Kim Kardashian posts Christmas photo of a terrified North West meeting Santa


For a belated Christmas gift to all of us, Kim Kardashian posted some photos of North West over the weekend. The header photo is North looking terrified of Santa, which is pretty awesome. Apparently, this is the same Santa that Kris Jenner hires every Christmas, and North isn’t having it at all. I think it’s pretty normal for kids to be terrified of Santa, right? I was always terrified of the mall Santa when I was little. Kim also Instagrammed some other photos of North and Kanye, I guess to prove that Kanye did spend Christmas with his family.

Meanwhile, as we learned last week, Kim has been telling friends and family that she and Kanye have been trying to get pregnant for the past nine months and doctors are telling her that it’s going to take a miracle. Some of you don’t believe her. I have doubts too, but I’m not going to look for the receipts on this one. Apparently, Khloe Kardashian thinks Kim needs to focus on what’s really important:

With an adorable 18-month-old daughter and a loving (albeit, slightly controlling) husband, Kim Kardashian has a lot to be thankful for these days. But according to reports, 30-year-old Khloé Kardashian says Kimmy’s taking her family for granted.

“Khloé would willingly give both her arms to have a baby and a husband and she thinks that Kim is totally misguided and missing the big picture,” a source told ‘Hollywood Life.’

The 34-year-old mother-of-one has been struggling to conceive baby No. 2 with Kanye West, and apparently, she’s dragging the entire Kardashian clan down with her negativity.

“She’s literally tired of Kim always playing the victim,” the source continued. “And not only that, Khloé feels Kim’s draining the family for emotional support and comfort and taking the fun and joy out of Christmas and the New Year.”

[From In Touch Weekly]

Poor Khloe. And I believe this, just because this seems to be the sisterly/familial dynamic: Kim is the drama queen sucking up all of the attention and everyone has to go along with it.

Anyway… North is so cute.



Photos courtesy of Kim’s Instagram.

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  1. Dragonlady Sakura says:

    North is so adorable! Her WTF is going on look is priceless.

    • Tristan says:

      She ALWAYS looks either bewildered, WTF or terrified in just about every single picture of her posted online, so nothing new. Hardly surprising when her parents seem to think of her as just another prop or fashion accessory for their never ending slew of tacky photographs

    • kcarp says:

      Poor little girl…………………She probably is wondering when her Nanny/Mommy is coming in for her shift.

      • word says:

        That would be sad if they made their nannies work on Christmas (unless their nannies don’t celebrate Christmas). I wonder if Kim has even gone one day without the nannies. Would she be able to be alone with North? I wonder if this is why she won’t move out of her mom’s house.

  2. Jem says:

    Oh my she’s a beauty… I mean North, of course.

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      North West is so beautiful. She looks like Mom and Dad.
      I think both Kanye and Kim are goodlooking people, even before kim did botox she was stunning. She is still beautiful. IMO

      I think Sanata scares a lot of kids, he freaked me out when I was five yrs old, didn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap or go near him. Lol
      I’ve since come to love Santa’s image, thank goodness.

      • BrownBelle says:

        Agreed Someone. Every picture my parents have of me with Santa is me, scream crying, five feet away from the scary man. I remember being relieved when I learned he wasn’t real! lol. It’s very common for kids to be scared of Santa.

    • Dutch says:

      But no less PhotoShopped into oblivion than her parents in the photos.

  3. aang says:

    I love getting Christmas cards with pics of terrified toddlers on Santa’s lap. It says so much about the parents.

    • Ag says:

      it does, doesn’t it? i don’t know why people do that to their kids.

    • Senaber says:

      I don’t think you can judge the quality of someone’s parenting by their kids’ reaction to Santa. You don’t really know how your kid will react until that moment. Many kids love Santa too. I think if you make judgements like that you must go through life clueless about the realities of parenting.

      • Ag says:

        my judgment wasn’t about the quality of someone’s parenting – a toddler’s reaction to santa, or anything else, is a toddler’s reaction, and it cannot be controlled. what pictures like that show to me is that the parents have this idea of what a perfect pic with santa should look like – and reality rarely conforms to it. it sucks that people subject their children to something when the child is terrified of it, just for the sake of a picture.

        but i do appreciate your judgment – i do “go through life clueless about the realities of parenting.” my toddler can attest to that.

      • writeitoff says:

        I don’t know man, my kids HATE going to see Santa but it’s like a tradition, right? It was the littlest one’s first Christmas. As a mom, I’m all “Do we go see Santa, bite the bullet and get the pics or do I wait until my kids are sixteen and convinced I didn’t love them because I never took them to see Santa?” I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t. Jesus, how judgey can we get…

    • My mom has a picture of my youngest brother standing next to Santa the one year she brought him. He was 3/4 and SUCH a mama’s boy. He would cry if anyone else besides the members of our immediate family would hold him. We have pictures of family members holding him, and his face is just balled up. I have no clue why she even brought him to go see Santa (we never went), but I guess she thought it would be fun.

    • Cupcake says:

      It says nothing about parenting. It’s a developmentally appropriate reaction at to Santa. I don’t think many parents of toddlers expect happy Santa pics. The grumpy Santa pics are fun and normal.

      • Belle says:

        Yeah, I guess I’m a rotten mom because I actually love the crying pics my kids have with Santa… LOL First time I took my oldest (now 18), I think I had hoped for that ‘perfect picture’. It was an old–fashioned set up, sepia pictures… and a Father Christmas who was very elderly and running a little late. I was first in line and talking to the ‘Santa’s Helpers’, telling them how I was nervous that my little girl would cry. One lovely helper told me that she liked the crying pics the most… said the Santa is so cute with them, and poses according to their reaction. (With a surprised look, or with a finger to his lips like he’s trying to quiet them down.) She showed me some pics they had there… and she was right, the crying ones were so cute… and genuine! (Yes, remember… horrible mother here!!!)

        So, the dude shows up, my kid has a momentary freak-out… I comforted her immediately, and we got an adorable, genuine, crying picture with Santa. Same child… cried for her next two visits to Santa as well (not the same freak out, just a few tears and a big, pouty (and very cute) lip sticking out). Since I’m evil, I loved the pictures. She was fine every year after that, excited for her Santa visit… and to this day, is happy and well-adjusted… no Santa fears. I do not think she was terribly scarred by her Santa visits. (I do admit to feeling bad about the upset though, especially that first year… I was anxious for them to take the picture quickly so I could ‘rescue’ her from Santa.)

        Second child, another daughter (who is now almost 13) didn’t cry at her first visit!! WHAT?? LOL It was at a different place, and I had told them up front that if she cried, not to wait (for me to try to calm her down), to just get a cute crying pic really quick! No crying though… we did get a cute pic of her looking up and reaching for Santa’s beard (which was real, so no danger of her yanking it off.. though she was really only trying to touch it anyway). The next year however, she did have a few tears (and the pouty, sad lip)… so, yaaaaay for me, the bad mom!! After that, she was good to go… smiles and excitement to see Santa, and another happy, well-adjusted child that has no lingering Santa issues. 😉

  4. Jess says:

    She is one miserable looking baby. Are there any photos of her smiling?

    • word says:

      I bet there are pics of North smiling but Kim won’t post those. Either she doesn’t like how North looks when she smiles, or this family is trying to be super “high fashiony” and sh*t. I bet it’s a little bit of both. Or the kid only smiles when being held by the nannies and Kim is still trying to learn how to photoshop the nanny out and put herself in.

      • CoolWhipLite says:

        I’m going with the “high fashiony and sh*t” reason. Kim has given up smiling for that vacant look, Kanye has never smiled (choosing, instead, to always look like a constipated, angry toddler), and they put that poor baby in some really outlandish outfits. So, if North busts out a cheesy grin, that photo probably gets deleted.

      • Nic says:

        There is one! She’s at the zoo, without her parents

  5. Tiffany27 says:

    North is too, too cute!

  6. mooncake says:

    Smile, people. Smile.

  7. Macey says:

    The only thing those pictures show is how little connection Nori has with her parents. It loos like she doesn’t want to be anywhere near those two and I can’t say I blame her.

  8. QQ says:

    This Poor Precious accessory Baby… That Lie Detector lady on Extra Or whatever had an article aboutHow Un-bonded she seems with Kim she seems in Pics and How uncomfortable Kim herself seems towards her as well, Which sounds about right But also 🙁 cause This Baby will have ALL the Money and attention for all the wrong reasons meantime her family dynamics will probably Be a Hot Mess of aloofness and Ego

  9. The other paige says:

    Why is she shellacking her hair down??

  10. Jezza says:

    She makes me punchy with her posed kissing ducklips crap.
    Poor kid. She has the same expression as the kids in one of those “feed the children” “help the african orphans” type commercials in those pictures.

  11. Jag says:

    North is beautiful but not engaged with her superficial parents at all. As for forcing terrified babies and kids to be held by or sit on Santa’s lap, I don’t agree with that at all. It teaches children that their parents won’t listen to them when they’re scared of strangers, and that’s not a message to be giving kids, imo. Especially famous people like them who sometimes have weirdos stalking them.

    • swack says:

      Jag, totally agree with you about forcing terrified kids to sit on Santa’s lap. When my youngest was two she wants nothing to do with Santa and pictures and let her determine her comfort zone with Santa. So we have a year without her on Santa’s lap and that is okay.

    • Justme says:

      I agree. I never sat on Santa’s lap myself ( my mother always said that the Department Store Santa was not the “real” Santa, since Santa was St. Nicholas and we couldn’t see him – not sure of the theology of this, but it convinced me). I was willing to have my child sit on Santa’s lap thinking it would be a cute picture. But she simply refused. So that was that. I have no picture of her sitting on his lap, but I have plenty pf pictures of her smiling. And yes she believed in Santa for quite a while – until 8 or 9 or so.

    • Peppa says:

      North always looks like she is looking for her nanny. My daughter never wanted to sit on Santa’s lap. She would go up and say hi and give a high five, but she was really scared of sitting on his lap. I thought, I’m not going to force my child to sit on a strangers lap! So all of our Santa pictures are of her giving Santa a high five, which is fine. My little one likes to sit on the floor next to Santa. I gave up on nicely posed Santa pics a long time ago! I have seen people throw their screaming child on the man’s lap. We just saw an incident where the screaming child leaped off of Santa’s lap onto the floor screaming, and the parents kept flashing pictures.

    • Senaber says:

      Am i missing something? They are holding her. She isn’t on Santa’s lap. It’s not traumatizing to introduce your child to a stranger, especially when you are holding her. It’s called socialization.

  12. Miffy says:

    Up until the age of four kids are really only able to identify emotion through tone and facial expression… NWs “I have no idea what’s happening” face is fairly telling.

  13. scout says:

    Sweet! We all parents have one of those with “terrified baby with Santa” pics.

    • Mom2two says:

      My mom has several terrified of Santa pics of me. My kids have been pretty cool with Santa, they never seem fazed by it. North West is like a lot kids though, many parents have the Santa terror pic.

  14. Rosalee says:

    well, I was sorting out photos of my granddaughters the other day. I’m a typical grandma, I think they are the most beautiful girls in the world except when strangers are taking their photos – it took awhile before they smiled for the camera. Except when I was the clicker – big smiles, laughing, clowning. But, professional photos they look stiff and unhappy. As for Santa photos I have some great ones, especially in the first years, one of my granddaughters took a leap off this lap and we have a photo of mid-jump.

    • jwoolman says:

      It’s so easy to get candids today with cell phones. Kim wouldn’t have any trouble getting unphotoshopped pics of Nori smiling and engaging with her parents if those situations were really happening. I’ve seen smiling/laughing pics of Nori before, but they were carefully cropped to avoid showing who she was really with (except the zoo pics). A couple with Kim looked as though the kid was definitely responding to someone else off camera. Kim seems so unnatural with the child, compared to other parents I see with their kids. The kiddos don’t have to be smiling, but there’s a comfort level I don’t see in Nori’s anxious little eyes. I’m sure she’s fine with all her aunts on both sides, but there’s something very off about Kim. Don’t know if it’s fixable.

  15. bammer says:

    This poor baby. When I see teenage Kylie all I can think of is when will they start pimping North? 13 or 14? So sad.

  16. Dawn says:

    I think little compass is cute in a baby way but I don’t see this incredible beauty that some of you see. I think Kim and Kanye are the so disconnect to this kid that she never looks happy or safe around either one of them. The only time she has ever looked happy in a picture was at the zoo when her parents were not around. I hope this kid is getting love and guidance from her nannies because her parents seem incapable of giving her any type of a foundation other than monetary.

  17. maeliz says:

    Why is the West family dressed again like it’s a funeral? It’s Christmas, at least dress your daughter with a little color for once.

    • Kim1 says:

      Don’t you read Kim’s interviews? North pics her own clothes.North doesn’t like colors. North likes her hair slicked down and smooth as possible.

  18. smcollins says:

    Little North really is a cutie. Maybe she doesn’t like having her photo taken, which is why she looks the way she usually does (just the optimist in me giving her parents the benefit of the doubt). The one thing that does bug me is her hair all slicked down. So not necessary. Set those beautiful curls free!

  19. maeliz says:

    She’s used to the biggest, best, most expensive, and Santa is only handing her this little thing. Kim must have told him they weren’t spoiling Nori. The girl must be upset

  20. Anoneemouse says:

    That poor child being raised by the two vainest people in the world.

    • MediaMaven says:

      She’s just being held by them whenever a camera is around. She’s being raised by nannies…….which is better than the pack of poodles that apparently raised the Kardashian/Jenner kids.

  21. ketjo says:

    Would have been cute if it really happened unfortunately if you look closely at the thing you will see that 1. Santa has been photoshopped into the photo….2. Kanye has been photoshopped into into the photo and the part where Kim and baby is is photoshopped from a set of Photos taken in Paris when the baby was younger the reason her she has less hair than the photo last week…..complete fail in the photoshopping ….they are getting sloppy and desperate ….same with the “booth” shots Kanye has been photoshopped in two of the photos…and these match down to the necklace the shots from that Balmain photoshoot , check it out even the lighting highlighting his forehead is the same…so I believe they are outtakes from that shoot….and the baby looks younger ….

    • jwoolman says:

      Did you see a picture of Kim lying down and lifting Nori above her? I wondered if Kim had been photoshopped into the pic and it was actually someone else handling the kid. Wouldn’t even think of that for anyone else, but Kim is the Photoshop Kween and she’s always posing, trying unsuccessfully to get Nori to respond normally.

    • word says:

      I thought the black and white photos looked really familiar ! Taking a second look, that santa does look photoshopped in. This family is ruthless.

  22. Cara says:

    Ugh…the attempted sexy face photos while posing with your kid: GROSS. ICK. STOP.

  23. GingerCrunch says:

    …Or she’s just being sardonic due to her repulsiveness!

  24. kri says:

    Oh, North. That face. She is so lovely. And utterly bewildered. They don’t look like parents and their child..they look more like the aunt and uncle who come to visit once or twice a year and get their pics taken with the kids. They all look uncomfortable. Say what you will about the Cambridges, but at least Prince G looks like he knows them, and they are into their kid. These two Plasti-Cons act like North is a purse or a scarf on a fashion shoot. Actually, they both look WAY more happy in fashion shoots.

  25. Ginger says:

    One of my favorite photos of myself as a child is me sitting on Santa’s lap looking miserable, crying and reaching out to my Mom who is off camera. Santa is holding me on his lap and giving somebody off camera the side eye. He is doing everything but rolling his eyes. LOL! Love it! So classic. When my son first visited Santa he refused to have his photo taken unless me and his father were in it too. Looks like lil North is the same. In the last photo they are all wearing the same blank expression. I really hope she rebels at some point and smiles.

  26. Yeses says:

    To me, North seems to be the exact opposite of Blue…all said and done Blue smiles, a lot and seems so comfortable with her dad and mom…now compass baby on the other hand, just seems lost, and always seems to be wondering “Did someone give me a cat, who is this woman with a cat face who always poses with me?”

  27. MediaMaven says:

    Does this family have ANY kind of family gathering without having a freaking photo booth? Narcissistic idiots……..

  28. JudyK says:

    North is probably the cutest baby I’ve ever seen.

    I love her PERFECTLY-shaped, little pouty cupid mouth. PLEASE DON’T EVER TOUCH IT and/or change it. The shape of her face is just perfect too… and those eyes! OMG. I love looking at that little doll face. She’s perfection.

  29. FactsnLogicThinker says:

    She is a beautiful combo of both parents…

  30. Triple Cardinal says:

    That’s not North being scared of Santa.
    That’s North processing who her mother is.

  31. qtip says:

    North is serving that “I’d rather be anywhere but here. This is some BS.” face.

  32. Heather says:

    North IS so cute. I actually love these black and white photos that Kris has set up (I guess a booth) at her Christmas Eve party. I know it’s over the top, but it looks so fun to be able to host such a glamorous party for the holidays! I guess it helps if you can hire countless people to cater it, clean, do flowers, etc. It probably costs as much for this party as it does for normal people to host a wedding!

  33. Kim1 says:

    If these are photo booth pics who is North looking at? I thought she was looking at some person standing by photographer.She should be focused on her parents.

  34. yoyogabba123 says:

    That last picture of them is so funny. Kimye is trying to gaze into the camera looking sexy (?), and North’s expression is totally like “da fuq?” She is such a cute baby, though.

    • maeliz says:

      Was an awful family picture. Kanye looks like he’s falling asleep, Kim is doing her sexy duck face and North looks cute but confused

  35. minx says:

    I never, ever kissed my kids the way Kim is kissing NW–the duck face pouty kiss. Never. Ridiculous.

  36. Barbara says:

    To me Kim does not like her child’s hair. When she is with Kim her hair is full of products to slick it down.

  37. Abby_J says:

    North is beautiful. I feel sorry for her. Is she wearing make up in those black and white pictures?!

    The terrified of Santa picture is pretty much a right of passage, though. 🙂

  38. me says:

    I saw the very first episode filmed of KUWTK yesterday and it’s hilarious seeing how they used to act compared to now. Khloe is the exact same. Kim was trying to act like Paris Hilton. I love Kim’s original nose. Why on earth did she chop it off? I think she’s been messing with her nose for years, doing it slowly instead of just one big nose job…as a way to try and fool us. She needs to remember her original face is on film ! In that same episode Kylie is dancing on a stripper pole at the age of ten. She seemed beyond her years back then and that still rings true today. She was in such a hurry to grow up. I hope North turns out better.

  39. littlestar says:

    I haven’t commented on this before because I wasn’t sure if it was true or not, but looking at those pictures above, I have to say it. There is zero connection/interaction/or a bond between North and either Kim or Kanye. At that age kids smile easily, even if it isn’t actually for the camera. I have never seen a picture of them holding a smiling North! And Kanye most of all, there is nothing there! He seems to have zero chemistry/connection with not only his wife, but his child as well. It’s sad and weird.

  40. Bread and Circuses says:

    That last photo — parents both giving the camera good face and their kid no attention whatsoever…

  41. Sean says:

    The kid was probably more scared of the strange people hanging around her claiming to be her parents. She probably has no idea who that Kanye person is. Only seen him once or twice in her life.

  42. Tania says:

    North is so much better looking than either of her parents could ever be.

  43. jenn12 says:

    Such a beautiful little girl.

  44. melain says:

    Gorgeous baby. But it’s disturbing to see her ongoing emotional distress in photo after photo. She looks as if she has no confidence that someone is taking care of her. It’s probably a sign of intelligence to be thinking about self preservation at such a tender age. But sad to see the effects of neglect.

    Proof, again, that money and fame can’t buy love and happiness.

  45. Jenna says:

    Imagine having parents who never smile in pictures with you? Damn.