Jennifer Aniston: “I’m totally over Brad”

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The day I see an article about Jennifer Aniston without a mention of Brad Pitt will be the day I sprout wings and fly. And not bird wings, but full-on robotic airplane wings. It is just absolutely impossible for anyone to write about Jen without name dropping Brad, no matter what the context.

OK! Magazine at least has a positive spin on the former couple. And that’s nearly a first. They’re pointing out that Jen told them she’s completely over Brad – and why shouldn’t she be? It’s been four years. Despite what most tabloids will have you think, I bet she’s been over him for a good, long while.

Jennifer Aniston’s showdown with ex-husband Brad Pitt seems to have had a profoundly peaceful effect on her. The day after their first post-divorce collision at the 81st Academy Awards, with four years and another woman between them, the actress told OK! exclusively that the critics are all wrong.

“I am totally over Brad,” Jen, 40, told OK!.

In fact, Jen is completely dedicated to her musician beau John Mayer, she explains, and is a fan of his music.

“John just wants to play the guitar,” she explains to OK!. And, given John’s penchant for writing songs about his woman, she doesn’t mind letting him do just that.

… “I deeply, deeply care about him,” she has said. “We adore one another. And that’s where it is.”

[From OK! Magazine]

I doubt Jennifer just randomly brought up Brad Pitt all on her own. Though they obviously don’t say so in the article, it’s safe to assume that she was asked about him.

Frankly, I’m surprised by how gracious she’s still capable of being about it. If people had been asking me the same question for four years, I’d sooner beat them over the head with a splintering toilet plunger than answer it again. And that’s just if they’d been asking me some run-of-the-mill, ordinary question. If people had been asking me about an ex for four years? Well I’d have to come up with some entirely new and creative form of pain to inflict upon them.

Here’s Jennifer on the German TV show “Wetten Das…” on Saturday. Images thanks to

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  1. Annie says:

    We get it. You were married at some point, he’s now with AJ and has a whole bunch of kiddies and you’re happy as a clam.

    I’m really tired of the whole “How do you feel about this Jen?” crap that’s been going on for 4 years too long.

    I adore Jen. I adore Brad. I adore AJ. I’m just tired of hearing them talk about each other.

    Talk about your causes Jen! Or your movie even, just stop it with the ex. It’s just downright annoying now.

  2. Ash says:

    she looks pretty dern cute in those pictures.

  3. FF says:

    Can’t she let her actions do the talking for once? Walk the talk, lady.

    And you know, her gams are great but even Dita Von Teese keeps the hems on the knee, or has a high split. Over the knee at her age isn’t desperate, really it’s not, but it does scream ‘look at me, don’t I look great for my age, no, seriously, look!’ every twenty seconds and it’s that that makes people suspect she’s not as chilled about it as she makes out.

  4. turth-SF says:

    Well, she might be totally over Brad, But she is not, I repeat, she is not in love or care deeply about John Mayer. He was hired by CAA and S. Huvane first in the spring to during the cannes film festival and Brangie’s twin reveal, and then later on he was hired again, when no one else took the bait to play her boyfriend during the M&M promotional tour to counter act the Brangelina CCOBB premeire. Everyone in the industry is aware of this.

  5. turth-SF says:

    spring during*

    p.s. and she never really had anything against Brad, her jealousy was always towards Angelina for basically taking the media attention away from her. Her break-up with Brad was suppose to chronicle her big break in hollywood, but as we all know, they (the media) focused more on Brangelina, but mostly Angelina, because of her lack of Publicist or agent and her colorfull personality, the media always had stories to write regarding A.J., while Jen was just looked at as the scorned ex-wife. Due to the fact that they considere her having a very dull personility. sad, but true.

  6. mel says:

    I agree with Turth, she may be over Brad but I seriously doubt she’s truly in love with John Mayer. It’s a rebound relationship!

  7. turth-SF says:

    considerd, personality*

    I miss the edit button

  8. Sauronsarmy says:

    Funny cuz I’ve ALWAYS been over you and the other two idiots.

  9. Ophelia says:

    Um, FF, how about toning down the blatant sexism just a tad?

  10. Ana says:

    I think that if she were over him, she wouldn’t be tempted to bring his name up. I get that she is asked that question constantly because that’s what sells and reporters needs that etc. But she constantly answers it, it constantly gets reported, and I constantly read about it. LOL.

    She kind of reminds me of my husband’s ex-wife who tries her best to continue being a part of his family. Even though he doesn’t talk to her and they never had kids.

    That top she has on in these pictures is hot, but it doesn’t look right with that skirt.

  11. hatsumomogirly says:

    I don’t really agree, this is what she is most famous for- aside from Friends. Because I my opinion she isn’t really a great actress and her films don’t have ‘staying power’.
    she is beautiful but she should really embrace being Brad Pitt’s Ex.It is what she will be remembered for most….

  12. Baholicious says:

    Dear, (real) musicians “play guitar,” not “the” guitar.

    Anyway, I see she’s still having a problem with frizz. $50k doesn’t buy much these days does it?

  13. Codzilla says:

    I think it’s time to stuff all three of them into a rocket for a ONE WAY trip to space.

  14. Sue says:

    Thanks for an even-handed account that wasn’t negative regarding anyone involved! Regardless of who may have committed what wrongs four years ago, I’d imagine that the endless tabloid reports on the triangle – FOUR YEARS LATER – was harder on both Brad and Jen overall than the actual split and surrounding circumstances. (Admittedly I READ many of these accounts…)

  15. sissoucat says:

    Yay Codzilla !

    Though we can’t morally send the Jolie-Pitts into space. They have young children.

  16. FF says:

    What sexism? It goes the same for the guys – I feel the same whenever I see McConaughey’s chest for the sixth millionth time: we get it, you look great, we know, now put it away until someone’s shooting a calendar, or you’re on a podium.

    I’m merely saying that it seems that she’s trying so hard to project comfort with her own ‘sensational’ (with bullet points) body that it ceases to look comfortable and leans towards making a point with an exclamation point.

    And if I say the ‘little girl’ poses are starting to wear too, does that mean I’m being even more ‘sexist’? If that’s all it takes, them I’m okay with my opinion.

  17. Monie says:

    good article Jaybird. I laughed at the random tiolet plunger.

  18. kap says:

    I wish this were true, but don’t believe it for a minute. She’s just getting a lot of flack lately for constantly (and I mean every single print interview for the last 4+ years)referring to her EX and/or his family. Besides, what is she going to say “I still keep his voice mails, they’re like love letters to me”, oh wait, she did say that, I mean “who cares about that old fart?” As much as she seems to be a role model for middle aged women whose husbands left them, to me she is a really pathetic character who can’t let go of the coattails.

  19. lisa says:

    If you are over him, then shut up finally!

  20. daisy424 says:

    Fabulous writing as ever JayBird, I do wonder if you have used the plunger on someone else? Great idea!

    Baho & Codzilla, priceless comments!

  21. Ophelia says:

    @FF- I see your point. Sorry I jumped on ya like that. Inflection is sometimes really hard to get in writing, and I guess intent, at least for me. My apologies, thanks for being polite about it. 🙂

  22. Tess says:

    This is such nonsense. Journalists are told all the time that certain topics are off-limits. Do it, Jen. Talk about your movies, John Mayer, but just tell you publicist to tell the media that you will no longer answer any questions about Brad/Angelina/their children or any other related topic. But why would you? You like the attention and the press. Just like the whole Vince V ‘relationsip’ was concocted around the time of that movie release, I do get the impression the John Mayer ‘relationship’ is due to yet another movie release. Come on, get real, when did you ever hear anyone else say ‘we adore each other’.

  23. Noname says:

    She does not age well. Poor thing looks like a geometry puzzle by now.

  24. Noname says:

    p.s. she could so play Barbara Streisand in her forties for a “story of her life” thing.

  25. JayBird says:

    I’ve considered the plunger, I’ll give you that much.

    Actually I was just trying to think of something more offensive than the traditional baseball bat 🙂

  26. Karen says:

    I have to say that I for one want Jennifer to keep talking. To keep doing interviews. The problem is her fans have an delusion of who she is. She has not done a lot of live interviews where they can actually see her, and watch the way she acts. They are still stuck on Rachel Green. Stuck on the funny lines that were written for her. They hold on to that image like a drowning man. But the reality is when you see her in person talking it is a whole other story. She is not poised. She is awkward and unsure of herself. She is a 40 year old woman who can not give a straight answer. She uses the word YEAH about 100 times. She sounds like a 6 year old. I have taken note of this and counted once. She used that word 15 times. She always grabs her hair. So yes please keep talking. People are finally seeing the real Jennifer. I point out that if you read the comment from her fan they only say.. she has a great body, she has great hair.. she is so funny (based on what I don’t know, oh wait Rachel Green)… Jennifer Aniston is not funny. Jennifer Aniston has not personality.

    I for one am enjoying the way she keeps putting her ugly feet in her mouth. If you are over someone you don’t have to say it. The way you live your life speaks volumes. John is another rebound relationship for her. She was a rebound for Brad. All rebound hookups end at some point. Brad has moved on, Vince Vaughn has moved on, Paul S, has moved on. We see that by the way they are living their lives.. not the words they keep throwing out there.. Jen look and learn.

  27. Emily says:

    That second quote… I don’t know where it’s from but it’s from OK. They just copied and pasted it into their article. I’ve definitely read it somewhere else.

  28. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    50K a week on her hair and she’s got those short random hairs sticking up all over the crown?

    Anywho, who cares? I’m quite sure she’s over him, it’s been a long stinking time. Now when will the tabs get over the divorce? That’s the $64 million question!

  29. SixxKitty says:

    Why is the public so interested in this? I mean, no-one asks J-Lo how she feels about Ben, or heaven forbid, how Gwen-Goop feels about either of them…

  30. Blondie says:

    Whatever people say, if she was over Brad she wouldn’t talk about him. The expression ‘the lady doth protest too much’ sums her up.

  31. Maritza says:

    Before giving interviews she should tell them that she refuses to mention anything related to Brad.

  32. JillianY says:

    I like how you think. Why did Jen and Brad split? I’ve always suspected it was over the children issue, that it was implied to Brad when Friends was over they would try for a baby. Instead, Jen signed up for a bunch of movie roles trying to make herself a big screen star before she was too old. Her focus was on career, not family, while Brad had achieved career success and was already over 40 and wanted to have kids.

  33. Aspen says:

    I would think…I mean, totally projecting my own thoughts on to this unsuspecting lady whom I have never met…that she is probably REALLY over the man. What lingers, again, I’m just projecting, is the anger that her marriage failed and he immediately went on. She was humiliated, and it seems to me like it would be lemon juice on a papercut to always be the one presumed to regret the divorce…to always be the one everyone thinks is still devastated.

    If she talks about it from feeling rather than promotion of her career, then my guess is the feelings have more to do with harsh memories and resentment from being tossed off and then spending four years being called desperate, lonely, sad, pathetic, grasping, and all manner of other unattractive names.

    That’s just my guess.

  34. Paige English says:

    Perhaps Jen, with her $50,000 a week hairdo, should join Paris for a ride in her pink Bentley. Here comes the tranny brigade! Honk, if you are frivolous!

  35. RAN says:

    Turth… you come off as a paranoid lunatic. Just saying…

    I totally agree with Aspen (as usual), this is a dead horse that the media and the unusually obsessed/paranoid lunatics should just let go.

    Off topic, great article Jaybird! I laughed about the toilet plunger comment as well. Been there…wanted to do that 🙂

    Just saying…

  36. RAN says:

    Ok, I’m not sure why I said “Just saying” twice….Oh edit function, I still mourn your demise 😉

  37. turth-SF says:

    JillianY, I happen to have a friend in the industry, which is why I know some of this info. But as far as Brad & Jen, Their marriage was more of a merger than a relationship, since Gwen-goop practicly broke his heart. Both Gwen and Jen have the same agent, Steve Huvane, who helped set-up Brad and Jen after goop break-up. what most ppl didn’t know at that time in march-april 1998, Jen was still technically engaged to Tate Donovan. And broke up soon after meeting Brad, who was heartbroken since goop was rumord to be cheating on him, which caused him to break-up w/her. It was always known in the inner circle that although, Brad and Jen cared about each other, there was no love there, more like a best friend kind of thing, and yes they did have an open relationship. Brad didn’t want kids with Jen, nor she with him, but he did want kids. As you all know, as soon as he met Miss Jolie, his desire grew and he proceeded to end his relationship in 2004, not 2005 when they announce it, which is why he stated that they were still filming Mr./Mrs. Smith after the break-up.

  38. turth-SF says:

    And RAN, i’m not paranoid, just stating hidden facts that most ppl outside the industry don’t know. I guess I’m lucky to know ppl on the inside who know the facts rather then believe some tabloids who either guess or get their info from the stars Agent and/or publicists.

  39. nashnash says:

    Wow. A lot of you just want to see the worst in people. Those who dislike Jennifer always say she should move on, she’s so desperate. But if Jennifer says she’s over Brad, people don’t believe her. Her detractors wish Jennifer still pines for Brad so they can continue disliking her and have a reason to bash her.

    I wonder what people are gonna say had Jennifer said she still loves Brad? That they were right all along, and give themselves a pat on the back? Why not try taking her word for what it is and stop looking for something to criticize all the time?

    Some of the posts are just downright hateful. Yeah, this is a gossip site, but a lot of the posts have a lot of strong emotions attached to them, it’s scary.

  40. turth-SF says:

    Like saying goes, never believe a star who has a publicist, they are hired and payed to lie for them.

  41. turth-SF says:

    nashnash, you’re right, but what you say goes both ways, her so-called enemy also recieves that same hatred and emotional investment.

  42. lachica says:

    “I wonder what people are gonna say had Jennifer said she still loves Brad?”

    er…she did say that at one point. she said it to Vanity Fair. she has said many many things. that’s actually the problem. she needs to shut up about Brad already. it’s gotten beyond pathetic now.

    except for Tate Donavan, my impression is that all of Ms. Aniston’s relationships have been contract relationships. i also heard that she has been advertising her availability for any European millionaires during her current Marley tour. yes, i know people in the business too.

  43. PJ says:

    Karen, you’re saying that Brad’s relationship with JA was just a rebound from Gwyneth?

    Reality check: JA is the only woman he’s ever married, and their relationship lasted 7 years — far longer than any of his other relationships. That doesn’t fit the definition of rebound.

  44. PJ says:

    I am happy for Jennifer and believe she is over Brad. Unfortunately, the media isn’t over it!

  45. kayla says:

    My god, why wouldn’t she be over that douchebag? I never thought they were right for each other to begin with. Who even gives a flip?

  46. kayla says:

    And the reason why the tabs won’t let it go is because they know that the lunatics on both sides of the Jennifer/Brangelina debaucle will shell out the dough to hear the latest “news” on the trio, and then come to sites like this to duke it out. You all make spectacles of yourselves. Do you honestly not think that all the tabs wants is your money? Do you not honestly think that all Jen and Brangelina want is your movie dollars? Other than that, nobody really gives a flip who you support or what you think, because they live light years from where you are.

  47. TM says:

    JA(so far) is the only woman he has married true…….
    but the woman he calls “my angel, the love of my life” that was GP , and he would have maried her too.
    And who was it that he said “my one true love , the mother of my children , one that I love and want to grow old with”…emmm not JA right……
    JA is the woman he left , the woman he DIVORCED, the woman who he DOES NOT WANT anymore.
    Good for her that she is over him! I would be too if I were her and have been publicised soooo widely around the world to be pathethic and needy and clingy and ditched for another, After 4 years for shame to still want him..

  48. DD says:

    @JillianY – hmm I love that argument about her signing on to movies after Friends being the reason they couldn’t have children.
    I guess Angelina took time off of work just to conceive her babies, is that how it works? Hmmm I’ll make sure to quit my job in preparation for conception.

  49. Ursula says:

    50 cents that OK Magazine is making this up. She is rich, looks fab and has a good life. Move on people, she has. Go on, try it.

  50. eternalcanadian says:

    lol, pull the other finger jennifer. 😛

  51. someone says:

    Most of you people are ridiculous, if she didn’t talk about Brad when the media asked, you would be saying, its such a sore spot for her, she still loves him and can’t bear to talk about it…she was right in her last interview, no matter what she says, someone is going to twist it around…I believe her, and I think she does care for John…

  52. pixiegirl says:

    I have absolutely no interest in Jennifer Aniston. None. But for some reason I’m just spellbound by the general fascination with her. It’s so bizarre! Am I alone here?

  53. geronimo says:

    I’m with Codzilla. 😛

  54. miranda says:

    No pixiegirl, you’re not alone!

    While I’m tired of the triangle, I simply adore the Brangeloonies, who all appear to live in a world (or a decade – the 50s)where being physically attractive, coupled up and having babies is all that matters, and as long as you’ve achieved that you can lie and be as hypocritical and polluting as you like without censure.

    On the other hand, heaven forbid a wife wants to concentrate on solidifying their own career before kids or a woman makes the best of what she’s got without chopping off her chin to fit the nay-sayers cookie-cutter ideal.

  55. RAN says:

    Ahhh… well said Miranda.

    Turth, name your source. Until you do, let the record show that I can make up stories too – and subsequently tell the world that my “friend” in the industry told me. Why… that sounds EXACTLY like what the tabloids do to sell their stories. They use a “friend” or a “source” that is never identified. Let it go.

  56. Denise says:

    I think someone should interview Angie and ask her how she’d feel if Brad ran away with his costar on Benjamin Buttons. Plus, here she’s on this “lets crank out the babies” streak, and now back making another movie! At least the octomom wants to raise her kids. I can’t believe Angie
    and Brad devote all of themselves to those kids…I think they’re “trophy” kids..only seen in public being traipsed around, but raised by nannies at home. Otherwise, Brangelina wouldn’t be so visible…you see them everywhere.

    Jen, you just keep on being that cute lil’ girl next door, and forget that self-indulgent jerk who left you. I love Jen, she’s just so natural and normal. The other two need to open up a Brangelina compound…they’re just so weird.

  57. Analina says:

    turth-SF: couldn’t have said it better!!

    It’s been 4 years and yet it’s constantly asked and she keeps answering it the same way!!! WHO CARES!!! what really happened only the 3 of them know! I always say Brad would not have wandered if he was truly happy with Jen. I don’t think she’ll ever be married and live happily ever after, probably not even have kids and if she does want to she better hurry up.

    I don’t despise her or anything. She was great on Friends, a few of her movies were good and she has great hair. That’s it. I love Angelina!!! notice how she never talks about the whole situation? and she doesn’t even have a publicist!!!! You know why they keep asking Jen? BECAUSE SHE’S THE ONLY ONE THAT ACTUALLY KEEPS ANSWERING AND TALKING ABOUT IT!!!

    and yeah Ange said she was going to do less and less movies and then everyone freaks out when she’s doing a movie (Salt currently). She didn’t say that she would completely stop anytime soon! the public will never be happy whatever any of them say/do. That’s why fans are fans and they’re a fan of either Brad/Angelina or Jen, etc.

    I don’t think Angelina and Brad will stay together forever since that is unheard of in Hollywood but at least they got beautiful children out of it!

  58. gg says:

    I see no “little girl poses” anywhere; Scarlett Johanssen is the one that does that, not Jennifer.

    I never read articles about her anymore because they’re boring and the press is always printing the same old excerpts about her long-gone ex relationship, over and over and sifting out anything new.

    I think she looks cute as hell in these pictures. Hate the outfit though, and the skirt just looks like she has really bad static cling.

  59. Granger says:

    I think Jen is over Brad. But I still think she should tell interviewers before every interview that Brad and Angie questions are off-limits.

  60. Ursula says:

    Angelina doesn’t talk about the triangle? And am the queen of England. Why are Brangeloonies so delusional and have a selective memory. They only want to see what suits Brangelina.

  61. Analina says:

    Ursula: Please find me an article where ANGELINA mentions Jennifer and the whole “triangle”. I would DIE to see this!

  62. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Apparently not enough to stop talking about it every time the issue is brought up.

  63. Lilly Kane says:

    I find it a tad absurd, how much you have to pay (was it 50k a week) to look “natural”. “Natural” appears to mean something different than it used to

    I also wonder when was the last time these people saw a real girl next door

  64. patty anne says:

    I believe Jennifer is being sincere when she states that she is totally over Brad. Chyt happens and you move on – amen. I think it’s the lunatic Brangeloonies who are enjoying a fictious bimbo brawl between gutter fighter A.J. and ladylike J.A. It’s all made up based upon their movie charactors….phony! Don’t forget that Brad moved on while with Mike Tyson’s former wife, Gwen Paltrow, Juliette Lewis, and finally his wife, Jennifer. It’s his way. So be it. Now it’s been such a long , long time, why continuously beat a long dead corpse of a marriage?….the three involved certainly aren’t……

  65. michellle says:

    3 attractive & utterly ridiculous tabloid celebs.

    So what happened to Mickey’s tell all book?

  66. Mickey says:

    Good Lord People. Why so much effort to dislike someone most (if not all) of you have never met. She must offer something to the industry, her movies usually open at number 1 if not in the top 5.
    I guess she could ask the press not to ask her about Brad anymore, but then that request would get out and that would just prove she wasn’t over him…right? Or so the stories would go.
    As far as her being pegged an inconfident 40yr old woman, I know very few confident women, no matter what the age, body size or beauty. Give the woman a break. She has done nothing but mind her own business and handled her breakup with grace and dignity. Maybe that’s what bothers everyone, she never acted like a raging, heartbroken lunatic.

  67. VegasM says:

    I love all the crazies that come out for anything having to do with these 3 people. You don’t know them! JA used to be more private during Friends. AJ was a definite famewhore before Brad, with the psycho blood stuff, and making out with her brother. I guess since I have never seen JA do anything that offends me, I’ll keep rolling my eyes at the folks who openly worship at AJ’s alter. Responding to questioned asked is so much worse than collecting Benneton babies.

  68. the original kate says:

    @ karen: you actually counted the number of times jennifer said “yeah” in an interview? really? sounds like you’re the one obsessed with her.

    @ turth: you say never believe a star with a publicist? newsflash: they ALL have publicists.

    LMAO! some of you people are waaaaay too involved in this story. i’m sure all three of them are over this, maybe we all should be, too.

  69. deeply cares says:

    yeah, he deeply cares while he is pounding Angelina into oblivion. gimme a break.

  70. Mila says:

    I always thought he loved Juliette Lewis like crazy… and he was with her just as long as Jennifer Aniston. He said in interviews that if her were a woman, he’d be Juliette Lewis and if she were a man, she’d be him. Anyway, I think GP was his first real “adult” relationship and of course Jen was his wife… but I also always thought he liked women with a touch of the rough and crazy like Angie and JL.

  71. Sarah says:

    Now people are trying to say that Brad’s relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow was more important to him or equal to his relationship with Jennifer? Something along those lines… That was 2 years with one person compared to 7 years with another. A broken engagement vs. a broken marriage — which one is more monumental in one’s life?

  72. Sarah says:

    It’s even possible that the magazine asked her about Brad and she simply said, “I’m over it” or something as benign as that. The mag quotes her without any context and it makes it seem like she just volunteered the info. Highly doubtful. Why are people taking stories by magazines such as “OK!” at face value?

    You take from it what you want. If you want to see her as pathetic and not over it, you will.

    Personally, I happen to think a divorce is a very hard, life-changing event. It’s very unrealistic to think she should never think about it or talk about it, especially when it was so high-profile and people’s gossip so in her face. That’s a very painful event in one’s life, and if she wants to talk about how it affected her or even just state that she’s OK, she has every right. Yes, even four years later.

    Interviewers can ask Brad about Angelina, and vice versa, and they can ask both about their babies, but all they want to ask Jennifer about is her divorce. It’s hard to get out of never talking about it when it’s all you’re ever asked about.

  73. M says:

    Sarah — I guess it depends on what the engagement or the marriage meant to the individual. Normally, I would agree with you in that marriage means something. If Brad were still just a guy from Missouri and JA weren’t a social climber (they all are). But this is Hollywood and I don’t think business relationships and contract partners are implausible. I believe the posters with “insider” contacts even if these insiders are just voices inside their heads.

  74. crackj says:

    The 3rd OK quote is from the Vogue article so it’s an easy guess they cut and spliced the whole thing from other previous articles. When are people going to realize the tabloids do this and it’s not them constantly asking about Brad or Jen constantly answering about Brad. As for “Truths” comments – BS – Brad broke up with GP in 97, look it up & Jen/Brad did not get together in Mar/Apr as you say.

  75. sunshine says:

    NOTHING says I’ve moved on like talking about your EX evey chance you get. What happened to “that’s so one hundred years ago” or “I’m so happy with John Gayer”? You are so full of crappola, Jen and everyone with a brain can see through you.

  76. Minnie says:

    This is totally BS and its all in the head for the “brangelina” fans to try to make jen look like this lonely victim PLEASE.. she doesn’t care about him, people act like jennifer even talked about brad since the divorce she never once even talked about him until rencently when that nasty homewrecker angelina open her mouth, but people seem to “forget” that brad talked about her All the time alsways talking about how theu had a great like together and how he would always love her so please give it up haters she divorced that cheater and never looked back and she is happy living her life,

  77. fosse says:

    her hair is boring, she plays the same character in just about every film, I am so sick of her.

  78. Minnie says:

    also idiots why don’t you geton brad when he talks about jennifer because he talks about her way more than she even mentions him. when does jen volunteer to talk about brad? never she only answer questions about him when she is asked and even if that she cut it short and doesn’t go into detail, Jen never bashed brad or talked about him pitt and his s!ut girlfriend and their fans drag this whole triangle thing then what to turn it around and act like jen is the one please who do you think you are fooling get a life haters and stop watching her live hers

  79. Hohum says:

    Okay. She spends 50Gs on her hair. Frivolous? Yes. Out of the question? She’s the star. If she can afford it (or if someone is more than happy to pay the bill), then who’s to say she’s being frivolous? She’s not using YOUR tax money. Anyone who whipped out their credit card to buy a pretty pair of shoes when they were strapped for cash is frivolous. Jen has the 50Gs. Let her spend it on whatever she wants. And. yes, I ramble.

  80. jsan says:

    She looks amazing!! With the pressure on women in LALA land to look amazing (and on gossip sites like this), you can’t blame her for spending that much.

  81. GeekLuva80 says:

    All I wanted to say was:
    !! YEAH for Ophelia & FF !!
    Way to have a misunderstanding & to be able to work it out like adults!

  82. FF says:

    Let’s put it this way:

    It’s like being married to Brad *in the past* is her only claim to fame. Doesn’t she think she’s better than that? Or is THAT the underlying problem she’s trying to pretend she’s over?

  83. FF says:

    ps – Oh, yeah, I got it Ophelia, no problem.

  84. Stefo says:

    Jen talks about Brad when asked because if she doesn’t answer the questions or bans ‘Brad’ questions the media will say that she is still hung up on him. She can’t win. Why can’t everyone just let her live her life the way she wants to. We are all only human.

  85. sweetzy says:

    i think she lied. Who can forget about a husband like Brad Pitt!!! hehe.. well i think her biggest mistake is not having brad’s baby… such a waste.

  86. gaby dupree says:

    If she is trying to be a role model for middle age women, the I feel very ashame to be one of them. I can not have respect for this mental ill, bitter
    evil and vidicated woman. She is going to be crying and playing the victim for the rest of the eternity. What she does not want to accept and all the mediocre followers of DUMV aniston, is that if Brad really had been on love with her,
    really on love, nobody had have the power to keep him away from her. Nobody steal the husband of anybody. He left her because he was growing in a different direction than her, he got mature, she staignated in the role of rachel green, forever. she is a rich loser.

  87. patty anne says:

    One thing about Jennifer Aniston. One can not just ignore her. Even those who claim that Jennifer Aniston is “mental ill, biter evil and vidicated” woman has to type what ever that was in response. I say that indicates Jennifer is a true Celebrity. BTW, someone had a dictionary to the one who typed what i put in quotes.

  88. JM says:

    I believe she’s over Brad but she’s not over (and she won’t ever be over) their breakdown and his cheating on her with AJ. It still hurts, and that’s why she’s still talking about Brangelina, no matter what.

  89. suge says:

    Oh my goodness, how can people say Angelina doesn’t talk about it! In Vogue, she said I would welcome a sit down with Jennifer. She’s lucky Jennifer didn’t punch her in the face! Then promoting her dumb m ovie going on and on about how happy they are and how they fell in love on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith! An obvious dig and jab. Ms. Jolie is very smart, don’t even tell me she didn’t know she was stirring the pot at that comment.

    PLEASE Mickey the bodygaurd, write your book! Then you idiots will see what your idol has been up to. Making fun of Brad, cheating on him (not that he doesn’t deserve it). CHeating with a woman no less! Didn’t her ex-lover Jenny Shimizu say that Angelina could not be tamed and that she was just playing house for a while, but soon she’d be back. Guess what? That didn’t take long. Which is fine, whatever she wants to do. But quit running aroung here like you are a freakin SAINT.

  90. Crazy! says:

    AND, I’m SO over PENUS NOSE opening her big trap about BRAD every chance she gets. Shut it, dumbasss. No one but your crazy fans believe you, anyways.

  91. lois says:


  92. sj says:

    Jennifer is just the most innocent, natural and simple human being ever. Anyone having problems with her ‘im-over-Brad'(which I’m sure was in RESPONSE to a question asked) is clearly reading too much gossip and thus bored by now, or frustrated and just not able to see innocence when they see it. Hope all three of them find lasting joy.

  93. asbestos says:

    Cool article. I’m not sure if I like it but nice anyway.