Cruises to buy the Beckham’s LA mansion as a guest house

Tom Cruise

The Beckhams moved into a $22 million Los Angeles home in 2007 when David played for the L.A. Galaxy. Now that they are moving to Italy (with David paying off the rest of his Galaxy salary out-of-pocket), they’re looking to sell their home. Even with the housing market the way it is, they have found a potential buyer in the Cruises, who live right down the street. Tom and Katie would use the home as a guest house for visitors.

Now that Becks will be “Bending It” in Italy more often than ever, the dashing soccer ace and his fashionista wife, Victoria, are looking forward to unloading their expansive Beverly Hills estate–and despite the housing crunch, they’ve already attracted a pair of interested owners, their old pals TomKat.

The British couple purchased the home for $22 million in 2007 after moving Stateside for a multimillion dollar deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy.

According to Star, Tom and Katie, who live around the corner from the Beckhams, hope to use the property as a guesthouse if they are able reach a deal with the Beckhams.

“They would use the place for visitors, but they don’t want to spend much more than $15 million.”

[From PopCrunch]

A $22 million guest house seems excessive, but this is Tom Cruise we’re talking about – he constantly needs to prove to the world that he is better than everyone else. This is probably the same reason there is so much press about the Cruises’ relationship with the Beckhams. The combined star power is, in Tom’s mind, worth the trouble. Between the four of them, they probably have about half a brain somewhere. David has even confessed that he has trouble helping his 6-year-old son with his math homework. As for the guest house, Katie will probably use it as an escape when the stress of Scientology gets too great.

Here’s the Beckham and Cruise families (sans Tom) taking a stroll in Central Park this past Thanksgiving. Images thanks to

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16 Responses to “Cruises to buy the Beckham’s LA mansion as a guest house”

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  1. Lem says:

    hhh what do you even say to that?
    There must not be enough room in the cruises mansion for all those darned minders

  2. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Needed more room for Tom’s ego or Katie-bot’s dungeon.

  3. Тод says:

    Are the Cruise’s visited by pilgrims at all time so they need more rooms?!

  4. citmyway says:

    I’m not sure I believe anyone would pay that much for a “guest house”!! I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is not true……

  5. OXA says:

    Tom wants somewhere to hold “meetings” and not disturb the family with the comings and goings.

  6. morgs says:

    At least now they don’t have to pretend to be friends anymore. I’m sure that’s a relief for Katie and Posh.

  7. blubbylove says:

    TC’s nose leans to one side?!? It has the shape of a C towards the other direction.

  8. BellaB says:

    Hell, I hope Tommy buys the house. Katie has her mother-in-law and sister-in-law living at their house–like that doesn’t get old.
    Didn’t Posh build a super computer into her closet to help her organize her wardrobe? Katie could use it.

  9. BeautifulNahla says:

    Must be nice to have it like that. I wish!

  10. meow mix says:

    How much money does Tom Cruise have??

    When was the last time he made a movie that anyone cared about?

    Jesus he invested well. I want to know what the hell he owns stock in.

  11. h says:

    maybe if you had printed this story a few weeks ago it would have been believable but since beckham has just reached a deal to finish the season in italy and then RETURN to LA in June, it seems very far fetched. he has also been quoted as saying that his children have settled in LA and that’s where they are staying.

  12. What says:

    Tom is a very charitable person, and a good parent to his children, so yea he deserves it.

  13. CB Rawks says:

    He owns stock in scientology. They probably appropriated their mansions by making the real owners *disappear*. 😉

  14. YourMom says:

    This article is a great example of an author keeping their personal feelings to the side and being objective, oh wait

  15. CeeJay says:

    “Guest House” my ass. Katie will be living in that house as soon as the papers are signed. She’s not stupid. This way Tom can still control her and Suri, and Katie can continue to pretend she is “married” to Tom, but all will have their freedom.