Joe Francis reluctant to leave boyfriend in Reno jail

That title’s not true at all, I mean at least according to my knowledge, but Girls Gone Wild head Joe Francis is voluntarily staying put in a Nevada county jail, even after bail was set in the Federal tax evasion case that helped put him there.

Francis is set to face multiple charges including sexual performance with a minor in Florida, where the judge has denied him bail. If he leaves Nevada, he’ll go directly to jail in Florida, where he’s already spent unhappy time for contempt of court charges and doesn’t want to return. Francis was said to be crying daily and freaking out in the Panama City, Florida prison. A death row inmate in a nearby cell was even driving him nuts by shouting “Joe Francis Woo Hoo!” over and over again.

Francis is used to it in the Washoe County Detention Center in Reno, Nevada. TMZ reports that he gets special treatment including phone time whenever he wants, and he’s apparently acclimated to the general population. I think that means he’s got someone protecting him on the inside, and you know how those deals get made.

That’s probably not true and it’s just a more lenient jail than Francis experienced in Florida. So he’s decided not to meet $1.5 million bail for now and to stay put. He’ll wait and see how his federal tax evasion case works out, but he’ll still have to face the music in Florida sometime.

A recent report by a psychiatrist examining Francis in Florida prison found that he had ADHD and general personality disorder with narcissistic tendencies. The report revealed that doctors have more than tripled his dosage of anti-anxiety medication since he started his prison stint. As long as Francis is treated well and doped up, he should be doing fine. Maybe he can call Paris and let her know how easy 23 days is. He did 35 days in Florida and has been in the Nevada county jail for about three weeks.

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