Eva Mendes: Sweatpants are ‘the number one cause of divorce in America’


Eva Mendes spoke to Extra yesterday, because for some reason, Eva is back to talking to the press in a big way. For much of 2014, Eva went radio silent. We found out later that she went underground as soon as she started showing with her pregnancy, although we didn’t learn about the pregnancy until she was like seven months along. Before her pregnancy, Eva was more pap-friendly, and she played the game of “not talking about Ryan Gosling while still making references to him constantly.” Well, that’s what she’s reverted back to. And during her Extra interview, she talked about her style – she prefers dresses to pants – and her theory on how to keep her man happy.

Motherhood is putting a lot of things into perspective for Eva Mendes, including just how appreciative she is for her own mother. The actress revealed that her sleepless nights and long days with her baby girl Esmeralda can be grueling, but she also confesses that it’s made her praise her mom that much more.

“Now I understand so much, my mother’s never gotten more ‘I love you so much mommy’ texts, I mean, randomly… ya, I get it now,” she told Extra during an interview, and adds that although the 6-month-old sleeps through the night now (yay!), there are still a few nights when baby Esme throws mama for a loop.

“But you never know, right, something random can happen and she’s just suddenly not sleeping through the night and you’re like, wait, I thought we were sleeping through the night, what’s up?!” She laughed, “Why does it always happen at three or four in the morning?!”

Mendes also revealed her secret rule to keeping one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men happy at home—and unfortunately, it may be a tough pill to swallow for some of us. Most of us. “You can’t do sweatpants… ladies, number one cause of divorce in America, sweatpants, no!”

[From E News]

Are you kidding me? “You can’t do sweatpants… ladies, number one cause of divorce in America!” If sweatpants are causing divorces, maybe we should rethink MARRIAGE entirely. While she said it in a joking manner, I get the sense that she really does feel that she “can’t” wear sweatpants. Because she’s all about “pleasing her man” or whatever. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying any woman is a horrible person for putting in some effort with their style or trying to look nice for their husband/SO. But there are times when sweatpants are awesome. There are times when a woman wants to hit the “off” switch and not feel the need to “look cute” for her significant other and she should be able to do that without it being a divorceable offense.

Oh, and all of this comes from a woman who thinks turbans are the height of sophistication.

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  1. bettyrose says:

    it must be exhausting to be in an unequal relationship where the burden of keeping the other one happy is entirely on you.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      What I find interesting that besides Gosling’s progressive feminist man shtick, she is the one staying at home and doing all the work, whereas he was shooting a movie shortly after their baby was born.

      • wiffie says:

        If she wants to stay home while he works, nothing anti feminist about that. If she unwillingly worked outside the home strictly because that’s what feminism says she should do… Well, that’s not freedom of choice, or feminism at all.

        I’m a very feminist person, and also a stay at home parent, my days filled with cooking, canning, sewing, couponing, and play dates while my husband works. Because I want to.

      • TessD says:

        She might have chosen to stay home and do most of the work. The right to choose is what Feminism is about.

      • Kc says:

        Well said wiffie – feminism is about choice and opportunity.

      • ava7 says:

        Maybe he’d already been committed to the film before the baby came? And at least one of them has to work! I’m wondering if “feminist” these days means women have the right to be judging everyone one else’s business? Judgey judgey judgey.

      • Sofia says:

        I get the comments who were considering yours a bit judgemental but in reality this idea of “if she chooses it’s ok because the strength is in the possibility to choose and not to follow a gender rule” ends up pretty much reinforcing the stereotype because that’s just what happens most of the time . Maybe mothers really want to stay with their babies but maybe fathers don’t want it enough so mothers end up for “logistical” reasons to carry that responsibility? Whatever tehir reality is I guess it’s a good point to question how progressive we and our partners really are.

      • Ash says:

        “I get the comments who were considering yours a bit judgemental but in reality this idea of “if she chooses it’s ok because the strength is in the possibility to choose and not to follow a gender rule” ends up pretty much reinforcing the stereotype because that’s just what happens most of the time . Maybe mothers really want to stay with their babies but maybe fathers don’t want it enough so mothers end up for “logistical” reasons to carry that responsibility? Whatever their reality is I guess it’s a good point to question how progressive we and our partners really are. ”

        This is an interesting take.

      • piinksock says:

        Isn’t feminism about choice?
        Maybe she chose to be there?
        Maybe he happens to have commitments right now and after he’s finished she’ll do some things? They might take turns.
        Maybe it was just logistically easier for her to stay with the baby if she was nursing for a few months? You can cry feminism all you like but until men start lactating, there’s not a lot you can do. Pumping constantly isn’t always an option. I simply couldn’t pump. I wouldn’t let down without my baby there.
        You can’t presume to understand her decision making process.

      • Sofia says:

        “You can cry feminism all you like but until men start lactating, there’s not a lot you can do. Pumping constantly isn’t always an option. (…) You can’t presume to understand her decision making process.”

        I didn’t presume anything, I’m not even talking about Ryan and Eva specifically. What I question is if there’s really a choice or a silent lack of choice that ends up forcing women to “choose” in a certain way. Your comment already implies that there isn’t really a choice because men don’t lactate and pumping constantly isn’t something you would do. Again, is there a choice in reality or are we conditioned to believe that while in reality nothing really changed?

    • nic919 says:

      I think she is insecure being a bit older than Gosling and less famous too. I just get the vibe that he is going to be around for the baby at least at the outset and then he will tire of her insecurities and go for someone more carefree in a few years. I don’t think he will get back together with Rachel McAdams again, but Eva just seems to be trying too hard.

    • cecilia says:

      Betty Rose you said it all. I think Eva is the kind of person, old fashion, raised to pleased others. I knew a person that she never presented to her husband without make up. She woke up earlier and he never, til the day he died, saw her without it.
      Let people like us for who we are. Beauty is not equal to loyalty

      • piinksock says:

        I earn more money than my husband and I already owned a house and car before we married, so from an old fashioned point of view, I guess I really wear the pants.
        But I still never ever let him see me without my game face on! I’ll wear trackpants and take my bra off, but i’ll never be seen without at least some BB, my eyebrow game tight, mascara and gloss. Never! Some people just have things they feel they need to do I guess.

    • TessD says:


      • ell says:

        being at stay at home mum is a perfectly good PERSONAL choice. it’s not a FEMINIST choice, though. That doesn’t mean you can’t be a sahm and a feminist, but the choice itself isn’t feminist.

      • Peppa says:

        You know, I doubt you will see this because it’s yesterdays post and there aren’t any reply notifications, but that post really angers me ell. I chose to be a sahm to my daughter. Yes it was a personal choice, but I made the choice because I wanted to experience things with her and I couldn’t do that because of my hectic work schedule. If my husband had decided to stay home and I continued working, I am sure that would have been called a feminist choice. The key word is choice. I chose to stay home. I also went to school at night when she got older and chose a whole new career path. Being a sahm mom was a wonderful experience. I know working moms feel like they are put down by society, and that is not fair, but sahms are put down by feminist all the time and it stinks. I don’t agree with Maria over on the Shailene Woodley post, but I have had some bad feelings about the movement and the word because I was told numerous times that I could not call myself a feminist and that I was actually setting the movement back by my choice. The point is that I made a choice and NO ONE pressured me to. I decided on my own that it was what I wanted to do. So please think about that before you say that a woman taking on a stereotypical role is not a feminist choice. It really makes me upset and I do think things like that are why some people don’t want to call themselves feminists.

      • fruitloops says:

        I doubt that you will see this Peppa, but I just had to say that comments like ell’s really anger me and I think that those are not feminist comments and that they set the whole movement back and make people hate feminists. I could never be a sahm but feminist movement didn’t start as a fight for freeing women of their ‘grim housewives lives’, but as a fight for equality and equal opportunities. It started in an era when women were considered less than humans, had no right to vote, to study or work except in few fields that were considered feminine, like nurses, governesses etc. I hate it when people make it to be a fight against being a sahm, I, as a feminist, find it very offensive and ignorant.

    • Anne tommy says:

      Keeping the hair, makeup and clothes in a permanent red carpet state hasn’t done much for kim Kardashian’s marital track record. What a silly thing to say unless it was totally tongue in cheek.

    • Qzie says:

      This is all PR.

      She is launched a line of DRESSES this week.

  2. lisa2 says:

    I think the sweat pants thing was a bit tongue in cheek.. IMO

    But are she and Ryan married. You can’t have a divorce without a marriage.

    I plead guilty to wearing a turban on the weekends. It is my go to for running to the grocery store or getting gas.

    now I run away and get some work done.

    • Brin says:


      • jane wurst says:

        so… what’s with the turban hate? Genuine question, I just don’t get it.

      • betsyh says:

        I see a turban and think of crazy-eyed norma desmond, sunset boulevard. “I’m ready for my close-up Mr. DeMIlle!”

      • damejulieandrews says:


        I LOVE turbans, and Norma Desmond/Joan Crawford is the look I am going for. Turban haters can suck it.

        Seriously though, yeah what is your problem with turbans, they remind me of Audrey Hepburn. When you have a good face they look classic.

    • Jane says:

      How about a sweat suit accessorized with a turban? fabulous….

  3. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Uh-uh….you can tell by those pics that she thinks she’s looking FINE. Haha.

    • Marty says:

      I actually do like her style. It’s her makeup I can’t get behind. The makeup artist in me is yelling at her for going so heavy and sloppy with the eye shadow.

      She can keep that advice though. I literally wear nothing but sweats or yoga pants when I’m at home. No complaints so far!

      • Thinker says:

        My man loves yoga pants and leggings.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        There was a debate on the radio station a few weeks ago about women wearing yoga pants and leggings. A lot of men didn’t like it when their wives/gf wore them around the house or out in public. I think they’re extremely comfortable and wear them a lot, but then I’m currently single at the moment, so don’t have to worry about what a man thinks, lol! Although if anyone knows of a decent guy who’s available and doesn’t mind dating a young grandma, I’m open to suggestions! 😉

      • prettylights says:

        Luckily my hubby is super casual like me. We both go put on our ‘comfy pants’ together when it’s time to just relax and watch a tv show together or something. He doesn’t complain about my sweatpants and I don’t complain about his. It would be so uncomfortable not being comfortable wearing what you want/looking how you want around the person that’s supposed to love you for you. I don’t think I could be in a relationship where I felt a constant need to have my makeup and hair done and always be wearing something cute/sexy. It sounds exhausting!

  4. OSTONE says:

    Can she be more vapid? If sweatpants and yoga pants were the #1 cause of divorce in America, I would be on my 8th husband by now.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      LOL hello Liz Taylor

    • bettyrose says:

      Wait, yoga pants are a problem too? But Brandi Glanville told us to wear yoga pants. Now who do I turn to for solid relationship advice??

      • kri says:

        LMAO, @bettyrose. Maybe we should look to Heather Mills.

      • noway says:

        LMAO such wonderful icons of marital bliss. At least Brandi and Heather have been married and divorced. Eva’s never been married. Maybe if you wear turbans you never get married.

      • Ash says:

        Hahahahahahaha. Good one, bettyrose.

    • Lee says:

      + 1
      Can’t stand this woman.

    • OhDear says:

      I may be reading too much into it, but I think what she’s saying is that a spouse should continue to make an effort in the relationship after the wedding. “Sweatpants” I think was a general way to say that just because you’re married doesn’t mean that one should stop making an effort to look nice, do little romantic things, etc.

      • swack says:

        But it should go both ways and the way she sounds (at least to me) it’s her making the effort. He might be too but maybe she should use the word “spouses” and not spouse.

      • Thinker says:

        Your giving her credit for being deep. She clearly means the effort is about looks, or she would’ve said the number one cause of divorce is lack of effort.

      • Saks says:

        I read it that way too

      • apsutter says:

        Agreed with what you’re saying and it definitely goes both ways. I’ve gotten sloppy in long term relationships and have definitely learned my lesson and grown a lot from. Relationships are a lot of work and it takes both people to maintain and still treat the other like a vibrant, attractive, sexual being.

    • bex says:

      A marriage so unstable it can be detailed by a pair of tracksuit pants? Sounds really healthy.

      I honestly can’t believe that if your husband can’t let you have days where you just want to be comfortable, he can’t care very much about how his wife feels.

      Ps. I will not wear sweatpants in public, but you better believe I am going to wear them at home in the middle of winter

  5. HipHipHorray says:

    My boyfriend is so in love with this woman. I can see why, shes gorgeous, but I think he should listen to her actually talk some time…

    • Lauren says:

      If Eva were not with Ryan and had his baby, she would have been forgotten.

      Eva’s turbans are full of nonsense and insecurity. Ryan does not seem interested in marrying Eva, for obvious reasons.

  6. Lilacflowers says:

    I thought disagreements over finances were the main cause but I stand corrected. Sweat pants it is!

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      The education of the kids ? Abuse? Also? No?

    • aims says:

      I was just about to say that!! Who knew that divorce could be easily avoided if we all stayed away from sweat pants?!

    • Yeah, here I was thinking it was money or infidelity; how silly of me!

    • Wren says:

      Different religious faiths? Debt? Cheating? No? It’s sweatpants? Right.

    • MtnRunner says:

      Lainey has snaps of Huz #1 wearing sweats. Does it work the other way? Can two wrongs make a right?

    • laura in LA says:

      Hmm…it seems like a bad sign to me that she’s mentioning the D-word when they’re not even married (yet?) and makes her sound insecure about this relationship, like it’s based on the baby.

  7. don't kill me i'm french says:

    I think the sweatpant( and the legging) is a turnoff in general for the women and the men

    • sills says:

      Yeah, I know it’s like heresy today but I still think it’s just a considerate thing to do to try to look attractive for your partner, that goes for men as well as women of course.

      • ell says:

        I hate the idea that it’s “considerate” to look attractive for my partner, as I owe him to look pretty. No. It’s a personal choice and something you do for yourself.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      only the more shallow ones.

    • Wren says:

      My guy actually likes my sweatpants, so, you know, whatever works I guess.

    • minime says:

      hmmm…I love to see my boyfriend in sweatpants…find it kinda hot and he feels the same way about it. I wouldn’t go to groceries on sweatpants (or use them 24/7), still don’t understand the full hate on it (neither on the turbans). And if people have a relationship with someone who would leave them because they have the nerve to relax around him/her…errr…is that really a nice relationship?

      • PrincessMe says:

        I’m right there with you, minime. I love to see my DH in sweatpants (and vice versa) – so sexy. What I absolutely hate are some of the shorts he sits around in, but I love the man to death. So I make fun of his shorts (all in good fun) and keep it moving because they surely haven’t changed the person he is.

  8. bns says:

    Guess I’m screwed then.

  9. dr mantis toboggan says:

    I didn’t realise Eva Mendes was married

  10. mark says:

    Boo someone with a different opinion to me.

    Stop taking everything so seriously

    • mimif says:

      Everybody, mark needs a hug today.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Well, reasons for divorce generally are put down on paper and adjudicated, and can be researched, so, no, it isn’t merely a matter of opinion. Again, have a lovely day!

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Mark, are you wearing sweat pants?

      • mimif says:

        LMAO Lilacflowers. I think his turban is a wee bit too tight.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Maybe he’s wearing beige booty shorts and is upset that we didn’t notice?

        @Mark, you really need to meet Maria over on the Shaleine thread. You seem to think along the same lines and might be very happy together. And we could all celebrate your nuptials.

      • mimif says:

        You are killing me today, Lilacflowers. 😂

      • Tifygodess24 says:

        @lilacflowers hilarious! I actually thought of Mark when I was reading Maria’s comments- they are so similar. Too funny.

    • pi3.142 says:

      Classic Mark, another post with such carefree abandon.
      Side note – Didn’t you just rag on Terry Crews for having a different opinion to you?

  11. Josephine says:

    I took her comment to mean that you have to keep caring about stoking the fire of the relationship, and on that point, I agree. I’m so tired of this game where we take one sentence said by someone famous and rip it to shreds and analyze it to death. Some statements deserve the scrutiny; this one, I’m not seeing.

    • Brittany says:

      Thankfully a voice of reason! She was totally joking and now people are just gonna see that quote and not look the vid and see she was being cheeky.

    • kibbles says:

      I agree. I didn’t think her comment was that big of a deal although it would have been better if she had put equal responsibility on men and women to maintain their health. It didn’t seem like she put much thought into it but she was joking. The problem with the internet age is that people love to judge, scrutinize, and criticize others over one tweet, one sentence, one slip up that does not reflect on the person as a whole. Both men and women should put in the effort to look good for their significant other at least once in a while. It’s not healthy physically or emotionally to let oneself go. I’ve seen it happen to men and women after they get married and it’s not a pretty sight.

    • Susan says:

      Also take in to account where she is in HER life….those first few months post first baby are tough. On everyone.

  12. Tough Cookie says:

    I love when celebrities give relationship advice.

    • SNAPPY says:

      Exactly and Kaiser summed it up perfectly: “Oh, and all of this comes from a woman who thinks turbans are the height of sophistication.”

  13. marie says:

    If I can’t wear sweatpants someone should tell my husband to stop wearing his old man underwear and socks around. oh, and he’ll need to burn his crocks.

    Marriage is about communication and long term comprimise. It’s great to look nice, but you’ll never feel closer than both being covered in the same puke from the child you share.

  14. Rachel says:

    I can’t speak to every man in the world, but my SO LOVES when I wear sweatpants. For some reason, he finds it incredibly sexy when I’m doing nothing more than hanging around the house in sweatpants and an old t-shirt. So to each their own I suppose.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      same with my husband, which is good, because I’m all about the power suit all day. I DESERVE complete comfort when I have time off.

    • Wren says:

      Yes! I understand the idea of not looking like crap all the time just because you’re married, but, uh, some guys like sweat pants. They come off easy………..

      Weird how people like different things, huh?

    • greenmonster says:

      Same with my boyfriend. He likes me in a relaxed look and always compliments me on it. He even suggests that I could wear this look outside in the real worl – of course that’s not going to happen.

      I almost lost it the other day, when a PREGNANT friend told me, that her husband is basically making fun of her, because she has to wear bigger panties now. That is almost a reason to divorce his a$$. It must be exhausting to always keep some sort of gorgeous appearance.

  15. Annika says:

    Says the woman who has never been married.
    I mean, I get that she was being tongue in cheek. And this was probably promoting her “fashion line” of dresses & skirts.
    But if you feel like you have to be perfectly dressed all of the time? Not cool.
    Been with my hubby 10 yrs, never has he said a word about me wearing sweats. He likes clothes that are “easy off” anyway. 😉
    Hell, when I had my son 4 months ago I wore sweats constantly the first few weeks.
    I know a couple that has been married 30 yrs, the wife says her husband does not allow her to wear sweats or anyone fitness-type pants as he considers them “unladylike.” So I see her out exercising in our neighborhood in JEANS.

    • Beckysuz says:

      How do you workout in JEANS??? That sounds horrible, and her husband sounds irrational.

    • ell says:

      he’s lucky she hasn’t dump him yet, I so would have run miles if my partner was telling me what to wear. It’s an incredibly controlling thing to do.

    • lucy2 says:

      “her husband does not allow her” That right there is enough for me.

  16. don't kill me i'm french says:

    It’s just a joke to say that everyone must do some effort to keep the passion

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I agree, and I don’t even own sweatpants, but there’s a little bit of a suggestion that it’s all the woman’s responsibility to look sexy and amazing all the time that I think people don’t like. I want my husband to love me when I’m dressed up and when I have a cold and my hair’s in a ponytail. If he’s going to stray because I don’t look my best every time he sees me, then he can just bite me. Lol

      • PrincessMe says:

        Exactly what you said GoodNamesAllTaken, I get the joking aspect of it but she specifically said “ladies”. If women should put in the effort to look good (and “good” is different for everyone), then so should men.
        But you know what I appreciate about my DH, the man loves me no matter what. I may think I look like utter crap, and he still thinks I look beautiful and wants to love up on me. We’ve been together for 11 years and I can’t say he’s ever made me feel “less than” for not looking completely put together for whatever reason.

      • ell says:


  17. Mzizkrizten says:

    Oh please. I hate that mentality. True love doesn’t care what you wear. Luckily I married a man who loves me even if I don’t shave my legs or armpits for weeks at a time LOL. Also, I have baggy sweats and I have cute sweats that show off my butt.

  18. Gen says:

    LOL! I’d better get the divorce papers started then, because it’s my hubby who wears the sweatpants in this family. Every single day he is off work! (He is off work 3 days one week and 4 days the next…rotates like that every 2 weeks.) So he’s in them a lot!

  19. WTF says:

    My boo thang in a fresh white tee and sweats is sexier than Idris on Toast. To each their own…

  20. amanda says:

    has she forgotten nobody has married her?

    how the fu*k would she know what causes divorces?

    and when their relationship ends, we can just assume she didn’t take her own advice and she’s married to a shallow man who only wants his partner is dresses and turbans.

  21. Maya says:

    This is a woman who should advertise for stunning healthy thick hair instead of Jennifee Aniston.

    I would believe anything Eva says about her hair care routine…

    • Annika says:

      Yes! Her hair is always beautiful. I think she’s done ads for shampoo…. Pantene maybe?
      I’ve always thought she was pretty, but those turban pics make her look like a Disney villian for some reason.

      • lucy2 says:

        She has very strong features, and the turbans (and the heavy makeup she always seems to wear) accentuate that. I think a softer, more natural look would be more flattering to her.
        She does have pretty hair, and she did do a Pantene ad a while back.

  22. Murphy says:

    You can wear all the fancy pants you want–but if you don’t sleep with him for an extended period of time then yes it will put immense strain on your relationship. Just because you’re wearing sweat pants, doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of taking care of him sexually.

  23. Size Does Matter says:

    Hanes: the downfall of the institution of marriage. Dirty bastards. And don’t even get me started on those Fruit of the Loom assholes.

  24. Carolina says:

    What is wrong with wearing turbans?

  25. Meggin says:

    What is she always wearing on her head?? A turban? It bugs me so much randomly,lol

  26. L says:

    All guys are different. I could see how some would want their girls to always look put together. My man however prefers the laid back look, i.e. little amount of makeup, no dresses & heels, no fuss. Like the majority of men, he LOVES yoga pants, so Eva isn’t 100% right lol. Big baggy sweatpants out in public might be off putting though, I get that. Just be yourself and find a guy who loves that, and you’ll be good.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      I have a feeling this is more her issue than it is his. Bet she’s one of those people who can’t walk by a mirror without checking herself out and probably stopping to adjust this and that. Her statements signal vanity and lack of depth. Most men are turned on by their wife in a bathrobe for pete’s sake – it’s all about comfort….oh, and probably access.

  27. Wisteria says:

    She’s been married for what? 2-3 months? And is know qualified to give advice. No. Try giving advice after being married for 5 or maybe 10. Sounds less rooky like.

  28. Deniz says:

    Soooo I used to always wear jeans or form fitting leggings around the house when I first started dating my bf of 3 years, and he told me just looking at me made him feel uncomfortable. Right after that I bought myself tonssss of sweatpants and I’ve never looked back. So I’m sorry but she’s full of crap.

  29. JenniferJustice says:

    I know she meant is jokingly, but still…she sounds flaky. No, we should not let ourselves go entirely, but that goes for men and women. Men may be more visual when it comes to sexual attraction, but women don’t appreciate it when their husbands or SOs chunk out and become couch potatos either. I can’t see anybody caring that much though 24-7. Sweats definitely have their time/place as does any form of not caring for a day here and there, but she sounds awfully insecure and putting too many of her eggs in one basket. Physical attraction can’t be the entirety of a relationship. Perhaps she meant it as a metaphor, but it still wreaks of shallowness and basing one’s self worth on appearance. She strikes me as clingy and needing alot of reassurance.

  30. Wren says:

    This reminds me of Heidi Klum’s comments awhile back, while she was still married………….. And now she’s not. Guess it wasn’t never wearing sweatpants that was the key to happiness after all.

  31. cheryl says:

    I know numerous couples who have gone through divorce. Now I know the reason!

  32. meme says:

    Wow she went from going into hiding while pregnant to this in a heartbeat once that baby was born.

  33. nikzilla says:

    i don’t think her comment is literal. i wear tight ass yoga pants instead of sweat pants. if he wants to lust after me even when i’m feeling like shit, so be it.

    • Go Away says:

      What makes her an expert? Did you see what she looked like before she got a stylist and went Hollywood?

  34. InvaderTak says:

    That’s why I’m still single! I wear jeans leggings to work and come home and go for the sweats right away! I’m not trying hard enough! Forget that my job is some what physically demanding and often dirty. Oy vey.

    Edit: Funny, Lainey has a post about C. Evans looking hot in sweats leaving Fatburger. Guess his sweats aren’t a problem for Lily Collins!

  35. Andrea says:

    My SO loves when I wear sweatpants, he says my butt looks best in them. Same with yoga pants. This is definitely her issue or Gosling is high maintenance and wants women to be dressed to the nines at all times. I wonder if she is friends with Gwen Stefani?

  36. Lucy says:

    Hey, Girl…please.

  37. Jayna says:

    I’m pretty sure she’s referring to wearing baggy sweatpants, not yoga pants and sweatpants that are more fitted. And, no, I can’t see her in loose, baggy sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt day in and day out. It’s not her style.

    But it was a tongue-in-cheek comment, anyway. I feel for celebs these days. They make dry humor type remarks off the cuff that in print people take so seriously and jump on. Being the number one cause for divorce part should have been a clue the comment was said with a wink, not some GOOP self-help for the peasants.

  38. Go Away says:

    Go away. You’re a has been who was never any good in the first place.

  39. Ginger says:

    No cause of divorce in my house. My hubby is always grabbing my bum no matter what I’m wearing but ESPECIALLY yoga or sweat pants.

  40. rainy17 says:

    Is this “stupid opinions by actresses” day, good god. Met my husband in 1st grade. After 25 years married, I like to think it is more than sweatpants. What happens after she loses her looks?

  41. Heather says:

    I live on a farm. My days consist of home renos, cleaning, yardwork and animal waste removal. I love dresses and have a closet full, but I’m not going to wear them whilst going about my daily working life. I’m 100% sure that my husband loves me and is attracted to me even while I’m wearing coveralls or muddy jeans. I’m also 100% sure I wouldn’t have married a misogynist who requires his little lady to look like a princess all the time and can’t do actual work. Give me a break.

  42. LadyKarinsky says:

    Hm, that’s funny. I figured if a woman is the reason for the divorce, it’s because she’s a judgemental bitch who’s only current form of relevance is being knocked up by the Hey Girl guy. Thank for the lesson Eva!

  43. Katija says:

    The “sweatpants” joke is antiquated anyways. It’s 2015. Most sweatpants sold to women are cut like flattering trousers.

  44. MaggieTMoo says:

    I just can’t stand her. I can’t wait till he dumps her and she goes back to doing whatever it is she does.

  45. Jonesy says:

    Eva, stop trying to make turbans happen; it’s not gonna happen (lol). With that striped shirt in the first pic, she should have worn a black beret. She’d look all Parisian and stuff.

  46. Jenna says:

    I’m totally taking relationship advise from someone who accidentally got knocked up to keep her man.

    • Catherine says:


    • I Choose Me says:

      How do you know that’s what happened? Were you there when she conceived? Speculation and fact are two different things and I take exception to the idea that she’s somehow ‘trapped’ Ryan into a relationship to keep him. He was an active participant in making that baby and he was with her for at least two years prior to her getting pregnant. I think Eva can be rightly criticized for her comment without trotting out such tired canards.

  47. Jane says:

    Ryan seems kind of controlling. I wouldn’t be surprised if he told her what to wear. It’s funny because on her birthday she was dressed to the nines, and he looked like he couldn’t care less about his appearance. Just some old jeans and a baseball cap with a hoodie over top. I mean, what is that? You have to look pretty for me 24/7, but I don’t need to put the effort in too? It’s ironic that he’s supposed to be the “hey girl” feminist guy. Just saying.
    These two are a strange couple.

    • Ash says:

      I never liked Gosling. I don’t see his appeal at all. He gives off a major asshole vibe.

      Why procreate with him?

  48. phlyfiremama says:

    Being Barbie=secret to “keeping your man”. Got it.

  49. Newgirl says:

    I love sweatpants! That means that I’m F*cked now doesn’t it

  50. Catherine says:

    Says the chick who’s never been married.

  51. LT says:

    Uh, except about 75% of divorces are now initiated by women, not men. Statistically, if a husband is unhappy in a marriage but the woman is happy, the couple stays together.

  52. AtlLady says:

    There is something about her that gives me a “half crazy” vibe. From what was reported during her time away from the spotlight, she had assured her Catholic family that they would marry before the baby arrived even though they were over when the pregnancy occurred. Face it, sweetie, he has no intention of marrying you.

    • AntiSocialButterfly says:

      It’s the chronic skull- squeezing from the turbans. It’d probably make anyone a little nuts.

  53. word says:

    How can she give advice on marriage when she’s not even married?

    Secondly, of course she’s telling women not to wear sweats. She has a clothing line to sell !

  54. Katia says:

    Huh? Wasn’t Chris Evans quoted as saying something about there being nothing hotter than a woman with wet hair and sweatpants? I’m pretty sure a lot of other men would agree. Am I totally wrong here?

  55. Ellenaj says:

    I had my baby around the same time as Eva, and, I don’t know about her, but, I’d much rather my sweats get peed and puked on rather than my nicer clothing.

    I’m not a huge fan of hers, but, I get the gist of what she’s saying. I think a lot of women just get into a rut and their self esteem plummets and then it starts to affect the relationship overall, especially after a baby when you just don’t have the time to take care of yourself like you used to-well, that’s how I’ve been feeling anyway.

    P.S. What’s wrong with wanting to stay home with your baby? I am planning on taking a year off of work, I have the whole rest of my life to work, but, my baby will only be this little once. I want to enjoy it while I can.

  56. AntiSocialButterfly says:

    So says the equivalent of sweatpants-for-the-head wearing, non-married woman.

    She needs to get in the STHU line right behind Shailene Woodenhead.

  57. Abby_J says:

    I can understand what she was saying, but I assume that she’d say the same thing to men as well, right? Every time we are out somewhere, and we see a woman all dressed up and looking nice, and her man is wearing jeans and an old shirt with tennis shoes, I can’t help but think something is very wrong there.

    The sweatpants thing actually depends on the man, I’d imagine . My husband would be perfectly happy for me to wear sweatpants as long as it is paired with a nerdy t-shirt. Put a TARDIS on a shirt, and he is happy. 🙂 For me, it is him in his uniform. Cliche, yes, but he looks amazing in it. Sadly, he doesn’t sit around the house in it.

  58. melain says:

    Yes Eva. Because men love a good turban and a giant face mole.

  59. O-)(-O says:

    How come I am afraid she and Grosling will be constantly in our faces for the next 5 years.

  60. TOPgirl says:

    Last I checked Eva..U aren’t even married period. Had a child out of wedlock and you want to discuss divorce. How about you get married for about 7 years before you start downing women for wearing sweat pants.

  61. stacat1 says:

    I think she made this comment trying to be funny and in the interview it doesn’t “play” well or funny, for that matter.

    As others have said- she is not married- so WTF does she know about marriage OR divorce for that matter–YIKES- Is Ryan THAT shallow?

    I must be an anamoly- been married over 12 years I wore sweatpants BEFORE I was married. I’m just putting it out there that TURBANS are the #1 cause of divorce.

  62. Jillbean says:

    But doesn’t everyone just wear lulu lemons these days…???

  63. Kisses says:

    Also getting preggo to keep a man … #justsaying

  64. DaysandNightsonair says:

    Sweatpants = divorce?
    Perhaps this was an attempt at humour which can be misinterpreted … I don’t think anybody should hold that against her. As long as she doesn’t regularly deliver a lenghty speeches on “how to please your husband and always put his wishes above yours” – I just won’t trash her for one semi-humorous statement.

  65. LaurieH says:

    I read this headline and my first reaction (and second and third) was negative. In fact, I recalled one of those funny websites that posts nostalgic “tips” for women from the 1950’s and this sounds like one of them. “Always look pretty for your husband”. I get the basic idea that marriage is work – it is – and that it takes work to keep the sexual attraction alive. But as someone (or, actually many here) pointed out: that’s a two-way street. And as a 50 year old woman, let me give you some of my hard-earned wisdom: sexual attraction changes as you get older. What attracts you sexually to people changes. It become less physically and more…well, other things. Sexy stops being lingerie and boobs galore and legs up to here and flat tummies and becomes more the way a woman carries herself; the confidence, the intelligence, the humor, the being a Katherine Hepburn-esque “broad”. Yet, Eva’s comments – at least to me – seem to suggest some insecurity on her part. She made her name being a sexual bombshell and she’s getting older. I think she’s in a bit of a panic, particularly since her husband is younger and everyone knows – as unfair as it is – that with few exceptions (Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren come to mind) that men continue to be sexually attractive long after women do. So there is something subservient about her comments that bug me. Mostly because I know it’s all going to change. And if she thinks that’s all it takes….she’s in for a long haul and rude awakening.

  66. Itsa Reallyme says:

    Funny, because my husband always begs me to wear sweatpants. I’m not a fan. He thinks nothing is sexier. lol

  67. L says:

    There’s something about her, like an itch I can’t scratch. She just seems a bit off.

  68. ch2 says:

    you know people in hollywood should really stfu about divorce….

  69. Meg says:

    an unmarried woman giving advice on how to stay married? sounds logical

  70. Jazzy says:

    I think walking around with that hair wrap is worse then sweatpants .

  71. Suzy from Ontario says:

    wiffie, so totally agree with you! I was a SAHM by choice as well. *By choice*…that’s the key! The choice is what feminism is all about! Going out and working full time when you desperately want to be home with your baby, especially if you aren’t doing it for financial reasons, but because you feel pressured to do so to be a “feminist” is just as wrong as a woman being forced to stay home and have babies who wants to go to school and have a career and isn’t allowed to do so. Feminism is about have a true choice! Okay, rant over.

    That said, it’s nice if you can look nice for yourself and your husband/sig.other after having a baby or babies, but for most of us it’s pretty difficult and unrealistic. Maybe she’s taking care of the baby by herself, but is she cooking and cleaning and everything else by herself as well? If she is, good for her, but it’s hard. Babies are messy. Most of us, especially if you have chosen to be at home and had to make a lot of financial sacrifices to do so (like no new clothes except cheap or thrift stuff), can’t afford to have nice things ruined and it makes no sense to wear lovely clothing around the house to crawl around on the floor with the baby or be spit up on, etc. Few us us have help like these celebrities do. Most of us have stress about paying bills and getting the lawn cut, the tub cleaned, the fridge cleaned out while keeping baby happy. Add another baby or two and sweatpants just make sense. Or leggings or whatever else is comfortable and easy to throw on and keep clean. I hate statements like hers about sweatpants being a cause of divorce…that is so stupid and simplistic. Marriage is about much more than how someone looks and just because I’m in sweats doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about and loving my husband and doing other stuff to show him, ie: making him his favourite dessert, or whatever. It’s pretty shallow and an insult, frankly, to suggest that me in sweats would be enough reason for my husband to stray. My husband is a lot deeper than that, as is our commitment and relationship.

  72. Cait says:

    I read her comments to my husband last night, and he burst out laughing.

  73. laughing girl says:

    Jeez people, lighten up, it was a JOKE.