Will Real Housewives of NJ be put on hold while Teresa Giudice is in prison?

We’ve heard this rumor before and now that TMZ is covering this it seems true: The Real Housewives of New Jersey may actually stop filming for the next year while resident villain Teresa Giudice serves her time in Danbury Federal Correctional Institution. TMZ reports that Teresa is so central to the show that Bravo executives are “‘strongly leaning’ in the direction of putting the show on ice, because without Teresa it’s boring. Bravo is worried a bad season could tank the show, and it’s just safer to wait.”

Of course this is pissing off Teresa’s costars, who will have to hustle harder than usual to maintain their flashy lifestyles when the cameras aren’t rolling. TMZ explains that this will give Teresa the advantage when it comes to negotiating her paycheck upon her release. She’s the one they want and she can hold out for more money.

Radar Online claims that Teresa has basically no friends left from the show, which makes sense because she’s a narcissist who doesn’t listen to reason. Apparently Jacqueline Laurita was trying to be friendly towards her in her time of need, but got fed up and isn’t bothering anymore.

“Jacqueline is known for being a compassionate friend, regardless of how many times someone has burned her,” an insider dishes. “But she has clearly reached her boiling point with Teresa.”

“Anyone paying attention to the show has seen Jacqueline continue to try to repair their friendship, but each attempt was met with resistance from Teresa,” continues the insider. “It seems that Teresa has finally succeeded in pushing her away.”

The source points out that Laurita found a public — yet subtle — way to diss Giudice. “We saw no tweet from Jacqueline reaching out to Teresa when she went to jail…This is clearly different from how things would have been in the past.”

[From Radar Online]

Teresa was also once friends with Kathy Walkie, but “treated [Kathy] like crap” so Kathy’s not her friend anymore either. Teresa is sort-of still in with Dina Manzo, they did that New Year’s resolution video together for Glam, but that’s a tenuous friendship.

Meanwhile Radar got ahold of the new inmate orientation pamphlet for Danbury Correctional Institution. Inmates of course have to keep their area clean and neat, which is funny to consider in light of Teresa’s extreme entitlement. On the show she said she was building her own home because “It’s just skeeve looking at other people’s houses. I don’t want to live in somebody else’s house, that’s gross.” Surely some of that was a put on for the show, but imagine how dirty the shower floors must be in that place. I would give good money to see Teresa have to tape maxi pads on her feet until her commissary money comes through. No wonder Bravo wants to postpone the show until she comes back. Teresa’s projected release date is in February of next year.

Teresa and Joe Giudice in Elizabeth New Jersey

photo credit: WENN.com and Getty Images

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  1. Abbott says:

    They should just film Juicy Joe trying to control Milania and run that on a loop for the next year. Better than anything else they’re airing these days*.

    (*Except Vanderpump Rules)

    • mimif says:

      Abbot I cannot sanction you watching that steaming pile of horsesh-t that is the RHOTHISSHOWSUCKSBUTTERMILKBALLS. Except RHOBH was on at the bar the other day and I totally shame watched it.

    • Taterho says:

      I want a Real HouseDogs of Beverly Hills starring Lisa V’s doggy, Giggy.

  2. V4Real says:

    I wish they would put it on hold indefinitely.

  3. Jess1632 says:

    Everything is coming up Teresa

  4. Debbie says:

    Not for nothing but I think this leak is from jaquline or Kathy both of whom are terrible friends/family.

    Teresa is a narracist but she truly isn’t the worst person on that show she’s probably the best (which is sad). Please note I know she is terrible and dumb as a box of rocks but so are the rest.

    They also should wait teresa is the show. She is the only part of the show that is entertaining.

    • Thinker says:

      Teresa is paying her debt to society with hard time. Of course Bravo is going to wait to film her, and she should be paid more. A) she needs the money, B) she’s the whole story.

      Jacqueline is a whole lot of crazy too. Kathy is just sad and weirdly jealous of “Tre.”

  5. scout says:

    I don’t watch that show but I find her face so disorganized! LOL!

  6. Greek Chic says:

    Please someone explain what’s wrong with this hairline. Is it natural? I can’t believe that she did this to herself on purpose. She’s like a werewolf.

    • Thinker says:

      It’s natural. Three out of four daughters inherited it.

      • Greek Chic says:

        Really? I haven’t seen anyone with a hairline like this. I’m going to google her daughters now 😉
        She should consider bangs or side bangs to cover this thing up. The middle part is terrible on her.

      • maeliz says:

        If she passed that hairline onto her daughters, they must be pissed. I’ll thank my mom for not having a hairline like that for us to inherent.

  7. Suzanne says:

    The only way I’d agree that Theresa’s absence is cause to put the entire cast and show on hold until she’s released….is to say that Theresa is the most dysfunctional one of the cast and therefore the reason the show draws viewers at all. It’s entertaining to watch someone so delusional actually believe all the crap that spews out of her own mouth. Her sister inlaw Melissa is very sweet and has put up with a lot of BS from Theresa…and whom Theresa is clearly jealous of from the git-go! Theresa ended up where she is because she’s a jealous wanna-be…so lying, cheating and breaking the law to keep up with her peers….got her where she is. I just hope BRAVO doesn’t continue to feed in to Theresa’s delusion that she is anything less than a criminal like her husband.

    • Shiba says:

      Right, you must be Melissa’s sisters who Andy won’t film on the show anymore…so nasty. It’s very unattractive for adult mothers to act like teenage bullies.

  8. Ruyana says:

    Okay, Granny Grump signing in here. Why are these shows called “Real Housewives” of anything? I don’t watch any of them, but all the stuff I’ve seen online is of them shopping, dining out, etc. Do they ever show them loading the dishwasher, or washing dishes? Doing the laundry? Scrubbing a toilet? Mopping a floor? There’s nothing “housewife-y” about them, other than they don’t go to work every day. Most housewives work at home most of the day even though some think they just read magazines, watch soaps and eat chocolates. So all those so-called Real Housewives on television are just enforcing the stereotype of housewives doing nothing. Why don’t they just cancel all those “reality” shows and put on something worth watching?

  9. Sharon Lea says:

    Radar never gets the Real Housewives stuff right, instead they print stuff that one cast member tells them. You can generally tell who told them by who gets bashed the most.

    Jacqueline somehow has gotten a free pass in the press even though she and her husband have been embroiled in a lawsuit for Signature Apparel. Allegedly they owe millions, so she needs this paycheck desperately. The story goes that they are downsizing due to this case. She has blasted Teresa on Twitter, inferring Gabriella was fathered by another man. Teresa may be a lot of things, but she is not a cheater. Jacqueline seems to drunk tweet against Teresa and others, and then everyone is supposed to forget it. I used to like her but she is erratic.

    Kathy slammed Teresa’s parents on a reunion, for no reason. She got on the show because of Teresa, she doesn’t have much of a fan base. Her husband Rich has gone after women on Twitter, really out of line stuff. He used to be considered the worst husband on social media until Jim came along.

    That being said, I think Andy & Bravo are doing the right thing, just wait with RHONJ. They waited with NY and enough fans came back.

  10. Masque says:

    They should get Dina Lohan to join the show. Surely her bad behavior would hold them over until Theresa returned.

  11. Yuck says:

    I do not know the show, but the hairy heffer should just continue while life goes on.

  12. Anony says:

    The Teresa updates are my ultimate favorite posts on this blog :). Hahaha her going to jail is hilarious I’m sorry