never live together in their own home.

    • The Original G says:

      Not American here. From the outside, it looks like a football and mall trampling holiday, anyway?

      • deehunny says:

        @the original g– eh, that is certainly part of it. but it is actually the largest celebrated holiday here in the US and biggest travel day of the year is the day before. You are expected to spend the day with your family. You are supposed to reflect on what you are thankful for during the past year and many families cook a TON of food.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        That may be the image but for most people I know, Thanksgiving is all about family getting together, appreciating their good fortune and eating a home made meal. Not everyone enjoys football or shopping but most people love to eat with family so it’s a popular holiday here.

  11. kri says:

    “Rude On A Plane”!! Where is Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?? all the cheers for Nori and Georgia!!! They are the only good things to come out of that house. That dog is a star. I also cannot believe they allowed her to age gracefully. No ‘Tox or lipo or doggie ass implants! It’s amazing.

    • deehunny says:

      heehee. I wonder if Kanye was looking at the nude prints of Kim before they dropped on the cover of Paper, or if it was just some random woman.

      people joke about kanye being gay but he’s not. i’m curious if he was looking at other women. ::why I do not know::

  12. Eww. Seriously. It’s not that he skipped Thanksgiving, it’s that he’s never there. Everyone is always bashing Kim for not being a good mother, but what kind of example is he setting for his daughter? For it to be normal that her husband goes off and spends time with his friends, instead of with his wife and family?

  13. mollie says:

    Gosh she’s cute.
    Just beautiful. It looks as though under the cape she’s got on very simple cozy clothes. What a gorgeous child.

  14. lucy2 says:

    Odd that she says her “whole family” and yet her husband isn’t there.

    • snowflake says:

      yes it’s like she’s trying to make it sound like he’s there, why use whole family instead of just family?

      • Chrissy says:

        Maybe because he’s just a business partner and not a husband in the normal sense. These people don’t even have a family home!

    • (Original, not CDAN) Violet says:

      I agree that was an odd choice of words, especially since another person missing was her mother. I agree with Snowflake, it’s like Kim is trying to pretend everyone was there and everything was perfect. Makes me wonder who else wasn’t there…

    • Belle Epoch says:

      LUCY2 exactly what I was going to say!!! Usually “family” includes your husband/father of your child.

      “Let’s take a family picture. Here, Kanye, you hold the camera.”

  15. Tifygodess24 says:

    Funny , I almost wonder if they all really got together. Think about it this family loves selfies and yet there are none of them dining at this celebration – just food and table settings. The Kardashians miss an opportunity for pictures? I think not. Lol. Something is off. #conspiracytheory ;)

  16. Danielleisgodess says:

    Starting to believe the gay rumors now. No straight guy hangs out w his bros on thanksgiving, no matter how annoyed he is w his lady.

    • Chrissy says:

      Agree. You’d think that at the very least he’d want to spend time with his daughter! OTOH, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be celebrated in France.

  17. Izzy says:

    Kanye was rude?!

    *faints from shock*

  18. snowflake says:

    that poor baby, that outfit is hideous! kk can spend all the money she wants, her expensive stuff looks worse than anything us mortals buy. poor nori, she will become the youngest baby in history to post a selfie.

  19. Katrina says:

    Yeah, I don’t really see this marriage lasting.

  20. lowercaselois says:

    Cute little girl. Kim ‘ best friend is her 17 month old daughter ,not Kanye. Where were they going in warm California that a toddler needs a heavy fur coat? I feel sorry for Nori, because as she gets older her parents will distort her reality.

  21. Mika302 says:

    Ugghhh….the people here r always hating on North’s clothes.. Who says there is one way to dress ur child!!! Her cape is so cute, and yes i hv dressed my daughter in little fur jackets. The outfit underneath looks like a little leggings and a top. Do u people know wht she does at home?? She probably plays with her cousins. No one here sees them out 24/7. It’s getting old…and her hair is n a bun n the back… What’s wrong with that? If she us slicking it back…r u aware there r many priducts just for childrens hair. She’s adorable and leave ur judgemental attitudes to ur self! I would hope nobody talks about what u choose to put ur own children n!!

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      You’re entitled to love it and we’re entitled to think it’s a sick reflection of Kim’s demented mental state. Being “free” doesn’t guarantee people won’t question tasteless decisions. Kim is a vain twit and she is going to warp that poor child to think as she does, that attention and clothes and make up are more important than character and self development, it’s not about her stupid clothing choices, it’s what those shallow choices represent that people criticize.

  22. Faun says:

    Sorry, but that kid is not very cute.

    • Nims says:

      Thats a little harsh…kids are off limits.

      • deehunny says:

        well she did say sorry first

      • RosettaStoned says:

        Give me a break. If you can’t talk about kids, none of you should be criticizing anyone. Kids aren’t special; only to their parents. They are dirty, greedy, mouthy little animals just like every human is to some degree. We’re all human, adults are jerks and kids will grow up to be jerks…I’m not sure why people pretend that kids are precious angels/saints, because nobody wants to raise their kids either, but heaven help you if you dare to say anything about the brats, oops I mean special snowflakes!

        I actually love people and live to see the beauty in others, but I study humans and primates in my career, and I find it silly when any person, child or adult, is elevated above the rest of creation for arbitrary, socially-constructed reasons (which is why the culture of celebrity & celeb worship fascinates me). Don’t talk about them if you feel it is unsavory, but society won’t collapse and nobody is going to hell for saying “kid = not cute”. That’s the opposite of harsh… it is mild, and I don’t think anyone on this message board would tolerate TRULY harsh words about the kid. Selective compassion on a gossip board…. human beings are truly perplexing creatures.

    • Lux says:

      I hate to be bitchy but… I’ve been wanting to say this for months.

  23. ketjo says:

    I watched the video taken of this little spa play …and contrary to what they write that baby spent the entire video trying to get away from Kim….Didn’t want anything to do with her…You can hear her saying No no no every time Kim called her name trying to get her to come to her and hold hands. Baby running back to Nanny who came out behind them realized cameras were rolling and tries to hide behind the corner. Baby makes a beeline straight for her so she comes out and tries to get to the car and inside but has to stop and encourage Baby by hand gestures to go to Kim. Which baby reluctantly does but when Kim tries to pick her up she stiffens into a board and throws her arms stiffly out so as not to touch her . Kim has to sit her back down…Ladies that Tape is Very Telling…..That baby doesn’t want a thing to do with her mother…and explaining it away will not change my mind….as for Kanye , he was where he wanted to be with his real wife Riccardo….He walked out on her three weeks ago. when he supposedly flew to China ..The only way he will be back is when Kris Momager yanks his choke chain hard enough…..period…

    • word says:

      I saw that video as well. That is an odd outfit to put a child in just for a “shopping day”. It was hilarious seeing her run towards the nanny instead of Kim….but also very sad. I think this child is confused and not sure who her mother or father really is. Kanye has been away from North for weeks now, he could have at least flown home for Thanksgiving just to be with his daughter. I remember when Kim was dating Reggie, she flew to be with him for Thanksgiving. Makes you wonder…

    • deehunny says:

      I didn’t think the video was that bad. During the first part of the video, North was perfectly content to holding Kim’s hand and all that. Later, she may have been tired or grumpy. Who knows what happened. It is clear that she is comfortable with the Nanny, but I don’t think it was all that telilng.

  24. Talie says:

    These two are in business. Let’s just keep it real.

  25. nk868 says:

    nori looking like a cutie of the night’s watch and she’s so tiny the pug looks big enough to be her direwolf :) adorable baby

  26. Jaana says:

    The whole family is in disarray…. the Jenner girls were nowhere near the Kardashians on Thanksgiving…. making me wonder if the older ones really had dinner together either. No pics… strange from a family that shares EVERYTHING.

  27. savu says:

    Somebody on imgur said they want to remake Twilight and cast Kanye but not give him any lines and just let him be himself.


  28. H says:

    The Kanye-is-rude-on-a-plane story is BS. First they say that he kept the “whole flight” waiting. Then they say that there was a line of people behind him waiting to get on the plane, and that coach was still boarding after he took his seat. Those two things cannot both be true. Kanye is a jackass frequently, but this doesn’t sound like one of those times.

    • MP says:

      They were waiting for him in the bus that takes the passengers to the plane. I guess he was last in the bus but first in the plane.

  29. fan of angie says:

    You are her mother! She is your child, not your damn ‘best friend’!!!

  30. anne_000 says:

    I wouldn’t like a lot of stress and drama (and a film crew) while I’m eating too. At least Kanye isn’t a lapdog and just giving in to the Kardashians (and filming schedule).

    I’d rather have a relaxing Thanksgiving with a few people than in a house full of major tornadoes. Have you seen how stressed out Disick gets when there’s more than one of them around? It’s like all those women need a target or something just to pass the time away. Imagine all of them there during what should be an enjoyable big feast.

    • me says:

      You’re right the Kardashians are addicted to drama. But Scott is no victim. It’s all for show. They need a storybline for him on the show. Kanye probably wasn’t willing to do a “fake” story line for himself and that’s why he’s not on the show ever and won’t allow his daughter on it either. The major point is why didn’t Kanye at least spend Thanksgiving with his daughter and wife? They could have been together if they wanted to. It’s strange.

  31. Greek Chic says:

    Does anyone believe than Khloe really cooked all this stuff? No way… I’m sure she doesn’t even know how to boil an egg.

  32. Abogada says:

    I don’t find it that odd that Kanye wasn’t there. To many people Thanksgiving is not a big deal.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      I disagree, it’s a big holiday here, you spend it with family or friends. Everybody goes somewhere, everyone invites strays to the table so no one is left alone, it is not a big holiday outside of the US but here it’s all about family and turkey.

  33. Tessy says:

    That’s actually the happiest face I’ve seen on that baby. Usually she has her brows crinkled together like she’s confused and upset. But why do they always have to dress the poor little thing in black.

    I think Kim is calling the baby her best friend because I remember Beyoncey saying her daughter was her best friend and homie or something weird like that in an interview last year. Just copying.

  34. me says:

    Why does Kanye always look so miserable? Is he really a miserable person or does he just come off that way? He has so much to be thankful for, he should be happy.

  35. Zigggy says:

    Was Ricardo Tisci (sp?) one of the “friends?”

  36. Longhorn says:

    Maybe Kanye had a business meeting or some “artists” meeting in Paris and couldn’t make it to LA for Thanksgiving? Not a big deal

  37. LAK says:

    That poor child.

  38. ketjo says:

    One more thing to mention……that had to have shot this several times ..her coming out the door because the photo don’t match….with the video….she is in different postions going to the car so unless she hops around like a kangaroo they did that walk several times for the best photos…she doesn’t let anything get published unless she sees them first and gets her percentage from the sell of the photographs…

  39. embee says:

    Fish sticks in Paris instead of turkey at home with his wife and kid. He could have been home for the holiday. He’d rather just hang out with the guys

    • Puravidacostarica says:

      Puhleeze, for Kanye, that’s “croquettes de poisson.” Or, more accurately, Kanye prefers “un grand et bel homme avec un sourire craquant et des doigts gros comme des saucisses.” My apologies if I copied and pasted these French words wrong. I always wanted to speak French, especially when referring to large sausages. :-)

  40. Leah says:

    Kris Jenners new boyfriend gave an interview saying that Kanye never spends the night with Kim. Apparently Kim lives with Kris and Kanye has another house in LA. The interview was subsequently removed from the website according to this blog.


    • Karen says:

      He still owns a home in Hollywood Hills. I read somewhere that when they came home from a trip Kanye was dropped off at his house and Kim at Kris’s house. What a farce!

    • deehunny says:

      apparently that interview was fake. why would he be giving an interview to sandrarose anyway? apparently it is a fake website and the fake Corey goes on to talk about his Mother who is actually deceased. So, thought it would be great if it was true (and probably is in real life) this interview didn’t happen

  41. KayC says:

    She’s an adorable little girl. But is no one going to say the oblivious? The baby is either wearing make-up or has been photo-shopped. The area around her eyebrows to her upper lip is highlighted. I find that disgusting to alter a naturally adorable child.

  42. idontknowyouyoudontknowme says:

    Kim doesn’t have the best track record with marriages, but I think people are overrating this a bit…. when Kanye was away throughout almost her entire pregnancy, everyone was expecting to read the split announcements, I do think they have an arrangement. Besides, everyone celebrates holidays differently, or even could opt to not celebrate it (regardless of families and traditional expectations).

  43. Edina says:

    North is gonna look like donde west, kanue’s mother.
    You can see the resemblence in this picture above.

  44. Eleanor says:

    After Nori was born, Kim and Kanye did Thanksgiving in Florida. I only rember because the food cooked is nothing I’ve seen at a traditional Thanksgiving dinner (I’m from the Northeast). Apparently the dinner was a Southern traditional fare.

    So anyway, yes they have done at least one Thanksgiving as a family. Why not this year? Maybe this is Ricardo’s year to have Kanye?