Diddy didn’t know about Chris Brown/Rihanna reunion

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Music producer Diddy has been taking some heat in the press for his part in the recent Rihanna/Chris Brown reconciliation. Many people think it was irresponsible of him to get involved by offering Brown a place to stage his move to win back Rihanna after he beat her black and blue. New sources are reporting that Diddy had no idea what Chris Brown was up to when he called his mentor and asked him for a place to crash in Miami. Insiders close to Diddy claim the rap mogul feels “set up” by Brown and is not happy about being dragged into this situation.

SEAN “Diddy” Combs had no idea Chris Brown was going to use his home on Star Island to stage his reconciliation with Rihanna for the paparazzi. A music industry insider tells us, “Chris called and said he needed to crash at Diddy’s house while he was recording. He said it would just be him and his mom.” In fact, Brown, who just got charged with two felonies for allegedly beating up Rihanna the night of the Grammys, brought her down and called the photographers. “Chris is a dog,” another spy said. “He’s always been so critical and nasty to Rihanna, making fun of her accent.”

[From Page Six]

Page Six seems to have some inside information on this story. They came out with the assertion earlier this week that Brown himself was the one who tipped off the paparazzi about the reunion, saying that one of his PR reps personally contacted staff at Page Six to let them know where the couple was staying. I have a hard time believing that 19-year-old Chris is the mastermind behind all of this. He comes off to me as a punk-ass bitch who likes to beat up women who are smaller and weaker than him. My guess is, he is getting some very strategic advice from his PR flacks and his lawyer, Mark Geragos. If you recall, Geragos was the attorney who represented Winona Ryder during her shoplifting trial (she was convicted but served no jail time) and Michael Jackson in his child molestation trial (acquitted). He’s skilled at getting celebs out of trouble. He even represented wife killer Scott Peterson – which shows that the guy has no problems representing the scum of the earth.

If this story is true, I hope Diddy comes out publicly and says he had no part in it. It would be nice to hear more male celebrities come out and say that what Chris Brown did was wrong. So far, only Nick Cannon has had the balls to voice his opinion that it’s wrong to hit a woman, no matter what.

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  1. SeVen says:

    Yeah, I dont know who stays at my house either. Didddy knew, hes just trying to ignore the fact he was letting a woman beater stay at one of his houses….Douche bags, the lot of them

  2. my take says:

    yeah i think diddy is recounting now that the press is giving him a hard time.

    But was nick cannon really the only one to say anything? Didn’t JayZ say something publicly?

  3. BellaB says:

    I am looking at Nick Cannon in a new light now. He’s earned a lot of credibility with his statement condemning violence against women. Never guessed he’d be the one to be a role model for good, strong men, but he is. Good for him.

  4. wickedorchid says:

    HTF did he not know? Diddy is trash.

  5. Codzilla says:

    wickedorchid: I’m with you. Diddy’s full of shit — he’s just trying to protect his image.

  6. tasteT says:

    Hell my Grandmother KNEW!!

    He is a joke with the lying, he has more than once hit his baby mama Kim Porter so he was gung ho for Chris anyway.

    If the public welcomed their secret meeting then he WOULD know and would be giving interviews on how he had the house staged for “reconcilation” between the two.

    What a joke..

    Can anyone name one group on Badboy that has made it and has a ton of money
    besides Diddy??

    Day 26 has not even been paid yet.

  7. pam427 says:


    That’s why a lot of celebrities are keeping quiet. One good jiggle on the closet door handle and a whole LOT of skeletons would fall out their closets.

  8. M.I. Opinion says:

    What am I missing here?! Why is it somehow better PR to have lent an abuser the use of your home, than to have lent it for a reconciliation? He’s an ass either way in my book.

  9. lunachick says:

    A little OT but poor Winona being mentioned in the same sentence as these violent criminals.

    If you have plenty of money and you shoplift, sounds to me like a mental health issue that needs treatment witha psychiatrist – totally different from any sort of violent crime in my book.

    Anyway that lawyer sounds like a complete scumbag.

  10. Kristie says:

    What a load of cr@p that he didn’t know. It’s about time these creeps are shown in the natural light for what they are. 2009 is going to be the year of KARMA.

  11. CeeJay says:

    Bravo Pam427! You’ve said it all.

  12. Cali green says:

    JOHN LEGEND spoke up weeks AGO, way before Nick Cannon! Do ur research hon!

  13. geronimo says:

    @Pam427 – think there’s an awful lot of truth in what you say and an awful lot of self-protection going on.

  14. tasteT says:

    To the poster that did not “get it”

    If America thought Chris and Rihanna should get back together..JUST AN EXAMPLE

    Then Diddy would have taken credit

    other words, if it benefits him, its always about putting himself in a good light..

    For instance, his Twin girls bring more publicity, so he totally ignores his daughter “Chance” in ATL..he pays support that’s it..and all are the same age.


    P. Shiddy…

  15. DivaStar says:

    Don’t hold your breathe waiting on P shitty to come out publicly and say he had no part in it, he’s an abuser also, and was probably giving him tips on how to abuse without getting caught. I am in no way making light of the situation.

  16. star woman says:

    I agree with most of you Diddy is full of shit. He’s only after publicity good or bad as long as his name is kept in the media.

  17. RAN says:

    I can’t stand either Chris Brown or Diddy – who I’ve always thought was a complete joke. How in the world did HE ever become so popular?

    Have to say, I love MSat’s articles. No matter what the subject, something is always said that either makes me laugh or makes me think. This is the line that made me laugh – so true:

    “He comes off to me as a punk-ass bitch who likes to beat up women who are smaller and weaker than him.”

  18. Baholicious says:

    I agree Scott Peterson is a piece of dreck, but regardless of sentiment toward an accused person (convicted in Peterson’s case), they have the right to a solid defense. That is what a defense attorney does. They are upholding a key pillar of the legal system and no defense attorney should cherry pick who they will or will not represent based on their personal feelings when someone asks them for representation.

  19. becca says:

    How the hell can you not know about this when they’re living in one of YOUR PLACES?!

  20. Tanya says:

    all these celebs have no balls. They make comments then retract their statements. Even the females who should be saying that what Chris did was wrong are acting real coy. Shame on all of them.

  21. BellaB says:

    The only thing that makes Piddy attractive to some women is his money. He’s disgusting. So arrogant. So low class and tacky. So homely.

    What a little weasel he is. He’s not a real man. Neither is CB. They got lucky. How can anyone glorify them?

    What happened to good old fashioned heroes like soldiers, firefighters, police, teachers and health care professionals? Neither one of them has ever contributed anything signifant in this life and cause pain to the people that love them.

  22. j. ferber says:

    I agree that Diddy is lying. I read that he broke Kim Porter’s nose while yachting together (and maybe she was even pregnant?). What’s ironic is that rappers always want to prove how tough they are, but when an act of moral courage is called for, they’re weak. I’d have expected Jay Z to speak out more for Ri Ri, but he’s strangely silent, too. So much for protective males watching out for women. In fact, I have NEVER even read a newspaper story about any man (father, brother, uncle, friend) truly protecting or being a champion for any battered woman.

  23. FF says:

    So… let me get this straight. He’s basically saying Chris manipulated him to his own ends.

    Oh, I see.

    Can’t say I agree that Chris couldn’t come up with this kind of plan. He’s all about his image, have you not noticed this? And he’s all about using other people to keep it unblemished. Maybe part of the reason he went off on Rihanna was that her leaving him would make him look bad. I mean being the douche that cheated when you had Rihanna on your arm isn’t going to promote squeaky clean, is it?

    Some abusers are extremely skilled at seeming like really nice people, and very charming to boot. I mean, let’s be honest, before this thing broke who would have said that Chris was capable of doing something like this? Exactly.

    I might find it hard to believe that he’s acting alone but I don’t find it hard to believe that he didn’t come up with it in part.

    That said, it took Diddy a week to figure out he was being played? I don’t think so, come with another.

  24. FF says:

    I too am feeling what Pam427 said.

    Whole LOT of skeletons. All of them.

    I’m so disgusted at all the crap, mostly with them trying to cover their own asses and not stand up for what is right. I’m repulsed on all sides.

    I swear the first thing I thought when this CB thing started to trickle out was: one of the hottest acts going, a beautiful young woman, decides to hook up with your immature ass – doing you a big favour in the process – and the first think to do is start hitting her? WTF.

    They should all go down, I’ll never look at them the same way again.

    And yes, I’m just as disgusted with the female artists declining to comment but I can only assume because their producers, manager and writers are male they feel intimidated. In which case, maybe a lot of skeletons SHOULD fall out of that damned closet.

    Time for some spring cleaning.

  25. Aspen says:

    What do you expect from a man who has made a career out of the “artistic” promotion of misogyny?

    Seriously. This should not surprise ANYONE.

  26. tasteT says:


    Couldn’t agree more.

  27. Baholicious says:

    Men-children. Hip Hop culture is rife with them.

  28. dionne says:

    ithink it is good that he is not taking sides they both need the support of a neutral friend right now