Dakota Johnson in white Saint Laurent at UK premiere: elegant or trashy?


Here are some photos from last night’s London premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey. Just know: I liked the fashion choices in Berlin more than London. Fashion notes… Dakota Johnson’s white gown is Saint Laurent, and all of us would be screaming if Kim Kardashian wore this. The V is too deep (ironically one of the lines of dialogue in this film) and it already feels like we could draw this girl’s body from memory. Sam Taylor Johnson is wearing a spunky Marc Jacobs – I like her outfit except for the shoes. E.L. James was the only one wearing grey/silver too.

Ugh, what else is there to say about this mess? I’m pretty sure it’s going to win the weekend box office. I’m pretty sure that come Monday, we’ll be discussing the record-breaking haul from ladies who dragged their lady-friends to see this movie. For what it’s worth, not every review is bad. Vulture says Dakota Johnson is actually the best part. Salon says that if you go in with low expectations, you’ll actually enjoy it. CNN has a greatest-hits of all the top critics here.

Other notes… France is so laissez-faire that they’re letting 12-year-olds see Fifty Shades. THR had another story about E.L. James’ war with Sam Taylor Johnson – go here to read. And a lot of people are complaining about the lack of Big-Os in the film. Apparently, we can’t even see people pretend to have a Big O anymore?




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Lucy2 says:

    The weekend is pretty but just too low and wide cut. James’ dress is actually nice, I feel like we’ve seen someone else wear one too.

    • lucy2 says:

      I have no idea why my phone changed “white dress” to “weekend”.

    • Greek Chic says:

      Courtney Cox wore a similar Marc jacobs dress at the Grammys I think?except courtney’s was sleeveless.

    • taterho says:

      I’ve had weekends that were too low and wide cut. Lordy, have I ever…

      • kri says:

        LOL, taterho. I wish I could have one of those. Unfortunately, I will be trapped in my bell tower (aka work) this whole weekend. Which sucks because I was absolutely planning on not going to see this “movie.” My co-workers think I am weird and possibly get ready-a lesbian because I said this was an unsexy movie and the book was poopy. When I declined the huge treat of an outing with 6 women to go see these two experiment with Boy Scout knots, you’d have though I just drop-kicked a basket of cronuts.

      • taterho says:

        You didn’t dig the literary tour de force that birthed this monumental achievement in cinema? “boy scout knots”? Dying laughing at that. High five!
        My evil sister wants me to go see it with her so she has an excuse to giggle and make jokes in the dark. All the nopes. Not even she buys me lemonheads.
        I do However hope that Dakota Johnson is pointing at the haters now and saying “yeah BITCH!” ala Jesse Pinkman.

  2. Jenny says:

    It’s hilarious how Dakota is getting raves for this movie and Jamie is getting trashed left and right. Go Dakota!

    Of course the sad women who will actually go to see this movie will deny that and claim Jamie was the purrrrfect Mr. Grey.

    • mom2two says:

      I find this humorous as well. Lainey was not impressed with him in this either (even though she said he is good in the Fall) and was very impressed with Dakota. Especially since people were saying that the movie needed reshoots due to her performance, which I now think wasn’t true and I wonder if it was due to his performance. He just seems so uncomfortable with the role and acts like he is already distancing himself from it. People complain about how awkward she is and he is just as awkward. It saddens me that this will be #1 for the weekend, but I expect a huge drop next weekend. I am still rooting for Spongebob or Kingsman to some how come out on top.
      Oh and the overall rating of reviews on Rotten Tomatoes is 30% fresh.

      • holly2905 says:

        Yes, it’s almost karmic, given the hype of greatness by virtually everyone based solely on a series about a serial killer! As much as his legions of twitter fans would wish otherwise, it’s clearly spelled out in the reviews that he simply doesn’t have the acting chops to pull this off. It would take someone with a lot more experience and charisma and that’s not JD. His fans will continue to believe what they like but I do wonder if he’ll be around for the sequels. it wouldn’t be hard to replace him and he acts like he wouldn’t mind if that happened.

      • Bridget says:

        They HAD someone with more experience and charisma in Charlie Hunnam, and him leaving is at least partially on James. He is walking sex, I can’t believe they let him leave.

    • LizLemonGotMarried says:

      I’m being negotiated into seeing it by a friend on Valentine’s Day-husbands are out of town. She saw Guardians of the Galaxy with me this summer. I think I’m getting the short end of the stick. I have not read the source material, but I’ve heard enough to have…lowered expectations. ( I can never say that phrase without singing it.)

    • Elisa the I. says:

      I saw it yesterday and Dakota Johnson IS the best part of it.
      The music is quite good, too.
      Jamie Dornan is just all wrong – casting gone bad. Cringe-worthy bad, actually.

      I’m not surprised that 12 yrs old can see it in France because overall it is pretty lame.

      I only read the first book, and I was quite entertained by it.
      Not so much by the film…it is like a big loooooong Audi commercial! :P

      • FLORC says:

        A friend just saw it and said Dakota was cringeworthy at best. She played the character of ana well, but that wasn’t a good thing.

        Jamie seemed awkward. Overall there was Zero chemistry and it was worse than expected.

        I’ve only seen Jamie in The Fall. He can act. Dakota’s acting makes me think Nepotism.

      • Krystal says:

        I saw it. Dakota’s acting is way better than Jamie. She’s believable and shows plenty of emotion. Jamie is bad. He has the same expressions the entire film. He may be great on The Fall, but not feeling him in FSOG. I wouldn’t a 12 year old watch this. People are saying there isn’t enough sex, but it’s still something I wouldn’t let anyone under 17 see.

      • homegrrrl says:

        Does anyone remember the SNL skit, “thanks a lot Viagra”? My 60ish bf is prolly hoping I’ll be all agasp o’er this whole 50 shades thing. Poor guy. I’m so not. Thanks ALOT Viagra.

      • FLORC says:

        I give a strong pass to Jamie because he can act. And the 50 shades author had a platform to have huge creative say in much of the film. Sam T-J later was rumored to have regretted that choice.

        Christian is cold and distant and 1 dimensional He’s without depth. Jamie may have wanted to do more, but wasn’t allowed to.
        Meanwhile Dakota was basic. The character was basic and the acting was basic. Just saw the film and I was very aware she was trying to act. She did great given the circumstances though. Still, i got the impression both actors hated eachother. Jamie and Dakota are both to blame
        End of it all E.L
        . had too much power in the direction of the film and characters. I blame her.

        Camelia below
        Grey did want to be anywhere else. That was the character. He’s vacant and elite. That WAS his character. Because that’s how he came off should be a mark against him. It’s a mark against the terrible characters in the books.
        And you’re right. Ana character did get better rewrites. Dakota was also the one who needed to refilm nearly every seen a few times over. Jamie wasn’t given such oportunity so they must have wanted him to come out the way he did.

      • Krystal says:

        I read the books and the Ana in the movie has way more character than the one in the books. I’m not the only one that think Dakota acting was better than Jamie. I think he’s a great actor and I understand how he is suppose to portray the Christian character from the books, but it just doesn’t seem believable to me. Dakota is funny, especially when she drunk dials him and at the end she shows plenty of emotion when she decides to leave. It seems like people just write off Dakota’s acting ability because she’s a child star. She isn’t a Streep but she sure isn’t a K. STEW. She can actually act. I love Jamie on The Fall, but I just wasn’t feeling his acting in this. Many critics said the same. They should have had rewrites for Jamie, too. It would have helped. I also don’t get the impression that they hate each other. I watched a recent interview and they were fine. They are professionals and I don’t get this hate that people are seeing.

      • Krystal says:

        I just thought about something. So you waited in line, purchased a ticket, and watched it for two hours. Didn’t you say the books are terrible? I hated Twilight and I never saw any of them at the movies or when they came on TV.

    • Camelia says:

      Well I saw the movie yesterday (no spoilers below, just my opinion about the two of them) and yes, Dakota nailed that movie. I wouldn’t say that she’s the next Meryl Streep, but she’s definitely better than expected and she can convey emotion (two ou three scenes were on point). As for Jamie, I’ve been a fan of his for a long time, but dude got it all wrong : he didn’t even bother to hide that he’d rather be anywhere else than on that screen (whereas Dakota fully committed to the work, props to her for that), his accent was showing A LOT and he was SO monotone in the delivery of his lines, which were already cringeworthy on paper, but it was flat-out embarrassing on screen. He didn’t even try, his Christian Grey is the real charisma-vacuum of the movie. But I noticed something else, I think the reason why movie’s Anastasia was definitely better is because the character got some rewriting, as many pointed she actually has a personality (I can’t say more about it because it would be spoilerish) and I could see Sam Taylor-Johnson’s hand in that. Whereas Christian had absolutely no deepening, his lines are the exact same than in the book. EL James should’ve stayed faaaaar away from that movie, it could’ve been actually decent if Christian got some rewriting too.

      • chilicat says:

        I’m going to see it tomorrow with a friend who has never read the books and is gay, so as you can imagine she is thrilled at the thought of going. I’ve promised her a little bottle of Jack that she can have while in there in case it is terrible, and I’m buying the tickets. The thing with the jamie acting situation is that I think he’s playing it exactly how christian grey is written. Thats my guess. Grey is cold and distant and guarded and basically has little to no sense of humour. So the fact that he is coming across as detached kind of makes sense. I’m looking forward to it. I know, shoot me.

    • Josefa says:

      Yeah, I haven’t read any bad reviews about Dakota. Maybe she’s a better actress than we thought and just painfully uninteresting outside of her films. Well, good for her.

  3. Esmom says:

    I like everyone’s looks here. Nothing offensive whatsoever to me. I don’t think we can compare Dakota in that dress to Kim in the same one because the effect would be entirely different. Dakota has the body to make it work.

    • Gea says:

      Poor Dakota, she had to wear white deep plunge dress. Om, who styled her. She just have that fresh look and she deserve better styling team, who will define her look. I have seen Jamie in Fall and few other Irish dramas , he can be good. My gf saw FSG and she gave two thumbs up.

    • atrain says:

      I think it’s more fair to compare her to Lupita, as this dress is similar to the one she wore to the oscars last year. I think it’s a good dress on both of them, but Dakota’s hair is just no good at all.

      • Stef Leppard says:

        Ugh her hair! Can’t she come up with some other way to style it?! I suggest pinning the bangs back for starters. And adding some volume. She looks like a dishrag from the neck up.

      • homegrrrl says:

        The dress has been bothering me all day, so I’m compelled to comment. I guess Dakota is a fan of the plunging neckline, but this dress is not cut for this. As a result of the straps too long, the bust is smashed down and her middle looks bigger than itis.

        Now a young perky chested thin girl has a thick waist and saggies.

        The whole effect has thrown her posture off! ( Please stylist, we know the script isn’t literature, but stop punishing the messenger.)

  4. Lahdidahbaby says:

    Awful dress, awful bangs, but she got a rave for her acting in today’s NYTimes, while Jamie’s was trashed as wooden. I’m oddly glad for her.

    I thought the black gown she wore yesterday was great.

  5. Oh. says:

    I like the colour and the shape, but the low cut top lets it down.

  6. Brittney says:

    I saw it with a big group of girlfriends… Wine… Oh so much wine was needed to watch this… We laughed our a$$e$ off during the movie and we were not the only ones! It’s a great girls night film! Just go in with real expectations and have fun with it!

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      That is indeed the only way to have fun seeing this. In fact, I might just try that. IF we can get a designated driver, because I would need to drink a LOT of Gnarly Head cab.

    • Jenny says:

      How is a movie based on a story about abuse a great girls night film?

      I’m mad that EL James is making money off of this trash because people think they need a “fun girls night”

      • Malorie says:

        I can not, for the love of me, understand how she can consider herself a writer. I started the first book because I have a friend who loved it, and couldn’t read more than fifty pages. Felt like such a stupid waste of time…

      • Diana B says:

        I’m with you Jenny, It makes me crazy mad that people take this story of abuse so lightly and make this awful woman’s pockets go deeper. No one should watch this crap on principle. Not only because the source material was poorly written, but because it is a dangerous story with bad repercutions.

  7. Lilacflowers says:

    We’re facing a blizzard, because seven feet of snow in three weeks is never enough. I find being shut-in yet again far more exciting than the prospects of seeing this film. If I do manage to drag myself to a cinema, well, Colin Firth in The Kingsman. That is all.

    • Kaley says:

      I saw The Kingsman /Secret Service at a pre-screening and I expected to hate it but is was actually great!

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Glad to hear that. I am looking forward to seeing it at some point, but probably not this weekend because they’re threatening to shut down our non-functioning transportation system.

      • mimif says:

        Ugh that sucks, LF. When is it going to end??

      • Micki says:

        Hey Kingsman has Colin Firth AND Mark Strong AND Samuel L.Jackson!! I’ll watch for any of them alone but all three together-I’ll binge on this film!

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @mimif, it is not going to end. We now live in Winter Wonderland and have to just learn to deal. Good news, my arms are really toned from shoveling daily.

    • Kitten says:

      I’m really excited for the blizzard because it’s been a couple days since I shoveled out my car and I really miss it.


      You know it’s been a f*cked up winter when you’re rejoicing because you’re *only* getting a foot of snow.

      There’s not enough ganja in New England to get me through the rest of this sh*t. Planning for Saturday is a tactical effort for me and the boyfriend.
      What to do when you can’t park anywhere, can’t get a cab, and there’s no public transportation?

      • FLORC says:

        Lol Kitten!
        I forgot Boston is set to get a Blizzard. I was cheering that my area isn’t getting the worst of it.
        All this snow shoveling is all that is keeping me sane. Gym is closed, roads are too narrow and snowy to run on. I’m losing it.

        Good luck trying to have a night out in this. Best move would be to stay put.
        Unless you cant a car towed. Or find a restaurant that allows you to enter with snow shoes.

      • Kitten says:

        I’m gonna pick up the old ball and chain and we’ll walk over to the pub up the street from me. I use place-markers so hopefully my parking spot won’t get stolen.

        I’m with you about the shoveling-it’s just nice to be outside doing something physical after being cooped up all day.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Kitten, I had a somewhat normal commute this morning with no need to schedule extra time for “one-track shuttle” trains and I had a seat. I feel like it has been ages since I communed with my fellow commuter’s armpits. Looking forward to Monday when I expect Bev will tie Charlie to the red line tracks so she can run him over with a giant snowblower while Mayor Marty stands on the platform crying “can’t we all just get along so I can host the Olympics!”

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @kitten, what do you use as placeholders? Today I saw a Barbie Dreamhouse, a croquet set, and a Spider-Man pup tent.

      • FLORC says:

        Lol PlaceHolders!
        I haven’t used those since I lived in a city. They were always pushed aside, run over, or like 2 times stacked neatly by my apartment door since our parking spaces were marked for us by number. Now I have a garage thankfully.

        Pubs are always a good call.

        hehe People use what they have:) tents imo work great because people aren’t always sure if they’re vacant.

    • LAK says:

      The Mathew Vaughn/Jane Goldman/Mark Millar team is cinematic gold. All their films deliver.

  8. SamiHami says:

    Normally I would criticize Dakota’s dress, but considering what the movie is all about, it seems appropriate.

  9. Dash says:

    Wow london premiere but no Rita Ora?! I can’t believe she’d miss an opportunity to promote her 90 seconds of screen time.

  10. Maniac says:

    I just got home from watching it with a couple of girlfriends (I wanted to see what the hype was all about) Her fringe ruins the entire film. I cannot stand fringes on grown adults. Her acting was okay though kind of reminded me of Twilight.

    Jamie is sexxxxy. But I am biased cause I loved him from The Fall.

  11. Ginger says:

    Hmmmm I saw Magic Mike with low expectations and ended up enjoying it. I’m sure it would be the same with this film. Just from the previews I’ve seen, her acting will probably save the movie. I like Dakota’s dress and she has the figure to carry it. It wouldn’t look as great and would probably be uncomfortable if she were larger breasted. I would be constantly adjusting it to keep the girls from spilling out. I’m not digging her bangs here though. And France, what the heck? I will admit that I’m somewhat permissive with my 12 year old because he’s really mature but not enough to let him see this film. There’s plenty of time to see things like this in life but not just yet.

    • Isabelle says:

      Magic mike got great reviews. Plus it wasn’t based on Twlight fan forum fiction.

    • jaye says:

      My girlfriends and I went to see Magic Mike. (we smuggled little bottles of Malibu and poured them into our oversized soft drinks and had a fantastic time watching the shiny men hump and gyrate.

  12. ds says:

    I will not watch this film, ’cause it really doesn’t interest me, even though my BF’s trying to drag me to cinema. But reading about all the issues..I don’t understand several things: Von Trier was accused for making porn, but everyone’s super excited about some dominatrix sex scenes and super worried that there’s not enough of O’s in this film. Then, we live at the time when sex sells every single thing, celebrities flash their private parts every day, yet a bit of O’s censured or something to be worried about. I don’t get it.

  13. Ann says:

    I can’t with women who pay for this glorification of abuse. Disgusting.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Yes, that aspect of it bothers me, too. From what I’ve read, he coerced her into doing whatever sick and abusive thing he wants by buying her gifts, he doesn’t respect her refusal to do certain things and he threatens her – all of which are against the code of consensual s&m sex. It sounds more like a play out of male sexual abuse fantasy. I don’t think women should be supporting this.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        I haven’t read it, but it sounds like he ignores whether she consents or not, and they have no aftercare.

      • Kitten says:

        Yeah I’ve heard the same thing but to be fair, I haven’t read the book.

        I won’t be supporting it because it looks like low-grade garbage-y nonsense.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Yes, I should have said I haven’t read the book or seen the movie. Yesterday I asked people what they thought about this aspect of the story, and my information is coming from their generous replies. I should have made that clear.

      • Marie-France says:

        I read the first book and to be honest I didn´t think of it as glorification of abuse. The reason for this is the level of stupidity of this book. If it was believable in any way I´m sure it would have bothered me, but this is not the case. The sex is weird, like a fantasy of someone who doesn´t have sex, and certainly not BDSM. The friendship is just as dumb – the main female character is portrayed like a ingénue who’s has no contact with the real world, no internet access, no nothing. The other one is such a bad friend that if Anastasia Steele (the name??!?) was remotely likable in any way, I would feel really bad for her. She isn´t. I could go on for an hour about all the dumb things in the book but I´m sure everybody have better things to do. I like horny books, but this is not smut, this is the childish day-dreamin of a virgin/someone in celibacy fantasizing of Cinderella sex.

      • Gretchen says:

        I haven’t read the book either, but I did read enough of the criticism to know to stay clear. This article gives a lovely list of reasons to avoid this f-ed up mess of a – now unfortunately – franchise http://www.feministe.us/blog/archives/2015/02/12/just-a-few-reminders-before-you-buy-those-50-shades-valentines/

      • FLORC says:

        Read the book.

        It’s glorification of abuse AND stupidity.
        Ana is not fully in control. There’s heavy manipulation. The characters are silly and not likable.
        At the end of it it’s just a poorly assembled fanfic that had no business being made into a film.
        The book lacks character development, depth, and basics of the english language, writing skills, and an understanding of the dom, sub world.

      • jaye says:

        No. She does consent and she enjoys it. I hate defending these books because they were HORRIBLY written and required A LOT of suspension of disbelief, but to say this is a story about abuse is incorrect. Ana is a willing participant in Christian’s kink. He doesn’t force her to do anything. There’s a scene in the book where she pushes him to show her how far he would go with the women before her, and she didn’t like it. I do agree with FLORC, though. She wasn’t completely in control and Christian DID heavily manipulate the situation. Which was easy because Ana was just so damned stupid. These books were, imo, the fevered dreams of a woman invested in a silly fantasy. A silly, poorly written, unbelievable fantasy.

        I hate myself for both having read those books, (even though I read them out of a morbid curiosity) AND defending that dreck.

      • FLORC says:

        She was unwilling, but gave in after lots of manipulation.
        When someone isn’t on board they’re not consenting. The when another manipulates the person into going along it’s not exactly consent like she was ok with it from the start. There was a lot she wasn’t ok with, but was manipulated into it. And she liked it, but didn’t. It was because she wanted to please Grey. Not because of her enjoyment from those things.

        That’s why I think Consent is not a proper use here.
        That book was horrible and promoted violence on women.

        And the trailer was the best thing about that movie.

    • Anne tommy says:

      I’m not going to see it, partly cos the theme sounds dodgy, partly cos it sounds rubbish. I actually did not like the film Secretary with Maggie Gylenhall (sp?) some years ago, which critics and customers mostly loved. I’m not a prude but the hanky spanky was not appealing. Maybe the director could cast her toy boy hubby as Mr grey in the next one…

  14. Babyswans says:

    Sigh. I just really hate her hair and makeup. Always. I have bangs. So it’s not bangs hatred. I just feel as if her goal is to look homely.

    • Morgan says:

      Yes! She gets all dolled up in beautiful gowns but her hair looks like it just air-dried after a shower every damn time. Does anyone even style it? The haircut and color are bad enough without it just hanging there in her face.

      • Pri says:

        oh gosh! I clicked on the wrong comment and now the site isn’t letting me cancel only edit….that’s why I wrote all this. OMG I’m sorry:(

    • Lorina says:

      Oh yes… I just came here to write the same thing.
      …Her hair is soooo tragic… and the make-up isn’t too flattering either, unfortunately…
      I feel if she just cleaned up her messy styling, she could look o.k., even good in the gowns she’s been wearing…

  15. Dońt kill me i'm french says:

    When I saw the movie last Wednesday,a group of 15/16 years old teen girls were behind us ( I was with my husband and my mum) and with Dakota Johnson ( She’s totally charming as Ana), their commentaries during the movie were the most entertaining part of the movie.The sex scenes looked so prudish so kind in our opinions whereas they said ” OMG they’re too sexy” but they agreed on the fact that the last scene in the red room ( when Grey hit Ana with a belt and Ana cries) was unsexy .it was more some violence than some kinky sex .Grey in this last scene is a perv excited by hitting a woman

    • Lindy79 says:

      He continues in that vein in the books, it’s disgusting.
      She disobeys him at one point (bearing in mind she is told she is his partner not his sub) and he says “I want to beat the shit out of you”


      • Dońt kill me i'm french says:

        But in the movie ,the sex is never a punishment
        The problem is that he’s sadic and that she’s NOT masochist

        After I only read the first book and the movie is like Pretty Woman with more sex and a less charming businessman

      • Isabelle says:

        In the book he was a stalking, controlling, sulky little boy that unlike real bdsm couples did things without her saying yes. IMo its nothing like pretty woman, more like a bad porn that doesn’t understand a womans role in a true bdsm relationship. He’s abusive.

  16. 'P'enny says:

    she is rocking Sophie’s look


  17. Sugar says:

    E.L. James sounds like a complete pill in that linked article.

  18. Indira says:

    Lainey loved Dakota in the movie. Can anyone corroborate?

    • Dońt kill me i'm french says:

      I can.Dakota is the saving grace of the movie.
      My husband agrees .My mum agrees.i agree.
      Her Ana Steele is sarcastic,pretty and curious about sex.She just is a young woman who wanted to have sex with a guy who really attracts her.Some parts of her character are really funny ( when a drunk Ana calls Grey ,when she negotiates her agreement with Grey)
      Dorman is wooden,humorless,not at ease .My mum thought Bale in Batman Begins would be a great choice to act Grey

      • Nympha says:

        I second this. Entered the cinema with the lowest expectations possible, ended up almost kinda liking the movie, and mostly because of Dakota. The drunk call scene was hilarious.

  19. Anny says:

    I am actually glad that she got good reviews. I was getting tired of that “poor Jamie signing up for this mess but Dakota can’t do any better” rhetorics on some boards. It made Dornan sound like he was kidnapped and forced to act in this horrible movie. Le sigh.

    As for fashion – I don’t find Jamie hot. Dakota is a pretty girl but this look is awful. The dress does nothing for her figure, it actually makes her chest look oddly bony and saggy at the same time. No, no, no. And I just can’t with the lipstick.

    Something nice – E. L. James looks good in that dress. This cut really looks good on curvier women. Her hair is a mess but overall she looks really great. And I hate her for writing this trashy abuse glorifying piece of…well you know what I mean, right?

  20. Lindy79 says:

    It is supposed to be better than the book, hardly difficult, but I just can’t see past not only the awful story but the blatant abuse in it. I sat there wanting to scream when I read it. He doesn’t change, and is just as controlling in the third book and she still states she is afraid of him and his anger and punishments. They are both horrible, vile characters.
    It makes me so mad when people go “ah it’s only a bit of fun” when it’s clearly not. This book is the biggest selling book and there are millions of women who see this man as a pinnacle of perfection in a partner, not to mention the awful BSDM portrayal by a lazy writer who couldn’t be arsed to do the proper research.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I said similar, but not as well as you, above. I don’t like this whole thing, and wish women wouldn’t support it.

    • Deanne says:

      Is it because he’s rich and handsome? If the story was about some regular guy, I doubt women would find him so appealing. He’s a disgusting abuser. It isn’t some harmless fetish.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Sadly yes I think that has a lot to do with it.
        And he is some broken poor shell of a man who needs to be cured by love.

        *sicks in mouth*

      • Dońt kill me i'm french says:

        All that Grey has for him in the movie is that he’s good looking and rich.Grey has all the characterics of a sociopath (even Patrick Bateman is more likeable )

    • jaye says:

      I see this narrative in a lot of books and movies and I just don’t get it. The manipulative, “damaged” bad boy is always beloved, despite how poorly he treats the female character. I’ve read stories on different erotica websites and even though the main male character does vile things to the female character, the comments at the end of the stories is always “I love Gage/Sand/Hart. I want a man like that. Sage/Fawn/Anastasia (really why can’t these characters have normal names?) would be a fool to let him go!” Nevermind that he berates her for her choice of clothing, spanks her, then rapes her. I don’t get it.

  21. scout says:

    She is pretty, soft spoken and very gentle if you see her in interviews but not very photogenic in still pics. Bright red lipstick and when she laughs, she just looks awful.
    Reviews are good about her and not about Jamie? May be he just didn’t want to emote with her! Poor guy, lives to regret for accepting this movie.

  22. Amy Tennant says:

    I can’t help but see Don Johnson in a dress whenever I look at Dakota.

  23. Green Is Good says:

    Will somebody please do something with Dakota’s hair?! Stringy, flat and bangs trauma. Not the look for film premieres .

    • Lorina says:

      Seconded. Please, somebody, help :)

      • JESS says:

        I feel a little bit sorry for Dakota. Everyone is slating her hair….yes I’m not a fan of the bangs. BUT I have the same type of hair as her. Stringy and flat. No matter what I do with it, it always looks rubbish. Yes she could get extentions like ever other celeb but I kind of love her for keeping her hair natural.

  24. Tig says:

    I liked Dakota’s dress on her- just like the deep cleavage that Lupita wore to the Oscars last year. They are slim young women, and they can pull it off. I also liked the cut and color of James’ gown.

    There is no way an R rated movie will beat a G rated film for kids at the box office, where for most of the country it’s almost or is too cold to do much of anything outside. That being said, what does it matter? And just putting it out there- Outlander is very popular- haven’t seen all of season 1 yet- but if true to books, he beats her- and it’s not BDSM. Game of the Thrones-aka rape of the week- is avidly followed by jillions of female fans who love it. So, while there may be mumbling here or there, both of these shows largely get a pass. And sure, one can argue that the former is true to the era and its mores, and the latter is fantasy- but at the end of the day, it’s still violence against women. Just curious as to why these two don’t seem to draw the same level of wrath.

    • Diana B says:

      Because this is presented as a love story. On those examples you provide, the viewers are aware this is plain ol’ violence against women. Fifty shades of crap is sold as an epic romance that just happens to have BSDM (which is not even accuratelly portrayed). This “great auteur” refuses to acknowledge that she’s written a handbook for abusers and insist it is just a different kind of love story. That’s why people get outraged by it.

      • Tig says:

        Not to nitpick- but male lead in Outlander does beat her after they are married( love and all that), and regardless of the author’s stance, Starz is clearly marketing it as a romance. So there is that. And re GOfT- the violence there gets a shrug bec it’s not a romance? Pls understand- I am not attacking you, and appreciate you taking the time to respond. But to me the disproportionate level of bile this movie appears to invoke in folks continues to be a puzzle.

      • jaye says:

        I think saying the book is a “handbook for abusers” is a bit melodramatic.

  25. Pri says:

    Ok Yesterday I said E.L. James looked dreadful in what she was wearing at Berlin. It was not really her dress or anything else, I realise now. Face down she looked good. My problem: her hair. Her hairstyle is dreadful and she needs to do something about it. She’s ruining a good look with that bad curly mullet cut. In London’s look I have the same problem.

    • Micki says:

      Her Berlin dress was an abomination! I am amazed you managed to notice the hair.I got eye cancer looking at her dress alone.
      This one is Ok in comparison.
      I find Dakota beautiful on both occasions and i like her dress choice.

  26. Judyk says:

    Think Dakota always looks elegant…find her quite beautiful. Don’t quite get the negative comments about her–have seen her on several shows and find her refreshing.

  27. senna says:

    I skimmed through the entire first book and it was just awful; the sex was deeply un-sexy, Christian was borderline abusive and a stalker, the plot had very little conflict except concerning the “will she or won’t she sign the contract” question. It was screaming for an editor. But I still thought that the premise of an ingenue being seduced by a man who was only interested in BDSM had promise, in the right hands.

    Which is why I don’t understand the studio’s decision to give EL James so much power over the process of making the film. Left in Sam’s control, the material could have been elevated. Weren’t there rumors of a very capable screenwriter asking to rewrite the script, and being denied this by James?

    Since Dornan was on Taylor-Johnston’s side, perhaps if she’d been given full control he could have tapped into a better performance. I haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to give it my money, but most critiques I’ve read are panning Dornan and praising Johnson. Honestly, it seems like they just don’t have good chemistry, so I don’t know why they proceeded with this pair.

    If they’d limited James’s powers, I think the studio was worried about James lashing back, saying, “this film is not true to my vision of the book” and driving away the enormous fan-base. Couldn’t they have gagged her in some way to be contractually obligated to not trash the film’s director’s decisions? She’s getting millions of dollars from this film, right? She’d just have to say, “this is the best film version of the book I could have imagined, though it’s different from the book; it’s still sexy and captures the spirit of what I was trying to do” or whatever PR line. Fans would still see the movie, and perhaps the theaters would not be erupting in laughter over the absurdity of the dialogue. But then again, perhaps the studio execs were like, “we don’t care if this is a piece of sh*t; the fans will see it anyway.”

    • jaye says:

      They probably gave her so much creative control because that was the only way she’d sell them the rights to the books.

    • LAK says:

      The studio hired Patrick Maber (CLOSER, NOTES ON A SCANDAL and many critically acclaimed plays) to rewrite the script and EL James threw out his version and insisted they stick to her version complete with dialogue lifted from the book.

  28. Kiddo says:

    He looks dorky in the above photos and she looks Milquetoast. Least likely sexy coupling.

  29. Maria says:

    I like the dress on her.

    The cut is too wide but she looks good.

  30. INeedANap says:

    After all the positive reviews Dakota is getting for this film, I feel bad complaining about her blandness as much as I did. I won’t pay to see the film, but I’m happy she managed to improve upon the execrable character from the books.

  31. Paige says:

    They all look great. From the reviews I’ve read, people loved Dakota. Jamie isn’t a bad actor (love The Fall) it’s the source material. I don’t understand how people were thinking this film would be great, have they read the books? I still don’t understand why people that hated the books are still paying to see it. I guess people have money to waste. You can’t make crap material into an Oscar worthy movie. Also, people are saying there wasn’t enough sex. Hello, it’s rated-R and a big Hollywood film. It couldn’t be anywhere as explicit as a NC-17 book. It just wasn’t going to happen.

    • Jenny says:

      I don’t think Jamie was good in The Fall at all. Like…he barely even had any lines in that show. He’d say a few sentences every episode. And then at the end when he had his big monologues after getting caught, it was so terrible cause he’s terrible.

      • holly2905 says:

        finally someone besides me who wasn’t that enamored of his work in the Fall. I thought the praise was overdone. He managed to look sulky and played a character not that far removed from C Grey. His so-called breakthrough scene I could barely get through. Oh well, to each his own, I just wish we could judge actors on their actual ability, not on the fact that they are gorgeous.

      • Tig says:

        Have to disagree- that scene with Gillian Anderson was incredible. That’s a lot of screen time with no distractions- it was just him and Gillian. Good actors can hold the screen- they both did there.

  32. Chesty LaRue says:

    I like the dress, but girl needs to check her lipstick

  33. Dani says:

    Saw it last night. Was so awful I cringed most of the time. Dakota was okay, surprising, if anything, compared to what I expected. Jamie was okay, too. He fit the bill looks wise etc. but some of the freaking lines were so terrible he looked in pain. There were like, three sex scenes, all of the subpar. You see her boobs A LOT. It’s so parallel to Twilight though – everything from her behavior to her mother and the way her home in Georgia looks. Ugh. This is going to ruin Jamie’s career.

    Plus side – amazing music and his suits were fantastic.

  34. FingerBinger says:

    Dakota looks pretty. E.L. James looks like Fred Flintstone in a dress.

  35. platypus says:

    Everyone looks great, especially Dakota. She looks extremely uncomfortable being photographed by herself tho. Better hope she gets used to it soon!

  36. Ann says:

    This sums up J. Dornan
    From a review:

    I suspected as much when watching him in The Fall, but Jamie Dornan is a brick *beep* with nothing going on up top. He’s like abs and a pair of jeans being operated by remote control. He’s Patrick Bateman with the light turned off inside. Part of that is the role he’s stuck in, but more than that, Jamie Dornan possesses no charm or charisma. There’s no electricity.

  37. Whitney says:

    After reading Jenny Trout’s articles/reviews over the book(s), I have no desire to go near any of this with a 50-foot pole. It’s just disturbing how people are idolizing Christian Grey. *shudders*

    That said, I think Dornan is pretty good on The Fall. People should totally watch that instead of this movie.

  38. Emily says:

    The white dress is better than the morticia addams number, but only a woman with a flat chest can pull that deep of a cut off.

  39. Div says:

    Dakota is a cute girl but she has the worst makeup artist. The lipstick is just wrong. Dress looks cute on her

  40. Miran says:

    Maybe calling it a big O isn’t exactly helping the case, it seems to me if it’s too taboo to say the word orgasm, maybe that’s why it’s still too taboo to show.

  41. nic919 says:

    I would rather support Colin Firth and see the Kingsman than give any more money, indirectly or not, to this crapfest.

  42. jenn12 says:

    Dakota has too much makeup on, but the dress would be pretty if it wasn’t slashed to her midriff. Why was it necessary? It had such a pretty Grecian look to it. And is Sam Taylor-Johnson wearing black tights with peeptoed shoes? I sincerely hope not.

  43. Debbie says:

    Hideous clothing, hideous actors, hideous movie. Ninety shades of CRAP.

  44. LAK says:

    Kim K has too big a chest for this dress. Dakota has just enough.

  45. bitxa says:

    Why do they even make a movie like this??? Pleeeaaase
    It was filmed in a short period of time! It’s not a good movie and they have already two movies left. Thinking too big can be disappointing. Everybody knows that!

  46. Helo says:

    Okay…saw it last night, and holy Mary Mother of God this film was terrible. A steaming pile of horsecrap. The sex was so vanilla! (LOL!) the acting was subpar and yeah, BOTH actors were subpar. I now firmly believe that Johnson did have to reshoot her scenes and Dornan has about as much charisma as three day old oatmeal.
    Both actors sucked. Oh, and not every critic thinks Johnson’s performance is better…in fact, many do not. The reviews are hilarious, by the way.

    Twilight levels of baaaad, folks. So, how much of a drop next week…I predict a 75% drop with it fading steadily from there.

  47. Helo says:

    Okay…saw it last night, and holy Mary Mother of God this film was terrible. A steaming pile of horsecrap. The sex was so vanilla! (LOL!) the acting was subpar and yeah, BOTH actors were subpar. I now firmly believe that Johnson did have to reshoot her scenes and Dornan has about as charisma as three day old oatmeal. Both actors sucked. Oh, and not every critic thinks Johnson’s performance is better…in fact, many do not. The reviews are hilarious, by the way.

    Twilight levels of baaaad folks.

  48. Jamie says:

    I saw the film yesterday and it was awful. I wanted to walk out but the group I was with preferred to stay. I’m astonished that many people are praising Dakota’s acting because her acting was horrible – in an annoying unconvincing way. Jamie Dornan was not up to par either, but boy, he is sexy in the film. The film gets half a star from me….it was really awful.

  49. lenje says:

    I didn’t really care about Fifty Shades of Grey the movie earlier (read the first novel, skipped most pages to go straight to the sex parts). But with many dissing the movie and the actors, I am now rooting for them and actually quite happy for the box office success :D . The movie isn’t showed in my country, but guaranteed bootlegs will hit the market soonest (if not already are available LOL)

  50. BlackBetty says:

    Why is everyone blaming Jamie? Isn’t Christian Grey supposed to be cold and sort of aloof?

    • Isadora says:

      Yeah, I guess. But the problem seems to lie elsewhere. I haven’t seen the movie but people were saying that he’s not cold, aloof and sexy but bland, uninteresting and not sexy. And that’s not good as the story is so stupid that Christian Grey has to have out of the world sex appeal to make it at least somewhat believable.

      And while I don’t really care if he ruins (or nails) FSOG, I was curious what people will think because I have never seen The Fall and he seemed like a nice enough chap on Graham Norton.