Princess Victoria & Daniel release new photos, video of Princess Estelle


Here are some lovely pieces of news from the Swedish royal family. I always want to cover them more often, but we really don’t get that many new photos of them. Meaning that for much of the time, the English-speaking press and photo agencies largely ignore them. Which is perhaps why Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel decided to do something a bit more “low key” this Christmas. They decided to release some photos of their daughter, Princess Estelle, helping her parents decorate the Christmas tree. Estelle will be three years old in February and she is ADORABLE. She seems to have a lot of personality. Victoria and Daniel also released a really cute video of their little family around the tree, and Estelle apparently loved to hide under pillows. I have no idea what they’re saying, but I imagine it’s just Christmas stuff.

You know what I love? In any language, it’s clear that Victoria and Daniel are two doting, involved parents and it’s clear that Estelle is a completely beloved child. I kind of want Victoria to have another baby, just because “the spare” is probably expected and because… I think they would enjoy having another baby. They’re a really lovely family.

Meanwhile, Victoria’s younger sister Madeleine is expecting her second. Madeleine just married Christopher O’Neill last year, and two seconds after they said “I do,” she was knocked up. She gave birth to daughter Leonore Lilian Maria O’Neill this past February. And now, ten months later, she’s knocked up again? Madeleine must be one of those ladies that just gets pregnant at the drop of a hat.



Photos courtesy of the Swedish royal family, WENN.

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  1. Anaya says:

    OMG Princess Estelle is simply adorable. She’s my new favorite royal Princess!!

  2. Leah says:

    There was a video last year of them making cookies and I seem to remember at one point Estelle just left the room

    • notasugarhere says:

      She’s a character. Their interactions as a family were so cute in that cookie video, with the sticky dough, animal noises, constant chatter. Estelle figured she was done, so she left the cookie baking to the adults. Bad move – mom and dad burned the cookies.

      • Mrs darcy says:

        That cookie video was super sweet. And the baby princess making the pig sound was adorable. 🙂

      • Sharon Lea says:

        I didn’t know about this cookie video and just saw it. It is soooooooo cute. I love this family.

  3. Lilacflowers says:

    What a delightful child!

  4. MoeC23 says:

    Estelle is totally her mom’s mini me! Especially in profile! Love it!

  5. Prairiegirl says:

    That is one lovely IKEA Christmas commercial!

    • MediaMaven says:

      I wonder how many pieces they have left over after they put their Ikea furniture together – I usually have a baggie of pieces/parts.

  6. notasugarhere says:

    I wished for more on Estelle, and here it is. Thank you Kaiser!

    • FLORC says:

      She’s got loads of personality and they’re really a lovely family. You can just tell.
      And this doesn’t seem low key at all. This is just what they do. Release photos and videos of Estelle so she and the public can adjust slowly. She getss use to the camera and attention while the public gets to feel like she’s a part of them. As opposed to more elitist I guess.

    • LadySlippers says:


      The BRF has a much larger paparazzi presence than any of the other RFs so it’s not really fair to say they should all do the same things.

      • bluhare says:

        Why is it not fair? We aren’t talking about walking down the street unimpeded here, we’re talking about introducing a future head of state into her role in ways she can tolerate and do well. William and Kate would do well to take a look.

      • FLORC says:

        What Bluhare said.
        And while the press and pap pool is larger for the BRF they are still controlled. Photos of George cannot be printed without blowback from William. Last I checked the only pap that gets shots of George or the royals being candid on unannounced trips is Tanna. And that speaks for itself.

      • LadySlippers says:


        The British press is not as respectful as the various Scandinavian presses are. You give them (the British press) an inch and they take a mile. They DO have parameters but don’t always follow them. And the BRF, in general, isn’t as open as any of the Scandinavian Royal Houses — children are generally kept out the limelight and have been for ages.

      • FLORC says:

        If that’s the case than how about this.
        W&K adopt some form or introducing George and themselves into more work that appears more like family related events. They keep it formal and for the most of it private. And still get great pr. George still gets exposure as do the parents, but press access is restricted.
        Kids need exposure to adapt an learn socially. And George isn’t a child that can live his life privately. He will have to play a public role and the sooner he gets (and stays) comfortable with this the better.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I know that the children of the DRF first was introduced to the public through family related events, either with their parents or their grandpapa – severeal of the children actually had their fist public event with their grandfather.

      • notasugarhere says:

        DRF starts them at young ages with that summer photocall, which must help them get used to cameras and photographers. And Marie just had all four of the kids with her to light candles for World AIDS Day and Athena is what, 2 or 3?

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Athena is 2 years old I believe. I loved it when they cose that name for her, there’s certainly a special ring to Princess Athena.

  7. Mia V. says:

    Princess Estelle is soooooo cute!!!

    • Belle says:

      Agree! I love her dress.. and her shoes. I WANT THEM!! LOL Yes, I would look ridiculous prancing around in an adult version of that outfit, but I wouldn’t even care!

  8. Pandora says:

    Omg, they are adorable. It was so cute when Estelle was hiding under the pillow.

  9. lower-case deb says:

    ooooh Christmas came early in Sweden royal land!
    hope Princess Madeleine and baby have a safe and healthy pregnancy. i think both Chris and Daniel are doting fathers to their respective daughters!

    how cute are those perler bead neckaces that they wear.

    and little Princess is very vivacious without being too obnoxious or bratty. i think they have done a great job in raising her so far.

  10. Kiki04 says:

    Adorable! I really wish the media, especially the US media, would pay more attention to the other royals out there. I’d love to see more of them, and less of Will and Kate. Although I guess work is more boring to cover than pretty dresses?

    Side note, could you imagine an Estelle and George playdate? The mischief I bet those two could get in together……

    • FLORC says:

      Sadly, I think the news always focuses more on train wrecks than happily ever after stories.
      This family seems normal, adjusted, happy. No smoke there so no brewing scandals, and no need to shadow them since no news is likely to come.
      They have invited the public into their lives (on their own terms) and lead fairly open lives. Nothing is hidden or thought to be hidden because they’re not closing themselves off.

      • notasugarhere says:

        FLORC, if uncensored info about Sofia Hellqvist’s past hits the US media, there may be a Swedish train wreck that impacts Victoria, Daniel, and Estelle. Watch this space June 2015.

      • m says:

        Even Sofia has been pretty open about her past. She has owned up to it and never tried to hide anything a la the Brits. If any new info comes out I think she will handle it the same way.

      • notasugarhere says:

        As I understand it, most of Sofia’s past has been hidden from Swedish taxpayers and she’s been promoted with a heavily edited-and-airbrushed CV. They think she was a swimsuit model, which is far from the truth. The major tabloids delete all negative comments about her from their sites, so the facts aren’t widely known.

      • puffinlunde says:

        Everyone in Sweden knows about Sofia – she was on the reality TV show “Paradise Hotel” and everyone in Sweden knows what sort of things happen on that show 😉
        The thing is that Swedes don’t really seem to care about sex-scandals in the way that people do in the US. Also she is not going to be queen so it is not such a huge deal.
        Everyone also knows about what the King gets up to – allegedly 😉 and about the current Queen’s family history as well

      • LadySlippers says:


        No, the Swedes know what/who she is and was. What the SRF tried to do was makeover her and claim her ‘colourful’ past was just youthful indiscretions. I think this loooooonnnnnggggg engagement is part of that rehabilitation of Sofia — getting them used to the sanitised version of her so she can be a princess of Sweden. No idea if it’s working but as of 2 years ago the Swedes weren’t all that impressed. They still preferred his previous girlfriend (she was a doll so who can blame them?).

        I should contact my friend in Sweden to see if the Swedes have finally warmed up to Sofia. My guess is not that much otherwise we wouldn’t have this unusual year long engagement.

      • bluhare says:

        Everyone deserves a second chance, IMO, even Sofia Helqvist.

      • FLORC says:

        I did know about that dirty laundry/skeletons in closets. That royal family like others is not without heavy drama. Still, i’m with Bluhare/LadySlippers/puff. She’s owned up to much of it as it came. Trying to hide that stuff in today’s age of instant information would be a bad move.

        That said I was speaking more of Daniel, Victoria, and Estelle. How the couple met, bonded, and raise Estelle is just amazing.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I don’t think she’s owned up to it. She has stated multiple times that she doesn’t think she did anything questionable (even leaving the country to take part in a photo shoot that was illegal in Sweden due to her age). What has come to light, she’s worked with the press to hide it. If C-P wasn’t a prince, Sofia wouldn’t have changed one bit.

        Everyone deserves a second chance. Her second chance involves using children to better her image (unethical in my book). Should that second chance involve being paid by the taxpayers to be a government representative – when the taxpayers have no say in choosing that representative? I’ll vote no on that one. Do charity work, get married, whatever – but do it on your own dime. Silvia has spent a decade working to combat sex trafficking. Now she gets a daughter-in-law who traded on sex to become famous.

      • Kiki04 says:

        I had to google her to figure out her story……I’m kind of surprised the US media hasn’t picked up on her! Seems right up their alley, esp. given how much coverage the Kardashians get…..

      • bluhare says:

        Women have been using sex to get famous since the dawn of time, nas. Look at the stories on this site alone. And children are used to blunt images all the time. She isn’t doing anything anyone else hasn’t done. And maybe she does regret what she’s done, and maybe she doesn’t. There are plenty of bad girls who have done a lot of good in this world. If I find out she’s a hypocrite, she’ll lose me. If she slags others who are doing what she did, she’ll lose me. Until then, my mind is open.

      • FLORC says:

        Did you compare sex trafficking to using ones own image and allure to further image? That seems wrong.
        Still, I agree with the rest. Sadly, that’s expected from royals lately. Using funds they’ve lucked into and power cultivated by those before them to live as they please. It’s not right, but it could be worse. All I can do is smh and hope for people to do better.

      • LadySlippers says:


        Oh, I’m not nuts about *how* Sofia has gone about her rehab as it doesn’t strike me as sincere. But nothing is really hidden. And she’s cleaning up (IMO) just because she has to — not because she’s truly grown up. She might be a fantastic person otherwise but she’s not my first choice (or 2nd or 3rd) as a representative for any country.


        I’m not nuts about Sofia. But that’s just me. Carl Philip has done better too.


        Non-English speaking countries and their celebrities rarely catch our attention so it doesn’t surprise me that Sofia and her antics haven’t caught on. Sofia even was quoted as saying she wanted to make out with one of Jesse James’ ex-wives (can’t remember her name but she’s the former porn star)…

      • notasugarhere says:

        FLORC, she was underage when those bondage photos were taken. She and her parents allowed her to leave the country to take illegal pictures of a child (Sofia). Add that to the rest of her resume and Silvia cannot be pleased.

        LS, she did make out with Jenna Jameson.

        I think sincerity is an important point. None of her rehab has been for the good of others, but merely for her own ends. Let them marry, be private citizens, and off the payroll. Victoria and Daniel have enough to worry about.

      • LadySlippers says:


        It’s the lack of sincerity I have an issue with. That and the fact that her parents were/are WAY okay with exploiting their daughter while she was underage. That bothers me more than anything Sofia did herself. Parents are meant to protect their children and hers clearly didn’t.

        If she seemed genuinely trying to rehab herself, I’d have significantly fewer issues with her. I’d also like to see Carl Philip work more. Victoria, Daniel, and even Madeleine have jobs (as does Chris) but CP comes across as very work shy — something his younger sister has been working on correcting too.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        As a Scandinavian I can assure you that we don’t blow out tops over peoples’ sex lives. One of the reasons the Swedish king isn’t very popular is not due to his sexual indiscretions but because he sometimes can’t keep his mouth shut on political issues – even when his role is purely ceremonial and apolitical.
        When it comes to politicians we don’t care if they are unfaithful to their spouses or homosexual – those are private issues. What we do care about is if public figures break the law. Several years ago the leader of the Conservative party in Denmark got into a traffic accident while driving drunk. He lost his job and his career in politics due to that – and rightly so.

        Regarding Sofia – people in Scandinavia knows her past – and it seems that she has owned up to that, even if it is only in part. Since none of us know her I do not feel that we can be the judges on whether she is sincere in her change or not. Her past is her past. She can’t change that and I really don’t think that she should be required to do a public mea culpa to appease people, especially if the Swedes aren’t outraged. What matters is what she does now and in the future.

        Furthermore, the Scandinavian RFs are quite open. Mette-Marit of Norway has discussed her past openly, and when Victoria struggled with an eating disorder the Swedish RF made a press release stating the fact and asked for the media to give her a break, something they did to a large extent. BTW Daniel was instrumental in her recovery.

        Estelle is adorable and I think that Vic and Daniel are great parents. It would be lovely if she got a sibling but there has been some rumours that they have fertility issues and that Victoria possible lost a pregnancy before Estelle.

        Yesterday, Danish TV showed a documentary on the year in the RF. It was very fun and sweet, with some great footage on the CP couple’s visit to Greenland this summer, which were the twins’ first appearance at official engagements. They are 3 years old. Generally the Scandinavian RFs keep the children close until they are around 3-4 years old (besides photos) and then they introduce them gradually to the public so the children slowly become comfortable with that part of their lives. There’s some wonderful pictures of Princess Isabella in traditional Greenlandish costume. She’s another little gitl with loads of personality.

      • FLORC says:

        I wasn’t aware she was under the age of consent for those photos. Stance of parents aside sometimes they don’t know best.
        LadySlippers wrappped up my shared opinions nicely.

        Daniel and Victoria are such a love story. How he helped her love herself and adapted. How they have an adorable child, appear very loving and still carry on with their duties. I find it all very inspiring.

        That and her choice in attire and jewelry. The Jewels that woman wears!

      • notasugarhere says:

        I have a difficult time with the severe disconnect. Child pornography and child sex trafficking are related. Silvia has fought them both for a decade. Sofia got her parents to sign a consent form so she could star in underage pornographic photos. She contributed to the industry of child pornography. You can’t clean that up, no matter how hard the royal family or Sofia fans might try.

        I think Maddie was headed down a spoiled path until Chris came along. He’s helped her get on track. I think C-P has been on a serious downslide for a decade and Sofia contributes to it. We can be made by our life partner (see Vic and Dan) or broken by them (see W&K). We’ll see what happens and what the impact is to the lovely Vic/Dan/Estelle family.

        AH, I’m anxiously awaiting the Danish gala. Love it when they pull out all the stops (and jewels)!

      • ArtHistorian says:

        i’m looking forward to the New Years Gala as well. They usually televise it. Mary will most likely wear the ruby parure, which is gorgeous though I’d like to see the Midnight Tiara get some more outings. It’s be interesting to see which tiara the Queen will be wearing. She wore the Naasut last year. It is a very lovely piece but the gold of it clashes horribly with Daisy beautiful silver hair.

      • notasugarhere says:

        AH, is the Naasut the new Greenlandic piece? That was good of her to honor them that way, by wearing it on the first big outing after they gave it to her. I think the Midnight gets overshadowed by sparkly things and complicated dresses. It might get lost in the middle of the jewels, ballgowns, and fur coats but we can hope she’ll wear it anyway. The Midnight suits the time of year perfectly.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Yes, the Naasut is the gold tiara that was given QMII for her 40th jubilee by Greenland. It is made from Danish gold coins. It really clashes with Daisy’s silver hair but I think it would look lovely on either Mary or Marie.

        I think the Midnight tiara would look very good with the ice blue ballgown that Mary first wore for an event just before her wedding.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Or maybe a dark gray / tarnished silver velvet that matches the darkest leaves?

      • notasugarhere says:

        Christmas Eve supper, no tiaras, she’s wearing that ugly purple Prada that Fergie has too. Let’s hope for better clothes New Years Eve!

      • puffinlunde says:

        I don’t think that Sofia was under the age of consent as it’s 15 in Sweden. She was under 18 though

    • puffinlunde says:

      I guess though that it’s lucky that the law changed in Sweden so Carl Philip will not be King as when he was born he was heir to the throne!

      I would not say that the Swedish public/press are really excited by this wedding – however Madeleine and Chris have also had a fair amount of negative press for using Madeleine’s royal name in his business deals and companies, not to mention Madeleine skipping out on royal duties to live as a Wall Street wife but still expecting a taxpayer-funded royal residence in Stockholm.

      It is clear that Victoria and Daniel are the public’s favourite

  11. Brittney B says:

    Awwww, what a little angel! Their love for each other looks so genuine. Will and Kate who?

  12. bluhare says:

    I am Estelle’s biggest fangirl, I swear. She’s an adorable little girl. Her mom took her on an engagement with her when she went to a ceremony giving them the Christmas trees, or something to that effect, too. IMO, they’re doing it right — getting her used to her public role in ways that a child of her age can tolerate — and letting the public see her.

    And Victoria and Daniel look like they’re still googly eyed, and I hope they’re as happy as they seem.

    • lower-case deb says:

      i like the one where she visited her own Duchy for the first time:

      she’s still learning and she’s learning fast. she’s shy around kids her age but i guess this will change once she goes to school.

      one thing i noticed in the video, is how her parents are very in tune with her moods. Daniel scoops her up once she gets a bit tired and irritable, thus preventing a meltdown in the middle of the crowd.
      Victoria keeps her engaged but ably move her along to the next thing during the nature walk.
      i think it only comes when you really spend time with your child 🙂

      • Sharon Lea says:

        Thanks for posting this video. I go to the links every day at the unofficialroyalty page, but some how still have missed a couple of these videos. Any other good royal source I should be going to?

        Estelle is adorable. It is so cute when she shakes everyone’s hand. Victoria & Daniel are definitely handling the press and public exposure just right. They seem like ‘regular’ people and yet seem ok with their public duties and come across relaxed and professional. They seem at ease, which is the best compliment I can think of.

      • bluhare says:

        That was adorable l-c deb! Thanks for posting it. I even watched almost all of it the cuteness just never stopped!

      • Kiki04 says:

        Soooo cute! I feel like this is going to end up being an example of the Swedes raising up an heir correctly (with George unfortunately being the how-not-to-raise-an-heir example).

      • lower-case deb says:

        @Sharon Lea, at the risk of sounding like a stalker, i have an Estelle tag in my Feedly.

        @bluhare, Kiki04, right? i just melt every time. i’m interested to see how she grows up, but i think there’s a lot of love and firm hand in the mix there.

    • FLORC says:

      With their history and love story it seems they’ve built a solid foundation for their relationship. And are raising a lovely little girl the correct way. They just appear to be doing it all very right!

      And that tree visit was too cute! I love that Estelle is getting exposure to the public like this. It’s fun and normal, but also she adjusting to her future role in a very smooth way without even knowing it.
      I think it depends on the child to a point, but this is the gold standard on how to raise a young royal.

      • inthekitchen says:

        @ FLORC: “…this is the gold standard on how to raise a young royal. ”

        I completely agree and think they are raising her to understand and accept her royal role. She is comfortable in front of cameras and knows how to interact with people and crowds (have you seen the adorable video of her meeting someone and immediately reaching out to shake their hand? Perfect!). And, most importantly for the continuation of the monarchy, the public gets to know and “love” Estelle.

        As you said, each child is different, but I believe that Will and Kate are doing George a HUGE disservice. He is not going to grow up comfortable in front of cameras (due to Willy’s paranoia – can you imagine him allowing a similar video, shot in W&K’s own home? No way!) and – the longer they keep George out of the UK spotlight – the less the public (who will pay his way as a royal) will care about him. A relationship is built over years…you can’t just pop him into the public at age 18 and expect people to care.

        IMO, Vik and Dan are doing an amazing job of training up Estelle but also letting her have privacy. They allowed a photo shoot at Estelle’s first day of kindergarten…and then no more pictures. And that’s how it should be, but the more W&K keep George out of the spotlight, the more desperate the paps will be to get photos of him. He should be brought to similar types of events – such as a few cute pictures of him and Kate at that Christmas fair last week – and similar photo opportunities as they do with Estelle so George can grow up comfortable in his public role.

      • inthekitchen says:

        IMO, this is how George should be trained (yes, I get that Estelle is one generation closer to the throne, but still, George needs this training from a young age, IMO):–z.jpg

        Plus, this one is just pure sugar – this family rocks. The love and affection is so obvious (unlike other royal families *coughCambridgescough*)

        Celebitchy – please cover this family more often! The recent Nobel ceremonies were blingtastic!

      • bluhare says:

        I agree, FLORC. And thanks for the photos inthekitchen!

      • FLORC says:

        I have seen that! Little Estelle already so diplomatic! And I love those photos. And the love V,D, & E all have for eachother radiates in these videos and images. It’s all too natural appearing to think it’s pr motivated and this isn’t just how they act.

        And it is such a disservice to George. Also, George will catch on to his fathers view of the press. Kids pick up on those things faster than parents think they do. It’s not unlikely George will put it all together and figure there must be a reason for him to fear the public or cameras. And that is not healthy.

        A favorite shot of Estelle for me is one of her first. Her mother is holding her and smiling so big to get Estelle to smile. It’s so goofy, but genuine. They’re wearing those dresses… Can’t think of the name, while men wear suits.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Are they wearing Swedish national outfits in the photos? The blue, white, yellow ones?

      • ArtHistorian says:

        To be fair George is less that a year old, and even the Scandinavian RFs only start to introduce their children to the public at 3-4 years old. Vic and daniel has started doing this with Estelle a bit earlier though. Let’s see how Will and Kate will tackle this aspect when George is a few years older.

      • FLORC says:

        Yes, that’s the photo. Victoria is giving that over the top smile to encourage Estelle to smile. It’s a moment most parents have and just very refreshing to see. It’s less a formal photo and more family photo.

        True. I think many are assuming because of how little WK work that George will be just as hidden. If the parents stay out of sight so will child.
        Although, didn’t Estelle have an instagram established within her 1st year? The RF would release photos through it. Even Estelle with her cousin. Too cute.
        That George’s photos only come out from a pap stroll or to divert attention from bad press takes away from the cute baby photos. They appear more self serving and pawn like. IMO anyways.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Thanks, FLORC. I think Estelle was introduced on a balcony when she was an infant, and she appeared at Victoriadagen (Victoria’s birthday celebration) starting when she was a few months old. They’ve gotten her used to the crowds almost from day one.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        The children are always with their parents on the balcony, even as infants but I don’t really count that as interacting with the public. It was fun to see the footage from Greenland last night in TV, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella are quite the pros when interacting with the public at age 10 and 7. From that documentary I also learned the QMII apprently is quite popular in China of all places! Then again, they do like H.C. Andersen’s fairy tales a LOT.

      • FLORC says:

        Regarding babies on balconies. It is a type of interaction. It’s sensory. The will see the crowds, height, hear the noises and such. It’s not much, but as a recuring event it becomes something safe and normal for the child. Imagine not seeing that type of view until you’re 5 or 6. That can be shocking. It’s a type of exposure. 1 pebble of a mound.

    • LAK says:

      B: me too.

      She’s so adorable. And I love her side eye and occasional imperiousness.

      Most importantly I love how well behaved she is in public. Do you remember how bratty William was in public? I think the first time I truly judged him was at Sarah/Andrew’s wedding. All the other little kids were well behaved and William was being a brat.

      I suppose nothing has changed really.

      • bluhare says:

        I remember William and Sarah and Andrew’s wedding. He was funny — blowing trumpets with his program and all that — but if were his parent I’d have been mortified. I remember William being a PITA at Harry’s christening too. I’m actually surprised Charles tolerated it, being as stiff as he’s supposed to be!

        I picture William at that age and Estelle at her engagements in her own little chair. Quite a difference and she and WIlliam are in the same position too.

    • notasugarhere says:

      This is the second year Estelle’s been at the presentation of the firs. They’re getting her used to royal duties early.

    • LadySlippers says:

      I think all the Scandinavian Royal Families are much more laid back and less stuffy than the British Royal Family (and the BRF isn’t the only stuffy & formal RF either). So it’s not just one couple or one thing that keeps the BRF seem stiff and unapproachable — it’s a combination of things.

  13. Luise says:

    This is an adorable family. Their relationship is real and not fake like that of Prince William and Duchess Kate. You can tell that they love each other and their darling little girl. I love this.

  14. Mrs darcy says:

    I found a part of the translation cute

    Crown Princess Victoria: “What does Santa say, when he comes?”
    Princess Estelle: “Ho ho ho. There are some nice children in here”

  15. M says:

    They talk about Santa and what he says to the children “ho ho have you’ve been sweet .” Otherwise, they talk about where the christmas ornaments should hang on the tree. At the end they say Merry Christmas.

  16. Aminta says:


  17. trishy says:

    Thanks for posting this Kaiser! I never tire of this royal family. They seem way more grounded and normal than Wills and Kate could ever pretend to be.

  18. INeedANap says:

    Princess Estelle is cute as a button!

    As a completely superficial aside, you can tell that Princess Victoria married her trainer. She is in fantastic shape and looks slammin.

    • Lucy says:

      Word! And obviously, he doesn’t look bad at all either. Ah, men with glasses…

    • lower-case deb says:

      and he’s a great speaker too! that Christmas video led me to his wedding speech video.

      it’s still one of the sweetest thing, up there with the speech made by Haakon of Norway!

      • bluhare says:

        I actually got a bit misty watching that, deb. I don’t know how Victoria held it together!

      • lower-case deb says:

        @bluhare, he has good comedic timing to be an orator. 🙂 his father is even a better speechgiver, and seems like an upstanding citizen! i just think that the grandparents factor is crucial in Estelle’s upbringing too.

        plus, i love how his mom and dad misted over a little when he thanked them.

      • notasugarhere says:

        They seem very close and Daniel owes his father his life. Mr. Westling donated a kidney to Daniel before the wedding. No news on why Daniel was facing that health issue — but it was made clear it wasn’t genetic.

  19. Reece says:

    Too cute!!

  20. vauvert says:

    So adorable! I want that dress for my niece (same age and same cute blond little face), does anyone know what /where/ who makes it?
    Love how they are doing things, both press wise and raising their beautiful little girl, who seems a perfectly normal three year old (white and red and prints and smiles, note to “reality stars” who think they’re the height of fashion dressing their kid in black netting and leather leggings, yuck.)

    • m says:

      Her dress is from the Ralph Lauren children’s label

    • notasugarhere says:

      Well, I’ve learned my new thing for the day. There are multiple tumblrs dedicated to Estelle and her fashion. One of those sites says it is Ralph Lauren Reindeer Knit Sweater Dress (2010 collection), and there is a catalog picture of it.

      Quick search. No links are getting through. Closest I found on the RalphLauren website is the Ruffled Snowflake Dress or a bright red reindeer dress. You could try searching that site by “ruffle” “peplum” “snowflake dress” for other ideas. On etsy, I found a used RL gray cable-knit dress — plain but it has the cute double ruffle. Search “ralph lauren gray ruffled”

      • FLORC says:

        Haha! Estelle has so many fashion and royal sites covering her already! Also, her faces. Her side eye is epic.

    • puffinlunde says:

      According to the Swedish press Estelle is wearing a Ralph Lauren knitted dress

  21. PJ says:

    Yay! More Princess Estelle is always welcome 😄 ITA: This little lady just seems FULL of personality and joy and it’s very clear that her parents make spending time with just hanging out and having fun with her-despite what I’m sure are her mother’s insane schedule of royal duties-their priority ❤️

    Victoria and Daniel, though undoubtedly privileged-appear to be genuinely in love (they-gasp-hold hands and openly kiss at public functions!) and leaps and bounds more well adjusted and down to earth in comparison to *cough* certain other incredibly stodgy young somewhat newly married European royal couples…

  22. GingerCrunch says:

    In my next life I want to be a Scandinavian child!

  23. kri says:

    God, she is so cute! They seem really lovely. And happy.

  24. murphy says:

    I’d love CP Victoria to have another baby just because Princess Estelle is just so darn adorable, and she has been from the first time she was out in public!!

  25. Amy says:

    Aww she is too cute! I think she’s a mix of both parents but it seems she’s inherited Daniel’s serious face which is super cute. Daniel doesn’t come across as stern but his natural resting face is on the serious side and Estelle’s face rests the same way I’ve noticed. If anybody speaks Swedish, it would be nice to know what she is babbling about (probably the Christmas decorations but I love watching little kids speak in foreign languages).

    • M says:

      They talk about Santa and what he says to the children “ho ho have you’ve been sweet .” Otherwise, they talk about where the christmas ornaments should hang on the tree. At the end they say Merry Christmas.

  26. Hazel says:

    They are my favourite royal couple and Princess Estelle is such a cutie pie.

  27. (Original, not CDAN) Violet says:

    Thanks for posting this! They’re such a lovely, down-to-earth family. Not understanding a word of Swedish, the whole thing does seem like a charming Ikea commercial, but it’s very clear that Victoria and Daniel are loving and engaged parents. From the way they interact, I get the real sense that they are hands-on parents in a way few royals are, and that little Estelle is thriving.

    • lower-case deb says:

      @not CDAN Violet 😉
      my thoughts too! their sitting room is so… normal. it’s not olde-worlde standoffish thing i have come to associate with palaces, but really something i envision a family, any family can fit in.

      until you see the honking great chandelier in the ceiling.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      I actually get the impression that most of the European RFs are quite hands on – the Scandinavians certainly are, those are the ones that I know most about. The BRF has always been more stuffy and the other RFs – who changed a lot after WWII. It has always seemed to me that the BRF is stuck in some odd little time-pocket.

  28. Royal fun says:

    If you want to see more from The Nobel Prize awards, look here, with the whore Royal family of Sweden again in their best dresses…. and with all the beautiful “bling, bling”.