Did Uma Thurman recently go overboard with Botox & fillers?


Here are some new photos of Uma Thurman at the NYC premiere of The Slap last night. The Daily Mail pointed out that there’s something different going on with Uma’s face, and I have to agree. Uma is 44 years old and she’s always been a beautiful woman, but I have suspected for a while now that she’s been experimenting with Botox and perhaps some fillers here and there. I’ve seen photos of her at various events in the past few years where she seems a little bit frozen or tweaked, but I honestly didn’t think it was anything major. But this is new.

While I’m no kind of expert on this stuff, I tend to think Uma went overboard with the fillers, and perhaps got some ‘Tox on her forehead. It’s a weird combination of unmoving cheeks and an inability to move one’s eyebrows.

To be fair to The Daily Mail, they’re not the only site pointing out that Uma looks way different. And now several sites are making a reference to Renee Zellweger’s dramatically different look, which she revealed over the course of several months last year, and comparing Renee and Uma. I don’t think Uma went and got a radically different face like Renee. It wouldn’t actually surprise me at all if Uma’s different look was all non-surgical, which is what we’re supposed to call fillers and Botox. Fillers and Botox are non-surgical “injectibles.” What I’m saying is that all of this will probably wear off in a few months, hopefully. Note: Uma doesn’t seem to be wearing much makeup here and that might be messing with how we’re looking at her too.

And just to show you how new this is, here’s a photo of Uma looking pretty normal just a few weeks ago:


More photos from last night:




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. kri says:

    Looks like Madonna!! Stop this now, please,

    • CB says:

      Yes, what are they doing so I never do it?

      It caused her to have slits for eyes and one wonky! Her eyes used to be her best asset. Large and open.

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        It has made her look much older.
        I think she botoxed all of her forehead, around her eyes, near cheeks, lower face, none of her face looks natural.

        Also a new waxy, shiney smooth face is usually Botox and fillers.

      • Santolina says:

        That’s some scary, cockeyed eye stuff going on, with the right one half closed. Yow. She also looks swollen, overall. IMO, Uma hasn’t looked like wide-eyed, chiseled-jawed Uma for awhile, now.

    • Lilo says:

      I was going to say Kate Winslet! (at least in the header pic)

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      Yes please stop UMA , you are so beautiful without all that tox in your face.

      She’s taking away her trademark eyes with these fillers.
      Please stop.

      She looks a bit like Iggy Az.

    • qwerty says:

      This is a pic from Januray 28th, she looks comepletely different http://www2.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Uma+Thurman+House+SpeakEasy+Gala+2e_iS2CB5I5x.jpg and I think it’s all make up.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I agree, I tend t think it is make up.
        She has no liner on her lids and it looks like no mascara either. That makes people look seriously different!

      • tealily says:

        I agree. No liner/ mascara, it looks like she filled her brows, her hair is pulled back in a weird way, and she’s wearing a darker lipstick than normal. I think it’s just the make up.

      • Nina says:

        She just forgot to put on her eyes. Probably trying to go for a fresh faced natural look, but you can only do that when you’re 24 and maybe even then, it may look odd if people are used to makeup on you,

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      Twitter is saying she now looks like Benedict Cumberbatch with long hair.
      Someone out two photos side by side of Cumber and Uma and they do look alike now.

      The British press is saying she did a Rene Zellwegger,

    • mary simon says:

      @ Santolina – You nailed it. Something went awry around the eyes-especially the right one. I can’t believe she went out in front of the media with that face – I would be in hiding! Her eyes look so beady, making her nose look bigger.

      She needs, now more than ever, to make up her eyes, lose the harsh red lip color, and wear a softer hairstyle to lessen the shock of this sad change.

    • Sassy says:

      I was thinking Tilda Swinton!

  2. BooBooLaRue says:

    Was a beautiful woman. Was.

  3. AG-UK says:

    Maybe no eye make up and she seems to have light lashes… but who knows they all do it.

    • Rachel says:

      I agree. It could just be the fact that’s she’s not wearing eye makeup. I think people often forget how much that changes the way you look.

    • funcakes says:

      She should also wear bangs. It will soften the look, but other than that it’s not a bad tune up.

    • Zippi says:

      Agree, it’s the combination of the “all natural” eyes look and the red lipstick that is giving this strange effect. A sort of Tilda look. But for sure there’s something wrong with her cheeks. And she went overboard with botox, as well.

    • Pandy says:

      I’m wondering if it might also be because she doesn’t have bangs?

    • Michelle says:

      I don’t understand how this would be the product of Botox when her face has lines in it, but I agree with the comment about no eye makeup. Whenever you’re in super bright light and going to be photographed, you are a brave soul to not even have on a coat of mascara. I know some women like to go all natural and that’s fine, but as a makeup artist, I adore eye makeup and so many women wear it that when they don’t have any on, it can tend to be really distracting because their face will be completely different looking without it.

    • Elly says:

      I´m very pale and my eyebrows and lashes are light blond so i dye them darker on a regular basis. I feel i look sickly without eye make-up. Means usually i wear at least mascara when i leave the house. In summer the sun kills the colour and the hair becomes lighter. Without eye make up even my friends have to look twice till they recognize me. If this happens they ask if i´m sick or so 😉

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      Her eye shape looks changed, imo. The fillers are puffing her face a bit, making her eyes smaller.

      She needs to stop now. Her eyes are very distinct. She looks different.

    • Vanessa says:

      I agree. It’s all in her make-up. She went for a nude look on her eyes and a very bold lipstick. Her usual look is a little eye-liner and mascara at the top of her lids and nude lips. People need to relax.

      Though, it doesn’t mean that I don’t think she’s had a little botox/fillers. I think she’s been doing those procedures for years. They all do in Hollywood.

    • starr says:

      I agree that it’s the lack of makeup; they’ve done a hideous job on her. Yes, she’s been using fillers for years, and probably had some fresh ones done, but she could have played that down if her makeup had been properly balanced.

      Why do women, both celeb and non-celeb, think that this “no eye makeup with red lipstick” thing is a good look? I haven’t seen anyone pull it off successfully.

      Also, the lack of bangs completely changes things for Uma. Between that and the horrendous makeup job, it’s a disaster. Not Zellweger levels of disaster, but definitely unflattering.

  4. Abbott says:

    Sweet buttery, botulated hell. What did she do???

    • Bullseye says:

      It’s becoming an epidemic of beautiful women turning themselves into weird, buttery, botulated mannequins. They can’t possibly think they look better, can they?

    • laura in LA says:

      I literally LOL’d, best comment of the day.

  5. aims says:

    Wow that’s freaky. Take notes ladies, sometimes you gotta roll with what you got.

  6. Lora says:

    I think its the thicker eyebrows?

  7. AntiSocialButterfly says:

    Too much botox, facial fat injections. Yikes

  8. vauvert says:

    Oh no Uma… what have you done??? It is really depressing to see these previously beautiful women changing the way they look so completely – I did not recognize her! All in the name of staying beautiful – but those fillers etc. do not result in beauty – just a caricature of it. No matter how skillful the surgeon, you end up looking plastic and different.

  9. LadyJane says:

    We now live in a world where is it better to look ANYTHING (including strange and manish) so long as it not OLD. Give me wrinkles any day. This trend is just disturbing, unattractive and seriously unsexy.

    • Green Eyes says:

      Mannish is the precise word that I was going to use. The added girth to her face also makes her look like an overweight person – like a once beautiful person who has let themselves go.

      It really saddens me the way that actresses are f’ing up their faces once they turn – gulp – forty! I am nearly 10 years older than Uma and as of today, I look a whole lot better than she does.

      Never thought that would happen.

  10. Neelyo says:

    in the laughing photos she looks like Tilda Swinton morphing into Kate Winslet.

  11. TWINK says:

    Am I going crazy? The only diffrerence is see is the eyebrows being a different color and looking fuller.

    • Kiddo says:

      No. I was thinking she went really minimalistic on eye make up and used a dramatic lipstick. I don’t see a lot of ‘work’. Plus she eliminated bangs, and that alters a person’s face significantly.

      • bella says:

        my guess is she had botox in her forehead which caused her eyes to droop a bit…
        it’s been known to happen a lot.

      • Kiddo says:

        I’m not seeing that bella. No drooping from my perspective. Her eyelids have the appearance of some degree of blepharitis, which can be the result of anything including allergies, crying, infection or too much salt intake. It may also be a reason why she didn’t apply the liner and eyeshadow.

    • eva says:

      She looks like scarjo when she wore weird eye makeup to the Captain America premiere.

  12. EC says:

    Jeeeez – what is it like to live in a world where you face isn’t allowed to move?? They shots or her smiling and laughing are insane – like “I really do want to show emotion but my face isn’t letting me.” I guess the good news is is that if it is really fresh, it will settle down and look more natural in a few weeks.

    But yes, these days i just assume that Botox and fillers are the norm for most (not all) H’wood ladies. Like they schedule them with their dentist appointments, every six months or so.

  13. Bugglez says:

    I’m in the minority. I never thought she was that stunning. Her facial features were just blah. I think if you’re young, blonde and tall. ..or heck just blonde you get brownie points you don’t often deserve. I always thought she had zero charisma onscreen. Except in pulp fiction she is sublime – however that was due more to QT direction than her own inherent talent.

    I think the pic of her with bangs is her with the same amount of ‘work,’ she just thought her work was better than it was and that she was able to rock the ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

    • Jessica says:

      I didn’t necessarily think she was a great beauty, but she is very interesting looking. It’s not like she was just the standard pretty Hollywood blonde.

    • Jeanne says:

      Agreed. I always thought she was homely. I think in the new pics the biggest change is that she appears to be wearing no or very little eye makeup and it looks like she has no eyelashes. Plus the bangs are gone.

      • BooBooLaRue says:

        Actually I agree with you, she isn’t a “beauty” per se, just sort of interesting looking for a homely girl.

    • perplexed says:

      I’ve always found her face kind of confusing. Sometimes she can be very pretty (ethereal-looking?); other times, I think her features look kind of weird (i.e her nose?). She’s not generic-looking, though, despite having blonde hair. But, yeah, one day I’ll think she looks great and other times I’m wondering why her features line up the way that they do. So, anyway, I have strange reactions to her face…like, I have to contemplate really hard whether I find her beautiful or not. I don’t have this problem with someone like Winona Ryder, who will immediately strike me as beautiful no matter what photo she’s in or how crazy her eyes sometimes look.

    • oneshot says:

      She’s blonde but she’s no Blake Lively, unlike the ‘generic Hollywood blonde’ types, her face had some distinctiveness and character to it – even if you didn’t think she was pretty, you had to admit she didn’t look like just anyone else.

      Shame that she had to mess with that though.

  14. Ginger says:

    Honestly if you hadn’t put her name with the photo I wouldn’t have had a clue that this was Uma Thurman. I’m not against doing a bit of Botox here and there if you really don’t like your wrinkles but when you go so overboard with the Botox and fillers… you don’t end up looking younger you just look bizarre! I don’t get it. She’s only a year younger than I am, her wrinkles can’t be that bad for goodness sake.

  15. aenflex says:

    She looks very different, and not for the better. Too bad.

  16. Rachel says:

    I think it mostly that makeup that’s making her look different.

    • Darlene says:

      YES, thank you, I think it is a complete lack of eye makeup paired with a very bold lip. She usually does the opposite, bold eye, nude lip, so it’s really noticeable!

  17. NeoCleo says:

    It’s amazing what a little eye make up does for some people. I’m blonde and blue-eyed and without eyeliner I look like Little Orphan Annie (the cartoon). The bloating will go down I expect but seeing this makes me sad.

    I used to want to be beautiful when I was young. Now I wonder if it would be have been harder on me to get old if I were. As it is, I’m now at the glorious age of “I don’t give a sh*t.” I’m free to go without makeup and almost always do. “Sandi” will always love me!!

  18. LAK says:

    I’d say she hasn’t used dark eye make up which is why she looks so different.

    In the before pic from weeks ago, she’s used dark eye make up which has made her eyes pop. In the current pictures, she’s not wearing eye make up, and if she is, it’s light coloured which makes her eyes look different, sunken. I can relate. Which why I never leave the house without dark eye liner.

  19. Cinderella says:

    She’d make a great Joni Mitchell.

  20. Jessica says:

    Her make-up is really weird here. Full foundation, powder, heavy blush, over-worked eyebrows, and a red lip, with no eye make-up. That’ll make anyone’s face look a little odd. If you’re gonna do the no eye make-up with a strong lip look you can’t wear anything extra other than a bit of a concealer and a tiny hint of blush.

    She’s certainly had work done, but I don’t think this is down to her doing anything more recently, it’s just an odd make-up look.

  21. funcakes says:

    She resembles Iggy Azalea.

    • MoeC23 says:

      YES! It’s the eyes! She’s had some work there and they now look smaller. She always had big eyes that really balanced out her nose.

  22. bns says:

    She’s been having work done for a while now. Looks terrible.

  23. perplexed says:

    Her cheeks look different. I wouldn’t know what she had done to her face if I hadn’t seen what Madonna had done. I don’t think it’s just make-up (or lack of it)…

    • **sighs** says:

      Yes. It’s her cheeks. She used to have very prominent cheekbones. It’s like she doesn’t even have cheekbones now.

  24. Shijel says:

    What… the… hell O___O What is happening inside her cheeks?

  25. QQ says:

    Yes, the Answer is YES Too Far

    No One is gonna talk about the stroke wonky eyes??!?!? am i the only one seeing this??? she looks part Asian Now FFS!!!Stop this madness

    Also on that note WTF Is this Slap Thing : I was like… IS Peter Saarsgard so hard up for work?? Is Zachary Quinto Poor?? why Are they doing an NBC Miniseries about The Lame dude that slaps a Kid with No Chill?? ( And all it makes me think of is the South Park High School Musical riff where the kid had a Theater queen dad that keep saying I’ll Slap You! Slap Slappity Slap Slap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCgjQD1kvrc )

  26. WMarie says:

    I love a natural, minimalistic make-up. It’s a look I use for the day-to-day and works for me. Its possible to get that natural look even with a sheer eye color and maybe a tiny bit of liner. The lack of color around her eyes is probably what makes her look so vastly different. Plus, she’s not rocking bangs so that also makes a difference. She’s still a stunning woman though.

  27. bammer says:

    Could it also be from her rumored drug problem?

  28. Coco says:

    She looks like an alien. This shit needs to stop, really.

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      True, whatever she did, the reviews of her new face are not good.

      I felt Uma was absolutely stunning, a unique beauty. She had a ethereal look.
      Why did she mess with her look?

  29. leigh says:

    She did whatever Renee Zellweger did around her eyes. The eye/upper cheek area looks weird.

  30. MBP says:

    I didn’t recognise her, but now I’m wondering how much is to do with different hair style? Because I don’t recognise Zooey Deschanel without bangs either.

  31. BendyWindy says:

    I don’t think it would be as noticeable if she had some hair covering her forehead and if she was wearing mascara/false lashes. Her eyes look so washed out and alien like that it’s distracting. No one “needs” makeup, but it would help her look more like herself.

  32. Jag says:

    She looks like she had an allergic reaction to whatever she put into her face. My eyelids swell up like that when I’m having a reaction. Please stop now, Uma!

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      Yes, my eyes get like that after shrimp and my cheeks puff up, I’m super allergic.

  33. scout says:

    Eyes pulled up in a bad way, like Cindy Crawford’s. Cindy has uneven eyes now. Can’t they choose the best plastic surgeon in LA, they can afford it. Got to do lot of background checks on docs and look at some of their past clients before you choose.

  34. AppleOne says:

    I just feel so bad that women feel they are must hold on to their looks and do this to themselves it makes me want to cry. It doesn’t matter what line of work they are in otherwise totally unknown women wouldn’t have gone for these procedures.

  35. Elisabeth says:

    her ears are giant

  36. smcollins says:

    Wait….that’s Uma Thurman?? I’ve seen photos of her before with little to no make-up and she didn’t look anything like this. And, no, I don’t agree that the thicker eyebrows have anything to do with it either. I agree that they can have an effect, but not to this extreme! Oh, Uma…

  37. Tracy says:

    Uma, two tips:
    1. Mascara. Every day, forever. You look 90 without it. And,
    2. No one over 25 should ever wear hard red lipstick. Bleeeeech.

  38. suzanne says:

    Yikes! 🙁 Bangs are her friend- so is eyeliner and mascara!

  39. MrsBPitt says:

    TOP PICTURE IS CREEPY!!!!!!!!! She will be in Joan Rivers territory soon (RIP Joan)!

  40. Rhiley says:

    She looks like Joni Mitchell.

  41. Olenna says:

    Oh, my. She was beautiful up until the day this cosmetic travesty occurred.

  42. vv007 says:

    That is crazy! She looks like a wax mannequin. So sad.

  43. CatJ says:

    In the thumbnail and the first picture, she looks like Liza Weil, the actress on HTGAWM and Gilmore Girls. I did not believe this was Uma…. what a shame….how does one look in the mirror and say, yep, that’s me…. it’s a totally different face….gah..!!!

  44. Embee says:

    She’s still got fine lines around her eyes and facial “folds” in the cheeks. I see her skin surface as being super-refined, maybe through a peel or some sort of dermabrasion?

    I’m no expert on this stuff but she also looks like she is swollen as from taking prednisone.

  45. Listerino says:

    It doesn’t even look like her anymore. Very sad.

  46. Jan Harf says:

    Oh, dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. No.

  47. emma says:

    I don’t know.. at the daily mail link all the older photos she has have significant eyeliner, and she’s not wearing any in this, which can make a person look very different (I can attest to this). Maybe she’s had a bit of botox or whatnot, but I don’t think it’s completely significant. I think this is more styling.

  48. The Other Katherine says:

    Dear God, when will women in H’wood STOP using fillers in their cheeks?! It ALWAYS looks bad.

    This is just sad to see. She doesn’t even look like herself, and she looked beautiful before.

  49. I Choose Me says:

    At first I thought it might just be that her eye makeup looks kind of bare but then I scrolled down to the pics where she’s laughing and yeah . . . she definitely looks pulled too tight.

  50. JenniferJustice says:

    That is horrible. Why oh why do they do this to themselves? Does she really think that looks good? I’ll take a few wrinkles any day.

  51. irm says:

    The hair and minimal make up are meant to distract from the work, to make us think maybe it’s just those changes. But she cannot even fully smile-her face looks so taut and frozen. I don’t know how people are only seeing the no makeup or bangs. She was beautiful to me, in an ethereal/unique way-she had a coolness about her IMO. For several years she’s been tweaking and now it’s really getting bad. uugh. Uma, quit drinking, smoking and whatever else if you want to dial back the aging. I so thought Uma, Madonna, even Gwen Stefani, would go the natural aging route and show their true coolness. But I guess it was all an act and they are not really that different our out of the box. I hope Uma quits while she’s not ahead, however….b/c this is not a good look.

  52. Miss Melissa says:

    I think she had her eyes done and she can’t wear full eye makeup yet…. like glue from lashes which she must regularly wear. The bruising around her hairline suggests a facelift as well. She is very swollen.

    She didn’t need to do this.

  53. serena says:

    Well, I do think she got botox and fillers, but to be fair eye-make up makes a HUGE difference. And she wasn’t really wearing any in the first photo..so, yeah, I’ll judge again with new photos.

  54. Michelle Felice says:

    Okay, I saw the picture that was taken a few weeks ago and my first thought was “She looks great!” So my question is….why would you mess with that?? Most women her age would kill to look like that. Now she looks awful.

  55. CH2 says:

    Oh Uma, no… that’s so sad. She looked beautiful in the before. this really made me sad for some reason, I don’t know why :(.

  56. platypus says:

    Wow, I feel bad for her with all the awful things some people are writing here. She might not be “cookie cutter pretty”, but she’s still a beautiful woman. I don’t think she’s had a ton of recent work done, IF she’s had something done it’s subtle enough. Overly botoxed? Uhm, you can clearly see the lines on her forehead and around her eyes.

    IMO, she looks different because a) her bangs are pinned to the side, b) she’s not wearing any eye makeup, c) she’s wearing a light-reflecting foundation and concealer with little counturing, which washes out your features and will make your face look super round in close-up photos and under a flash, d) she’s either bloated or gained a bit of weight. I mean, who gets fat transfers to their neck? Doesn’t even make sense.

  57. siri says:

    Thicker eyebrows, almost no eye makeup (no mascara), flat hair out of her face and a VERY bright red lip- I don’t think it has anything to do with botox. And most of us have a different eye size left &right. I think it’s really her look when not made up big time.

    • Darlene says:

      I agree with you. It’s 100% makeup that’s accounting for the change. Her eyes have always been slightly wonk.

  58. Jess says:

    I would never have guessed that was Uma! And she looks ten years older than she did a few weeks ago!

  59. Margo says:

    Well, she looks much harsher in these pictures, though it could partially be due to bad hair and makeup. I will say that the thing that bewilders me about women who go overboard with Botox/fillers is that those procedures not only fail to make you look any younger, but they can really harden up the face. I’ve seen some results turn out okay when Botox is administered in (limited) moderation, but the tightness and smoothness produce a pretty off-putting effect when it’s overdone. I just want to tell these women – a few wrinkles would actually soften up your features!

  60. Cc says:

    Oh, Jesus Christ, I only realized it was her because of the name in the post title!

  61. Jonesy says:

    Uhhh…bright red lipstick with an extremely pale face and no eye makeup whatsoever will make anyone look creepy, botox or not. Not a good look, Uma. Put some eyeliner on for cripes sake. Or, maybe tone down the lipstick.

  62. RobN says:

    When I saw the pictures on another, fairly shifty, site, I actually wondered whether it was somebody else and they’d run with something without verifying it was her. I can’t even fathom that it’s the same person in both shots.

    It makes Renee Zellweger’s work look subtle.

  63. LaurieH says:

    She may be using a bit of Botox, but if so, she was doing it before. I think it’s simply the fact that she is wearing absolutely no eye makeup. No shadow, no liner, no mascara, no brow filler. I know that I look like a totally different person with or without eye makeup.

  64. Isa says:

    beautiful Uma! what have you done!! it’s the forehead down to the cheekbone thing. it’s extreme —even sans eye make up. hopefully, it will settle….because that is some intervention in her face right there…if she were aging naturally she would not be so taut and oddly squinty. I love her but this is screamingly obvious and again, hopefully will settle down.

  65. prissa says:

    She just aged herself by 10+ years! In the non-botox photo, I would say she looks 42-45. In the new photos she looks 55-57 easily. Why do celebrities do this???? Well, hopefully when it settles she will look more normal. She always had a very unique look. Now she looks like every other tweaked Hollywood star. SMH

  66. caitrin says:

    I don’t understand the suspicion that she has “gone overboard” w Botox and fillers; to me it seems quite obvious that she simply isn’t wearing any eye makeup at all, that’s the only difference between her face a few weeks back and now. And, of course she has had Botox–probably has been getting it for years–but Botox is *not* the cause of her different look at all. Eye makeup–and its lack–make an ENORMOUS difference in how one looks, and this photo is merely evidence of makeup’s dramatic power to transform a person’s face.

  67. Goodnight says:

    I hope it’s just makeup and she’s not playing with fillers and botox. She’s a unique beauty. I’ve loved her since Pulp Fiction and I don’t want to see her become a generic botox horror.

  68. Obsidian says:

    It’s the same face minus the fake lashes and thick eyeliners.

  69. CR says:

    2 things: 1.) Colored-in Eyebrows and 2.) White eyeshadow with no eyeliner. She looks exactly the same, except her eyebrows are now colored in more and her eye-makeup isn’t flattering. Seriously it’s THAT SIMPLE, PEOPLE. Eyebrows make a huge difference. Also, she IS aging (beautifully), but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

  70. Gigi says:

    She looks older with a possible infection in her right eye.

  71. Anna says:

    She has had work done. A lot of it. And the excuse that she has “no eye make up on” is just that–a PR excuse. She is not wearing any because of the work done.

    I am her age. I haven’t her bank account. I have her level of (her previous) looks. I look about ten years younger than my years, and I spend not a cent on special facial creams, let alone botox and the rest of that nonsense.

    The key is to eat very little, all of it good, and above all–fish. This kind of information is everywhere .

    The gullibility and stupidity of most women is breathtaking.