Bradley Cooper dumped Suki Waterhouse because she didn’t support his career

This is a photo from Suki Waterhouse’s Instagram, which is a typical account for a jet-setting, 23-year-old model. The Valentine’s Day photo shows Suki at a billionaire’s ranch in Austin, Texas. She spent a few days hanging there with several model buddies. They goofed off, took selfies, and danced around on a boat. All of this happened while Bradley Cooper was holed up in NYC to finish his Elephant Man Broadway run. Why hang out in chilly New York when one can party with a billionaire?

Bradley and Suki went to the Oscars together (because of course) and formally split up in March. This made sense for a guy who’s 40, wants to settle down, and just realized his girlfriend likes to name her pimples. A BCoop source has spoken with Page Six about how he was miffed at Suki’s V-Day behavior:

Bradley Cooper split from 23-year-old British beauty Suki Waterhouse because “she wasn’t supportive of his acting career” and “spent Valentine’s Day away” from the American Hustle, star, says a source.

We’re told Cooper felt Waterhouse was not supportive after his huge success in Broadway’s Elephant Man, which started in previews on Nov. 7 and ran till Feb. 21.

Instead of spending Valentine’s Day in New York with Cooper, the model jetted with friends to a billionaire’s estate in Austin, Texas, according to our insider.

Waterhouse’s Instagram posts from there show her with several girlfriends doing yoga, goofing around on a boat, and posing with heart-shaped balloons.

In one photo, she’s wearing a Philadelphia Eagles shirt, a favorite team of Cooper’s and one that figured heavily in the plotline of his movie Silver Linings Playbook.

Waterhouse’s agent, Next Model Management’s Kyle Hagler, hung up on us when we called. When we called back, he barked, “No comment.” A rep for Cooper didn’t get back to us.

[From Page Six]

Well, Suki IS immature, even for a 23-year-old. She’s a big party girl who managed to keep things calm as she dated a chronic Oscar nominee. Her wildness seeped back into her image towards the end of the relationship. I think she just stopped caring, which doesn’t shock me. She’d rather hang with her girlfriends at some rich dude’s house than watch her boyfriend perform the same show every evening. Bradley chose to date someone much younger, so he shouldn’t be surprised either. But he may be doing it again, who knows.

❤️happy Valentine's!

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  1. Soxfan says:

    Ummmmmm hmmmmm…

    • kcarp says:

      Ya……I like the part about him being 40 and ready to settle down. That’s exactly how I see him. Yearning for a wife and kids right….

  2. GingerCrunch says:

    She is super-cute. Go have FUN. Live your life!

    • wow says:

      Exactly! I’ll never undstand how 40 plus year old men like Bradley and Derek Jeter date these early 20 something year olds an expect them to live like hermits or either expect these young ladies to put their career on hold and focus on the guy’s career and desires. Screw that! I’m glad these young ladies are being smarter than that. Way to go Suki!

      If Bradley wants to date a woman who will make his life the main focus then that is the type of woman who he should seek. Not someone who has established a career and life of her own.

  3. Dorothy#1 says:

    He is so gross.

    • Rhiley says:

      Yeah, there is something really strange about him. He is just a little too controlled and seems very controlling. He kind so seems like he would have some weird vices too. I have never liked any of his movies either. Silver Linings Playbook is probably one of the worst films I have ever seen. The casting was horrible, but the movie overall was a terrible mess.

      • Kosmos says:

        Jennifer Esposito, his ex-wife, has publicly said he is all about himself. It’s all about HIM and he’s to be the center of the relationship, he’s arrogant, cocky, and manipulative– I kind of want to believe her. She also said he had a mean, cold side—eeeww. I agree with you, Rhiley, I didn’t really like Silver Linings either–gag. I do think Bradley isn’t relationship material because he’s had several of them and they’re OVER.

    • Gea says:

      Bradley was dating older and now younger girls/ women and it is just a phase for him. He is mamas boy, very focus on his carier and taking care of his needy mom. Good luck to any woman who will try anything more serious to persue with him. In the way he perhaps like to be on the playground for long run, will see.

    • GAWD…Haven’t we ALL known this guy? The one who is SO F***ING NEEDY and insecure?!? This is SUCH a tired cliche….the much older guy thing. I was across the table from a 60 something year old at a dinner party a week ago who was complaining about all the “crazy” women he was dating and how nothing ever worked out (all decades younger than him), yet he literally balked and shuddered at the idea of dating someone closer his own age (I may have called him a cliché at that point).

      I have NO PROBLEM with age differences, but you cannot expect a 23 year old not to act like a 23 year old, and you certainly do not have the right to get upset about it. IF the tables were turned and it was her acting all jealous and insecure, she would be labelled crazy, hysterical, and insecure. Dude needs to pull his socks up. Seriously. What a cliché. Oops, there I go again.

      • Melanie says:

        I’m pretty sure they didn’t spend Valentine’s Day together last year either, but he did fly into London the next day and they were photographed at a party. Anyway, I really hope this story is fabricated and a source close to him didn’t actually put this info out there. It doesn’t even make him look good. I mean, he’s upset that she didn’t support HIM and didn’t spend Valentine’s Day with HIM. This has to be a fake story.

  4. Lori says:

    Its probably really hard to compete with Gloria. She’s got nothing but time for her boy.

  5. kri says:

    So when I was 23, I was basically swinging from chandelierrrrrrrrssss (literally). I was not hanging out with my dad’s work colleagues. So, Bootylicious-I suggest you go the Clooney route and pick the next one ten years older.

  6. kri says:

    ^^^^^your name says it all

  7. bammer says:

    She got what she wanted for her own career and bounced. How silly of him to think otherwise.

  8. Micki says:

    ….”a chronic Oscar nominee”…

    • MtnRunner says:

      I chucked at that too. Good one, Bedhead. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

  9. Annie says:

    I hate it when old guys start dating super young girls for all their pervy reasons and then are shocked, SHOCKED, when these girls act their age. Of course she’s going to find you boring at one point. Of couse she wants to have fun with friends and a 40 year old guy gets too boring at times. Let these girls enjoy their youth. That’s what it’s for. Leave them alone.

    • Shambles says:

      See I just… I just don’t think he was dating her for pervy reasons. I think he was dating her for… Beardy reasons.

      • tigerlily says:

        Exactly. They split because her contract was up and his PR people came up with this el toro poopoo reasoning.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      I dated a much older man when I was a college freshman. Then I dumped him for an actor. And yes it was because the sex was better. He was shooooooooccckkkkedddd.

  10. minx says:

    This is one couple that I really believe had a PR arranged relationship. She got some exposure and he got to look straight. And then it ended.

    • Oy vey says:

      Word. I believe the beard rumors all day long with this guy. When is Hollywood going to catch up? The vast majority of the film consuming public doesn’t care. Middle America is not as strong a group as it used to be. And if Gloria cares, bae needs to come to Jesus.

    • Fiona says:

      I don’t believe it was a PR relationship. There was too much of them together without press and paparazzi.

      I never understood why people are convinced he’s gay either. He doesn’t have a roommate or assistant always with him unlike some other actors.

    • Cindy says:

      I thought he was gay too… but now I think he is straight but a closeted creeper/a-hole.

    • Melanie says:

      If they were together, at least partly, in order to get exposure for her, wouldn’t they have broken up after her big movie ‘Insurgent’ came out last month? They broke up in January.

  11. Pri says:

    Who is the billionaire, my smutty senses arer tingling…

  12. Lara K says:

    A 23 year od who has always lived on Easy Street will not be interested in supporting anything other than her boobs.
    That doesn’t make her a bad person, just a rich kid.
    As for Coops, I think he would like a 40 year old woman trapped in a 21 year old gorgeous body. And good luck with that.

  13. lucy2 says:

    Did he expect her to just follow him around all the time while he worked? I don’t get this “didn’t support his career” thing, especially since he’s been at a career high the past few years.

    • DaysAndNightsAndDays says:

      I wonder about that, too. I mean, apart from appearing at press events with the actor partner and throwing and attending parties with the actor partner what else is there to do?

    • Melanie says:

      But, it seems like she did follow him around, not just to public events, but film locations too. That seems pretty supportive to me, which is why this article doesn’t make any sense.

    • DaysAndNightsAndDays says:

      Clearly Cooper is using this split to create his image of a man who is mature and wants a wife and children … *twisteyes* Perhaps he should take care to not be seen so often with 20-something years old models.

  14. Miss Jupitero says:

    What is it with rich dudes ordering a pile of models for a party? What are they, pizza?

    • DaysAndNightsAndDays says:

      Rich dudes seem to believe that models are “the better kind of women”. They identify the current mainstream idea of beauty with their own needs and desires but only on a very superficial level (body and looks) – and inevitably they don’t find “THE ONE”.
      Or in short: their target range is too narrow and it is not the target range where they will likely find a partner.

      I start finding this rather amusing. 😀
      There are rumours that a lot of so-called models actually are part-time escorts. Then these parties with a 80% model rate are merely business meetings for prostitution.

    • MtnRunner says:

      They’re looking to get laid, plain and simple. Models that accept an invitation like that probably are too. Water seeks its own level.

  15. jammypants says:

    I find him creepy and gross like I do Leo.

  16. JenniferJustice says:

    If it’s someone who is willing to cater to his schedule and follow him around and take life seriously v. partying on yachts, etc. perhaps he should stop dating young girls – young models specifically. He’s full of crap. Still think he’s gay. Still think she was a beard and got sick of it. The fact that there’s another article on this site from today stating he’s now dating a 21 year old says it all. He doesn’t actually care about a deep relationship. He cares about image, particularly a straight image. He and Jeremy Renner need to just stop with it already.

  17. DaysAndNightsAndDays says:

    I find it rather amusing that a 40-year-old man doesn’t seem to understand that a 23-year-old might be quite immatue especially if she doesn’t follow a more “standard career” path but one that involves a lot of parties (modelling).

    Do 40-year-old men really think that they can get a girl with the body of a 20-something and the mature mind and supportive attitude of a resourceful married woman nearing her 40ies ???

    As mentioned before I suspect he doesn’t want a merely supportive partner with a hot 20-years-old body but one who sacrifices everything else for him. Travelling around with him. Giving up her career for him. Making friends with his friends.

  18. serena says:

    Basically he wantas a young-model type girfriend who’ll follow him everywhere. Someone to feed his ego. Wow.

  19. misstee says:

    There is not a straight man on this planet that gets upset if a women forgets about Valentines day.

    Christ what with Renner getting his ‘room mate’ to bitch on his ex in court and post birthday cake photos and this – im starting to think all the closet PR specialists have left town or something.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      You are mistaken there are legion of straight men who are romantics and would be crushed if neglected on V-day. I understand why these stereotypes exist but many men are very sensitive and romantic and have just as many feelings as any woman on the planet. Men are not allowed to express their feelings as openly as women but one need only look at art, read poetry or listen to music to see the romantic nature of men, it’s not all about sex, even for men.

      • I don’t think misstee was painting with that broad a brush…that all men can’t be romantic or sensitive, etc. HOWEVER, V-day is a fabricated holiday…it’s a Hallmark Holiday, and I have to kind of agree with her – in my experience, I have never known any guy I’ve dated (or married) that gives a rat’s ass about Valentines Day itself. Romance can happen any time, and in fact is better if it is not dictated, in my opinion. Otherwise it feels a bit like enforced fun (or “fundatory” as we used to say in the Air Force) . I and most of my like-minded female friends feel this way. I personally feel like Valentines Day should be renamed “Validate-Me Day”.

  20. Grace says:

    What was Bradley expecting? Suki is young, just beginning her modeling career and should be having lots of fun with her girlfriends. Not sitting at home waiting for her 40 year old boyfriend to finish his Broadway performance. If he wants that, get someone who doesn’t want to party or even, eek!, someone OLDER. He’s so lame.

  21. Caroline says:

    Wow, I just can’t with her. How is she older than me yet so immature? I feel so badly for Bradley since it’s evident that he cared enough about her to publicize their relationship, it’s too bad that she’s a stoner and always look unwashed.