Eddie Redmayne covers GQ Style, talks about his trans role as Lili Elbe


Eddie Redmayne covers the new issue of British GQ Style. This is his first big media appearance since winning the Best Actor Oscar in February. Although… I’m not quite sure if this shoot and interview was conducted post-Oscar. In any case, it’s nice to see him. Eddie’s been pretty quiet since winning the Oscar, which I also enjoy. He’s not in our faces, he just flew back to England quickly and went back to work. He’s currently filming The Danish Girl, which already sounds like yet another potential awards-contender. Eddie is playing Einar Wegener, the artist who became one of the first people in the world to undergo sex assignment surgery. Einar became Lili Elbe. The producers already released a photo of Eddie as Lili (I’m including the pic at the end of the post) and she looks SO much like Jessica Chastain. Here are some highlights from GQ UK:

On noticing a shift in his fame: “In London, the shift was just going on the underground and people pretending to be texting but then taking photos. But it’s never been extreme.”

Telling Lili Elbe’s story: “I was actually offered The Danish Girl before Hawking. People go, ‘Oh, are you doing this transformative thing?’ It’s not a concerted choice. I think it will be a unique experience. If your dream is to tell stories, interesting stories, play interesting people. That’s the bottom line. I have been incredibly lucky to portray Stephen Hawking and Lili. They are both extraordinary people and as an actor it doesn’t get better than that.”

On discussing the role with trans director Lana Wachowski: “There is so much I need to investigate… It’s a very famous story within the trans community. I spoke to Lana early on when I was thinking about doing it.”

[From E! News, GQ UK]

Doesn’t it sound like this could be an awards contender? And it sounds like they’re going to be telling the story seriously, not in a half-assed, drag-comedy way. This is a prestige film already – in addition to newly minted Oscar winner Eddie, the film is being directed by Tom Hooper, who won an Oscar for The King’s Speech. You know who else is in it? Ben Whishaw!!!! He’s my baby, I love him. Alicia Vikander plays Wegener’s wife. And Amber Heard is in it too. Hm.

ER danish girl


Photos courtesy of GQ UK.

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  1. Jag says:

    I really don’t think the “dead fish” look is attractive for men or women in magazines, and I wish that photographers would quit encouraging it.

    It sounds like an interesting movie. I do hope that he doesn’t win back to back Oscars only for the fact that his current one should’ve gone to Batman, imo.

  2. Allie says:

    I think she looks more like January Jones.

  3. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Very pretty and sounds like a good movie.

  4. Beth says:

    This is a promising project for Eddie and I’m happy to see him taking on challenging transformative roles in socially relevant stories. Hoping this won’t be another cliched Oscar bait like Theory of Everything and Imitation Game. I’m not a huge fan of director Tom Hooper and there are potential minefields to navigate around a sensitive topic (already I’ve heard complaints as to why Lili wasn’t played by a real trans actor), but Eddie is a talented actor and it’s great he has another vehicle to showcase his range.

    On awards traction, this certainly has potential but I think one can hope at best for a Best Actor nomination for Eddie. I cannot see him winning Best Actor twice in a row; especially not at his age, no matter how baity the role.

    And yessssss, Ben Whishaw! <3

  5. Lilacflowers says:

    Casting? So, was the idea to choose British guys who could really act and a couple of women who look nice?

  6. Lucy2 says:

    Those GQ photos are so dull and uninteresting. The pictures people sneak of him on the underground would’ve been better!

  7. Katie says:

    Is that the best the GQ photographers could do?

  8. Birdie says:

    Amber Heard and Alicia Vikander are in it. Ugh. Go Eddie!

  9. MrsBPitt says:


  10. JB says:

    Pronoun question: when referencing a man playing a woman do we still say she? You arent talking about the actual woman and the man in question hasnt actually undergone a transition or identified as anything other than a man so wouldnt it still be he? Just curious. I’m not too savvy about these things.

    • MBP says:

      If the character is female then I would refer to the character as “she”, is that what you mean?

      • JB says:

        Yes, that makes total sense if referring to the character instead of the actor. What I meant was that I was reading Kaiser as saying that Eddie Redmayne looks like Jessica Chastain, not that the real-life character he is playing looked like Jessica Chastain. Do you see what I mean? Because the photo is of his face. If you substituted their names, it would say “Eddie (in this role) looks like Jessica Chastain,” not “Lili Elbe looks like Jessica Chastain.” Therefore, wouldn’t it still be “he?”

  11. AG-UK says:

    He looks constipated on the cover.

  12. Duchess of Corolla says:

    He’s a great actor, but something about his look creeps me out. I can’t put my finger on it.

  13. 'P'enny says:

    I think that cover photo is awful, he is scaring the life out of me!

  14. original kay says:

    Ben Whishaw!

    eddie who?

    Ben was marvelous in The Hour.

  15. Pixi says:

    Maybe Eddie will become the male Meryl Streep or take over from DDL. Maybe he’ll be nominated for anything he does…

  16. Joy says:

    That man looks constipated in every picture ever taken. Get him some Activia!

  17. Josefa says:

    Is it odd that I think he looks much better as a woman? With a more flattering haircut she’d look stunning.

  18. Jan Harf says:

    That is the worst lighting, the most hideous angles and most terrible shoot I’ve ever seen of him. I mean, he used to model, for gods sake.

    • PrincessMe says:

      He was a model?

      OMG, I couldn’t look at that top pic too long, had to scroll pass really fast. It really scared me a bit — I felt like he was staring into my soul in a very bad way. *shudder*

    • Josefa says:

      That is a particularly bad shot of him, but woah, he really was a model? That’s weird. I don’t find him very photogenic.

      • retromancing says:

        I always find him to look very odd in photos, but I was in a café in London two ears so, and he was sat there reading a script, and he looks far more attractive in person — his features seem to come together a lot better, if that makes sense? I’d never understood the appeal before then. Obviously, a model (one would think) should photograph well, but I can imagine that his in-person appearance and demeanour played a part in his modelling gigs, as well as the fact — whether you consider him attractive or not — he is quite unique as far as his facial features go.

    • InvaderTak says:

      Huh did not know that (yes, I’ll just continue to spam the whole post lol). Quick search brings up a campaign for Burberry and a couple other things. He looks good in the Burberry ads. Very, well, Brit boy model type. Dig the freckles though. He should embrace them more.

  19. Ms. Turtle says:

    There are a million photos of Eddie looking handsome AND stylish and this is what they put on the cover of GQ? I would be horrified if I were him. Unfortunate choices all around.

    I look forward to any movie he’ll be in. Except Jupiter Ascending. Not even lovely Eddie Redmayne could make me want to see that.

  20. word says:

    He was AMAZING in The Theory of Everything. Such a sad movie. This dude is a star. So talented.

  21. NavelLinty says:

    At the rate he’s aging, he’ll look 75 in 3 years.

    Of course, by then his “fans” will have moved on to the new flavor of the month and his roles will dry up. Enjoy it while you can, Sir Floppy Of Lips!

  22. julia says:

    I don’t like him in this shoot.Why? I’ve liked him in The Theory of Everything,this movie seems interesting even if I don’t think Hooper is a great director.

  23. mj says:

    I wish they would get a trans* actor to play the part.