Lindsay Lohan complains about being photographed in a club ‘for work’


Here are some photos of Lindsay Lohan last Friday night at DSTRKT in London. I was going to make fun of her for being so cracked out she forgot to wear pants, but she actually is wearing a minidress. It just looks weird because the bottom part of the dress is that weird, nude illusion netting stuff. Lindsay’s red dress is by For Love and Lemons. As for the red hat and fur coat, your guess is as good as mine. I think she looks like a crackhead who got dressed in the dark, but she probably did put some thought into this ensemble. Look at how happy she is to be photographed!

Well, funny story about Lindsay being happy to get pap’d at a club. When she was inside the club, she posted this Instagram:

So… she’s complaining about some guy taking her photo in the club. In the club… where she’s only there “for work”? If she was really clubbing “for work,” isn’t part of the deal that you actually have to pose for some photos with fans? It could even work towards her community service, right?! Or, you know, Lindsay just wanted to get cracked out at the club and she didn’t want to be photographed doing drugs. So in her crack-addled mind, she thought it would sound better if she was doing all of this for work.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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33 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan complains about being photographed in a club ‘for work’”

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  1. lassie says:

    Is this 1972?

  2. aims says:

    And her getting cracked out is for research? Also, who’s hiring her for anything?!

  3. Pandy says:

    Valid point. If someone “pays” her to show in the club, expect your photo to be taken. But that guys’ phone isn’t pointing at her …
    Anything for attention.

  4. Kitten says:

    On a positive note, her hair situation seems to be slightly improved. I think when you have extensions, you have to stop dying your hair a different color every other week.

    It looks like her real hair has started to grow back a bit, and that’s likely because she’s been sticking with a red color that is closest to her natural hair color for a while now.

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      You’re right; her hair does look pretty. I also like the hat and fur coat, although I wonder who really owns the coat.

    • mytbean says:

      I think she looks pretty good all the way around. Her skin looks clearer and her face isn’t gaunt or bloated. Her hair is shiny and healthy. She’s not being held up by other people while in a drunken wobble. And, is it just my imagination or has it been a while since we’ve read negative press about her at all?

      I don’t know. Even if the possibility is scant, she seems to be holding it together for a while now. Correct me if I’m oblivious but at the very least she’s got a better PR game.

  5. QQ says:

    she looks like a 1970s prostitute that rose through the ranks to become the pimp… but only fairly recently

  6. She’s researching her next role. Club hopping former child star.

  7. TeaAndSympathy says:

    I’m clueless about this stuff. What kind of “work” would she be employed to do in a club? #pleasedonthitme

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      An appearance. Celebrities get paid to show up at clubs because it draws a lot of normal people in too.

      That said, Lindsay probably doesn’t get paid for club appearances anymore. If there are no promotional shots of her there, then she was just partying as a private citizen. It is VERY unlikely this was a work commitment.

  8. Brin says:

    She was probably hired for clean up duty.

  9. HONEYB says:

    If she stuck a feather in her hat she’d look like Huggybear. I’m not a fan of fur but that just looks like she piled on road kill.

  10. Tough Cookie says:

    “here for work”…..that cracks me up

  11. Jackson says:

    “#MajorSituation???” Really? THAT is major? I hope that was the name of the club she was at. And please, someone burn those beige hooves.

  12. Cara says:

    She is so busted, it’s almost comical…she reminds me of Kramer when he found the pimp walking stick…

  13. JenniferJustice says:

    She has bloody spots on her legs….as usual. What is that? I know crackheads pick their face, but do they pick their legs too? I guess I should give her props for not having visible bruises on her legs this time.

    • deehunny says:

      came here to comment on the visible leg cuts. WTF??? She constantly falling? Drunk shaving? So many theories!

      And the extensions. UGH enough with the extensions.

  14. Maya Memsaab says:

    I’ve ranted about this before but I still want to know how this asshole with a criminal record and extremely shady sources of income gets a UK visa, when I can’t get one after having a PhD offer from the University of St Andrews.

    ‘Here for work’..yeah, right. Parties like UKIP have been vilifying immigrants in the UK for the past 2 years now and stereotyping everyone ‘foreign’ as work shy scroungers who are stealing jobs. Meanwhile, this woman whose ‘work’ involves posting embaraasingly photoshopped pictures of herself gets to waltz off to whichever country she wants to. Her, and her ‘problems’ stemming from nauseating privilege can f@ck off.

    Sorry, seeing her posts make me stabby.

  15. smcollins says:

    The guy’s phone doesn’t seem to be facing in her direction, so how exactly is he trying to take her picture? Idk…maybe it’s me. Or maybe she’s having one of her delusions that people still give a shit.

    • meh says:

      It’s not you. She has a history of getting paranoid and thinking anyone near her with a phone is trying to photograph her and sell it, and then snatching strangers phones out of their hands.

  16. FUTMZ says:

    Nothing new here. Liability Lohan is just rehearsing for Coachella.

  17. GPS says:

    God, those shoes. No.

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      I thought stripper heels were finally out? She’s so young, yet dresses like a forty something New Jersey Real Housewife or something.

  18. Nikki L. says:

    She’s a caricature. She should be lucky anyone is paying her any attention at all. I don’t understand her predicament, either, she tries as hard as humanly possible to get attention 24 hours a day, and then complains? No one believes you, hun.

  19. Michelle says:

    Who cares about this lost cause anymore? I’m not the type of person to kick someone when they’re down, but that is exactly Lindsay’s problem; she wants to STAY down. She doesn’t want to clean her act up and the only person she is really kidding at this point is herself. If everyone would just completely 100% stop paying attention to her and stop giving her work even if it is something like an insurance commercial, she would have to finally face her demons and own up to her bullshit.

    Lindsay Lohan is the prime example of why giving a person too many chances is a horrible idea. These bullshit starstruck judges who let these celebrities with addiction issues go with just a slap on the wrist do them a horrible disservice in the long run, and Lindsay is proof of that.

  20. ByteMe says:

    I don’t understand why this old has been is still getting press.

  21. Ryan says:

    Also, DSTRKT is a pretty tragic club

  22. Deeana says:

    Oh, come on, that coat is awful and the hat is too small – it sits way too high. The shoes were cool, what, ten years ago?

    I often wonder if this woman will age into her looks at some point. Looking like you’re in your 40s when only in your 20s can’t be any fun. Maybe she’ll still look the same when she actually is in her 40s?