Justin Bieber: ‘Unless you’re stupid, you’ll understand that my life is not easy’

Justin Bieber’s Comedy Central roast aired last night. Did you watch? CC posted some clips from the episode. The sole highlight of the program appears to be this photo ^^^ of Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart. Are they canoodling? I’m shipping it. Remember, these two have a history. They made Snoop’s special brownies together! Good times. (Too bad Snoop is married.)

As for the roast itself, we already discussed the jokes that leaked before airtime. Most of them were tasteless with lots of Selena Gomez potshots and jabs at other people. E! has a round up of even more offensive, NSFW jokes that I can’t repeat here. Which is fine, they’re not very funny jokes at all. I’d rather talk about this new interview that Bieber did with USA Today. He’s still on his redemption tour, and he thinks his eyes tell the tale of his repentant ways. Eyes are the window to the Swaggy soul:

On becoming a man: “Yeah, I’m growing, figuring some stuff out. As you do when you grow up. You figure out what type of man you want to be, that’s where I’m at.”

He has a new entourage: “Yeah, I left a lot of people behind who weren’t on the same journey I was on, and I’ve got a lot of new people in my life who are pouring into me, and not taking away from me.

The biggest change: “Well, my eyes. You know how you can tell a person by their eyes, their intentions and where they’re at? Well, my eyes changed, they got softer and brighter. They’re open. I have more of a grasp of who I am at this point.”

Is it hard to be Swaggy? “Unless you’re stupid, I don’t think you would think it’s easy to be who I am. Just use your head, you’ll understand that my life is not easy. Not having privacy. Growing up in front of the cameras since I was 13, 14. You need to have those mess-ups without anyone judging you, and that’s not something I was able to do. I think that people realize, they see it now, the transition. We can talk and do interviews and I can say I’m in a better place, but until they see the walk, and see the transition come to life, that’s what’s really going to matter.

Fitness, man: “It’s a big part of my life, yeah. I work out every day. Mostly it’s free weights and cardio. I don’t do that stuff where they throw logs at you, what’s it called, cross-fit. None of that. Mainly it’s just me in the gym, lifting weights.”

[From USA Today]

Even when Bieber’s trying to sound contrite, he still comes off like an ungrateful brat. If one aims to persuade an audience of character growth, it behooves one to not call his audience “stupid.” Bieber’s very insulated and coddled, but he should know right from wrong. His behavior hasn’t demonstrated that knowledge yet. Is it difficult to grow up in the public eye? Obviously. But Swaggy has had so many chances. He needs to work harder for the redemption he so desperately needs for his career to continue.

Here are some photos of Bieber in LA over the past week.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Photos courtesy of Getty, Fame/Flynet & WENN

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  1. The Original G says:

    Uh… it was good. It was funny in that gross politically incorrect way that roasts are. Martha, killed.

    Has he grown up? Time will tell. There was a time when he was a sweet kid doing charity appearances and holding his Mom’s hand. We’ll see.

    • littlestar says:

      It was really good. My husband and I actually laughed out loud through most of the show.

      • notsoanonymous says:

        Best roast in a really, really long time. I still can’t get over the crack about Kevin Hart as Shaq’s….package.

  2. HannahF says:

    He still needs to grow up a bit more. He has a good life that, like everyone else on this planet, is not perfect. I’m pretty sure that I’m not stupid either.

  3. Alexi says:

    Martha Stewart was the best thing of the show.

  4. Meow Mix says:


  5. nancy says:

    Don’t call me stupid, Swaggy. You gave your privacy away by choice for millions of dollars. You can’t keep having “mess ups” and using your youth as an excuse any more now

    • Darling says:

      “But Swaggy has had so many chances. He needs to work harder for the redemption..”😳 who is he hurting? It’s so easy for people to forget he is still a child! Why does he have to be pressured to grow up so fast, he made mistakes yeah.. But so did everyone else when they were his age, except we didn’t have millions of people documenting/judging our every move.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        He is not a child. He is 21 years old. And he has hurt his neighbors and others with his ridiculous antics (peeing in a mop bucket that someone has to actually USE, egging a house someone paid for…) He is more than old enough to know right from wrong and if he chooses to engage in behavior that is wrong, he should expect to be called on it.

      • anne_000 says:

        At 21, when will he and his fans stop using the ‘child’ excuse?

        If he and his fans want to excuse any of his current and future antics on youth and still being a child, then he deserves to get a scolding like any other child would get.

      • Emily C. says:

        He sexually harassed a flight attendant so badly she had to hide behind a locked door with the pilots.

        He abandoned a pet.

        He egged a neighbor’s house.

        He peed in a bucket someone paid minimum wage would have to clean up.

        He visited a Brazilian (iirc) brothel, and somehow I doubt he checked to make sure the women were there by choice.

        He made his bodyguards carry him.

        He’s horrible to fans.

        I know I’m forgetting a lot of things.

        No, I didn’t have anyone documenting my life at that age. I was also a WAY better person than him, and so was almost everyone I knew. His comments about how haaarrrd his life is and how anyone who doesn’t buy it is “stupid” show that he has not changed one little bit. He’s a self-absorbed, self-pitying douchebag.

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Emily C –

        I agree with you that he’s acted worse than many people his age.

        He can’t blame his own decisions and actions on media presence and not having as much privacy as others. That was all due to his own character.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        And he’s had it hard? try being raised in an orphanage from the time you were a toddler until going off to University. Try working your way through University and med school (even with grants and assistance from benefactors you still have expenses not covered). Try NOT having everything handed to you on a silver platter. Try falling in love with someone, having two beautiful children and being left a widow at a relatively young age. Yeah, my life is pretty fantastic now, but it wasn’t always and I resent like hell him acting like he had it so tough because he was a prick in the age of social media.

  6. Zigggy says:

    I got a good buzz on and enjoyed the roast. Martha Stewart is awesome.

  7. Cindy says:

    I am late starting Game of Thrones, just finished season 2. There is a scene when that whiney, sadistic horrible little king Joffrey Lannister is walking through the peasant crowd and someone throws cow poop in his face. Joffrey starts screaming “kill them, I want their heads!” and my first thought was, this character reminds me of Justin Bieber.

    • Hannah says:

      I just started season 2! I’m looking forward to that scene haha…nobody spoil it but the day Joffrey dies I’ll be very happy. Apparently the actor that plays him gets stuff thrown at him in real life, poor guy.

    • The Original G says:

      Actually, Jeff Ross made that joke about him. He said Beiber was the King Joffrey of Pop music.

  8. Newgirl says:

    You don’t get both sunshine

  9. Kaye says:

    Unless you’re stupid, Justin, you’ll understand that most of the problems with being you arise from your own poorly-thought-out actions.

    • anne_000 says:


      It’s arrogant that he thinks his critics are ‘stupid’ and that he’s smarter… as if.

      I hope he leaves ‘stupid’ America and goes somewhere else. I’m tired of all his ‘genius’ antics.

  10. Fluffy says:

    we can all talk about change ..taking action is the harder part kid so stop talking and start doing. Saw some of the show his smile seemed forced like ok keep ur cool.. Almost done.. Keep smiling..I’m the man!

  11. JLo says:

    This is what happens when parents turn their kids over to be raised by the music industry and sycophants like Scooter Braun who just want to get rich off your “talent.”

  12. Susan says:

    Just who how did Justin map out this journey? A few fixes to recommend: change the attitude of entitlement, take responsibility for your actions, lose the hangerons and entourage, stifle the need to be hip hop and work on losing the douche. And maybe try to do something for humanity. Simple journey map to manhood.

  13. Delta Juliet says:

    Don’t look at me! Don’t look at me! I’m hiding behind pillows so you won’t look at me!

    **drives off in ostentatious car so everyone can notice him**

  14. Mel M says:

    Nope, his eyes still say douche to me. The I’m trying to smolder, furrowed, eyebrow raised “wha??” look is still going strong.

    • AntiSocialButterfly says:

      Ugh. I was going to post a request to stop the accompanying photos to the articles. I just loathe seeing Swaggy’s face. A dog’s posterior would be preferable substitute on the home page. IMO.

      • Lady D says:

        Unless it’s the picture of him getting hauled into his car seat by his handler/nanny. A most apt depiction of the Bieb.

  15. Kloops says:

    If you literally have to say “The biggest change: “Well, my eyes. You know how you can tell a person by their eyes, their intentions and where they’re at? Well, my eyes changed, they got softer and brighter. They’re open. I have more of a grasp of who I am at this point.”” in order to telegraph your alleged change, you haven’t changed.

  16. Cameron says:

    If that header is true, I must be the biggest idiot on the planet.

  17. Beep says:

    I watched a clip of him singing with Ariana Grande his voice is horrible.

  18. paola says:

    With that hair he looks like a young Donald Trump!

  19. littlestar says:

    “Well, my eyes. You know how you can tell a person by their eyes, their intentions and where they’re at? Well, my eyes changed, they got softer and brighter. They’re open. I have more of a grasp of who I am at this point.”

    That’s interesting that he says that because I have said many times over the years that what Justin Beiber says doesn’t match his eyes. He can be talking about charity, being good, etc. but there is always an arrogance in his eyes, a lie that does not match what he is saying. He’s just saying stuff because he knows it’ll make him look good, even though he doesn’t believe it. I think his roast last night was basically an attempt to hold onto his career. I think he does finally get that his antics have made him a huge joke and that most people don’t like him anymore. He knows he doesn’t have much of a career anymore, so this roast was an attempt to overhaul his image. It was interesting to watch him last night, at times he did seem humble, a lot of time he seemed uncomfortable, and at times he seemed guarded, like he didn’t know what was going to come next. There was still arrogance though, maybe not as much as before, but he still has a lot to learn (yes, I’m completely judging him based on his body language from the show LOL).

    The show was pretty funny. Martha Stewart and that SNL guy were my favourites. Kevin Hart was actually funny (I NEVER find him funny). Ludacris was also good. The female comedian was completely raunchy and over the top but I actually really enjoyed her too! As long as you realize it’s a roast and that it’s going to get raunchy and cross the line at times, it was overall good for some laughs.

    To add: I also really hope Beiber actually has gotten rid of all the hanger-ons and human dingleberries. His dad being the #1 person he should kick to the curb.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      Yes, he says one thing, but his micro gestures tell a completely different story.

    • notsoanonymous says:

      It was absolutely an attempt to hold onto his career, especially with the way he spoke at the end. It felt phony, like he was doing just what you said – saying words he knew would sound good, but he didn’t mean or feel any of them.

      The roast overall was fantastic. Everyone was funny for the most part. I didn’t read any of the jokes ahead of time or know spoilers, so I was genuinely surprised and cracking up throughout the entire thing. I loved Natasha, loved Kevin, and Martha’s delivery could have used work, but whoever wrote her jokes should win an Emmy 😉 They were some of the funniest of the night.

      I could have done without the jabs about ISIS though… I just can’t see the humor there.

  20. meme says:

    Poor widdle Beiber. Such a hard life.

  21. Harryg says:

    GO AWAY.

  22. Micki says:

    Ah, I feel crushed to never realised his hardship….
    I’ve witnesed firsthand the hardship of a couple of teens, who saved money to go to his concert, waited for him over 3h, missed the last train home, had to wait for hours in the night for their parents to come and drive them home. They swear they won’t finance his “hardship” again.

  23. Lucy says:

    Uh, nah. You’re the stupid one. And pull up your pants.

  24. Selena's pissed says:

    Y all the Selena jokes… Wasnt this about beiber ? There’s funny and then there’s degrading

  25. Emily C. says:

    Oh yes. Being a rich white boy is the hardest thing in the world. That’s why he just couldn’t help sexually harassing a flight attendant so badly she had to hide with the pilots. The person who had to clean up the bucket he peed in should thank their lucky stars that their life isn’t as hard as Bieber’s. And egging a neighbor’s house? Why, however can we judge this incredibly wealthy young man’s cruel and brainless vandalism? People say mean things about him on the internet!

    What is it about severely overprivileged people that makes them think that because they occasionally can’t do exactly what they want, their lives are difficult? It’s almost enough to make me feel sorry for Bieber and those like him. Such hollow lives.

  26. yep says:

    My young person loved justin beiber. The posters. Blankets. Singing toothbrush Ect.
    I waited. I knew that patience would prevail!
    As soon as that spoiled douchbag abandoned that baby monkey, it was over for her.
    She still talks about that. How he never made it right or apologized.
    And that sums it up. He is never held accountable for any wrongs he commits. And if , perchance, the law became involved, his actions would cause a regular person serious jail/prison time. But it never happens to him.

  27. mytbean says:

    Yup… I did a few very selfish and disrespectful things when I was a teenager and I felt like I knew everything and that everyone else was an idiot. But by the time I hit 20, I regretted what I’d done and felt genuine sympathy for those that had to deal with the ramifications of my actions. I’m not even sure if Beiber could remember or recognize all of the past actions that caused other people to suffer in varied ways. This guy hasn’t (and might never) reach that stage. Celebrity may have stunted his emotional growth so that he seems to believe that those on the outside of his wealth are beneath him.

    His eyes reflect insecurity and his entire persona is attempted machismo from his posture and stance to the weight training to the patchy facial hair. It’s all so try hard. He needs to just go away, go to college, do everything out of the limelight – go find another passion that contributes to society in a meaningful way. Then MAYBE he could grow into a person who has so much less to prove to himself.