Duchess Kate wore a bright pink Mulberry coat to the 9/11 Memorial


Here’s another quickie post for some late-breaking Duchess Kate and Prince William photos. After last night’s festivities at the Barclay Center, William and Kate slept in a bit and went out mid-morning to the 9/11 Memorial in NYC. This was on their schedule, although they didn’t give themselves a lot of time to go through the museum part of the memorial. Will and Kate placed flowers on the engraved-names part of the outdoor memorial. It was very somber and lovely.

Kate’s bright pink coat is Mulberry. It’s wool silk “double crepe” which I’m sure probably wasn’t the best choice for a rainy day in NYC. In case you missed it, The Duchess of Buttons has returned! The Mulberry coat is double-breasted and it’s SO BUTTONY. Buttons aside, I like the color on her. I just don’t understand why she was wearing somber black to happy, kid-friendly engagements yesterday and then for a somber trip to Ground Zero, she was literally the brightest thing there. It just seems off-message? I’m sure Kate’s outfits were planned in advance, so maybe that’s on her new “stylist” Tasha?



Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, Getty.

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  1. Vava says:

    One word.

    • Ollyholly says:

      Completely offensive.

      • Kiki04 says:

        Lets just say someone was making darn sure she was the center of attention today…..

      • someonestolemyname says:

        WAG who waited around, never worked professionally in anything, married Prince and still doesn’t get it.

      • someonestolemyname says:

        RoyalReporter: Dec 8
        For those asking: the courtside meeting between Queen B, Jay Z and the Cambridges had been planned by their people “before” the game.”

        RoyalReporter · Dec 8
        “There isn’t much that isn’t choreographed on royal visits. ;-)

    • inthekitchen says:

      Completely agree, Vava! Head-to-toe black to meet and play with children and then hot pink to go to a memorial site? WTF?!

      Also, I’m sorry for all the skirt-lovers, but can she put on some GD slacks or trousers (and not the maternity jeggings she wore last night). It’s winter and pouring down rain! She dresses like a 1950s 8-year-old: hair in sausage curls and A-line mini-coats with an even shorter dress on underneath. It’s so puzzling to me. I feel like she is going for this look: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/236x/7a/47/08/7a47089516e04f292b5623c31c5263ba.jpg but with 4″ high heels.

      • Juliette says:

        Exactly – its the contrast of black to play with children and neon pink to visit a gravesite. It’s a total WTF moment.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        @ inthekitchen – EXACTLY!!! That’s why I’ve commented a few times that she really likes to wear her toddler dresses, lol!

      • wolfpup says:

        Perfect wannabe Kate.

      • Domino says:

        Completely agree with Katherine. Wtf people.

      • Pippa Mids says:

        Senseless, common Waity never fail – black frock to Creativity Reception but the Firm/ CH stop her from Empire State 86 Fl with Will and Mayor DeBlasio ( Doolittle must be Teed she doidnt get the attention). Heels heights and rain don’t mix for the bump!

        Waity will need serious vacays / heavy shopping and we won’t see her again until Christmas (if HG don’t return, Mystique), or after delivery.

    • Bermudagirl says:

      Absolutely. This woman has no class or brains.

      • llc says:

        Unlike the amazing, brilliant, and is so classy Beyonce and Angelina!

      • LeAnn Stinks says:

        I don’t admire either of those women either llc. I like Jessica Chastain.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Now this is a color I wish she wore for the children, but I question the decision to wear it while representing her country at another country’s memorial. I love seeing Kate in jewel tones and she looks great in this, but I think something more suitable to the somberness of the occasion would have been a better choice. Even the lovely deep purple coat she wore on her arrival would have looked better.

    • Megan says:

      It’s a memorial, not a funeral. Why does she need to wear black? I don’t recall any complaints about her wearing cream to the WWI memorial in Belgium.

      Also, she is the only woman in the pics. Men’s clothes, and outerwear especially, tend to be in shades of grey, blue, black and brown. Based on the color of the ties and scarves I am seeing, dark colors were not a deliberate choice, but rather a reflection of men’s fashion.

      • Ally.M says:

        Megan, you’re the voice of reason. People hardly bother wearing black for funerals these days and this is a memorial. I think it’s a lovely colour and if I had a loved one there I’d prefer her to wear something to brighten the day not add to the darkness.

      • wolfpup says:

        She’s the only woman – and she’s in Pink!

      • Janey says:

        As a New Yorker and having gone through 9/11, I don’t feel the need to bash her for wearing something cheerful on such a dreary day and at the memorial. The new building has opened, it’s like a fresh start. We want to remember the lives of those we were lost but with hope for the future.

        And seriously, are we criticizing the COLOR of her coat? Not like she ran up sang and tap danced there or whatever.

      • Janet says:

        Thank you. What’s all the fuss about? I live in NYC and I see nothing wrong with it. She’s not at a funeral, she’s at a memorial. Nobody wears black to the Pearl Harbor Memorial either.

      • LadySlippers says:


        The bright berry-pink would have been better suited for the kids and more sombre tones would have worked better for a memorial. Cream and other mid-tone colours aren’t as cheery and upbeat as bright berry-pink.

        While I’m not going to be nasty here — she had the opportunity to tailor her clothes to the occasion and it appears as if she chose not to. Especially since she clearly stands out here. If others had gone bright than it would blend better.

        •Ally M•

        Her purple tweed ensemble would have been sombre enough to be appropriate with some colour as you suggested. I like colour but not bright colours for something that still hits home for too many. And purple, after all, was a mourning colour for quite a long time.

      • Vava says:

        Let me just say that if Michelle Obama wore bright pink to the Remembrance Day event in Britain, she’d be raked over the coals. Kate is here in official capacity, therefore she is representing her country and that is a big difference from being a tourist.

      • LadySlippers says:


        I agree.

        This is something that will be decisive so one should always err on the side of caution.

      • Sixer says:

        Knackers. Does this mean you aren’t going to keep her?

        (I personally don’t think it’s offensive but get it that some do. I suppose at least she didn’t snigger and twiddle her hair like she did that Remembrance Day. Small mercies. But I am aghast that she’s STILL so brainless as not to cover all possible chance-of-offence bases. You can choose something striking enough to be good for photographers without wearing BRIGHT PINK to a memorial site, FFS. People are even employed to do it for her.)

      • LadySlippers says:

        So sorry •Sixer• she’s still all ‘yours’.

        *kiss kiss*

        Still friends though I hope?


      • Sixer says:

        Hmph. I’d got my hopes up.

      • Sixer says:

        PS: @Vava

        I was sitting here thinking that Kate should really have known better given that Americans are so notoriously thin-skinned about this type of thing and then I remembered the mahousive fits of conniptions up and down Britland when Michelle Obama TOUCHED Her Maj. There’s thin-skinned.

        I still think you guys should keep her.

      • bluhare says:

        I’m with Megan on this one. Big deal.

        But I have an explanation as to why she wore pink today and black yesterday. Perhaps she found out that the mayor’s wife was also going to be wearing pink yesterdsy so she switched it up.

      • Vava says:

        Right. It’s a memorial, Megan. I think I’ll wear bright pink when I visit Auschwitz or Dachau.

      • hazeldazel says:

        thank gawd, a voice of reason. Who cares what color she wore to the memorial. I can’t believe people are getting their panties in a wad about this.

    • M says:

      I think she looks lovely.

    • anne_000 says:

      It seems like she knew there would be lots of photo coverage at the 911 memorial so wanted to wear a bright, eye-catching color to make herself look ‘pretty’ and stand out among the darker color-wearing crowd around her rather than succumbing to the somberness of the occasion. LOOK AT ME YOU MILLIONS OF PEOPLE! Don’t I look really pretty in pink?! Can you see me?!

      She might have worn black to the children’s center because she wasn’t thinking that she should wear a more child-friendly or cheerful color (like the NY mayor’s wife did) to make herself seem more accessible to the kids.

      • noway says:

        Okay another voice of reason, when you are married to the future King and you are a Duchess do you really think you need to go with Look at Me you Million of People because photographer may catch her. Sorry unless she is an idiot she knows they already are looking and photographing her a lot. I don’t think that would be why.

        If I had to make a guess at this I would say this coat was to be with the children and the other for here, but when the First Lady of NYC wore a similar but clashing color they switched it. Although I was looking through pictures at actual wreath laying ceremonies and the Queen has worn light pink numerous times, the First Ladies have worn red, teal, and bright blue a lot, and even Michelle Obama wore a magenta dress with a blue sweater at a Westminster Abby wreath laying. Not sure the correct color is dark anymore.

        I do like all of her coats, but the buttons would get to me, a bit too many.

      • bluhare says:

        The Queen wears bright colors for exactly the same reason. So people can see her.

        Maybe Kate could have worn more muted color but in the grand scheme of things I don’t think it’s something to make a big deal of. Just my opinion, of course. No more, no less.

      • No lipservice please says:

        @ noway

        Surely the Duchess of Cambridge brings a few spare pieces for these “just in case something happens” things?
        I refuse to believe Kate doesn’t have enough clothes to chose a more muted colour.
        I refuse to believe Kate / her stylist didn’t bring enough clothes for these kinds of “emergencies”.

    • Diva says:

      People act like she pissed on the memorial. She just wore pink. Is that anymore “disrespectful” than someone wearing jeans to the memorial? It’s not that serious

      • anne_000 says:

        Anyone who wears jean on a professional business visit would deserve to get criticized.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Because the 9/11 Memorial is still a sensitive issue for so many people with human remains that haven’t been found on the site, Kate as officially representing her country should have erred on the side of caution and worn a more toned-down color. I still say her purple tweed coat would have been more suitable for this visit or even a winter white if she wanted to stand out.

    • Maxine7 says:

      I’m not a Kate fan by any means but what’s with all the anger towards this poor woman. Yesterday people were complaining about the WAY the coat looked. . . too short. . . . ugly back. . . now today we’re complaining about the color of this coat. I live in NY and I can tell you give all that has been going on in the city with the Eric Garner situation, I wouldn’t care if this woman were wearing a potato sack – she’s a nice relief from the pain and trauma of the last few months. Let her be. And as an aside, she wasn’t simply “playing” with kids at the center, she was also meeting with their staff and volunteers and discussing the work they do so seems to me her out fit yesterday actually did take it seriously.

      Do you Kate! DO YOU!

    • supposedtobeworking says:

      because this is funny. I wish she always had this much spunk.
      She was told to ‘keep wrapping’ on the Today’s show. https://twitter.com/RoyallyKate/status/542305613401702402/photo/1

      • wolfpup says:

        I think that those expressions show her true character. How embarrassing for her and really great to watch – suppoedtobeworking – I had to bookmark it! So funny.

      • Feeshalori says:

        That gif is hysterical, but maybe Kate was deliberately exaggerating her expression as a joking response to the wrapping assembly line.

      • Elizabeth R says:

        Trying to determine whether this reaction reveals an entitled, superior nature, or if it’s just a humorous, joking reaction, playing it for laughs. (Without hearing the tone of ‘keep wrapping’ – it’s hard to tell what the interaction dynamic was like. But it’s *possible* it could be similar to her reaction when visiting sick kids and playing with the hand puppet and getting schooled by the kids about something. Can’t remember now.)

        I keep analyzing it and can’t decide. Tells you something about how much we have to go on to really figure her out when we have to analyze micro-interactions like this!

    • ChrisM says:

      Pink is a colour of respect, appreciation and admiration as well as unconditional love. Its a very appropriate colour to wear at a memorial site.

      • someonestolemyname says:

        It would have been better suited for the children’s trip in Harlem.

      • someonestolemyname says:


        Dec 8
        For those asking: the courtside meeting between Queen B, Jay Z and the Cambridges had been planned by their people “before” the game.”
        RoyalReporter · Dec 8
        “There isn’t much that isn’t choreographed on royal visits. ;-)

  2. Ahot says:

    Where did she leave her common sense? This is not her first year in this business. Her incompetence is simply… puzzling @ this point. >_<

    • Pippa Mids says:

      Duty * workshy Waity didn’t dress to represent Britain/ HM in a royal Tribute by P Will; doolittle dressed to be entertained at next stop – dance party with city reps.

      Princess E York left the city to avoid being near Doolittle + although they love their cousin Will.

      • someonestolemyname says:

        Princess Eugenie was there, at the event. I just saw a photo of Kate greeting her.

        Although, I don’t think the two are besties.

        Those who want to see the photo of Kate greeting Eugenie, it’s on Twitter.

  3. Juliette says:

    She’s an airhead. This coat should have been worn to visit the children, and the black sombre coat should have been worn to the memorial. The hot pink is garish and totally inappropriate.

    • swedish chef says:

      It’s an unusual choice… I can see where people would think it’s inappropriate, but I appreciate the vibrance and life she brought to such a depressing place.

      • Juliette says:

        Eh, I don’t think of the brightest shade of “LOOK AT ME” pink is the color of vibrancy or life. Kate knew everyone else would be in black. This is attention seeking behavior. She wants her pitiful fashion choices to become a cover story.

      • Pandy says:

        Agree. I don’t think black coats belong anywhere. Winter is too long to have such a boring color on day after day. The kids likely provided the color yesterday.

      • Karen says:

        I disagree. Her job isn’t too bring vibrance to a sad place. It’s to honor those who died. The site can bethought of as a graveyard; as many were never found. Very disrespectful.

      • Juliette says:

        @ Pandy. I’m not saying she has to wear head to toe black. There are many colors that would have been fine. Even a darker or more muted shade of pink/red could work.

        Malibu Barbie Pink feels aggressively cheerful. It’s practically neon. Its not fresh, its tacky.

        This appearance was done in very poor taste.

      • Chrissy says:

        By wearing this coat and standing out, Kate made this outing all about her. It is a solemn place and she should know those lost should be at the forefront not her. What is she, 5 years old??? Jeez

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      I agree. I swear I don’t get the public’s fascination with the royals. Who cares? They live an under deserved life of luxury on the tax payers dollar and serve no function when it comes to making political decisions. Just my humble opinion, but It’s long over due that England dismantle the much antiquated, and overrated, monarchy.

      By the way, this is no way meant as disrespect to Princess Diana, whom I did admire and respect.

    • someonestolemyname says:

      Chrissy is right, Kate made the WTC Memorial visit about HER.
      Kate is not very astute or just doesn’t seem to care, IMO about some things.
      It would have been better to wear the very pretty Pink Coat when she went to see the children and the dark coat when she went to the WTC memorial.

      Hair pulled back, that was good, it looks better off her face.

  4. Kate says:

    Least her hair is pulled back. That’s all I got.

    • 30winks says:

      That is exactly what I thought–at least she didn’t have a mass of sausage curls on the somber occasion. Her hair was at least practical for the weather and her hands were out of it…that would have infuriated me to see her thoughtlessly playing with her hair at our memorial.

  5. Dany says:

    when is this silly trip over?

  6. Abbott says:

    She should’ve just worn the jersey she got from LeBron. Game recognize game, yo.

  7. Kcarp says:

    I wish she would wear boots rather than the heels.

  8. blue27 says:

    This is absolutely out of touch. Like going to a sport event in wedges, even worst. I lost a lot of respect for her, seriously what did she think?

    • Bucky says:

      What’s wrong with going to a sporting event in wedges? I’ve gone to baseball games and football games in wedges, and no one was aghast. Like, wedges are a normal shoe choice.

  9. may23 says:

    Um, would she wear this for the World War I victims memorial? Don’t think so. WTH?

  10. pleaseicu says:

    Why not wear the vibrant pink coat with the cute pony tail to the day spent with children?

    Yesterday’s mod black coat with her hair down would actually be appropriate for the visit to the 9/11 memorial.

    She makes such odd fashion choices sometimes and really has trouble reading the moment/event, even after years on the job.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      That’s probably how her outfits were planned out (bright pink coat and ponytail to visit the children, and the black outfit with hair down today) but then she found out the Mayor’s wife was wearing a raspberry coat and didn’t want to clash, so made a last minute change. Although that still doesn’t explain why she wouldn’t wear a pony while visiting with the children. I have to admit that I do really like all of her coats, though! If I could afford to buy the coats that Duchess Kate and Angelina have, I would be in heaven…

      • LadySlippers says:

        •Lucky Charm•

        The purple and this pink would have worked quite well together so I don’t think that’s the reasoning. I think this was a misfire on Kate’s part.

      • notasugarhere says:

        They aren’t told ahead of time what other people are wearing, and others are not told what they are wearing. Embarrassing when you accidentally show up in the same black lace dress as Kate Middleton or the same shade of blue as HM. Which PM’s wife was it that was standing next to HM in the same shade of blue? Samantha Cameron?

      • LadySlippers says:


        Camilla just dealt with the same issue when she and Charles were in Mexico. Both Camilla and the First Lady showed up in very similar cream suits. Oops! Lol

      • Hazel says:

        I don’t think dignitaries do the ‘what are you wearing’ phone call.

    • someonestolemyname says:

      Because Kate just doesn’t get it. IMO
      She’s so vapid.

    • No lipservice please says:

      I refuse to believe Kate doesn’t have a few “spare clothes” for these kinds of emergencies when another attending lady might wear the same colour. Nobody can seriously tell me Kate didn’t own or didn’t bring some other coat in some muted down colour.

  11. Babalon says:

    I appreciate that she showed up, and brought flowers. I haven’t a care for the color of her coat.

    • OhDear says:

      Same here. I mean, the Queen wore a light turquoise suit when she went to the Tower of London poppy display.

      • Vava says:

        That wasn’t a graveyard.

      • LadySlippers says:


        It IS the Tower, so the answer is yes, it is a graveyard for some. 😉

      • Megan says:

        grimmsfairtytale +1

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard are buried in the chapel in the Tower.

      • anne_000 says:

        @OhDear – Her light turquoise coat was accentuated by black shoes, black handbag, black gloves, black coat lapel, black buttons, and black flower in her hat.

        It’s a variation of the purple coat with black accents she wore to the Westminister memorial for the WW1 generation.

        The same as for the purple/black combo, the blue/black combo she wore to the poppy display was appropriate for the occasion. Both the purple and the blue fabrics of each coat highlighted very well the somberness and symbolism of the black accents and made both colors not ‘flashy’ and tacky.

      • Vava says:

        OK, granted the Tower has graves. But it’s not the site of mass murder of thousands of people that occurred just 13 years ago. A violent and unforgettable act that is still a very raw memory for a lot of people. Manner of dress reflects respect (or lack thereof) for the situation.

      • ArtHistorian says:


        It was just one of my little historical factoids. I didn’t in any shape or form intend to draw an equivalence with Ground Zero. It is completely different and a wound that is fairly recent and still fresh.

        I’ll never forget the day when I opened the TV and saw the second plane fly into the Towers – I literally screamed aloud I was so horrified. The world change irrevocably that day, and not for the better – gone was the optimism of the 1990s that happened after the fall of the Berlin Wall (which is 25 years this year). I was 12 when the Wall fell and it was a momentuous occasion – we could feel the world changing for something better and brighter. When the Soviet Union dissolved the atmosphere changed markedly. It was quite a change from the oppressive feeling of having the enemy at your doorstep, hearing the air alarm drills every wednesday at noon and knowing that Soviet bombers were only minutes away if war started. Now the threat is different and much more decentralized and menacing, but I do miss the innocent optimism of the 90s when the world seemed to move towards a brighter future.

  12. scout says:

    Navy or black coat would have been appropriate for that occasion. Pink/Raspberry is flashy.

    • Caroline says:

      Vava, the Tower of London is EXACTLY the same as the World Trade Centre site. As well as the graves there an IRA bomb went up there about 40 years ago killing people. There is a memorial for the exact spot where it went up. If it comes to that the whole of London and many British cities are a graveyard from where all the World War 2 bombs went up. Let’s get real. Kate wore a pink coat. She was respectful. Does anyone but the people on here actually care about the pink coat and if they do they shouldn’t. It is really irrelevant . Keep your ire for the murderers.

      • Vava says:

        @ Caroline, no it is not. The Tower of London is NOT EXACTLY the same as the World Trade Center.

        Kate showed what an amateur she is. Currently I’d say she is UNFIT for her role.

        I’m not going to tell anyone to ‘get real’. I stand by my assessment of the situation and I find that Kate behaved poorly today and deserves to be called on it.

      • bluhare says:

        It is not exactly the same as Ground Zero, it is true. Many more people were killed and tortured there than at Ground Zero some just as innocent as those killed on 9/11. It just doesn’t mean as much to you, Vava, but it might mean a lot to someone else.

        Personally I think intent goes a long way, and I do not think the intent was to be disrespectful today. Just the reverse, in fact. I mean, the Queen wore practically neon green to DDay ceremonies at the graveyards in France this year and no one thought she was being disrespectful.

        The other thing to keep in mind is not only Americans were killed on 9/11. A friend’s cousin was killed in those buildings on 9/11; his name was quite well known after it happened. He was a British man named Rescorla and was the head of security for Morgan Stanley.

      • blue27 says:

        Bluhare, I do not think she intended to hurt anybodys feekings, she was simply mindless. She proved this many times with her flying skirts. I do not get the queen wore also green thing, at least that was not bright pink. It doesnt justify Kate being stupis, sorry to say this bluntly.

      • blue27 says:

        And finally please visit duchesskatesite I miss u there.:)))

  13. PHD gossip says:

    Can we all celebrate that she hasn’t exposed herself yet instead of being so critical of wearing pink at Ground Zero? #sarcasm.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Well, in other photos you can see her grinning and the front of her coat did blow up in the wind. Not very far, just enough to expose the black mini underneath.

    • MinnFinn says:

      She kinda did expose herself in the black lace dress. In some photos, you can make out her white bra underneath and the outlines of her thighs and thigh gap.

      • Chrissy says:

        Jeez, what an attention seeker! SMH

      • Dani Lakes DDS says:

        …You’re criticizing her bc you can make out the outlines of her thighs? Seriously?

      • anne_000 says:

        @Dani Lakes DDS – She’s saying the dress was see-through enough that you can see her thigh and thigh gap and bra through it.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It is the kind of thing that needs to be checked — how see-through is the fabric with all the camera flashes. Jennifer Connolly had a similar flash-induced embarrassment a few years ago.

      • MinnFinn says:

        Dani Lakes DDS – Yes I am criticizing her for that. Nota explains it perfectly.

  14. Fiona says:

    I live in NYC and while the 9/11 memorial is obviously somber and very emotional, since the completion of WTC1, the feeling down there has been much more “look how far we’ve come”. The coat may have been better in a different color, but honestly, she’s not offending anyone.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Fiona you get to speak for yourself. She’s offending me.

    • Vava says:

      I take exception to that. I’m offended.

      • maddelina says:


      • wolfpup says:


      • Feeshalori says:

        Ground Zero and the 9/11 Memorial are lightening rods for people’s emotions even today as indicated by the comments here. Some people have gotten over the direct impact of the tragedy while for others it seems that it just happened yesterday. There’s no right or wrong to how people feel; it can still be very emotional and highly charged. The site stirs up still shocking memories of that horrendous day and many people will never forget. Given that, Kate should have toned down her look and erred on the side of discretion in her color choice. That’s what an official representative of a foreign nation does on another country’s soil when visiting a highly sensitive and emotionally charged memorial site. She’s not a tourist here and when she comes back as a private citizen, then she can dress as she pleases.

      • noway says:

        I take offense at some of the innuendo in the comments as I actually know someone close to me who died at that site, and just because I would disagree that a pink coat worn by a Duchess or anyone doesn’t offend me, does not mean I am not highly impacted by the memorial and 9/11. I am not over the direct impact of the event.

        Proper etiquette and attire can be debated, but the way people feel about the event and the memorial should really not be questioned because my etiquette and proper attire idea is different than someone else’s.

    • Renee28 says:

      That’s what I was thinking. I’m a New Yorker and I don’t find anything about it offensive. People wear all sorts of clothing when they go to visit.

    • Kiddo says:

      Not offensive, just a coat.

      • wolfpup says:

        In a sea of men, in shades of doom – there is one bright, pink, gestating, woman to think about! The focus on femaleness, is wonderful, but not here. At the very least there should have been other women.

    • kat says:

      please, she’s offending plenty of idiots

      get a life, losers!

  15. The Original Mia says:

    Unbelievably tone deaf.

    • Anny says:

      I agree. At first I thought that people are being too sensitive about it but then I remembered seeing those terrible awful events unfold thirteen years ago and realised that this is a business trip. This is her job. She is paid to represent the UK by taxpayers. She should have known better. But I am afraid she is not really gifted in brains or sensitivity department. I just feel bad for Her Majesty. So much class and then she has to watch THIS.

      EDIT:_ I would like to add that I really like the coat. I would buy it and wear it all winter long but this is a terrible choice for such an occasion.

  16. Dancinnancy says:

    I wore a tshirt and flip flops last June.

    I think she looks great.

    • Bucky says:

      Pretty sure my friends and I were hungover when we visited. There were tourists in sweatpants, for goodness sake.

    • Allie says:

      Right? I didn’t realize you could only wear black to this memorial. People will critize anything about her. It’s getting ridiculous now.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Seems moot but doing anyway. They were on a taxpayer-funded visit (funded by both UK and US taxpayers) as representatives of a nation. If the president of France showed up in hot pink or flip flops, he’d be criticized too.

    • Anastasia says:

      Were you representing a kingdom?

    • anne_000 says:

      Anyone who wears flip flops and a t-shirt on a professional business visit would deserve to get criticized.

      • Anny says:

        I have to say I love your reasoning. And I agree. This is her job. I mean it is not the hardest job in the world so she probably could at least TRY not to act so unprofessionally.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      She looks lovely, yes. I wore sneakers and a rain jacket a few weeks ago. This woman could’ve worn the perfect outfit and people would still criticize her. I cannot believe that people are offended by colors. It’s 2014. Get over it. It’s pink, she’s not holding a sign that says “I’d rather go shopping.”

      • anne_000 says:

        Anyone who wears sneakers on a professional business visit would deserve to get criticized.

      • someonestolemyname says:

        I will never get over 911, I and many family and friends fretted for days looking for and worrying about a family member or friend who worked in one of the buildings. My friend was one of the lucky people who got out.
        911, the WTC is still quite raw for the U.S.

        Kate is clueless. IMO
        She wears dark colors all over NYC, then wears bright pink for a somber memorial.
        The Pink coat would have been wonderful at the children’s event in Harlem.
        It’s pretty, it’s a joyous happy color.

        Kate just seems vapid, like she doesn’t look into what’s going on around her.
        She is getting better at times, hair pulled back, skirts not flying up, but then she does things that show she just doesn’t really get it.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        I disagree. She’s not a “business lady” or whatever you’re referring to. She’s not a lawyer in court. People place way too much emphasis on clothes and what’s appropriate and what’s not. She looks polished, nothing flew up. The color? THE COLOR of her coat is what’s driving people up the walls this time??? Goddamn it. FYI, my boss has worn a sweater and jeans on a “professional business visit” because the circumstances called for it. So let’s not make the sweeping generalizations, shall we? She looks great and if pink bothers people, they need to check their priorities.

    • someonestolemyname says:

      Kate came off as vapid, look at me, it’s all about ME. She just doesn’t get it.

      Pink Happy mood Princess coat to the Children’s event in Harlem.
      Dark color to the WTC memorial.


  17. Bucky says:

    I actually think it’s so people can see her. This was an outdoors photo-op among a lot of dark colors, and she knows folks are scanning the pictures for her, and this made it easy. I don’t think she was trying to be disrespectful, and I love the coat + pony.

    On another note, the 9/11 memorial is incredibly moving.

    • Vava says:

      Not buying that. This woman lacks class, pure and simple.

      • Pippa Mids says:

        Waity is offensive, especially standing next to P Will – means HM, BRF, GB UK CW.

        She is no tourist or NYer and this is ‘sacred holy ground’ ( not mystique). Many Americans, Brits, people all around – regular civilians, not at war nor were they troops. King Henry all the way!

      • Bucky says:

        You’re perfectly entitled to be offended. I see no cause for offense. I think she looks lovely and I appreciate that I could easily pick her out in the gray pictures.

      • someonestolemyname says:

        I Agree with “vava”, Kate lacks class. They can buy her every bespoke dress in the UK, this woman still lacks class and is vapid.

    • The Original Mia says:

      According to royal suck-up Victoria Arbiter, it was so she could be seen in a sea of gray.

      • Vava says:

        And unfortunately Kate doesn’t understand that the world doesn’t revolve around HER.

      • LadySlippers says:

        •The Original Mia•

        I understand her reasoning. It’s why QEII wears such bright colours and prints. (And Kate looks like a mini-HM too). However, a nice saturated mid-tone colour would have achieved the same goal. Imagine a royal blue, an intense purple/burgundy or green instead. She could still be ‘seen’ without it being so obvious. One doesn’t have to go to an extreme in order to achieve a goal.

      • Vava says:

        When you look at what she’s worn prior to this appearance (black, deep purple, subdued Tory Burch coat) to show up at the WTC memorial in bright pink just demonstrates how foolish she is. She could have worn those other coats, but she chose not to. That’s why I question her intelligence.

      • someonestolemyname says:

        The same Victoria Arbiter later criticized Kate for wearing an old gown to the museum event.

    • Reece says:

      THIS “reasoning” offends more than the actual coat.
      I was on the “it’s not that bad but there could have been a better choice but I see why people would be offended” bandwagon til JUST NOW!

      • Ava says:

        Reading these comments, are you people for real, offended by the colour of her coat to vist 911 museum / memorial … It’s a visit , isn’t as if it’s actually Septemeber 11 and they were having a service with family members of the deceased present.

        Sorry to say but some peoples priorities are so fu-k up.
        Would think family members of those buried there probably just glad they went and gave respect on a short 3 day visist, 13 years after it happened, especially when so many of their own countrymen have forgotten and minimized the the terrorist attack.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Ava, please don’t project your opinions on how people should feel about the 9/11 Memorial and Ground Zero. Telling them that their priorities are F’ed up is offensive. Many people here have lost loved ones and still live with the memory of that loss. Others are able to deal with it in a different manner. There’s no right or wrong in this situation. But you can’t possibly tell them how they should behave or what they should think. When the color of a coat is that controversial and becomes more important than the visit, then something is definitely wrong. That’s the fault of the woman who made a choice to wear that color as an official representative of her country visiting an emotional memorial. Maybe you take it lightly, but many people here do not.

    • Splinter says:

      Yes, but there are other choices – maybe something blue. Maybe the dove grey/blue thing she wore in NZ would be much better. Only the queen would be allowed to wear hot pink on an official visit, she can wear it with dignity.

      • LadySlippers says:


        Not true. QEII wore muted tweeds (cream and brown) during a recent memorial visit. She wouldn’t have chosen this colour combination for a memorial.

      • mac says:

        Actually, she did. It was pink floral.

      • bluhare says:

        And she wore vivid green for DDay memorial services. With a honking diamond brooch. No one criticized her for dressing to brightly. If anything she got raves.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Bluhare, I think maybe that’s because HM is a venerable monarch who has the gravitas, dignity and the respect of her years and impeccable performance in her position that Kate has yet to earn and undergo. The Queen gives the impression that she cares and doesn’t put a foot wrong whereas Kate makes missteps on numerous occasions and gives the impression that it’s all about her. This young woman has a long way to go in the proper direction.

      • Deedee says:

        When the Queen visited the gaping hole in the heart of NYC, she wore an outfit with a butterfly print and butterflies are symbolic of rebirth. This was a thoughtful choice. Last night, Kate the Duchess of Theme Dressing wore the colors of St. Andrews. On tours, she usually wears the colors and symbols of the country she visits (red maple leaf hat in Canada, anyone?). Exactly what did her Barbie coat symbolize? Had she worn a deep toned blue or red coat, she would have stood out (if that’s so very important) and had she worn a pear blossom pin ( Survivor tree symbol) she would’ve won over the hearts of so many Americans. Instead, this moment was all about her. Where’s the new PR hire? She needs the help.

  18. may23 says:

    Doesn’t she have advisers? She is traveling with a team and no one could tell her that a hot pink coat would be inappropriate?

  19. Kara says:


    Personally, I am not offended, but I can see why people would be. Baaaaaaaad choice.

  20. minx says:

    I love the coat, buttons and all. But I can’t believe someone didn’t realize that it might be too bright for the occasion.

  21. Jaded says:

    Even a dark blue or green would have been appropriate but bright pink? Kate….big fail.

  22. Anaya says:

    A gray coat would’ve been a more respectful color selection for this occasion. It’s nice that she brought flowers to pay her respect.

    • CynicalCeleste says:

      It’s nice that a staffer bought flowers to hand to her to make it look like she brought flowers to pay respect.

      • Linn says:

        If the staff get’s the compliments for the flowers the staff should get the critic for the coat as well.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      Even the plum coat she wore when she arrived in NYC would have been more appropriate than this one.

  23. Laura says:

    she’s not a regular tourist. she’s representing her country and she knows that much of the attention will be on her outfit. and based on other similar events, she also knows how to wear black (or at least not a flashy color) to memorials and look appropriate. i don’t know……its kind of rude of her

  24. Pippa Mids says:

    Does Waity know what 9/11 is was?! She ma carole was busy bagging a royal they know nothing about.

    Doolittle lack regal class and common sense with her clothes. Waity visit kids in short black coat and high heels when she had to be on the kids level. This oversize discount (as she prefer) bright coat, or tailored slacks would have been better with the kids.

    9/11 visit – the black coat would be appropriate or similar to one Countess Sofie wore in Germany; instead Waity wears a bright coat for tribute to such loss of lives and devastation.

    • wolfpup says:

      Has anyone mentioned the hypocrisy of wearing black for British Remembrance Day – and bright pink for the American fallen?

  25. Jh says:

    So many of these comments are so mind numbingly idiotic. Y’all mad she wore pink at the wrong event? And black at another? So stupid. Color is not disrespectful.

    Just wow.

    • PHD gossip says:

      Which is why we always see people in hot pink and red and yellow at funerals. Not.

    • M says:

      I agree! Personally & deeply offended by a pink coat?! I have a lot to be offended about & that isn’t one. Let’s get some perspective people.

      • JH says:

        Right?! People are angry and have serious opinions about a coat- A COAT! Must be nice to have nothing else to think/worry about.

      • word says:

        I agree. Nothing wrong with the coat. This is a memorial that is open to the public year round. There is no dress code with regards to what colors are allowed to be worn there. Many people have been to that memorial wearing all sorts of colors. I don’t see the big deal. Let’s focus on WHY we have that memorial instead.

      • hmmm says:

        I’m offended because she and her team are users. They used this occasion to promote her brand.

    • notasugarhere says:

      In many cultures and religions, color is used as part of symbology and belief. Colors have meaning. Wearing a certain color at a certain event can – and is – considered offensive by some and inoffensive to others.

      • word says:

        In my culture we wear white to funerals and red to weddings.

      • may23 says:

        @word Wearing somber colours to somber events is a western culture tradition. When in Rome do as Romans do.

      • LadySlippers says:


        Even here in the U.S. colour has intense symbology. It’s everywhere.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I remember a long-ago episode of M*A*S*H that highlighted that. The man offered his Korean fiance a white wedding dress, and she was horrified that he wanted her to wear funeral garb to their wedding. A friend once offered to buy me a Sari, asked what color I wanted, and I asked for white. “White is for widows!” she answered, and I was gifted with a lovely one in another color. So much to learn about so many cultures.

      • LadySlippers says:



        I went to watch ‘Madame Butterfly’ and was horrified that a large portion of the costumes were black and white which is a HUGE no-no in Japan. Knowing how passionate the Japanese are about these things, I had a hard time enjoying the show. 😢

        On the other hand, in most of Asia, red is considered a lucky and auspicious colour which contrasts how we see red. Also they happily mix prints! Lol. So colour symbology is important to consider, no matter where you are.

    • may23 says:

      She is representing the country and her people who are supposedly pay their respects to the 9/11 tragedy. The colour is a symbol of their feelings about it.

      • Dani Lakes DDS says:

        I think that might be reaching a bit. Is her color choice tone-deaf? Possibly [I don't see it that way, but clearly others do], but I think it’s a bit much to say her color choice is a symbol of how her nation feels about 9/11…

      • may23 says:

        @Dani Lakes
        This is a formal event – they are there not because they are Kate and Will, but because they represent the country. Naturally, their attire should be appropriate.

      • Dani Lakes DDS says:


        This isn’t a formal even. Somber? Yes. Formal? No. And I don’t see how her outfit isn’t appropriate. If she wore this to an actual memorial EVENT, then yes, this would be inappropriate. But just to visit and pay her respects? I’m not seeing the disrespect.

      • may23 says:

        @Dani Lakes this IS a formal event. It is public, it is on her roll and it is being reported by the press. She is representing her country on a official trip to the US. She is attending some private event that we won’t see pictures of – she is free to wear whatever she wants there and not worry about it.

    • Bohemia says:

      I mean, good for them if Kate’s coat is the biggest problem in their lives. If only everyone’s life could be that simple! *Looking for the silver lining*

      • M says:

        So true! If this is what has all the panties in a knot then life is good. It’s silly & distracting (I hope the other commenters realize that) but shows that we aren’t off that bad (or we have our priories all out of whack). Currently I am on a sick day so I’m going to vote with the “life is good if these are the worries in the world”.

    • wolfpup says:

      hmmm – totally agree that she used the occasion to promote her brand. I wonder what sort of moral outrage would be heard from the Brit’s, if she chose to wear hottish-pink on Remembrance Day.

    • Lill says:

      Seriously I think I lost a few brain cells reading some of these comments.
      Can’t , have to click out of this post, I’ve read enough stupidity last me for the day.

  26. Mocha says:

    Some people find this appropriate and some find it inappropriate. Maybe she should have gone for a slightly more mute colour, maybe not. I know someone people who lost people at the Towers and they were glad that she wore something bright for this visit, but equally I can understand people who don’t like it. Which side should you plase?

    • blue27 says:

      Follow your common sense,if she has any?!:)

      • Feeshalori says:

        Mocha, you see both sides of the situation which is very diplomatic. Kate could have used some of that diplomacy and common sense in opting for a muted color to satisfy both areas. Not so hard to do at all for someone who cares about her role and what people think.

    • LadySlippers says:


      I am also glad there are people (specifically NYers) that like the bright colour. However, when in doubt, one should always err on the side of caution. Especially when it concerns diplomacy.

      • hmmm says:

        Please. Bright pink at a memorial? I don’t think so. It shows no respect. It is not hopeful because she hasn’t a thoughtful cell in her brain. This is about people associating her with a singular and grave, quintessentially American memorial, pure, unadulterated PR.

        Sounds like the American publicist has begun his PR onslaught.

      • LadySlippers says:


        There ARE people on here (CB) that like the bright pink. However, it’s not something I would wear to any sombre occasion. You can still convey upbeat or hopeful feelings without stepping on lots of toes. I think this is a huge misfire on Kate’s part.

        And I thought we were told the American PR person starts in 2015. Yes? No?

      • Pippa Mids says:

        Senseless Doolittle wore black frock at reception.. Willnot got a break too, He and Mayor de Blasio awent to Empire State and Innovation Reception!

        It would be grand if Willnot would spend this amt of time dedication each week at home, on royal duties and charities. He and Prince Harry (forget Waity common, has no idea to serve). Both Princes would be a force funding poor and needy subjects.

    • Sixer says:

      Mocha – I see what you’re saying. But, if you are a public figure, if you represent your country regularly, you have a whole swathe of advisers and diplomats to advise you how to tread a careful path through the competing requirements.

      To me, it’s just more evidence that the Cambridges take no notice of anyone, ever.

  27. M says:

    After reading the comments here I feel so sorry for her! It reminds me of the scrutiny of Diana. I now like Kate more. She must be a strong woman to put up with all this name calling over wearing a coat & still hold her head high. I feel like I’m watching Downtown Abbey or something.

    • notasugarhere says:

      She said she only thinks about William’s opinion. I doubt she is online reading about herself, so you can put your worry away.

      • M says:

        I’m not worried about her as much as these comments are…….well…..weird & sad to me. They come across very angry & hurtful over a pink coat, a gust of wind, pony tail, etc. She seems to be in a no-win battle so I’m glad she has the right focus & just pays attention to what her husband thinks.

      • wolfpup says:

        It is disrespectful to our fallen, M. It was a very pretty look on a gloomy day, but in this particular circumstance, it was not about Kate looking cute. This was about people whom we love that were killed by a mutual enemy. Kate is in the position of being a dignitary, one that is part of our NATO alliance. Should we really be thinking about HER in this moment of respect? Just as Britland (as Sixer put it) was huffy about Michelle O. touching their queen – Americans are huffy about their dead! And that is how it should be.

      • Nya says:

        Christ on a cracker are you serious with that claptrap? You’re just telling yourself all this hogwash about mutual enemies and NATO allies to make yourself feel better about doing nothing but sitting on your butt and being mad over a pink coat.

  28. Skins says:

    Can we please go back to covering Blohan and the Kartrashians and that sort of stuff? These 2 are so useless and fake. Go back to England please, you are not needed here

  29. hmmm says:

    First thought is wearing bright pink is remembered and associated with the memorial. Unlike the kiddy visit where black makes it unmemorable. So, perhaps the tack is to pair her in a classically conditioned way- with the memorial, and certainly, that is what we will remember.

    Of course, wearing bright pink is offensive. It’s PR, not tone deafness. She, nor her minions actually care. It’s all about selling her brand. This has gone from the realm of meh to actual disgust.

  30. Ramblingirl says:

    Every time I say I’m trying this website again, I regret it. Too much negativity and nastiness. I’m done.

    • Kay says:

      Agreed, these threads seem to bring out the worst.

    • H says:

      Yeah, I am reading this with my jaw open. I know people hate on Kate and it’s their business if they don’t like her, but the nastiness here is really… wow. Strongly worded insults doled out over so little – not just to Kate but to anyone who dares defend her. I think the black would have been a better choice, but the level of vitriol is really uncalled for. It’s just a coat, you know?

      • Lynn says:

        I agree with Ramblingirl, Kay and H. It disturbs me how negative some people can be, almost gleefully picking apart some of the individuals featured on this site lately. I pretty much know that when I read the comments on Kate and lately on Benedict Cumberbatch and his poor fiancee that every single thing about the person is going to be criticized by some of the commenters. It ceases to be fun gossip when comments are so relentlessly negative and even sometimes, mean spirited.

  31. kate271 says:

    I was born and raised in Manhattan, and was there on 9/11. I lost both friends and family that day, and I’m not in the least offended by the color of her damn coat. What matters is they showed up and paid their respects.

    • hmmm says:

      What has that to do with the appropriateness of her clothing? Appearances matter in her position. And clothing and colours do make a statement. Most of us understand the cultural protocol for events. She’s not appearing in a vacuum.

      • kate271 says:

        I’m saying that I, someone with deeply personal ties to the site and what it stands for, have no objection to what she is wearing, and can’t imagine why people are so worked up over the color of a coat.
        It means more to me that she and Will came to pay respects. I actually appreciate that she wore a cheerful color to a site that has seen so much horror.

        That is all.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I’m a New Yorker with deep ties as well to the location. Some people attach greater symbolism and importance to the site, and that doesn’t make it less important than how others might feel about it. The fact that this coat has become such a center of controversy indicates that it was the wrong choice. The issue should have been the visit, not the color.

    • Juliette says:

      You are right, what’s important is they paid their respects. Even so: The memorial is a serious place, she’s supposed to be a serious person, and that’s NOT a serious coat.

      The fact that its controversial makes it a very bad choice. She’s not just a tourist, she’s visiting the memorial as a representative of the UK. In that position, she’s not supposed to make controversial choices.

  32. Bethany says:

    When she attended the Remembrance Day in England, she wore a beautiful black coat and black hat. Wonder what the English would have thought if she wore this hot pink number to their ceremony?

    • hmmm says:

      Oh, spot on! Nothing else needs to be said!

    • Rachel says:

      Completely different situation. Remembrance Day is an institutionalized ceremony with expressed protocol, tradition and etiquette, whilst, as others have pointed out, you can turn up to the 9/11 memorial in whatever you like – Camilla wore a similar shade of pink on her trip there in 2005. You have to turn up to the Cenotaph in black, however, as it is an expressed rule of the ceremony.

      That is not to say that there is no etiquette for attending the 9/11 memorial but it is in honour of a single event and not in honour of those who have died in every war ever fought. As tragic as 9/11 was, it is in memory of a specific event rather than an abstract concept with a much broader significance globally. Similarly one could argue the existence of a gift shop with 9/11 souvenirs also distinguishes this as a tourist site from a formalized ceremony such as Remembrance Day.

  33. MAP says:

    I’m not offended by the coat, or the color. In fact, I like both. I doubt the kids yesterday noticed she was wearing black — they thought Elsa from Frozen was coming to see them when they heard a princess would be visiting. And the important thing is that she visited the kids, regardless of what she wore. And she visited the memorial, which is important to so many people. But still holding out the entire area as sacred ground (or a graveyard as people have called it), isn’t feasible or applicable any longer. The Freedom Tower is there, the new PATH station is almost complete, and there are other buildings nearing completion. Yes, the area is important, but in current-day reality, the whole area is quite vibrant with life and renewal.

    At the end of the day, perhaps people are hyper-critical about what she looks like because she puts nothing else on the table. She doesn’t seem to be passionate about anything in particular, she’s not regarded as some spectacular scholar, she doesn’t seem to work very hard at anything. So people have nothing else to talk about with her (except Prince George, who is adorbs beyond reproach, and I defy anyone to say differently about him).

    • Ag says:

      i totally agree with you – i could bet that the people who are upset the most are the ones who aren’t actually from the area, have never been on the PATH or the vicinity or ground zero.

    • LadySlippers says:


      I used to work with kids and colours and outfits DO make a difference in how approachable you are to a child. Black comes across as ‘mean and scary’ not fun. Whereas this beautiful bright pink coat is very fun and inviting.

      Diana wore a dress that children loved even though it was trashed in the media.


      • dawnchild says:

        Btw, just saying…they went to CityKids after the memorial and watched a dance performance by teens, so the pink wouldn’t have been offensive there.
        For the memorial, maybe it was a bit festive, but as long as she lives and learns.
        Needs to speed up her attendance at these things to learn quicker, though.

      • notasugarhere says:

        And she kept her coat on at CityKids. Inside. The whole time. But doesn’t wear a coat inside during the GREAT reception. Gives the feeling that she’s just stopping by but not planning on staying.

    • Jh says:

      Exactly this.

    • Ohreallynow says:

      I agree MAP. Who is to say that she doesn’t do more b/c Charles or William doesn’t want her to steal their thunder like Diana did? Or maybe for her safety. I mean I’m not giving her a pass but we don’t know all the reasons either or what was told to her. I just don’t understand everyone jumping all over her no matter what.

      • LadySlippers says:


        There are numerous statements on how HM and Charles let all the royals dictate their own schedule. In fact, HM *needs* the younger royals popular to keep The Firm in business.

    • MAP says:

      I would have switched the coats too, and worn pink to see the kids and black to the memorial. But I also can’t sit here and express moral outrage over the color of a woman’s coat. I appreciate that she went to meet with kids (even if they were expecting Elsa). And I appreciate that she went to the memorial. There are just so many more things in this world that I’ll save my “outrage” for.

      • LadySlippers says:


        I’m not outraged. I just think she could have worn something different. The bright pink coat in her later event was just fine.

  34. Mc17 says:

    She can’t win either way. If she had worn black everyone would be tearing into her about her eyeliner, her hair, her tailoring, or something else.

    • Ohreallynow says:

      I agree. Its getting out of control.

    • anne_000 says:

      I’ve seen women who could really use a makeover for their hair and makeup but at least they’re smart enough to wear the proper clothes on corporate business occasions, even though they could use some hairspray, a better haircut, or a different shade of eye shadow/eyeliner/lipstick/blush/whatever, etc.

      Let’s face it. For all the people who are saying it’s OK to wear flip flops, t-shirts, bright hot colors to the 911 memorial, you’re not there on a business trip as an official foreign visit. You’re there as a tourist and nobody’s taking photos of you there to spread across the world. You’re there as your own person. You’re not paying respect as a representative of millions of other people.

      As mentioned above, a royal watcher said that Kate’s purpose for wearing that hot bright color was to stand out among people wearing more somber colors.

  35. Ag says:

    i guess i don’t understand what the “big deal” is. the memorial is part of a living city – 1000s of people commute almost through it daily. it’s also a huge tourist attraction – people wear tacky tourist t-shirts and shorts, and all other types of things, there day in and day out. it is “sacred ground” for those who lost loved ones there – but i doubt those are the people who care what the english douchess wore to visit it.

  36. MinnFinn says:

    BRF dress code for an official visit to a memorial church service or at a site confuses me. But since QEII sometimes wears bright colors when she lays wreaths (turquoise coat 2001 in Dublin) and attends memorial services (2009 bright purple coat at Westminster WWI memorial service) I guess that means Kate is protocol-appropriate in her pink coat today.

  37. Ohreallynow says:

    I think she looks fine. Her hair looks nice pulled back and she looks pretty. There are no rules as to what color she should wear there. This site is very hard on her. Good lord. I understand here and there some of it, but its getting ridiculous. I mean if her boobs were busting out in some kind of Kim K outfit then maybe that would be wrong, but this nice coat is fine. Nowadays there aren’t the same rules like in the old days where you can’t wear white after Labor Day or never wear jeans to church. I know I will be criticized but let up.

  38. Esti says:

    Camilla wore exactly the same colour when she visited the same memorial. Queen Elizabeth wore a bright floral pattern when she was there. Clearly there isn’t a diplomatic protocol to only wear sombre colours at the memorial.

    The Remembrance Day comparisons are misplaced. If they had been there on September 11th for the annual ceremony, then yes, black would be appropriate just as it is on Remembrance Day. Being there on a normal day, with no ceremony taking place, there’s no reason she needs to be in black.

  39. notasugarhere says:

    Went back to the hotel. Changed into a black turtleneck and her $88,000 necklace. Headed to the Empire State Building in all-black. Really?

    • Vava says:

      If she had been wearing lots of color up to this point, this pink coat wouldn’t have been so obvious. This is what is obnoxious about it. She wears muted colors to her other events, but not to the WTC. Then back to black for her Empire State Bldg. visit.

      Looking forward to seeing them leave this country.

    • wolfpup says:

      omg – really?!

      • Vava says:

        I’m sorry, I made a mistake. She went to get her hair done for tonight, the photo I saw was mis-labeled.

      • Vava says:

        Actually, no I didn’t make mistake this once. She DID wear black to the GREAT reception hosted by NeueHouse!

    • anne_000 says:

      But of course. That’s where King Kong died. Completely appropriate to wear black then…

  40. Vava says:

    OK, so now she has changed into black to visit the Empire State Building.

    • Vava says:

      The photo I saw was mis-labeled and so ^ this isn’t correct. Sorry.

      • Vava says:

        See my comment above. Black dress to the GREAT reception hosted by NeueHouse, not to the Empire State Building.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Trying for the third time. Search for Princess Diana New York 1989. Black and hot pink suit with black buttons.

  41. Amy says:

    Seems like most New Yorkers aren’t offended by the color of her coat and I’m one of them. It does strike me as an odd choice but I’m not having a conniption about it. We built a giant, shiny skyscraper right next to Ground Zero that is flashier than the Twin Towers and nobody is having a fit about that being inappropriate. Wearing a pink coat seems to be pretty tame in comparison.

    We will always mourn the lives lost but New Yorkers have moved on from this day. For months after 9/11 (I was 13 when the attacks happened) I had panic attacks every time I heard a plane in the sky. Black only reminds me of the fear and terror of that day and I do not care to revisit those memories. I am okay with the pink coat.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      Thank you.

    • wolfpup says:

      It’s a simple breach of etiquette. That one likes the coat is irrelevant.

    • Juliar Republico says:

      Most NYers aren’t offended? How many NYers are there in the 5 boroughs? (Over a million) And how many have posted on this one website? (Oh, less than a million, I think).

      I am a NYer. I am offended. There. Will a representative of her Nation wearing candy pink colors to a gravesite rate as inappropriate now?

      • Vava says:

        yeah, I hardly think that posters on Celebitchy speak for the majority of New Yorkers or others who lost friends and family members at 9/11/2001.

  42. Singtress says:

    It’s just a coat.

  43. may23 says:

    I just read in the article someone linked to above that Princess Diana didn’t like wearing overcoats and preferred thermal underwear. Kate seems to favor her coats. They are nice but they do create a kind of closed off appearance. Might be a good idea to follow Princess Diana!

  44. msw says:

    I opened this thread just to feign horror and make a crack about overanazlying her choice of coat color, and see this was not only addressed in the comments, but the article as well. Ok. Carry on.

  45. littlestar says:

    I actually kinda like the coat, love the colour but if I wore it for myself, I’d want it to be a little more fitted to the body. I see nothing wrong with wearing a pink coat to a memorial.

  46. Milla B. says:

    Of course is inappropriate. People who are denying this are just being delusional.
    Is a state visit to a memorial. A place where thousand people died.
    Can you imagine FLOTUS behaving like this? Wearing a bright pink coat during the Remembrance Day in Britain, or during a day visit to Auschwitz. Did British people would be fine with this?
    Kate shouldn’t be torn apart because of this, but this whole “I don’t see why this is disrespectful” is silly.
    BTW Let’s hope the Washington press corps don’t forget the protocol, something tells me that people who give a pass to Kate will not give a pass to them.

    • wolfpup says:

      So true about protocol – hope the press dressed “smart’ as the memo reads…

      The people who defend her color choices, may also defend the details of the way we are supposed to dress, in order to see them. Methinks, there are those, who actually believe these people are “special snowflakes”. They never need to apologize.

      (never complain – never explain).

    • Rachel says:

      How can you compare the 9/11 memorial to the Remembrance Ceremonies or Auschwitz? As I’ve said elsewhere, the Remembrance Ceremonies in Britain at the Cenotaph have a strict dress code (black), so a pink coat would be inappropriate and disrespectful. At the 9/11 memorial and Auschwitz, however, there is no official dress code on non-significant days – i.e. if they were visiting the former on the 11th September, perhaps a more understated outfit would have been appropriate. Otherwise, she looks professional, pensive, and isn’t fiddling with her hair.

      I honestly feel that people calling the memorial site a ‘graveyard’ is an over-reaction. Yes, it was a tragic event and yes, it should be remembered, but it is different from Auschwitz (just one cog in a much larger machine of the systematic elimination of an entire race) and Remembrance Ceremonies (in honour of servicemen and women who have died and served in every war up to the present day).

      • The Original Mia says:

        An overreaction? It is a graveyard. They are still finding bone fragments to this day. It wasn’t just a tragic event. It was a horror for the people who were murdered, for their families who had to watch while it happened, and to those of us who watched helplessly while innocents died.

      • V says:

        I’m sorry, but as someone who has a loved ones remains somewhere under that memorial, the fact that you keep saying it’s not a graveyard is beyond offensive to me. That memorial is there for those of us that don’t have anything to bury. I’m sorry if that doesn’t rate as high as a concentration camp for you, but it does to me!

      • Olenna says:

        Some people should think before they speak/write. IMO, the 9/11 site is a resting place, a graveyard.

      • Jaded says:

        @Rachel….it is a graveyard. My boss’s brother-in-law died there. Body never recovered. For many, many people the only remembrance they will have of their loved ones is buried under the rubble, just a few bone fragments. Please try to understand that it’s as much of a memorial as any other in the world – and should be given the same respectful treatment, even if it’s only a sombre dress code, not a bright pink “look at me” coat. I too have been at the site of 9/11 and just wore jeans and a black jacket, but there’s a certain protocol that royals and senior political figures should adhere to. Kate is clearly missing the “appropriate dress code” brain cell and should have better wardrobe consultants to guide her as she clearly can’t do it herself with her litany of bum flashes, overly short skirts, skin tight jeggings and belly-flashing t-shirts.

    • ChrisM says:

      Pink is a colour of respect, appreciation and admiration as well as unconditional love. Its a very appropriate colour to wear at a memorial site.

  47. manjit says:

    So I suppose all the American tourists who went to see the poppy display at the Tower of London wore formal black attire? If she was supposed to wear dark sombre clothing the organisers of the trip would have specified that at the planning stage. I get that these two are hated on here but the hypocrisy is astounding.

    • wolfpup says:

      She is not a British tourist: totally different scenarios.

      • Pippa Mids says:

        Common Waity wannabe celebrity with taxpayers and royal wealth and benefits.

        But even a history major should have historical reference and value of HM, the monarchy in the 10 uears strategy with ma carole to bag a royal, if your intent on ignoring histoeical traditions and duties and Protocols..

    • Milla B. says:

      So they are tourists. I thought it was a state visit, I thought they were representing the crown and the people of UK, but people here keep comparing them to tourists, so maybe I’m wrong.

    • anne_000 says:

      What I don’t get is why there are comments upthread making an equalization between what one wears as a tourist as to what one wears on an official foreign visit (think: professional business trip).

      It’s not the same thing.

      That’s why you don’t see the Queen, Camilla, Anne, and Sophia wearing the same thing as tourists wear (as mentioned upthread: flip flops, t-shirts, jeans, etc.) when they’re on official visits.

      And when people upthread say the Queen and Camilla wore similar or other inappropriate colors to memorial sites and events, media photos prove otherwise.

      People upthread can wear what they want as TOURISTS to these sites, but NOBODY is paying for them all to visit and REPRESENT their country (think: WORK) when they go to these sites.

      W&K are not here to represent just themselves. They’re NOT on vacation. They’re here to represent the sentiments of their government and citizens as they’re on an OFFICIAL foreign visit. W&K are ON DUTY. They didn’t just happen to show up to the 911 memorial site just because they thought it was a cool place to take a photo of themselves like some tourists do.

      • Vava says:

        They aren’t tourists during this trip so they should dress appropriately.

        Personally, I think more tourists should dress appropriately! I wouldn’t go visit Auschwitz, or other sobering locations, dressed in a hot pink coat. It’s about RESPECT. The message Kate gave out is she wanted to be noticed. I think she loves herself a little too much.

      • Deedee says:

        Add to that the fact that Kate is the Duchess of Theme Dressing. Going to the St. Andrews ball? Wear blue and green. Going to Canada? A red maple leaf hat is made to order. Going to 9/11? Wear bubblegum pink? For real? She is a walking symbol of her country, visiting a sacred burial site. It’s not just a fashion pap stroll, but that’s what she turned it into.

    • Jaded says:

      She is representing the royal family. They have different codes of dress and behaviour than a regular old tourist. It’s protocol that’s observed amongst the royalty, politicians, diplomatic services and senior government officials. They represent their country therefore there are certain codes of behaviour that normal tourists don’t have to follow. You take on the job you respect the protocol, simple as that. Kate hasn’t grasped that yet and I doubt she ever will because she just doesn’t have the smarts.

  48. perplexed says:

    People criticized Obama over his tan suit (and he’s not even a fashion plate), so I don’t see why Kate’s outfit wouldn’t be critiqued. I have no strong opinion on the matter, but if she hadn’t worn black the day before people might not have noticed/critiqued the pink suit she wore today.

    Have people said anything on Twitter about Kate’s suit? They were all over Obama’s tan suit.

  49. A mascarada says:

    I hope one day to be able to visit this Memorial as well.
    I think the duchess looks lovely here. Actually I think she hasn’t looked this good for a long time.
    And I see nothing inapropriated about what she’s wearing. From what I’ve seen on the news sites it was just a visit, not a formal ceremony.

  50. Mrs. Darcy says:

    It’s a little weird that she went SO bold with the colour, she usually errs on the side of caution. Maybe she wanted to bring some light, as others have said it’s a memorial not a funeral. But I don’t think it’s any kind of real faux paus or slight on the memorial, people are overreacting. I worked in the twin towers off and on as a temp for a few months when I lived in NY, and it still makes me sick to the pit of my stomach to think about it. I love New York more than any other place in the world, and Kate wearing pink is not a big deal at all imo. They’re paying their respects in an appropriate manner, it’s not like they’re the Obamas hugging on the Queen and giving her an iPod (wtf did they think she would do with that?!) – now that was awkward!

    • hmmm says:

      IMO bright pink is not a ‘light’. Seriously? How can this be? It’s not like she actually can empathise. It was useful to make her stand out at a monument deeply ingrained in the national psyche of Americans, be associated with it to promote the brand. Dolittle never strikes me as someone who actually cares about the outside world. She showed up. She gave a good show. It The event was useful to promote her brand.

  51. Pippa Mids says:

    No haters and Princess Di POW, would dress appropriate rep HM GB UK.

    Most thread comments are the obvious – royal standards/ Protocol. And workshy phony W*W – except for red carpet events, end of year rush; (Doolittle is pap shopping when sick excuses given, vacations,and long disappearances from serving the aging monarchs. And all the time Waity enjoying millions in homes renovations spending. and royal benefits.

  52. Laura says:

    While everyone debates the pink coat Catherine wore today, the little girl who greeted the royal couple in Calgary during their Canadian tour, died. She lost her battle against a rare form of adrenal cancer.

    Diamond was SO excited to meet Catherine and flung her tiny arms around the real life princess, which I’m sure melted Catherine’s heart.

    Catherine and William have expressed their sadness over the loss of Diamond.

    My heart goes out to the family of this child. I’m glad she was able to have her dream if meeting Catherine come true.

    Rest peacefully, little one…

  53. Jessica says:

    I don’t think it’s offensive or anything, but given she’s working it might have been a good idea to plan a bit better. It’s not like she lacks for coats, she must have at least 30-40 that aren’t so bright and flashy. It didn’t even have to be black or grey. A darker green or blue would have been great, even a dark red or purple would have stood out a whole lot less.

    It’s just about showing yourself to be a professional. Technically I could show up to work in a hot pink pants suit as it’s well within my company’s attire guidelines. But I’d look a bit silly and attract a lot of attention, and I’d possibly turn off some people my company works with.

    • Pixelated says:

      @Jessica You speak the truth, my dear.
      She needs to learn that your work uniform must match the occasion.

  54. MarcelDeux says:

    Y’all, it’s a pink coat. WHO CARES. She’s paying her respect to the thousands who lost their lives, and your biggest concern is her coat color. Have you been to the 9/11 memorial to pay your respects? I doubt it. Her coat is not a problem. What a shame to be so trivial in light of a beautiful moment.

  55. calimojo says:

    I really can’t believe this is being made into a big deal. It is just a color. Color only has significance because we assign it as such. On it’s own, color is neutral.

    So just because somewhere in our culture, it was decided that Black is the color for somber occasions doesn’t really mean squat now. And as many others have said, this was not a funeral, it was a memorial and a nod to a new beginning at the new building.

    With so much turmoil in NYC right now, I really can’t believe that those of you who claim to love the city or feel loyal to the city really give a rat’s behind about what color Kate wore. Take your righteous indignation and apply it to something that really matters, like race relations, etc.

    • notasugarhere says:

      “So just because somewhere in our culture, it was decided that Black is the color for somber occasions doesn’t really mean squat now.” Calimojo, it clearly means a great deal to many people now. The color choice was a poor one, as shown by many comments here. Err on the side of caution and wear somber. Pretty easy rule.

  56. TuxCat5 says:

    I think the coat was inappropriate, especially when paired with this behavior:


    • MinnFinn says:

      Now that is a really really disturbing photo.

      Kate committed a diplomatic no-no by asking how loved ones like the new memorial. It was a faux-pas because the response has been very mixed. The Guardian reported this yesterday.

      One of the controversies over the WTC memorial is the gift shop. There were others but I don’t recall specifics.

    • sad says:

      IMHO she wore the pink coat to focus attention on her. That, not so much the color of the coat, is what is so offensive to me.

  57. DarkSparkle says:

    The comments on these articles about Kate have gone from gentle groaning and bemusement to vicious, snarky nitpicking. I liked that “escapism could be smart,” not shrill and mean. It’s a minority, but it is loud. And apparently has a lot of free time. Seeing myself out.

    • Barhey says:

      Totally agree, DarkSparkle. I can’t tell what it is about Kate that brings out the worst in people here. She and William brought flowers and visited the museum, paying respects to our dead and showing great sympathy towards everything we have lost. If you’re so hung up on the coat instead of remembering the lives we lost, you’re purposely missing the point. It’s not clever and witty, it’s straight up disrespectful.

  58. hownowbrowncow says:

    Yes it’s a trivial thing, but people have pointed out she wore black attire for British remembrance events. Also – her job is trivial. Her job is to make appearances (and she barely keeps up with even these) and be presentable/appropriate in public. THIS IS HER JOB. She and her people should know better.

  59. ChrisM says:

    Pink is a colour of respect, appreciation and admiration as well as unconditional love. Its a very appropriate colour to wear at a memorial site.

  60. No lipservice please says:

    I am not US-american but I find this colour slightly offensive. A bit of dressing for the occasion should be done even though the rule “all black” isn’t applied totally strictly nowadays. Also she could have chosen a two-piece ensemble with one piece black.
    She made sure she was the center of attention and it looks CHEAP trick here.

    Nobody else is wearing pink.
    Everybody else is wearing some muted-down colours.

    Surely some nice blue or turqouise shade wouldn’t have been to funky funny nor too sombre?
    A quick google images: “Queen Elizabeth memorial”.
    Apparently Queen Elizabeth tunes down the colour of her clothes for memorial services. It is muted beiges and greys, light blue, muted light lilac and blue.
    Yes, Kate got the colour completely wrong.
    Yes, it is offensive to turn up at a memorial service for the dead dressed in bright pink.

  61. Rachel says:

    If you classified places as ‘graveyards’ based on finding bone fragments or the site of deaths, then the whole world would require black mourning clothes. I understand it’s an extremely emotional place for those who lost loved ones and should in all fairness be a place of reflection, peace and memory.

    But there are many places in the world where loved ones have died, and, even more tragically, not been buried – c.f. the thousands of suicide bombers in Pakistan, or the horrific attacks in Mumbai, or the mall attacks in Kenya, etc. …. those spaces have not become sacred ground like 9/11 has, where the proposed construction of a mosque half a block away causes a blast of outrage.

    9/11 was, truly, a horrendous tragedy but it needs to be contextualised. Yes, sensitivity is required at the memorial in honour of those who died there.

    But the memorial-museum itself is a balance between education and remembrance, which, IMO, makes any comparisons to Remembrance Day completely invalid. And, in some people’s eyes, the memorial itself is not sacred ground but has come under a lot of controversy for being ‘an oversized pit of self-pity, patriotic self-glorification and voyeurism, where visitors are allowed to feel personally touched by the deaths of people they didn’t know’ (http://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/museums/the-911-memorial-museum-doesnt-just-display-artifacts-it-ritualizes-grief-on-a-loop/2014/06/05/66bd88e8-ea8b-11e3-9f5c-9075d5508f0a_story.html) and that its gift shop commercialises the deaths of 3000 people.

    If you consider the memorial site to be a graveyard, then that’s your prerogative and your opinion, often linked to what may have sadly happened on 9/11 with regards to your family and friends. But I would respectfully disagree.

  62. Really? says:

    No, on the day that the US govt. was revealed to have been anally raping prisoners, this girl can wear whatever colour coat she wants. Priorities much~?

    • notasugarhere says:

      Hint: You’re on a gossip site, tagline “Escapism can be smart.”

      You know nothing about any of us or our priorities.

  63. embee says:

    Can’t believe the color of the coat is found to be a big deal. It was a dark and rainy day outside. No need to wear dark and gloomy colors, it’s not a funeral. I’m sure she didn’t mean to upset people with her pink coat. Maybe it’s nice to wear a happy color at the memorial of such a tragic thing than dark sad colors

    • Have no lipservice please says:

      Some cultures do indeed have parties for their deceased, literally. They bring food and music to the grave and celebrate and remember.
      I just don’t think countries like the USA or the UK do that.

  64. Anare says:

    Having sadly attended 6 memorial/funeral services in the past year I will just say that most people wear somber attire, not necessarily all black but clothing that doesn’t call attention to oneself. No one was watching or photographing me as I paid my respects, no one gave a rat’s ass what I was wearing. Still I would never show up for such an event wearing neon pink. I’m not hating on Kate but someone effed that up.