TMZ has video of Jaime Lynn Spears waving a knife to break up a fight

Jamie Lynn tweeted this picture earlier on the night in question

This is why TMZ is on top of the gossip game. When they say that Jamie Lynn Spears waved a knife around a pita shop to break up a fight, they deliver a couple of weeks later with the video surveillance. I want to know the logistics involved in obtaining that video. Did they send someone down to Louisiana to see if the footage existed, CSI-style? Did it take two weeks to negotiate the deal and work out the legal issues or was someone paid with cash and a wink? I’m thinking there were contracts involved.

As background, two weeks ago TMZ reported that Jamie Lynn Spears, 23, was at a sandwich shop in Hammond, Louisiana with a female friend when a fight broke out in which her friend got knocked around. (The initial report claimed that her friend was hit with a beer bottle, a follow up clarified that cops confused the beer bottle incident with a fight at that same shop the night before. Jamie’s friend was actually “knocked over during a fight at the Pita Pit between a bunch of guys.”) In order to break up the fight, TMZ reported that “Jamie pulled her [friend] behind the sandwich counter – then grabbed a long serrated bread knife and started waving it around to stop the fight.”

Now that we’ve seen the video, available on TMZ, we know that the friend was never pulled to safety but that Jamie did go behind the counter, grabbed a knife, waved it around and then yelled over the counter at the people involved in the fight. She seems to have put the knife down before she really started yelling. She never made it to the other side of the counter with the knife, because the guy working there blocked her from leaving with his bread knife. He works at a violent pita shop, that guy knows that some sh*t will go down if someone has a weapon. All the worker did was finish cleaning up, pick up his phone and call the cops. (I’m assuming he’s on the phone with the cops.) He didn’t get involved at all, and if he was working the previous night he just dealt with this the day before.

Jamie seems to acknowledge that she shouldn’t have grabbed a knife to break up the fight. Her last tweet was this quote:

That’s true and a nice sentiment. As for her wielding a knife and yelling, at least she did something. I mean the knife was unnecessary and that could have escalated, but she didn’t just get her friend out of there and leave, she tried to break up a fight. It wasn’t the smartest thing to do but it seems to have worked. Also, maybe I live a sheltered life but I’ve never seen a big fight like this in person, only in the movies. A few times I’ve seen two people fight and other people try to break it up, but this looks worse than that. Maybe this pita shop should close around 9 or 10pm so it stops serving drunk, belligerent customers.

This is a few months old, but have you seen the gif/video of the dogs breaking up the cat fight? I can’t stop watching it.

2014 CMA Music Festival - Day 4

49th Annual ACM Awards 2014

Jamie Lynn Spears Performs In Las Vegas

These are photos of Jamie Lynn performing at the CMA Music Festival in June and July and at the ACM Awards in April. Credit: FameFlynet, and header photo is from Twitter.

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  1. Abbott says:

    It ain’t a Pita Pit party til the cops show up.

  2. Splinter says:

    Offtopic, but when Britney’s sister doesn’t look young any more you realise you are old…

  3. Rhiley says:

    Celebrity tweets in reaction to Jamie Lynn Spears will read something like the following:

    @SarahPalin: Hats off to Jamie Lynn Spears. But girl, why did you go behind the counter and grab a knife. Next time, just pull the gun from your purse and shoot the idiots. #Mamabearsfightlikepitbulls

    @Madonna: Jamie Lynn Spears xx #rebelheart

  4. Hautie says:

    Alright then… Jamie Lynn is not the one. Nice to know.

  5. OSTONE says:

    Hillbilly Kung fu!
    Kidding kidding!

  6. Nemesis says:

    Keeping it classy

  7. EKP says:

    They must be some damn good gyros…

  8. Tig says:

    It makes you wonder where/what she has been before that this even crossed her mind as a smart thing to do? Poor pita employee- hard to imagine the same stuff happening twice in a pita shop???

    I totally get a girl’s night out, but she really needs to rethink her approach!

    • Joy says:

      As someone who grew up in an extremely rural southern place……eh a little knife waving to stop a fight isn’t a big deal lol. No but really it’s so not. Down here it’s like oh well she waved that knife and stopped it, that’s much better than breaking that other girl’s face.

      • Sugar says:

        I grew up in the South, too and never ever saw a knife fight or even a fist fight. Why try to make us sound like hicks out of Deliverance? Ugh.

      • BengalCat2000 says:

        Never have seen a fight either, but I was at a bar one night and the band had some crazy pyrotechnic thing happening. The guitarist accidentally lit his face on fire and they continued to play until the paramedics arrived. Great show!

  9. scout says:

    Hehe!! Better believe it, don’t mess with a feisty southern girl, YOU DON’T DARE!!!

  10. Jess1632 says:

    There’s a pita pit in my hometown directly across from all the clubs and bars. They most of there money off belligerent drunks. The fights there must be a universal thing but Jamie just owned everyone didn’t even hesitate grabbing the knife

  11. captain hero says:

    Never produce a weapon in a fight that you aren’t prepared to use or have used against you. This could have had a very different ending.
    Oh, and obligatory duelling banjo noises.

  12. Jag says:

    No, she should not have tried to break up the fight. She should have left with her friend and called the police once they got outside.

    Unless she’s an expert at using a knife, she was putting her own life in danger, and also the lives of everyone around her.

    She had no idea or not if the people fighting had “brought a gun to a knife fight.” She’s lucky they didn’t.

  13. chaine says:

    She is like the lost Palin sister.

  14. MJ says:

    Ha ha, she is pretty bad-ass. Don’t mess with Jamie! She isn’t going to put up with any shenanigans.

  15. lolalulu says:

    Back when I was 18, I worked as a late night Denny’s waitress in a less desirable area. We got so many fights. I could often temporarily stop a fight by simply raising my voice and ordering people to go outside (and away from my other customers). I was pretty petite at that age and I think it caught people off guard BC they werent expecting it (granted, all of these fights were between men…I can’t say if it would work the same with women). And thankfully, they always left the restaurant (although, many were regulars and held a little bit of respect of the waitresses). So props for Jamie Lynn for trying the same tactic, minus the knife. I wouldn’t suggest grabbing weapon unless u are willing to deal with the consequences of having to use it.

    • Mean Hannah says:

      I agree with you that those tactics work with men but not with women. I partied hard for about a year in my life, around 18/19 and my partner in crime was a girl whom boys and men fought over (which she encouraged) and girls and women wanted to fight. I often had to break up these fights, sometimes before cops came, and my loud, mean voice coming from a 5’4″ barely 100lbs worked 95% of time with men but maybe twice with women (and probably because they were women and not girls). To this day, nothing scares me more than a group of teenage girls – esp when they think you or someone in your group is after one of their boys.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      People are a lot like dogs, if you exert dominance, as the Alpha, the pack will fall in line, you don’t have to be big and mean or even loud to be in control. I’m tiny but I’m not intimidated by anyone’s bullshit.

  16. JenniferJustice says:

    I’m just absorbing the fact that young people go for pita’s once the bars closed? We always went for tacos or breakfast. Who wants a pita when you’re drunk?