Kim Kardashian can’t get pregnant, she’s been trying for the past 9 months


First things first: there were rumors that Kim Kardashian and Lucifer’s Homegirl are currently fighting and that Kim didn’t want to spend Christmas with her mother at all. But it seems like Kim and Kanye both turned up to Kris Jenner’s Christmas brunch (or whatever. Brittny Gastineau Instagrammed some photos – go here to see. Kim did not IG anything, which says to me that Kim still has issues with her mom.

As for Kim and Kanye… well, I’m sort of surprised that Kanye was actually around for his family this Christmas. He’s spent A LOT of time away from his wife and daughter this year, I’m just saying. And Kim has spent the past six months telling everybody that she wants to get pregnant again… and she still isn’t. TMZ says that Kim’s doctors are now telling her that she might not be able to have another baby.

Kim Kardashian is upset for a very good reason … as hard as she’s been trying, she can’t get pregnant. Kim has been very open with friends and family … she and Kanye have been trying to have another baby for the last 9 months but nothing has worked. Kim has been to fertility doctors, but they’ve made it clear … having another baby is a long shot.

Turns out North West was a miracle baby … she had 3 specialists tell her she couldn’t get pregnant before North was conceived.

Kim and Kanye assumed the second baby would be easier since it worked once, but the doctors are telling her that’s not the case. We’re told Kim is trying to reduce her stress and cut down on traveling … per doctor’s advice… We’re told Kanye has been to almost every doctor’s visit … Kim goes once a month.

[From TMZ]

Yeah, I would think that conceiving a second child would be easier after giving birth to North, although if you remember, Kim’s pregnancy was fraught with drama and North was several weeks premature. I’m sort of side-eyeing this after-the-fact explanation for why Kim and Kanye spend so much time apart these days, like Kim doesn’t travel to Paris to see her husband because “doctor’s orders.” I also sort of doubt that Kanye really is going with Kim to all of these doctors’ appointments. But whatever. I do feel sorry for Kim because I do think she genuinely wants another baby. I’m sure there are fertility treatments though. Here’s hoping, Kim!


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  1. bammer says:

    She needs another accessory.

    • Nemesis says:


    • mn says:

      natural selection

    • Nicole says:

      What? Really. This is your response to someone you don’t like struggling with fertility issues? Is it proof of god and natural selection when other people have this issue? She seems like a loving mom. Her kid seems happy and well cared for. Maybe save the judgment and nastiness for people who are actually hurting other people.

      • denisemich says:

        I don’t believe she is struggling with fertility issues. I really wanted them, Kim and Kanye, to last. However, this story comes the day after Christmas. Perhaps a Christmas that was horrible.

        Not all gossip has truth but perhaps they are having problems and decided to put another child on hold until they figure it out. A story of fertility problems saves face and there can be a slow breakdown of the marriage, if necessary.

        If this marriage ends quickly in divorce, I think Kim should go to therapy. She doesn’t seem equipped to deal with real life and that is sad. All of Kanye’s issues seem obvious, I can’t imagine he was dishonest in his crazy.

      • Nicole says:

        There is gossip about these people every day, so I’m not particularly taken by the coincidence of dates that seems to have shocked you. Maybe the story is true and maybe it’s tabloid fodder. Either way, the responses above are mean-spirited. The implication that this mother fails to love her child is awful – especially since there is absolutely no proof and it’s a public declaration that her daughter may some day read. The implication that her fertility issues are a moral punishment is just gross.

        Consider that this marriage has produced a lovely child and is therefore worth supporting and, whether it ‘lasts’ or not, that it is in that way a wonderful success.

      • FLORC says:

        Don’t bother. They don’t like her so yea. They will mock her struggle and belittle it.
        And not all women realize it isn’t as simple as bedding your mate to have a baby. That’s not because they’re stupid, but rather not as informed. Some perfectly lovely and bright women blamed themselves after a few months of no pregnancy. It’s likely not a fertility issue, but the self blame, guilt can be the same. And the stress from that can only make matters worse.

        And it is awful. That there’s so much malice towards Kim and her child. The comments here got sick towards an infant because the malice held against the mother.

      • Janet Planet says:

        I second that, Nicole and FLORC. The comments here towards Kim K. are disgusting. So are the discussions about Jennifer Aniston. It’s unbelievable that people can harbour so much hatred toward strangers.

      • smcollins says:

        I agree that infertility is serious, and a heartbreaking experience no matter who you are, but look at the source. Kim and her family are not exactly the most credible people. Their penchant for sensationalizing every situation (or flat out fabricating it) is the entire foundation of their fame. Yes, the criticism can get really harsh and at times cruel, but lets not forget that their the ones who put their lives on display (whether real or made-up), thus opening the door for said criticism. I also agree that mean-spirited comments about North (or any innocent, defenseless child) are truly vile and unnecessary. But, honestly, how often do we really see that? Especially on CB. Most posters comment about how adorable she is, and yea, might throw in their doubts about how involved/hands-on Kim really is. But, again, given who we’re talking about can you really blame them?
        Just my two cents…..

      • Michelle says:

        Definitely just laying the groundwork for a surrogate so no one will call Kim out on her previous remarks about absolutely hating pregnancy, etc. They manufacture and manipulate situations. PMK must have learned from Kim’s busted do-over in the car in “Dubai” talking about Kris and divorce.

        Why anyone would believe them or give them the benefit of the doubt is pure stupidity at this point.

      • Hannah says:


        It’s not because they don’t like her, it’s because she has given everyone absolutely no reason to believe anything she says anymore. Many of her former fans feel stupid now for defending her in the past and more and more are feeling like this every day now. I agree no one should make fun of her daughter and people should be careful what they say, keeping in mind she might read all this when she grows up, but Kim is another story…And people shouldn’t make her feel bad about fertility problems (there is still a very slim chance it’s true) but it won’t be shocking in the least if the story isn’t true and you can’t blame anyone for thinking so, it’s simply the logical conclusion.

    • fritanga says:

      I guess the turkey baster isn’t doing it. Bets that she gets “outside help” soon.

      I think the business arrangement calls for two kids. But this is easily solved – a surrogate, lots of hush money, a Beyonce-like fake jelly belly, and then the attempt to co-opt Jessica Alba’s enormous success in online baby products. Imagine the black feather capes, lace-up Doc Martens and gold lame disposable diapers the Kartrashians will be flogging! So precious. ALL infant photo-op accesories will want to wear such shmattas.

      • Hannah says:

        @fritanga Oh no, I think you might be right…I say we start a preemptive boycott of any future products they might try to hustle (as well as current ones of course)…
        If the story is true, I feel kind of sorry for her even though she has always asked for negative attention and has never given us any reason to believe anything she says anymore. Assuming it’s true, she can’t expect anyone to believe her and feel sorry for her based on her past. A real life girl who cried wolf…Plus, shouldn’t she have learned by now that if something truly terrible IS going on in her life, she should keep it private because people will always make fun of her? That kind of makes me think it’s a fake story.

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      Poor Kim. i feel bad for her. I wish her the best.
      Fertility issues are heartwrenching.

    • says:

      Is her womb that rotten?

  2. lkaye says:

    don’t believe this story. this is the set up for a surrogate so she doesn’t have to get pregnant and ruin her body.

    • hadlyB says:

      This times a million. I don’t believe this story at all. Nope.

      But then what Kardashian story is ever true?

    • Visitor says:

      Totally. There is even an episode of KUWTK where she and Khloe visit a fertility specialist. The specialist literally tells Kim she is perfectly fertile. This story originated from TMZ, where some of the guys on staff are in love with Kim, and so they tend to buy whatever she Is selling.

      • AmyR says:

        Not to mention there’s no way she’s been trying for nine months. She and Kanye got married seven months ago. I cannot imagine Kim being okay with being pregnant at her wedding (for vanity reasons).

      • delorb says:


        Oh my gawd! For the first time I was beginning to feel bad for her. There are so many women out there who can’t conceive who now have to deal with this heathen using infertility as just a PR move. Do they have no shame? Jeez.

      • TeaAndSympathy says:

        I’ve never watched their show, Visitor, but don’t they actually need to be in very close proximity to make a baby? He’s spent so much time away from her and their daughter, and even when they are together seems completely uninterested in her, so, yeah, this story seems a bit suss. I’m also waiting for the surrogacy announcement.

      • Sarah says:

        @ Tea and sympathy. Yes, I was thinking that too. Kim and Kanye will have to be in the same country to get pregnant the “natural way”. And we haven’t seen a lot of that. Absolutely no shade to couples who have fertility problems. But K+K’s problem is that they are never together, so it’s a surrogate or bust.

    • JudyK says:

      You just posted EXACTLY word for word what I was going to say.

    • puffinlunde says:

      I agree – she’s laying the groundwork for a surrogate

    • jwoolman says:

      I agree. She was not told she couldn’t get pregnant before, that’s easily proven to be a lie. We have on film a doctor basically telling her the opposite. Kim is pulling out an old lie (an effort to hijack Khloe’s story line) in preparation for either a surrogate or just no second child at all. Liar, liar.

    • kri says:

      this times a zillion.

    • minx says:

      Exactly. I don’t believe any of this. The surrogate is probably already pregnant.
      She had a lot of surgery to shore up that body; she’s not going to submit herself to that again.

    • Jag says:

      I think it’s more that she HATED being pregnant, and then also that she doesn’t want to get fat again. She HATED being fat, too. So surrogate it is! Pillow baby in 3…. 2…. 1….

    • Relli says:


    • lukie says:

      I swear, I came on to say the exact same thing.
      She may want another baby accessory, but she has noooo desire to get knocked up again. She will use her egg, his sperm and someone else’s uterus forrrr sureee.

      • Kiki04 says:

        They may not even use his sperm! Wasn’t there a rumor out there they may go with his boyfriend’s sperm? This would make it even easier….

    • HatetheletterK says:

      This exactly.

    • Sea Dragon says:

      My first thought was: new storyline conceived (ha!) by her Pimp, nothing more. I think Kim’s talents are limited to feeling comfortable in front of the camera, taking direction well and contributing something creative once in a blue moon. Her Mother and her Mother’s support team, orchestrate the rest. That you took it one step further to conclude that we’re being set up for a surrogate announcement is both perceptive and, most likely, correct.
      What a sham family. It was probably written into Kanye’s contract that he be present for their Christmas gathering. I can’t wait for this new generation soap opera to be cancelled for good.

    • Sabrine says:

      I’d give it another three months then look into alternatives, IVF, surrogacy, etc. It might also help if Kanye was around more to get things moving. Infertility can be heart breaking, no matter who you are. I doubt there’s anything sinister in her attempts to get pregnant.

      • fritanga says:

        Sinister, no – completely calculated for maximum sympathy and attention, YES. Nothing which comes out of that revolting family can be taken at face value.

    • Kcarp says:

      Exactly what I was going to say. More power to her being pregnant suckkkkssss.

      She probably already had IVF and to put it politely I do not think her and Kayne actually have sex.

      Kayne sees himself as a “designer” and her and her huge ass is his muse. She’s art yall.

    • Miffy says:


    • nemo says:


    • Michelle says:

      Yep. She said she HATED being pregnant. There is no way she would get pregnant if she can just have a surrogate carry for her. She is too body obsessed to ever get pregnant again.

      • Miffy says:

        In her defense (so help me!), she had a crap pregnancy ending with preeclampsia and your big standard pregnancy is tough. Not to mention the absolute abuse she got in the media, I mean it was so acceptable to bash a pregnant woman for not knowing how to dress her ever expanding body even our beloved Robin Williams got in on the digs.

        She has the money and more than enough incentive for a surrogate but it would be nicer if she just came out and said it rather than try to capitalise on the real pain of real people with fertility issues.

      • K says:

        I hate to admit this, but as someone who has horrific pregnancies (HG, SPD/PGP, massive weight gain which just falls off without trying inside 3 months of the birth, then a range of post-partum prolapse issues after big babies took their extended time to arrive) I find it really, really hard to judge women who pay easy-prior-birthers huge sums to carry for them. Morally I know it’s not right, paying someone to take those risks, but pregnancy can be so awful for some of us, and if memory serves, NW wasn’t an easy pregnancy, was she? Didn’t she feel terrible, swell up like a balloon, and then have pre-eclampsia?

    • fritanga says:

      “Ruin that body?” True, a natural pregnancy will displace the silicone and injected fat in unsightly ways. Kartrashian’s body is a joke already, but I guess she will go to any lengths to preserve it, having spent so much money and time to “achieve” it. And, ugh.

  3. Tiffany27 says:

    I’m not a dr. so I don’t know for sure, but my friend was having trouble conceiving and she went on a vegan diet and got pregnant 2 months later. So I’m going to give it a try.

    • Jag says:

      Some studies are showing the GMO’s in the food supply is causing sterility in animals, and that it can do the same in humans. Going vegan usually entails eating more organic foods for most people, so that also might have something to do with it because a lot of organic foods are also non-GMO. If you do go vegan, please make sure you’re getting enough vitamin B12, because that’s one of the hard ones to get with a vegan diet. Best wishes!

    • Vee says:

      Please also watch the lotions, makeup, perfumes and cleaning products you are using. Most contain cancer causing toxins, hormone disrupters, etc. Best Wishes!

    • Tiffany27 says:

      Thank you! I’m going to try it out (I don’t eat much meat and I’m lactose intolerant anyway) for a couple of months and then we’re going to get to business. Thank you for the helpful information!

    • Trashaddict says:

      Ah, my favorite. The “N” of 1. It could just be the caloric deprivation had her lose weight to where her hormones were on target again. Don’t get me wrong, vegan is very good for you (yes, B12 and other nutrient advice is important). But since this is a pretty intelligent site, at least quote us a study with an N >1 or more than observational evidence to back it up.

    • cheryl says:

      Good luck with your new eating habits. You are likely to be healthier whether or not you get pregnant.

  4. Kiddo says:

    Is a life lived unwatched still a life?

  5. Tifygodess24 says:

    I think this is all a set up so she can use a surrogate. She hated pregnancy and I bet doesn’t want to mess with her body again considering the only thing she seems to actually care about is her looks. Not to mention It was originally Khloe who had the actual issues and then all of a sudden Kim jumped on the bandwagon during filming of the show.

    • Jag says:


    • hunter says:

      Her mother had six children (five sisters + Rob) her sister has had three children without incident, she’s had one and her own ob/gyn said she was healthy and fertile – I don’t buy her fertility issues BS.

      As for having North as a premie, I don’t buy the health issues for that either, she just wanted the baby OUT. Before she got bigger.

    • gooner says:

      Not just so she can use a surrogate, but so she can OPENLY use a surrogate (ie, no pillow baby) and flaunt her body the whole 9 months. Using the fertility excuse just makes it impossible for anyone to criticize her for being superficial… so she can keep being superficial.

  6. maeliz says:

    How could they be trying so much when they never seem to be in the same country together

    • jwoolman says:

      The doctors probably told her she couldn’t get pregnant if she stayed on birth control and her partner used a kondom… Or that she is unlikely to get pregnant if she hardly ever has sex. I can see Kim now, using a reverse rhythm method to make sure she’s not fertile on the rare times she and Kanye are in the same place at the same time!

      And not traveling on doctor’s orders? She didn’t do that when she was pregnant and claiming to be having problems. She’s such a liar.

      • swack says:

        Agree about the travelling while pregnant. If she had preeclampsia the doctor would have told her to stay off her feet as much as possible. I know as I went through it with my first child. I couldn’t even go watch my softball team play games (my husband was the coach), even though I would be sitting the entire time. The Dr knew it would raise my blood pressure. I was also told to stay off my feet as much as possible with them raised up. She delivered early not prematurely.

      • jasmine says:

        lol at kondom!!! omg

    • fritanga says:

      Not to mention not having sex with each other. Kanye is too busy getting some in Paris and NYC.

  7. Visitor says:

    I remember very clearly that there is an episode of KUWTK where Kim visits a fertility doc with Khloe. Doc tells Kim she is very fertile.

    Read somewhere else that Kim would prefer a surrogate to maintain her figure and how traumatized she was due to weight gain during pregnancy.

    In other words I’m not buying that this story is genuine. I think she is assembling the ground work for the public to sympathize with her when she announces she is having a baby through surrogacy. Just playing the PR fame game to prevent criticism of her choice to have a child through surrogacy.

    • Trashaddict says:

      It’s so sad that a woman has to put on a show like this as opposed to just saying she wants a surrogate. It’s potentially a win-win: some money for the surrogate and maybe they like the feeling of being pregnant, some engineering of a new kid, and the mom doesn’t have to lose the figure she banks on. It’s not my cup of tea, but our society is so into the earth mother thing that you pay a penalty for not being that way. It’s just another constriction on women’s ability to define themselves. She could actually be a great voice (I can’t believe I’m writing this) for use of surrogates and not letting motherhood be the only thing that defines you.

      • hunter says:

        I agree with your post except the last part – many would argue motherhood doesn’t start until after you have the baby, that “motherhood” is not the cooking of the bun so to speak but the raising of the child.

        In that case, ha ha – she certainly DOESN’T let it define her. Anyway, whatever, I think surrogacy should be more admitted/accepted as well.

      • Hannah says:

        She could be a great voice for a lot of things if you think about it…I always said if she was smart she could have at least marketed herself as a humanitarian and done good things for the world after releasing her sex tape, that way she would actually have some respect…but there is literally no defending this woman. Instead of using her money and publicity for good she is the epitome of vapid self-indulgence and a symbol of consumerism. Ugh. Maybe it’s her lack of education, i dunno…

  8. lisa2 says:

    I think this may be true.. ONLY because I saw her on some show say that she was told she could never have kids; then she got pregnant with North.

    There are other ways to have a child and they have a beautiful daughter.

    Just thinking.. maybe it is not Kim and Kanye doesn’t want more kids. Who knows

    • jwoolman says:

      You can’t believe anything Kim says. She lies about big things and little things and things in between. Even her family has admitted this on the show. She just says whatever she thinks will let her do what she wants and doesn’t even bother to keep her stories consistent or even realistically possible (such as her ridiculous stories about Nori). If one story isn’t believed or doesn’t have the planned effect, she keeps spinning new ones, hoping one will stick (we saw this behavior after she filed for divorce without bothering to tell her disposable husband). Pathological liars like Kim can cause a lot of damage. Many people like you have trouble believing anyone could lie so easily and so pointlessly about everything, but I’ve run into a couple in real life and they are downright dangerous when they start spinning tales about other people. One seriously damaged my relationship with my mother, all because of completely baseless lies that my mother’s friend overheard and relayed.

      • word says:

        @ jwoolman

        YES ! I have one or two like that in my own family. They have no shame with their lies and their lies never have even one ounce of truth. These people ruin relationships and don’t even care. They are horrible.

      • Christin says:

        Those of us who have met a pathological liar in real life know they exist. I knew one in high school that would spin tales about anything, including faking a pregnancy and abortion for sympathy (no kidding). No one could believe someone would make up such a serious story, but she apparently did. You could not believe a word she ever said.

        If you encounter someone like this in real life, get away ASAP, because eventually their story telling involves others and can be damaging.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Not to mention all the liars on web sites who invent sob stories for sympathy. They are absolute junkies for it. Even worse are the ones who raise money online for family members with nonexistent diseases. It’s so confusing out there….

    • Birdie says:

      She is the only one claiming it. A doctor on the show said she was fine and fertile.

  9. Red32 says:

    I wish she would stop this horseshit. It is so insulting to the people who do have problems.
    1. The dr on the show said she had no problems.
    2. I call bullsh*t on the three specialists. No fertility doctor is going to tell a 34-year-old she will never get pregnant after trying for less than a year. Unless she literally has no uterus.

    • Tiffany27 says:

      Agree on #3. Every doctor says it takes AT LEAST a year. You would only have to start worrying after 9 months if you were in your 40s.

      • Amanda_M87 says:

        What I’ve heard from my work (I work in a medical office) is they don’t refer women for fertility treatment under 35 years old unless they’ve been trying (actually trying not kind-of sort-of trying) for at least a year. If they are over 35 then it’s six months.

      • Shannon says:

        ^This is correct. I had an amazing doc for years who told me once I went off the pill it was a minimum of 1 year of trying before they would refer to a fertility expert in a woman under 35-37, depending on prior pregnancies. Otherwise it was about 6 months. When we moved I saw a new doc who said the exact same thing (but they added it could be a longer time if the couple was not actively trying during times of ovulation). I’ve had a lot of reproductive issues and once my husband and I decided to start trying I figured I would probably have some problems, but still have to see what happens in the next 7 months like any other person before a specialist can be considered. I’m not a doctor, but I’m always shocked when I hear stories like this where celebrities skip 10 steps ahead of us other people. I’ve never heard of someone being tested for fertility “just to check” (I remember the stories months ago about some doctor telling her her eggs were old or something ridiculous like that). Not to mention, if they’re hardly around each other but never having sex during that ovulation period that could make the wait even longer. My heart breaks for people who struggle with infertility, not for people who make a mockery of it.

    • Lisa says:

      There have been several studies showing the time it takes to get pregnant in healthy couples in determined by the MAN”S age only. The older your partner the longer, on average, it will take. The average time for a 4o year old man is a year and a half. The older your partner the more likely you are to have a miscarriage, as well. Age and male fertility have been grossly under researched because most male researchers refuse to do these studies. Several studies show sperm quality and fertility drop significantly around 35.

      • M.A.F. says:

        Was it earlier this year or last year where it came out linking the age of the man to autism? The older the man the higher the risk for autism in the child?

        There does need to be research to include the age of men when procreating and not just looking at the woman. It takes two after all.

    • Josephine says:

      Maybe she got rid of the uterus to lose weight and then forgot she took it out.

  10. Christin says:

    Why is this the first time we’ve heard this? She can’t even keep her stories straight.

    Instead of focusing on having a healthy baby, I can recall how she ran around in Spanx and whined about how hard the pregnancy was on her looks, etc.

    • mimif says:

      Wait, I thought that God was punishing her because she was so hot?

      • kri says:

        Shouldn’t God be punishing her plastic surgeons? That blo-face is the REAL sin here. Bad PS hurts my soul.

      • Christin says:

        Delusion runs deep with that entire family. Maybe that should be the season theme — how Kim is being punished. Her rear is drooping, her mother’s face is melting and her husband is only happy with his designer buddy.

  11. Nick says:

    I recall that there were several comments earlier this year that the next Kim storyline will be that she is having fertility problems & will need to adopt or get a surrogate.

    Well done commenters. Well done!

    • Hannah says:

      I was actually reading old comments on her extremely old posts and a lot of commenters were predicting everything she has done, she’s pretty predictable it seems…

  12. Palermo says:

    Like she would ever get pregnant again … getting fat is the worst thing imaginable for this airhead

  13. Amy says:

    It sounds awful but she strikes me as someone who barely wants the child she has, let alone another one.

    • FingerBinger says:

      I think it’s Kanye that wants children. Kim is just trying to give him what he wants.

      • maeliz says:

        Definitely Kanye that wants kids. She was always saying her pregnancy was tough. He was never there to see it. He’ll never be there for another. They never have time for their one kid, don’t make it worse by having more

      • word says:

        She said in an interview recently, she wants to have a son. She said if the next one is not a boy, she would have a third child in hopes of a boy. If a woman was really having fertility issues she would have said “I’d just be happy with another child, I don’t care if it’s a boy or girl”.

  14. Teri says:

    As serious as this subject is, I find this story hard to believe. Kim and her family have lied so much it’s hard to have sympathy for something as sensitive and serious as this. As for those photos of her, she looks to be photoshop in. It doesn’t look authentic or genuine. Plus, as reported, isn’t she supposed to be in Paris for the holidays?

    • Ag says:

      I agree – they appear to be unintentionally mocking people who actually do struggle with fertility, just for ratings, I assume? Gross.

      As this article said – K and her Kurrent Husband spend a lot of time apart. Perhaps they aren’t totally sure about how getting pregnant works. That, you know, you have to have sex to get pregnant. (That reminded me of my cousin and his ex wife. They had sex once or twice a year and complained about infertility. Ugh, ok.)

  15. Greek Chic says:

    This blue dress looks terrible on her.

    Why does she want another baby? She doesn’t spend much time with north so why having a second child? Only for magazine covers and instagram?
    Also, Kim k. has stress??? About what?

  16. Dawn says:

    Oh poor Kim all of a sudden she just can’t get pregnant but she could sure could when the chips were down and she was married to Kris Humphries. What was it that Kanye told the world again something like it only took four times and she was pregnant with little compass. This is just another lie to cover some sort of other thing she has going down, I don’t maybe like going to Dubai to make money in January. This story is as made up as if I were saying I am the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny. The Kardashian tribe as a whole should just be embarrassed at all the lies they tell but instead they just shrug their shoulders and move on to the next lie. What a nasty and evil family.

    • word says:

      Didn’t they tell everyone North was conceived in Italy? Now if you’re having fertility problems, how convenient that you just happen to get pregnant in Italy and timed it perfectly hmmm?

  17. RobN says:

    Can’t stand either of them, but on the off chance that it’s true, I’m willing to lose the snark, at least on this one issue. Having seen the toll that fertility issues can take on people, it seems kind of off limits.

    It’s not like there aren’t plenty of areas left with these two to have some fun.

    • Josephine says:

      Even if it is true, they clearly are willing to use it for PR purposes, as always. I find it sick.

      • Hannah says:

        I agree, the fact that such a private issue is being used to sell themselves is sick (assuming it’s true). And no one can give us that crap about how hard it is to keep things secret if you’re famous, the fact that Angelina Jolie, who is more respected, talented and famous than Kim could ever hope to be, hid her double mastectomy(!!!) from the world is proof enough for me that you can hide anything you want. It’s really not that hard if they could just keep their mouths shut.

  18. Anon33 says:

    I tend to be a Kardashian apologist but even I call bullshit on this. I have seen every episode and all that the doctor said was that in general, fertility begins to decline at age 30. Nothing specific about Kim nor did he even test her IIRC. Instead it was Khloe who was tested and then told she hadn’t even been ovulating!!!. I have no idea why they keep trying to push this storyline when it’s so easily proved false.

  19. Ang says:

    She’s a liar plus with all those injections she gets to her face and a$$ maybe they have effected her fertility . I call bullshit. She needs to enjoy the one child she has and cool it with the made up crap!

  20. pk says:

    She got pregnant pretty quickly after her and Kanye got together.

  21. OTHER RENEE says:

    It took me 6 months to get pregnant with my daughter, and my ex and I were never able to get pregnant again despite years of trying. So I’m not totally on board with Kim and the planned surrogate story yet.

  22. Hateonit. says:

    See…she wants another child right? But she’s going to crop out the new baby and north and forget both of them when she does pap walks to the car? Smh. Dumb story.

  23. Jewbitch says:

    Maybe wearing the corset isn’t helping.

  24. Mon says:

    Seriously? First of all, not every couple is fit to be parents and those two surely don’t seem to…2nd – can’t be trying that hard if they spend most of their time apart. 3rd – can’t get pregnant of doesn’t want to? This woman is full of BS.

  25. word says:

    But she can fly all over the world for “paid appearances right? She was just in Australia and Dubai and was about to go to India but cancelled due to “visa issues”. She’s always flying to New York. Her first pregnancy happened just a few months after getting off birth control pills. You have to try naturally for 1 year before any fertility doc will even see you for treatment. Also, Kim and Kanye are never in the same place. How can they conceive during her ovulation when they are never together? In the past 9 months how many times have they been together? This story is B.S. And the reason Kim is missing on I.G. is to play up the “I’m depressed because I can’t have another child” fake story. She’s just getting us ready for the surrogate (which we knew she would use all along).

  26. Ruyana says:

    Why in the world would she have another baby – by any means – when the baby she already has seems only marginally important to her. At least North (hate that name) would have a sibling for company, but I pity any child this selfish, shallow child/woman “parents”.

  27. Nudgie says:

    OKay, everyone who believes Kim step to your left.

    Those who don’t move to your right.

    Now you know how that luxury luxury liner sank in Greece…

  28. Sugar1 says:

    ugh…Kim way to make me feel all stabby the day after Christmas! Go thru ALL the photos of you preggers with North…you may think twice on wanting that second child just yet.
    Its a crying shame she would use the “I want another baby but can’t conceive” card when it’s prolly not true and she cannot grasp how hard it is emotionally with good people out there who really have fertility problems.
    I am friends on twitter with a sweet lady who once in a while shares her “why us” pain and its heartbreaking:( years of trying.
    Kim’s fertility issues amount to the simple fact that her hubs hasn’t been around much these past 9 months and nothing more

  29. Birdie says:

    Oh please. She got pregnant right after she went off the pill. She hated being pregnant, she saw how much sympathy Khloe got, who has got REAL fertility problems. Kim just needs an excuse to not get pregnant again, so she can use a surrogate. That’s low, look at all the poor women who desperately want a baby and she uses it as a storyline and excuse to not ruin her body.

  30. bermudashortz says:

    I’m going to say something nice. Kanye looks good in these pics (love his coat). Kim is a near miss though…she almost got a nice comment from me but I’ve seen too much of her boob canyon already.

  31. ketjo says:

    Code for the surrogate is already pregnant …..and month and they will announce it….

  32. Green Is Good says:

    Correction: The Nanny wants another baby. Job security, y’know?

    There, fixed!

  33. weirswalker says:

    She’s having fertility treatments, egg removal and IVF for a surrogate…that would require Kanye to be there for the sperm donations..

  34. Nimbolicious says:

    Maybe Yeez should get her a more robust turkey baster. I’d try Sur La Table…….

  35. lucy says:

    I doubt this story very much, but I sure hope it is true. This insufferable maladjusted family needs to stop spawning.

  36. M.A.F. says:

    Wouldn’t they both need to be in the same room for a more than one time each month? It does make things difficult when one partner is in another country for a good part of the year. Just sayin’.

  37. yep says:

    Anybody enjoyed how she stomped all over her sister with this fake crap?
    Her ladder of success is riddled with bodies at the base. Khloe is barely hanging on.
    Shes a g.d. liar. Why isnt anyone calling her out on it?

  38. LaurieH says:

    I hate to play devil’s advocate (but I can’t help myself) but I really believe it’s the Kardashian Kamp (i.e. Kim) that is putting this story out as a predicate for a surrogacy. Kim is entirely too selfish to adopt, though I think she would if she thought it was “fashionable”. Kanye, on the other hand, is entirely too narcissistic to raise a child not from his own “genius” loins. So why would she do this? Because Kim’s first pregnancy was a difficult one – not just medically – but she REALLY hated the weight gain, the criticism she took and made no secret of the fact she hated being pregnant and (more than that) all the negative press (yes, Virginia, she is that shallow). So I think this is pretty much a set-up. There have been too many stories of Kanye and Kim being apart, so how “hard” could they possibly be trying when they hardly see each other?

  39. me says:

    Firstly, Kim and Kanye live with PMK…would be kind of hard to not be at the Christmas party since it was thrown at PMK’s house ! Kim and PMK are not fighting. This is a fake story put out by PMK for attention. How are ratings for their show? When ratings are low, they always resort to making up stories just to keep their names out there. Everything they do is very calculated. I believe none of it.

    Secondly, TMZ always publishes false stories about the Kardashians. I really think they have some sort of deal with them. There is one fellow on TMZ who is always kissing up to the Kardashians (I think his wife is friends with Kim or something?).

  40. Hautie says:

    My completely bias opinion… Kim and Kayne should feel blessed, that they have a wonderful healthy child. She had a horrible pregnancy. Feel lucky for the one child you have in your home.

    Okay… I clicked on one of the random links above for other sites…

    And I be danged… look at that picture of Kim and Khloe without all the fat injections, in their asses and hips.

    This is what baffles me with these girls. Their need claim that they have not had any work done. When there is a good decade worth of pictures showing them prior to all the injections. With decent bodies.

  41. Abby_J says:

    Nine months isn’t a long time to be trying, especially when your husband isn’t around. My doctor wouldn’t even see us for infertility issues until it had been a year.

    Also, secondary infertility is a very real thing. Although we got lucky with our first round of treatment for the first, the second took six years and a ton of treatments (Technically a little less, since my husband was deployed for some of that time, but a solid four).

    All that said, I’ve never known anyone to give up after a year, unless there is some SERIOUS underlying issue. If they go surrogate quickly, I cry foul. I’d love to know what her issue actually is (if there is one), but I realize it is not something she has to share.

    • Anony says:

      Same…had secondary infertility and went to the specialist after a year. The title of this article really annoyed me. Your aren’t infertile when you’ve only been trying 9 months if that! Grrr

      • Abby_J says:

        Nope. Not unless your Uterus fell out or something similar.

        That is the only reason that I agree with the people who believe that she announced this because she doesn’t want more kids, she plans to use a surrogate, or they are trying to make the marriage look like it isn’t falling apart because they are trying to have a baby.

  42. MrsBPitt says:

    I agree with everyone who says this is a set up for a surrogate plan. However, I know so many couples who had one child, and then tried and tried to have another, but it never happened. Even though the doctor’s said that there was no phyisical reason that they could not conceive naturally. With Kim, though, she hated being pregnant, and would do anything to avoid that again!

  43. Peppa says:

    I feel for her if it’s true. I got pregnant with my first when we weren’t even “trying.” Then, when she was two, we started trying for a second. After a long and frustrating year, we went to a fertility doctor who found out I had a condition that caused complete infertility. I was only 27. I didn’t want to do IVF (my husband didn’t want to adopt), so after taking clomid, progesterone suppositories, doing two rounds of IUI and then waiting and finally getting success two years later. It’s really hard when you have no problems conceiving your first because you think you will never have any problems in that area and nosy people wonder why you guys aren’t having a second. All I am saying, is that a doctor told me I was completely healthy and fertile before having my first, too, and the doctor said he really couldn’t explain why that all happened to me after having a healthy pregnancy and delivery. I know Kim is a lying liar who lies, but I wouldn’t hold what happened on that episode against her.

  44. Jonesy says:

    Does that creeper Kanye EVER smile? If I had to look at that scowl every day, my eggs would dry up and I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant, either. Yikes!

    • maeliz says:

      His chipmunk scowl is NO Kodak moment! I wonder if his facial expression changes while they’ve been attempting to get pregnant. Maybe her eggs dried up from looking at him

    • Tdub30 says:

      I’ve seen many pictures of him smiling with and without Kim…but those tend to go against the narrative of Kanye so they don’t get published on mainstream sites.

    • jwoolman says:

      Didn’t they have to reconstruct his jaw after a really bad car accident? His relaxed face might just look like that regardless. I’ve had complete strangers come up to me acting concerned that I looked sad when I wasn’t, I just wasn’t mindlessly grinning at nobody in particular… My resting face just doesn’t look perky, I guess. I’ve seen pics of Kanye smiling (he looks good when he does), he just might not feel the need to smile aimlessly as he walks down the street. He doesn’t look dead-eyed and frozen to me like Kim does now (she used to look alive, back before parts of her overinflated).

  45. Fariba77 says:

    Thank you, God.

  46. bettyrose says:

    Some people aren’t meant to be parents, but in her case you don’t really want to suggest a pet, either.

  47. Loren says:

    Fake story. Preparing for a surrogate. Some women try for 9 months, seeing their spouses everyday.. Having sex once or twice a month doesn’t gaurentee you will get pregnant. Shes so dumb!!

    OR he got snipped and hasn’t told her! Lol

  48. Mylene - Montreal says:

    i don’t believe that !!! She don’t want a other kids THAT’S IT ! She made a story for the media : i can’t be pregnant anymore. I don’t like her but the medias put pression on her on some way with the question all the time : When your going to have a other baby ??? …. Maybe they don’t want a other kids. I don’t thing Kim want to stop her Star System soon. A other baby will be not easy when u want this kind of life ..

  49. nemo says:

    “Turns out North West was a miracle baby … she had 3 specialists tell her she couldn’t get pregnant before North was conceived. ”
    funny, I remember a completely diffrent story.

  50. Ffs says:

    It helps to be in the same country to conceieve a baby
    9 months is NOT struggling with infertility
    Shes totally setting up a surrogate
    They are both so vile

  51. mhatr says:

    Whoever wrote this story is GULLIBLE. This is Kim’s excuse to not get pregnant but to have a surrogate carry the next child. There is a rumor that the next child is going to be 100% white ,They just want something different next time around. So don’t be surprised.

  52. I have to point out that having one baby does not necessarily make it easier to have a second. I had two miscarriages before Baguette and two after, and all five of those pregnancies, including the full-term one with Baguette, fell within a four year span.

    I’ve never watched any of the shows, so I can’t speak to what doctors have or have not said–but based on my experience, having one baby means you had one baby. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything about having other babies.

    • hunter says:

      Woah, that’s a lot of heartbreak, glad you got your baguette!!

      I don’t watch the show either, all my K-watching is online media gossip sites. Can’t help it so I feel I know everything without watching that drivel on TV.

  53. Ravensdaughter says:

    Everyone is different, but the second time the ex and I got busy after I stopped nursing, we conceived our second child.
    Two sons 16 mos. apart- no nannies or other help like Kimye- plus the ex (a reason he is the ex) was hard driving in his career and thus never around to lend a hand-was brutal. People thought they were twins when Segundo hit toddler age and I had to drag them everywhere. Lifting those muscular little guys left me with a chronic back injury! I used to lift girl babies and think they were made of feathers!
    I love them dearly, but especially now that they are teens, I wish they would realize that the cleaning and tidying up is NOT done by elves!
    Off topic, but any gentle advice is welcome!

    • jwoolman says:

      Ravensdaughter- sympathies! But do try to find the magic key to convincing the boys that they themselves are the cleanup elves… Otherwise they will be always looking for girlfriends who will do their laundry, clean their apartments (or even dorm rooms), shop for their groceries, cook all their food and wash their dishes. I saw this repeatedly at colleges, when both the lad and his GF would be just as busy with schoolwork. The ploy was usually to pretend he just was so helpless, she would be so grossed out by the disarray that she would “fix” it. Repeatedly. The pattern sticks for decades after they marry their caretaker, making the husband an extra child. The daughter of a friend told me she was reluctant to get married herself because she didn’t want to get stuck doing everything as she saw happened with her mom. Her dad, then in his seventies, was still trying to play the helpless game with every woman he met. His more progressive and independent brother found it beyond irritating… Anyway, you can’t count on the boys growing out of it naturally.

  54. LAK says:

    Isn’t a monthly dr’s visit for the same test too much?

  55. bdaysprinkles says:

    Fertility issues are absolutely heart-breaking and while I believe it’s very important to be able to empathize and step in someone else’s shoes, folks’ personal tales of infertility are not relevant to assessing this situation because Kim is almost certainly lying.

    Kim was told on her show , ON CAMERA, that she was fertile and had no apparent problems by the same fertility doctor that told Khloe she had fertility problems.

    So while it’s very kind for people to apply their own life lessons on Kim’s behalf, you have to understand that you are misplacing your sympathy. Save it for a good human being who needs it.

    • Anony says:

      Exactly. Also as someone who had secondary infertility you are not infertile after a measly 9 months of trying! That gave me serious face palm. Even two young healthy people could take a year to conceive and it would be considered perfectly normal by medical professionals. Saying she’s infertile when she hasn’t been trying long is very insulting to those with actual issues.

  56. Nudgie says:

    This is moot. Look how she treats North – look at the way Kylie is already pimping her body so when she turns 18 she’ll be ready to “go into the family business.” A lot of you feel for Kim and her ‘efforts’ – how about some sympathy for North, who could be the most mentally damaged kid in Hollywood EVER???

  57. JessSaysNo says:

    Anyone who says “natural selection” or “trust that God will do whats best” etc etc has NEVER experienced infertility, a pregnancy loss or loss of a child. If you ever (god forbid) do, you will never say that ever again. If it’s natural selection that an idiot like Kim can’t pregnant then what on EARTH does that say to good-hearted, warm, wonderful women who don’t get to be moms? Saying it’s God will or natural selection sends the message to any women with fertility issues or miscarriages that she ALSO isn’t worthy because she cant get pregnant or carry a baby.