Alicia Vikander plans on attending the Oscars next year to support ‘three films’


Who does Alicia Vikander look like on the April cover of W Magazine? It’s driving me crazy. Some say Lea Michele, but I think it might be more… Natalie Portman? Maybe a little bit of Keira Knightley thrown in there too. The Portman-Knightley comparisons are probably apt – at the tender age of 26, Alicia is going to “arrive” in a big way this year, with six major releases coming out in the next nine months or so. I’m sure she’ll be called “the new Natalie Portman” or something like that. Plus, Alicia is going to get increasing gossip buzz this year because she’s still very much “with” Michael Fassbender. She says as much to W Magazine. You can read the full piece here, and here are some highlights:

Fassbender is her boyfriend: A few months ago, she completed The Light Between Oceans, directed by Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine), in which she and Michael Fassbender play a couple who tend a lighthouse on a remote island off the Western coast of Australia. During the making of the movie, Vikander and Fassbender began dating, and, although she wouldn’t discuss the relationship when we met, she had just returned from a long weekend in San Francisco, where Fassbender was filming Steve Jobs.

Working with Eddie Redmayne on The Danish Girl (Redmayne plays artist Einar Wegener and Alicia plays his wife: “They were both artists. My studio model doesn’t show up one day, so I ask my husband to put on stockings and high heels to replace her. He says no. But my character persists. And then, they kind of enjoy that reverse-gender game together for a while. But it quickly turns serious. The movie is really about the fear of losing someone you love.”

She thinks she’s going to be at the Oscars next year: “Next year, the Oscars will be interesting. If all goes well, I’m going to have three films in contention. I’ve had many years of working a lot without being in the public eye. And that’s been good. But by this time next year, I think things are going to change. I expect to be busy. I’m ready to be a bit more known.”

[From W Magazine]

You know what this reminds me of? Jessica Chastain’s sudden rise out of nowhere about four years ago. Chastain had that kind of year too, where she had like six major film roles and everyone in Hollywood was blown away by her range as an actress. Anyway, I think Alicia is playing everything pretty well. She seems like a self-contained, discreet young woman. It’s a bit bold to openly say that you’re planning on being at next year’s Oscars to support three of your films, but it’s also pretty refreshing, isn’t it? If she was a man saying that, most people wouldn’t bat an eye.


Photos courtesy of Willy Vanderperre/W Magazine.

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  1. Allie says:

    I don’t know why, but I’m a bit put off by her. I think its a too early to be talking about your relationship with Fassy, and a bit presumptuous to talk about the Oscars. She’s too smug for my tastes, but good luck to her.

    • Dońt kill me i'm french says:


    • Harryg says:

      Agree. The tone is annoyingly entitled.

    • Misti64 says:


      And what will she do if NONE of these movies go to the Oscars??!1
      Yes it could happen……………

    • maleficent says:

      Yes! And she was super smug dating Alexander Skarsgard too. The whole “she won’t talk about dating him but yet letting it be known for interviews that she just came from visiting the city he’s filming in”
      She also seems to have the paps on speed dial like the boz did too!
      Saying she’s going to have 3 films in Oscar contention next year??
      Well she has been rumored to be one of “Harvey’s Girls” for awhile now. She has done a lot of miramax films in the typical cute girl role. And we know in order to get those cupcake girl parts you have to let Harvey thoroughly vet you *cough*

      • kyrst says:

        This is a bit nasty,sorry.. Weinstein is a distributor of just one of her films,and her role in that film is not even “oscar-baity”. This girl was the lead actress of an Oscar nominated film three years ago,she has won what is considered the Swedish Oscar five years ago.. I guess she’s not coming out of nowhere. Ah,in the last three months she has been receiving raves for two indie films that have nothing to do with Mr. Weinstein.

      • itsnighttimehere says:

        I thought the alex rumors were just that, rumors?

      • Lost account says:

        This woman speaks 4 completely different foreign languages and can act circles around most Hollywood actresses in each one. You should actually watch one of her acclaimed films before insisting that she’s only getting famous for servicing Weistein. What’s the excuse for all the other foreign MEN who also got famous and had Weinstein films. Oh yeah, they are men so it must have been due to their talent women on the other hand have no talent expect for servicing men.

      • cr says:

        I’m not sure how she could have been super smug about dating Skarsgard since they never dated and she never said they did.

      • ava7 says:

        @maleficent: Well, she’s an award winning actress throughout Sandinavia. She’s been in dozens of wonderful films, has a wide range, and in fact is a very talented actress. Considering her acting chops and all the awards she’s won, I don’t think she needs to *cough* be vetted by anyone.

    • ava7 says:

      She’s from Sweden. She’s been very well known there for at least 5 years. They don’t have the same kind of PR training and aren’t as media savvy as American/Hollywood actresses.

    • Maxine7 says:

      She reminds me of a younger version of Kristin Davis.

      Smug…maybe…but definitely entitled. She reminds me if my students when I teach a class graded on a curve and they come to me knowing they should have gotten an A. Well yes maybe you turned in a great paper but if 10 other students turned in better papers well….you get the point. I’m sure Amy Adams thought she would be at the Oscars last year too…. Probably should have been but I never heard her say anything like this….

  2. Miss Gloss says:

    Olivia Palermo?

  3. Abigail says:

    I suspect she’ll tone down the frankness a bit; and of course, English isn’t her first language, so she may have spoken more bluntly than she meant to!
    I like her, and she’s a good actor.

    • StormsMama says:


    • Issus says:

      I’m not saying it’s wrong of her to be blunt or less than humble. But I’m Swedish too and I think most swedes would be able to phrase something like that the way they intend. I doubt something got lost in translation.

    • Nya says:

      Uh most Swedes have a better grasp of English than Americans/Brits.

    • maleficent says:

      She had been speaking English since she was a child. You tube her there is Nothing Wrong with her English

      • Abigail says:

        English is her third language, at least. I have to work in a foreign language much of the time, and believe me, I miss some of the nuances in that language that a native speaker would not miss. It’s not about getting the accent right; it’s about understanding the idioms.

  4. Mispronounced Name Dropper says:

    She reminds me of Lana Del Rey.

  5. Alex says:

    Doesn’t matter- man Or woman, I don’t like smugness and she’s Just smug. Totally diffrent from knowing your worth and be sure of the quality of your work. She’s Too Young and Too irrelevant to do that. Older, experienced and well-known acrors Or actresses can allow themselves to say that. And I feel Hollywood doesn’t like smugness Too so she can be surprised…

    • epiphany says:

      She really needs to play the Fassbender thing a lot more discreetly, or she’s in for a fall. Fassbender is hardly renowned for his monogamous nature; I doubt he’s spending his evenings alone while Alicia is doing magazine shots and bragging about dating him.
      Good actress, though.

      • Meow Mix says:

        She didn’t even mention Fassbender. It was the person writing the article.

      • Nya says:

        durrr she didn’t even mention him though?

      • maleficent says:

        But her people most likely made sure they mentioned it. Very common PR trick.
        Plausible Deniability. “She didn’t say she was dating Fassbender but she did just come back from the Exact Same City that he’s filming in!!!” – unnamed source.
        This is how All celebrities large and barely recognizable work. Well “they didn’t say it” but that unnamed source did. So the backlash on celebrity is minimal.

      • ava7 says:

        I don’t think she’s “playing” at anything. She’s in a relationship with a man she met at work. She’s a very celebrated actress throughout Scandinavia and has won many awards! Why would she be playing “the Fassbender thing”?? She didn’t even mention him in the interview! Damn. You people are mean as hell.

    • Talie says:

      It made me think that she and Fassbender probably discuss this a lot. Even after all his protests about not caring after he was embarrassed by the poor showing for Shame.

  6. INeedANap says:

    I respect her ambition. I’m tired of us women having to pretend “oh little old me? I just happened upon all these degrees and awards, tee hee! I’m sorry!”

    She spoke about the Oscars as a goal she’s working toward, not something she expects to be handed to her. It’s realistic and refreshing.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Lol@ little ole me?

    • Anne says:

      Refreshing like a wind at Chernobyl

    • EC says:

      Totally agree. I have no problems with this interview. AS IF all actors aren’t secretly hoping that their movies will lead them to the Oscars, either with their own nomination or just to support their movie. She is just saying what everyone else is thinking.

    • ell says:

      I love ambition and determination as well, but the way she words it is a bit weird… “I expect things are gonna change” does sound a bit pretentious and that’s not the same as being ambitious.

    • MtnRunner says:

      INAN – agree. She knows that there are several films that could get her campaigning during Oscar season and is preparing for the possibility. Nothing wrong with stating what any other actor would be doing in her situation. Being aware that her life will change as a result of the exposure doesn’t make her smug.

      What she and no one else can predict is whether she’ll burn brightly for a short time, burn out and be forgotten or whether good roles will keep coming her way and she can sustain the success. That’s anyone’s guess at this point.

  7. Renee28 says:

    She rubs me the wrong way. Man or woman saying you’re planning on going to the Oscars next year is just tacky. I’ll laugh if nothing pans out for her.

    • lila fowler says:

      Like Chastain, actually. She had 4 films in contention, two that were critically acclaimed. She got SQUAT, save for an MVP of Film award (LOL) at the Critics Choice Awards. Hilarious.

    • DaysandNightsonair says:

      Imagine she had said she wouldn’t go or she had said she didn’t know yet.
      That would sound ridiculous as well given the movies she has in the pipeline.

      She is a bit blunt, yes.
      “Rubs me the wrong way” – maybe. Each time I see her nose I start wondering … did she or didn’t she?

  8. Anne says:

    I find her arrogant like she thinks that she’s overdue for a Oscar nom. Please!

    • Sarah says:

      Where did she say she’s getting nominated? She’s obviously in 3 Oscar baity films that’ll attract noms, NOT that she is receiving anything.

      Get it girl! Focus on what you want and work for it

      • John says:

        She said ” Next year, the Oscars will be interesting. If all goes well, I’m going to have three films in contention. I’ve had many years of working a lot without being in the public eye. And that’s been good. But by this time next year, I think things are going to change. I expect to be busy. I’m ready to be a bit more known.”
        She sounds arrogant. She wants fame and seems desperate. Not a wise thing to do. She’s already backlash

      • ican'tsnap says:

        Yeah, I think people are reading “in contention” as “will be nominated.” She’s saying she might have 3 films in the mix next award season… not that she expects the 3 to receive Oscar nominations.

      • Gretchen says:

        @Sarah & ican’tsnap
        That’s how I read her comments too – that she is in oscar-baity films and that the increased exposure of being in those films will lead her to more opportunities, not that she specifically will be nominated.

        I doubt that any actor who wants to keep working and – more importantly – have meaty roles in good projects operates any differently.

      • Granger says:

        Yes! She didn’t actually say she’s going to be at the Oscars because SHE’s going to be nominated — she said she expects to be there to support three films that she’s in. Meaning, she expects those three films to be in contention for Academy Awards, not necessarily that SHE HERSELF will be in contention. That’s how I took it, anyway.

  9. lea says:

    Alicia, you’re as dull as dead lobster

    • Ethelreda says:

      Agree. Supposedly she’s a great actress – I’ve only seen her in the terrible ”Anna Karenina’ so can’t comment – but she really is very bland. And not that pretty either. Without make-up she looks like a schoolgirl.

      • ican'tsnap says:

        Honestly she (with Domnall Gleeson) was the best thing about Anna Karenina. And she was great in A Royal Affair with Mads Mikkelson.

        And “not that pretty”, REALLY???

        I’m not a crazed fan, but I watch a lot of foreign films so I’ve been aware of her, and knew she was about to become a big deal. It’s hilarious to me how everyone seems to have decided to hate the new girl, based on so little.

      • Ethelreda says:

        ”And “not that pretty”, REALLY??? ”

        Yes. Really. Obviously my opinion – I’m not saying anyone has to agree. Sure, with make up, designer gowns and photoshop she looks pretty, but in candid, make up free pics I’ve seen she looks quite ordinary. And very, very young.

        ”I’t’s hilarious to me how everyone seems to have decided to hate the new girl, based on so little. ”

        Hate? Not me. I said she may very well be a great actress, but she seems a bit meh to me. That’s not ‘hate’. And she’s been around for severaI years, so she’s hardIy ‘new’.

      • Orly says:

        Why comment on her looks at all? Good grief. So many of the women who comment on this site are crabs in a bucket. How dare she be ambitious when she’s NOT EVEN THAT PRETTY? Do you even hear yourself? Sickening to think how many of you are raising children.

      • ava7 says:

        Why does an extremely talented actress have to simultaneously be a supermodel? I’ve seen her in Swedish and Danish films and thing she’s actually quite beautiful. I think it’s really interesting how women are always complaining about the pressure to be thin and photoshopping and blah blah blah. Yet they tear apart perfectly beautiful and talented young women for being “bland”.

  10. Birdie says:

    Reminds me of Alyssa Milano on the cover.

  11. Naddie says:

    She also resembles Adele on the cover.

  12. danielle says:

    That first picture? She reminds me alot of Reese Witherspoon.

  13. yuyka says:

    On the cover she looks like they merged faces of Blair Waldorf and Serena Vanderwoodsen.

  14. chantal says:

    Oscar? But, I don’t know her ,I’ve never seen her before.

  15. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    In the first picture – Reese Witherspoon.

    She’s really pretty. I love the way she’s styled in these pictures. Reminds me of grade school.

  16. Sixer says:

    The cover has a slight vibe of Keeley Hawes or Kristin Scott Thomas. But in other images I’ve seen, she actually looks like neither.

  17. emilie says:

    Is it just me, or does she have the same look on her face?Really she is an actress

  18. Dorothy#1 says:

    She looks like Helena Bonham Carter on the cover.

  19. Jess says:

    How is this girl in anything? She’s so wooden in everything I’ve seen her in, I don’t get it. I wasn’t surprised to see that she’s playing a robot in one of those films.

  20. Livan says:

    I used to work with her father a couple of years back. He was quite sure she was gonna make it big in the future, and that she was very ambitious, really living for this job. Her father is a really great psychiatrist with a theatrical flare, but i I can’t believe how he could have such a pretty daughter!

  21. Helo says:

    Well…she better hope it all pans out! (LOL!).

    Arrogant, smug and presumptuous as can be that’s for sure.

  22. Lucy2 says:

    I can admire the ambition and being confident about the films, but there was probably a more diplomatic way to say it. And my reaction would be the same if a man said it.

  23. Morgan says:

    She looks like a cross between Carey Mulligan and Natalie Portman.

  24. Helo says:

    Vikander was in Seventh Son, right?…where she was described in review after review as pretty but bland as hell.

    I actually had to sit through that film and said aloud in the theater to my companion that Vikander had all the emotional range of a California Redwood.

    Oscars???…well, as the Zen Master said:

    We’ll see.

    • kyrst says:

      Nobody has described her as bland.. that film was horrible ansd she had a small role. Son of a gun is another of her films,another not so great film,and I’ve seen at least three major critics pointing her performance out,even if she had a very small role in that film too.

  25. Nya says:

    “but it’s also pretty refreshing, isn’t it?”

    No, it’s arrogant. People have been saying she’s the “next big thing” for like three years now, and she’s bought into her own hype. Maybe one of her films this year will be a huge hit and it’ll be nominated for an Oscar. But maybe all of them will flop. It’s off putting when ANYONE says that, man or woman.

    • Nya says:

      And just to add, she didn’t use to be like this…..Fassbender’s bad attitude seems to be rubbing off on her unfortunately.

      • ell says:

        probably. chances are if she’s with him she’s not that dissimilar.

      • kyrst says:

        Bad attitude? LOL He’s probaboy the most unpretentious actor working right now. Some people write stupid things just for the sake of it.

    • Abigail says:

      Fassbender is one of the most honest actors out there in regard to the oscar. He admitted that he campaigned for Shame, that he bought into his own hype, and that only after he was not nominated did he realize he had gotten “a good little lesson,” as he put it. He decided not to campaign again, and openly said that he would not. I don’t see the “bad attitude” in that, but a refreshingly frank self-appraisal.

      • Kiki says:

        @abigail. I happen to agree, but I will add a little bit more to what it is said. I think Michael Fassbender is one of the most talented actors out there, and yes he bought into his own hype, which if he was smart at the time, he shouldn’t. But either way, although he is very talented, after seeing his interview with people of the press, I think Micheal Fassbender is the most humble and sweetest man, which is why I fell madly in love with him (p.s I am not obsessed).

        Anyway, and this girl. Right now, I knew something about her wasn’t right. Maybe it’s the interview was the worst or she is just an arrogant, rich little girl who just feels lucky ( and maybe, I envy her) but I don’t like people who are smug, arrogant and narcissist. Maybe it’s just the interview. I am sure she is good actress but his humble personality and her ambitious smugness is like oil and water.

        And I still give it 2 years or less. I’m Not buying the “casually dating” bullshit or secret redeavous anything.

  26. Joanne_S says:

    I see I’m not the only one who feels put off by her somehow.

    As for the cover photo, I can see some resemblance to Mia Wasikowska, for some reason which I can’t quite fathom myself:)
    And yep, now that you guys mentioned it, there definitely is a bit of the American Citizen in there too.

  27. Steef says:

    Weirdly I think she looks like a cross between Natalie Portman and Jenna Leigh Green who played Libby in the first series of Sabria the Teenage Witch

  28. Naddie says:

    Man, I’ve read her statements. Where’s the arrogance? I only see a person aiming for something she wants. Unless she’s a really bad actress, I have to disagree with most people here.

    • jwoolman says:

      I feel the same way. I don’t see any arrogance. She’s talking about her projects and speculating that they’re good enough that they may be considered for the award. If so, she’ll be there to support them. What is she supposed to say? Just talk about who made her clothes? Or actually have confidence in her work and her competence to get a broader audience and bigger roles? I doubt very much that people would react badly to a guy saying similar things. There’s a cultural bias against women talking honestly about their talents, we’re supposed to hang back and downplay our abilities and accomplishments. Just like in school where the girls were supposed to hide their intelligence or else the boys wouldn’t like them.

  29. Evyn says:

    Hasn’t she been a “who’s next” for like five years now?

    She is more like a “who’s fetch”.

  30. viki says:

    She is so unrecognizable with make up. She always seems to look like a completely different person….compared to her natural looking face, she looks better without make up, I think.

    • celsi says:

      She loks like every other Swedish girl I see on the streets everyday. Pretty but very ordinary-like 75% of the swedishgirls her age is some variation of her looks.

  31. OriginalTessa says:

    Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf was my first thought seeing the cover.

  32. Adrien says:

    If you superimpose Natalie Portman’s face on JLo or Emilia Clarke, you get Alicia. She reminds me of Asia Argento though.

  33. Gill B says:

    She really is talented – I saw the Royal Affair recently and she impressed me a lot. Also, in her defence, the way Oscar campaigns play out nowadays she may be simply stating a fact, i.e. that she’s in three films that are going to be sold to the Academy as prime Oscar bait.

  34. meme says:

    so Michael Fassbender’s girlfriend is going to be in three Oscar contenders this year? so much smug for one unknown, unproven actress.

    • ava7 says:

      She is in no way “unproven”. She’s an award winning actress in Scandinavia and is very well known.

  35. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I LOVE Cianfrance.

  36. Marianne says:

    I have already heard really amazing stuff about Ex Machina, so if it does live up that could end up being a contender (but then again – its a sci-fi film and the academy rarely rewards that).

    Yeah, it is pretty bold for her to say that. And it might come off as “smug” to some. But, I think its good that she is that passionate about the work she did and that she has such a positive attitude that they are really good. I actually think it makes for smart marketing strategy. People might get catch that “Oscar Buzz” early and want to check out these films now.

  37. smcollins says:

    I admire her confidence and that she’s not pulling the fake modesty crap that so many other actor/actresses seem to do, but yeah…she needs to reign it in a bit. There’s a fine line between confidence and smugness, and she just tripped over it.

  38. Livealot says:

    LOVE the look and styling of these photos. She’s gorgeous.

  39. Ally8 says:

    She is a great actress, but I worry that her style is too naturalistic and subtle for Hollywood to appreciate. They still like obviousness or showboating: Acting! (Jon Lovitz SNL character voice)

    That’s why physical transformations — prosthetic noses, losing weight, playing sick or handicapped people, or the “bravest” one of all (sniff) “uglying up” — still reliably win you an Oscar.

    • Gill B says:

      I get your point about naturalistic acting. I remember Jennifer Lawrence saying in an interview that she’d received vanishingly few offers after her (very subtle) performance in Winter’s Bone, despite her Oscar nomination, and it was only when she began to to do glamour shoots and so on that studio roles began to come in. Having said that, Vikander is obviously in massive demand – and not just for indie and Oscar bait movies, she’s appearing in Guy Ritchie’s Men from UNCLE remake in the summer.

  40. retrocycled says:

    Dianna agron for sure

  41. tc says:

    She’s so plain to me. One of those people who are considered beautiful because there’s nothing “wrong” with her face, but there’s nothing striking about it, either. You’d forget her the second you looked away. That could work in her favor as a character actress, but it will probably stop her from being a star.

    (And spare me the “she doesn’t want to be a Hollywood star” nonsense. She wouldn’t be doing the photoshoots, the interviews – or the Fassbender – if she wasn’t aching for fame.)

  42. I Choose Me says:

    Dunno know her or her work but I’m very interested in the Eddie Redmayne film about Lili Elbe so I’ll be checking to see if she can act.

    Doubt she’ll still be with Fassbender by this time next year, he’s not known for long term monogamy but I ain’t mad at her for hitting it. Get it girl.

  43. manta says:

    I read her comments as those of someone who understands the business she’s in and has obviously done her homework.
    One of her movies is by Cianfrance, a generally well received director by the critics, who directed a superb and nominated performance for Michelle Williams.
    Another one is written by an Oscar winner (Stoppard), with two Oscar winners (Waltz and Judi Dench). In a third she has Bradley Cooper for a costar, the current Academy golden child (and Emma Thompson too).

    It doesn’t seem so far fetched to imagine one/all of these projects may catch the attention of the Academy, hence her word contention not necessarily nomination.
    Maybe I have a soft spot for her because of A royal affair, though Mads Mikkelsen obviously made the strongest impression on me.

    • Josefa says:

      This. Getting an Oscar nom nowadays is almost mathematical. Big studio? Oscar baity story? Respected directors and screenwriters? Starring previous Oscar contenders? Yup, it’s very likely at least one of her films will be nominated.

  44. I remember that she was linked to Alexander Skarsgard two years ago. That’s it. That’s all I know about her. So now she’s with Fassy and will have three movies in contention come awards season. Ok. Sure. I’ll just be over here waiting.

  45. santana says:

    I don’t like her smugness and the way she’s playing that Fassbender thing. I think I’ve read somewhere that she slept with other famous costars in her previous films, so I guess that she’s trying so hard to make her career happen and that includes the quintessential costar romance. Personally I don’t find her beautiful and I haven’t seen her in anything.

  46. Nance says:

    How does she knows her movies will be in contention or awards materia?

    I can’t with people who do movies for the awards like it’s number one priority. There is selling a movie and “selling a movie”.

    It makes me think of Xavier Dolan, his movies are decents and all, but he goes insane in media when his movies are not nominated, cry for the injustice etc, urgh.

    Awards awards awards… Do good movies for the sake of making good movies, not just for the flowers and a pat on the shoulder, gee.

    • Josefa says:

      The Oscars are awfully predictable. If it’s a big studio and an oscar-baity film, odds are it will be nominated for something.

  47. Josefa says:

    I feel like ya’ll get annoyed so easily. If anything, I found this interview boring. And what’s so wrong about her comment on the Oscars? The Oscars are painfully predictable, people start making predictions as soon as July! If she has THREE films that could end up in contention, her attendance at the Oscars next year is only logical. I’m not even talking ambition – it’s just the most logical outcome.

    Pretty girl, competent actress (from what I’ve seen). No shade from me.

    • Marianne says:

      Oh even earlier than that honey. Go on some imdb boards, and there people ALREADY talking about possible contenders.

  48. Schmo says:

    I don’t think The Danish Girl is going to be a good film. Tom Hooper does not have the sensibilities to direct the story, which is evident in him casting a man in the role of Lili Elbe. I cannot believe that Lili Elbe who literally died trying to fulfill her truth as a woman is being played by a fucking man in the movie of her life. It’s embarrassing.

    And ugh the movie “…is really about the fear of losing someone you love…” it should be about the first fucking successful sex reassignment surgery EVER. We don’t have movies about that, but we have plenty about the fear of losing blah blah blah BYE ALICIA.

  49. Domino says:

    Well, for starters, Jessica Chastain never clung to a famous boyfriend for popularity. This chick seems pretty fake.

  50. stacat1 says:

    If she’s been around for so long..she should know you don’t talk that way about Oscars. it puts off that constituency. And ALOT can happen in a year….particularly in Hollywood.
    I think English is not her first language and perhaps she is not really aware how it comes across.

    (and the Fassbender game with the press is silly–but she is very young and playing the “oh I don’t want attention on my personal life..but guess where I just was? – wink wink ” game)

    • maria says:

      what do you mean “Fassbender game”? I haven’t seen anything about them except the usual “said to be dating” bs. And I’m swedish. There’s nothing in the papers here either.

  51. Grace says:

    I don’t find her arrogant at all. I didn’t read the full article, but from what I read on top, she’s not saying she’ll be nominated but that the movies she’s in might be. What’s wrong with that? And in the top picture, she kind of reminds me of Tyra Banks.

  52. Peach says:

    She’s talented but could use a bit of media training. In a way, I can see more now why Fassy’s with her. He’s incredibly ambitious and in his earlier days more open about going after things. His earlier interviews…..well, different from now. I doubt he’ll talk of “Wrecking sweetshops” anymore, lol.

    • kyrst says:

      His first interviews were incredibly sincere,sometimes,but Fassbender is not hungry for people acclaiming him and his work. If now he’s more aware of his public image,it’s normal,now people are offended by EVERYTHING. He’s smart. When he campaigned for Shame he was a nobody,people kept saying him that he was going to be nominated and he NEEDED to do endless promotional tours with McQueen,because without them that film would have gone directly through the VOD route. After Shame I’ve never seen him promoting himself and his works like an attention seeker.

  53. truthseeker says:

    In the full article she says she is ready to be more known. This “actress” is after fame and that is all. She is using Fassy to get it. For a change he is the one being used. This lady cannot act and bores me to tears. Good luck on your plans for world domination Alicia.

  54. kyrst says:

    She is a very good actress,and I’m looking forward to her films this year. I’ve seen her expressing the same concepts before and she worded her thoughts better. I’ve seen and read other interviews with her and she seems very humble,with a strong work ethic,helped by her dance background. I don’t know if something of what she said get lost,but I see just someone acknowledging honestly that some of her films could be in contention and she’ll have a chance to go out to these events to support them. She’s not seeing that she’ll be nominated,or that she deserves awards. Actors know when they are in those kind of films,but most of them like to fake surprise,humility. She’s just talking about hoping to move to a higher stage of her career in general,after working for years and seeing nothing of her work.

  55. lala says:

    Not to bring race into this,but im tired of all these new up and coming caucasian actresses getting all these roles as they gradually become the new faces of hollywood while black actresses continue to struggle. A very good example would be lupita. Hollywood buzzed lupita up and after the hype died down she became another sistah with a minute filmography. I know she has upcoming roles, but nothing really major except 1. but yet we see margot robbie and alicia vikander have all these roles.

    • Schlomo says:

      You’re completely right, tho the role she plays in Danish girl and the Fassbender movie are written for white women (one was a real life white woman).

      Producers in Hollywood need to be eager about black stories, native american stories, Asian stories, stories of not white people! The argument that these stories aren’t being written is bullshit. America’s arguably best author (PP & NP winner Toni!) is a black woman; and then there’s fucking Zadie Smith who is a genius. Why aren’t her novels getting optioned? I respect Lupita for her artistry and her picky-ness, but I must admit like most Yale drama students (excluding Meryl & Viola but including Sigourney and other Yale-ies I know) she comes across as pretentious and somewhat unaware of the world around her. Good actress tho, good actress all of them. And at least she has skill. Alicia is pretty and charismatic, but she doesn’t have anything lasting. Watch that mess Anna Karenina — Keira is a dumb skinny white bitch but she can act, she has something lasting but BYE ALICIA*.

      *Alicia is a perfectly capable actress but there are literally thousands of actresses of color who are better and do not get her opportunities and would never talk about taking a movie to the Oscars that is still in fucking post.

      • Schlomo says:

        I’m sorry Viola went to Juilliard because she is not a peasant like the Devil Wore a Caftan. Ps I j’adore Meryl but she literally dresses like a bag lady.

        Also leave Jessica alone she’s a great actress even if she’s borderline stupid and describes her character in Interstellmess as “super super smart and scientific” srsly glr u r a mess. But she has something Alicia does not have: genuine talent. In fact, she’d make a much better Danish Girl than Eddie Redcarpet. But frankly they should’ve made this movie with Legend, who tried to make this movie for years and is one of the most interesting actresses working; she also knows about surgery.

        *JK I love Meryl.

      • gea says:

        When Anna Karenina came out critics were all praising Alicia Vikander… She’s a better actress than Keira,and one of the better young actresses I’ve seen in the last years. I don’t know what you have seen,honestly.

      • Schmo says:

        You’re right, I was mostly just a little tipsy and taking out my annoyance with this movie on Alicia. She is a fine actress, but she doesn’t have anything over ANY other working actress besides eyebrows.

        She is not a better actress than Keira Knightmare, I won’t agree to that.

      • Schmo says:

        Actually I just confused Alicia with Cara Delevingne so I guess I really don’t care about her. But I will watch A Royal Affair (it’s on Netflix!) because I hear Alicia’s great in it and I am willing to have my mind changed.

  56. Rebecca says:

    She looks like Brunette Reese Witherspoon!

  57. Lucy says:

    I can see that she attended the Jessica Chastain School of Fame Whoring and Oscar Begging… What she said in this interview reminds me of Chastain’s insufferable Golden Globe speech and that “I’ve been struggling for so long” BS when nobody knew her two years before that and all the other nominees had from 15 to 40 years of carrer ahead of hers, what she said was pointless and disrespectful! And she keeps begging for an Oscar every year, going very low to achieve her goal like she did last year using her dead sister, she always play the victim during awards season to make people feel sorry for her and when nobody is talking about her on the media, she makes up a story like when she was “dating” Tom Hiddleston or when she confirmed that she was dating the italian playboy one week before the 2013 Oscars. People are getting tired of her desperate Oscar campaigns and this year she wasn’t nominated despite trying very hard.

    Alicia needs to shut the f*ck up if she wants to be nominated or win an Oscar someday, people can’t stand Oscar beggars like Chastain, Hathaway, Cumberbatch and Melissa Leo, not everyone has Harvey Weinstein to buy you an Oscar even if your performance sucks.

  58. Nuno says:

    Wow–I didn’t know people disliked Chastain that much. That response blows me away.

    She talked about struggling because she’s an older actress who was on the scene for 10 years before she received a good role. She was dead broke and had a hard time. Obviously, she’s grateful for the recognition because she easily could have missed the boat. And, her “dead sister,” as you so callously put it, died from suicide. Chastain supports an anti-suicide group in her sister’s name. I guess you see that as fame-whore pandering. ..because you know her so well. Can you imagine having to survive something like that??? And, of course, we know all about her famous boyfriend because…oh wait, we don’t know much, because she hasn’t said that much about him, and he’s not famous. She also never said she dated Tom Hiddleston. So, your comments there are all off-base. When you have to make up things to further your cynicism and negativity towards someone, then it makes you look odd, to say the least.

    I personally view Chastain as someone who gets her foot stuck in her mouth quite often, but she’s very outspoken in support of women and minorities in film, even if it doesn’t earn her any PR points. I find her to be brave in that regard. Very few actresses will criticize Hollywood, like Chastain. I personally love that about her, and I also like her Twitter feed. To each his own, I guess? 🙂

  59. Bea says:


  60. Beezers says:

    She says that she’ll have 3 movies at the Oscars next year. I read that as she thinks that 3 of her movies are good enough to be in contention. She didn’t say that it was because of her. There’s nothing wrong with thinking that you’ve been in an Oscar worthy film.

    The only time I’ve heard of her before this is because the PR for Ex Machina recently caused some furor. Apparently, they had the character sign up for Tinder, and the people who texted with her didn’t know right at the beginning that it wasn’t the real woman they were speaking to, but just the character, who was “played” by someone else.

    I’m not impressed with those pictures. She looked a lot better in the news stories about the Tinder furor.

  61. Wheeze says:

    I still think this is all strategic. When you do automatically get rose petals flung at your feet like JLaw, you stir up a little annoying controversy. At least you’re getting coverage. I don’t mind Vikander; she’s been solid in all the films she’s been in and she speaks with impeccable US and UK accents. I am looking forward to the film with Oscar Issac in which she plays a robot siren.

    Please leave Jessica alone. She’s professional and determined and at least she’s not Kim Kardashian or GOOP (impossibly stupid or incredibly bubble-raised, respectively). Good actress who has a career strategy and is fairly open about it. Great red carpet choices to boot for those of us who like glamour. If you want to get annoyed by Oscar talk, please look up the one-role actress with the sleazy father, Allison Williams. Here’s a chick who hasn’t proven herself by any measure talking about having Oscar plans. Yep.

  62. M.A.F. says:

    I only know of her because of the two actors she has been linked with and that is saying something. And after reading through all of the comments about who she looks like is also very telling.

  63. Schlomo says:

    also why aren’t more people outraged about the casting of Danish Girl? It’s like Memoirs of a Geisha. They cast a Chinese girl as a Japanese girl and people act like it’s nothing? It’s not nothing and everybody is missing the point.

    • **sighs** says:

      But if the story is about her before the surgery, wouldn’t it make more sense to cast a man? Since she was still a man?

      • Schmo says:

        No. You’re missing the point. People who transition are not one gender one minute and another gender the next. A person who transitions from male to female is making a PHYSICAL transition but they argue that, inside, they have always been a woman. The transition is to align the outside with the inside, but it’s also for people like you who think “But if the story is about her before the surgery, wouldn’t it make more sense to cast a man? Since she was still a man?” & wouldn’t think Lili Elbe was a woman until she cut off her fucking dick.

        ALSO as Lili Elbe is the first person to transition she is an ICON to the community and out of respect they should have cast a woman, as Lili Elbe was a woman.

        How would you feel if somebody made a movie about your life and cast somebody of the opposite gender in your part? You might not care but, if you don’t, it’s probably because you’ve never had to fight to get people to accept your gender.

        Also I’d put money down that the movie covers the surgery and post surgery since that’s when much of the drama occured. And if it doesn’t then the movie is going to be even more useless and out of touch than I originally thought.

        Your opinion is uninformed and dangerous. Bye.

      • Schmo says:

        Also a woman was originally going to play this part, the infinitely more interesting Nicole Kidman. The precedent was set, a woman should have played this part it’s not really an argument.

      • Schmo says:

        ALSO there are so few films with parts for Trans performers. But the performers are there, but instead of playing an ICON FROM THEIR COMMUNITY they are playing stupid lifestyle guru roles on The Mindy Project.

      • Schmo says:

        AND in Transamerica Felicity Huffman’s character does not complete the transition from male to female until the end of the movie. Even so Felicity, a woman, played the character throughout the entire film. The precedent is set, Tom Hooper as a filmmaker making a movie about Lili Fucking Elbe should be aware of that but I guess I don’t blame him if he’s never seen Transamerica since it’s literally a horrible movie.

        Sorry if I’m coming across as aggressive, I’m sure you’re a lovely person, but your opinion accompanied with the username **sighs** implies that not only are you uninformed but that you need somebody to slap some sense into you.

      • **sighs** says:

        Well, you know, if we’re using our usernames as signs of intelligence you should realize that yours, by definition, means ” a foolish, boring or stupid person”. FYI.

  64. Ever says:

    I didn’t read through all the comments so no clue what’s being discussed. I just wanted to say I saw Ex Machina this past weekend at SXSW and it’s amazing. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if its Oscar nominated. It’s beautiful and she’s absolutely stunning and creepy and beautiful in it.

    • Schlomo says:

      Could an actress of color have played her part? Could it have possibly been Oscar winner & trained actress, pretentious betch Lupita Nyong’o? Or what about acting genius/Jewel’s cousin Q’orianka Kilcher?

  65. mark says:

    ‘If she was a man saying that, most people wouldn’t bat an eye’

    The only people who would freak on a woman saying that is this site

  66. A. Key says:

    I can’t put my finger on it, but I’ve never warmed up to this person. There’s just something unlikable about her manner and how she expresses herself.

  67. Lola says:

    Not sure if some of the comments here are about what she was quoted as saying or that she could or could not be dating Fassbender and /or any other actor. Regardless, only time will tell if her wish/ words come true. If they do not then (probably) she could change the way she speaks about the films she is in and about being at any US based award.

  68. Squirrel says:

    Hopefully it lasts for a while as the comments of his delusioned fangirls are so entertaining.
    I hope Hiddles finds a GF soon. That will be fun.