Natasha Richardson suffers critical head injury in ski accident

Natasha Richardson was critically injured in a skiing accident in Montreal on Monday, suffering traumatic brain injuries. Liam Neeson, Natasha’s husband of fifteen years, flew immediately from Toronto, where he was filming the movie Chloe, to be with her at the hospital. She was originally taken to the Centre Hospitalier Laurentien, and then transferred to Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal. has learned exclusively that famed actress Natasha Richardson, the wife of Irish superstar Liam Neeson, has been critically injured in Canada, according to an insider at the Montreal hospital to which she was taken.

Richardson, who was set to co-star with her mother, Vanessa Redgrave, in a Broadway revival of Stephen Sondheim’s “A Little Night Music,” was apparently injured in a ski accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

A rep for the film “Chloe,” which Neeson has been filming in Toronto, told Canadian television that Neeson left the set to be with his wife.

“Liam Neeson left the Toronto set immediately to fly to Montreal upon news of his wife’s accident,” the rep said in a statement. “We do not have any details at this time but we hope for the best and our thoughts and prayers are with Natasha and Liam and their family.”

Richardson made her feature film debut as Mary Shelley in Ken Russell’s “Gothic” (1986). Her performance caught the attention of director Paul Schrader, who cast her in the title role in “Patty Hearst” (1988).

[from Irish Central]

There is no information yet as to how severe the brain injury is, or whether she is expected to recover. Natasha, the mother of two children with Liam Neeson, was scheduled to star with her mother Vanessa Redgrave in a revival of the Sondheim play A Little Night Music. Our hearts go out to her and her family.

Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson are shown on 10/17/08 at the London Film Festival. Credit:

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  1. blunderbuss says:

    Egad, this is horrible. Godspeed.

  2. geronimo says:

    Awful, prayers for her that she recovers.

  3. lady garden says:


  4. Ophelia says:

    I hope she’s ok! I really love her whole family, they are all so talented.

  5. debra says:

    OMG I do so like the two of them. I hope she recovers. This is very sad.

  6. SeVen says:

    Prayers and well wishes to the whole family. I hope she makes a full and speedy recovery :(

  7. Ursula says:

    I am praying hard that she pulls through.

  8. MSat says:

    How terrible! I love this couple- they are so artistic and cool.

  9. sauvage says:

    My heart goes out to the Neeson family. Let’s hope for the best. May she recover soon.

  10. overit says:

    Sending healing thoughts to the families and praying she recovers fully.

  11. Polkasox says:

    How adorable is that picture. They look so happy. You don’t see many Hollywood couples that look at each other like that.

  12. Tia says:

    Gosh, so so sad. I hope she is ok and is able to recover. The family must be going through a terrible time.. they will all be in my prayers..

  13. Wow says:

    Love this couple. Get well soon, Natasha.

  14. KDRockstar says:

    Wow, I’m really hoping that this is blown out of proportion (aka – DJ AM is dying after burns, etc.).

  15. barneslr says:

    I’m with you, KDRockstar. Please let this be a situation where the press is overblowing things!

    My thoughts are with them and I fervently hope she makes a full recovery.

  16. Baholicious says:

    Critical head injury on a ski slope usually means a collision with a tree.

    I hope she has a full recovery. She and Liam seem like a wonderful couple and I really liked her in The Handmaid’s Tale.

  17. Sarah says:

    Perez Hilton is reporting that she died, and he posts a link where Time Out New York had the news, but I cannot get that link to work. So they might have taken their story down. No one else yet has reported an update, from what I can tell. So very sad…

    Perez also said she fell during a ski lesson on a beginner’s slope, but I’m not sure who his source was. She was not wearing a helmet.

  18. Sarah says:

    So anyway, to clarify, the only working link I can find reporting this is Perez Hilton, and who knows if he is accurate or not… I will still pray for her and her family.

  19. Victoria says:

    No! No! No! NO! She has to be OK! Her and her whole family are so cool! I have been watching her since The Handmaides Tale and the movie where she played Patty Hearst. She’s awsome!

  20. geronimo says:

    That Time Out report was untrue. Apparently a family member said something along the lines of her being brain-dead (hope to God this was wrong) and it was picked up as her being dead. They’ve since retracted the story.

  21. Tony says:

    I invite you ALL to say a prayer for this remarkable person. In moments like these the power of collective consciousness is key for mankind. Bless you all for your kindness.

  22. Jamie Persson says:

    May Natasha’s distraught family find comfort and peace by knowing that millions are holding good thoughts and prayers for a painless journey through such a tragic experience. Please know that my comments are truly sincere. Peace be with you all.

  23. coffee says:

    Natasha will be missed; and our condolences go out to Liam