Is Kim Kardashian’s blonde hair secretly a stunt-queen wiglet? Eh.


Here are some photos of Kim Kardashian and North West leaving Paris yesterday via Charles de Gaulle airport. Kanye didn’t travel with them, so I’m kind of wondering if ‘Ye is going to stick around Paris for a while with Riccardo Tisci. Perhaps. Considering these photos include some close-ups of Kim’s hairline roots, I thought this would be a good opportunity to discuss all of the myriad conspiracy theories involved with Kim’s now eight-day-old blonde hair. You’d be surprised just how many variations there are.

*In Touch Weekly says that Kanye “made” Kim go blonde and she hates it and can’t wait to go back to brown/black.

*Kim told Us Weekly that after the initial “one-take” process in LA, she added $500 worth of highlights in Paris because she didn’t think her LA hair people “fully got the color right.” She also says that she went blonde for fun, because “why not?”

*Radar says that Kim’s hair is now completely damaged and some stands are “starting to break off.” Kim “feels like she’s going bald. She’s freaking out that it won’t grow back the same.”

*Radar also has an insider who theorizes that Kim didn’t actually go completely blonde. The insider says Kim is wearing a partial blonde wig and “the first top quarter of her hair in the front is bleached, but the rest isn’t. It’s bleached on the top and sides – and the rest is a wig. It’s parted perfectly and at different lengths and you always see the front of her head so it looks like it’s all normal, but it’s trickery. The rest of her hair is still brown. Just watch, you’ll see her go back to brunette like it’s no problem at all complete with healthy, shiny hair. That’s because it’s fake. It’s definitely not all bleached.”

So you think she’s wearing a wig? I do not. It’s not that I think that kind of attention-grabbing stunt queen move is beyond her, it’s just that I’ve been looking at her hair from all angles for a week, and I feel pretty confident saying that she really did bleach all of her hair. You can see her roots coming in from all angles too. Yeah… stunt queen is stunt queening, but she really did do the stunt. She really did go blonde.


It's hard out here for a platinum pimp! Thank you @FredericMennetrier for touching up my blonde!

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Photos courtesy of Kim’s Instagram, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. CharlotteCharlotte says:

    I would hate to wear that much makeup all the time. I would hate to feel like I had to, too.

    • denisemich says:

      I used to believe you always had to look great when you left the house. As I have gotten older, I have relaxed on that.

      I love seeing pictures of Nori. She is growing up so fast and you can already see she has a strong personality

      • Anna says:

        They aren’t posted here but there some really cute ones of her leaving her house with her mum in Paris and she’s laughing and smiling, the pictures are adorable

    • Michelle says:

      I’ve never understood the mask of makeup that Kim wears. I’ve seen plenty of pictures of her without makeup on back when she had her original face and she was prettier without it. I love makeup and wear it often, but all the crap that Kim puts on her face is so baffling to me. Highlighter, concealer, contouring, foundation, powder, bronzer. All the contouring she does seems really pointless to me when one considers that she has had plastic surgery to look the way she wants; why does she need to contour her features with makeup too? I don’t know how she can stand it.

      • MCraw says:

        She’s apparently stolen this woman’s style and she’s calling her out:

        Or, should we say, kanye stole her style. He really is turning Kim into a real doll. Crazy.

      • AntiSocialButterfly says:

        @MCraw… I think you are right that it is Krazye doing the usurping. Gross.

      • MaggieOwns says:

        @MCraw I just checked out that woman’s instagram…it definitely looks like Kim (Kayne) is copying her style!

      • leelee says:

        oh my heck …. @MCraw I 100% agree with you … Kanye didn’t just get inspiration from Karleusa he full on stole her style- from the hair, draping an oversized jacket over the shoulders and right down to her manicure .

      • Melanie says:

        MCraw, wow that IG is great, nice find. She really has completely copied this chick. Classic lol!

      • Venuslotus says:

        Holy shit! Woah! Except that girl looks amazing and Kim..err..doesn’t.

      • laura.e says:

        That instagram account looks like Courtney Act – the Australian drag queen! Except Courtney is WAY hotter! HAHA

      • Hannah says:

        I think she does it to hide the fact that she had surgery, to make it less obvious. She wears so much makeup she looks different all the time so maybe she thinks it’s harder to tell?

    • alicegrey12 says:

      Nori is a sweet looking toddler. Her mommy is a blonde attention grabber. Whether it is a wig or dyed it is just ugly.

  2. Tifygodess24 says:

    I believe she bleached her hair , whether she also wore a wig that’s up for debate. It was all a stunt queen move to get all of the attention on her. Gross. What concerns me more is how (this isn’t the first time either) that poor baby has bags under her eyes. I can only imagine what goes on behind the scenes.

    • CharlotteCharlotte says:

      My toddler son has bags under his eyes all the time too. He inherited my albinism, and he is ‘on’ from the moment he wakes until the moment he crashes. He is very healthy; eats very healthy. Some people just have those bags. My baby daughter has them too. I do as well, which night be where try for them from, but I genuinely get very, very little sleep.

      • Tifygodess24 says:

        North doesn’t usually have bags under her eyes. And on other sites it’s very noticeable in the pictures they have. I understand when it comes to genetics that’s different. That’s the only reason I pointed it out- it’s not something she normally has. And considering how they have north flying all over the place – at times without family , keeping odd hours and so forth it’s justifiable to wonder.

      • jwoolman says:

        Bags under the eyes are a classic sign of allergies. I had them as a child and was allergic to the eggs and dairy mom kept feeding me as well as pollen and mold … Might be different for folks who are albino.

    • maeliz says:

      North goes back and forth between Europe and America and all those time zones. Their daughter has to go to boring fashion shows, then drag the luggage at the airport. I’d have bags under my eyes too. Poor Nori

      • Michelle says:

        I realize bags can be a hereditary thing, but there are some good points made here that the traveling is probably a big cause. I guess we can assume they keep her on US west coast time, but Kim posting pictures of herself reading North bedtime stories at night would lead one to believe that North keeps the same schedule Kim and Kanye do. That is a bit excessive for a toddler. Most parents would opt against traveling constantly to avoid disrupting their child’s sleeping patterns, especially when they have no business at fashion week anyway, but these two are exceptionally stupid.

  3. Jayna says:

    What will they do when Nori wants to put on a dress or shirt with colors and go real girl in the type of clothes and pushes away Kanye’s leather leggings for her? LOL Kanye will have a meltdown because it will ruin his artistic aesthetic he has going for his little muse fashionwise.

    I just don’t get how they’ve kept that baby and child in blacks and greys for almost two years now and refuse to let her wear a little color.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Mind-boggling, isn’t it? And it must take some real effort because it is difficult to find baby/toddler clothes in black. At least that jacket seems to have an orange lining. The nanny must have picked it out.

      And you know, the day is coming soon when that girl is going to fight for a skirt and pretty colors and probably a Disney princess ensemble too.

      • greenmonster says:

        I think it is a Bomerjacke (bomber jacket?) They always have the bright orange lining. As far as I know they where orinially made for pilots and at some point the orange lining was used so crashed pilots could turn the jacket inside out. Made it easier to spot them for search troops. Works well with North’s Doc Martens. Even though youth cultures have adapted both styles, I think it is a bit harsh for a two or three year old. It’s basically miniature military clothes.

    • ElasticBean says:

      I am no girly girl, but I love to dress up my little girl in cute dresses, pinks and peaches. She has similar coloring to North.

      It makes me wonder how much hold Kanye has over Kim. She must be dying to do up her little mini me and the fact that she doesn’t says a lot about the control in their relationship. I’m totally speculating of course!

    • Dani says:

      Lilac – I actually noticed recently how IMPOSSIBLE it is to find toddler girls clothing in black. They barely even make black leggings. My daughter is 18 months and dictates what she wears. I’m sure Nori puts up a fight but who knows what goes on behind closed doors. She always looks so uncomfortable.

    • TeaAndSympathy says:

      North chooses her own clothes, as she has her own taste and style. Kim said so, therefore, it must be true…

      Yes, I t is difficult finding black clothes for such little ones. Perhaps they have them made, or are they boys clothes? She is such a cutie. I’d love to see her tumble of curls.

      • AntiSocialButterfly says:

        Sure she chooses her own- from the heap of black and grey items they provide for choice. Bring her into a Gymboree and all bets are off.

      • chaser says:

        I agree ASB.

        If you don’t have a pretty and bright something to choose from, at that age you don’t know you want it. So sad.

    • Michelle says:

      Jayna I really do think this is going to be a big problem for these people in the future. Look at how controlling Kanye is. He made Kim clean out her entire wardrobe and bought her a new one and clearly still picks out her clothes or has to approve of them. We regularly see Kim wearing things she looks really uncomfortable in. I felt like there were multiple outfits during Paris Fashion Week that Kim knew she looked bad in, but Kanye is controlling. Kanye is definitely going to try to be controlling with his daughter as well, especially since Kim doesn’t stand up to him.

      • word says:

        Kim is very controlling as well. In the new season of their show Kim goes through Khloe’s closet and demands Khloe throw out her clothes ! LOL who is Kim to give advice about fashion? Kim acted like such a snob and said she couldn’t stand being in Khloe’s closet and had to leave because she was disgusted. This is why Kim and Kanye get along so well. They are exactly a like.

    • maeliz says:

      Walking in their closets must be like entering a dungeon. Probably full of gloomy dark colors and not one bit of color

  4. Kylie says:

    Can’t we just have one day of no Kardashian stories? Just one?

  5. Sabrine says:

    There are other photos of Kim taken right here with the baby and she is smiling her little face off. Adorable.

  6. maeliz says:

    If this isn’t a wig, she’s crazy. Her hair was looking beautiful and people were finally saying something nice about her. Kanye must have figured this blonde hair would keep people looking at her during the week. It’s been mentioned a million times in articles about this Fashion Week.

  7. BengalCat2000 says:

    Her hair reminds me of Tina Turner in Mad Maxx Beyond Thunderdome. But Tina is a Goddess…

  8. Bess says:

    Does anyone really believe that Kim & Kanye are hands on parents with their daughter?

    • FingerBinger says:

      No. I think when the mood hits them they are hands on.

    • word says:

      Nope. They bring Nannies wherever they go, but they aren’t allowed to be seen on camera or in pap pics. This is how I know Kim calls the paps and has deals with them. Otherwise the paps would have shown many pics of the nannies with North by now. Kim wants us to think she travels with North alone. Ok so when her and Kanye and PMK are out and about in Paris, where is North? It doesn’t take too many brain cells to figure it out. Also, Kim won’t even carry her own purse anymore and has NEVER been seen with a diaper bag. They don’t spend enough time with the kid to even bond with her. Kim spends little time, but Kanye spends even less ! Yet they want another one?

  9. Size Does Matter says:

    Visible root growth after eight days and two (admitted) harsh color procedures is my idea of the seventh level of hell.

    • RockytopNC says:

      If you see the whole sequence of photos that were taken lined up in the right order you will see that part of that is a wiglet….Which you can see in two shots when she realizes it is visible she puts up her hand against her head at exactly that spot and tries to smooth the hair over the revealing spot and blocking the view…Ladies honestly how many of you have hair that thick and full right down to the front hair line of your head at 34 . Especially when photos last year show how then her hair was getting thin and bald spots were forming from to tight extensions pulling it out…..Also other photos show that she has a amazing hair line that retreats and advances up and down her forehead according to the day it is…The real giveaway is the way the hair does not cup her face around her neck and chin ..Bend your head and your own hair will fall against your neck and cheek and cling to your contours …Even with the best wigs the hair will stand out away from your neck or face….Thats one of my hairs most annoying thing about being long if I wear it loose and am looking down typing or painting I can’t stand it clinging to my neck and around my face so I clip it up in a know on the back of my head all the time…..not at the nape but up high…..Most of that hair is weaves , wig , and extensions….and you can color a wigs roots very easily …besides her natural hair roots would be darker…..

      • shizwhat says:

        I agree with you. Her hair was never that thick.

      • Teri says:

        I think Kim had a wiglet on the day she had the crooked stripe down her nose. You can see two different blond colors and you can also see a piece of brown hair underneath. I can’t tell in these pictures

        What is the orange stuff on North’s forehead. Is that just from the gel on her hair.

      • homegrrrl says:

        I agree, I think this final process ruined her hair that was already distressed from black dye combined with extensions. Now she’s wearing a “fall” (dates me) underneath the actual hair, and or she has blonde extensions. I feel very sorry for her as all women experiment, but the harsh techniques she’s applied can ruin the scalp folicles permanently. I’m a beauty school drop out, so I really understand the urge to “change it up” as an the art form of beauty addict. Unfortunately she’s chosen a path of virtually no return to premature aging and facial deformities. Sad. A lost battle.

  10. 30winks says:

    I think North is beautiful.
    But don’t you wonder if her little sweet baby hairs on her hairline drive Kim crazy since Kim had her baby hairs lasered?

  11. H says:

    Props to whomever bought Nori her Frozen luggage she was dragging around the de Gaulle airport. I bet Kanye had a meltdown over it. Let it go!

    • word says:

      Haha yeah I know right? I bet Kim and Kanye HATE that luggage. I mean it’s not Black or fashion forward…how dare North !

  12. Dawn says:

    Who cares really. This is just Kim getting the only attention Kim can get. It is all about her looks and that’s it. And they must have gotten a ton of bad press in Paris and that is why she brought out her kid. Had the nanny stand on the steps so North could see her and smile at her. And now she is off somewhere else to absolutely nothing but have her personal pap take pictures of her and sell them to the highest bidder. And that is it. What a sad life at the end of the day.

  13. jlee says:

    They dress North like she’s off to a Oi! show. Not that they even remotely know what that is. Dress you kid cute for once. Color, comfortable fabrics, prints, let her hair curl around her head like a halo & get her some Stride Rites.

    • Chrissy says:

      I’d love to see her hair loose. It must be beautiful. Her parents are such fools and fashion victims and poor Nori has no choice in the matter. I’d love to see her rebel!

  14. BooBooLaRue says:

    North’s little red boots are everything!

  15. roxy750 says:

    It must be exhausting being her.

  16. lobbit says:

    She definitely dyed her hair. But she’s definitely wearing a sewn-in wiglet.

  17. kri says:

    Kim has now moved into Travolta-style camp. Although at least JT has talent. Is it a wiglet?! WIll it all fall out?! Did Kanye “make” her do it?! GASP. This fool is stunt fooling. She will never be a queen of anything to me. North on the other hand….North is everything. I hope to god she grows up smart and happy. My dream for North is that she gives interviews one day where she talks about her law degree, or the improvements she made on the space shuttle, or something. And when someone asks about her parents, she just says” They are being…taken CARE OF”…evil smirk.

  18. L says:

    Isn’t it time for her to start zapping North’s baby hairs at the hairline?

  19. angela says:

    Her hair is nothing more than a desperate grab for attention…she sees that her littlw sisters are Kardashian 2.0 and the Kylie is basically her younger clone…. and she’s trying to make herself different…. Well it worked…know you look like a Q-Tip

  20. rudy says:

    Kim never lets North’s hair down. It is actually NOT GOOD for her hair to be pulled so tight all the time. It pulls out the little fluffy baby hairs at the forehead. I learned this from my daughters textured hair.

    I think Kim also straightens Nori’s hair, hopefully not with bleach however.

    She is ALREADY making over her little baby. So sad, so disgusting.

    • Vampi says:

      pulls out the little fluffy baby hairs
      at the forehead.”
      Bingo. Just how we all know Kimmy likes it. That poor child will never have the opportunity to let her natural beauty shine through. Not in that family.

  21. Iheartgossip says:


  22. mernymerlyn says:

    This is bananas. I cannot believe that I again clicked on a “Kim is Blonde Big FU#$%^G Deal” story. What is it about her? All she did was dye her hair and there are endless stories about it.
    I’m not knocking the coverage or your story in any way. I am genuinely asking.
    I don’t know anyone that likes her or the family but they are on what? The 9th season? Somebody has to be watching.
    Is it that we love to hate her? Can’t wait to see what she does next? I don’t understand this phenomenon

  23. seehearspeaknone.. says:

    I think “they” in general are just doing what the media does. They build them up to sell stories, over expose them till were beyond fed up with them, and tear them down again. The rise and fall is what sells.

  24. Sarah says:

    If it’s a wig, it isn’t the first time she’s pulled that stunt. I remember a couple of years ago she went blonde as well — only to reveal a day or so later that it was a wig. I know: I find it disturbing that I remember that too.

  25. A. O. says:

    As a happ stay-at-home-wife-and-mom, I find her look exhausting. I wear foundation, blush, and lipstick for lunch with friends or a day of appointments when I want to look put together. Full eye makeup only happens for church or a date with my husband. “Full eye make up” means eye shadow and mascara—MAYBE eyeliner.

    So Iook at her eyes and my eyes just itch. That must be tiring to maintain ALL THE TIME. Or at least maintain to such a degree that we perceive that she always looks that way.

    And taking all that makeup off? Ugh.

  26. sapphire says:

    There’s some significance in that Kim’s hair is more of a new story than any collection out there. Are the designers so out of touch? I think so-nothing on offer ranks even close to a quasi-porn star bleaching her hair.

  27. Caz says:

    I don’t care enough about the kardashians to comment anymore. Zzzzzzz.

    There are FAR more important people to focus on than this mob.

  28. WeaveSpotter says:

    It’s a sew in weave. If you look real closely (my ladies who get sew ins) you can see her dark rooted hair braided. She bleached the front and weaved the rest. Also look closely at the hair in the front and the hair in the middle and back. The color is a lil different.
    hose KArdashians have been getting sewn in for years. There was a picture taken of them a long time ago in a black salon getting their hair done.

  29. Meggin says:

    North is so unhappy looking

  30. Jag says:

    Whether her hair is real or fake, she absolutely stole her look! OMG I cannot believe how much she’s copying Serbian pop star Jelena Karleusa:

  31. Mary says:

    The close-up of her against the red background shows the texture of the skin on her forehead. Wow– I had no idea she had such bad skin! She’s got huge pores, blackheads, and pockmarks from acne. Maybe I’m naive, but I honestly thought she had really good skin. In her photos, her skin looks so smooth and virtually without pores. I know she wears a ton of make-up, but I didn’t know make-up could cover up so many flaws. Mine sure doesn’t.