Theory: Duchess Kate might name the baby after her sister Pippa?


Here are some photos of Pippa Middleton going into a party for Spectator Life magazine. Pippa is a “contributor” to the magazine, offering recipes and #PippaTips for a steep salary. And in return for that money, Spectator Life gets Pippa at their parties. And they say print media is dead! Ha. Pippa actually looked really good here, I think. Her short-sleeved dress is by Tabitha Webb. I would assume the matching coat is by Webb as well. The plum color suits her. Duchess Kate is the same way, probably because Kate and Pippa have such similar coloring. Kate always looks amazing when she wears rich, saturated colors like plum, eggplant, deep sapphire, etc.

Pippa doesn’t have a lot going on these days – her dream of bringing Pippa Tips to America is pretty much over, it seems. She’s not going to get another book contract. She’s not going to be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do one segment every three months about skiing or the Royal Ascot or whatever. But don’t cry for Pips. She’s still making good money in Britain with her “writing” career. She’s fine.

As for Pippa’s sister Kate… all of the London betting firms are saying that people expect Kate to have a girl. And the newest name to skyrocket in popularity? Alice. Princess Alice of Wales? Eh. I’m not feeling it. I think if it is a girl, they’ll probably go for something way more old-fashioned to fit with “George”. Think… Louisa. Alberta. Helen. Victoria. Oh, and remember: Pippa’s real name is Philippa. That could totally be a possibility for the baby too.


Photos courtesy of Getty, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Allie says:

    No way. I bet my money on Alexandra, named after me, Harry’s future wife.

  2. kcarp says:

    I think Alice would-be adorable. They won’t name her after Pippa that would be ridiculous. At least with the Royals you aren’t going to get Apple jax Skull Pinky Pie Wales for a name.

    • Thinker says:

      I love Alice, it’s very sweet. My money is on Alice or Victoria. Watch Kate have another boy though and disappoint everyone.

      • Vava says:

        that wouldn’t disappoint me!

      • FLORC says:

        Or me. Sadly, any daughter of Willliam’s would be shackled to a glorified memory of Diana from the moment of her 1st breath. William would remind us as well as the press with constant stories of what Diana would think or do for her. And how this little child might die into causes like Diana.

        It’s already been happening from before we knew George was a boy. I wouldn’t want that for any child. Oddly enough I wouldn’t think the same would apply to Harry’s daughter if he ever has one.

      • Vava says:

        FLORC, why is it that I always agree with what you write?? LOLOLOL. I do, it’s rather uncanny. If Harry has daughters, I don’t think it would be as challenging for the sweet girl(s) as compared to it William and Kate are the parents. (for numerous reasons.)

    • Franca says:

      And why wouldn’t they name her/him after Pippa? I’d love if they named their kid after her side of the family, like Caroline or Michael. It’s her baby too.
      Besides, Phillip/Phillipa can also be after Prince Phillip.

      • Vava says:

        It would be nice to see some diversity in the naming ritual, but I kinda don’t think Pippa would even show up on the list.

      • TeaAndSympathy says:

        How about Kylie, Courtney, Brittney, Kelly, Kristy, Karen, Sharon, Shania, Shaneequa. Chloe, Karly…? And for a boy: Aiden, Brayden, Hayden, Jayden, Bailey, Tyler, Brandon, Elvis, Troy, Cooper, Travis, Tristan, Bradley…

    • raindrop says:

      For completely selfish reasons, I really hope she doesn’t name the baby Alice. Every woman in my matrilineal line has been named “Alice” for 150+ years. My parents broke that tradition by giving me a different name, but Alice is still on my short list. Selfish, like I said, but I don’t want anyone thinking I named my kid after the royal baby.

  3. Thinker says:

    I’m wondering if Pippa is going to lock down her BF. I’m surprised she hasn’t announced an engagement yet.

    • HoustonGrl says:

      Not everyone wants to get married!

      • Senaber says:

        Yeah but… I think pippa definitely wants to be married. Preferably to someone with a title. Maybe when William is king, he can confer a title on her. Is that still a thing that can be done?

      • Thinker says:

        Pippa definitely wants to get married. At the time of Will & Kate’s wedding she had a serious boyfriend and kept leaking to the press that he was about to propose and they would be next down the aisle. It turned out to be too much pressure and they split up (his decision, not hers.)

      • Vava says:

        I’m pretty sure her life goal is to be married to some titled and RICH guy.

  4. LAK says:

    Alice is a good old fashioned name. They don’t have to go far to find it within the family. To wit, Princess Anne’s full name is Anne Elizabeth ALICE Louise. Then there was Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester and Prince Philip’s mother, Alice of Battenberg.

    If they name a baby girl Pippa, it’ll kill two birds with one stone since it will also be referencing Philip.

    • FLORC says:

      My April Fool’s Radar is on high alert with this… Even Philippa might not fly. I’d think Charlotte if referencing Pippa and Carolina is referencing Carol.

      The more I think about Alice the more I love it.
      All assuming it’s a girl. And unless they made sure it’s a girl it’s 50/50.

  5. Babyswans says:

    I don’t understand how she can make everything she wears look so cheap. Is it the accessories? The shoes?

  6. D says:

    Her name always make me laugh, in Swedish Pippa is a slang word for sex/having sex….And that makes #PippaTips funny 🙂 lol

    • ilovesunnydaze says:

      Lol I think it’s a silly name “Pippa”. She has a nice figure but I dont find her particularly attractive.

    • Franca says:

      In my language it means faucet.

      Cara, however, is a slang word for “to fornicate”

  7. justme says:

    I doubt if they’d call her after Pippa, although Philippa IS a royal name – Edward III’s Queen was Philippa of Hainault.

    Alice however HAS been a royal name – in addition to the ones @LAK mentioned, there was a Princess Alice of Athlone, a very well-beloved member of the royal family. She was the last surviving grandchild of Victoria and the daughter of Prince Leopold (Victoria’s youngest son). And of course Victoria herself had a daughter Princess Alice, who married the Duke of Hesse and was the mother of the famous Alexandra Empress of Russia.

    So Alice is a good candidate!

    And Pippa looks very nice in that dress.

    • LAK says:

      Question: which one was nicknamed Alix? Was it Russian Alexandra or British Alexandra (wife of Edward 7) or was it Princess Alice (Victoria’s grand daughter?) or were they all nicknamed it?

      • justme says:

        Both Queen Alexandra and the Czarina were nicknamed “Alix”. I’m pretty sure the two Alices were both just called Alice. I read the autobiography of Princess Alice Countess of Athlone (who died at 97 in 1981). She sounded like a very jolly lady – and she became a good friend of Princess Alice Duchess of Gloucester (another fine lady who lived to 102!)

      • Curious Cole says:

        LAK: Princess Alice (Queen Victoria’s second daughter) named her daughter (the future Russian Czarina Alexandra) Victoria Alix Helena Louise Beatrice, but everyone called her Alix. Princess Alice chose that spelling because she was tired of her own name being “slaughtered by German pronunciation.”

    • Lady D says:

      Are there laws or rules royalty has to follow when naming a baby? Is there a list to choose from, and what would happen if they did name her after Kate’s mom? Would a Carol Katherine Diana Elizabeth be allowed?

      • LAK says:

        FYI we’ve had a very popular consort called Caroline . Caroline of Brunswick, married to George 4.

        We’ve also had numerous Catherines/Katherines as Queen Consorts, so that isn’t an issue.

        As the precedent has been set with the previous Diana, it wouldn’t be too surprising to have that name included.

        And of course numerous members of the family, currently and in previous generations are called Elizabeth.

        With regards your specific question, I think if they named the child after your suggested names, the question would be which one they picked as a first name.

        If baby was a Caroline, everyone would take that to mean an homage to Carole. Ditto Elizabeth and Diana.

        It would be strange to call her Katherine, even with a different spelling because it’s rather self absorbed to name your child after yourself, but we have precedence with the QM, so nothing new there.

      • wolfpup says:

        For the royals, there seems to be snobbery in the practice of choosing a name. Snobbery is the name of the game they play to inflate their status and consequence.

  8. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Anytime I see Pippa all I can think of is those American Tan tights that were the thing in the 1980’s Ireland. Shudder.

  9. Nic says:

    Not a chance in hell.

    • wolfpup says:

      The Middleton’s would suffer if such a name were chosen – Charles has their number.

  10. TessD says:

    I want that coat!

    • FLORC says:

      That coat is gorgeous! The style will trend out come next fall, but that color is a favorite of mine. It clashes with her orange hue imo.

  11. Curious Cole says:

    I am convinced if it is a girl we’ll see Caroline in there somewhere, as a nod to Kate’s formidable mother. Philippa would be a great tribute to Prince Phillip, if it weren’t for Pippa Middleton!

    • anne_000 says:

      I think if this next kid is named Phillipa and nicknamed Princess Pippa, Charles would have a heart attack. It would blow his mind.

  12. anne_000 says:

    Considering how non-creative these people are, I think they’re going for another standard, traditional name. So how about Gertrude? Or Bertha? Or Martha? Anyhoo…

    It would be hilarious if they named the kid Harry or Harriet but I don’t think William could do that because of his ego. Harry will always be more popular than him so I don’t think William will give him that.

    • LAK says:

      Well, there are lots of Gertrudes on the European side of the family. The most senior one as far as titles seems to have been Gertrude, Queen of Denmark in the 12th Century. Whether she was any good, we’ll have to check with arthistorian.

      Not a chance of Martha or Bertha, even though we have Princess Martha Louise of Norway, older sister of the Crown Prince.

      I’d be really tickled if they picked a truly old school name like the ones you’ve suggested or Agnes, Edith, Maud (yes, I know Maud Windsor is already here courtesy of Frederick Windsor), Tabitha etc.

  13. lila fowler says:


  14. OTHER RENEE says:

    Mary Elizabeth Diana

    You heard it here first!

  15. India says:

    Princess Fraudling

  16. TessD says:

    How come whenever I open the bottom photos they are come out elongated and stretched out:(((

  17. msthang says:

    India,way to go!

  18. Citresse says:

    I have mentioned Mary before but I think probably Victoria more likely chosen as a first name. It`s hard to say, but since it`s a second child they may choose a variant of traditional name so Alice may be Alicia or Alissa.
    Other older names include Emily, Rose, and perhaps Rose indeed in honour of Diana; England`s Rose.

  19. Mary says:

    I think it will be a C name. Her mother is Carole Elizabeth, she is Catherine Elizabeth, and I am thinking Cecilla Elizabeth Diana. I don’t think The Queen will approve anything with Carol in it.

    • Caroline says:

      They didn’t really name George after anyone so I don’t think they will this baby either although the temptation to put “Diana” in the name might be too strong for William. I think something like Mary or Charlotte or Alexandra or what about Sophia? I know this is snobby but it won’t be Carol(e) as too common.

  20. Adele Dazeem says:

    As much as I am partial to the name Phillipa (given that is what my parents named me!!) I don’t think they will go with it, although it would be a nice shout out to Prince Phillip.

    I also don’t think it will be Alice, at least not a first name. It might be in there with the middle names, but Kate & William have a lot of friends who have named their kids Alice. I don’t think it will be Alexandra because George has the middle name of Alexander. I don’t think it will be Louisa either, as Prince Edward already has a Louise. I’m going with either Charlotte or, if they want to be a little bit different, Matilda.

    But what’s the bet she has another boy………

    • DameEdna says:

      I’d love it to be Matilda ~ if only to see the Antipodean press go into wild hysterics. Every time the child did a little twirl, it would be “Ooh, she’s waltzing”!

      From memory, one of the Danish princesses has Matilda as one of her given names…..a nod to Mary Donaldson’s roots.

      By the way, I mean roots as in lineage….. and not the vernacular (in Oz) meaning of the word. Goodness me, not that!