Jamie Dornan is ‘delighted’ with the success of ‘FSOG’, will return for sequel


For days, there were rumors that Jamie Dornan was feeling a lot of angst about the success of Fifty Shades of Grey, and that his wife Amelia Warner wasn’t feeling the whole “international sex symbol” thing. An Aussie tabloid claimed – and it was picked up by so many legit outlets – that Jamie had decided not to return for the sequel, Fifty Shades Darker. As I said on Tuesday, that’s not really a call Jamie gets to make. Both Jamie and Dakota Johnson signed contracts for three films and they will be held to it (now the studio just needs to get E.L. James in line). In any case, Jamie needed to do some damage control. So he stepped out with his wife in London on Wednesday, in what can only be described as the most paparazzi-friendly outing I’ve ever seen from Jamie (usually he’s really surly and grumpy about being pap’d). I wonder if Starbucks paid for this?! Plus, Jamie’s rep denied the Aussie tabloid rumors to People:

Fifty Shades of Grey will not be losing its original Christian Grey, despite recent rumors that Jamie Dornan would be leaving the blockbuster franchise.

“Jamie is delighted that the film is breaking box office records worldwide and whilst the studio has not made any formal announcements about sequels, he is looking forward to making the next film,” Dornan’s rep confirmed to PEOPLE Wednesday, adding that the actor will not be making further statements for the time being.

The Australian magazine NW had reported that the 32-year-old actor and model was walking away from future films because Dornan’s wife, Amelia Warner, was uncomfortable with the racy sex scenes he shares with 25-year-old costar Dakota Johnson. Dornan had hinted at his wife’s unease with the film at its U.K. premiere, saying his wife hadn’t seen the film, adding, “And I don’t think she will, to be honest.”

[From People]

I think the trouble has been handled. If the studio was worried, Jamie just eased their mind. He’s a team player. He will be back for the sequel. And he will convince his wife to play along too. Now the studio can concentrate on the biggest headache: E.L. James and her insane idea that she’s some kind of “auteur” who should adapt the next screenplay.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. CharlottecHARLOTTE says:


  2. platypus says:

    I don’t get why people find this guy to be a “sex symbol”. He’s so average looking, in the best way possible, I’m not saying he’s ugly at all… Just very forgettable. Maybe I’ll change my mind after I’ve watched the movie.

    • minx says:

      Agree, he’s a nice enough looking guy, but that’s it.

      • mom2two says:

        I have to agree too. He’s easy on the eyes but really does nothing for me. Charlie Hunnam, on the other hand, *fans self*
        Given the way EL James is going, he might not have to worry about a 50 Shades sequel, there very well might not be one.
        If he were to leave the production, who would they get in his place? I can’t see another actor wanting to take this role, given just the behind the scenes news we are hearing.

    • Amy says:

      He’s the only celebrity man who I think looks short.

      Of course there are plenty of short men in Hollywood, but I think it’s because Jamie seems so built up with the suits and “Mr. Grey will see you now.” and cat walking around shirtless in his ripped jeans and it does nothing.

      He seems tiny. Like one good shove could knock him off-balance and it makes it hard to take him seriously. Delicate! That’s what it is, he just seems so delicate.

      • Chrissy says:

        He claims to be 6 feet tall but I think his frame is small making him look slight. Walking next to his wife he looks to be as advertised.

      • Chrissy says:


      • Dani says:

        I have a friend who worked on a photo shoot he did a few months back and said he’s anything but shot. She’s 5’7” she said he lives up to the 6 foot claim, and that in person he’s got a looming presence.

    • MrsNix says:

      I don’t know. He melts my butter but good…and I haven’t even seen the movie.

      I saw him first in Once Upon A Time, of all things, and then I saw The Fall. It was sooo disturbing to find a creepy psycho killer attractive, but Dornan must just be my type.

  3. Dani2 says:

    Of course he’s delighted, who wouldn’t be?

  4. Abigail says:

    I wondered actually if the studio wasn’t behind the rumors, in an attempt to ease him out and to build interest in the sequel with a new leading man who has more natural presence than he apparently showed. He has been routinely panned by the critics, and his obvious disdain for the role hasn’t helped.

    • holly2905 says:

      being the cynic that I am, it smells to me more like his PR people started this as a way to get him more money. either way it’s leaves a bad taste.

  5. Chrissy says:

    I feel bad that his wife was made the “bad guy” with that rumour. The FSOG-loonies are ripping her apart on Twitter etc. apparently. Hollywood, jeesh.

  6. Jess says:

    Jamie and Amelia are both 10s, both well-made people who both seem to take care of themselves…Jamie’s good looks are probably more obvious in The Fall. It’s partly the attire (better tailored/fitted) and partly the beard.

    • nikko says:

      I totally agree. He looked so good in the series The Fall (very good actor). Check it out if you haven’t seen it – Netflix. They changed his natural good looks around to try to look like Christian Grey. I saw the movie and I liked him as CG, but Dakota as Ana didn’t work for me..she’s kinda dull but Ana in the book is kinda of dull too. They took out some main points (from the book) in the movie, that’s probably why EL is so upset.

    • Luce says:

      I like Jamie in The Fall, and I think he is handsome, but I don’t think he oozes a lot of sex appeal.

      His wife is definitely a 10! She is a natural beauty.

  7. Dash says:

    Never believe anything from an Australian magazine. Their circulation is so low and they are so far away from all the action that they want (Kardashians) that the mags read like fiction. And I’m Australian. I don’t know what laws we have that allow them to get away with it, but they make stuff up all the time.

  8. Lo says:

    The only reason I wouldn’t believe this rumor is because of the role he plays in The Fall. It’s was creepier and disturbing than FSOG. If she has a problem with FSOG, shed DEF. have a problem with The Fall.

    • polyphonic pickles says:

      I just finished season 1 of The Fall, and Gawd is it creepy. I completely agree with you that it would make no sense for his wife to really be upset over FSOG when he already has been working as a deviant sex symbol. He is def way hotter in The Fall.

    • qwerty says:

      He had many um, costars in The Fall and they didn’t really spend a lot of time together. Actually in most of his scenes in The Fall he was alone. With Dakota, he’s on set wth her for months wearing next to nothing and then they travel around the world to promote it… it’s different.

      • Luce says:

        Yeah, but she is Dakota.

        Plus, it’s not the on set scenes that cause co stars to hook up. It’s being on location and Bored because you’re sitting around 75% of the time. That’s a good reason for the families to be on location, too. Plus, otherwise, you don’t get to see your kids.

  9. GlimmerBunny says:

    His wife is beautiful! I love her smile in the last pic, and I admire her confidence to not wear any makeup while getting papped (she doesn’t need it but still.)

  10. Gill says:

    He’s been oozing discomfort during the press tour. I suspect he may be regretting taking on the role, even with the millions pouring into his bank account – especially given everything that’s happened to his former LA flatmate, Eddie Redmanye. However, his contract locks him in, and he’ll have plenty of cash to console him.

    • Lori says:

      any one know what kinda money he and Dakota are making for this thing?

      • holly2905 says:

        there was a reference somewhere to the effect that he took an $80K base salary and a number of points off the gross receipts which, if true, would mean a great deal of money.

      • lucy2 says:

        Hopefully they get points, and have a big salary jump for the sequels.
        I don’t think he initiated this rumor by actually saying something, but I wouldn’t be surprised if both he and Dakota want out — especially if EL James gets her way and writes the screenplay and then won’t let a director improve it.

      • Luce says:

        I agree, Lucy, because that ended up dragging his wife through the mud. I think this was a plant by the studio to set the wheels in motion for THEIR dissolution of his contract. He got horrendous reviews, and they know that while the Grey-hards will show up regardless, the extra boom from the novelty of it will be gone. The Cinemascore was a C, which doesn’t bode well for staying power w/o big changes.

  11. Tig says:

    The bigger issue is the script- as was stated at the Oscars “if its not on the page, it’s not on the screen”. Depending on James’ contract with Universal, if she has script approval, and insists on writing it herself or she won’t approve it, the ball is then in Universal’s court- go forward or no. Given that scenario, Jamie is gonna need a lot of lattes!

    • nikko says:

      I think EL needs to write a book from Christian’s point of view and leave the movie business to the professionals.

      • Tig says:

        Maybe she’s waiting on Stephanie Myer to finish hers first!😃

      • Deering says:

        I get the feeling James is raising all this hell because so she can have a perfect excuse for not writing any more books. No way she could use the “I’m an artist–good work takes time” line. ;)

  12. Debra says:

    I don’t see a paparazzi friendly outing…they were laughing and smiling on the way to get coffee, but when they came out and noticed they were being followed? Well, if looks could kill there would be one less pap in London

  13. Greek Chic says:

    I haven’t seen the movie and I’m not planning to, but he’s pretty.
    Lots of Starbucks in these pics. In Greece you pay around 4-5euros for a latte or a frappuccino,are in america that expensive?

    • Milena says:

      I think it’s a little cheaper in America, but not much. I’m living in Korea right now and Starbucks here is about the same prices as you said, but at home in the US if I remember correctly the small size of most drinks is usually under $4 (3.5 euros). People stateside, feel free to correct me!

      Sidenote, I’m going traveling soon so just installed the XE currency converter on my phone and it is AMAZING. So of course I had to jump on your post about international prices, lol.

      • Greek Chic says:

        The small sizes are under 3.5 euros too, but i’m usually taking the bigger sizes. Smoothies and refreshers are expensive too. Only espresso is cheap but i don’t like it. I went some days ago with a friend and we paid around 8€ ($9) for a coffee and a piece of cake.

        I heard that Starbucks will lower their prices here, because of a new local coffeehouse chain that is cheaper and has lots of success.

      • Cankles says:

        Yeah Starbucks drinks here are usually under $4. There is something I don’t understand: if you are in London (as these pictures state they are), why in the name of God would you ever go to Starbucks??! I get it if it’s the only choice available where you live, but there’s a wealth of awesome coffee shops/cafes in London! Heck, even Costa’s coffee tastes better than this slop!

  14. judyjudyjudyjudy says:

    I want, I need, her sweater/coat.

  15. Allie says:

    His wife is beautiful, but I’m not feeling her short new hair do. He’s so hot when he has a beard. I need a moment just thinking about it.

  16. Jan Harf says:

    He is SO GOOD in The Fall. OMG. That show is amazing.

    • JB says:

      Seriously! He did absolutely nothing for me when I found out he was cast in FSOG. I was like, “WHO?!”. But that all changed after watching him in The Fall… he’s creepy as hell in that but gawd is he hot. And seeing him in interviews…he just oozes charisma & sex appeal. It’s a shame he’s so disinterested in promoting Christian Grey and acting all sullen, cuz he’s got far more to him than what he’s displayed.

  17. kri says:

    He is really good in The Fall. I think he has to hate FSOG, because who wouldn’t? Esp. with that madwoman James running around trepanning brains with her “auteur” skillz. Good god, make her stop.

  18. marshmellow says:

    Am I the only person who doesn’t think Dornan was good in The Fall? Lol.

    Granted, the show was creepy, as was Dornan. But he was creepy for his complete lack of emotion. IMO, it wasn’t that he was a good actor; it’s just that his acting style (of wood) happened to work for that character. Comparatively, when he’s in a role where he needed to show emotion, his performance was still wooden.

    • Tig says:

      Watch Season 2- emotion galore- and he delivers. I get if you don’t like an actor/his/her style, but i was and still am impressed by his work in The Fall.

      • marshmellow says:

        I’ve already seen season 2. He has his moments, but he still seemed awfully awkward and uncharismatic throughout most of it. Again, this worked for the character. But after watching him in FSOG with the same half-expressions … I’m not convinced that he has anything more to bring to the table.

      • holly2905 says:

        I watched Season 2 and wasn’t impressed. I just think he has a very limited range – his work in New Worlds was beyond dreadful. An actor has to be measured by the body of his work not just his body and I just wish people would stop giving him a pass on his skills just because he’s handsome.

  19. Jag says:

    They both look horribly tired. He looks better without the lumberjack beard.

    With the way that he has badmouthed the movie, I think that it would be better if the studio got another male lead to do the part instead of Dornan.