January Jones & Will Forte, costars, have started dating: cute couple?

January Jones has been getting lots of press the past few weeks, but there really hasn’t been any big quote or gossip story. She’s just been talking about Mad Men and how sad she is that it’s over. But she’s already got a part on another TV show – she costars with Will Forte in Last Man on Earth on Fox. And now, according to Us Weekly, January and Will have started dating.

Costar couple! January Jones is dating her fellow Last Man on Earth star Will Forte, Us Weekly can exclusively reveal. A source tells Us Weekly that the Mad Men actress, 37, has been casually dating the Saturday Night Live alum, 44, for a couple of months. “He’s a good guy,” the insider tells Us, adding that the new couple is “having fun.”

Jones, who is the mother to one son Xander, 3, has never been married. She previously dated director Noah Miller, splitting from the Sweetwater writer in January 2013. Her dating history also includes relationships with Jason Sudeikis, Ashton Kutcher, and Josh Groban.

Forte has never been married either, and boasts a surprisingly slim relationship history. In his years of fame, Forte has never stepped out with a confirmed girlfriend.

“I’m kind of under the radar,” Forte told The A.V. Club in 2010. “Not a lot of people notice me. Which is surprising, because I’m so sexy. They’re probably intimidated by my sexiness and crushability.”

[From Us Weekly]

Maybe she has a type? SNL guys. After Jason Sudeikis, this is the second SNL guy she’s been with. I like Forte, he seems nice and relatively low-key. He’s made the jump to films and he has a decent range as an actor. If this is on, it will probably be good for both of them. January’s love life has been pretty quiet since she gave birth to Xander too.

I’m including some photos of the various covers and covershoots January has done lately. She’s on the new cover of Marie Claire UK. She’s on the cover of Rhapsody Magazine. She did a shoot with Violet Gray, the online magazine (you can see more photos here). She’s such a beauty and the camera loves her (but she’s not a great actress). She’s smart to sign on to another TV show though, because TV is where she’s found her greatest career success.

january rhapsody

january MC

january violet gray

Photos courtesy of Getty, Marie Claire UK, Rhapsody and Violet Gray.

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  1. Pri says:

    I find it a bit annoying how they mentioned all of January’s exes in this post and none of Will’s. (they = us weekly)

    • Esmom says:

      That’s because he apparently has none! At least anyone of note.

      I also immediately thought “another SNL guy.” I tried to watch his (and now her) new show but found it disappointingly unfunny for an interesting concept.

      • LizLemonGotMarried says:

        It was painful. I travel quite a bit and love to stream in my hotel room. Someone recommended it, so I gave up an evening of streaming 30 Rock to watch it. SO painful. SO PAINFUL.

      • Little Darling says:

        SOOO painfully unfunny.

  2. kri says:

    She is the praying mantis of Hwood. I hope will keeps his head.

  3. Christin says:

    Two of those magazine photos look nothing like her.

    I only clicked to see a recent photo of Xander anyway.

  4. Molly says:

    I’m still like OMG who is her baby’s father ?!? Like it’s at all my right to know. I just hate coyness and mystery. Will is so cute!

    • bex says:

      I always thought the baby looked like Salma Hayek’s husband.

    • Josephine says:

      Probably more of a matter of protecting the kid’s privacy than being coy? I want to know, too, but I have to say that she seems to have kept the child’s life pretty drama free considering the odd circumstances.

  5. boredblond says:

    The pic of them together is probably the worst pic I’ve ever seen of her..as a couple?..shrug

  6. minx says:

    Loved, loved him in 30 Rock.

  7. Sullivan says:

    She likes funny guys. A great sense of humor is sexy.

  8. Talie says:

    She’s pretty good on LMOE — it was smart to go in a new direction. That character is very anti-Betty Draper.

  9. kcarp says:

    I disagree about her acting. I’m in the middle of mad men rewatch and I’m finding Betty Draper to be very misunderstood and complex. She is a great character.

    • Annieb says:

      I agree with you.

    • Dońt kill me i'm french says:

      In Betty,she’s great for me but in X men,she’s weak and dull

    • Esmom says:

      I think she’s amazing as Betty. So quiet and understated, but with so much going on under the surface. I really think she’s been overlooked as one of the better performers on that show.

    • kennedy says:

      I agree. She’s not a great actress but she’s perfect as Betty. She has the icy, cold, angsty part down. She’s pretty good on Last Man on Earth too. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that neither role really requires her to stretch her acting muscle. She’s basically playing a version of herself which I don’t think makes a great actor but in any case – she is cast perfectly.

      In any case, she is loads better than the lady who plays Megan. In fact, the actress who plays Megan is so terrible that she makes Jones look like Meryl Streep.

      • Christin says:

        I stopped watchIng MM because of Megan. Ruined it for me.

      • lucy2 says:

        I haven’t seen her in much else, but she was perfect for icy cold Betty.
        I too dislike Megan, and have been disappointed she’s gotten so much screen time and Betty has gotten very little in the past few seasons.

    • StormsMama says:

      Yup. Me too.
      I think she’s good and I like her

      I love the two of them together.
      They are Bs individually but could elevate themselves to B+ even maybe A- together

  10. leigh says:

    I really like him and feel like he needs to get laid so good for them. I’ve also heard him talk about wanting a wife and family so go ahead.

  11. Mel M says:

    I follow her on Instagram and she’s pretty funny and self deprecating. I agree the camera does love her, even her candid Instagram shots are beautiful.

    • Little Darling says:

      She’s bloody brilliant on Instagram. It’s the way I began to really appreciate her. She’s hilarious as well, no wonder she loves funny men.

  12. Angel L says:

    I think that is the happiest looking picture I have every seen her in (the one of the two of them).
    so good for them both.

  13. amanda says:

    I watch them both in The Last Man on Earth and I have to say that he is charming and funny and cute.

    I’ve known of him since the early 2000’s when he was voicing Clone High, I’m happy to see him in a role on TV that he created. His ideas on the show are really funny and his comedic timing and physical acting is really great.

    She has dead eyes and is so boring on screen (IMO) (I have not watched any Mad Men, so my opinion is based on interviews, images, X-Men and this new show she is in).

    But it’s funny to see this ‘news’ as a viewer of their show (I won’t post why because…well, spoilers)

    • Hautie says:

      I actually have enjoyed “Last Man” too…. and I see that I am pretty much alone on that based on earlier comments in the thread. I am going to stick it out and see if anyone else shows up.

      I realize so many folks just gush about Mad Men. So it can be really off putting.

      But I will say… if you find the time. Just watch that first season. Even if you don’t watch the rest of it. That first season was so much fun.

      It is incredibly pretty to look at. The sets are gorgeous. They clothes are amazing. And Betty (January Jones) has a unbelievable moment, one morning with a BB gun. I don’t want it spoiled for you. But watch it. Even if its just that first season.

      There are so many amazing funny moments for the female characters. There is so much to it that has nothing to do with Don Draper. (John Hamm) Even though it doesn’t seem like it.

  14. HoustonGrl says:

    I agree that she may not be the most dynamic, versatile actress, but she was perfect for the role of Betty.

  15. Bea says:

    I love their show, they are both really good in it. However, to me she is no great beauty. As plain as they get, in fact.

  16. misstee says:

    It must be love – she has grown out her eyebrows to match his.

  17. Grace says:

    I thought Will Forte was going out with some young Scandinavian model for a couple of years. No?

    Also, January Jones is perfect as Betty Draper – one of my favorite characters to watch. But she sucks at every other role. She was awful in X-man and in Last Man on Earth has the same level of charisma as Gary, Phil’s best friend who also happens to be a volleyball.

  18. Seriously? says:

    I’m pretty sure will has been with a much younger Norwegian model named silja danielsen for a couple years and is still with her. I think this is either the magazine inferring a relationship with jones based on the plot of the tv show, or the network is trying to drum up interest in the show by planting rumours bc people are interested in jones’ love life. It’s weird bc will is good friends with Jason sudeikis and we all know about him and jones. I’m surprised bc will seems like a genuinely nice and down to earth guy who just wants to act and keep his life private and normal. I hope this show doesn’t change that.
    Also Betty draper is supposed to be a malignant narcissist. And she plays the character very accurately (zero guilt, cold, emotionally stunted and immature, selfish, self-absorbed, unable to emotionally connect with and sabotages her own children, blames everyone else, manipulative, a pathological liar, unable to self reflect and see or care how her actions affect others, pretty much evil).

  19. Kelly says:

    I love January Jones!! She’s so adorable! Loved her in “Mad Men” and looking forward to her new roles.

  20. poppy says:

    she’s doesn’t need blotting paper she needs a full on blotting quilts – king size.