Angelina Jolie is the new #1 Feminist in the world, apparently: yay or nay?


Does anyone else think it’s weird and oddly un-feminist to create lists and rankings of the world’s top feminists? I mean, I could sort of see creating a list of cool feminists for everyone to enjoy, but ranking them? As if one woman’s feminism is more powerful or important than someone else’s? It’s silly. But here we are. Emma Watson has “won” the top spot in a lot of the recent rankings lately, but in this latest list, Angelina Jolie scored the #1 position. What if we had Feminist March Madness? What if we created Feminist Brackets and ESPN covered it?

Angelina Jolie has been crowned the nation’s top feminist icon, beating the most legendary living voice of women’s rights, Germaine Greer. The Maleficent actress beat The Female Eunuch author in the nationwide poll for her extraordinary work, like campaigning against rape as a weapon of war in her role as UN Special Envoy.

In second place – and following in Jolie’s footsteps as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador – is Emma Watson, who recently launched the HeForShe campaign for gender equality. The third spot was clinched by How To Be A Woman author and outspoken journalist, Caitlin Moran, ahead of Jennifer Lawrence, who impressed the world with her powerful response to the leaked intimate photos of herself.

Finally, Greer comes in at number five, above Taylor Swift, a vocal feminist who was applauded for her Blank Space music video, which passionately attacks misogyny. Seventh place was awarded to Cara Delevingne, who recently backed Watson’s HeForShe campaign and also led a mock feminist protest for Chanel. Patricia Arquette’s impassioned Oscars speech, which demanded gender wage equality, secured her the eighth position. Beyonce, once lauded as the showbiz queen of feminism, was relegated to number nine ahead of Charlotte Church, who cemented her self-confessed ‘raving feminist’ role with her triumphant BBC lecture about sexism in the music industry.

A spokesperson for feminist fashion house, who commissioned the research, said: ‘We are driven by the empowerment of women and celebration of their femininity, which Angelina Jolie embodies perfectly. The poll shows that this is the brand of feminism currently favoured by the public.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Since I’m a Brangeloonie, I have no problem with this. I think Angelina is an awe-inspiring feminist and a tireless advocate for women around the world. But I’ll side-eye any list that includes Cara Delevingne so prominently. Seriously? Cara is MORE feminist than Beyonce? See what happens when we have to “rank” feminists?


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  1. Jessica says:

    Cara is a hell of a lot more feminist than Beyonce, her whole persona is so refreshing. She doesn’t give a damn about being pretty or cute or sweet.

    Beyonce is a feminist in the way Taylor Swift is a feminist, they only care about the parts that relate to them and further their fame.

    • tifzlan says:

      Beyonce’s band is mostly comprised of women and she has made plenty of feminist statements way before Emma Watson did. I don’t even like Beyonce but come on. And this is why ranking feminists is stupid. Feminism is personal and it is always evolving. One woman’s feminism isn’t better than another (unless it’s not intersectional) and everyone has something to contribute to the fight.

    • The Other Pinky says:

      Yikes, somebody has it in for Beyonce clearly. A woman who put Chimamanda Ngozi on a track to educate the worlds fools on what the word feminist means is always going to be tops in my book. Especially in today’s climate when every celebrity is bending over backwards to disavow feminism.

      To be clear the ranking is nonsense but it is not lost on me that the only woman of color on this list is sitting at number 9. It illustrates the mind sets of many feminists, where a female body is a white body.

      • Danskins says:

        Thank you, Other Pinky!

        This list is completely irrelevant in that it completely ignores the efforts of feminists all over the world, of different cultures, shades, hues, backgrounds, life experiences, and whatnot. But I guess some folks don’t get shout outs because they don’t have Hollywood connections or the right look.

        It’s sad this list is so limited in scope. There’s so much going on in this world with feminism and womanism that we don’t hear about from the biased media.

        Sadly, this is nothing more than typical Hollywood entertainment and proproganda, and has nothing to do with the real feminists of the world who are less famous but doing very important work in the name of equality for all.

    • WhiteQueen says:

      Since when should a real feminist not want to be “cute or sweet”? It’s like saying “lesbians don’t wear long hair and lipstick.” Check on the definition of feminism – equality and the right to choose. Not to be ONE way or ANOTHER only to qualify.

  2. Katie says:

    I like Angie more than the rest. She doesn’t seem to engage in fruitless social media wars. But yes, ranking feminists does seem ironic and counterproductive to the cause.

    • Christo says:

      THIS. TOTALLY. It is so ridiculous for people to list everything on the planet and rank it as if we all live in some Buzzfeed-driven wet dream. There are music charts, school rankings (a joke as well by some measures), and opinion polls….let’s leave it at that. Please, for the love of god, some things aren’t worthy of ranking no matter how many mouse-clicks one thinks the piece will generate.

    • Pandy says:

      I’m surprised “the list” hasn’t cross ranked them in order of hotness …

  3. Jen43 says:

    That list is irrelevant.. Like People’s Sexiest Man Alive.

  4. Kara says:

    this list is unfeminist in itself. it celebrates ONLY famous women. where are the women doing the work in the field, risking their lives? Emma Watson doing a five minute speech is nothing compared to that.

    call it the “Hollywood feminist” and thats cool. but if you actually think Cara oder Jennifer Lawrence (LOL) are the “top” feminists than there something seriously wrong with you.


    also Cara carrying a sign at a fashion show that she has no influence over is somehow a good thing? Karl could have made her carry any sign and only wanted to cash in on the attention feminism is getting anyway.

    its not a competition anyway, its about the opposite.

    ps: “the brand of feminism currently favoured by the public” i have to throw up.

    • mia girl says:

      @Kara – We really need to reread the WHOLE quote to
      have a proper upchuck –

      “A spokesperson for feminist fashion house www., who commissioned the research, said: ‘We are driven by the empowerment of women and celebration of their femininity, which Angelina Jolie embodies perfectly. The poll shows that this is the brand of feminism currently favoured by the public.’”

      While Angelina and others included are certainly worthy for their work/examples, this quote really shows the crux of this list – only “feminine” or stylish feminist need apply. SMH

    • doofus says:

      “it celebrates ONLY famous women.”

      which is why this list is bogus; it’s about name recognition mostly. Yay Angie, I think what she does is great, but this list is a BIG FAT JOKE.

    • The Other Maria says:

      Amen, Angie certainly is an advocate for women’s rights and I adore her, the top five on here illustrate the irrelevance of the list—not because they aren’t worthy, this list is just clearly a popularity ranking.

    • Micki says:

      I agree with your take. it hasn’t escaped me that most women on that list have made “statement” about something. Apart from Jolie, who has worked about numerous causes there is nothing much there. Emma Watson has made a speech for God’s sake.She has launched a foundation. It’s a start but nothing more.

      I sometimes think such topics (lists of something) are thrown as a distraction from the main issue. And it’s stayed the same from the very beginning of the Feminist movement. Women rights are in many cases on paper only (be happy with that!) and 2 weeks ago it became official -In Germany women become 22% less than men. Girls are “supported” by many programms to enter MINT fields, but in practice they invariably choose worse paid Jobs:nurces, kindergarten personal ets. When they have Kids they stay at home (As all GOOD mothers do!) and work afterwards part time. Average 20h/week. Think about your independence girl, think about your pension!

      • Peppa says:

        Wow Micki… what a condescending, belittling comment. But very stereotypical of the brand of feminism that turns people off. I have been a kindergarten teacher, a stay at home mom AND now I work part time as a make up artist. Hmm guess I can’t call myself a feminist and I didn’t think about my independence or pension. Seriously to everyone else… comments like this is why this site sometimes gets slammed.

      • Micki says:

        I think you missed my point Peppa. I haven’t said these Jobs are done by non-feminists, just that girls are shepherded towards worse paid jobs(how many male kindergarten teachers do you know?) and in the rest they are paid 22%less than men. For the same position and work.
        You can be feminist as you like but in too many cases (Germany) woman’s Job is auxiliary and can’t be seriously taken as a main money sourse.
        As I see it women are put to their knees. If that’s condescending to you so be it.

  5. Toot says:

    Always happy to see Angelina portrayed in a positive light, like she deserves, but this list like many, wasn’t needed.

  6. lisa2 says:

    I think the ranking is silly. But for some it will be a reason to come at her for something she didn’t create.. she didn’t make the list herself.

    That being said she is never one to scream about feminism in interviews.. I think if you are a feminist you show that by actions and not words. She advocates for women. She has built schools for girls to get an education. She is a powerhouse in her profession. She is making a difference. So as a huge fan I say Go Angie.. But the thing I appreciate about her the most; is she doesn’t need this. She is fully aware of who she is and what she stands for. And she doesn’t have to try and convince anyone of that in interviews screaming about being feminist.. she just lives it.

    • Kara says:

      i agree. Angie walks the walk while Emma talks the talk. she gets stuff done while Emma lets herself get celebrated on covers for delivering a very basic five minute speech.

      • Artemis says:

        What? She’s basically doing the same as what Jolie did so I guess Jolie isn’t walking the walk either? Watson first visited countries then got appointed as an Ambassador and started speaking out and campaigning actively. Exactly like Jolie started her work!

        Watson helped launch a campaign and isn’t afraid to name herself a feminist (and in doing so, alienating a lot of creepy old men who were ‘fans’ and she got threathened) when so many young (famous) women run away from feminism. Unlike Jolie, she didn’t have a badass personality. Her old ‘fans’ assumed she was a sweet little weak girl with no opinion so her speech turned out to be powerful on an individual level because she put herself out there in a way that ‘fans’ didn’t expect or respect and they retaliated.

        She’s educated and tries to educate others too. And sure, what she said wasn’t shocking or unknown to women’s right communities and advocates but it’s always nice to have extra support. What’s your problem?

        You don’t even know her work and you dismiss her work.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Totally agree. I don’t like Emma Watson all that much (mainly just because I think she’s coasting on HP fame, because she isn’t a good actress), but I like that she’s standing up and doing something about her beliefs. I remember really disliking her a few years ago when she was giving interviews about how she was all into “vegan” clothing (not sure if that’s the correct term), how no one (in fashion or in RL) wanted to make clothing like that (or something along those lines)………while she had just signed onto be the face of Burberry, and I remember making a comment (because I REALLY disliked her, lol) that she’s filthy rich and could afford to put money into making fashionable, eco-friendly clothing, but was just talking out of her ass as usual……and yea.

        Short of it is, I’m glad that she’s doing more than talking.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Artemis, who wrote: “What? She’s basically doing the same as what Jolie did so I guess Jolie isn’t walking the walk either? Watson first visited countries then got appointed as an Ambassador and started speaking out and campaigning actively. Exactly like Jolie started her work!”

        Angie began her initial humanitarian work for the U.N. in 2000 so quietly, many people didn’t even know it. Around the same time Angie began her humanitarian work, she began donating a third of her salary to charity so quietly, many people didn’t know that either. Many people thought (and still think) that Angie only began her humanitarian work in 2005 for ‘positive’ publicity when Brad accompanied her on one of her trips to Africa in the fall of 2005. In my opinion? No, I don’t think Emma Watson is doing the same thing Angie did … but I think what Emma ‘is’ doing is wonderful. :)

      • Artemis says:


        Lol, yeah, she’s so bad at acting. For HP she was fine, even great but then I saw her adult work and I was cringing. That said, I like the change she made and I love the fact that you can tell she’s educating herself on this too and adds in a personal touch. I do believe she’s genuine and I want to see more of her work.


        Yeah I know, visiting Cambodia during Tomb Raider prompted her to learn more about it and so she found herself fighting for causes. I saw her older interviews too, one where she was crying over a boy she met. It was heartbreaking.

        But I do see similarities, of course the details are different as they are different peopleafter all but they both started (quiet or not) by visiting countries and educating themselves first. Then got an official (celeb) Ambassador status and I can see how Watson, just like Jolie, will elevate that status as she seems pretty committed too. And she also campaigns, just like Jolie. The trajectory is pretty similar.

        We don’t know if Watson gives some of her salary to charity, when we do know, it’s not a secret or private anymore is it? Depp also does charity work that was outed by people, not by himself or his team. We don’t know what celebs do. I’m commenting on what we know that Watson does.

      • Ennie says:

        Well, one cannot compare more than a decade of work to that of a young actress who just started a few years ago.
        IMO, comparisons and rankings are unfair.
        Angelina is probably in the small group of famous women who have experience in doing work benefiting women (and families) in different areas, whereas others are just receiving attention or recognition for their charisma and attitude, totally not the same, but I am not demeaning them. Women around the world need to help each other, not put each other down.
        So many women around the world suffer due to political or religious causes, or just plain machism, that even attacking members of our own gender for silly reasons seems stupid.

      • Hannah says:

        Are we all forgetting that Emma is a lot younger than Angelina too? I think that plays a factor. She simply doesn’t have enough life experience yet but I think she’s headed down a good path. Besides, she’s already better off than Angie was at her age. Love them both, by the way.

    • Toot says:

      Perfectly said!

  7. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Caitlin Moran? Didn’t she tweet that hysterical female fans just needed a d*ck between their legs to calm down, much feminist there.

    • Artemis says:

      Moran is such a bad example of feminism. She also excluded PoC as part of the movement since it doesn’t concern HER. Nevermind that feminism is a universal fight. Sheesh, the nerve of that woman.

      If she and the media hadn’t actively pushed her position as a feminist in the spotlight, I could at least deal with her faux-feminism but if she wants to be a voice for women, she needs to include ALL women. Her influence isn’t always positive and I’m over her.

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        Agree completely she is awful, she was asked why she never mentioned the lack of poc in her review of Girls and she tweeted back that she just did not give a 5hit about it. I hope she stops getting attention soon.

  8. Lilacflowers says:

    Malala Youzafzai?
    Lilly Ledbetter?
    Ruth Bader Ginsberg?

    • MrsBPitt says:

      I def agree with you, Lilacflowers! As someone said above, this should have been titled “Hollywood feminist”…and I love Angie…but there are many other women fighting the fight, that are not in the public arena, like the three you mentioned…but, who would care about “the list” if it wasn’t full of celebs!

      • Lilacflowers says:

        The latter two I named have fought for things that directly impact my life. Just last year, Ginsberg wrote a dissent insisting that women should have access to medically necessary treatment for ovarian cysts and other problems, regardless of their employer’s beliefs, and was admonished for it, right in the Court’s decision, by a group of five men because they don’t want to dwell on those gooey, icky women’s body problems as they trample on women’s rights.

        Ledbetter is the symbol of equal pay for equal work for all of us in the US.

        Malala is just an amazing inspiration in every way and sorry, but I doubt Cara Delavigne could carry on a conversation with her.

    • cynthia says:


    • AustenGirl says:

      I would add:

      Joseph Gordon-Levitt
      Patrick Stewart
      President Barack Obama
      Joss Whedon
      Alan Alda

      Feminism improves the quality of life for everybody, and these men are our partners in the cause. Like others, I completely agree that ranking feminists is stupid and counterproductive.

  9. Maya says:

    What I love about Angelina is the fact that she doesn’t talk about feminish, doesn’t claim to be a girl’s girl nor does she parade her female friendships to try and prove she supports women.

    Angelina instead just loves her life with Brad and 6 gorgeous children, fought to get wartime rape accepted at war crime at the tribunal, has built and personally funds over 20 schools for girls around the world where education to girls are considered unworthy, plays/played characters who are always strong females whether they are good or evil, trying to open more doors for other women to get more movies to direct or more importantly she has single handedly raises the breast/ovarian Cancer awareness for 40 percent globally by having to inner strenght to talk about her own experiences.

    This is what I define as a true feminist – don’t claim to be one, prove it by your deeds and let the rest of the world define you as a feminist.

    • Kara says:

      “This is what I define as a true feminist – don’t claim to be one”

      i googled and couldnt find anything. has Angelina never called herself one?

    • Artemis says:

      There’s nothing wrong with naming yourself a feminist. It’s a personal choice.

      That said, Jolie never talks about her political beliefs but the way she speaks is very ‘political’ – vague. Feminism is political so she will never speak about her feelings on feminism and whether or not she considers herself a feminist because it would be incongruent with her image.

      Furthermore, nearly every speech I have heard when she speaks about women’s rights and the perpetrators of rape she stands up for women but also mentions men as a part of the fight. She’s smart enough to know that feminism holds a bad rep and makes sure to include men and highlight their importance. Her focus is not to discuss things too deeply, her work is to do something so I get her stance.

    • Emily says:

      I’m really surprised that feminism hasn’t come up in any interviews. Especially because every starlet has been getting asked about it these days…

  10. Hahahaha says:

    Glad to know that all the “top” feminists are white……

  11. Mispronounced Name Dropper says:

    What scientific method was used to collect the data and determine the rankings?

    • Kara says:

      1. degree of whiteness
      2. conventionally good looking
      3. rich
      4. length of legs
      5. sign carrying ability

      • Dońt kill me i'm french says:


      • Amy says:

        Doesn’t seem too far from the truth, lol.

        We can’t even get equal coverage of feminism that doesn’t involve white actresses why would we need to include POC’s on such a list? Meh.

  12. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Can we all agree lists like this are stupid? It’s all based on popularity. I don’t see the point in making lists like this because it just seems like it’s filler….like they needed a few extra clicks on their website. ALWAYS.

    • Kara says:

      it not like they need, it IS the reason. feminism sells nowadays and they all have built in fanbasis that will attract clicks and ad money.

    • Dońt kill me i'm french says:


    • jenna says:

      I can agree it’s based on popularity. Unfair because Angie probably has fans that would vote for her no matter what.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Couldn’t agree more. This line “The poll shows that this is the brand of feminism currently favoured by the public.” instantly invalidated the whole article for me.

      Like sure, here’s what’s fashionable at the moment. What’s next a perfume? You too can smell and look like a feminist dujour. Which I’m sure is just what the movement needs. More idiots proclaiming what is and isn’t feminism.

  13. ann says:

    How many lists and award shows do people from Hollywood have? If there’s a list, ranking is saying that someone isn’t as good as another, and that’s not a good thing

  14. BNA FN says:

    Angelina is #1 of all the top 10 people on that list and that’s fair. Angelina is a tireless worker for women’s right. She willing shared her health journey so other women can be more pro active with their health, and her tireless work trying to stamp out rape against women in war torn regions.

    When was the last time have we seen or read a woman in Hollywood saying openly, “I’m now a woman in menopause”. I have never heard any movie star/actress used the word “menaupause” when referring to them self. I’ve never seen or hear that word used in HW except from Angelina Jolie Pitt who has the confidence to tell it like it is.

    • kate says:

      Angie isn’t the first and only woman to do the things you’re putting her at #1 for. There are a lot more women in the world who do more but aren’t rich, famous with cheering fans. I’ve read other Hollywood stars talk about themselves with menopause. Sorry, Angie wasn’t the first.

      • BNA FN says:

        @Kate, Never said Angie was the first. I’m saying the other people up there, IMO, she is my #1, also, Angie die not voted herself #1. I’ve NEVER heard another movie star talking about menopause, maybe you can give me a few names and I’ll look up what they had to say. You can vote for your #1.

      • klein says:


        I wouldn’t bother trying to be rational about AJ here

      • Nancy says:

        Amen! I’m sure Jolie does work for women’s causes, and I even think she does it because she cares and not for the publicity – but the world’s #1 feminist?!? That’s just nuts! There are many women in the trenches, doing the day to day work while Jolie lives in American luxury, who deserve the honor more.

        And to name Watson for a speech and Arauette for a line is Insulting to women fighting for women for years.

  15. Miss Gloss says:

    I think ranking them out defeats the purpose, however, some people get credit for being feminist and are far from it. Beyoncé is a joke of a feminist. she’s not even ‘feminist lite.’

    • Kara says:

      she is more than Cara and Taylor though. (not hard to be fair)

      oh and they HAD to include her. because white feminist has one black friend.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        And Anita Hill was too busy teaching women’s studies at Brandeis to pose for a picture.

    • Amy says:

      Yay for feminism lite, when someone else’s feminism doesn’t pass the length and girth test of another’s!

  16. Lucy2 says:

    The ranking is incredibly stupid, and only serves for people to say one is more feminist than the other – which is so not the point. We should be celebrating anyone who stands up for equality, both through actions AND words, and be grateful that there are women (and men) in the public eye who choose to make it a priority.

  17. cynthia says:

    Yeah the whole idea of a feminist ranking is pretty unfeminist. Glad to know that as usual a white starlet literally just needs to breathe to be considered a feminist while a black starlet isn’t considered a feminist even if she defines herself as feminist. I guess they didn’t listen to what Gloria Steinem recently said about black women creating feminism.

    • Danskins says:

      It’s sad that black womens’ roles in creating feminism and womanism are outright overlooked and completely ignored, and this list only reinforces that.

  18. Adrien says:

    Germaine Greer, eew!

  19. ToodySezHey says:


  20. nanaakua says:

    The list in itself is so irrelevant to the feminism cause.. if I have to indulge tho.. then I’ll say that Oprah is the number one feminist. She stood for women’s right and equality even when the term has not yet been popularised.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      While Gloria Steinem was just getting her hair done and Anita Hill was taking a nap?

      • WTF says:

        Anita Hill is a feminist?
        I thought she was a woman that chose to remain silent about the rampant sexism in her office until her hand was forced. AND she was working at frickin EEOC, where it was her job to fight discrimination. She is as bad an example as some of the self-absorbed opportunists on this list.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        That was decades ago. She has changed.

  21. klein says:

    There is so much media hype surrounding this woman that I have completely gone off her.

    She used to be a refreshingly different actress with a personality that shone out of her, despite whatever issues she may have had in her personal life, now she’s someone who has such a carefully controlled public persona that who knows what she might actually be like as a person.

    • BNA FN says:

      Woopi Goldberg mentioned on The View that she knows Angelina, worked with her and she is very nice and a girl’s girl. I remember this because that was the time when CH was saying Angelina was not a girl’s girl, or something like that.

      • klein says:

        Sure. But Whoopi Goldberg worked with her on Girl Interrupted, which was the time I was talking about her coming across in a refreshing way. I really liked her then, not so much in the last five years.

      • doofus says:

        that’s nice what Whoopi said, but keep in mind that Whoopi has also defended Roman Polanski (what he did wasn’t “RAPE rape”), Mel Gibson, and Bill Cosby,

        so, I wouldn’t really trot her out as a character witness.

        that being said, I think that Jolie is probably a pretty nice person but I have NO idea.

    • eva says:

      Can you blame her? she has children to consider now and look at what happened recently. Years ago Brad told an anecdote about Shiloh, wanting to be called after a character from peter pan, which is still being brought today. People harassing writers to change her name to John it’s ridiculous, no wonder they keep things guarded.

      • klein says:

        I don’t think I ever said I blamed her.

        I was talking about how I have felt about her based on her changing media persona and how my liking for her has been affected by this.

      • Tarsha says:

        Klein, Angelina has had the same persona for 12 years! Ever since she grew up into an adult. Is there something you cannot understand about that? Do you think people remain the same from their teens and 20s onward? Have you?

      • klein says:


        No I don’t think people stay the same, nor should they.

        But just as people have the right to change in themselves and alter the extent to which they show themselves to the public, we have the right to feel differently about people as they change and adapt.

        I used to find her more interesting a few years ago. Evidently that’s not OK with you though ;)

  22. Lahdidahbaby says:

    For years – no, for centuries – women were pitted against one another on the basis of their looks and their ability to catch a man. A male-dominated society put women in the position of competing for men’s favors and attention. Then women began to stand up for themselves, for their right to vote, work, receive equal pay. This movement was designated Feminism.

    So now we’re trying to get women to compete as who is more feminist?

  23. tila says:

    @klein…I’m scared for you.

    • klein says:

      heheh, really? I literally just said a personal viewpoint

      • lisa2 says:

        And so did all the other people responding. I think it is unfair to judge Angelina based in media obsessions. She is not responsible for how the media gravitates towards her. There is interest. From fans and from those that claim to not be fans. If people that don’t like her would Op out maybe things would be different.

      • klein says:

        Ah, now I see what she meant. Wow. People are pretty defensive here

  24. OhDear says:

    Didn’t these people read the feedback when Glamour (or whatever) magazine also did a “Best Feminist” ranking a couple of months before?

  25. Lucy says:

    That Angie is a total feminist is absolutely out of discussion. That being said, I agree with many of you guys. Feminism is not supposed to be a competition, nor a fight for a place in a ranking.

  26. meh says:

    No true feminist would take seriously Ayn Rand’s classist capitalist wet dream. So no, no matter how popular beautiful or philanthropic she is, Angelina Jolie will never be #1 feminist. As if such a thing existed.

  27. Amy says:

    …sigh, not today Satan.

  28. Tara says:

    I admire her in many ways, but I don’t get the sense she is a girl’s girl. I don’t think she would be supportive of women in the business who are her peers like Jessica Chastain is and she prefers to be the sole queen bee. When promoting her action films she never seemed to want to acknowledge Sigourney Weaver because I think she wants to be credited with being the most iconic female action star. If she were more generous to other actresses, then I would see her as more supportive of women.

    She did a movie with Johnny Depp for example, but I can never see her doing a movie with another major actress of her generation where they were equal costars because I don’t think she likes the competition. I have no proof of this, but that’s just what I pick up from her. She likes to be the Queen Bee.

    • lisa2 says:


      Whatever.. other women she has worked with all say how amazing and supportive she is. So you whole commentary is so far off base..

      I’ll laugh again.. LOL

  29. Mispronounced Name Dropper says:

    If Ange was a sincere feminist she’d publicly denounce this stupid list for trivializing feminism.

  30. ladybug says:

    Yes, she’s inspirational and does charity work, but there are women running NGOs and organizations in war zones and abject poverty that need the publicity a lot more than she does.

  31. WhiteQueen says:

    Urgh, they are ranking feminists now? Seriously, people are so dumb they will turn any good idea into a stupid competition.