No one wants to shell out thousands of dollars for Gwyneth’s new gym

Celebs Love Tracy Anderson

In January we wrote that Gwyneth “The Goop” Paltrow was launching a New York City gym with her scammer trainer Tracy Anderson. Anderson has cheated both clients, businesses, and former lovers out of tens of thousands of dollars in the past. She also trains Madonna, and it makes absolutely no sense why either of these famous women is willing to be associated with her. And Gwyneth is actually in the process of starting a business with this woman!

Unfortunately (though certainly not surprisingly) for everyone, their gym is utterly ridiculous, and proves just how out of touch Gwyneth is with the real world. As if her Goop website didn’t already do that. Their employees are having to cold call people in an attempt to get them to sign up. Why? Because it’s a whopping (and insane) $4,500 just to join the place, and then hundreds of dollars a month for the membership fee!

GWYNETH Paltrow is struggling to sign up members for her new gym.

The Iron Man star has teamed up with her personal trainer Tracy Anderson to run the fitness centre in New York’s TriBeCa district.

However, they are so desperate for customers, staff have been cold-calling people inviting them in for a visit.

One person who was contacted said: “It’s ridiculous. Membership is like $4,500 to join and then hundreds of dollars a month. Who can afford that right now?”

The gym is supposed to open later this year.

[From OK!]

I’m sure Gwyneth will be as shocked that people don’t like her gym – and don’t like the unnecessarily inflated costs associated with it – as she was by people not liking her website. Clearly Tracy Anderson doesn’t know anything about running a business – all she knows is how to take people’s money. I’m surprised she’d even want to team up with Gwyneth for a gym. In the past, all Tracy’s done is collect people’s fees and run. But Paltrow is supposedly one of her closest friends. How’s it going to work when she inevitably scams her famous friend too?


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20 Responses to “No one wants to shell out thousands of dollars for Gwyneth’s new gym”

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  1. Ashley says:


  2. HEB says:

    You can just get lipo for that kind of money!

  3. Megan says:

    HEB, too right!

  4. Annie says:

    Obviously if people don’t like her gym, it’s because we’re too dumb to like it. I mean clearly.

  5. Lem says:

    I’ve seen that header pic a million times. Until today I never noticed Goop wearing 2 jackets, carrying a very large, very empty looking bag. Is she wearing knee pads?
    Tracy’s shirt seems to be on backwards and she’s wearing a 5 year olds pants.
    You can look fit without exposing your hips bones. she btw looks thin-ish not fit. saw an interview where she was totally tearing Gwenie apart for being a joke in the gym not even a month ago.

    Hopefully the wealthy women of nyc KNOW BETTER.

  6. Lem says:

    pst. I’ve been mod’d or deleted on nearly every comment since friday. Am I on punishment?

  7. Your Friend says:


  8. luckystar says:

    BAD timing for a pricey gym, sorry. Unless you are super super rich, but wait, they have their own gyms at home. DUH

  9. Sakota says:

    It’s so pathetic how hse is obviously tyring to mingle with the super loaded.

    She wouldn’t be charging so much if she weren’t trying to create a little playground where she can mingle with the people from actual, substantial industries.

  10. morgs says:

    Lem, what article was it with Tracy bashin’ Gwyneth? I’d love to read it!

  11. becca says:

    Gee, what a surprise. No one wants to go to a gym that cost 4,500 a month to join. *sarcasm*

    The girl doesn’t get it. She never will, and we’re going to continue to deride her for it. And laugh at the same time.

  12. Ryo says:

    I wouldn’t work out at her gym even if it was FREE, so why would I shell out thousands I may not have in a few months? She is so out of touch it’s ridiculous. I wish she’d just give up and immerse herself completely in her fantasy world.

  13. Shan says:

    Gwynnie’s nipples are very sweaty in that picture…who sweats there?

  14. Lem says:

    morgs it was on t.v. I’m guessing E! she was billed as showing one of those brunette anchors how to get Madonna or Gwen’s body. She was saying things like ‘poor gwyneth, the poor thing is so uncoordinated, she may be built like a dancer but she can’t put one foot in front of the other without tripping over herself, it’s really quite sad’

  15. Abby says:

    she looks like she’s lactating, ew!

  16. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Ug, can someone give that trainer woman some pants that actually fit? I don’t want to see her mons pubis.

    And everyone here is right: anyone who could afford that kind of money for a gym has one in their HOME. Or has just gotten lipo, tummy tucks, etc. God, she’s stupid.

  17. What says:

    Gwyneth is living in another reality, in another time altogether, even my extremelly wealthy, and by wealthy i mean they have millions and own a basketball team,they don’t even put on the airs of arrogance this woman does, they are the most humble human beings possible.
    Perhaps gwyneth here should know that money is not everything, and should do some charity work, and perhaps read up on how even the super rich, the ones with actual class don’t go the distance to put in in everyones face. I saw her website where she goes on and on and on and just plain gloats over how much she has, I found it so immature and gross.

  18. jay_center says:

    evian is also my choice of drink.. Live Young!

  19. Bunnie says:

    Based on everything I’ve read, she only left one lover, Glynn Barber, who also lives in la la land and can’t get over TA because instead of filing a real lawsuit for real wrongs, he just whines and bitches to anyone who bothers to listen.

  20. Sakota says:

    “they don’t even put on the airs of arrogance this woman does, they are the most humble human beings possible.”

    That’s because they actually had to work on more than their appearance in order to be a success.