Shonda Rimes hated Lady Gaga’s Oscar performance: ‘Julie had to hear that’


I had zero expectations for Lady Gaga’s musical tribute to The Sound of Music at the Oscars. Okay, that’s not true. My expectations were lower than low. I thought for sure Gaga would come out and sing those classic songs to a dance beat while draped in ham. But 30 seconds into Gaga’s performance, I had the same stunning realization that everyone else had: Gaga was killing it (in a good way). Just in case you want to relive it:

Her performance was so good, even Julie Andrews was taken aback. Her performance was so good, even my mom (an avowed Gaga-Hater) called Gaga the best part of the night. But still, there were some people who still did not believe. People like… Shonda Rhimes?! Shonda tweeted during the Oscars:

If you go and look at all of the comments on that tweet, you can see that Shonda got a lot of heat from her followers. And I would imagine some of Gaga’s little monsters also yelled at her too. So on Monday, Shonda replied to one tweeter:

Eh. I like that she didn’t backtrack and delete the tweet or give some sort of half-assed apology. I imagine Shonda just shrugged and thought, “meh, everybody’s different.” So she didn’t like Gaga’s performance. It’s not the end of the world.

Incidentally, whatever goodwill Gaga might have accrued with her Oscar performance will be quickly used up by Gaga’s same-old famewhore shtick, I’m sure. Look at her NSFW post-Oscar party dress if you don’t believe me.


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    • Pinky says:

      I’ll repeat my thoughts from the other day: objectively, it was not a good performance. But Gaga has lowered our expectations of her so much, that she generated a false sense of awe in us due to her raising her own bar some. Gaga is capable of much better singing than that. I’ve heard it, which is why I’m not just giving her a pass for something that was subpar. It could have been nerves that played a role in making her shaky, plus her overdoing the affectations, and I kind of feel for her if that’s the case, but I won’t be giving her a trophy for trying either.

      • nilber says:

        It definitely wasn’t horrible. She finally just showed her talent instead of trying to be outrageous. I totally agree with standards being so low that anything was an improvement.

      • MonicaQ says:

        After ArtPop and the gaffes with the Born This Way Foundation, yeah, she had set the bar low on most people’s opinions.

      • Mean Hannah says:

        I agree with you, Pinky. I always knew that she could sing and she did what she has been doing because she wanted to be a famous pop star, but that what she did was not that good. It’s because our expectations are so low and our standards are so low that she seemed amazing. That was a mediocre performance at best and I’ve seen better singing at high school musicals.

        She was shaky, her pitch was all over and there were so many changes in key in each segment of the medley. It felt like a parody and at this point in her career, her gimmick, shtick, and affectations were fighting her every step of the way. It’s the same with her duo effort with Tony Bennett. It’s okay, but Stefani lost her battle with Lady Gaga. But then, I’m confused when people say Beyonce and Alicia Keys are good singers.

      • Sarah says:

        I agree, I think because many people expected it to be bad, they were surprised when it was ok. I thought it sounded like she was doing an impression of Maria, and not a very good one.

      • Jenny says:

        Uh no, objectively she was fantastic.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Just curious, what makes you think your opinion is more objective than another persons?

      • Tammy says:

        I completely disagree and thought it was a good performance. One of the best of the night.

      • Goodnight says:

        I agree with you. The performance was good, but she did oversing it quite a bit at times. The weird arm gestures were a bit much too, a little amateur musical theatre but whatever. I can’t stand Gaga, but I’ve never denied she has extraordinary talent. I just wish she showcased it more.

      • Trillion says:

        Did you mean “subjectively”? That would make more sense.

      • Kosmos says:

        While I don’t think it was a ‘horrible’ performance, I guess I’m just OVER those songs altogether, so to hear the long version again was just hard for me to take. Gaga probably wants us to know that she can sing a variety of songs, so okay, we know….but honestly, I thought the performance was unnecessary…..or perhaps they could have done something else more interesting in the same vein in order to honor Julie.

    • I Choose Me says:

      It was good I thought but it didn’t blow me away like I expected after hearing all the accolades. Gaga does have talent though and a great voice that she knows how to use well.

    • Canoki says:

      Right?? Because Idina sang her own nominated song so well last year? Have people forgotten how bad that performance was?

  1. Tristan says:

    Sorry Shonda, you’re normally fabulous, but absolutely wrong this time. Lady Gaga was stunningly good singing the Sound of Music medley & one can understand why the great Tony Bennett is touring with her. She should henceforth drop all the gimicky stuff and showcase her wonderful vocal talents

    • Jegede says:

      Rimes is petty like that IMO
      Katherine Heigel deserved the grief she got post Greys Anatomy but but I thought Shonda Rhimes going in on her AGAIN last year was classless.

      I wondered why Rhimes (as a successful older woman in the industry) could not just decline to answer, or refer to it as ‘history 101’ or be gracious but still had a dig when Heigel’s name was brought up yet again.

      Especially as Heigel had already publicly apologised and her career is pretty much at nil point.
      I thought Rimes would be the bigger person and decline to respond yet she piled on again.

      So this tweet is no surprise

      *I know Shonda Rhimes is popular here but this is my opinion and am sticking to it.*

      • Lama Bean says:

        I’m starting to notice that too. Not cool Shonda. And being mean spirited like that (coupled with the s…show her shows have become) will likely be the start of her decline.

        I may be alone here, but I think Gaga looked stunning during that performance.

      • Bridget says:

        Heigl’s “i guess people don’t really like a strong woman voicing her opinions but I’m sorry if it got taken the wrong way” doesn’t count as a real apology. And for all we know, she never said anything directly to Shonda. I disagree that it was classless – if you don’t want your name to become shorthand for difficult, then the onus is on you and your behavior.

        I thought Gaga did great, but art is subjective.

      • norah says:

        i think that shonda sd keep her pettiness to herself tbh. so she is a very successful tv producer good for her but there was no need to diss on gaga like that. I thought that for lady gaga to do something so different and pulled it off was wonderful – and who is shonda to say about what julie andrews or idina menzel think abt lady gaga. It is not her job to worry about it – at least dame julie was gracious enough at the end of the performance to give her a hug etc – that is grace personified not shonda’s attitude. if shonda didnt like it she doesnt have to comment on every single thing that happens – pple liked lady gaga’s act others didnt but for shonda to inject herself into the conversation

    • Sarah says:

      I just think its funny they had Gaga do it. What? Carrie Underwood not available? Bwahahahahaha!

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      Thank you. I don’t know Lady Gaga that well beyond her costumes and a few songs, but she impressed me here.

    • Deb says:

      Agreed. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, of course. I personally think Lady Gaga gave an awesome performance. I’ve been a vocal coach for 30 years and was it perfect? No, but it was still awesome all the same.
      This seemed petty of Shonda to me, especially the reference to Idina Menzel and intimating that Gaga’s performance was so sub standard. Tony Bennett’s not going to work with someone without talent, y’know?

    • Ann says:

      She’s not normally fabulous , she’s often petty and mean spirited and many have said her social commentary has very bitter tone.

      If she didn’t like performance fine, keep to yourself , don’t comment on it at all.
      Why a successful middle age women has to throw shade to a 20 something women singing her heart out on one the biggest stages and how anyone could defend it just as petty and mean spirited as her.

      • minx says:

        Agree. I’ve always liked Shonda but now I like her a little less. Fine, speak your mind, but why drag Julie Andrews and Idina Menzel into it?
        And for Gaga’s performance–maybe it wasn’t grand opera, there were probably technical flaws, etc. But her job was to sing movie tunes at the Oscars, as a tribute, and she did that very well. I bet she even turned some younger people on to the beautiful Sound of Music soundtrack.

      • jaye says:

        People comment on things they don’t like all the time. Hell, it happens all the time on THIS site. Just because the general consensus about Gaga’s performance was favorable doesn’t negate SR’s opinion. Or her right to voice it.

      • judyjudyjudyjudy says:

        maybe she doesn’t want to encourage other young women of talent to do such a horrible rendition of classic songs. praising people for offering up this kind of thing only gets more of it. gaga can sing so much better than that silliness.

    • geekychick says:

      You know, Heigl offended Shonda’s work and career, indirectly. And she did it because she thought she was above it all, the next movie star. Shonda’s forgiveness is her own business; why should people be obliged to forgive and/or forget? Why does she have to be “the bigger person”? She doesn’t owe it to anyone. Only she knows how much she was hurt or how much difficulties she encountered because of it, so why should we judge her on it?

  2. taterho says:

    Be wary those that post an opinion on the twitter machine.
    I think Emerson said that.

    P.S. Annalise was ferkin scary good last week on HTGAWM

    • AlmondJoy says:

      Wasn’t that episode just completely bonkers?! And the amazing Cicely Tyson gave me chills.

      • TheOnlyDee says:

        Don’t you know a VIP when you see one? Cicely is EVERYTHING!

      • AlmondJoy says:

        “Your boss came out of my V, and her daddy’s P, so show a little respect for her mama.” And then I died.

      • taterho says:

        Cicely Tyson was just amazing. I loved watching Annalise bubbling underneath while trying to still be respectful of her mother. Tyson and Davis both were just great working together.

      • jaye says:

        That episode was EVERYTHING!

      • WTF says:

        OMG they were both perfection. I can’t wait to see the finale.
        And celebitchy needs to bring back hot guy friday just so they can put screenshots of Nate. His body is SICK.
        My dog’s name is Anna Mae and she was going crazy! I might have to start calling her Analise

      • AlmondJoy says:

        Soon excited for tomorrow’s ep!

  3. OSTONE says:

    To each his own I guess, but if you don’t have anything nice to say.. I also can’t stand Gaga, but she killed it at the Oscars, it’s okay to recognize that.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Agree. Not a Gaga fan, but she did a good job and that tweet was really mean. You don’t have to publicize every thought that goes through your head.

      • Kiddo says:

        I was disappointed that we hadn’t heard what she had for lunch. Maybe she was Cheez-it deficient, cranky and jonesing.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Maybe somebody just touched her face.

      • Kiddo says:


      • Kitten says:

        She was being very “Get off my lawn”.

        For the people who worship Andrews and The Sound of Music, that nothing would be good enough for them.

        And now I suddenly want Cheez-its.

      • Kiddo says:

        Kitten, DON’T START, you can never stop. It’s snack-crack.

      • **sighs** says:

        Ugh. Cheeze-its are the grossest. They aren’t even food. I’d rather have Taco Bell. At least switch to Goldfish, people!

      • Kitten says:

        *munching Cheez-Its*

        @Sighs-What if I mix them with Chex and some little pretzels?

        Where’s GNAT? I need to wipe hands on something….
        Nevermind, mimif’s muumuu will do.

      • Kiddo says:

        Good post, lol

      • minx says:

        My teenage daughter loves Cheeze Its, takes them to school in a Baggie and munches on them. And she’s an athlete! Plays basketball.
        Breakfast of champions, I guess.

    • Snazzy says:

      Yes exactly! I thought it was wonderfully done.
      Of course John Travolta’s bestie would have done a good job too, but Gaga did well. Let’s just say it, congratulate her for it, and wait till she comes out with a chicken on her head or something.

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      I am also not a GaGa fan, but Shonda doesn’t realize that while she is entitled to her opinion, the way she made it, only served to made her look bad and petty.

  4. Amy says:

    I hioe Shonda realizes that though Idina was right there, and is one of the most talented singers of this generation….that isn’t her range at all. At all. The goal was to sound as close to Julie as possible.

    • minx says:

      Exactly. That medley was not in Idina’s wheelhouse, IMO. And even if it was, is she the only singer allowed to sing at these shows?
      Shonda is the one who looks petty here.

    • L says:

      Exactly. Idina is super talented, and broadway is her genre-but not this style and not this musical for sure. Plus other singers are allowed to sing, not just the one hot broadway singer.

      Also I feel like Shonda was expecting her to sound EXACTLY like Andrews. Except one is a soprano and one is a alto. So the song was sung in a different key and it might have sounded ‘off’ to her untrained ear. Idina would have done the same thing.

    • Diana B says:

      Also, Idina did sing pretty roughly last year on that frozen song. Whatever Shonda, take a seat.

      • V4Real says:

        I remember her performance from last year and it wasn’t good at all. Maybe she was. thrown off by Travolta messing up her name. I really don’t find her voice that spectacular.

        I’ve heard people say Shonda isn’t what people think she is. Rimes needs to take several seats.

      • **sighs** says:

        She was terrible last year. And I like her. She was amazing in Rent.

      • Diana B says:

        When hitting certain notes Idina’s voice can get shrilly and not sound appealing at all. So yeah, it’s not like she’s THE best. She’s really good, I still love that take me or leave me song from Rent, but she’s not great for every music genre.

      • pf says:

        Yeah, I remember that. In my opinion, Idina is overrated. If she was a mess last year, who says she wouldn’t be a mess again? Gaga did a good job and changed a lot of people’s opinions who thought she was untalented like Britney Spears or something.

      • Ann says:

        She should take a couple of seats

    • Erinn says:

      I was actually super surprised when I heard Gaga singing. I only youtubed this last night. My husband was like ‘oh. sounds good’ but had never watched the sound of music. So I pulled up Julie Andrews singing live as well – and it’s impressive. Not exact of course – but a completely well done performance.

      • Jib says:

        Me, too. I had no idea Gaga had such a good voice – I was always distracted by her nonsense into thinking she was a no-talent hack like many of the Disney singers. But wow!! She blew me away!! And while I am not an expert in voice at all, I have taken voice lessons for several years, and I thought she did a great job. Great breath control, most singers at the Oscars are nervous and they sound it when singing. She was in control and comfortable. And sounded great.

    • meh says:

      Whoops this went to wrong spot

  5. Kiddo says:

    To each, his own. I don’t care for Idina ‘s style and voice, I find it grating.

    The black dress isn’t a costume. That is most definitely still light years ahead of a meat dress, lol.

    • rlh says:

      Kiddo: Agree with you about Idina’s voice; it sounds more like yelling to me most of the time. I can take about 10 seconds before I have to mute.

    • chlo says:

      i liked the black dress! she was fabulous the entire night.

    • TheOnlyDee says:

      My daughter watches Frozen at least once a week, so I have grown so accustom to her voice that it doesn’t bother me. I liked her as Elphaba, but she is definitely very nasal.

      • kcarp says:

        I feel like the soundtrack of my life is Frozen at this point, or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sofia. I will take Frozen any day of the week over the Hot Dog Dance.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I saw Frozen for the first time last month with my nieces. It made me bawl and hug my sister. 🙂

    • Carol says:

      +10000 I can’t stand Idina’s voice either. And that stupid Frozen song makes my ears bleed every time I hear it (I have a 6 yr old niece so I hear it often). I’m not a huge fan of Gaga either but she so killed it at the Oscars.

  6. MsGoblin says:

    I would much rather hear Lady Gaga sing than Idina Menzel. Idina’s voice is shriller than shrill. Gaga’s sounded classically trained.

    • Kiddo says:

      Yeah, Idina seems like a nice person, but I am def not a fan of her singing.

    • Ginger says:

      I actually like Idina’s singing but you are correct that Gaga pulled out her classically trained card that night!

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      So is the singers voice on “The Wicked” commercials. She is so screechy and loud, it is like an assault on my ear drums. I have to mute the TV whenever it comes on.

  7. minx says:

    I’m a huge Shonda fan, but this was ungracious and, well, mean. Julie Andrews seemed to genuinely love Gaga’s performance as did most of the rest of the world.

    • andypandy says:

      I agree and whats with these Grown people sharing their every thought on twitter , I mean dont they have any real life friends that they can cackle with ( as I do ) than running to social media Uugh and also people in the biz know that Gaga has some singing chops her duets of some classics with Tony Bennett were really good

      PS Idina is def talented but not for everybody or every song IMO she is somewhat overrated

    • Ava says:

      Notice she didn’t just say “I didn’t like her performance”. She said “OMG JULIE AND IDINA HAD TO HEAR THAT AND IT NO DOUBT BROKE THEIR EAR DRUMS BECAUSE IT WAS SO TERRIBLE!”

      She spoke on others behalf, even when Julie Andrews said she loved it. She wasn’t speaking her opinion. She was trying to speak others’ opinions. That and she was needlessly callous and insulting. It’s obvious she just wanted the attention so decided to make a rude, contrarian opinion.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree, it seemed mean and she spoke for others, not just herself.
      It’s fine if she didn’t like it. Not everyone has to like everything, an attitude I’m sure she takes with her own projects. But the comments she made could have been said to whoever she was watching with, not put out there on social media. I feel like if you’re a public figure, have millions of followers, and know your comments are often picked up by the media, you need to choose wisely what you want to put out there.

  8. Marigold says:

    Her original tweet seemed mean-spirited. And I like Shonda. But holy hell, Idina would have had no business singing any of that.

  9. lisa says:

    everything cant be for everyone. the only thing at the oscars that didnt bore me to tears was gaga. that doesnt mean all the rest of it was bad, just not for me.

    and grown ups goofing off on twitter deserve what they get.

  10. Ginger says:

    I wasn’t really shocked because I know the lady is supremely talented if you look past all of the costumes. Much more so than a lot of the famous pop stars. And I thought her performance was flawless. I watched it several times and I’m not a Sound of Music fan but I adore great singing. My grandfather was a professional singer and I had some experience singing as well when I was younger. I truly appreciate a great performance as it makes me think of my beloved grandfather on stage and what it takes to do something like that. And how is Shonda Rimes the judge of great singing? (No really, if anyone knows tell me) I find Julie Andrews stamp of approval far superior.

    • LIVEALOT says:

      Agreed. With the exception of some of her radio songs, I usually listen to her sing acoustically.

      Also, i think the “shock” that it was gaga for so many added to the performance. We all know what to expect from Adele Dezeem.

    • Ava says:

      Shonda needs to realize that Gaga has an operatic voice. Shonda’s just ignorant. Andrews is a pro, and she teared up because she knew Gaga hit those notes.

    • Agreed. I always think it’s strange that just because someone chooses to make pop or popular music, that they are somehow “less” as musicians…then everyone is surprised when she actually has chops. Even in her cheesy pop songs you can hear that she has a real voice in there.

      Im pretty sure Shonda didn’t like it because GaGa used phrasing…the musical equivalent of punctuation, which is very notably absent in a SHONDA RIMES MONOLOGUE.

      • Jib says:

        I think it’s because of people like Beyonce and Britney, so successful when neither has a very good voice. I have read that Beyonce has a good range, but her voice isn’t very good, and Britney just plain isn’t very good.

  11. Loopy says:

    I really would not have expected her to be so publicly mean to another woman just like that. Especially knowing how it feels to be publicly insulted herself.

    • LIVEALOT says:

      +1 . Although she never came across as someone who doesn’t dish it…Just someone who can defend herself if necessary.

    • GingerCrunch says:

      Absolutely agree! Seems to me she didn’t like it, thought the WORLD was gonna goof on it so she jumped on the Twitter, but oops! She was wayyyyy off. Not impressed, Mizz Lady.

    • sills says:

      Yeah, it made me wonder if these two have beef or something…such a nasty, unprovoked comment and totally out of left field. Rein it in Shonda, you ain’t in junior high anymore.

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      Agree completely. I’m not exaggerating when I think Shonda’s tweet was one of the rudest and unnecessary I have ever read. There is expressing her opinion and there is just being flat out nasty and a complete bitch. Shonda crossed that line. But what got me the most is that here was Shonda Rhimes – who purports to be some supporter of women; of equality and diversity for women and is all ra ra sisterhood – but she purposely goes out of her way to publicly criticise another woman in the creative field. My opinion of Shonda Rhimes went down hill last year after her bitchy comment about Heigl (we get it Shonda, you don’t like her. Why bring it up again?) but this has pushed her very firmly into my “I really can’t stand you” box.

  12. hadlyB says:

    The after party dress just shows Gaga still has an amazing pair of tits.

    And there should be a rule if there are pics of Gaga, there should be pics of her fiancé. Always.

  13. kibbles says:

    Yep. To each his own. I’ve never watched more than a few minutes of any of Shonda Rimes shows and there is a good chance I never will. Never understood what was so great about Grey’s Anatomy. Shonda is entitled to dislike Lady Gaga’s voice as much as I am entitled to dislike Shonda’s work. In my opinion, Lady Gaga blew any performance I’ve heard by Idina Menzel out of the water. I’m willing to bet that most people would say that Lady Gaga’s Oscar performance was much better than Menzel’s last year. But I like both women. There is no need to go on Twitter and bash someone after a performance that Gaga gave. Shonda just doesn’t like Gaga as a person.

  14. Boxy Lady says:

    Maybe Shonda feels an allegiance to Idina since Idina’s ex was on one of Shonda’s shows but sheesh…

  15. CK says:

    I love my Shonda shows and I’m a huge fan, but after killing any goodwill I had toward Joe Morton’s character with his ever more ridiculous monologues and spearheading that awful Olivia gets kidnapped storyline, Shonda needs to take a seat.

    Also, Idina doing the Sound of Music? I honestly can’t picture the Sound of Music sounding good with Idina’s tone. She has a great tone, but everybody can’t sing everything. That song works against her voice.

    • Jib says:

      It’s that Shonda??? Oh, lawd!! Scandal is unwatchable. Kerry Washington has two modes of acting: doe eyed with quivering lip or rat-tat-tat monologues that make me want to scream. I think Gaga has a LOT more talent than Shonda.

      • Adele Dazeem says:

        You said it. I’m not (or at least I wasn’t until the Oscars) a huge Gaga fan but I thought she did a great job. Sure, there were a few off notes and she didn’t quite get the last note on “Climb Every Mountain” (thought it sounded a bit flat) but, hey, it was a live performance in front of millions of people. Kudos to Gaga.

        It was also a very theatrical performance in terms of Gaga’s expressions and hand and arm movements. I would have thought Shonda would love that, given the incredibly theatrical way SHE WRITES HER MONOLOGUES!! AND KERRY WASHINGTON’S EXTREMELY SUBTLE ACTING AND FACIAL MOVEMENTS!

  16. Snarky says:

    I’ve never actually hated Lady Gaga. Don’t get me wrong–her music is crap, and her ridiculous outfits are annoying. But, she’s always been respectful of her fans, and that gave me some respect for her. And, as silly as most of her songs are, Gaga actually does have a wonderful voice. She is a music prodigy–just one who is dumbing down her talents to suck as much $$$ as she can from the current music industry.

    I know a lot of people enjoy Shonda RImes’ shows, so I suppose this is a ‘to each his/her own’ thing. I always thought her stuff was mediocre and silly. Again, that’s just me.

  17. Josefa says:

    I don’t see any story here. She didn’t like a performance everyone else did and tweeted about it. Big deal. Half of my tweets are about how overrated, unfunny, dumb and obnoxious Friends is. And come on now – much worse things have been said about Lady Gaga. I’m sure she wasn’t offended.

    • Lucy says:

      This whole thing is so embarrassing to Shonda. How does she not look like a hater from this? And the thing is, segments of the fanbase have always said she seemed bitter in her tweets, so I guess her remarks can’t be that surprising.

  18. paola says:

    She sounded amazing. Rashida can suck it!

  19. db says:

    I’m not surprised Gaga can really sing, she is conservatory trained. Much as I like Idina, I’m a little over it. She’s everywhere, which is great for her, she totally deserves her moment. So I feel like it’s almost sacrilegious to say it, but I’m not that crazy about her voice. Put a lid on it, Shonda.

  20. Jayna says:

    Very, very mean-spirited tweet. You can not like something and say so, but there was no reason to demean someone in that way on twitter coming from another woman in the profession against another artist. Acting like Julie must be aghast at listening to her. Julie was blown away by her and moved.

    And, actually, she didn’t have to backtrack, but it would have been nice to say her tweet came across very ungracious acting like poor Julie having to hear that performance. Poor form. But few people ever do that, reflect back and not liked the words they used towards something and address that..

  21. The Original Mia says:

    Everyone has an opinion. Shonda is entitled to hers.

    • andypandy says:

      And people are entitled to have a reaction to other peoples opinion and wonder was it really necessary to broadcast that opinion on social media …its not like shes 13

      • The Original Mia says:

        But it was her SM account. She can say whatever she wants on it without people losing their collective minds. Just because she’s famous doesn’t mean she loses her right to express an opinion.

      • andypandy says:

        @original Mia . Im sorry but ” everyone has a right to their opinion “does nothing really to advance a discourse and is just is one of the lamest defenses that people tend to use for people they like
        Obviously everyone has an opinion or there wouldn’t be social media or forums such as this , If memory serves me correctly some time ago someone had an opinion that Shondra was an angry black women was that Ok ? or Katherine Heigl had a very public opinion that the material Shondra wrote for her was of poor quality and thus she was withdrawing from Emmy nom , was that OK with Shondra ?
        Not everything needs to be in the public domain esp if you are a professional(an this is not the first she has tweeted unprofessionally to me )
        As women especially BW its good to stand up for each other but this does not mean deification , No one is losing their collective minds ?you can still like someone and call them out when you think they are wrong

      • The Original Mia says:

        You came on my post and got into a long discussion because I, as a BW, didn’t condemn Shonda’s post. I stand by my comment that it’s her right to express her opinion on her personal SM account. What discourse are we to have when she expressed the opinion that she didn’t like the performance and felt for Julie Andrews for having to hear it? Hers was but one dissenting opinion among thousands of platitudes. If you want to have a discourse, let’s have one about something more serious than a woman expressing her opinion about a performer that didn’t fall in line with the status quo.

      • andypandy says:

        Well Like you said every one has a right to an opinion and I’m expressing mine

  22. feebee says:

    Saw a slogan the other day… sport doesn’t build character, it reveals it.

    I’m beginning to think (I’m slow on the uptake sometimes) that the likes of Twitter is the same thing. People aren’t changing their character and trying and failing on Twitter (some exceptions obviously) but most are simply revealing their true natures. Shonda’s tweet was petty and unnecessary. And not for the first time.

  23. Debbie says:

    Honestly her performance was fine it wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrivle. The only performance of the night to bring down the house and actually kill it was common and John legend. They were perfection everyone else suck or was fine. Gaga was fine. Honestly i was to distracted by the wig to pay attention to her voice.

  24. Pearson says:

    Shonda is entitled to her opinion but so are other people. Seems to me she didn’t like it when Katherine Heigel voiced hers.

  25. LAK says:

    What I loved about Gaga’s performance is that she sang the songs. She didn’t SING or do runs or go OTT. She sang. Something many modern singers don’t do anymore. They can’t just sing, they have to do runs, scream, yodel, OTT which removes the simple pleasure of the song. And i’m sure that’s what Idina would have done.

    • LIVEALOT says:


    • Anne says:

      Exactly the vocal range and control of her voice to hit the notes, even it you aren’t into the music or style anyone without a tin ear could hear the control and range in GAGA’s voice .

      No screaming, yodelling , shouting. warbling to mask the fact they can’t hit the notes, like so many singers of today ,Beyonce a perfect example of that.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      What I liked so much about it, was that I could tell Gaga loved the songs as she sang them. There was a love of music, a love of Julie Andrews that was bubbling inside of her and it was contagious. Gaga hit the notes very well, but she also gave it a lot of heart.

      I think if she had done such beloved songs poorly, people would have been savage. It says a lot that she took something so dear to a lot of people and did it justice.

  26. Moody Blue says:

    I was surprised is that Lady Gaga came out and performed a traditional song medley like that, it was decent but I was even more surprised to hear people freaking out over it! I didn’t think it was absolutely that good. Standards are lower now I guess. As far as Shonda goes, she was a little harsh but that’s her opinion she put it out there just like we are now.

    • Pinky says:

      Agree on all points.

    • Mean Hannah says:

      You know I actually went back to hear it again because I didn’t think it was that amazing but everyone else thought so. I listened to the audio only this time, and while she sounded better than on my first listen, I still don’t see what people are freaking out over. Then again, I’m what real musicians hate – minimally trained singer working in music business critiquing other singers. Eh.

  27. AlmondJoy says:

    Gaga’s performance was amazing! I’m no fan of her usual antics, but girl can SANG. To each his own, I guess.

  28. Birdix says:

    What kind of alien fingers does Nicole Kidman have (at 2:29)??? Just watched for the first time, despite having spent a few nights last summer at the Villa Von Trapp (where there is a photo of Maria, last surviving daughter, returning to Salzburg to visit and stepping out of the Red Bull private jet, holding up a can!). I liked it. She didn’t have Andrews’ sweetness in the middle two songs, but sounded beautiful and earthy at the beginning and end.

  29. scout says:

    I was very surprised how great Lady Gaga sounded and she looked great too (without red gloves and white dress). I never was her fan and all that dresses she wears for effect before. I think being in love helps to genuinely smile and perform her best.

  30. nicegirl says:

    Now, let’s hope Gaga keeps her Poker Face on and does not deign to make a response. I think twitter wars are so dumb.

    Truth is, I love musicals. Always have, always will. Singing tunes from Sound of Music has been a favorite way to attempt to keep my heart happy in times of great grief. Gaga nailed her performance. As a performer, I bet this is one of her big dreams – and I felt happy just watching her and hearing the happiness in her voice. That Julie Andrews would appreciate Gaga’s rendition must fill her heart with joy.

    Just watched it again – goosebumps!

  31. frivolity says:

    To each her own. I’m with Shondra.

    I don’t really know Gaga’s or Idina’s work, but from what I heard at the Oscars, I think Anna Kendrick could have surpassed both of them covering the Sound of Music pieces. Also, Common and John Legend’s performance was far superior.

    And even though I concur with Shondra, I must say that I’ve watched a couple of Shondra’s shows and they are just horrendous – soap opera-y and addictive, but really poorly written, tedious, repetitive, and lacking distinct characters and voices. But again, to each his own.

    • Jenny says:

      Wow no. Anna Kendrick’s voice is incredibly weak. She does a lot of musicals, but only because she can do melodies and has spunk. Her voice itself is not good.

    • Avery says:

      Poor Shonda, hate hate hate. She needs to keep her miserable comments to herself.

  32. Jayna says:

    A classically trained singer critiques Gaga’s singing ability and performance.

    “Bott, who has made a plethora of acclaimed early music recordings, praised Gaga’s performance at the 87th Academy Awards ceremony:

    “Lady Gaga has the vocal quality of a mezzo. It was very convincing… I would think that several million people didn’t know she could sing like that.”

    Gaga’s technical ability was also singled out: “She used portamento – gliding smoothly between the notes, very romantic phrasing – which is usually the province of straight opera singers.”

    “Most people who sing musical theatre now don’t know anything about that – they only know either to sing very, very loud, or very very quiet.”

    • Tiffany :) says:

      ““Most people who sing musical theatre now don’t know anything about that – they only know either to sing very, very loud, or very very quiet”

      OMG! So true, so true!

  33. JosieJ says:

    I am not a Gaga fan, in fact I was sick of her silly attention whoring, but I loved her performance. It showed she really can sing. I was happy for her.

  34. Veronica says:

    I can get if she didn’t like Gaga’s performamce, but Menzel? Really? To me, that’s a way more divisive choice. I know she’s famous for the nasally tone to her voice, but it’s not something that I feel really fits every song. I don’t think it would have been right for the music.

  35. Catelina says:

    I liked Gaga her performance, but I dont think it was as amazing as everyone else seems to think.
    Sidenote: I seriously cannot watch any of this woman’s shows. Like its nice and great that she’s bringing diversity to the screen with success but theyre all so soapy and over the top and extra with all the random ‘twists’ that i can never become invested.

    Sidenote 2: she wrote the britney spears movie, crossroads. i find that hilarious for some reason.

    • FingerBinger says:

      No one expected much from Lady Gaga. She was amazing when you factor in the lowered expectations.

  36. nemo says:

    as a singer myself – I think that Gaga’s performance was good, but not THAT good. she got us all used to mediocrity, and once she finally showed us something else – everyone got wow’d.
    the entire performance sounded to me more like a Julie tribute than Gaga singing in her own voice. and I’m sorry, i really don’t see the point in doing that. Julie is Julie, and Gaga should be Gaga.

    …and I don’t care about Shonda.

    • Mean Hannah says:

      Nemo, I agree. I’m a classically trained singer but I gave it up because I had no voice of my own. I can do a pretty convincing cover of everyone from Julie Andrews doing Sound of Music to Adele singing ’19’ or ’21’ but what’s the point? Gaga was okay, but it wasn’t anything special. I would have been a lot more interested if she did something with the medley instead if trying to sing like Julie.

      • nemo says:

        erm…I hope you weren’t sarcastic?
        it takes some time to find “your own voice/style”. I was in my early 20’s when I finally realised how I should sing (…I started my trainings at 15/16). I’m 28 now, and still trying different things with my voice.
        some people have a short journey, others don’t. I don’t think it’s a bad thing spending a little or a long time discovering your voice. it just…is. singing is a lot deeper than how it may seem. so… don’t give up!

      • DethHammer says:

        To Nemo and Mean Hannah: Where did you guys train for singing? I’ve been trying to find a place or vocal teacher and I’ve had no luck.

    • Reece says:

      +1 It was more like a Julie Andrews impersonation than Gaga singing. Personally, all they had to do was let Julie walk out I would have(did) lost it. Added bonus of 5 mins being shaved off of the show.

      As for Shonda I don’t like any of her shows anyway. I tried to watch HTGAWM but I couldn’t stand it.

    • nemo says:

      DethHammer – I’m afraid my answer wont help you much, because I live in Israel 😛 joined the local conservatorium when I was 15, left it at 21. at 22 I started taking private lessons (and I still do, with the same teacher).
      since it’s nearly impossible to have a musical career in Israel, I decided to teach it. I joined Levinsky’s school of music, which trains musicians to become teachers (gonna get my degree this September, woohoo!). i’ve had some singing trainings in there, too.

      the thing that worked the best for me was (and is) the private lessons. it took me a while to find a good teacher. I google’d, asked some of my actor/singer-friends, spoke to some teachers on the phone and actually went to some lessons with different teachers just to make sure that there’s chemistry and that they wont turn me into their mini-me.

  37. DethHammer says:

    In an interview, Gaga said she trained for six months to polish her voice for the Sound of Music performance. And it showed! I thought the performance was good, and I’m usually one of Gaga’s detractors. I think what shined through was how happy she was performing the songs. I haven’t seen joy like that whenever she performed any of her own songs. She was a musical theatre major in college and I think going back to her “roots” so to speak, really was a good idea. It would be nice if she did more Broadway type stuff or focused on singing instead of stupid costumes and parlor tricks, but unfortunately she’ll return to the raw chicken hats and spiked metal thongs soon enough. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if she doesn’t!

  38. Lucy says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I can’t be with Shonda on this one.

  39. Alexis says:

    A lot of people basically shocked Gaga can sing at all. I knew she could already. So I wasn’t shocked, awed, and filled with ‘new respect’ I’d put her level of vocal talent at around “Beyonce.” Legitimately (and frankly, somewhat surprisingly) talented, but not a hugely great talent ala Christina, Whitney, Mariah, etc. like some of Gaga’s monsters try to make her out to be.

    • irm says:

      I don’t know, I think gaga is more talented as a singer than Beyonce. I first heard Gaga live on her piano on howard sterns a few years ago, and then knew she could sing.[and was previously NOT a fan otherwise-thought all of her pop stuff copied madonna-in fact my child heard madonna on the radio and thought it was gaga-lol] Also have heard her Bennett duets.

      What I enjoyed about this sound of music tribute is that I was listening to the songs, the playfulness and not caught up in the singer and her voice. So many today, as already mentioned, warble and scream b/c they really cannot sing very well. Regardless, even Aguilara and yes, Mariah back int he day, are too much about themselves and their voices, rather than the songs content and performance. Whitney carried her spirituality into her performances, so they often had a depth adn emotional warmth to them that I don’t hear in Mariah’s most of the time [I mean her voice was mind blowing back in the day, but it had a sterility to it and technicality-she didn’t believe in the stories of the songs, only in her own persona as a singer/diva].

      Julie Andrews and most of the old school singers as well as theater singers knew how to convey the story through the song. that is especially the point of musicals-telling a story with music. Not showing off one’s range but disappearing into the character. that to me is a sign of a good performer. Tony Bennett, Frank, Sammy they all knew how to do this-yes they had stage personas, but you felt lost in the mometn of the song and its story, supported by their incredible skills. I feel gaga moves more along these lines when she wants to. Letting the audience get lost in the moment is romantic, musical theater at its best IMO (even if the story is not romantic-just a romantic style that mesmerizes). Just my .02.

    • FuzzyBritches says:

      Very well said–she did a very good job and kudos to her, but her performance was far from earth shattering. Julie Andrews was very sweet & gracious, but when she came out on stage to hug her Gaga was so gaga that you could see her asking her “are you ok?” I went back and listened to the original performance from the movie–now that was awesome.

  40. EM says:

    Everyone around the world knows who Lady Gaga is, but not everyone knows who Shonda is. That’s all.

  41. Tracy says:

    Who the heck is Shonda Rimes and why does anyone care what she thinks about other singers’ “right” to sing classic songs?

  42. Cc says:

    I’m not a Gaga fan but, damn, that was a lovely tribute and performance. I was in legit awe when she started to sing because I had never heard her sing something so different from her usual stuff. Turns out she has a really great voice, who knew??

  43. Sometimes it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. For example, how hard would it have been to say, “Gaga’s giving it her all, but I can’t express how much I’d also like to hear Idina Menzel perform this.”

  44. A~ says:

    Blech. Hollywood. Someone succeeds, and someone else rips her to shreds. What a hateful bunch of people.

  45. skins says:

    Never heard of Shonda Rimes. Any relation to LeeAnn

  46. wow says:

    I’m not sure what Shonda was watching but Miss. Stephanie performed great! And Maria von Trapp loved it.

    • Petunia says:

      The same exact performance you watched…. She simply didn’t care for it. Does the fact that you and many others make it mandatory for her to like it as well? I guess she’s somehow deficit in character because, gasp, she didn’t personally like the performance.

      • sills says:

        “she simply didn’t care for it,” LOL. She histrionically trashed it in 24 words AND presumed to trash it on Julie Andrews’ behalf. That’s what people are, gasp, side-eyeing.

  47. taxi says:

    GaGa was surprisingly, to me, good! Wider vocal range than Idina. Since Shonda isn’t a musician, she should just button her lip.
    The disappointment to me was Jennifer Hudson, who screamed rather than sang.

    • Petunia says:

      Mm.. Kay….. So since Shonda’s not a musician, she should cease to have and or share her opinion? Only because it’s contrary to mass opinions, right?!? Cuz if you all hated it , you’d be all,” right on girl! I love Scandal!” However, because she’s not on your bandwagon, she needs to keep her small and feeble opinions to herself. Meanwhile the next commenter takes her personal distaste for Gaga and decides to insult Scandal, the show. Way to be mature aholes!

    • FlowerintheAttic says:

      I can’t stand Hudson after hearing her scream/yell on the weight watchers commercials.

  48. Ice Queen says:

    I’m no Gaga fan, but she killed it!

  49. Petunia says:

    Bottom line…..( I haven’t read all comments and it doesn’t matter). Performances of any kind are subject to opinion. One’s experience is their own and an opinion they re every bit entitled to have and/or express. Because the masses deem a performance exceptional and an exception of their “personal” expectations, doesn’t make it mandatory, Bullying, racist, without taste, etc., to simply not like it. Art is different for everyone and is out on display for the reactions or opinions of others. She didn’t care for it, that’s fine. People yelling at her or schooling her via Twitter won’t make her mental ticker of what she finds pleasent change.

  50. Paige says:

    Gaga did fantastic. How can Shonda judge Gaga’ s vocal ability, doesn’t she just write tv shows ? Why would she know anything about vocal ability. Maybe, Shonda should focus on the blatant rip off storyline on Scandal. It’s dragging on forever and I’ve grown bored. The last seasons were better.

  51. holly hobby says:

    She sung it straight without any gimmicks. There were a couple of awkward abrupt changes in between songs but I blame that on the arrangement. It didn’t really slide into the next song with a few bars of music.

    Not bad. I actually had tears in my eyes with Climb Every Mountain. Yeah, I’m a sap.

  52. Joh says:

    Who era, your desperation is showing.

  53. Lisa says:

    God no. It would be an insult to the original if Idina had sung it flatly through her nose the way she does with every song.

  54. Chem says:

    The first time I saw the performance I thought it was good. I just saw that video, my God! It was really not good.

  55. Tiffany :) says:

    Per the Hollywood Reporter issue March 6-13, 2015 (with Kyle Chandler on the cover):

    * Gaga’s performance was the most tweeted about moment of the show.
    * Gaga’s performance was the moment of the show that had the most facebook posts.
    * Gaga and Taylor Kinney were the most-searched couple during the red carpet.

  56. Toni says:

    Who is Shonda Rhimes?
    I’m serious. Not familiar with her.

  57. Petunia says:

    “she simply didn’t care for it,” LOL. She histrionically trashed it in 24 words AND presumed to trash it on Julie Andrews’ behalf. That’s what people are, gasp, side-eyeing.

    Again, to my point, “histrionic ally trashed it”?!? I’m not on Twitter. From what I understand, it’s a method you can express yourself within a certain amount of characters. She chose to express her opinion. You chosen to label said opinion as ,”histrionic”.
    Anyone’s need to read into someone else’s simple opinion with heavy dramatics and need to create an issue. I stand by my original point. Her opinion is hers, however she chooses to express it. All the wordsmiths that dissect her opinion and tear her apart for not agreeing with you maybe should press pause.

  58. EN says:

    Gaga performance was OK but she is no opera singer. I am used to listening to opera trained singers and it was obvious to me that Gaga was coming short in depth and strength department. She is no Judy Garland. In modern pop songs where there isn’t much melody and everything is jerky it is easy to mask voice weakness but not so in the Sound of Music songs.

  59. Bob Loblaw says:

    I thought Gaga did a great job, much better than Carrie Underwood did in the Sound of Music remake, in my opinion. Julie Andrews seemed genuinely impressed and so was I, that is not an easy medley to sing. No one can take it away from Julie, it’s hers, but Gaga did it justice and my ears loved to hear it.

  60. norah says:

    I think shonda feels that the only performance which sd have been talked about during the oscars was john legend and common’s and her tweet shows her ‘jealousy’ that pple found lady gaga’s song just as good. I saw idina’s song last year and she was not good – maybe it was too nervy – just like adele when she sang also at the oscars – i mean just because i liked the selma song doesnt mean that i need to dislike lady gaga’s performance either which is what i think shonda wants pple to think that only john legend and common were the highlight of the oscar songs

  61. phoenix says:

    Gaga was great. I don’t like “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy” was good 7 or 8 years ago. She is very overated.

    I don’t know why she is so famous anyway. Writers are not supposed to be celebrities. Every time she comments on something in pop culture it makes me hold her in less esteem.

  62. Erm says:

    She’s allowed to have and express her opinion about Gaga’s performance, what I object to is that she assumed Julie Andrews felt the same way and spoke on her behalf. That bit was not cool.
    I liked that Gaga sang it straight and didn’t shout or yodel through it. Just sang.

  63. Kay V says:

    Wtf does Shonda Rhimes know about it anyway? She should stick to what she know best, regurgitated, formulaic , TIRED tv procedurals.

  64. Anna says:

    I don’t mind Lady Gaga in general but this performance was so jarring I was in shock and had to turn off the television partway through…I kept switching back and it just went on and on… (Hopefully, I am allowed to say this in this comments section.)

  65. ruffnsweet says:

    I’m really starting to dislike this Shonda Rimes. For her to be an older woman, she seems quite messy at times and has repeatedly stuck her foot in her mouth. I’d appreciate her more if she’d just keep her trap shut.