Chris Brown looking for new team after old one failed to clean up his mess

Chris Brown is trying to revamp his image after beating his girlfriend black, blue and bloody last month right before the Grammy Awards. The fight was allegedly sparked by a long sexy text message Rihanna found on Chris’ phone from his 40 year-old manager, Tina Davis, with whom the 19 year-old is rumored to have had an inappropriate intimate relationship with in the past. Davis denies sending any sexy text messages or having more than a professional relationship with Brown, and says she’ll sue if she finds out who started that rumor.

It almost doesn’t matter how Rihanna and Chris got in the fight when his response was so brutal and out of proportion. Chris is reportedly blaming his management team for the resulting PR fallout, and supposedly wanted to issue a public apology much sooner. He is also said to be upset at the late non-apology that was finally produced:

CHRIS Brown is said to be through with his manager, whose sexy text-messages supposedly sparked the fight that ended with his alleged beating of Rihanna.

Brown is “looking for a whole new team” to replace his current crew, “starting with his manager, Tina Davis,” said our source.

Davis was cited as the “other woman” who sent texts to Brown the night before the Grammys, causing the fight in the Lamborghini. Police reports stated Brown had a “previous sexual relationship” with Davis, who’s managed him since he was 16. Davis blasted “rumors” of any texts or sex, saying she and Brown were strictly “manager and client.”

But it isn’t just Davis – Brown is said to be “upset with his whole team,” including publicity-loving lawyer Mark Geragos and p.r. man Mike Sitrick.

The insider added: “Chris wanted to apologize [for the alleged beat-down] much earlier . . . and he was upset when the apology was finally released because it sounded so insincere.” Brown’s business attorney, Kenny Meiselas, said, “We are very happy with Chris’ team and there are no changes.”

Meanwhile, don’t believe reports that Rihanna is recording a song with Brown. Our insider says, “She hasn’t seen him since they got back from Miami.” However, “she hasn’t made up her mind yet . . . she’s not completely sure she’s done with him yet.”

Rihanna’s people, including her management and label, are pressuring her to drop him, says the insider. “They want her to stand her ground. If she goes back to him, it would be a classic abuse case and impact her ability to be the strong, independent woman that her fans think she is and that her songs say she is.”

One sign is Rihanna celebrated her 21st birthday with friends Tuesday night, and Brown was nowhere to be found. A rep for Rihanna didn’t return calls.

[From The NY Post]

Let’s hope that Page Six is right and that Rihanna is finally listening to her friends, family and professional advisors and trying to cut Chris loose. That’s ripe that Chris is blaming everyone around him for their response instead of taking responsibility for his disgusting inexcusable behavior. He should never have raised a hand to Rihanna in the first place and the extent and severity of her injuries suggest a long, unrelenting attack.

After he committed that horrific act Brown could have taken the initiative to write an apology himself. If he doesn’t have the skill to do it, there are multiple people he could have called for help. He asked Diddy for a place to stay, he could have also asked him to recommend a good PR person to help release a contrite apology immediately. Instead he waited and supposedly wanted everyone else to clean up the terrible mess he made. When they didn’t fix it for him, he threw a tantrum and decided to fire his team. That’s ok, he won’t have the cash to pay anyone’s fees in a few weeks anyway.

Chris Brown is shown on 2/6/09. Credit: PRPhotos

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11 Responses to “Chris Brown looking for new team after old one failed to clean up his mess”

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  1. gg says:

    excuses, excuses, excuses … gotta spread all the blame around. Truth is, it takes a hell of a lotta snow to cover up such a steaming pile of $#!t. Probably won’t be possible. Probably has already ruined his career, especially the retractions by fellow idiot hiphop guys, which was supposed to help, not make it worse.

    Anybody else turned off at this guy’s habit of sucking his lower lip like a little kid? Grow up Chris.

  2. BellaB says:

    Yeah, I could live without the lower lip biting too. But it matches the look going on in his pants—like he has a soggy, dirty baby diaper in his drawers.

  3. DD says:

    Umm, I hope he realizes soon that this mess cannot be cleaned. I doubt getting back with Rihanna and singing a stupid duet with her will bring him back into everyone’s good graces. He’s just dragging Rihanna down with him, too bad she’s too stupid to see that right now.

  4. bros says:

    i agree DD. sinking ship and she will go down right along with him. sounds like cuting davis out is a god idea though, if she really is a statutory rapist. he needed to do that a long time ago.

  5. !! says:


    He is just a joke now, really! I am already getting text messages with jokes at his expense!

    I am only sorry that Rhianna is suffering from battered woman syndrome. I can only imagine the psychological abuse he gives her if his physical abuse is this bad!



  6. Baholicious says:

    He looks like he belongs in a highchair.

  7. rachel gm says:

    I’m sending strength and good thoughts to Rihanna! Don’t go back, stay strong!

    gg, you are so right. All we are hearing now is excuses. Personally, I can’t stand excuses. If you messed up (in a relationship, at work, etc.) just admit it and move on! Making excuses only makes a person look bad. And like a whiner.

  8. Jag says:

    If you read the quote from the manager, it says she hasn’t emailed him in that way – not that she didn’t send text messages. Quite telling, imo…

    “The relationship between Ms. Davis and Mr. Brown is that of manager and client. There has never been any other relationship. The rumors in circulation are false. There are no emails between Ms. Davis and Mr. Brown of the type which have been described in media reports. “

  9. Anoneemouse says:

    Kinda fits with his mentality to put blame on everyone else rather than look at himself.

  10. Leo P says:

    However, “she hasn’t made up her mind yet . . . she’s not completely sure she’s done with him yet.”

    You mean there’s hope she’ll have some sense and dump him? Please let it be so.

  11. FF says:

    ‘Intimate’ relationship that he had with his manager in the past? When he was – I presume – legal, right? Because the past sounds like it was many, many moons ago, which still sounds wonky.

    As for these excuses, didn’t Bale just ring up a radio station and apologise directly? Not that I’m paralleling the two but I’m just saying, if he really wanted it out there he could have done it himself.

    I mean when Mayer wants to publicly announce something he just stands on a box in a public area, right?

    Too many excuses from Brown but I’m sure he’ll have another one to ‘explain’ all the previous ones in the future.