Kim Kardashian really believes she did not ‘launch her career’ off a sex tape


Here are some photos of Kim Kardashian out and about in NYC on Tuesday. Her ensemble is a welcome relief from the previous day’s stupid crop top and camo pants. Kim ID’d this look: she’s wearing a Lanvin coat and dress and Louboutin heels. I wonder who made the choker. Always trust Kim to kill what could have been a decent look by accessorizing it in some terrible way. I guess we should stop yelling at her about it though – she’s obviously not going to change. She’s hellbent on making herself look stumpy and dumpy. With one choker, she manages to make herself look like a neckless ‘roid monster.

Anyway, Kim’s Love Magazine interview is the gift that keeps on giving. We discussed some of the best/most controversial quotes yesterday, including Kim’s response to the question “What do you do again?” Kim’s reply? “Ask my f—king bank account what I do.” Well, we have more quotes. Here you go:

Kim insists she didn’t launch her career with a sex tape: “Maybe that’s how some people heard about me but I didn’t launch my career off of that. That was 12 years ago, no 13 years ago now, so I just try to move on and put it in the past because I think that everyone in life does things they’re not proud of but you can’t sit and dwell on them forever.”

Her reality show is, like, important: “We’ve had more episodes than ‘I Love Lucy!’ And I’m proud that we give so many people jobs. Like, our lighting guy handing me a key chain last season and said, ‘I just want to thank you — I’ve worked for you guys for eight seasons and you helped me buy a house.’ So I get a little bit frustrated at people not understanding. Like when they ask, ‘What do you do?’ I mean what an uneducated question! And I just want to help change the perception that being on a reality show is such a negative thing.”

She used to love glitter: “I was obsessed with glitter, rhinestone heels and the kind of clothes that I now laugh at, and he threw them all out. I said, ‘Well I’m going to save them for my daughter one day.’ And he said, ‘Well if it’s going to our daughter, she never going to wear those!'”

[From Us Weekly and Madame Noire]

She’s being too cute by half if she genuinely believes that she didn’t ride (literally) her amateur p0rn-star status to fame and fortune. She totally got famous for a sex tape and for being friends with Paris Hilton (remember that?). She parlayed that into a reality show and the first DASH store and a decade later, here we are. Now she’s famous for a sex tape AND being married to Kanye West.

And I seriously hope that as North West grows up, she demands to wear glittery pink everything, just to piss off her dad.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. genevieve says:

    Right. And all those kids who “picked on” my obnoxious cousin Alexandra were “jealous,” just as her mother said.

  2. paola says:

    She probably doesn’t believe it but the rest of the world does. Actually what really launched her career is the real mastermind of them all: Kris Jenner.
    She is one hell of a manager. She can squeeze money out of anything. That is the only talent I see in that family.
    Kim on the other hand seems to live in that weird place where if she denies something then it really never happened. Like she just started wearing spanx yesterday. Of course you did!
    *give her the crazy pills*

    • NeNe says:

      In my opinion she’s famous for the sex tape and being a ‘Famewh*re!!!!

      • TeaAndSympathy says:

        As for me, I had no idea who she was. I’d never heard of her until coming on here via a link. It just happened that the sex tape was being discussed, so as far as I’m concerned, that’s how I first became aware of her, and how I feel she achieved her fame. Boy, have I learned a lot since then…! I’ve never seen the tape, never watched the show and never bought any Kardahian Krap, nor do I want to.

        I guess what she believes is a moot point; the people who idolise her, follow her on social media, buy the stuff she endorses etc., are really the ones who should be asked whether she’s famous for that tape. Without them (and her vile, vampire mother), she’d be a nobody. God, I’d be mortified – and, later, dead – if my mother had discovered something so vulgar about me. The fact that her mother pimped her out using said tape, as she apparently did (from what I’ve read on here), says a lot. A real lot.

        She looks halfway decent here, except for the dog collar, which I understand perfectly; I also have a short neck, so never wear chokers. Sadly, I feel this look is only temporary.

      • fritang says:

        A sex tape during which she was urinated on by Ray J.

        That will be something I’m sure she’ll be proud to save for her daughter (and Pimp Grandmama Kris will use as an instructional aid for how teen Nori can launch her “career”).

    • Tristan says:

      She is as DELUSIONAL as ever!

      • Anita says:

        Ignorance is Bliss. And her comment about her rise to fame is a perfect example of how someone can create their own reality, even if her defferred sense of reasoning makes sense to no one else, she is still capitalizing. It angers people, but nevertheless speaks to the power of how perception creates ones’s personal reality.

    • Gina says:

      + a billion I’d never heard of Kim Kardashian until someone said Ray J had a leaked sex tape. Once I heard she was friends with Paris Hilton I tuned out.

    • MonicaQ says:

      That lady is so devious she could almost get Oreos out of me.


    • melodycalder says:

      Kortney was on a cattle drive show for rich kids years ago. The original hulks daughter was on it, cortney semmil (yahoo) and a bunch of others. That is actually how I first heard about the family. God all those kids were awful

  3. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I’d want to revise history, too, if I were her. And I notice she still can’t identify what it is that she actually does. Call me “uneducated.”

    • paola says:

      What she does is called ‘Hustling’. The minute she stops hustling she is over. And her family with her.
      And isnt it weird that people ask her ‘What do you do?’
      Nobody knows what she does! Even the most obnoxious celebrities are immediately placed in a job category. Goop?she’s an obnoxious actress-blogger. Kanye west? singer. Iggy Azalea? (C)rapper. Tracy Anderson? Personal trainer.
      Kim Kardashian? *cricket cricket* silence.
      Nobody knows.

    • runCMC says:

      Did we read the same thing? She identifies as a reality star. That’s a job these days.

      Whether it should be, or how incredibly ridiculous it is that someone can be a multimillionaire because of being on a reality show and promoting things, is a completely different argument. Chica has a job. Our society needs to eliminate the fact that her job exists, but she didn’t make the rules…she just benefits from them.

      • Josephine says:

        By definition, a reality star gets paid for simply having cameras follow her around and record conversations. So I get when people have a hard time conceptualizing that as a job. Talking with family, going out to eat, primping, shopping, going on vacation – there is nothing productive, of value, or actual work in there. So I would say her “job” is to look “interesting” by butchering her body, wearing too much make-up and extensions, wearing unflattering and unrealistic clothing, putting on various weddings for spectacle, saying crappy things about and to her siblings, posing nude and oiled-up as much as possible, and do a lot of walking around with her mouth hanging open. I guess that’s a career of sorts, but it’s not a job.

      • me says:

        Yeah but most people get offered a reality show AFTER they have become famous already. They are already known for some type of “career” before starting a reality show. She can’t say she got famous off of the show. You have to already be known in order to land a show. Her true claim to fame is being Paris Hilton’s former friend and having sex with semi-famous singer Ray-J. That’s where it all started and she needs to own up.

    • Zimmer says:

      So the implication is that everybody knows who she is and thus better know what she does? Man her ego is bigger than the earth! What a hard fall it is going to be when she looses her ‘beauty’! I mean it hurts for most aging women, I believe, but it is going to hit her harder than Madonna!

  4. jwoolman says:

    Well, Kim also believes that she started wearing Spanx only recently.

    On a kinder note: She looks very nice in these pictures, the outfit is nice and it seems to fit properly and it looks comfortable as well – something she can walk and sit in. The choker triggers my overactive gag reflex just looking at it, but it’s her choice.

    • smcollins says:

      Lol…agreed! She finally wears something that fits and is flattering, and then she ruins it with that stupid choker. So close, Kim, so close.

      • Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

        The dress doesn’t fit across the bust. Also, the s-t-r-e-t-c-h and p-u-l-l-l-l-l of the fabric distorts the stripes. Just a guess but I bet it cups over her rear.

        Kim needs to stop buying samples that don’t fit her. She needs to stop shopping in Paris. They simply don’t want to understand her body, it seems.

        Dolce and Gabbana, Kim. They will understand your curves. They will build push-up bras and spanx panels right into your clothes. You need these designers in your closet and on speed dial.

      • Jax says:

        The choker, and she also breaks a well known simple rule: if you have short lets you don’t cut them up with ankle strap shoes. Duh.

    • Anita says:

      A scarf would have been way more befitting for the weather and would have made more sense to me. Chokers are kind of 90s…but if you had to do one i think it should have been lighter colored to make her neck look less “choked” shall we say.

    • fritanga says:

      You’re kidding, right? That outfit is typical tasteless downtown BH ‘booteek’ realness. She looks totally classless, as usual.

  5. unmadebed says:

    She looks great in that outfit…I don’t have a problem with her career, just that she makes too much money for what she does. It’s discouraging to people who work so hard, and provide something of positive value, for much less pay.

    • Judyk says:

      This is the BEST I have ever seen her look (except for the choker).

      And I agree w/ the rest of your comment. There’s nothing about her I would ever admire, emulate or aspire to. I worked my butt off my entire life for nearly nothing $$$ wise.

      • Kitten says:

        She looks great. Her hair has been on-point lately.

        But notice how all we can really talk about when it comes to Kim is her appearance? That’s not a coincidence-she simply doesn’t have much beyond that to offer. Or maybe we’re all just “uneducated”.

    • Anita says:

      Why do people think the world should be fair?The fair is where u buy tickets in the summer to, ride a ferris wheel and eat cotton candy. Its a free market and a free world. Capitalism has made America great, and so has competition. You may not like it, but know one needs approval from anyone else to make a buck in America. Thats what gives the person – any person the chance and opportunityto rise to the top. Despite what u think of it morally ,and in spite of how it goes against your values.In America everyone is allowed to own their own values and take it to church or the bank!

  6. savu says:

    I haven’t seen the details but I don’t hate the coat. I actually kinda like it.

    But HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA oh my god. Biggest delusion ever. Maybe even more delusional than the size 4 thing.

    As for the “what do you do” thing, like seriously? So now you’re miss Job Creator? No hate to all the people working on the show whatsoever, cause I bet it is a great opportunity for them. But the argument that it gives people jobs so it must be good is so dumb. Just about everything requires paid work. Doesn’t mean it’s suddenly noteworthy.

    • Northwest Pixie says:

      Reminds of the Paris Hilton episode of South Park where Wendy keeps asking “But what does she do?”

  7. bella says:

    still vapid and vile…but this is the best she’s ever looked.
    more than that…i’d wear this outfit…it’s elegant…except for the choker.
    she could be lovely if she dressed this way all the time.
    and how could anyone admit to themselves that their career was launched by raunch.
    that’s got to be difficult.

  8. Silvia says:

    She’s extremely deluded about her career, her mariage, her body type and importance. If she dressed in clothes that actually fit her, presented herself with more panache and dignity, raised North on her own instead of only taking her to pap strolls, and contributed to society instead of taking a hundred selfies a day, then I would maybe find a sliver of respect for this woman.

    • Diana says:

      Pretty much. She has a platform that she could use for good things: modeling good parenting skills, giving back to society in a meaningful way, being a strong and responsible woman period… And instead she just wastes it all, drowning in a sea of her own delusions and narcissism. Sad.

    • chaine says:

      IKR? On the day after all the news about the young woman who was abducted and murdered by ISIS after going to Syria to help refugees… Someone with a true heart for helping others who literally gave her life for a meaningful cause… I just can’t with Kim Kardashian and her gross sex tape and her incessant need for attention and her ongoing attempts to make sure everyone in the world sees the entirety of her plastic surguried genitalia.

  9. TX says:

    The thing that annoys me the most is nobody calls her on releasing and making money off her sex tape. She and her family always act and lie that it was a huge embarrassment and they didn’t want it released. FALSE. you cannot, by law, sell a tape of someone having sex without their consent. Why does nobody bring up that tiny fact?

    • lucy2 says:

      They may act that way, but I’ve yet to see someone outside that family actually believe it. I think almost everyone knows they released it and launched everything from it.

      • snowflake says:

        oh, no, there’s people that believe it. almost any time her tape is mentioned, somebody pops in with poor girl, it could happen to anybody, etc, etc. uh, no, it can’t, unless you sign a release. but yeah, there’s people that believe that b.s.

      • TX says:

        Oh for sure, Im not saying any of us out here believe that…Im just saying I wish someone interviewing her would confront her with that.

    • jwoolman says:

      She would just say that since the tape was already illegally released, she was just getting some control over it (editing privileges, which is why the golden shower was removed) and getting financial compensation. She couldn’t just stuff that particular genie back in the bottle. Which is actually a legitimate response.

      But I don’t believe it was an accidental leak or that she never wanted anybody else to see it. I saw one bit from it where she goes right up to the camera and introduces herself as Kim. It was never intended as just a private sex tape. She was making sure everybody knew it was her, no chance anybody could say it was just a lookalike. She wanted to use it to become famous. Which is exactly what happened. Her nude modeling jobs since then show that she is very comfortable being naked on camera for worldwide distribution, as a matter of fact it seems to be something that makes her particularly happy.

      So she did a porn tape and was not embarrassed by it but rather wanted it to be released, she was proud of it. Her mother most likely decided to omit the golden shower part since Kim was ok with it. (Good decision, mom.)

      • Hannah says:

        How is that a legitimate response when she’s always going on about how much it “humiliated” her? On what planet do people act the way she did out of shame? Look at how J.Law acted when her pics were released, that is a normal, sane reaction to having your privacy invaded. Kim’s privacy was not invaded.

      • jwoolman says:

        Hannah- Kim lies about everything. She says she felt humiliated because she thinks that’s what people want to hear, and her mom tells her to say that for good PR. She did not feel humiliated. I’m sure she and her bank account are very happy getting the checks from the porn distributor.

  10. Lilacflowers says:

    I see ice and rock salt on those sidewalks. I do hope she isn’t walking too far in those shoes. The salt and wet will ruin them; not to mention the extreme likelihood of slipping and falling on her butt.

  11. EC says:

    This is a really good look for Kim! I’m impressed. What’s that saying…even a broken clock is right twice a day? She wears so many outfits there has to be a good one in there somewhere

  12. Kim1 says:

    She also believes she is a size 4
    Is that a wig she is wearing?

    • snowflake says:

      of course. there is nothing left that she has not altered or that is natural, with the exception of maybe her eyeballs and ears.

      • me says:

        She had lasik eye surgery and filmed it for her show (so that it would be free). So technically her eyeballs have been altered lol.

  13. Skins says:

    “An uneducated question” Yes Kim, an uneducated question for an uneducated slag

  14. The other paige says:

    Isn’t that interesting-she wears something cut well and she doesn’t look like she weighs 800 lbs??
    Maybe Kanye will learn?

  15. grabbyhands says:

    I’m sure Kanye fills her head with this every day so that she now believes it.

    Sorry, but the sex tape, followed by posing for Playboy, followed by pimping your image out to anyone who would pay attention is exactly why you are famous. And I don’t care how hard you hustle, that isn’t the same as a career and it is not really working, She and her sisters have benefited from having an even bigger hustler for a mother and are lucky that the appetite for watching the adventures of a bunch of rich, vapid famewhores is apparently endless.

    Just be grateful that you have gobs of money coming in and that you will always be able to afford anything your crass little heart desires. Quit trying to pretend that you are some savvy businesswoman/model/artist muse/intelligent person.

    • pk says:

      I agree with everything you said. They are hustlers and people like Kris Humphries are collateral damage. Her “career” would have been over had she not married Kanye. I wonder if he is in on it or being duped. They’ve never looked like a couple in love.

  16. Sass back says:

    I’m not too into the Kardashians but truly I and most of my friends had never heard of her until her reality show was on and she was dating Reggie Bush. I think the sex tape definitely helped contribute to her notoriety but I think most people under a certain age didn’t know about that tape or who even Ray J was until it was made known after the fact. It definitely helped get her the show, because it was released before the show was announced, but I honestly think her reputation and fame would be nearly the same; Ray J wasn’t her only famous boyfriend and she was part of that whole party crew in Hollywood-her stepbrother was on Princes of Malibu and stuff so it was really only a matter of time.

    • jwoolman says:

      They incorporated the handling of the sex tape and also the naked pictures of a then-underage Kourtney into the storyline for the show. I doubt that without that kind of drama the network would have been interested. Kim’s Playboy shoot was part of the first season also, I think. At any rate, I’m sure Demon Mother emphasized such points in promoting the show to the network. They’re kind of boring otherwise. But I’m not a fan of reality shows in general, I’ve only seen way too much of the K’s because they’re unavoidable (long promos especially) if you watch anything on the network. So I might not be the best source to explain the appeal.

      • me says:

        I think without the personalities of her family, Kim would not be able to carry her own reality show. Her family made that show a hit. This is the reason why Kim was not given her own spin off. She likes to believe she is the star of the show, but really she is the most boring. She has to dress awful and say dumb things in order to stay in the news..and be naked all the time. It’s all she’s got. Oh and marriages, she has to keep getting married.

  17. INeedANap says:

    Kanye sounds like an awful, controlling husband. But what else is new?

  18. Santolina says:

    It’s obvious how she makes her money, but it’s interesting that she became defensive when asked. The real question is whether what she “does” is worthwhile. Once that a$$ begins to sag, she’d better have something else “in the can.”

  19. maeliz says:

    Her dad became known when he was a lawyer defending his murderer friend O.j. There would be no KUWTK if she wasn’t the daughter of O.J.s lawyer who had a sex tape with Brandys brother.
    What talent

    • chaine says:

      Or how about let’s go further and say there would be no KUWTK if OJ hadn’t murdered his wife?

    • Dawn says:

      I am no way a Kardashian fan but I don’t believe her dad’s involvement with the trial did anything to push that family into the public eye. O.J and Bob were college roommates and good friends. I think Bob knew that O.J. killed Nicole and Ron and took it to his grave. O.J. hates Kris Jenner with a passion and so does Nicole’s sister. Nope it was all Kris who got this show started and Bob’s third wife also has stated that these kids were awful to Bob when he was dying accept for Khloe and I believe her. There is a reason the Kraps are suing her and it isn’t all about money. They don’t want Bob’s private journals to come out with his truth about all of them.

      • jwoolman says:

        I’m not so sure Robert K knew that OJ killed them, although he came to believe it by the end of the trial judging by the look on his face when the not guilty verdict was announced. I’m not so sure OJ did it – a friend who handled many domestic violence cases said that, besides the gross mishandling of evidence (she said the case should have been dismissed just for that), when an abuser kills he generally does it by the same method of abuse he has always used (just goes too far). OJ was a hitter, he would have used his fists as before. The knife was way out of his pattern. The whole thing was bizarre based on OJ’s history. Plus there should have been much more conclusive evidence if he was directly involved. The partial DNA match suggests one theory as very likely: his older son did it during a psychotic episode. He had relevant history, and experience with such knives in his work. That would be a powerful motive for OJ to deflect attention away from anybody else, figuring that ultimately he himself would be acquitted because any evidence against him wouldn’t hold up.

        In any case, Robert K was not a criminal lawyer. He joined the defense team only so he could visit OJ and be covered by confidentiality rules. I think Robert initially believed OJ did not do it. Another possibility was a mob hit, possibly involving the male victim’s family but also possibly involving OJ (perhaps as a warning). But I strongly suspect his son.

      • Sass back says:

        I kind of do think that Robert Kardashian being who he is helped make the family but honestly only because it means it gave him a shit ton of money and gave him a ton of famous connections. He wasn’t just OJ’s lawyer, he was friends with him and other celebs-he was actually friends with Bruce Jenner, which is how Bruce and Kris met. And his ex wife married David Foster before Foster married Yolanda from Beverly Hills, which reminds me-Foster was also regularly on Princes of Malibu with Brody Jenner. This is weird.

  20. scout says:

    STOP making too much noise Kimmy, you give us all a huge Migraine. Go away for while, may be, just may be, some of us other than your K clan come to like you in time. I doubt it but you can always hope.

  21. Newgirl says:


  22. db says:

    Yeah. Kim never answered the question though. She doesn’t have the wit to realize she’s “famous for being famous.”

  23. Nk868 says:

    North is so cute I want to see her in a sparkly pink tutu, please and thank you.
    Kim listens to Kanye because he comes from “the louder and longer I talk, the more right I am” school of thought, and she’s too uneducated to notice he only has a point 1/3 of the time

    • Lucky Charm says:

      Maybe she’ll run away to live with the Jolie Pitts! Zahara can dress her in all the pink sparkles she wants! 🙂

      And I agree that for once Kim actually looks nice in this dress.

  24. Miss M says:

    Well, she is finally wearing skirts and dresses in the right length for her. 🙂

  25. Catk says:

    God, she can’t even buy the correct size shoes.

  26. briargal says:

    She has always reminded me of an x rated Barbie doll. She shows up in neat clothes (some of the time), moves her arms, poses to show off her booty, doesn’t say anything and doesn’t have a brain or mind. She is a puppet for the moneymaker ho-mom, Kris. And now puppet of Kanye. And occasionally she interacts with a beautiful little girl for the paps. Sad existence but then if her world revolves around fame and money, she is happy! More to life than that and someday she may realize that. But then I question whether any of those famous people will ever realize that.

  27. maeliz says:

    She looks good in these pictures, but she must be cold. The chocker is hideous.
    Kanye threw out all her clothes, but she says she now laughs about it. No. We laugh because Kanye dresses her in ugly, too tight clothes.

  28. Elly says:

    WTF she looks good here! That outfit fits!

  29. lucy2 says:

    “We’ve had more episodes than ‘I Love Lucy!’ And McDonalds has sold billions of burgers. Doesn’t mean they’re good.
    She’s either stupid, delusional, or trying a new PR tactic. Maybe all 3.
    And I hope North grows up and realizes that both her parents are nutballs and that she wears whatever SHE wants to.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Hear, hear!

    • Maria says:

      That she has the tenacity to even compare the shows is what gets me.

      I Love Lucy is a classic, even today, people adore show (plus Lucille had actual talent).

      I won’t knock this woman’s hustle, she has a great team managing her, and her ability to capitalize off insubstantial things is truly her talent-that being said, the sex tape literally elevated her into the limelight (why I’ve no clue as she was lazy as hell).

      I’ll always loathe Ray J for that, lol.

      I will give her credit: she has managed to built a career that goes beyond that, however, I will never take her seriously 😒 The woman is 34 and still showing her ass (literally), not because it’s artistic, but because that’s all she has to offer.

      I hope North manages to escapes the rampant vanity and shallowness that plagues her bloodline, I’d love to see her go left from the family, and do something substantial with her life. She’s such a beautiful little girl, I just hope she’s raised with the belief that her beauty isn’t her only value.

    • Michelle says:

      I love your analogy, Lucy2. I have to admit, Kim’s ego really gets under my skin these days. I don’t like that her and Ricardo Tisci have compared her to Marilyn Monroe, and I don’t like that she is comparing her circus of a reality tv show to the classic “I Love Lucy.” I’m puzzled how she can even justify comparing the two since they’re not even in the same genre. I believe this is all an elaborate publicity stunt and that her and Kanye now try to be as outlandish as possible because it never fails to bring them attention.

  30. AG-UK says:

    Man it’s 27 degrees now she’d better put on some tights a snow storm is coming I suggest no heels but she just walks from car to door. She does look much nicer but they all need to disappear.

  31. swack says:

    In ten to fifteen years is she going to say doing all the nude photoshoots was something she was not proud of doing? She trying to get her image away from the sex tape and I’m afraid that is never going to happen. Also, please don’t compare your show to I Love Lucy – not even in number of episodes.

  32. Morse0412 says:

    For some reason the comment about kanye throwing her clothes out really pisses me off. I know her style was awful before (and after) but I would be furious if my husband threw out all my clothes (mainly cause i love pink and sparkles) and also tried to dictate what my daughter wore. I am all for breaking the gender norm with children but for the love of god, let your daughter wear a fluffy pink tutu or sparkles if she wants to

  33. I Choose Me says:

    Well this deserves a bit*h please if there ever was occasion for one. Look, I don’t have a problem with the Kardashian hustle and I’m not into slut shaming but Imma need her to have a whole stadium of seats.

    Now for something nice. Minus the choker I really like her outfit here.

  34. kri says:

    1) That is how she should always dress, minus the stripper garland around her neck. 2) Still a complete hoglet.

  35. Dawn says:

    So yes she once again shows why she is delusional. Yes, the tape that you made with Ray J bombed until your MOTHER edited and rereleased it. You do NOT get to back away from that. She also used prance around and call herself Princess Kimberly Bush too and that also was a delusion. She is too old for such nonsense. Without her mother having absolutely zero morals so that she could edit her sex tape and then push them all into a reality show she would still be chasing people around trying to get famous for being nothing more than a hanger on. She is so foolish.

  36. Amy says:

    She should do more ‘honest’ interviews, it truly exposes her ignorance.

    Clearly she’s a quantity over quality girl.

    How many inches is your dick? How many dollars in your bank account? How many episodes of your show?

    I Love Lucy was a sitcom mostly focused on a woman that broke barriers of society at the time by having her display her pregnancy on the show. It was a vehicle for Lucille Ball’s comedy a woman who actually worked hard to get where she was.

    The fact you have more episodes than her means absolutely nothing. Literally as your two shows aren’t in the same genre and you just expose your body whenever your failing career needs an attention boost.

    Poor Kim, you sound annoyed you can’t re-shape public perception on you.

  37. taxi says:

    K & Brian Williams could get together to compare “memories.”

  38. Amy says:

    So let’s pretend for a second she didn’t become famous based off a sex tape.

    Does she really think she’d be asked to do the kind of photo shoots she does if she was respected as a business woman? Does she believe the women she aspires to be are asked the same thing? Because I recently realized that even among the pop-star bunch Kim shows off the most skin. Maybe that’s what happens when you have no real talent or skills to be proud of instead.

    No her body is treated like meat. She’s asked to pose in any number of positions because save for her ass even photographers don’t seem to have any real interest in portraying her. Even if the general public ever was to forget about the sex tape they won’t forget about the dozens of nude photos including the ones that were ‘leaked’.

    Kim sounds annoyed now, but unless she changes her ways I don’t think there’ll be any legacy for her that she’s not hearing now.

  39. obsidian says:

    What does she do? She’s providing jobs to reality show staff and crew as well as the paparazzi. Their families should kiss the ground she walks on for helping them pay their bills. She’s practically a philanthropist! Just like when Aniston said that she’s totally helping the Mexicans by partying in Cabo. So selfless, so delusional both of them.

  40. Lucy says:

    Kanye is so freaking controlling, it’s scary. That’s all I’ve got.

  41. Ginger says:

    All the designer ID’s in the world cannot stop her from looking tacky. And yes, unfortunately I do remember how she came to be famous and you are correct on both counts. She’s deluded to think otherwise. And what’s worse? A sex tape or being married to Kanye? (Personally, I think the latter but is that just me?)

  42. Ohreallynow says:

    Why is she always so dressed up? I think she looks good here as well except for the choker but I can’t imagine dressing up this much all the time. She probably put on that outfit just to walk in front of the cameras and then what? Her life is so weird to me. She might have money and fame but she still seems so empty. I wouldn’t want that for anything. I just can’t believe she is still all over the place. When will they finally go away?

  43. Susan says:

    Doesn’t Kim continue to receive royalty checks from the sex tape? So she has not gone past it. Yes, she is rich and so is the winning horse from the Kentucky Derby. Would I want my daughter to admire Kim’s business path – no.

  44. Lucinda says:

    I’m going to say something nice which I never thought I would do about KK. I appreciate that she acknowledged how her show provides employment for a lot of people. She may have been coached. I don’t know. But to at least talk about how it took someone 8 years to be able to buy a house and that was a big deal for that person (not her) is out of the ordinary for her. So good for her.

  45. Nick says:

    The picture of Kim with her head down looks exactly like Kylie. So Kylie at 17 or 18 or 33 whatever age she is, looks exactly like her older sister due to the same plastic surgeon. Wait wait, before one of their fans correct me, its makeup, I forgot.

    • Tifygodess24 says:

      Hahaha! I am blown away that there are people – actually a lot of people – who believe none of the Kardashians had surgery and they are all natural.

  46. Yep says:

    She is a professional liar. That is her “job”. Also, I wonder if the IRS will take look at her bank account. Probably mostly populated with Bitcoin from the Arabs.

    • Sea Dragon says:

      That’s a terrible thing to say. It’s almost as bad as my speculation that one of her international clients had a penchant for strangling and the bruises were bad enough so that makeup wouldn’t cover them properly.

  47. snowflake says:

    she looks really good here. I can let the choker slide. I’ll take this any day over the other stuff she wears. I don’t know why she can’t see that she looks smaller wearing stuff like this. Too tight always makes a person look bigger, not sexier.

  48. Throw out the coat, Kim, it swallows you. The shoulder pads are gross.

  49. yep says:

    I want to see this key chain! Cause thats absolutely low brow in her world. And I cannot believe she uses it and you all know it wasnt given to Nori. “I helped you buy a house, and I got a shitty key chain that wasnt from Tiffanys?!!”

    Plus, what has she contributed to the world? Did she ever go back to the homeless shelter without a camera crew and bodyguards to serve a Thanksgiving meal, like Jennifer Love H has for years? (W/O paps!)
    Has she stood up for girl and womens rights? Promoted education? Gave a speech at the UN ( like my low born sister?lol) ?
    Has she used her money for helping homeless, like the buses revamped into showers/laundry rooms?
    Why isnt the media asking her THOSE type of questions?

    • word says:

      Shouldn’t Ray J haven’t gotten that key chain instead?

      Kim’s idea of “charity” is allowing us peasants to see her naked.

    • Anita says:

      To be accurate, yes she just recently headed the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Charity. Not a Kardahian apologist or defender but credit deserves to be told and known.

  50. Anon says:

    Anyway you slice it she is always about porn on any level its all sex boobs and butt.. Ckearly all she is known for.. She needs to get and take a reality check

  51. Inconceivable! says:

    She looks good, except that black thing around her neck makes her look extra thick. But Kim denying her sex tape made her famous? The power of denial is very strong with her.

  52. word says:

    She keeps acting like that tape of hers was a mistake. She signed away the rights to the tape in exchange for lots of money. She still gets a check from Vivid every single month !

    Also, why throw away clothes? Why didn’t they donate them? Why is this woman allowing Kanye to dictate everything in her life and her daughter’s life? Shouldn’t there be some compromise?

  53. L says:

    I’ve never liked her outfits, but I have to say I do like this…in April.

  54. ROBYNSING says:

    Follow the bouncing dates…13 years ago she was married to Damon Thomas…so she filmed her sex tape with Ray J while married to someone else? No matter, the tape was released in 2007 hence the TV show. She is an adept liar in all she does. Nothing is truthful or accurate when it comes to her. She is leading people to believe her sex tape came out in 2002 when it did not come out until 5 years later and certainly did launch her infamy which she calls a career. She should thank Paris Hilton for the idea…she did tape it after seeing the infamy it brought to Paris (her best friend at the time she taped her sex tape)

    • word says:

      That tape was filmed during a trip to Mexico for Kim’s bday. Kourtney was also on that trip with them. This trip was taken after Kim’s dad died. He died September 2003…12 years ago. Kim is either bad in math or lying. Kim was going through a divorce when her dad died, he was helping her with the paper work etc. So either Kim wasn’t legally divorced when she started dating Ray-J or some one is getting the timeline wrong.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      Well, she got pregnant by one man while still married to another, so I don’t think it matters very much to her if there’s overlap between her first husband and her sex tape partner.

  55. G says:

    Umm no you kinda did. You saw how well it worked for your homegirl Paris and you did it. Nobody knew you before you did it. You even did some nasty with your own sister and since that didn’t work like you and your “mother” had hoped so you had your Dlist boyfriend pee on you for exposure via scandal. So don’t act all BRAND NEW about it.

  56. Miran says:

    Right. Because being Paris Hiltons assistant was a lucrative career that totally got you where you are.

  57. Ava says:

    She does have a job. Her job is allowing the world to hate her, yet feel helpless to do anything about it. To watch like a virus ravaging the world. She gives us something to tell our daughters, “that’s what you don’t want to be” she is my example for mine….

  58. Ice Queen says:

    Please. “The lighting guy”… She could’ve at least remembered his first name…you can see how much their jobs and/or lives are important to her-0. (She doesn’t have to say his last name if we’re talking about privacy.) The only thing that is important to Kim is Kim. She even cropped her daughter off of a picture because she was ruining her look by having closed eyes…

    Nobody had heard of Kim before the sex-tape…. Everyone was talking about Paris and maybe Nicole. Then there was the sex tape, then the ass and t!its and KUWTK and then Kanye. That’s her career chronology.

    Just shut the fu*k up!

  59. me says:

    I think Kim should give Ray-J a key chain too…it’s only fair as HE is the one responsible for the start of her “career”.

  60. Christin says:

    The first time I ever heard of her was when she went out with newly separated Nick Lachey. Her last name was recognizable because of her late father, and she was described as a closet organizer to celebrities and a friend of Paris.

    I think she probably continues to help a certain famous celebrity maintain his closet.

    • word says:

      There was an interview with Nick Lachey about a year ago or so where he said he truly believes Kim called the paps and had them waiting as they left the restaurant. This dude was just being used.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        Nick Lachey dated Kim K?! I don’t remember that at all, where was I??? Although truthfully, I don’t feel bad not knowing who she dated, lol.

  61. Kathryn says:

    This is the most flattering thing she’s worn in quite some time, but of course the coat is snakeskin, I don’t know if she can wear anything without killing something. Also, the coat is too small on her arms, the shoulders are bunched up.

  62. Aww says:

    She has a point about her show providing people with work. It’s not her fault there are so many who like to watch it. Many shows end after 1-2 seasons. While I think she’s deluding herself thinking her sex tape didn’t launch her career, the show became a huge success on it’s own.

  63. Ravensdaughter says:

    You believe what you wanna believe, Kim.
    Imagine having a giant ego plus a laundry list of insecurities. Oh, right, Kanye has some of those issues too. What a perfect match!
    At least Kanye has better taste in clothes. Nevertheless, when North West hits teendom, Daddy’s gonna treat her like a queen-you WILL see glitter.
    “Uneducated?” Ha-ha-ha-ha!!! I bet the interviewer had a hard time keeping a straight face when she launched that complaint.
    Aside: she really looks like her mom-facewise, at least-in that last pic.

  64. me says:

    I truly believe if Kim was more honest people would like her more. Then again, if it wasn’t for her blatant lies she wouldn’t be talked about nearly as much.

  65. ashley says:

    i like the choker…….. hehe

  66. aquarius64 says:

    Kim’s snapping at the reporter shows she’s still peeved that people see her as a joke. The mag covers (soft porn and otherwise), clothing line, reality show, MetBall invites. profits from a video game about her, pictures with President Obama – they all mean nothing. At the end of the day people will still see her as the woman who became famous because of a sex tape.

  67. Nicole says:

    I like her game! She’s a smart business woman who knows how to hustle. Haters be hating. Players be playing. Slut shamers be slut shaming. Y’all talk about how she didn’t do anything to be rich and famous, but you know in your hearts that if it was as easy as that, you’d have done it. But you know you can’t so you just sit at home and get your hate on. Yes, I’m aware I’m trolling. Don’t mean it ain’t true. Peace!

    • aquarius64 says:

      And that’s why the lady is STILL seen as a tramp. No amount of money or her hustle is going to change that. Kim wants respect above everything, that’s why she snapped at the reporter. She’ll never be seen anything more than a trashbox, and it’s killing her.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      No, Nicole, I KNOW in my heart of hearts that no matter what, I would NEVER do what she did just to be rich and famous. I’d rather have my pride and dignity, thank you very much.

  68. rudy says:

    The worst part about this woman is all she talks about IN REAL LIFE is her appearance.

    I feel sorry for the baby girl. ugh ugh ugh
    She is dragged around like a piece of luggage.
    A live baby doll traveling from hotel to hotel, airplane to car.
    Dressed up in inappropriate clothing, never with other kids, always scowling and halfway in the arms of a mother who does not believe in laughing.

    Better to grow up in the suburbs with loving parents playing jacks all day.

  69. Caz says:

    I have zero respect for the whole family. They can’t hide their lies in this era of everything being online. Famous due to a sex tape. Yes we are laughing AT them, even Kanye.

  70. Heather says:

    Hey maybe she can ask her fuc–ing bank account to give her some real human substance. She wouldn’t have any money left, buy hopefully she wouldn’t be so vapid.

  71. stacat1 says:

    “What do you do again?”Kim’s reply? “Ask my f—king bank account what I do.”

    OMG–she doesn’t even know what she does…she cannot answer that question. Ha ha ha ha ha….

  72. Anonymous says:

    No talent.. Wayyy too much plastic surgery… In fact it’s really a guy. We all know that… Why lie???? Lie after lie, after lie…