Pamela Anderson got a restraining order against her crazy ex, Rick Salomon


Pamela Anderson remarried her ex-husband, Rick Salomon, in either late 2013 or January 2014. Then in July 2014, Pam filed for divorce. Again. Then she asked a judge to dismiss the divorce filing (around the same time that she wrote a poem about all of the freaky crap Rick was into), then she refiled again this year. Their first marriage only lasted a few months, and the brief amount of time allowed Rick to get it successfully annulled. But the second time around has gotten really messy. Actually, “messy” is probably an understatement. Pam has gotten a restraining order against Rick, claiming that there is a “pattern of abuse” and that Rick might truly hurt her. In fact, while they were married, he apparently tried to smother her while they were having sex. Good God.

Not long after filing for divorce from poker player Rick Salomon, Pamela Anderson has been granted a restraining order against her ex. The temporary order, filed Friday, will hold until the court hearing scheduled for April 3, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE. In the docs, Anderson, 47, alleges that Salomon’s pattern of abuse had become so severe that she was “scared of what he is capable of doing to me.”

Since Anderson filed for divorce from Salomon in February, she alleges in the documents that his behavior “has become erratic, out of control and has caused me to fear for my safety.”

Anderson recounted an occasion in late January when he allegedly put a pillow over her face while they were having sex in an attempt to smother her. The documents also claim that when Salomon is “upset,” he calls her “cruel names” such as “slut,” “ugly old b––” and “crack whore.”

In the weeks leading up to their divorce, Anderson received a number of harassing e-mails and text messages from her soon-to-be-ex and her associates, she claims. In one email send on March 3, Salomon allegedly called Anderson a “cutter” and called her a “serial baby killer with her husbands.” He also claimed that she had begged him to get her pregnant while they were married. In another email that Anderson filed with the docs, Salomon accuses Anderson of “fraud” for eating fish. “I hate the smell of fish,” he says. “It makes me want to vomit.”

Salomon would also allegedly send Anderson photos of his then-wife that he had taken of her nude and without her consent, “demonstrating that he has the power to send it to anyone if I did not do what he wants,” she claims.

Salomon’s lawyer tells PEOPLE that “Rick is not going to comment,” adding that they haven’t been served with the application for the protection order. “Therefor, we’re not in a position to comment on it,” he says.

[From People]

It sounds like Salomon is an unhinged lunatic. It sounds like he could do real harm to Pam and/or himself. It sounds like Pam was in another abusive situation and she’s trying very hard to extricate herself. I hope… ugh. I hope Rick stays away from her. I hope the divorce is granted and the restraining order is continued indefinitely. I’m not victim-blaming at all, but my God, Pam has terrible taste in men. I’ve said it before, but she’s like a dirtbag-magnet. She always ends up with the biggest losers.


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  1. Anne tommy says:

    Wow, look at Pam with the groomed hair and the less freaky boobs, presentable.

  2. NewWester says:

    Rick Salomon sounds like a real winner. Plus the man is in his 40’s and still dresses like a teenager? Actually my 16 year old dresses better than this scum

    • Kitten says:

      I love how his job is “poker player”, not even professional poker player, just “poker player”. Does he have an actual job? Like, a real one?

  3. Whoa..who is crazy? This whole mess is weird.

    • David says:


    • Sabrine says:

      Pamela has about the worst taste in men I’ve ever seen. She is drawn to to the bad boy types which might be fun for a while, but ultimately they’re going to cause a lot of stress, heartbreak and possibly worse.

  4. Lucy2 says:

    He sounds truly awful, but I don’t think anyone is surprised.
    Pam desperately needs some serious therapy and to stay single for a while.

  5. Kara says:

    She isn’t a magnet, she chooses these guys! Over and over and over and over and over and over again.

    • Inner stillness says:

      Kind of like JLO and Halle…IMO
      Seemingly smart ladies in business , but serial bad relationships.

    • Beth says:

      Absolutely. She is the type of woman who can never be single, so she’d rather risk dating scum than be alone.

  6. Snowpea says:

    I have always loved Pam and find her to have always been, by all accounts, kind, sweet and down to earth. Her terrible taste in men is a real insight into her decimated self esteem and sense of worth – something a lot of women can probably relate to.

    I find it disturbing the way she was so breathlessly reported on as a young, nubile siren. Now she’s in her late forties, there is always an air of sadness and desperation as if she now has no value as an older woman.

    I hope and pray I live to see the day when older women are valued and legitimized for their wisdom, kindness and life experience – qualities that Ms Anderson, herself, has in spades. All the best to you Pamela.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I agree, Snowpea, as I’ve always liked her, too, and felt sad that she has been so exploited. I believe she was sexually abused by more than one person as a child, and was also gang raped as a teenager. In many ways, she has gotten her life together, but she continues to be attracted to awful men. I just want her to find a true, safe and real love for herself, and then hopefully with someone else. She deserves it.

    • Willa says:

      I thought it was awful how he said as a way to hurt her, “Old and ugly”.

    • Santia says:

      Snowpea – what a beautiful, positive comment.

    • Nicolette says:

      Lovely comment and I agree with everything you said. Despite her bombshell persona and years of putting it on display, I think there is a very insecure woman at heart. She needs to find a man who will love her as a person, rather than for having an iconic sex symbol on his arm. I hope she finds him.

    • sills says:

      Very nicely said. I’m all for taking responsibility for our actions, but when I see women like this who partner up with scumbags again and again, I often think there must be some past trauma that’s feeding it. No woman in her right mind would sign up for this kind of abuse unless she’d long ago fallen into a pattern of thinking this is all she deserves.

      It’s a pity because she seems like such a sweet soul. I wish her well.

      • Cindy says:

        I am so glad you commented, so well said. I have also always liked Pam because she seems like a decent, practical person and a very good mom. It is so sad how clear that is to others, but she doesn’t see it and self-destructs by choosing these scary guys. On a shallow note, I think she is quite beautiful still, and I love her shorter white blonde hair.

    • Kitten says:

      I’m not sure she needs to find a man that loves her for who she is. I think she needs to learn to love herself first, or she’s doomed to repeat the same patterns and will likely sabotage every relationship, even one with a great guy.

    • Christin says:

      Each time she hits a low like this, I find myself hoping she will finally turn away from going (back) to another bad choice. Her value seems to be closely tied to her relationship of the moment, and that is sad.

  7. Amy says:

    He’s your ex for a reason.

    Three times???

    I hope she’s able to get out of this with the least amount of embarrassment and personal risk and then seriously seek buckets of therapy.

  8. Maya Memsaab says:

    More like Rick Salmonella. Yuck.

  9. Bridget says:

    Pam has really struggled since the end of her heyday and it’s pretty clear that something is just not right with her. She’s had money troubles too – several years back there was a big problem with the contractors for her house saying they weren’t being paid, and that would certainly account for some of her more dubious romantic choices as of late.

    • Mixtape says:

      Kid Rock said this about her once: It’s a horrible thing to be famous but not rich.

      • Andrea says:

        Did he say this after the divorce? Interesting comment, something to ponder..

      • Mixtape says:

        Yes, it was some interview after the divorce. He actually spoke very kindly of her but said he is conservative with his money because he knows his heyday is over and needs to make it last for the rest of his life, and that spending philosophy didn’t match with her desire to have nice things and put on a show. Implicit in there was the fact that she had no money of her own and was spending his.

      • Andrea says:

        Wow, that sounds actually very practical of him. I like men who are conservative with their money. Men who spend like crazy are a huge turnoff because you know they will be broke long before they retire. Sounds like she has a lot of issues.

      • Bridget says:

        It’s also the ONLY reason that would explain why she would stay with Scuzzbag Solomon.

  10. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I’m sure she can be quite sweet, and her love of animals is well known. But a person doesn’t attract this many crazies without being a least a bit crazy themself. I have a feeling that the reality if the situation is somewhere in between what she says and what he says. I feel sorry for her tho, she has spoken of being abused young, and I think it has really warped her view of relationships and self-value. It’s sad that she hasn’t seemed to really work thru those issues to successfully have a healthy relationship, especially when as a parent.

    • Artemis says:

      But a person doesn’t attract this many crazies without being a least a bit crazy themself.

      She has been abused since a young age, that would drive anybody ‘crazy’.

      There are a lot of young women/girls who had a safe upbringing with a support network and who despite all that, still fall victim to an abuser. It’s not about attracting bad men, it’s about bad men targeting women and ruining their self-worth once they know the woman is attached to them in some way. From there one, the poison just spreads.

      Anderson was already vulnerable, it’s a shame she still struggles to value herself which says a lot about the pain she still has. She’s a great person so I hope she gets help.

      • wolfpup says:

        Sometimes women just need to be held, until the life starts coming back into their bodies…

        It’s our culture that is crazy – and there are men who believe in ownership of a woman’s’ sexuality, to enhance their power, and women who believe that is their ticket for establishment of being. Not everyone appreciates that we were people before we were 12, *in and of ourselves* – and sexuality is precious, when it occurs *for ourselves*, ever after.

      • Cindy says:

        Artemis- well said.

      • Bridget says:

        There’s been a difference in her since around the time she actually married Kid Rock. Armchair psychology here, but she seemed to derive a lot of worth as an adult from being admired and physically appealing, and once she passed her peak the loss of that physical self worth (especially in a celebrity culture that doesn’t see a lot of worth for women past the age of 35) had to have been a devastating blow to her already very fragile psyche. Because for the past 5 years or so, she’s seemed like a sad ghost, to the point where it’s painful to see her public appearances and to see the choices that she’s made.

  11. Ellie66 says:

    Ugh he is a double douchebag! What is he famous for? Pam just needs to be single for awhile get a hobby woman! She was married to Kid Rock yet another douchebag!

  12. Mzizkrizten says:

    Rick sounds nuts for sure. I gotta say though, I bet ol’ Pammy isn’t the poster girl for sanity, either.

  13. the blonde one says:

    Pam Anderson is one of those people that I just want to be best friends with/big sister to so I can find ways to make her realize she’s a wonderful person with so much more to offer the world than her looks. I realize she’s a grown woman but there’s something so vulnerable and sweet about her. She’s also passionate, smart, driven and I’ve never heard anyone say a mean word about her (I’m not including the dirtbags she’s attracted to). We all have our demons- I wish she had the confidence in herself to conquer a few of hers.

  14. funcakes says:

    I’m more concerned for her sons. Has there ever been a period of time so her children can get to know these men.

    It seems she date for a weekend and marry by Monday.

    I think children smell the douchery ahead of time.

  15. Lalala says:

    I absolutely agree with some of the comments above that she does seem sweet and harmless. It is terrible what she went through as a child and then as an adult, when she was being exploited. The media definitely reported her as a sex siren but I think that, for sure, gave an impetus to her career and she enjoyed that. She just took her sex siren image a little too seriously and kept to that instead of doing better things/ moving forward. Many years later, she still is seen milking that same image. She struggled but doing all the wrong things, and people then never took her seriously. And then her terrible choice in men just ruined things even more. She never took herself out of those situations. Today its just sad to see her all grown and still seeking validation from bad boyfriends. And ‘she had begged him to get her pregnant’? I don’t know …but that relationship doesn’t seem right.

    This reminds me of Kate Upton – I hope she is a smart business woman and does well in the years to come. I say this because she is on a career high now showing off her boobs. But how long will she be able to continue before a new PYT with boobs comes along and Terry Richards has also moved on?

    • Inner stillness says:

      I see a bit of this in JLO and Halle Berry, questionable partner choices and continued bad relationships.
      JLO and Halle have good careers though, but their personal lives always seems questionable, in flux or full of disruption.

      Don’t know enough about Upton’s personal life yet, only time will tell, she may be fine in realtionships.
      All I know of Upton is she comes from an extremely wealthy and well connected family business.

    • Bridget says:

      Kate Upton has commented on the fact that men seem to view her as a prize or a trophy, and don’t always treat her though she’s an actual person. Can you imagine what that would do to someone as vulnerable as Pam Anderson, and what it would do to someone to have that then taken away as she’s gotten older?

  16. Lucy says:

    What an awful situation. I hope she’s okay.

  17. JenniferJustice says:

    It goes both ways. She dishes on all the awful stuff he does to her but remains mum re what she does and I’m sure she is just as crazy as he is. I get that she was abused and it damaged her, but she’s made a career, a lifetime of being a sex symbol. She did that to herself. She keeps hooking up with known cheaters and womanizers. It’s not just that she sees herself as a sexual object, but she also thinks she’s so much more beautiful than these guys’ regulars, that she can beat everybody out and be their one and only. It doesn’t work that way. They continue to cheat and degrade her and she just ends up feeling worse about herself. She would do well to get counseling and stay single for a very long time – until she’s healed.

    That is the compassionate side of me talking. The less compassionate side of me remembers she was f—–king Tommy while he was still with Heather Locklear and she didn’t feel bad for her. She rubbed it in her face for years and brought two kids into this world with skanky Tommy Lee for a father and herself, an emotional wreck for a mother. She continued to sell herself as a sex symbol and hook up with trash after trash through these boy’s lives. I feel sorry for people with problems that stemmed from abuse or bad childhoods, but at what point are they held accountable for their actions as adults?

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      She was molested by a relative from ages 6-10, raped repeatedly by a different relative around 12, I think, and her “boyfriend” set her up to be gang raped by his friends as a teenager. So, from 6 years old, she was treated as a sexual object, used and abused by people she trusted. Is it really any wonder that she was not recovered by her late teens and early twenties, and thought her only value was as a sex object? This vision of herself as a joke and an object was rewarded by approval and fame. I get what you’re saying about needing to take responsibility for yourself at some point. My sister still blames every bad decision she ever made on my parents, and it drives me nuts. And what she did to Heather Locklear sounds inexcusable – I didn’t know about that. But I really do think that she went through more than her share of suffering, and from such a tiny, vulnerable being of six. It makes me sad for her, and doesn’t surprise me that it would take her until her forties to start getting her stuff together.

      • apointlessexercise says:

        Agreed, GNAT. And sad to say that when I found out some of those things, I wasn’t too surprised. Some of her actions made sense in that context.

        That’s part of why I’ve never understood the level of hostility she gets. I hope she’s on her way to finding peace and happiness.

    • Kitten says:

      The first paragraph is the “compassionate” side of you talking?


    • JenniferJustice says:

      I guess I still don’t see her getting it together. She’s divorcing him again and seeking a restraining order. Let’s hope she sees it all through, but NOT to turn around and get with another abusive loser! She has yet to break her pattern.

      And, yes, the first paragraph was me trying to be understanding of her history and circumstances. I’ve known many women who were molested in their childhood, including me. All I ever wanted was real love, security and stability. That’s what’s most victims want. I can’t relate to the ones who constantly seek attention and to be every man’s wet dream. If she showed any signs of NOT wanting sexual attention, I would be more sympathetic, but she never stops. And she still has boys – maybe somewhat grown now – but still her children who see every gross thing she does. That is selfish on her part. I won’t be overly sympathetic to a person who continues to put their own wants and needs before their children.

      • Chicky says:

        JenniferJustice it is very common for teenager and adults who were abused to be excessively sexual and use their sexuality as a tool or a weapon. It is also common for children who are abused to be hyper sexual.
        Just because someone want’s something, security and stability as you say, doesn’t mean the tools are in place to bypass wiring that got messed with at ages where self esteem and sexuality are fragile. Pamela is a good example of that kind of faulty and unhealed approach to herself and her world and I believe people do what they can when they can to work their stuff out. Her needing sexual attention is still part of that wiring that her self worth is dependent on it. She deserves empathy..I understand the conflict being in my 40s, things change. I do think she chooses these men to perpetuate her appearing victim so hopefully she grows up on that level and see’s her part in the dynamic which i’m sure is significant. Rick Salomon probably has a funky background too full of abuse and pain.
        Getting her self worth from others and her sex symbol status worked during her youth, She got the validation she needed not to have to do serious work on her inner self which would result in better choices in men inner 40’s.

        Aging is a humbling experience and I hope for her its a gift that offers her the space from keeping up images to take the time and courage to look inward to grow, instead of trying to do patchwork on the outside.

  18. Jayna says:

    Pam is just as crazy. She used to go on Howard Stern and bash one of her exes, and you believed her, and that she was the innocent. Then she would be on to the next guy and then later hate them and then suddenly the first ex she hated would be her best friend, or back with them. Then the next ex would be her best friend as she bashed her latest guy. Then she would hate all of them again and make snide comments. Then love some of them again and rave about them. The pattern became telling how she always had to be so passive-aggressive in interviews about them, but it became white noise because she played games with her loser husbands and boyfriends.

    She’s passive aggressive and is as nutty as the guys she hooks up with and recycles when she’s mad at another one.

  19. Andrea says:

    This is a sad story for many reasons: She clearly appears to have a repeated pattern with men who probably adore her physical appearance at first only to want to posses her, are bothered by other men looking at her, and ultimately abuse her. I really hope she gets help for this bit, because I’ve had a lot of friends go through this too, but at her age, its bordering on pathetic and sad. Can you imagine listening to her as her friend?

    The other thing that disturbed me was when she first published that poem. I re-read it today and it is startling true I believe on how she views the world, herself, etc.

    I really hope we don’t hear too many stories of this regarding her. I really wish the best for her.

    I wonder what Shannon Doherty has to say about Rick?

  20. LAK says:

    I really want to know how people become abusers. If the answer is that they were abused themselves, isn’t it enough to go through that without playing it forward? And why as a society do we tolerate abuse? Why does someone have to die before people stop making the excuses that allowed the accused to abuse? And why don’t we teach people, male and women NOT to accept abuse. Zero tolerance. No excuse given, beyond psychopathy, is acceptable for abuse, and even there, we remove or should remove those individuals from society.

    • Andrea says:

      Sadly, we as a society blame victims often and let the abusers get away with it. Until that changes, we will continue to allow abusers to get away with it.

      • wolfpup says:

        When men in high places, can be accused of a crime (Duke of York), and his mere denial is considered just, society continues it’s slumber, and men keep believing that they can get away with it. We need feminists.

  21. jferber says:

    In a way, Pam reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. I also think she looks beautiful in the gold gown (non sequiter). She seems so very vulnerable and fragile. Is there ever a way to heal herself after the trauma and tragedy of her childhood years? Once broken, always broken? How does she make herself whole again? I’d bet she’s been through therapy already, or has been in therapy for years. It’s not a cure-all.

    • wolfpup says:

      Perhaps if she stopped letting men beat her up, she would have a chance to heal. It is natural to heal.

  22. Jellybean says:

    She needs to stop fighting for seals rights and start fighting for her own rights

  23. Tessa says:

    Poor pammy
    I very much doubt that in her late 40s she is perpetually getting knocked up, and anyway so what?
    Also doesn’t she have Hep b/c or something? Maybe she didn’t want to pass it on to her child? Or maybe she didnt want a baby with a complete arse of a father?
    Why does she keep marrying these idiots?
    All she needs is some self esteem
    And a good brow gel