Britney’s ‘Circus’ tour costumes very similar to Cher’s farewell tour looks

In Touch has comparison photos in this week’s issue that show just how close Britney’s Circus tour costumes are to some of the flashy outfits Cher wore on stage during her 2004 ‘farewell’ tour. The photos I’ve found here are close, not as close as In Touch’s photos are, but they’re a good approximation

Britney performed in Germany in a top hat, black leotard and boots that looked remarkably similar to one of Madonna’s outfits on her Stick and Sweet tour. Given how similar her outfits are to Cher’s tour, including an Indian-inspired number and of course a big top look, her costume designers must be getting more than just some inspiration from other artists. It’s not a blatant rip off though and there are some differences in the outfits.

Britney is doing well and hanging in there on tour. This week’s Star reports that Britney and Kevin are rekindling their romance as he joins her on tour, but that’s not likely. She’s thought to be having a secret romance with her agent, Jason Trawick, with whom she’s been linked in the past.

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  1. Wonder Woman says:

    SERIOUSLY…Who has time to really point this stuff out??? I can see where someone would make that accusation but still brit centered her performance around a circus like theame whereas cher looks like she belongs in a circus. hahaha i made a funny…damn wheres the coffee…DAMN IT PEOPLE RE FILL THE DARN CAFFEE WHEN YOU DRINK IT ALL. … -_- YAY a banana

  2. ash says:

    well the difference between britney’s outfit and cher’s is that britney actually looks sexy. cher… i don’t know what cher looks like.

  3. ash says:

    (for the bottom picture)

  4. NotBlonde says:

    Madonna and Britney’s concert director is the same person (whose name isn’t coming to me right at the moment) so that’s probably why their costumes look similar.

    As for Cher…you put sequins on anything and you could be accused of copying her look 🙂

  5. lola says:

    That Wonder Woman comment is GENIUS.
    More entertaining than the whole site today, methinks…..

    coffee coffee coffee cappuchino java….

  6. XX says:

    Cher is supposed to look over the top like that. That is her Schtick and has been forever. Remember her variety show with Sony Bono? It was like 100 years ago, but it was awesomely cheeky

  7. rhoniluv says:

    let’s be real:

    marilyn/blondie/lady di = madonna
    janet/madonna/cher = britney
    diana/tina/lady gaga = beyonce
    bowie/grace/warhol = lady gaga

    little richard/brown/hendrix = prince
    beatles/the jets/taylor = michael jackson

    all of the “queens & kings of pop” have been stealing from other greats for-ever.

    any real artistic originality disappeared at the end of the 70’s.

    i know, bummer. but, whatcha gonna do?

  8. cee says:

    lady di? really? no way.

  9. Sarah says:

    Beyonce stealing from Lady Gaga? I personally had never heard of Lady Gaga until like a month ago.

  10. Lem says:

    everythign she does someone else has already done. Then again everything pretty much has already been done. So there you go.
    I don’t understand how she can never sing and be a singer. How does that work. Milli_Vanilli much?

  11. rhoniluv says:

    re: cee

    uh…yeah….lady di!

    we can’t forget when madge went all ‘british’ on our asses affecting that horrendous accent during her guy ritchie ‘i’m-trying-to-be-a-proper-english-lady-who-writes-children’s-books-&-has-tea-&-crumpets-to-make-you-forget-my-super-sluterrific-past’-days.

  12. rhoniluv says:

    re: sarah

    look at beyonce’s diva video (which by the way, melina kills)

    then look at gaga’s ‘the fame – part one’& ‘poker face’

    same type of dancers and modern styling.

    when did ms. ‘beauty pageant’ ALL OF A SUDDEN, go futuristic modern?

    after she saw lady gaga on you tube.


  13. three says:

    I don’t think that outfit is Indian inspired but more Oriental/Arabic/Turkish belly dancer inspired.

  14. Kat says:

    The costumes look different to me. Who sits there and compares costumes anyway, while watching a show ?? Who remembers how many orange pumpkins come to your front door on Halloween ??

  15. Aspen says:


    So freaking true. HA HA HA.

  16. Baholicious says:

    They’re ALL Liberace biters as far as I’m concerned.

  17. Juicy says:

    hi. yes they’re similar but who cares? in any music tour it’s obvious that the performer would have flashy outfits and costumes. who agrees?

  18. K Couture says:

    i don’t think they’re similar. look at the outfits. the colors are different, the designs and etc. and seriously nobody would notice if let’s say britney copies it.

  19. britney’s transformed. she really proved her detractors wrong. she may be bad, but she’ll show that she’s nicer now. and i don’t think that she she copies cher’s costumes. it’s incidentasl to every music show to have colorful costumes and asian-inspired or arab outfits. who agrees with me?

  20. JJ Juicy says:

    i don’t think they’re similar. look at the outfits. the colors are different, the designs and etc. and seriously nobody would notice if let’s say britney copies it.

  21. Rly Juicy says:

    i agree with merry. it’s really unintentional for their costumes to be the same. and it’s just a small issue. it can pass just a second.

  22. Super Juicy says:

    they’re not the same. look carefully. does the egyptian inspired dress of britney looks like that of cher in the other picture? and the other cred costume? it’s really crazy to think that britney copied cher. who would affirm?

  23. Juicy Liz says:

    hi. who would’ve thought about this similarities in costume? in the first place they’re really not the same. and costumes are necessary, so no one wouldn’t mind if it looks like somebody else’s.

  24. Couture says:

    i agree. no one would notice such small issues like that. and as what’s been said, it’s incidental for every music tour to have a variety of costumes. and it includes having not really the same, but just small details or style of costume. right?

  25. it’s really weird to notice such things like that. and if evr britney copies, then what else can we do? and as far as i’m concerned it really doesn’t matter if the have similar costume. it’s given to every concert to have a wide variety of outfits.

  26. Rly Juicy says:

    i definitely agree. it’s something so usual, and why make it an issue? it’s really not about the costumes, it’s the attitude. and it’s good that britney shows what she’s really made of, ever since her career started!

  27. well, maybe britney’s a bit inspired of cher so she used some concept regarding the costumes. but still i don’t think that it’s really very look-alike.

  28. Juicy says:

    yes, yes i agree! britney’s got her own style. and she’s not a copy cat! and britney’s rebuilding her career. she’s nicer now!

  29. JJ Juicy says:

    as what others have said, it’s really a small issue and i don’t know why you noticed it? and aside from that, they’re really different.

  30. Super Juicy says:

    i second the motion! the costumes are very far from similar! and who would’ve thought of this non-sense? would anyone remember very single part of a cher show way way back old decades ago?

  31. Rly Juicy says:

    i definitely agree! no one would ever think of that. you’re just worrying too much of the world that even pebble issues you try to commiserate. and britney’s got every costume since th start of her career.

  32. the costumes different. period. and britney’s style is also different from cher, genre of music, the voice, and etc. very far from each other. so there’s no reason for comparing them.

  33. chers outfits are like that as well