Kid Rock claims Beyonce doesn’t have iconic hits, the Beyhive goes crazy


Name two mega-hit songs by Kid Rock. Seriously. Can you do it? I was thinking about it for a few minutes and I came up with “Cowboy” and his cover of “Sweet Home Alabama.” I’m sure he has other hits, of course, but it’s not like he’s some iconic and wildly successful singer-songwriter. I bring this up because Kid Rock DARED to say something rude, critical and offensive about Beyonce and as you can imagine, the Beyhive went crazy. The Beygency Is Real, people. Here’s what Kid Rock said originally to Rolling Stone:

“Beyoncé, to me, doesn’t have a f–king ‘Purple Rain,’ but she’s the biggest thing on Earth. How can you be that big without at least one ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ or ‘Old Time Rock & Roll’? People are like, ‘Beyoncé’s hot. Got a nice f–king ass.’ I’m like, ‘Cool, I like skinny white chicks with big t-ts.’ Doesn’t really f–king do much for me.”

[From RS via E! News]

If his argument is just that Beyonce doesn’t have a catalog of hits, that’s one thing (he’s wrong, but let’s put that aside for now). What I find offensive is that Kid Rock went immediately to discussing her body. If she’s not his type, so be it. But to mention her looks and her body in the same breath as he’s criticizing her career is… gross and sexist. And incidentally, Beyonce isn’t into dirt-lipped rednecks with beer guts, you know? If we’re talking about looks, it goes both ways. As for Kid Rock’s claim that she doesn’t have a catalog full of iconic hits…A) he’s doesn’t have one either and B) Beyonce is closer to that kind of iconic, hit-machine status more than nearly anyone else out there in music today. Beyonce is more iconic – and her catalog is more significant – than even Taylor Swift, I would say. “Halo”. “Bootylicious.” “Independent Women.” “Drunk In Love.” “Crazy In Love.” “Single Ladies.” “Partition.” “XO.” “Ring the Alarm.” “Baby Boy.”

So, obviously, the Beyhive went after Kid Rock. They started posting this kind of stuff on his Instagram:


Gawker has more screencaps here. Kid Rock is the Beygency’s #1 enemy right now. As it should be. And here’s how Kid Rock responded to The Beyhive:

A photo posted by Kid Rock (@kidrock) on

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  1. LadyKarinsky says:

    Kid Rock is a douchebag. Always has been (and is a has-been, ha ha see what i did there?) That being said, I don’t find Beyonce all that iconic either. Yes, she’s super successful, has alot of hits, blah blah. But if you happen to not listen to hiphop/pop, but any other of the multitude of music genres, you may not recognize her as that big a deal, like me. just out of this list of songs:

    “Halo”. “Bootylicious.” “Independent Women.” “Drunk In Love.” “Crazy In Love.” “Single Ladies.” “Partition.” “XO.” “Ring the Alarm.” “Baby Boy.”

    I’ve heard of 3. I’m pretty pop culture saturated and maybe I missed the Bey boat, but Kid Rock is right about this – Prince she ain’t.

    • bjesgirl says:

      I do agree with you on that point. Her music quality has not kept up with her performance ability and star power. A lot of her music is very throwaway-ish. But I do believe her longevity, record sales, and and reigning queen status for like almost 20 years now, makes her an icon.

    • Tessy says:

      You’re doing better than me if you recognize 3 songs, the only one I recognize as her is the bit from the promo of 50 Shades. I kind of liked the sound of that so checked it out on itunes but the version there was nothing like the promo. She’s popular for some reason that I can’t fathom, I don’t enjoy generic autotuned hiphoppy music and I certainly can’t be bothered to watch some undressed chick gyrate around in a video. That said, I don’t recognize any of Kid Rock’s music either although I like the song Sweet Home Alabama by the original singers.

      But I must say, the feud is pretty funny.

  2. Nev says:

    Have we forgotten what ICON means?

    Prince, Madonna, Michael and Janet Jackson are some icons to me. Kid Rock and Beyoncé nah.

    • bns says:

      Like it or not, Beyonce will be remembered as an icon. Let’s not be delusional.

      • Nic says:

        Why should beyonce be remembered as an icon? Because of a Pepsi ad/pr campaign? Beyonce’s not an icon; she has no iconic songs, she has no iconic looks/costumes, and she has no iconic videos.

        Single Ladies was popular, not iconic. It was also 7 years ago, and Beyonce’s last #1 single.

        You know who else had their last number one single 7 years ago? Mariah Carey. But whereas Mariah is a 45 year old woman 25 years into her career, Beyonce is a 34 year old woman, 12 years in.

        12 years into her career, Mariah had 15 #1 singles alone.

        Beyonce only has five #1′s. Just five. For her entire solo career.

        Single Ladies was 7 years ago.
        Irreplaceable was 9 years ago.
        Check On It was 10 years ago.
        Crazy in Love and Baby Boy were both 12 years ago.

        “Beyonce” and “icon” do not belong in the same sentence.

  3. WhiteQueen says:

    Agreed. Just take Madonna for comparison – numerous iconic hits. Swift? Tons as well. Beyonce… Blank.

  4. betha says:

    I hope that some day we start addressing the issue of internet terrorism. It is a serious social problem. The BeyHive are terrorists, plain and simple. Yes Kid Rock was a jackass who ruined a very good and valid point regarding Beyonce’s legacy. But to invade and destroy his Instagram account is a form of anonymous terrorism.

  5. lucy says:

    Attacking someone for his/her viewpoint is un-American. Disagreeing with someone’s viewpoint is not.

    Beyonce fanatics doth protest too much and take it too far.

    Why must Beyonce’s fanatical flock spew hate towards people who do not share their subjective opinions? Why are the fanatics so insecure and defensive about the object of their worship? Why the us against them bologna?

  6. Nic says:

    I think the only reason that we (the public/the media) are discussing the word “ICON” with respect to Beyonce is because her pr machine hyped beyonce as an icon. The truth is, for someone 12 years into her solo career, beyonce isn’t particularly impressive. She’s just another pop star, end of story.

    Consider beyonce’s Pepsi commercial that was supposed to display all of her “iconic” looks/outfits over the years. None of those outfits were “iconic”; it was a such a farce. At least two of the outfits were from Destiny’s Child videos, not even beyonce’s own solo career. Most were unrecognizable and mundane. In particular, they featured beyonce in a white tank top and denim shorts. That’s not iconic, it’s just summertime clothing for most young women (a a lot of young men).

    An iconic outfit would be Marilyn Monroe’s white dress that she wore over the subway grate: immediately and solely identifiable with Marilyn Monroe; the outfit transcends time (recognizable after decades), race (any woman wearing a similar dress and blonde wig would be assumedly channeling Marilyn), and generation (even people born decades later recognize the Marilyn dress; it is woven into the fabric of pop culture and absorbed by osmosis). Beyonce doesn’t have a single outfit that accomplishes what Marilyn Monroe’s white dress did.

    To me, beyonce’s Pepsi commercial and the comparison to Marilyn’s white dress say everything there is to say about beyonce’s supposed iconic status: it’s pr hype with no basis in reality.

    • Vampi says:

      Soooooo much THIS ^ ^ ^
      Michael Jackson is also a TRUE icon. No matter what people may think about him personally, that CANNOT be denied. Worldwide icon! Bey is not even 1/8th of MJ’s status.
      I think he is the highest bar so…. Sorry Bey. (and Kanye! Lol!)
      PR does not an Icon make.

  7. Kate says:

    The rest of his comments were gross, but I agree she doesn’t have the catalogue of hits you’d expect from such a huge pop star. Single Ladies is her most iconic song I’d say, but the video and the dance routine are what made it. The song itself is pretty stupid and not interesting musically. Then there’s Crazy In Love, which benefited from Jay Z’s involvement. Other than that, there’s no real iconic songs and a surprising number of forgotten singles. Overseas especially, about half her singles never even got radio play, whereas everything Taylor, Rihanna and even Katy release is hugely popular. And it’s not like she’s a big critical success, most of her albums have gotten very mediocre reviews, even her latest got average reviews when the hype died down. It’s baffling.

  8. jenn12 says:

    Strange, as the mother of his child is African-American- does his type change? And he samples from others’ hits, so… whatever.

  9. Liv says:

    When one of them makes a real contribution to society – educates children, cares for the sick, or protects the public….then maybe I’ll care about their opinions or actions.

  10. Vampi says:

    The “Hive” is very detrimental to her image IMO. She should say something like other celebs have, by telling their wacko fans to lay off when they get out of control and act like 10 year olds. Not good for her image. her PR team needs to sit her down. It’s vile what her “hive” does…no matter if what they have their stingers on lock for is valid or not. Bad PR 101.

  11. Daisy jones says:

    I don’t know any contemporary artist who has an iconic song, expect for Madonna, Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse (RIP). The rest is just the rest.

  12. Jewbitch says:

    Forget the Beyoncé quote. Did you see the rest of that article? Holy sweet Jesus. It was disgusting.

  13. Nic says:

    Some Statistics On Beyonce’s Music Career

    16 songs made the Top 20 of the US Billboard Hot 100
    (Top 20: Ring The Alarm, Diva, Best Thing I Never Had, Love on Top, 7/11; Top 10: Sweet Dreams; Top 5: Me Myself & I, Naughty Girl, Beautiful Liar, If I were a Boy, Halo, Drunk In Love; #1′s: Crazy In Love, Baby Boy, Check On It, Irreplaceable, Single Ladies)

    20 songs made the Top 20 of the Hot 100, if you count duets
    (Until The End Of Time w/ Justin Timberlake, #17; ’03 Bonnie & Clyde w/ Jay Z, #4; Love In This Club Part 2 w/ Usher, #18; Telephone w/ Lady Gaga, #3)

    By herself, Beyonce only has 12 Top 10 songs, 11 Top 5 songs, and most damning of all, just 5 #1 songs for her entire solo career, of which the most recent is Single Ladies, released in 2008.

    If you count Beyonce’s duets toward her totals, she has 14 Top 10 songs, 13 Top 5 songs, but still only 5 #1 songs.

    Of Beyonce’s recent singles (from her latest album), XO peaked at #45, Drunk In Love peaked at #2, Partition peaked at #23, Pretty Hurts did not chart (on the Hot 100), Flawless peaked at #41, 7/11 peaked at #13, and Ring Off did not chart (on the Hot 100).

    Beyonce’s only other high ranking song was the Just Stand Up to Cancer charity single, which reached #11 on the Billboard Hot 100, but can hardly be considered a Beyonce song.

    Additionally, if you give Beyonce credit for Top 50 placement on the Hot 100, then you can include on her list of “hits” the following: Get Me Bodied, #46; Ego, #39; Run the World (Girls), #29; Party, #50; and Feeling Myself, a Nicki Minaj song, which peaked at #43.

    Is Beyonce’s track record awful? No. For a mildly successful pop star, it’s fine. But Beyonce, her pr team, her inner circle, and her fans keep hyping her as “the queen”, “king b”, “flawless”, “iconic”, “the best of her generation”, “the greatest living entertainer”, “bow down b*tches”, etc, etc. In context of that kind of hype, her track record does not hold up.

  14. jmeboo says:

    kid rock is funny… a black woman was his thing back in the day as Ritchie Jr’s (his son) mother is black.

  15. crtb says:

    Kid Rock’s hair looks like it smells of pot and patchouli oil.

  16. TotallyBiased says:

    I’m not a Beyonce fan…couldn’t care less what she’s doing, what her latest album is, whatever. Not in to her type of music in general.
    But Crazy In Love and Single Ladies ARE iconic songs. We (collectively, not necessarily each and every individual) WILL be humming those songs and quoting from them for years to come. Housewives in Houston, Bankers in Boston, Undertakers in the Ukraine–everyone recognizes those songs
    Sweet Home Alabama is an iconic LYNYRD SKYNYRD song–that jumped up former country rapper Kid Rock has nothing of note that is made iconic by his performance of it. Even Picture is so successful because of Sheryl Crow, not him.
    Way to get yourself talked about again, K R .

  17. moon says:

    I think he was trying to say that she’s more well known for her looks than her songs.

  18. Amy says:

    What he said was gross and sexist–seriously what does Beyonce’s appearance have to do with her ability to churn out hits? Regardless if they’re iconic or not (and those are always debatable). But the Beyhive’s response to flood his instagram with bee emojis!! That is hilarious as was Kid Rock’s raid response.

    • lucy says:

      How is expressing his own lack of attraction to Beyonce sexist?

      Please look again at what he said. He’s wondering why she’s so popular as she doesn’t have the catalog to support her status. OTHER people think she’s so hot, Kid Rock says she’s not his type. How is that sexist?!!?

  19. ToodySezHey says:

    Irreplaceable, Crazy in Love and Single Ladies are arguably her 3 biggest hits.

    Everybody loved Crazy in love. And to this day, I know dudes who get salty when Irreplaceable comes on. Dudes were so salty some lame dude recorded a rebuttal from the perspective of the dude kicked to the curb in Irreplaceable. Single Ladies was a great song.

    I’m no Beystan, and I’ve never bought any of her albums but those are 3 songs I will listen if they are on the radio.

    Oh, also Check Up on It.

  20. Caz says:

    Is “Cotton Eye Joe” a Kid Rock song?

  21. Gia says:

    I went and did some reading and I’ve come back to say that I read on Wikipedia that the Beyonce “Single Ladies” video contains this alter ego of herself that is sensual and aggressive and called Shasha Fierce…it made me LMAO

    I have to give her further props just for this alter ego because it is rather hilarious.

    If anything Kid-Rock is wrong because Beyonce is rather memorable as an artist because she has created this whole persona along with the music she sings and it is very entertaining.

    Also, another Destiny’s Child song came to mind…”I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.” LMAO!

  22. Jewbitch says:

    That should be “article”. That’ll teach me to post at 4:30 in the morning. Lol

  23. MoeC23 says:

    Ok, kid rock is a jacka$$ hands down! He’s full of himself. BUT I’m really sick of the “beyhive” being a bunch of bullies! That aggravates me to no end! I mean, grow up and brush it off.

  24. Sisi says:

    Honestly the past 15 years very few artists/ songs have fallen in the groundbreaking & iconic category.
    Seems kinda dumb and mean to single out just Beyonce.
    She’s a product of her environment and that environment has not been outstanding in a while.
    When I think of iconic creative mainstream albums of late that have the potential to become timeless, I think of Futuresex/Lovesounds by Justin, and Stripped by Christina. And even those two were really derivative, and… Are kinda old already.

  25. Danskins says:

    A single raid can does not make you some kind of iconic truth teller. C’mon seriously?

    He’s getting wayyyy too much attention (but I guess that’s what he wanted since his career is pretty much invisible?) for something that’s overplayed, poorly worded, tired, uninspiring, racist, sexist and downright disgusting.

    I’m so tired of (white) entertainers ripping on Beyoncé to boost their own careers and because she’s clearly super successful and race had so much to do with it, people just don’t won’t to admit it.

    When this fake ass K-Fed has had the prolific (and iconic) career that Beyonce’s had for over two decades, then maybe he can talk some mess. Until that time, he needs to go back to his Ted Nugent worshipping crowd.

  26. bravocueen says:

    Meh. She’s the one who is constantly photo shopping the thigh gap and posting it. Clearly she wants her body to be discussed.