Madonna talks Tupac, Basquiat, Warren Beatty & more with Howard Stern

On the couch with Howard Stern. How did we end up here? (Rhetorical question) ❤️#rebelhearts

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Madonna did an interview with Howard Stern yesterday. I’ve only listened to parts of it, but I’m including the most complete audio I can find at the end of the post. It was a pretty typical Stern interview, which is to say… all-encompassing. No subject was taboo, not Catholicism, not her rape, not her marriages, not her ex-boyfriends. Some moments/highlights:

*She dated Tupac Shakur? She explained why she cursed so much during an interview with David Letterman: “I was mad at [David Letterman] when I said the F-word a lot. I was in a weird mood that day. I was dating Tupac Shakur at the time and the thing is he got me all riled up on life in general. So when I went on the show I was feeling very gangsta.”

*Madonna talked a bit about her relationship with Warren Beatty and how he was such a famous womanizer, but Madge said: “Yes, he was [an incredible lover]. I’m not going to lie… [but] I have confidence in my skills.”

*She also dated Jean-Michel Basquiat, but she dumped him because he was a heroin addict: “We always think we can fix people and we can’t…just change yourself.”

*Basquiat made her return all of the art he had given her: “I loved him. When I broke up with him he made me give them all back to him, and then he painted over all of them black.”

*She still “wished” that she could have gotten together with Antonio Banderas. She says Melanie Griffith didn’t leave his side when she and Antonio were filming Evita.

*Her thoughts on Michael Jackson: “I could certainly relate to him on many levels, but he was also a very shy person. He was famous since he was a child and didn’t really have a childhood. He was painfully shy. We didn’t really have a relationship about me revealing myself to him, but making fun of the crazy world we were living and working in. We didn’t talk about our childhoods…I think he felt eternally tortured. It was hard for him to look into people’s eyes.”

*Madge would “feel insecure sometimes” when Guy Ritchie directed other actresses: “I think I threw a tantrum once.”

*Her move to NYC when she was just a teenager: “I was in shock, I didn’t know a soul. I was saying, ‘Hi’ to people on the street like a dork.”

*Being raped at the age of 19:I was going to a dance class and the door was locked and I needed money for the payphone. [This guy] gave it to me, he was a very friendly guy. I trusted everybody.” She says she followed him to his apartment, where he raped her. She also said that she never reported it because: You’ve already been violated. It’s just not worth it. It’s too much humiliation.”

Here’s the audio (beware: there is some NSFW language, but that’s it).

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  1. Carolina says:

    I think it is worth it to get a rapist off the street.

    • Dońt kill me i'm french says:

      She reacted like many many rape victims .Don’t be harsh with her

      • bns says:

        +1 wtf is that comment…

      • Nicole says:

        It would have been better if she put the caveat ‘I thought at the time…’ in front of that sentence.

      • doofus says:


        Carolina, each victim’s experience is his or her own, and for someone to say “she should have done X” does a disservice to all victims. I should have reported my rape and outed the dude to our group of friends, but I was (like most victims) blaming myself for what happened. “well, he came home with me…we were drunk…etc” never mind that I was unconscious (for most of it) and unable to consent.

        only person (who I know personally) who I ever told is my current bf. and even HE doesn’t know the guy’s identity.

        everyone wants justice, but it’s not always possible. give her a break on this.

      • Pinky says:

        Nicole perhaps she still feels that way. It’s her pain, her trauma she is entitled to feel however she wants about it, then and now.

      • Carolina says:

        How am I being harsh with her? She said she didn’t think it was worth reporting and I disagreed with her. I think all sexual assaults are worth reporting. And I know that every victim’s experience and reaction is different I know what it’s like to be a victim of rape I was molested and raped by a family member from age 4 to age 8 I’m not judging her if someone doesn’t want to report an assault that’s their decision but I think reporting something like that is always worth it.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I think Carolina may be objecting also to what bothered me. Madonna said it like it’s never worth it. It depends on the circumstances, and how the victim deals with it, and the potential for proving the rape.

      • Carolina says:

        @Goodnamesalltaken that’s what I meant.

    • bettyrose says:

      If I remember correctly, she was talking about this in interviews in the 80s, following a film she appeared in with a rape scene. I mean, she might not have told anyone at the time, but she’s been pretty upfront about it since early in her career, and it’s entirely her choice how to handle a discussion of it.

    • kp says:

      Just because you report, it does not mean a rapist will get off the street… Sadly, very few cases actually get prosecuted. I’ve experienced this firsthand.

      • Ash says:

        Exactly, kp. I think we also have to take into account the era in which this crime happened. I doubt that much would have happened to the rapist. Not at that time.

  2. Kitten says:

    Look at Howard’s glorious ‘fro.

    She’s an interesting lady, but I question how much of what she says is embellishment on her part.

    I can’t imagine Tupac dating her. Sorry, I just…no. Not my Tupac.

    • Petee says:

      She dated Dennis Rodam for awhile so I can see her dating Tupac.And Howard Stern does the best interviews with celebrities.He can get them say things they would never say to anyone else.

      • Kitten says:

        I just can’t see Tupac dating HER.

      • Loopy says:

        Dennis Rodman and Tupac are two completely different characters, whats the connection?

      • Sabrine says:

        I don’t think she’s embellishing anything. She has no reason to. She’s at the top. You can’t achieve anything higher than she has in terms of success. She really is an amazing and confident person, arrives in New York City with $35 to her name and is now worth close to a billion dollars and is the highest selling female artist of all time. Incredible achievement.

      • bns says:


        Right? Ummm….

      • Maria says:

        just because black dude A dates woman X doenst mean black dude B will date woman X.

        i agree with kitten, Madonna could have wanted to date him, i dont think he wanted to date her.

      • Pinky says:

        I think you people are confusing the word ” date” with the word ” shag”. I do think it’s very possible that they had a casual fwb thing going.

      • Kitten says:

        Thanks, maria.

        @Sabrine-Madonna has a new album to promote. It helps to promote the album by trotting out a bunch of salacious, interesting stories about what famous dudes she’s dated.

        It’s not lost on me that she says she’s dated Tupac, because it’s not like he’s here to deny it or even clarify the nature of their relationship. Same with Basquiat.

        Maybe they hung out and did it a few times, but I question whether they really “dated”. I feel like Tupac wouldn’t publicly date someone like Madonna.


        Still an interesting interview though.

      • Mintessence (the original Minty) says:

        Speaking of embellishing, Sabrine…

        According to her brother Christopher (who would know more about it than us), that story about Madonna arriving in NYC with only $35 is a myth. Her family wasn’t poor. Her widowed father had a good career as an engineer. He was able to support his 6 children. The family still lived comfortably after his 2nd marriage to the housekeeper and the addition of 2 more kids. Madonna’s father helped her financially while she was trying to make it on her own. Not every criticism of someone else’s idol is based on jealousy. Some of us prefer reality over hype and mythmaking.

      • Tara says:

        Lol. Dennis Rodman and Tupac had nothing in common besides being black. I don’t get that statement either.

      • halleygee says:

        Mintessence, I don’t know anything about the true story, but if you ask my siblings and I about something we all have different povs. My dad helped me when I was in school – my rent was paid, but I was still basically broke until I graduated and got a job and had my own money coming in. So yeah, maybe he made it possible for her to live there but her recollecting that she was poor isn’t a lie just because of that.

      • Mintessence (the original Minty) says:

        I don’t doubt Madonna had similar struggles in the beginning as you had. The difference is that you’re a private citizen and she’s a high profile celebrity selling an image. The acceptance of that image translates into more money for her. It’s a marketing and manipulation game. Whether that image is close to reality or not is a valid issue. That’s why this site can be very illuminating, since we can compare notes; we can examine false public personas, contradictory behavior, and a celeb’s history of playing with the truth. When gossip reveals that Madonna has no problem going after a married man, Robin Thicke is a plagiarist douche, Tom Cruise is a high-ranking member of an oppressive cult, and Chris Brown has a violent temper (just to give a few examples)…then I give my thanks, because now I will spend my money elsewhere.

        From Christopher’s book:

        But as for arriving in Manhattan with just $35 and ending up in Times Square because she didn’t have anywhere else to go—that’s pure mythology. First of all, she was a middle-class girl with plenty of contacts in Manhattan—other dancers, other instructors—and far from being this lost, friendless little waif who didn’t even have a crust of dry bread to eat, she had money in her pocket and a support system all in place.

        She may have spent a night sleeping at the Music Building, but that was likely because she was hoping a producer or musician might come by and discover her. Mythology. The further she got into it, the more mythological the story of her first trip to Manhattan became. Shades of Anaïs Nin—the author who was also mistress of embellishing her own biography.

    • Jayna says:

      Madonna does a lot of things for shock, but I’ve never once heard her embellish a relationship or talk about a relationship purely for publicity. That’s the one thing I have found her to be thoughtful about and/or very private. When she’s been angry, she might say a little something, like about Guy, but not all that much. She has had a full romantic life and dating life. She doesn’t need to embellish that part of her life at all.

    • Tara says:

      Rosie Perez who was friends with Tupac said that Tupac told her to hook him up with Madonna, so she did. And she implied they definitely got together.

      • Petee says:

        I didn’t mean anything bad about my comment.She has dated very different kinds of men.So no I don’t find it surprising that she dated Tupac.

    • Wooley says:

      Why wouldn’t Pac have been involved with her? People are commenting like they were his personal friends.

    • Artemis says:

      It happened though, this is hardly new information.

      And yeah, I don’t think that Madonna can be 100% candid at this point in her career. This is evidenced by her story of her arriving in New York. Her brother and previously autobiographers all debunked that claim. She came from a decent family plus her friends said she saved plenty of money before she left. She plans everything meticulously.

    • NGBoston says:

      Why can’t you imagine that Madonna and Tupac hooked up for a brief time? They were both single, and Tupac loved the ladies. ??

      I think Madonna and Antonio would have been hot. But ultimately— AB would have cheated too. Strangest thing of all about Madge— her preference is to be with a loyal, committed partner when she is in a LTR. Madge doesn’t dig the cheating.

      Also, amazingly- I think Howard looks great in these pics. He is not the most attractive man on the planet but he is aging well bc he most def has got to be in his mid-50’s by now.

  3. aims says:

    I miss the Howard that thought celebrities and Hollywood was a joke. He’s turned into a real fame whore.the reason I say this is because he’s really into having celebrity friends ect.

    • sarah says:

      He grew up Aims. He even said it during the interview with Madonna. He said he was very angry and just let it all out. He’s in his 60s now. It’s normal to change. But if you still listen to him, he still can go after people who he hates.

    • bns says:

      Hasn’t he always been a famewhore tho?

      • bettyrose says:

        He was a “shock jock.” His career kinda depended on doing shocking things for attention. And he’s still relevant decades later.

      • FingerBinger says:

        No. During his first marriage he confessed that he rarely did anything or went anywhere. He said would go to his basement and stare at the wall. It’s only in the last 10 years that he’s started hanging out with other celebrities.

    • Jayna says:

      If he becomes friends with them or they end up on their show and he actually then knows them, he stops huge bashing.

      I loved loved loved his skewering of Lady Gaga’s Little Monster Ball as he called it, the parts where she was preaching. I saw the same HBO special on TV and felt the same way, with her Truth or Dare black and white little scenes behind the stage and her sobbing, and her screaming and talking and preaching so much during the concert. The special on HBO didn’t translate to how much more tolerable all of that was live. But his brutal parody of it and the Little Monsters was brilliant. And he was someone who actually liked her songs, but just wanted to sit down and enjoy her singing, not all of her shtick. So it was funny. Then she came on the show and gave a great interview and he doesn’t make fun of her anymore.

      Here’s the bit he did on watching the HBO Lady Gaga concert. LOL. I loved it. LOL He would play back clips.

  4. sarah says:

    Howard Stern is a great interviewer so if anyone wants to work around the house or are about to exercise, go on YouTube and listen to them while working. They are insightful and quite funny. I’m not a big Madonna fan but his interview with her was an hour and a half but it flew by and was really good.

  5. Santia says:

    How old is the picture (the cover art)??? That’s like 20 years old. Madonna hasn’t worn her hair like that in eons. Also, sure, blame the black guy for your lack of class. As to the rape, so sad, isn’t it, that she didn’t feel she could report it? Sadly, it’s still the culture today.

  6. kri says:

    Whoa. holy hell. This woman, for all her faults (and there are ALOT of them) was a huge part of my life growing up. Just realized that on a grand scale. I frequently want to slap her, but what an interesting life. Love her or hate her, ya gotta admit that. As for the rape-horrible nightmare. She must have been so young, and thought that she would always be okay. It sucks when someone takes that away from you. And you KNOW she is speaking truth about Antonio. Damn he was hot.

  7. anniefannie says:

    Howard Stern’s is the bomb! I don’t know when it happened but within the last few years he has developed into a skilled interviewer. His Bill Murry interview is pure gold.

    • FingerBinger says:

      Howard has always been a great interviewer. He gets things out of celebrities like no one else.

      • Kitten says:

        Exactly. He’s ALWAYS been a good interviewer.

      • anniefannie says:

        Then I’ve been out of the loop! Thank god for u tube as its now my goto activity to dial up an interview and do mundane stuff around the house. His Martin Short interview facilitated me cleaning out my kitchen cabinets for the 2nd time in 5 years. Yikes! I found some rice that expired in 07!!

    • Jayna says:

      I think I realized it when he interviewed Paul McCartney for the very first time ever. It went really long and I was riveted to the radio. I barely got ready, and then transferred to my car and go to work but was still listening in the car when I got there. I didn’t want to get out I was still so riveted. It was one of the best interviews of a famous musician/singer I had ever heard. McCartney really opened up about so many things and he just stayed longer than he was set for. It was after his breakup with Heather Mills. He was open about everything as far as Yoko Ono and Michael Jackson getting the Bealtes music catalgue, his career, Lennon. I loved it And Howard was in awe he was interviewing McCartney. He has interviewed him again. But the first one was special.

  8. paola says:

    She is a very intelligent woman. The difference between her and all the wannabes we see on stage now is the brain. She can act supid and be shallow but she really isn’t.

  9. PassiveAggressiveSubmissive says:

    Re her not reporting the rape. I can completely understand why she didn’t and while I’d like to think things had got easier for women and men to report such hateful crimes… I’m not sure.

    I had to report a boyfriend who’d drugged and raped me and the reception I got from the police was disgusting, humiliating and after all that they chose not to take the case because they were unsure of a conviction. That was in 2005. Hoping things have got better (not being made to feel like you’re the criminal) – essentially I got from them that they couldn’t believe someone I was in a relationship with would do such a thing… they only believed in stranger attacks (which I think only make up a small percentage of these attacks)…

    • Jayna says:

      And this happened with Madonna back in the very early ’80s, no money. She had borrowed change from him to use the payphone when locked out of dance class or something and said he was very friendly and helpful. I imagine it was worse then as far as reporting rape, and especially the fact that she was young, living alone in New York City, no money, barely knowing anybody, and the fact that she trusted this friendly stranger who then suggested she come into his apartment to use his phone. She is the one who would have been interrogated and violated all over again is the feeling she got as far as advice.

      Ultimately, let’s face it, the guy would have said she came into his apartment willingly and it was consensual. It would be a he said/she said.

    • Ange says:

      I had a similar experience with the police when I went to them in fear of my now ex. They made me move out of MY apartment so the poor dear had enough time to leave (without even checking if I had somewhere to go) . I asked for protection while I packedy my stuff and they grudgingly came then spent the whole time joking around with him while barking at me to hurry up. I couldn’t catch my cat and they refused to wait so I even had to leave her there. Thankfully when I got back she was ok but the whole experience was a nightmare. I will never, ever blame a woman who is hesitant about going to the police.

  10. Sabrine says:

    I think Howard talks too much when he’s interviewing someone This is still a good interview because Madonna can hold her own against him fairly well.

  11. Miss Jupitero says:

    I cannot picture her with Basquiat ever. Nope.

    • Jayna says:

      In the interview (I listened), she was very soft when speaking about him, said several times that she really loved him, and it’s hard to see someone being destroyed by drugs, but ultimately you can’t help them, no matter how much you want to. Over the course of the relationship, he had given her paintings. He was heartbroken when she left him over his heroin addiction and angry. He demanded back all of his paintings, told her it was the same as giving back an engagement ring, so she gave them back. He painted over them black. But when she spoke about him you could tell she loved him and really respected his genius.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        I believe she has a high opinion of him, but I cannot picture a relationship of any depth. My understanding was that they had a brief fling then parted ways.

    • lemon says:

      Wait, am I hallucinating because for some reason I already knew about Basquiat and thought it was well known? Maybe I read it in a magazine decades ago and for some reason that eludes me, my brain decided to store that.

    • Bri says:

      Madonna and Basquiat had a relationship. I’ve read about people close to him who said he referred to her as his girlfriend. She also traveled with him and lived with him for some months so it wasn’t some one night stand or fling. He was pretty upset when she broke up with him, it’s a shame he couldn’t overcome his drug addictions. He was a talented man, gone too soon.

  12. MrsBPitt says:

    I get the feeling, that when she says she was “dating” someone, half the time, they were one-night stands!

    • Dońt kill me i'm french says:

      Not always.
      After,it was more or less long and more and less exclusive

    • Maria says:

      and i get the feeling it was mostly in her head.

      • Dońt kill me i'm french says:

        Her love story with Basquiat’s and Beatty are notoriously known.
        there were some rumours about Tupac and Madonna in 94 ( you can find some pics together).After,she never said it was serious between them

    • jc126 says:

      So do I.
      Regarding Tupac, I thought he made comments about her visiting him in jail, and he seemed surprised, or mystified, why she would do that. He definitely didn’t make a deal about knowing her. So I kind of wonder if she’s embellishing.

      • Bri says:

        Madonna and Tupac were just friends with benefits. He never claimed her as his girl and they went out a few times which is technically dating. She didn’t mention how she wanted his baby though, Madonna was desperate for a baby in the mid 90’s as she was approcahing 40. I heard that’s how she chased Dennis Rodman away as well.

  13. lila fowler says:

    Did she date David Fincher though? Inquiring minds want to know what went down there.

  14. oneshot says:

    I don’t blame Madonna for not reporting the rape, when I was in college one of my dorm-mates came back from an outing with her boyfriend crying about how she’d told him no but he forced her…. the poor girl freaked out at the idea of reporting a rape but she was terrified she wouldn’t be believed because she’d been dating him (and they were not having sex before that, she was pretty conservative) and the cops are horrible to rape victims anyway.

    I can fully understand a young girl, whether it’s 19 year old Madonna or my dorm-mate, just wanting to put the entire awful experience behind her and move on. And I can also understand why she’s only speaking about it after reaching a position of great power and influence. Look at what happened to Kesha, is Dr Luke ever going to pay for what he did to her?

  15. Happy21 says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve said this to anyone but I love Madonna. She was everything to me when I was growing up – music, fashion, femininity, power. She had it all and while she has annoyed me a bit in recent years, I love her. She’s wonderful and smart and while I wish she didn’t feel the need to try so hard now that she’s older, I think she’s awesome.

  16. Maria says:

    no wonder she felt insecure when Guy was directing actress, she blantaly admits she herself goes for taken guys.

  17. Sayrah says:

    Great interview as usual. Love him.

  18. manta says:

    Does she at some point talk about Carlos Leon? I’ve seen him in some Tv shows and actually liked him. I’ve also seen some pap shots of him and their daughterr through the years and they always seem happy and relaxed together. Madonna apparently managed this split intelligently.

    And in pure gossip terms, I have the feeling the Rodman relationship contains hidden gems!

    • Jayna says:

      No. They never touched on Carlos. Howard just brought up her famous boyfriends or husbands. For someone whose career spanned three decades and it being Howard’s first interview, he needed a full two hours with her to really be able to cover everything.

      I saw an interview with Carlos years back, when Lola was maybe 13 or 14. He was very complimentary to Madonna, and absolutely adores his daughter and always shows respect to Madonna because he says that Madonna gave him his greatest gift in life, Lola.

      He is effortlessly cool and handsome in his 50s. I love how he still has a kind of bohemian way of living, or at least the appearance of it, doesn’t seem materialistic, always biking around NY. I always had this secret wish that after she and Guy broke up she would get back with Carlos. He did get married a few years ago.

      • manta says:

        Thanks for the ifo.
        I must admit I had the same secret wish as you regarding their reunion!

      • Ash says:

        Carlos’ wife is pregnant. I’m not sure if she’s given birth yet. I think it would have been cool for Carlos and Madonna to get back together. Carlos always struck me as low-key.

  19. Tara says:

    Howard has become very celebrity friendly lately. He used to have a problem with getting people that big because he had trashed them so badly on his show, but now even Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna feel comfortable coming. I miss the edge.

  20. skipper says:

    I was raped and sexually assaulted by two guys during one night when I was sixteen and I didn’t tell anyone until last year. I waited 16 years to even say it out loud. The day after it happened the two guys told everyone in my high school I had sex with both of them willingly. The week before it happened I had a squeaky clean reputation at school but the Monday after I was harassed, bullied and tormented for being a “whore” and a “slut”. I dropped out of school b/c of it. I understand why she didn’t say anything about it. I was humiliated to the ultimate degree and it changed my life forever. I’m just glad that I was finally able to tell my family and my husband years later. I sought counseling and I feel better now. It’s so nice to be able to finally release it after all these years.

    • Cindy says:

      Oh god, I am so sorry that happened to you. My stomach lurched when I read that. I hope the two men are haunted for life by what they did. WTF is with the high prevelance of this in our culture? It is an aspect of men that I will never understand. I am glad you are okay and always know this is 100 percent on them, you were an innocent kid who ran into two very bad human beings. I’m a mom and if this happened to my daughter, let’s just say I would end up in prison.

      • skipper says:

        Thank you! I was drugged and raped and then sexually assaulted. I was an easy target. I tried to tell my mom what happened but she said that whatever happened to me, I deserved it b/c I disobeyed her and god by lying about where I was that night. Like a lot of teenagers do. That’s why I waiting so many years to tell anyone. I now know it’s not my fault and I have found peace knowing that. 🙂

  21. JenniferJustice says:

    Gah! I find her so self-important and narcissistic. Regarding Antonio Bandares, she would have like to have dated him, but Melanie wouldn’t leave his side. So he was with Melanie at the time and she would have left his side, what? Madonna would be willing to break them up if she could? Gross!

    • LAK says:

      In this scenerio, i’m with madonna. Melanie got him while he was still with his wife Ana Leza so she knew what a womanizer he was.

      Ana Leza wasn’t happy with Melanie’s actions so karma baby!!!

  22. GingerCrunch says:

    I listened, even though I threatened not to cuz I’m no Madonna-lover. But I HAD to! It’s Howard! It was fine. Not his best and I’ll attribute that to her not being overly fascinating or funny or outrageous or going somewhere really off-the-wall in this interview. I’ve heard much better and with lots less hype, like Conan O’ Brien just last week. Merely because she’s an icon does not equal a great interview. I was underwhelmed with Dan Aykroyd too. I did think Madonna’s speech sounded affected by all her plastic surgery, but it turned out to be her grill. why, oh why?

  23. ilovesunnydaze says:

    I like that she’s a rebel. So much drive and ambition.

  24. LAK says:

    Gosh I remember how she tried it on with Antonio Banderas in TRUTH OR DARE and his then wife wouldn’t leave Antonio’s side!!!

  25. Jayna says:

    Madonna has added these wavy extensions in for her promo look. I don’t get why. She cut her hair a much shorter cut and thought it was the best she had looked in ages and I thought she looked more currrent with it. Kind of a straight look with lots of body and movement to it with maybe some long layers, not a flat straight look, but much shorter than these extensions. It was not touching her shoulders. Then she goes and puts in the wavy extensions for this whole promo period, the same old look she’s been rocking for years.

    When Madonna was promoting W.E. three years ago her plastic surgery had finally settled nicely for the most part. She had adjusted the filler around her cheek implants (massive mistake getting those implant) or replaced them with smaller ones or put on weight. but she looked nice and her eyes weren’t botoxed to where her eyebrows had that frozen look. But before any promo she overdoes it again. She seems too tweaked where her face isn’t moving naturally again around the eye and eyelid and eyebrow and forehead area. It’s seems tweaked in a tweaked way, not younger looking way. That’s why photos can catch her at unattractive angles when the face or eyes don’t move naturally and gets that horror show look, like Brandi Glanville gets. And they just don’t laugh easily. Madonna, the one thing about her, she had a great laugh. It always softened her stiffer personality and drew you in. That’s all but gone when her face can’t smile wide enough to get out a big laugh.

    Why can’t these women who tweak realize less is more and a more relaxed look is softer?

    Here’s the 2012 look when everything had settled nicely. I think that’s the time period when Lainey said she saw her on the red carpet and she looked pretty up close.

    • Kitten says:

      Gah! She looked so good in that photo!

      Here too, right?

      Why are some women so frightened of having movement in their face and maybe a couple eye wrinkles? She looks 8 billion times better than in these other pics where her face is over-filled and bloated-looking.

      • Jayna says:

        Madonna’s face was finally looking back to normal and good in the photo I posted, and she really was looking pretty around that time with beautiful clothes and gowns for the promo, but she couldn’t leave it.

        Your photo is Madonna before the cheek implants. I loved her interesting face before the implants and heavy filler.

        I think I mourned for two years what she did to her face with the implants because it changed the bone structure of her face. And when it starts looking close to the old Madonna and she looks more natural and great again, she overtweaks again.

        The picture you posted was the real Madonna before all the madness and puffy face photos and frozen face look. From certain angles she had such an interesting face, but that bone structure is gone now.. That was back when Madonna was effortlessly cool in her early 40s, not trying so hard like now.

        Movement in a face is good and a few smile lines are good. These women freeze and overfill their faces and they have less movement in their face or less lines than someone in their late 20s and think it makes them look younger, not unnatural.

        What is young looking about not being able to have an expressive face and natural movement in your face?

    • Ash says:

      Madonna looked so much better before getting that plastic surgery. I wish she hadn’t messed with her face.

      • NGBoston says:

        I agree about Madge any her plastic surgery…but is it just me or does anyone else think Madge looks gorgeous in the pic with Howard?

        Some times she has good days…others not so much. But for her age …she is fucking fantastic IMO.

        She is coming to Boston in September! I am going to see that bitch perform! Love her!!!!

  26. Ugh pls says:

    I think a lot of people here are young and don’t realize how hard it was to get rape taken seriously by police and law enforcement. It wasn’t really until the 90’s when it was being taken seriously. Previously it had always been treated as the victims fault or she led him on that continued well into the 80’s and sadly in some parts of the USA still goes on today.
    Credit to Madonna for taking that incident and using it to make her stronger.

    • Ash says:

      Exactly, Ugh pls. I said something similar up thread. Reporting rape in the 80’s was a more arduous task because the likelihood of the woman being blamed for her rape was much greater.

  27. Shunkawia says:

    Madonna said before she was raped at knife point by two guys on a rooftop. So which version of this changing story is accurate?