Prince Charles worries that Prince William is getting too ‘Middletonized’


Not shocking in the least: the Middleton family got pap’d on holiday in Mustique. You can see some of the photos here. Prince William was on the beach with Pippa and James Middleton, and Kate was seen with her mom and Prince George. Will, Kate and George have been in Mustique for ten or eleven days – they arrived there ahead of the rest of the Middletons. “Sources” claim – to Us Weekly – that this will totally be Will and Kate’s last vacation before the baby comes in April. Do you believe that? I do not. I think Kate will find a way to slip in another vacation before the baby comes. Us Weekly also says that George enjoys the kiddie pool at the Mustique villa. We’ve heard before that Kate takes George swimming at the Buckingham Palace pool too.

As for the arrival of the second baby, the Daily Mail says Kate has decided to change it up. She went without a maternity nurse with George (did she?) and this time, she’s going to hire a full-time nurse for at least three months. A source told the Daily Mail: “Kate and William loved the early weeks with Prince George but it was hard work and the sleepless nights took their toll. Kate especially was exhausted.” I don’t have any issues with this, but I do wonder if Kate is going to decamp to Casa Middleton with George and the baby, which is what she did last time. Speaking of, The Daily Mail also has an EXCELLENT story about Prince Charles and all of the family in-fighting and all of that – go here to read. The whole thing is interesting, but a lot of people are talking about the “What Charles thinks of the Middletons” section. Some highlights:

Charles is worried that William & the babies are too Middleton-ized: What worries the Prince of Wales is what those around him refer to as the ‘Middleton-isation’ of William, something he feels there is little he can do to change. Kate and William have always spent much of their spare time and holidays with her parents, Carole and Michael — even before George was born — and little time with Charles at Highgrove… There is no great bond between Camilla and Kate.

What William loves about the Middletons: What is noticeable is that William is clearly attracted to the easy-going, non-royal way the Middletons live, so different from the stiffly royal outlook of his father…With the Middletons, William loves the family atmosphere he never knew and gets on well with his father-in-law, whom he calls Mike. He particularly enjoys the total absence of status.

Charles is bewildered by Will & Kate’s paltry staff: Charles is even puzzled that William and Kate do not surround themselves with the usual array of staff that he himself finds essential to carry out his royal duties.

William wants a separate staff from Charles: William has gone out of his way to set up his own private office away from his father’s. At one time they were all together, but now William, who is about to start working as an ambulance helicopter pilot in Norfolk, has his own staff at Kensington Palace.

[From The Daily Mail]

In the earlier Camilla Parker-Bowles post, I discussed how interesting it was that Camilla never made an attempt to have her own separate staff, advisors and friendly journalists. Camilla bought into Charles’ life and she’s made herself amenable to everything about Charles. But William and Kate are heading in a different direction. I believe that William really will try to set up a separate “court” with his own staff, goals, etc. While the Daily Mail paints Charles’ fears over William’s “Middletonization” as wrong-headed, I think Charles is right to be worried. About that, and about a lot more regarding William.



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  1. kri says:

    Hm. What is meant by “…and alot more about william”. So ominous and juicy. I read that in a James Spader voice.

  2. Luce says:

    I know the pics are blurry but isn’t that the nanny with K & PGtips?

  3. aims says:

    I can see that a family friendly atmosphere could be intoxicating when you didn’t really have that growing up. I remember my grandma telling me that when you have a son, you’ll lose him when he gets married. They usually go into her family. I have two sons and that’s always been in the back of my mind.

  4. AppleOne says:

    I think Will should just give up his titles already and move in with the Middletons. I’d love them too – they seem like a nice bunch, especially when compared to The Firm, but it’s obnoxious of him to feel he can have everything.

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      I think he might just try to do that one day, to Kate & Carole’s horror.

      …and that would be the rub…lol

    • rtms says:

      He can’t and won’t because he has absolutely no skills outside of the royal family and being a prince. He would never be able to afford the lifestyle he has now if he abdicated his prince title/position. I honestly think that frustrates him the most, that he can’t just walk away because he knows nothing to make a extravagant wage.And that is something Carol Middleton does not want to happen. She fought to hard to weasel her daughter into the royal family to lose that now.

      As for Charles, just more snipping from his staff and people. He did this during Diana’s life and now he can’t stand William and Harry’s more celeb status etc. He has always been a very selfish/self centered person which isn’t surprising given that he’s always been treated by everyone as the most important man in the UK. He has always had everything done for him, from bathing, clothing etc. Prince Philip tried to get him to stop being so spoiled but it failed big time and came out as more bullying than shaping.

      • *North*Star* says:

        Not true.

        William is a pilot and in the process of getting his civilian pilot’s license. Plus, he has a decent chunk of money from trusts and a good college education. He’d be fine if tomorrow he became just plain William Windsor.

      • bbg says:


        FYI: Wills didn’t get grades in University…and his flying career is not nearly as venerated as his PR team would have you think. Truth is: Neither Wills nor his brother are that bright.

      • Natalie says:

        William doesn’t have the work ethic to work full-time at anything.

      • FLORC says:

        William’s trust isn’t that large. It is, but compared to how he lives currently it wouldn’t last him more than a year or 2.
        Also, his pilot’s training drags out. In the past when he takes these jobs he shows up as he pleases and then stops showing up as he pleases. There’s a long documented history of this. When he was S&R his superiors were said to be frustrated with him. And when he was said to be working he was often caught at local pubs or hunting trips. He just doesn’t have a work ethic. Flying seems more of an excuse/passtime than a job.

        If he gave it all up to be a private citizen he’d be poor very quickly.

        Harry isn’t bright? Explain. Are we talking grades? Because Harry was diagnosed late in his life with dyslexia. He’s worked hard to overcome that.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I don’t think Harry has publicly confirmed the dyslexia, although I believe he does have it and didn’t know until near the end of Eton. Someone publicly confirmed that Beatrice is dyslexic. The Harry news comes from a conversation with one of the Top Gear presenters, who said Harry told him about the dyslexia during a conversation.

  5. OSTONE says:

    I would be more too if everything my in-laws did was cater to my every need and always ensure I was happy. It seems like he really enjoys the close-knit family unit. Social climbers, tacky et al.. But at least they are close.

  6. paola says:

    I think what William really misses is a normal family. And he’s probably trying to get himself one.

  7. BreeInSEA says:

    Shallow moment: Aren’t William’s calves oddc or… just me? George looks pretty cute :) And Kate doesn’t look ready for baby. Maybe I just had a giant belly with my kids.

  8. Jegede says:

    Richard Levy and Geoffrey Levy from the Daily Mail are known as Diana lackeys who have had a hate on for the Middleton family from the very beginning.

    Also The Mail, – like The Telegraph, – remain pissed William did not marry the endless double barrelled ‘blue blood, right sort’ blondes, their papers pushed consistently.

    Stories which appeared in almost every Saturday edition from when I was at Uni!!

    • notasugarhere says:

      I sincerely doubt the newspapers cared who he married, so long as they could turn her into click bait.

    • Jegede says:

      Diana then used them assiduously as armour in her war against Charles, favouring young male reporters like Kay and Morton.
      And they’ve continued her job for her from the grave.

      And the never ending William’s ideal future bride stories were almost never front page, but 4 page diatribes or wish lists of a certain look, in their weekend editions, so it was hardly all about selling copies otherwise put them on the front page.

      It did become an infamous running joke that some BBC shows here had skits like:
      “Please make the bride the Daughter of an Earl” Hear the Daily Mail clarion call

    • Betti says:

      TBH I don’t think Diana would have approved of Kate and her family. Diana was aristocracy and I can’t see her sitting by and watching a desperate social climbing nobody dig her claws into her son – which is what Kate was/is.

      • Jegede says:

        Maybe Diana would think that but I have to say it would be ironic considering her own mother Frances Shand Kydd’s inflammatory, shady words (from court testimony) for Diana’s own choices in boyfriends.
        Or whomever Diana dug ‘her claws’ into.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I don’t think Diana would have cared about middle class origins. She’d care more about the grasping natures, trying to make the other siblings famous off the marriage, and the laziness and uncaring attitudes of W&K. In other words, if the Middletons had been members of the aristocracy and acted they way they have, Diana wouldn’t have liked them.

      • littlestar says:

        That’s one thing I’ve always wanted to know: What would Diana think of Kate and the Middletons?

      • notasugarhere says:

        If Diana had lived, the Middletons would be unknown. Diana wanted William to attend university in the United States (Haakon, Felipe, Philippe, Frederik, Victoria all did) and get a global education. He wouldn’t have ended up vulnerable and grieving at St. Andrews.

      • *North*Star* says:

        I think Diana would have had mixed feelings about Kate and the Middletons. She would have loved their middle class origins and how ‘normal’ they were. However, she would have HATED sharing her boy(s) with another family. Like Charles, she was insecure and this reared its head when confronted by other mother figures.

      • Beatrice says:

        I agree. I think Diana would have steered William to an aristocratic woman who actually had a work ethic similar to hers. Kate and the Middletons would have never gotten near her son.

      • *North*Star* says:

        Diana wanted both her sons to mix with a variety of people and to be comfortable outside their cushy world. Why would that mean she’d only want him to marry within it?

      • wolfpup says:

        *North*Star* – I believe that most women would get anxious if her own children were bonding to another woman more deeply than herself – particularly when the role of mother was central to her own understanding of herself.

        I don’t think that Diana would have been threatened by Carole. There would never be a Carole, if Williams mother had not died. Agree with notasugarhere, that ending up vulnerable and grieving at St. Andrews was a terrible idea. These royals do not seem to have a great deal of emotional intelligence when it comes to their young.

    • hannah says:

      Thank you . I always find it funny when people claim the Daily Fail is in any way promoting Kate and/or her family in a positive way because they so clearly are not . I believe they ‘re pissed because they don’t get any inside scoop from real sources anymore like they did during the Diana years.

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      The Telegraph gave Kate and the Middleton’s wonderful coverage from day one.

      Most of the Britsh press had William practically married to Kate after the first or second year.
      Kate can never say the British press did not push her.

      The entire British press pushed Kate nonstop!

  9. Thinker says:

    I really find it interesting how the tensions between William and Charles, which have been carefully hidden by PR and “palace sources” for years, are finally coming to light. Through William’s behavior during important moments in his life, it’s clear he’s not close with his dad. Charles was the last to know about the engagement, the last to know (only moments before the press!) about Kate’s pregnancy… William has prioritized spending time with the Middletons, and openly distanced himself from Charles.

    I do think this all comes back to Charles’s introduction of Camilla into his life so quickly after the boys lost their mother. The fact Charles leaked the first meeting between Will and Camilla, and put out in public that Will “approved” — Put that betrayal in contrast with the closeness and intimacy William shared with his mother. It makes his father’s Machiavellian techniques for press popularity all the more hurtful and damaging, leading to the current situation.

    Charles seems to have always put himself first, and now he should not be surprised that his son will see fit to do the same.

    • notasugarhere says:

      “Charles seems to have always put himself first, and now he should not be surprised that his son will see fit to do the same. ” Maybe they are too similar to like each other? They see all of their own insecurities and failings in each other.

    • Betti says:

      I agree, though the Middletons spent a lot of time, patience and money ingratiating themselves into Williams inner circle – with Carole being the draw. She’s the strong mother type that he never had (and desperately needed) and to be fair to the family, they are close knit and look out for each other as families should do – things that William lacked in his own. Charles always looked a bit awkward with them.

      I can see his concerns thou as George spends a lot of time with them but Charles need to make more of an effort to make sure his grandsons spends time with him and the extended RF.

      However, William is more like his father than anyone cares to admit. Both are selfish and stubborn with a strong need to be the centre of attention/loved by all. Seems Kate is more like Camilla – able to deal/put up with the BS that comes from them.

  10. Jaded says:

    Prince Charles is still an anachronism despite his modernization goals, his zeal for all things ecological and his tight-fistedness. He seems to require staff for everything from squeezing his toothpaste to catching his farts. Unless he wants the whole monarchy to go down in flames between his and the next generation, he does have the task of cutting out dead wood, including paring down his own lavish support network. As for William and Kate, their preference for the easy life puts them in an increasingly bad light and at some point they are going to have to take on more of a public role. They can’t continue to use the excuse of wanting to be just normal young parents when they live in such obvious, over the top luxury and distance themselves from even the most basic duties. The self-destruction will continue and I see Charles wading into a complete mess when he succeeds to the throne.

  11. ickythump says:

    I think it should read “He particularly enjoys the total absence of work”. WIlliam doesnt need his own staff because his royal duties barely exist. Of course he loves the Middleton lifestyle of endless holidays and the most banal careers – maybe he will write a book about party planning with marshmallows?!

  12. scout says:

    Is William checking out red bikini bottom of that girl (not Pippa) in one of those pics? LOL.

    Nothing wrong with growing up as/with Middletons, they are a loving close knit family. Diana wanted her sons to grow up as normal folks too. Little George will have the best of both Worlds, Prince William should let him have that great start.

  13. The Original Mia says:

    William is a brat. Always has been. He’s a typical royal himself. What he says goes. He’s never wrong. He’s the royal and everyone else should be kissing his arse. I understand and empathize with his pain from losing Diana, but with age should come some wisdom and understanding that neither of his parents were perfect and both made mistakes. If he thinks for one second that Diana would be pleased with him and how he disrespects the royals, he’d be sadly mistaken. William likes the Midds because they have already crowned him king. How else do you explain liking a man who treated their beloved daughter/sister like crap for 10 years & still treats her like she’s a simpleton?

    Charles should be worried. William will end the monarchy. Either by his own ineptitude for the position or the public finally tiring of the monarchy and booting him and his new family out the door.

  14. Justcarol says:

    I never believed the rumours about Kate not really being pregnant before, but can she really be six months along?

  15. H says:

    I’m sorry, but I was always Team Diana, and I’ve never liked Charles. While I understand Diana manipulated the press in her later years, I remember the sweet and naive Lady Diana Spencer who found out her husband never loved her, used her to have a kid and then carried on an affair with Camilla. (Charles should have never married Diana, ignored Mummy and married Camilla in the first place saving Diana from that family. I did say I was Team Diana, remember.)

    While I applaud Charles for his whole environmental stance, if I had a choice I’d be with the Middletons too rather then the stuffy, stick-up-their-butts royals. Hopefully George and new baby will be raised to drag the royal family into the modern age rather than the 19th century where Elizabeth seems to reside. Personally, the only royal I’d want to go to a remote island with is Harry. He looks like he’s a lot of fun! *g*

    • *North*Star* says:

      It’s a fallacy to think he wanted Camilla from the get go. They were a casual fling as she was hankering after Andrew Parker Bowles.

      • H says:

        Charles had a lot of casual flings back in the day, just like Andrew. I remember the 70′s tabloids. Personally, I wouldn’t touch either one, although the least known brother, Edward always seemed to be the normal one, I might have done him in my younger years. *g*

        I think Camilla wanted Charles, but settled for APB, then later regretted it. You don’t start an affair with a married man, the future King of England, whilst still married yourself if you don’t love the guy. That affair ruined two marriages and could have potentially cost Charles the throne. Personally, I think the two cheaters deserve each other.

      • *North*Star* says:

        Nope, Andrew Parker Bowles was everyone’s target in the early 70′s and Camilla nabbed him. She was clearly gunning for APB before and after Charles. Charles, at that time, was a fun roll in the hay for her.

      • H says:

        If APB was a “catch” back in the day, then Camilla and the rest of the landed gentry need glasses. Not a very attractive lot, but then neither are the Winsors. Like I said, if I had to pick I’d take Edward or Harry. The rest you can chuck.

      • *North*Star* says:

        Andrew must be fantastic in bed because I don’t see his allure either, at all. (He dated Princess Anne too) But apparently he was considered The Big Fish to land.

        Yuck. Lol

      • Jen says:

        Rumour has it that APB took Princess Anne’s virginity……………..

  16. BW says:

    Is it too late to vote for Harry as the next King? Oh, wait, you don’t vote for that?

  17. Zombie Shortcake says:

    Charles should have worried about this way before now.

  18. bettyrose says:

    Who wouldn’t choose to be leisure rich over royal rich? Problem is that William is straddling the line by not abdicating (wc?) his right of succession.

  19. lily says:

    Well played new PR guy whatever your name is. Now if they get their arses’ in gear they can say Charles’ camp was holding them back all along.

  20. PennyLane says:

    I’m confused…how can someone go on vacation if they don’t ever work?

    They should just get it over with and make Harry king.

  21. bbg says:

    Sounds like more spin to try and berate Charles and praise the lazy duo. I’m not buying it. Bottom Line: Will and Kate are utterly unlikable.

    • H says:

      I actually feel sorry for William. If Diana had lived he might have gone to university in the States, lived a more normal life, but with Charles as primary parent, he’s doomed. I don’t like or dislike W&K, they seem to be rather boring, but then I can look at them as a far-away American observer. But, it does seem to me he doesn’t want to be King. I wouldn’t want that job either. Rather thankless task if you ask me with money being the only perk. I’d abdicate like Edward and run off and retire to a Mediterranean island.

      • DayandNight says:

        It astonishes me that Charles didn’t manage to get a tighter grip on William after his mother’s death. If William wanted a loving warm home life then why didn’t Charles provide or organised that. Some of his friends must have drooled at the prospect of taking in William as a de-facto foster son. But instead William got send to one boarding school after another. No wonder he likes homely life with the Middletons so much: they pretend to have no expectations.

        Instead Charles allowed the Middletons to sink their claws into William.

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      I use to like William, but not so much in the past few years. He just seems like a spoiled, selfish brat. He won’t work doing royal duties, I stead he’ll watch his 90 ish Grandparents work hard. I just don’t find his personality likeable at all anymore.

  22. Stephanie says:

    Will could have gone up a size with his swim shorts. His ass is eating them. Pippa has the same (well, healthier) frame as Kate. Long torso, short legs. Btw, the long torso is one of the reason she looks like she is carrying small.

  23. Gigi says:

    I think it’s interesting that people said the monarchy will end with William. I’m no expert and an American but if the future monarch spends decades downplaying the institution what does that say?
    By the time it’s his turn maybe those holding on to the idea of a monarchy will figure what’s the point?

    Charles may be a pretentious ass but he’s holding on tight to that staff. If he doesn’t if he appears “normal” then some might wonder what’s the point of having figure heads if they’re just like us. Part of the job is keeping up the facade of difference.

    Oh and William is an ass for not signing that petition. His mother would kick his ass if she was around.

  24. Murphy says:

    “[without] array of staff that he himself finds essential to carry out his royal duties.”

    The answer to this is….they DO NOT DO royal duties.

  25. notasugarhere says:

    I know we are all asymmetrical. In that first photo of her, it shows the extent on KM. On one of the boards some don’t like (RD I think), someone did a comparison. They used photoshop to divide her face and mirror the sides into two new images. In one, she looked exactly like Pippa, in the other, exactly like her mom. Wish I could find it again, as it was quite interesting.

  26. anne_000 says:

    On one hand, I think it’s good that William gets experience into a different type of family environment.

    On the other hand, it’s too bad that the ‘other’ family isn’t made up of industrious people…

    • Jaded says:

      The parents are industrious….unfortunately the apples fell very far from the tree.

      • anne_000 says:

        It seems from what I’ve been reading on gossip sites…. the parents have gotten a lot of ‘free’ money from Uncle Gary in order for them to live a certain type of lifestyle and for social-climbing purposes. It’s not all funded and based on their work and actual income.

        Uncle Gary has said that he’s paid for Jame’s cake and marshmallow businesses. I sincerely doubt that he didn’t help his sister and BIL financially either.

      • *North*Star* says:

        The Michael’s amily is much more well off than Carole’s and they had trust money set aside to send the three kids to private schools before Party Pieces hit it big. Very little came from Uncle Gary.

      • Suze says:

        @North Star

        See Andrew Gilligans article in The Telegraph, June 2010 -

        Michael MIddleton’s inheritance has been greatly exaggerated. If you look up the article above, they go into detail about the probate records.

        There wasn’t nearly enough to fund expensive private educations for three kids, fancy yearly vacations, and real estate in Buckleberry and London. So either there was money from other ventures floating around, or Uncle Gary has been funding the lifestyle of his relatives, or the Middletons have genuinely made Party Pieces a thriving concern.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, that Telegraph article is interesting and detailed about the odd configuration of the company (no public records, etc.). Other businesses of similar size post maybe $100,000 annually. What gets glossed over in the “oh but you never know how much internet companies make”? We haven’t been shopping on the internet that long, in relative terms, late 1990s early 2000s. Difficult to see how it adds up without a lot of help from Uncle Gary.

      • DayandNight says:

        @ North Star

        If Michael’s family were rich for real then:
        (lots of big IFs here:)
        1. perhaps nobody really knows about it
        2. the money is in some tax haven.

      • Cricket says:

        I read several places that Pippa received a scholarship for sport for Marlborough so if that’s true would she then not pay any tuition or fees?

      • notasugarhere says:

        Were they in the financial category that qualified for scholarship? Is that how it works at Marlborough?

  27. Suze says:

    Well, I can see where the Middletons would be more fun, and less stuffy, than hanging out with Charles. Even though Middleton life isn’t remotely normal by most standards, it’s normal to William. And I can see where Charles would have reservations about it.

    However, I don’t for one minute believe that William enjoys “the complete lack of status.”

    I think status is exactly what enjoys about being in the midst of the Middleton family. He is super king in that setting.

    • DayandNight says:

      @ Suze

      So the Middletons pretend that William was one of them but subtly treat him like the king. I bet he likes the absence of expectations. And he is probably always welcome whatever he does. How many years did it take before Carole Middleton had a word with Prince William when he would finally marry Kate?
      Nevertheless that is exactly the problem. The absence of expectations. The Middleton children were not expected to find a real stable paying-the-bills kind of job as long as they socialised with the right people and tried some social climbing.

  28. Amy says:

    I think part of the reason William was so attracted to Kate was her stable family life. Say what you want about the Middletons–they are social climbers, the children are lazy and don’t work, they aren’t talented etc. However, it is clear they are all very close and seem to love each other very much. Mike and Carol seem like very supportive (if not slightly helicopter) parents and William definitely did not grow up in that kind of environment, losing his mother young and I dunno what kind of relationship he has with Charles and Camilla and the rest of the royal family.

    Also I have no problem with William ending the monarchy. It’s not the end of the world. Plenty of countries have done it and survived.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It isn’t up to William to end the monarchy; the royals serve at the will of the people. If the people want a monarchy but do not want William, they’ll find a way to keep the current system and throw him out.

      • wolfpup says:

        The royals do seem to show little penchant for having the peasants order them about. I believe that this mind-bent is part of their programme of power – absolute entitlement with no explanation. They shut down the conversation as well with their rule of no complaints. They seems to be completely insulated.

  29. Addison says:

    Fascinating read by the Daily Mail and Charles’ tantrums