Amy Adams was kicked off ‘Today’: did she refuse to discuss the Sony Hack?


Amy Adams was in NYC earlier this week to promote Big Eyes, which comes out on Christmas Eve in many theaters. Big Eyes is directed by Tim Burton and being distributed by The Weinstein Company. I kind of wish Harvey Weinstein would put some time and money behind Amy’s Best Actress campaign rather than focusing all of his attention to Benedict Cumberbatch, but that’s neither here nor there. The point I was trying to make is that Big Eyes is not a Sony project. It has nothing to do with Sony and the film was not affected in any way, shape or form by the Sony Hack. So, obviously, when Amy Adams went on the Today Show, all they wanted to talk about was the Sony Hack?

The Sony Pictures cyber terror attack has made everybody punchy. Amy Adams is in New York to promote the Tim Burton-directed Big Eyes, and after hosting Saturday Night Live, she stayed to do an interview segment on Today. I’m told that the attempt ended with the show pulling the segment, and left the Big Eyes star feeling sad-eyed by the way she was manhandled. All because she wasn’t comfortable answering questions about a Sony Pictures hack attack that had nothing to do with her.

I’m told that Adams stayed in New York an extra day to do the Today booking, but just before, her team was told she would be asked about the Sony attack. She came to the set, and again a producer told her she would be asked. She replied that she would prefer to avoid the subject, given this was a four-minute interview. But she was told that Today is a news organization — something that was said as they engaged in a segment about dog grooming in which a hound was having its teeth brushed — and she was told no one dictates their interviews.

Meanwhile, Today had done a previously taped segment with American Sniper‘s Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood, and didn’t ask them — even though Cooper starred with Adams (both got Oscar noms) in the Sony-distributed American Hustle. That film showed up in stolen emails and stories were built over the actresses, Adams and Jennifer Lawrence, making less money than their male counterparts.

Adams didn’t refuse to answer the question and she didn’t balk, I’m told. Prepared to explain away a scandal she played no role in, Adam was seen live in the orange room, just before she was to be interviewed. But the show bounced her, pulling her segment and completely wasting her time. Adams doesn’t have a diva rep, but either way she was prepared to answer, said insiders. It sounds like the show treated her much the way that Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz) did her character Margaret Keane in Big Eyes. Which, she might have gotten to mention had the Today crew been a little nicer, opens Christmas Day through The Weinstein Company. Now they are spinning it to the Daily News that Adams was at fault and behaved like some kind of hellcat, but it sounds to me like it was the Today gang that behaved boorishly. Hard to imagine they would have treated Angelina Jolie that way, but then again her film that goes up against Big Eyes, Unbroken, is backed by Today‘s sister movie company at NBCUniversal.

[From Deadline]

Um, what the hell? Now that I’ve read the whole thing… I can see why the Today Show might have wanted to ask her a few questions specifically about American Hustle and what the Sony Hack revealed about the pay inequities, but I think it’s interesting that they didn’t ask Bradley Cooper any questions about that when he was on. And besides, I believe that Amy would have taken the Sony Hack questions and answered them in a simple, non-committal way. The Today Show producers just sound like such d-bags here.

Anyway, The Weinstein Company and the Today spokesperson both released statements:

The Weinstein Company statement: “We firmly stand behind Amy Adams. We’ve been lucky enough to have had her talents grace several of our films. We are certain her fellow actors and directors would all agree, she is nothing but the consummate professional both on and off set. Amy decided to speak up for herself and express her disappointment that Today would feel the need to ask her a question she did not feel comfortable , and rather than respect her opinion or continue the discussion, the reaction was to pull her appearance from the show.”

The Today Show spokesperson: “As a news program, the Today show doesn’t allow guests to dictate restrictions on interviews. In this case, after hours of discussion we felt uncomfortable with the demands being made and we determined the best course of action for all parties involved was to cancel the interview.”

[From Deadline]

“…After hours of discussion…”? Good God, how long did they have her in that waiting room? And answer me this, Today Show: why didn’t Bradley Cooper get the same line of questioning? Anyway, I totally believe Amy’s side of things.


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  1. Rachel says:

    Maybe they wanted to ask her about the abuse rumors from the set. Cooper wasn’t involved in that. Either way I can’t imagine Amy acting in the way described.

    • jinni says:

      Yeah, I figured they wanted to know about Bale having to step in and stop David O Russell from giving Amy a hard time.

    • Tristan says:

      Amy Adams is pure talent & pure class! It is disgusting that an artist of her stature would be treated like that by anyone

      • Anthea says:

        Agree. It’s a shame they didn’t show her segment, I’m always interested in hearing what movies she’s working on because I find her work quite interesting. It’s a shame they wanted to make her segment about something else to be honest

      • FLORC says:

        She really is. And she’s transitioned well into a highly respected actor that can do more than those cutesy roles.

        I would have loved to hear her responses.

        And Today doesn’t let guests dictate restrictions on interviews? Since when? They wouldn’t get half the big guests they have had without that being the case.
        Today Show is more of a joke now.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I feel like this is a HUGE misstep on Today’s part. Amy Adams is very likeable. People respect her for her art house films, but mainstream America also fell in love with her with Enchanted. It isn’t like Today was giving Ariana Grande a check…this is Amy Adams. Today seems like a bully.

      • mom2two says:

        Agreed. Amy Adams does not have a diva-ish rep. Why should she have to waste her time discussing the Sony hack when she is there to promote her movie, which has NOTHING to do with the Sony hack. This is fail on the Today show.

    • Angela says:

      Wait, what? This is the first I’m hearing of this. Man, when Christian Bale has to get in your face to get you to stop being an ass… you need to reconsider your life choices.

    • Mia4S says:

      Bingo. It’s Amy’s choice if she wants to make any comment and it’s awful that she’s the one put in that position. Wow if it’s true David O’Russell is worse than I thought and the studio looks like crap for letting it go on. It’s lovely and admirable if Christian Bale did indeed defend her and put a stop to it, but he shouldn’t have had too!

      • noway says:

        As far as David O’Russell I don’t know that I believe that with Amy, mainly I think David O’Russell’s intensity and inappropriate behavior previously is just being replayed to others who don’t like him. I have always had the feeling he has extreme OCD or some mental issues, not that that excuses anything.

        My reasoning with Amy is on the Tonight Show she was talking about her nervousness and social anxiety and she said she would sing to herself to calm down. Which she said was hard to do on set so she would go in a corner to sing, and David O’ Russell during American Hustle asked what are you doing, and she told him she did this to calm down. He said does it work? She said yes, and she said that from then on when they would get stressed they would sing Dream a little Dream. It was a cute story and it does seem to me that they are both kind of intense creative people, along with Bale, who manifest their anxieties in different ways and that she identified with him.

        Conversely he could be a total abuser who hasn’t changed a bit, but we will see if these actors that are in his films come back. I think Bradley Cooper, Deniro, and Jennifer Lawrence are set to do another one. Also, it was nice to see some good press for Bale about this sticking up for her.

      • lucy2 says:

        I’ve never heard her say a bad word about him, and she’s chosen to work with him twice now. But maybe things on the second one didn’t go so well, and he doesn’t have the best reputation. I’ll be curious to see if she decides to ever work with him in the future.

    • Delueth says:

      What abuse? David ORussell is insufferable so nothing you say would surprise me.

      I do think if it was regarding the pay issue she should have said something regardless of whether the boys were fielded the same question. But I am from the Sheryl Sandberg school of thought, do not demure when an opportunity to highlight an injustice is presented. There are smart ways to phrase it but for goodness sake you are the victim, dont run as if you have be ashamed of.

      • lisa2 says:

        But here’s the problem.. All these women are going to continue to work for O’Russell..and talk about how amazingly he portrays women in film.


        Amy seems very nice and someone that likes to walk the line and not upset the apple cart. I wish more women would be less inline.

      • Kate says:

        @Lisa2, I think Amy is very smart about her career. Not everyone has to be loud to get attention and make a difference. This was illegally obtained info. She literally can’t comment on it. We have no idea how she is responding to this behind the scenes. Knowing her, it’s savvy and shrewd.

      • lisa2 says:

        I was not attacking Amy.. and never questioned her being smart about her career.

        I find her very measured. That she tries not to offend in anyway. And no everyone does not have to be loud. But I just don’t see her standing up for herself. I am just stating my opinion and observation. Not as a point of fact; because as you say I don’t know how she deals behind the scenes.

      • Kate says:

        @Lisa2, I think the problem here is she ::did:: stand her ground. And now NBC is painting her as a villain for it. Wonder if they would paint a male celeb the same way?

      • Bridget says:

        At this point everyone just knows to expect David O. Russel to be a complete and total jerk. He was briefly contrite with The Fighter (because he’d nearly lost his career at that point) but once he saw any success he went back to his same old behavior. THe problem isn’t just the actors and actresses who put up with it because his films are a good bet for Academy recognition at this point, so much as how he treats the crew who don’t have nearly the same clout and influence.

    • Kate says:

      They put her in a terrible spot. That information was obtained illegally.

      Also, yeah let’s take a woman who suffered abuse at the hands of a man and then humiliate her about it on national TV and then throw her out when she doesn’t want to comment on it. Screw you, Today.

      • Delueth says:

        You are missing the point, this could have been a major opportunity to reclaim that dignity.The fact tha Hollywood underpays the women is not her shame, its theirs. And she could have atleast made that clear. But I suspect she wouldnt dream of being anything other than agreeable, like most women actually. She didnt want to stand up because she doesnt want to rock the boat. Its her right. But its also sad, yet another wasted opportunity to dent that glass ceiling

      • Kate says:

        @Deleuth, no I’m not missing the point. You are. I’m an attorney. This info about her abuse was obtained illegally. These women are very limited on what they can say about the leaks. We have no idea what contracts they have in place or what they have signed. We don’t know what deals have been struck.

        She can’t comment on illegally obtained info in a puny 4 minute interview with a show like Today. There are legal ramifications to this that are beyond the scope of this.

        Painting her as “agreeable” when we have no idea the legal issues in play just puts her right back in an unfair situation. And now sags got NBC painting her as “aggressive” bc she was angry about it. This is a cycle of sexism.

      • T.C. says:


        I doubt it has anything to do with legal issues afterall both Amy Pascal and Aaron Sorkin addressed what they wrote in those emails. But for Amy (Angie and Lawrence) they would have to deal with emails talking about either nasty stuff written about them, or the usual pay inequality and abuse of actresses. You just can’t talk about stuff like that in a public forum or you get blackballed by Hollywood. You have to deal with it behind closed doors with your agent’s help.

        The Today show is the same show that asked AnnE’s about her beaver flash on national TV in the morning when she was there to talk about Les Mis. Thankfully AnnE made Matt Lauer looks like a pervert for even asking her that question when she was only there to promote her film in a short segment. Same with asking January Jones about her pregnancy when everyother news interview had the decency to not go there. They have a history of being trying to bring up trashy stuff with actresses.

    • Alex says:

      I was going to say the same thing. She probably wants to stay on DOR’s good side. I can’t believe women even work with him because this is not the first time he’s berated an actress on set to the point of tears. Just google this guy if you want to know how much of an asshole he is.
      It why I hope after this movie (which sounds stupid) Jen will run far away from this guy. She keeps doing these old roles with the same cast over and over. I want Amy to get away from him too. I’m a fan of both these ladies and they deserve to work with a director that doesn’t treat women like crap. I mean one of the sony emails was about how unstable this guy is. Awful

  2. Kiddo says:

    Wasn’t the Today show one of the stops on the Pedophilia Puff piece non-apology tour?

  3. Tateru says:

    NBC pulls no punches. NBC does not bow when it comes to hard hitting journalism.
    I’m sure they stuck to their guns and then aired a Pippa Middleton correspondent report instead.


  4. Ag says:

    so, what i’m getting is that lauer wanted her number and she refused to give it to him?

  5. Amy says:

    Tbh though…and I agree it’s problematic that they didn’t ask her male co-stars…she and Jenn are the ones being paid significantly less.

    This is what’s sad about the corporate world. You have to play the game, smile, be polite and follow the routine and will probably still end up screwed.

    She was huge in that film and to find out how much smaller her paycheck is simply because she was a woman? Then to not be able to comment on it so as not to ruffle any feathers? It makes me think not much will change in terms of income disparity at the studio, partly because I don’t see who will make it enough of a public issue that Sony is forced to do something.

    • Bridget says:

      She was also there to promote her own moviewhich has nothing to do with the Sony hacks. They could have asked her and she would have simply said she didnt feel comfortable asking. And she made the right call – even if it was ridiculous that she was paid less, what was she going to do, complain about it on the Today Show? Amy has a reputation of being a complete professional.

      BUT this could ultimately be a good thing. No one’s talking about Big Eyes, and The Today Show NOT putting Amy on makes way more news than her doing a 4 minute segment.

    • Kate says:

      @Amy, here’s the problem though: the info about the pay disparity was obtained illegally which puts her in a terrible spot.

      She was screwed over and I’m furious on her behalf. I hope she fights like hell. I hope Warner Bros is paying her through the nose for staying in the Superman franchise. But she can’t comment on this on the Today show of all places in a 4 minute interview. Wrong time and place. Illegally obtained info.

  6. Courtney says:

    I’ve never heard of Amy acting like anything but a consummate professional. The Today show on the other hand….

    • anne says:

      yeah, she’s lovely. I appreciate the Weinstein Company backing her so firmly in that statement. Good for them. Sounds like a temper tantrum at Today.

  7. Lori says:

    The Today show is run and anchored by Arseholes. Team Amy. I hope she gets the Oscar and then refuses to talk to them. Suck it Matt Lauer.

  8. Amanda says:

    First of all is the Today show really trying to sell it self as a “news” organization?

    Second Amy was only going to be on the show for 4mins and was there to promote her movie. Asking a question about Sony (which is their right) would have taken time away from what she was actually there to do. She asked if they could not because she wasnt comfortable and not what she was there to do. When they kept pushing she agreed but they probably knew she wasnt going to give them an actually answer, probably a no comment or something, so because they werent going to get their way they canceled her. It’s complete bullshit. She didnt refuse to answer she just wasnt going to play their game. And I love the reports of how she made a female employee cry. I mean I dont know Amy but come on.

    It’s probably for the best though I mean Amy and her movie are probably getting more publicity from this then they would have from the 4mins interview.

    • Santolina says:

      “First of all is the Today show really trying to sell it self as a “news” organization?”

      LOL ^^This^^

    • Rachel says:

      Amen. Dear Today Show, this may be hard for you to accept… but you are NOT a news organization. There. I said it.

      • anne says:

        Thank you. Hardly. They are just playing the “news organization” card to win their point. It’s a baseless claim at this point.

  9. scarf girl says:

    Team Amy. Is The Today show still relevant? Asking honestly. Never home in the morning to watch it, and never hear retired relatives discuss it (Mom was a Jane Pauley girl and never forgave them for Norville and she dislikes Lautner )

  10. Kemper says:

    Just another reason for me to not watch the today show. They don’t report real news anymore. They air crap fluff pieces that focus more on internet junk and misc stories. Even the reporters appear to be vapid and annoying. Jenna Bush, please!?!

  11. Connie says:

    The Today show being unprofessional? Color me surprised. I have serious side eye for them not bothering Cooper but being jerks to Amy.

  12. Angela says:

    The Today show is so messy these days. Why go up against Amy Adams? She’s got a great rep and the Sony hack has nothing to do with her except in the most tangential way – and even that angle they should have covered and been done with a week ago. This is the Kathy-Lee-and-Hoda-get-drunk-at-10-AM show, not 60 Minutes. Matt Lauer is the diva here.

    • j.eyre says:

      I would like it if the Weinstein Company would step up even further here, although the first statement is pretty good. For the Today show to have released something like this is in such bad taste. Going after Amy Adams for politely declining from answering a question is not going to cement them as a credible news source – this is a stupid tactic and I cannot wait for it to bite them in the tukas.

      And yes, when it comes to Amy Adams, I am willing to believe she was perfectly delightful without any recorded evidence


  13. lisa2 says:

    Maybe she was being “a spoiled brat”

    funny how that works.. I think this is another example of a woman getting sh*t because she dares to stand up and voice her thoughts or not want to do what MEN want her to do.. Such a shame that women are now supporting Amy but will turn and trash another woman because she has a voice too. I don’t get the difference. But then women are strange with their support.

    This is why women in Hollywood don’t have much power.

    and I find that statement The Today show issued very aggressive. I mean they are not a hard hitting news show. I would understand that coming from CBS.. mainly because the seem to be more serious. But when you have Matt dressing up as JLO and Al dressing as Pdiddy.. hardly the pictures of the “serious journalist”..

    Charlie Rose can pull that card..not these fools.

    • Kim1 says:

      I see Deadline had to name check Angie.It never fails

    • Kate says:

      What I find most offensive is that the illegally obtained info revealed that this woman was abused and treated unfairly. So Today’s response is to…bully her and humiliate her when she isn’t comfortable discussing the abuse —from illegally obtained sources—in a 4 minute interview???

      It’s like a cycle of sexism.

      • lisa2 says:

        yep.. but then the media has used the illegally obtained information about other celebs too; and have run with stories about them and defaming their character based on that information. But I note that some people thought that was fine.

        sad that we can’t be outraged all the time; not depending on who the celebrity is.

      • don't kill me i'm french says:


      • Bridget says:

        @Lisa2: the media itself didnt obtain the information, and considering that it’s accurate, true information they’re not under any obligation to protect the egos and reputation of individuals who have been behaving badly for years. It may be embarrassing, but its not defamation.

      • lisa2 says:

        @Bridget I didn’t say they obtained it in the sense they stole it. My point and I think you know it is that people use double standards in this situation. And whether someones OPINION of another person equals accurate is well not the point. And no the media is not required to protect anyone; but they are also not obligated to smear a person based on ONE individual’s opinion. That to me is defamatory.

        But then we don’t live in an age of Integrity in the Media anymore. Gossip has become the leading story in the NEWS/PRESS and we are all suffering for it whether we understand or see it; we are.

      • Bridget says:

        @Lisa2: these are the people that are creating our cultural touchstones. Their opinions might not reflect the truth, but what they think most definitely matters. The media’s obligation is only that what they’re publishing is accurate.

      • lucy2 says:

        OK you’re obviously talking about the Angelina Jolie story, no need to be vague about it.
        I think it’s two different situations, where the media is concerned. The media reported the content of the hacked emails, which included unflattering comments about Jolie – and Adam Sandler (ouch!) Michael Fassbender, President Obama, David Fincher, Kevin Hart, Adam Driver, and Aaron Sorkin. Maybe a few others too, I haven’t read all of it.
        in the Amy Adams situation, you have a media outlet not just reporting on the content, but trying to force someone to speak about it, when she agreed to go on to discuss a different topic, and then booting her from the show and trying to make it sound like she was being difficult.
        In the first situation, the media didn’t smear those celebs, the people who wrote the emails did. But in Adams situation, the Today Show itself, a media outlet, is directly trying to paint her in a bad light.

    • Santolina says:

      Good, let them show their true colors. Because of Amy Adams’ professionalism and credibility, this one backfired on those misogynistic, self-important clowns at the Today Show.

    • Dee says:

      Here is the answer to the question you are vaguely asking. Amy Adams is talented, she has a body of work to back her up and there have never been any stories of diva behavior from her. She was put in a bad position, and people feel sorry for her. I have always been a huge fan of Amy and I think she is a very talented and underrated actress. She doesn’t use her child or relationship for PR. Angelina is minimally talented. Her fans are fanatic and have been saying for years that she is the most powerful woman in Hollywood and can get anything she wants greenlit. She constantly uses her relationship and kids for PR, and has a carefully crafted image. She and her fans think that she is untouchable. I don’t think Rudin was being sexist towards her, I think he was annoyed that an actress who isn’t even that good at acting, and who has a career because she was very pretty and her dad is John Voight, was trying to undermine him. The emails, and yes they were illegally maintained, helped crack that facade of her being all powerful. Her super fans would never admit it, yes I understand. The info about Amy just proved how sexist Hollywood is and made me feel sorry for her. Amy has never crafted a BS all powerful savior image like the other one has.

    • pwal says:

      It’s ridiculous that when actresses act reasonable/professional in the face of masculine, entitled insanity, the actresses have to explain themselves…

      Good for Amy for not sinking to Today’s level.

  14. bettyrose says:

    Today is a “news” program? Someone said that with a straight face?

  15. The Original Mia says:

    Goodness, how much more unprofessional can the Today show be? If Amy Adams wants to discuss her movie and not the hack, then do her segment the way it was initially planned and move the F on. Goodness…and trying to pretend the Today show is this hard news show is laughable. Puhleeze!

  16. The Original G says:

    Sorry that happened to you Amy. Don’t worry. No one watches today, anyway.

  17. OrangeBlohan says:

    Matt Lauer is always so glib!! #teamAmy always!!

  18. bella says:

    i’m a today show regular, so this is disappointing.
    they wanted to grill amy about the dispartity in pay she and other actresses like jlaw receive in comparison to their male counterparts as revealed in those sony emails.
    to treat a respected actress, oscar nominee, with such disregard who sat whilst they battled and wasted her time is disgusting.

  19. Kate says:

    Team Amy. These women can’t win and it makes me sick.

    Imagine this predicament. Amy was the co-star of American Hustle. She carried that movie with Bale. Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence were the best thing in it. It was her low cut costumes that arguably got the most attention. She had 4 oscar nominations going into the film and the box office of Enchanted, The Muppets and Man of Steel (which had a crazy high female demo due to Adams and Cavill) behind her. Then it’s revealed—illegally—that she was paid less than freaking Jeremy Renner? The Avenger no one cares about? That’s awful and unfair. Then it’s revealed that she was abused on set by David O’Russell and that Christian Bale had to step in and protect her. Again, info obtained by illegal means.

    What is this woman supposed to do, Today??? This info was private and obtained illegally. She’s in a no win situation. If she complains she risks being painted as a diva or ” wanting too much” and risks being labeled “difficult” which is the kiss of death for women. This is a no win and Today put her in an awful position. Team Amy. I’m tired of these women having to shoulder the burden for this crap and bearing the entire load when they are the ones treated unfairly.

    • Bridget says:

      I agree. The Today Show isn’t the forum for her to discuss these issues, and for them to use an existing interview booking to push the subject is unprofessional.

      • Kate says:

        Right. Let’s take a woman who was a victim of sexism and….inflict more sexism.

        Screw Today. Mind you, there is zero doubt that this woman was treated unfairly by Sony and that David O’Russell is a terrible person. But this wasn’t the forum. It’s too serious an issue to try and ambush her in a 4 minute interview after the segment on dogs. That doesn’t actually provide real “news” about how to address this issue.

        I hope Superman and Batman find David O’Russell in a dark parking lot one of these days.

      • Mia4S says:

        @Kate, would you settle for Batman and Batman? If the story about Bale getting in his face is true he can team up with George Clooney who punched Russell on the set of Three Kings.

    • lunchcoma says:

      My understanding is that the differentials in points weren’t illegal.

      That being said, I join in the rest of the rant, and I’d add that Adams is there to promote her new movie. That’s her job, not commenting on what happened on set for a different movie a couple of years ago. Even if she did want to discuss American Hustle and the Sony hacks (and I’m sure she doesn’t), she wouldn’t want to do so during time that could be used to talk about Big Eyes.

  20. kri says:

    Wow. The Today show cutting Amy Adams’ segment is like…a pee-wee football team benching Tom Brady for too many touchdowns( sports metaphors are not my thing). What a bunch of tw3ts.

  21. Melanie says:

    I’m definitely on Amy’s side here. This just gives me one more reason not to watch the Today Show. Can someone please explain the abuse rumors regarding David O. Russell and Amy? I haven’t heard anything about that.

    • Mia4S says:

      Russell has been known to be abusive on sets.

      – go on YouTube and search David O’Russell and Lily Tomlin.

      – George Clooney punched him on the set of Three Kings for abusing extras (not a rumour, that’s admitted).

      – there’s a long-standing rumour he physically attacked Christopher Nolan at a party and had him in a headlock (made worse by the fact that it was pre-Batman when Nolan was young and had no power, now a days I imagine Nolan could have him killed)

      – Russell’s transgender niece filed a complaint against him for groping her. It was dropped.

      After all this he claimed to have reformed. The leaked emails say no. Among other things he allegedly was so verbally abusive (particularly to Amy) that Christian Bale had to get in his face and shut him down. Supposedly his relationship with Bale is now very strained….which makes he think highly of Christian Bale!

      • Melanie says:

        Thanks. I knew about all of the other stuff except for the incident with Christopher Nolan. It makes me wonder why Jennifer Lawrence would want to work with him again.

      • Jayna says:

        @Melanie, because he is a brilliant script writer and directs great movies. Many actors will put up with a lot to get cast in a great role.

        George Clooney is the only one that called him out big time and stood up for all the nobodies on set that suffered his abuse throughout the movie. Because of that and his horrible escalating behavior he didn’t work for a few years. He got The Fighter and was on the straight and narrow. Once he started becoming acclaimed again his behavior has escalated again. He might have treated everyone on set okay in Silver Playbook Linings. Then he won the Oscar. Back to his old behavior in the next movie, which is abusive to those he targets

      • Melanie says:

        @Jayna, brilliant is a matter of personal opinion. Of course , I’ve only seen two of his movies, but I wouldn’t call either brilliant. And, he hasn’t won an Oscar yet. He’s only been nominated.

  22. Ginger says:

    One more reason why I don’t watch all of these crappy morning shows.

  23. EM says:

    I’m with Weinstein and Adams on this. What on earth could she have discussed in a 4 minute segment? Why didn’t they ask the male actors? Why her? I think she is in precarious situation to discuss it, considering the underhanded way the pay discrepancies were (considering Adams’ Oscar nominations, etc), for a male actor like Renner to be paid more (WTF? How did this guy become an actor?) and the morning show knew it and tried to squeeze it for all it was worth.
    All up, the morning show, like most similar shows, being chauvinistic as usual.

    • Kate says:

      Did you see that NBC is labeling her “aggressive” now for being angry?

      Sexism 101. Shut a woman down by painting her as difficult.

    • The Original Mia says:

      I hope Weinstein blocks his actors from appearing on the Today show for this crap.

      • EbethK says:

        LOL — That would require Weinstein to have some type of human reaction. The response he gave just provided more attention to his movie rather than a sincere defense of one of his actors. As for the future, he would NEVER not whore out his actors.

        I adore Amy, and she was right on this issue, but she is going to work with DOR again in the Jennifer Lawrence movie, Joy, so she either didn’t mind the abuse or it was exaggerated. He is an ass, so it’s believable. Bale is a good guy who receives a lot of crap for one event, but he is low key and doesn’t play with the Hollywood circle.

        As for NBC and the Today Show, I’m glad they are catching the crap they are as that show has become unbearable.

  24. Janurary2015 says:

    Amy Adams has always been very classy. I do not believe the Today Show’s side of the story for one second!

  25. Jayna says:

    Would they have kicked off Bradley Cooper?

    • lisa2 says:

      nope.. but they didn’t ask Bradley about the Sony Hacking.. they asked him about not getting a GG nomination; nothing about Sony. They didn’t ask Clint about the SH either..

      I think these shows are so desperate to get any celebrity remotely connected to the Sony Hack to answer questions. Amy was the person they decided to hit with it.

  26. Rhiley says:

    I hate the Today Show, and the mention of the dog grooming perfectly sums up the hacks that work there. Team Amy all the way!

  27. lunchcoma says:

    I feel bad for her, and I completely understand her reasons for not wanting to be asked those questions. She could have given non-committal an answers, but between the hack itself, her salary, and allegations of Russell treating her badly, that could have taken up the entire 4-minute interview. She’s there to promote her current movie, not to be a spokeswoman for Sony.

  28. Dee says:

    Here is the answer to the question you are vaguely asking. Amy Adams is talented, she has a body of work to back her up and there have never been any stories of diva behavior from her. She was put in a bad position, and people feel sorry for her. I have always been a huge fan of Amy and I think she is a very talented and underrated actress. She doesn’t use her child or relationship for PR. Angelina is minimally talented. Her fans are fanatic and have been saying for years that she is the most powerful woman in Hollywood and can get anything she wants greenlit. She constantly uses her relationship and kids for PR, and has a carefully crafted image. She and her fans think that she is untouchable. I don’t think Rudin was being sexist towards her, I think he was annoyed that an actress who isn’t even that good at acting, and who has a career because she was very pretty and her dad is John Voight, was trying to undermine him. The emails, and yes they were illegally maintained, helped crack that facade of her being all powerful. Her super fans would never admit it, yes I understand. The info about Amy just proved how sexist Hollywood is and made me feel sorry for her. Amy has never crafted a BS all powerful savior image like the other one has.

    • lunchcoma says:

      Good grief. Does everything have to be about Angelina Jolie?

    • Mom says:

      Agree with you 1000%. Amy is a wonderful actress, going places. This reminds me of the NBC Paris Hilton interview. He went for the juggler and I guess it made the elfin-like journalist feel important. I think they need to get rid of some people at ABC, starting with Lauer. What’s the status on his horse ranch? Last I heard, the neighbors were blocking him big time. They have Amy’s meltdown on film and I will watch it. Whatever happened with Amy on film is just fine with me. No one should be abused on the job, whether it be jerk behavior, salary, boob grabbing, or anything else. All of the inspirational Christmas stories and we now have this. Shame on all of them.

  29. Green Is Good says:

    Off to Today website to flood their mailboxes with Team Amy support!

  30. serena says:

    What a bunch of scumbags! If that isn’t sexist enough I don’t know what to say..

  31. perplexed says:

    I think it would be difficult to answer a question like this in a sound-bite. One’s words could be easily misconstrued or taken out of context. Maybe she’d be willing to answer the question if Charlie Rose was the one asking and not Matt Lauer with his weird condescending tone.

  32. Lux says:

    Amy is one of those actresses that I really want to like, but just don’t.

  33. Meg says:

    sexist to give the females in the cast lower money for the film now it’s sexist to not ask bradley cooper about it then insist on amy talking about it-but people roll their eyes when you bring up sexism today

  34. Goodwolfe21 says:

    This story is maddening and just one more strike against the “Today Show”, further proving their lack of professionalism. Amy is always pleasant and the consummate professional every time that I’ve seen her in interviews or other public appearances. Considering her body of work, there is not a better actress in films today, yet you have never seen stories accusing her of diva-like behavior. Look at her range of work including everything from Junebug, Enchanted, Doubt, The Fighter, The Master, Her, Man of Steel to American Hustle, etc. She owns every diverse character she has created in a wide and impressive range of roles. There are also far too many examples of arrogance surrounding the Today Show and how they treat not only guests but their own people. I don’t even need to know what her reasons were for preferring not to answer certain questions, as I trust her judgement that her reasons were valid. Definitely #teamamy. Amy 1, Today Show 0.

  35. Lizzy says:

    Team Amy Adams!!!! The best part about this is that she won’t comment on this story because she is the definition of class and grace.

  36. noway says:

    My favorite part of their response is We are a news show? Really since when?

    • perplexed says:

      Yeah, if it was some other organization, I could understand the need to defend their “serious news, therefore we must ask” hardline position on the issue, but since we’re talking about a show headlined by Matt Lauer…..

  37. familr says:

    “…After hours of discussion…”?

    – It common for publicist to outline what can and cannot be mentioned during an appearance. The Today Show is big enough to tell people to f-off.

  38. lil says:

    I dunno, I think it’s childish to refuse such questions… on air, you can say you’re not comfortable with it, it’s not your place to comment- and make the host look like a d-bag if they insist. But the hacks are a huge topic- Adams and B-Coops are totally different people… I don’t think one equals the other just because they were in the same movie. This all sounds dreadfully silly, but I side with the media being able to ask perfectly acceptable questions. It’s not like they are asking her about something super personal. I think it’s unprofessional to refuse to touch such a broad, serious discussion.

    • Kate says:

      Cooper is part of the convo bc it shows that once again the burden is put on those affected by sexism to always be ready to talk about it as opposed to the more privileged party. The fact that they said nothing to Cooper is damning.

      And again…she apparently said that she ::would:: answer it but give no real comment and they decided that wasn’t good enough so they booted her.

      The fact that this ::is:: such a serious topic is what makes Today so wrong. They tried to reduce a really serious issue to a sound bite.

  39. lucy2 says:

    The Today Show comes off horribly here. All Amy did was say she preferred not to answer questions on that topic – which I think is reasonable, given the legal complexities of it all, and not wanting to say something that would be reduced to a headline and probably twisted for web site clicks. To kick her off the show is just ridiculous.
    She has a great reputation, and certainly doesn’t need a third rate morning show to promote her career.

  40. Hello says:

    I cannot believe this made news. The Today Show bumped Amy Adams – so what! Dear Amy Adams you make millions of dollars and are an A-List actor. Get over it and get your priorities straight. Where’s the outrage at pay inequality? Come on!

    • Kate says:

      I think you miss the point. The fact that she is a millionaire—and is clearly aware of that—is why it’s really tacky for her to have to shoulder the burden to talk about this. You are asking her to talk about private details about her salary that were leaked illegally. A 4 minute convo on the Today show looking for a soundbite is not the venue to talk about something that serious.

      • Hello says:

        You did not read my post correctly. I never said she should discuss her salary.
        It’s really tacky that this is even news and that people like you are defending it.

  41. perplexed says:

    Honestly, I wouldn’t want to discuss this issue with Matt Lauer either.

    I’d probably choose one of those roundtable interviews instead to discuss the matter, as long as Charlize Theron isn’t sitting opposite me to interrupt.