Star: Amal Clooney ‘is a nightmare to be around… she thinks she’s royalty’


The tabloids are still trying to paint Amal Clooney as a ball-busting diva hellbent on destroying the quiet, simple life of America’s Former Most Eligible Bachelor. It’s kind of funny/sad. I mean, I don’t really believe that Amal is bitching out waiters and hotel staff, but I also believe that when she married George Clooney, Amal became “fair game” for the tabloids. She’s getting the same treatment as every other celebrity, regardless of her law degree. And I do think that Clooney’s PR team fully expected Amal to get a “hands off” treatment, like she would be put on a pedestal and we could never, ever say anything bad about her. Good luck with that!!

Amal Clooney has become one of the snootiest women in the world! Once seemingly down-to-earth, sources say Amal has let marrying into the A-list go to her head.

“Is the service at hotels and restaurants isn’t perfect, she complains to the staff and is a nightmare to be around in general,” tattles an insider, adding that Amal flips out over things like towels not being folded just so and the pillows not being perfectly plumped. “She thinks she’s royalty.”

But it’s not just hotel employees cringing at her behavior. “George prides himself on treating people with common decency and is a little taken aback with this side of Amal’s personality… he’s having to walk behind her and apologize for her actions… but he won’t do that forever.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Of course Gossip Cop denied this story, but what’s interesting to me is that George’s publicist is no longer giving direct denials to all of the Amal stories. Gossip Cop’s denial comes from a “source close to the couple.” And I’m sure another source close to the couple says that Amal has bitched out a waiter or two in her life.

Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure that the tabloids were right about one thing: Amal and George have been taking a little break from each other. Rande Gerber was sent out last week to claim that George and Amal celebrated her birthday with a small dinner party, but it sounds like that celebration went down before her birthday and before she flew home to London to work. And since then, there are lots of press releases and “leaks” about her work. E! News had a surprisingly detailed story about Amal’s work to free Mohamed Fahmy – Amal wrote a letter to the president of Egypt in an attempt to free Fahmy. And she was just added to the legal team defending “The Hooded Men” – 10 men who were tortured by the British Army back in 1971. You can read all about it here, in People Mag. It sounds like they asked Amal to be a part of the team just because she’s famous.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. A.Key says:

    I still can’t warm up to this weird-looking woman.

    • Tulip says:

      Well, to each their own. I think she looks pretty, but there’s people who would agree with you. Such a weird life she must have, everyone knowing she doesn’t need the money, but having to prove that she still wants a career.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I think she’s pretty AND weird looking. So you’re both right.

      • Sabrine says:

        She stands out, a striking looking woman. That much is certain. She has more important things to do with her life than pay attention to a bunch of nonsensical BS. One likes her; the next one doesn’t. One thinks she’s beautiful; the next thinks she’s ugly. It’s just not worth reading about, all because she married a Hollywood actor.

      • perplexed says:

        I think she’s pretty in her lawyer robes, but sort of becomes boring looking in her Hollywood clothes.

      • Shambles says:

        And GoodNames GoodSense Eau de Beige Booty Shorts AllTaken strikes again with her calming internet-voice of reason :D

    • Calli says:

      I agree. She smiles with her mouth, but never her eyes.

    • Mila says:

      She’s a dead ringer for Joan Crawford.

      • wolfpup says:

        I believe that there are many women from the Middle East who share that “Cleopatra/ Nefertiti” structure. Very different for Americans, but fortunate for her.

      • mimif says:

        I think she’s lovely.

      • me says:

        @wolfpup: “Cleopatra/ Nefertiti” both Egyptians, amal look nothing like Egyptians she is Lebanese . Egyptians by far more beautiful than Lebanese .Lebanon ‘girls known for most plastic surgery ,being naked not prob for them,and easygoing.egyptians are different

      • Dolce crema says:

        Also adrien Brody! I still find her lovely tho

      • oneshot says:

        @wolfpup – I agree re: the bone structure. I don’t really find Amal weird looking, partly because the women on my mother’s side of the family have a similar bone structure and colouring – and they were considered beauties.

        The picture of her when she was younger, reminds me a lot of my mother’s eldest cousin (and we are Indian, not Middle Eastern).

    • Ladybird83 says:

      Agreed. I don’t think she’s weird looking though but I get the distinct feeling she thinks she’s some kind of Jackie O.

    • Guest says:

      She looks like man in drag to me. So, yes, I agree…weird!

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      George married a woman he barely knew.
      I wonder if these stories wil be dribbled out for the next two years until George wants out or her contract is up.

      Her press has certainly turned since that trip to LA Golden Globes.

  2. Karma says:

    I don’t know if she is truly a nightmare to be around.

    But I am struck by how fixated she is with the cameras. She knows where they are and is fully engaged with the them at the expense of paying attention to Clooney. It’s interesting the women of “lesser” status than her, seemed more cool about the cameras than her. And more into Clooney.

    I even watched a video of her to make sure that the stills weren’t just catching her at that exact moment she engaged the cameras.

    Nope, she’s fully into them, from the before she exited the restaurant she beamed when seeing them. Then walking to car, even after getting into the car, and starting to drive off. All about the paps and their cameras.

    I gotta say, I kinda felt bad for Clooney because he also seemed to notice, and got a weird look on his face, I’ve never seen before. Like he was embarrassed by the whole thing.

    • Anna says:

      than SHE. In both cases and in all cases.

      • Ankhel says:

        Thank you for clearing that up, and please remember your capital letters.

      • Zigggy says:

        Wow… thank goodness you’re here to help us dullards! I’m so sick of people on their high horses about grammar- my best friend cannot wrap her head around grammar, yet she’s practically a math genius. Does she lurk around comment boards waiting to snark at strangers about their math skills? No. We all have strengths & weaknesses. F*ck off with your grammar corrections! It’s redundant to everyone who understands what you’re saying and rude to those who don’t.

      • wiffie says:

        Nope. Than HER. In all these cases.

        Amal is the direct object in the sentence, not the subject. “She” is pronoun for subject, “her” is for direct object.

        “The women of lesser status (subject) seemed cooler about the cameras than her (d.o.)”

      • Amy says:

        I agree with Zigggy! It took me a while to figure out what the grammar nazi was talking about. Once I figured it out, I was really annoyed. That was a ridiculous thing to find fault with…so petty. She must be a joy to be around… 👎

    • Anny says:

      With her looks and stylists she has and hairdresser…I would famewhore the place down!

    • Jen says:

      Does anyone else notice how much George Clooney looks like Batman?

  3. Kiddo says:

    Oh please, poor, poor George? The same guy who orchestrated relationships on a time clock according to award ceremonies?

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Right. He’s probably in shock to be with a woman who hasn’t signed a contract detailing her every move and chooses her own clothes and has an opinion different from his.

      • Carolina says:

        I don’t think she chooses her own clothes. I think he hired her a stylist to give her a makeover just like he did with his past girlfriends. Before they got married she dressed like a teenager.

      • Kiddo says:

        It’s the same on every page. Famous guy finds GF, gets married, and then the hounds are unleashed upon the women.

      • Sugar says:

        I would bet money Amal also signed a contract. This is no love match but a move to get George ready for a foray into politics.

      • Venus Stevens says:

        ^^^^^ THIS 10000000% Sugar. That was my initial thought exactly

      • FLORC says:

        The evidence to support such a claim is all gossip. I think Amal really got swept up in the courting. And the only contract siged was a prenup.
        But we are all on a gossip site so let’s start making stuff up! Star certainly does it.

      • oneshot says:

        @Sugar – George Clooney trying to make a go of it in American politics with a British wife of Middle Eastern descent?

        I’d have found this story more credible if she was some East Coast socialite heiress type with a last name like, I don’t know, Smith or Bouvier. Like I said, if he really wanted to go for politics and wants a wife for that reason, a foreign wife of an ethnic background that’s often seen very negatively by Americans, is a total strike against him.

        (she’s already been accused of anti-Semitism by the New York Post for being part of some kind of factfinding mission in Gaza or something – apparently her doing her job or attempting to do it, makes her on par with Nazis.)

      • jane16 says:

        No way George is gonna run for some office. He spends a ton of $, trying to keep his hedonistic lifestyle under wraps. If he ran for office, the repubs would unleash the hounds of hell on him and they would dig up every last bit of dirt on him that they could. They would destroy him. I don’t know why people still think this. Another common fallacy about George is that he has some unrequited love for Cindy C. If he wanted her, she would dump her husband in an eyeblink. George did have an unrequited passion for a very beautiful woman who resembles Cindy a little; also, her mannerisms and the way she carries herself remind me of Amal, and she has a tinge of exoticness to her that Amal has, so I wasn’t surprised at all by his marriage to Amal.

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        Or is George working the lonnnng exit in two years….with Amal was difficult?
        He barely knew her when they married anyway.
        Maybe her job is done as far as George is concerned. She presented him as maried man at the splashy wedding and at the a Golden Globes to a worldwide audience. Lol

        Amal is not good for George politically in the US.
        People seeing her as some first lady for the U.S. haven’t looked deeply in her connections, her clients or her familial Uncle Arms dealer.
        The Republicans and some of the opposing Democrats would make mincemeat out of her and George when all is said and done if he ran for anything.
        The political press is a different animal completely, they will go for and cut the jugular to expose the worst of these two.
        Besides the US is full of educated women lawyers, Amal may impress the hollywood pr & George fans, but Washington is filled with more educated and more experienced lawyers than novice Amal, married to her Party- Vegas, Tequilla promoting Oscar boy.

    • Zippi says:

      Exactly, poor poor George all alone against this whole lotta woman???

    • firstwife says:

      @jane16, from what I read, I don’t think it’s Cindy Crawford that George is after, if you catch my drift.

  4. homegrrrl says:

    This woman can’t catch a break. What does it mean by “weird looking”? I for one am relieved to see a gorgeous female sans obvious plastic surgery, and long blonde extensions. Beaming at the camera doesn’t mean she calls the paps in full face. She’s an educated civilian, hardly a desperate reality star.

    • Carolina says:

      She has had plastic surgery and I think she also wears extensions.

      • homegrrrl says:

        She may have upkeep. I had my nose straightened and dental work, but like her, I’m not trying to look like a Caucasian dream girl poster. She just looks elegant not overdone. Yes I see the extensions now, but again, she does present her persona in her career. It doesn’t make her a pap hound.

      • FLORC says:

        Her hair has always been that long, but she did get a blow out.
        Also, if she had cosmetic procedures her whole family did too. Much of the recent face changes were due to a substantial weight loss.

        She does seem to seek out the cameras and loved the attention.

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        She definately had a full back load of Hair Extensions at the Golden a Globes, when NBC cameras zoomed in, the blending was AWFUL and the different hair shelf was exposed and it looked awful. People were talking about how ratted her extensions looked. You could see the extensions from some angles.

        She had her nose done and wears hair extensions.

      • Katherine says:

        A nose job and dental work is not “maintenance.” I don’t even think extensions are maintenance – a hair cut is maintenance, teeth cleaning is maintenance.

        I’d hardly call her pretty. Maybe striking or attractively pulled together.

    • Anny says:

      If she scowled she would be labeled as cold, if she smiles, she is loving the attention. You can’t win. I like her because unlike most celebrities, she is educated, has her own career and does some good in the world. George is a lucky guy to have someone like her.

      • Nikki Girl says:

        This exactly, I completely agree! I have immense respect for her level of education and the work she does.

      • mimif says:

        You’re my new favorite person today, Anny. The bile around here sometimes gets so tiresome.

      • Anny says:

        I know, right? And thank you! :)

      • jane16 says:

        Well said, all of you!

      • vava says:

        I’m not sure she’s really reached icon status just yet.

      • Miffy says:

        Absolutely, I think she’s great. Educated, ambitious, hard working and influential. But apparently because she likes her hotel room a certain way she’s a diva bitch. Really?

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        The U.S. is full of educated lady lawyers, I personally don’t need Amal ,married to her Vegas Tequilla chugging, Oscar boy as an example. I have a female doctor and lawyer in my family, I certainly don’t need this circus of a woman who is garnering press ONLY because she married George Clooney, for inspiration of any kind.

      • Katherine says:

        Yea, if it’s at all true then b1tching about fluffed pillows or towel folding is diva-ish. Serious professionals have no time for noticing those petty things let alone taking time to complain about them. Jeez. Having serious things to worry about in life or your career means you learn to let the unimportant things slide.

        Why is anyone surprised she might be a diva? Doesn’t it seem like she was raised by her mom to be a princess? It does to me.

    • annaloo. says:

      I absolutely agree.

      It’s sad to me that a woman as accomplished and worldly as Amal is being reduced to this vain shrew image bc she married a movie star – and frankly, it makes me ashamed to look at any gossip going forth because no one really knows her. She’s a unique bird in many ways, and I appreciate it. Why do we tear her down?

      On any given day, you’ll see the commenters on Celebitchy talk about how we need to embrace diversity, feminism is good, brains are more important than shallow trait, etc…and that make s me feel good. However then something like this happens and I just feel like I’m amongst a passel of hypocrites. A ‘weird face”? What’s weird about her face? I feel like we are no better than the people that would buy the Enquirer in the 80s when we all KNEW gossip was for trashy and low educated. it used to be a mark of shame to read a tabloid.

      It has to be contributing to the judgmental and easily enraged sections of our society. Amal is still a human being at the end of all this. I don’t want to contribute to her being dehumanized bc I don’t think she deserves it.

  5. Belle Epoch says:

    The article may have exaggerated, but she does come across as vain and rather frosty. She had a total image overhaul – including plastic surgery, dental work, and fabulous styling – followed by marriage to a world famous celebrity and a long period of hero worship in the tabloids. She was like an obscure ugly duckling transformed into a swan on the world stage. She certainly has never been “the people’s princess” and always appeared to prefer being with her family. Maybe now they’ll overhaul her image again and she’ll be kissing babies and visiting sick children in the hospital.

    I ALMOST feel sorry for Rande Gerber. He is in the peculiar situation of polishing the image of his alleged boyfriend’s wife. I don’t know what George thinks he is doing, but you have to wonder if it’s worth it.

    • Jaded says:

      She actually had a nose job and dental surgery long before Clooney ever came into her life. And she may have been obscure BC (before Clooney) but certainly well enough known to appear on a BBC news interview discussing Yulia Tymoshenko.

      • Amelie says:

        “She actually had a nose job and dental surgery long before Clooney ever came into her life.”

        I think she’s had multiple revisions on the nose–including 1 or 2 post Georgie…mind you, revisions are subtle changes.

      • oneshot says:

        She was a looker even pre nose job, it’s interesting to see what she looked like with a few pounds on (much prettier).

        though if she had a nose job, it doesn’t look that different – she still has a very prominent and distinctive nose. The biggest change are the eyebrows, there’s a difference between ‘angled’ and ‘mildly satanic’ and her Globes MUA appears to have forgotten it. Didn’t know fixing your teeth was considered plastic surgery either.

      • ataylor says:

        If getting your teeth fixed (via braces, veneers, invisilign, zoom, retainers, wisdom teeth removal) is considered plastic surgery then about 85% of Americans have had PS done. No way do I count dental work as PS. I’ll save that for face lifts, lipo and tummy tucks.

      • sapphire says:

        I think she’s striking-but wish she’d lay off the magic marker for her eyebrows. That’s the first thing you see about her face and they draw attention from her eyes.

      • Katherine says:

        Lots of attorneys and other profesisonals appear on news shows to comment on cases or on panel discussions. That doesn’t make them famous or even well known. And it tells you very little about their place in their profession. It means they were available and willing to be participate or in some cases eager for publicity.

        As for Mohamed Fahmy, I thought his release had already been arranged before she wrote this letter.

    • Bridget says:

      Rande Gerber is a NOTORIOUS skirt chaser. He’s got issues, but it’s not a secret relationship with his best friend.

  6. InvaderTak says:

    Well we all knew it would happen. Are pr people now out of touch?

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      Or is George working the lonnnng exit in two years….with Amal was difficult?
      He barely knew her when they married anyway.

  7. bettyrose says:

    I hope George married himself a high maintenance queen who takes all the attention for herself and flaunts him as a trophy. Karma baby.

  8. LaurieH says:

    I believe this story is true. It may be exaggerated and sensationalized a bit, but I think at the heart of it, it’s true. Amal was already well-regarded in British society as a barrister, due in no small part to her youth and beauty (which, obviously, is what attracted Clooney to her in the first place). Already being privileged, it is hard to believe that being catapulted into world-wide fame by marrying one of the world’s most famous eligible bachelors would not go to her head – at least to some degree. And I can’t imagine Clooney – being a rather down-to-earth (in context), practical joking frat-boy type, that he would abide by this kind of behavior – not to mention the irony (and hypocrisy) of being a human rights lawyer while treating some humans so shabbily. I honestly do not think this marriage will last. I think Clooney was captivated by a smart, beautiful, academic woman – as opposed to the types of women he usually dated – but I don’t know what she actually “fits” in his world. Of course, I wish them all the best, but…. I don’t know. I’m not getting the longevity vibe here.

    • Santolina says:

      I think the reality is that frat-boy George wouldn’t know a “smart, beautiful, academic woman” if it hit him in the face. Amal is already showing her true colors, and it’s not pretty.

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        Howard Stern also said Amal talked to him for almost an hour completley about HERSELF before she even asked him one single question about himself!

        He was Invited to George’s house for a reason, Robin said Howard was promoting Amal and George ,hoping he’d get into theClooney vacation clutch. Robn said Howard was being totally phony ,in the interview.

        Howard will totally blast Amal as soon as the marriage breaks up. He wants in with George as a vacation pal. He will do what George wants.

      • Katherine says:

        I think people underestimate Clooney if they mistake his life style with a lack of smarts. Clooney is a smart man who has chosen a very comfortable life style. Because he is smart he chose a wife who has a career in a profession people regard as filled with only very smart people. Of course that is far from the truth but so is the notion that people in the entertainment industry are all stupid.

      • Amelie says:

        I always thought of George as a pretty party boy who made his name-and lots of money- because of his role on ‘ER’ His ‘marriage’ with a woman who is very shrewd and ambitious sheds a new light for me on who George is.

    • Suzanne says:

      Didn’t anyone else hear or see that interview with Howard Stern in which he said he met Amal at some party….or someplace…and said she and he had a very engaging conversation and he was saying hoe captivating and interesting she was???….He said he fully understood why George fell head over heels for her…She was bright and articulate and very very interesting.

      • LeAnn Stinks says:

        No offense, but I wouldn’t exactly use Howard Stern as an example of someone who has refined taste in anything.

        Not to mention what a phony Hollywood shill and kiss butt he morphed into decades ago.

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        Exactly Howard was being a shill for George in that interview, even Robin laughed about it and said something like, Howard you are being such a phony or kiss ass. Lol.

  9. Santolina says:

    Nah, she’s just going off-script (the one George’s PR team manufactured to make her look like a brilliant, hardworking, self-sacrificing human rights lawyer) and being her shallow, spoiled, vain, conceited, rich-girl self.

  10. LAK says:

    It’s incredible how much gossip media is digging for every case she takes on (or becomes a partial brief on). It’s so rude.

    Then again, some of these cases need the oxygen of publicity to get any traction, but I still think it’s rude to keep digging for her cases as if she has to prove who she is.

    Regarding the denials, they should just ignore this stuff, live their lives. It’s so ridiculous that they or ‘sources’ keep denying this stuff. It turns the ridiculous into some semblance of fact.

    • nic919 says:

      The press she has gotten for the Fahmy case was enough for him to get bail, and it is more than the Canadian PM has done to help him out. Her actual legal skills may be mediocre, but she is using her new international popularity to put pressure on regimes with sketchy justice systems and if the end result means that innocent people can be freed from unlawful detention, then all her fame seeking isn’t all that bad.

      • M says:

        ” but she is using her new international popularity to put pressure on regimes with sketchy justice systems ”
        Qatar is the one paid for the reporters to collect fake footage ,that’s a crime in US UK and Egypt too,the men are not innocent or either fooled,but don’t let facts get in the way of fake hero “lawyer” story.
        Lebanon have great sketchy justice systems and other issues why amal not helping them???

  11. Sofia says:

    The sexism on display in some of these stories and in a fair few comments here is breathtaking. I really doubt that Amal, a well-respected and very successful barrister is now being picked for cases because she’s famous. What?!
    There also seems to be an assumption that now she’s landed the ‘worlds most eligible bachelor’ she should just put her feet up and leave her glittering career behind because she doesn’t need the money. Again, what?! Because no-one is allowed to work for self-fulfilment beyond monetary gain? Not if you’re a woman it seems. She should totally just have Clooney’s babies already and give up her silly job.

    • Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

      + 1

      F. Lee Bailey, Alan Dershowitz, Johnny Cochran, that Wyoming lawyer to name just a few – plenty of famous lawyers have loved the spotlight and used it to further their work.

    • nic919 says:

      Amal Clooney did not have international fame until she started dating George Clooney. I don’t think it is sexist to suggest that a lot of the attention she is getting is because she married a movie star. George’s PR team mentioned cases she was on, but when the Assange case first came to light for example, was anyone really talking about her as his lawyer? No. She is a junior lawyer assisting on that case, among others. That said, the press is now hounding her so much that any case she is on will now bring international attention. Lawyers on international human rights cases know that publicity, especially negative publicity, can be used as leverage against regimes that are not democratic. It is not a bad thing if she brings a spotlight to a case, but a lawyer with only five years of practice normally doesn’t get added to a case unless senior lawyers are looking for someone to do the grunt work.

      As for the practice of law being a glittering career? that is only in the movies or television. If you have a full practice, you are either working on cases to prepare for trial, or actually in court (or negotiating, or drafting reports to the client, etc. etc.). This is not a profession where you have that much free time. Lawyers have one of the highest suicide rates in all the professions because of the high stress experienced in trying to balance life issues with the immense work expectations. And it is especially hard in the first five to ten years, because you are at the mercy of the more senior lawyers and their expectations.

      That she is using her new found fame to bring attention to cases is a good thing, but she is not leading the life of a regular five year barrister, and her legal skills aren’t the draw.

      • cleo says:

        Good comment thanks nic919.

      • Sofia says:

        Nic919, yes of course she’s getting a lot of attention because she’s married to a movie star and yes, I agree this can’t hurt her cases to a degree. However my point was about the backlash she’s being subjected to that none of George’s other partners ever dealt with. I’m getting the feeling it’s because she has her own career and life separate from George and that still isn’t acceptable in 2015.

        When I was talking about her ‘glittering’ career, I wasn’t just referring to a legal career in general. I understand the difference between television and reality. I understand that practising the law can be stressful and very hard work. However, Amal has already achieved a lot of success in her career, working on high profile cases, winning awards and writing a list of publications, all pre-George.

      • bitxa says:

        Shut up because this crazy non sense will never make sense

      • bluhare says:

        I had heard of Amal Alamuddin long before she met George Clooney so I’m not sure you can say she didn’t have international fame. She certainly didn’t have it on the scale she has it now, but she was quite well known.

      • Lori says:

        Nic919, I agree with your comment. I’ll concede that publicity can improve the prospects for a favorable outcome in a client’s legal matter, under the appropriate circumstances. That said, the February 7, 2015 letter urging the release of Mr. Fahmy contains some unusual language. In particular, Amal asks for the Egyptian president to contact her through Mr. Fahmy’s brother, at his Canadian telephone number and Yahoo e-mail address, to further discuss her request for Mr. Fahmy’s discharge from custody.

        Isn’t this strange? Lawyers can play many roles in a client’s legal matter, but I think it’s fair to say that most lawyers serve as intermediaries between the client(s) and government officials when the clients cannot advocate for their own interests. I do not know Mr. Fahmy’s family, but I can imagine that the prospect of a prolonged period of jeopardy in a corrupt Egyptian legal system must cause the family much anguish. Facilitating any direct contact between an emotional family member and a government official (much less a head of state) is a recipe for disaster. Moreover, she is seeking her client’s deportation, not retrial, which is a matter ordinarily negotiated between government officials or (in unusual circumstances) between a client’s lawyer and the government. Why not have the President of Egypt contact her directly — or through her law firm?

    • Jaded says:

      Thank you Sofia – your comment is one of the few rational ones on this post.

    • bettyrose says:

      Sofia ITA but I still take some pleasure in thinking George thought he was locking down a woman that made him seem classier but instead she’s turned the tables to use his fame to her career/PR benefit. It’s not sexist necessarily to enjoy seeing Georgie boy get a taste of his own medicine. But there is sexism in calling her entitled when a similar man would be “discriminating.”

    • Anny says:

      Thank you Sophia. I just started losing faith in humanity.

    • oneshot says:

      I can’t agree more. God help any woman who dares to marry anyone who has enough female fans on the internet, because this site will make sure to paint them as the famewhore devil incarnate if they have so much as dared to wear some makeup in front of the cameras.

  12. Suze says:

    She’s probably bored with George’s life and times. I’d flee back to my life, too, and it’s not nearly as stimulating as hers.

  13. Amelie says:

    I sense there’s truth in the Star piece–particularly with Amal’s affinity for the camera. There is another issue that I have been wondering about, but haven’t seen mentioned regarding the backlash against Amal. Does anyone think there is a racial issue? Amal is ethnically an Arab and married George, a Caucasian. George has apparently been a treasured male sex-symbol/matinee idol. Granted Amal is a media hound and has gone overboard on her clothes and hair, but, I am wondering if part of the negativity surrounding her is based on her ethnicity?

    • jinni says:

      Aren’t most Arabs Caucasian? George would be ethnically Scots-Irish and Anglo Saxon combo, like a lot of white people from the Kentucky area. And I don’t think this has anything to do with her ethnicity. The tabs would have gone with the snobby angle even if she was a lawyer of European Caucasian descent. This is what happens when you get with a celeb. If George had not made a big deal about her in the first place she may have been spared tab attention like Matt Damon’s wife who is also not famous and not of Anglo Saxon ancestry.

      • oneshot says:


        you’re absolutely delusional if you think people of obviously Arabic/Middle Eastern descent are treated the same as white people (which is what most people usually mean when they refer to “Caucasian”)

        As I pointed out above, she’s been accused of anti-Semitism by the New York Post (and if we are to follow logic along the same lines as yours, Arabs are Semites too) for attempting to do her job i.e. investigate whether there were human rights violations in the Israel-Palestine conflict recently (she never issued any statements one way or another about it, this was sparred by the mere announcement of her involvement). It doesn’t take a genius to see that some people are trying to smear her using the flimsiest of excuses and trying to hide their own racism while they’re at it.

      • jinni says:

        Oneshot: Where did I say she was treated as a white person? Maybe most only think of white people as Caucasians but they aren’t. White people are Caucasians but all Caucasians aren’t considered white. Also, I get that there are whiff s or racism around this pairing much like Gosling and Mendes, but I still think the vast majority of the negativity is due to the tabs just coming up with and angle to build drama around her and sell mags.

    • Tessy says:

      The last person I saw interact with cameras that way was Sarah ferguson, when she was still swanning around before she fell into disfavour. I think it’s personality.

  14. Susan says:

    Those sunglasses on her ugh. The look is a cross between The Fly meets Jackie O. Maybe her head is too small and long. Really dated and unflattering on her.

  15. Shelly says:

    the EGYPT case was not hers, yet she commented on it from behind the guilded gates of the Clooney/Gerber mansion compound in sunny Mexico, demanding a meeting with the Egyptian governent. When she didn’t get it, she claimed they threatened to arrest her if she stepped foot in Egypt. They called her out on that FLATOUT LIE and continued doing business with the real lawyers. She went to LA then did her preening in a robe for a day in Francebefore heading back to London. People ran the story again about how she was headed to EGYPT for the journalists release. Well…they were released. Where was she? That’s PRIME photo op time! She’s proven time again that’s what she’s for…PR…she doesn’t do the actual work. My guess is the “real” lawyers had enough and told her to get lost.

  16. The Other Mrs Clooney says:

    I am sure the Star story is exaggerated, but I do get the vibe of princess. I doubt she has ever cleaned a bathroom, done her own laundry or vacuumed a floor in her life. She probably has that all done for her. I think Clooney ‘s PR team try to sell her to the public and it didn’t go as they wanted. They thought we would all fall in love with her, just like George did.

    • wolfpup says:

      At least she’s not going around passing out promotions to a man newly accused of crimes against women (Duke of York), like the Queen of England has. Let’s test and verify how Queen behaves, if we are to compare women who believe themselves “royal”. Character is the yardstick, imo. (Does Queen get a pass on being a “nightmare to be around”?)

      Shelly, as far as Angelina setting up refugee camps for women and children… In my opinion, we should gather all the great women who are moving our planet in the direction of mercy and justice, and celebrate them all. We need to band together, as women, to become real players on the world stage. We have *everything* in common as women, infighting should be for the others. A feminist agenda will change the world for the better, especially for the most vulnerable of all. The men will not do it for us – they haven’t so far.

      • jane16 says:

        wolfpup, you absolutely rock! Awesome comment!

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Hear, hear, Wolfpup! Best post on this tortured thread, and maybe the best post on this site all week. Thanks for infusing some humanity and social conscience into this discussion. I was just leaving when I saw your post. THANK you! And now I’m out of here before someone discourages me again.

  17. Shelly says:

    As for this “10 hood” case…she sure seems to but the hand that fed her as a “2 year old who fled war torn lebanon” as the narrative goes. Don’t tell me she doesn’t get to pick her cases. She’s in a position now where she can do whatever she wants. She’s more interested in “human rights” cases from 50-100 years ago that deal with marbles. Meanwhile Angelina is setting up refugee camps for women and children running from ISIS. Amal will sell her soul for a photo op and haute couture. She makes a mockery of professional women everywhere.

    • mynameispearl says:

      She’s a human rights lawyer, the hooded men case is about a massive human rights violation by the British government- it’s not really about ‘biting the hand that feeds her’…

      • Derry says:

        Exactly. I for one am glad to see Amal get on the Hooded Men case and for the publicity. The British Army violated the human rights of many of us in Northern Ireland. To a lesser degree than they did to the Hooded Men but I still have flashbacks of being a 4 year old and opening my bedroom curtains to being watched by an army man in camo.

        They shone torches through your windows at night, they pointed guns at farmers checking cattle, pointed guns at children playing in the street. The attention Amal brings to their despicable 1970s and 80s behaviour is most welcome.

    • A says:

      Say it like it really is.

  18. Me says:

    Interesting observation about Stan not issuing the rebuttals anymore. The narrative behind this arrangement has fallen apart because, contrary to George and Amal’s way of thinking, they’re not the smartest people in the room. Maybe Stan has figured out its not worth the time.

  19. boredblond says:

    Nothing new in the story..what started as blinds have since been confirmed..the Star is late to the game.

  20. Cody says:

    I was out with a group of friends last night, we are all professional women, lawyers to be exact. I volunter at a soup kitchen, once a week. My other friend is active in getting more art programs into the public schools and the other is involved with housing options for people with disabilities. Different strokes for different folks. There are many causes out there.

  21. Paloma says:

    I feel that work commitments are the reason they aren’t together at the moment, unless they are together presently. Their comings and goings aren’t going to be public all the time. My overall consensus is this marriage will take a lot of hard work because of logistics ( and whatever else) and I don’t see Georgie boy sustaining this type relationship.

  22. Gigi says:

    Is it possible that this woman with a high status and salary career; from an affluent family has always been a bitch and it has nothing to do with Clooney?

  23. LaurieH says:

    I keep thinking of her as the female Mark Darcy.

  24. perplexed says:

    Maybe George is planting the seeds for her to look bad so that when he divorces her sympathy will be on his side.

  25. taxi says:

    Why does this surprise anyone? She started the snobby fame-ho’ routine before the wedding. Someone should run her through a quick course on how to deal with fame graciously, even though she apparently thinks she’s she’s risen above any need to be “nice” to the little people.

  26. PrairieLilly says:

    In the tabloids she can only be the darling for so long. Time to turn the tables. She is classy, exotic and glamorous forsure.

  27. Sara says:

    It’s nice to know the legal profession is just as trashy as Hollywood, though I’ve always known international law was more concerned with publicity than anything else.

  28. Janet says:

    I have no idea why, but I can’t stand her. Maybe it’s because she always has this expression on her face like her sh*t doesn’t stink.

  29. Carla says:

    I think that she and Geesus Chlooney have a great sex life and that’s why her hair is so ouly and stringy. Why do these rich people never seem to look after themselves? A decent set of customised hair care products for the year will cost less than a Giambattista Vali dress. Like don’t be a beehatch with your stringy hair.

  30. Jen43 says:

    My dad is of Middle Eastern descent. He has wealthy relatives who fled Lebanon for Paris many years ago. The are very, for lack of a better word, high falutin. It wouldn’t surprise me if she were raised the same way. So, would she consider herself upper class and treat the peasants, well, like peasants? Absolutely.

    OTOH, Clooney is supposedly one of the nicest guys in HWood. He treats everyone well. I am sure he is embarrassed by this. He probably got more than he bargained for with Amal. he has little experience with non-starlet types. They are both going to have to compromise. Call me crazy,but I am pulling for them.

    • A says:

      amal used to dress cheaaaap clothes before george ,well if she is oxford educated so what?then amal is peasant who wanted to climb the leader…

  31. Toni says:

    It’s never a good idea to rush into a marriage and put all your ex- girlfriends down. Bad Karma.
    Eventually it’ll catch up to you…

  32. Martin says:

    Well, she is HOT . . . but, she’s got a . . .

    - serious OVERBITE
    - extra LONG NOSE
    - and a CHIN that’s similar to KIRK DOUGLAS

    Just sayin’.


    • oneshot says:


      I bet her overbite, long nose and chin are still a hell of a lot better looking than anything on your face, though.

      Just sayin’.

    • GByeGirl says:

      I think that she’s gorgeous. I’m sick of blonde Barbies with button noses.

  33. simbly says:

    We know

  34. Debbie says:

    Anal looks like a snotty b!tch. Ya get what ya pay for, Georgie.

  35. MacBeth says:

    My very first comment! Here’s my take. I think George used some very high-level, extraordinarily discrete matchmaker to find himself a wife. I think Amal is a very bright woman from a privileged background who did not let her privilege and intelligence go to waste academically. Kudos to her. I have seen no signs that she is at all altruistic. She appears to have no ties to any charities or causes and for a “human rights attorney” does not seem at all uncomfortable at the amount of potential humanitarian relief (medicine, clean water, food) the cost of her engagement ring alone represents. And, if being a highly intelligent attorney with visibility and influence on the world stage also means one is naturally mature, morally superior, and leads a personal life above reproach, well, Bill Clinton would disappear in a puff of smoke.

    How do I get rid of the photo?

    • SunnyD says:

      I think it’s unfair to single her out for the cost of her engagement ring. Her job is concerned with promoting and advancing the rule of law, including human rights, so I’m less concerned about her doing charity work than your average Hollywood celebrity. You could level the engagement ring charge against any rich woman who wears one and cares about charity.

      The shadow of Angelina Jolie seems to loom large in any post on Amal Clooney – I’m not saying you MacBeth – and Jolie is brought up as a shining example to put Amal Clooney down. I don’t see a valid comparison. One is a professional woman whose job involves acting for clients. We don’t really know her personal views, as is fitting and appropriate for a barrister. The other is a celebrity who is concerned about advancing “humanitarian” issues such as the rights of women. I don’t see that one is better than the other.

  36. Div says:

    I’m annoyed with the poor little georgie routine the tabloids are throwing. She’s a high powered woman and to get to that point you often have to be aggressive and confident….and of course sexists often cry bitch about those type of women. Anyway, she’s striking and accomplished and I think George doesn’t give a sh*t if she likes the cameras because he does too

  37. scout says:

    “Peacock” marries “Princess”.
    Peacock roots for the downtrodden, gets into fist fights with big guys to protect the abused, never ever forgets the people who helped him when he had nothing and appreciates them, keeps his friends and family close to his heart, keeps up his Casanova image in public by high dose of PR but insecure, simple, humble Teddy Bear from a small town with a big Heart. Hopes to have a loving, caring magical family but alas! Karma bites him in the a..!
    Princess steps over downtrodden to serve the rich A..Holes, sells her soul for Haute Couture, jet set life and Mansions, fakes a “Joan of Arc” (most of the time) discounting 100s of lawyers behind each case who work harder but happily takes sole credit, in love with camera more than with her Prince, PR..PR..more PR for Princess to be a, what?! Dame? Queen?

    • SunnyD says:

      Where is the evidence of her taking sole credit? Is it her fault that the press choose to make her cases all about her? Is she supposed to stop work to give other lawyers a chance to get the credit?

  38. Amelie says:

    Vicky Kelberer/Huffington Post did a great piece on Amal’s professional work in January 2015. It’s titled,: “Amal is not a Saint.” Her is an excerpt:
    “She is certainly not a saint, but a shrewd and passionate professional (some would dare to say “ambitious”) who has advanced her career by taking the unsavory clients along with defending those whose rights have been violated. In doing so, Amal Clooney has proved that she is no angelic philanthropist whose job is but a hobby after being a wife, but a determined professional whose interest in her own career has been just as paramount as her idealism. To reduce her to a savior figure not only infantilizes her work and the work of all human rights lawyers, but also boils her multifaceted and controversial career choices down to simplistic idealism, which is hardly a way to make a living, and certainly not to make a successful legal career.”

  39. Bob Noxious says:

    And I’m sure there’s no anal with Amal.