Ricky Gervais not going on ‘The Office’, but Amy Ryan is coming back

A few days ago, some British newspaper announced that Ricky Gervais was going to make a special guest appearance on the last episode of America’s “The Office”. Not only that, but Ricky was allegedly going to play David Brent, the character from the UK’s “The Office”. Well, the reports were wrong, and now the American producers are setting the record straight.

Producer Paul Lieberstein (who plays Toby on the American version) says that Gervais will not appear on the “final episode” because the final episode is a “zillion episodes away”. Meaning, I suppose, that America’s “The Office” will be milked until Jim and Pam have grand-kids. But Paul/Toby drops a good hint about this season’s finale – Holly (Amy Ryan) will return! AHN has more:

The original “The Office” star and creator Ricky Gervais will not be guest starring in the U.S. version of the comedy mockumentary, contrary to reports.

U.K.’s The Daily Record reported last week that the British comedian will make a cameo on the last episode of the American sitcom as David Brent, his character in the BBC version of the show.

However, executive Paul Lieberstein said Gervais’ appearance is not happening anytime soon because the final episode is still a “zillion episodes away.”

Lieberstein, who also stars in the show as Toby Flenderson, told eonline.com, “We love Ricky, but have not had any discussions about an appearance on the U.S. show. And we haven’t given any thought to the final show because it is probably a zillion episodes away.”

As for the final episode of the season, a guest star would still appear in the person of “Gone Baby Gone” star Amy Ryan, who will return as Holly Flax.

From AHN

I have really high hopes that Amy Ryan will come back for an extended visit. Holly and Michael are adorable together, and Amy Ryan the actress could do a lot worse than “series regular” on a hit show. She’s an Oscar-nominated actress (for Gone Baby Gone), but until “The Office” she was known only as a dramatic actress. The kicker is that she’s really funny, and doing exclusive film work isn’t all that great. Bring back Holly! And sign up Gervais, for the love of God. Just thinking about seeing Steve Carrell and Ricky Gervais in the same room already has me in stitches.

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  1. sarcra says:

    I like Amy Ryan on the show too. There need to be some new running storylines in the show, now that the Jim/Pam angst is gone along with Dwight and Angela’s secret relationship – before and after she got engaged to Andy. If Holly could become a part of the cast, that would help. “The Office” still makes me laugh, though, and as long as it does that, I want it on the air!

  2. RAN says:

    I’ll be glad to have her come back now. I didn’t really like having her there before because I missed the Michael/Toby dynamic. LOVE their hate/hate interaction :)

    Michael and Holly were cute together though – her storyline ended far too quickly.

  3. YoMamma says:

    I agree with RAN. I love the Michael/Toby relationship but I also liked the Michael/Holly interactions. I could never tell exactly what she thought of him but there was a fondness there.

  4. Wow says:

    Amy was so good during her time on. Its smart of them to bring her back. I’m already tired of the whole JAM thing as well as the whole situation of Angela/ANdy/Dwight.

    I wish Rashida Jones would return for more thanjust cameos too.

  5. sarcra says:

    That’s true, the only problem with having Holly was that Toby was gone. Hopefully we can have both!

  6. Ling says:

    I absolutely despised Amy Ryan on The Office and was relieved when she left. the Holly/Michael relationship is forced, as is Holly’s geekery, and boring to watch.

    In my opinion, Jan as portrayed in seasons 1 to 3 was the perfect foil to Michael’s buffoonery and the loss of Melora Hardin’s badassery is the most grievous one the show has sustained.

  7. michellle says:

    No Gervais? Their loss, I guess.

    Never saw the US version. For me the original was too great to try & follow, (my husband bought the entire series after we first saw it on BBC America.)

    The US version is obviously a hit but for me it’s all about Ricky Gervais.

  8. bittercup says:

    She was great on The Wire as well.

    Toby is a producer, Ryan is the head writer- I love this show. What a talented cast.

  9. the original kate says:

    i like the bbc “office” much more than the american version. why must we always take great british & australian comedies and then ruin them? every few years some network talks about remaking “abfab” here and i have to say: nooooooooooooo!!

  10. MSat says:

    I am happy Holly will be back. She truly is Michael’s soul mate- although, that is probably a dubious honor at best! Jan was great but that storyline had really run its course. They needed someone new for his love interest.

    I need more Kevin and Stanley in my life.

    Oh, and…”that’s what she said.”

  11. sarcra says:

    I don’t think it ruined the UK version to have a US version – the US version Americanizes it and so it is funny to Americans as it invokes our pop culture and our sense of humor, and we can identify with it in a way we might not be able to with a version from another country.

    Having several versions means each can be suitable for and pleasing to different audiences. Of course, there are some people who enjoy both the UK and US versions, and that is cool too.

  12. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Love The Office, love Amy Ryan, BRING HER BACK!!!

  13. NotBlonde says:

    YAY! I loved Holly. She was so sweet and adorable. I’ve never seen her as a dramatic actress so I didn’t have any weirdness seeing her act goofy.

    By the way, the British “Office” and the American “Office” are neither better nor worse than each other, they are just different. It’s a different style of humor for a different group of viewers.

    By the way, Ricky Gervais is a producer and sometime writer on the American show. If he wanted to be on it, he could be.

  14. Justin says:

    Not sure why people have to always be dicks about fighting between Brit and US versions. Both are hilarious IMO, even the Brit version is running at midnight on adult swim the past few months here.

    I look at it as (at worst) as having extra shows of a very similar series.

    I love the US office, but still don’t miss the Brit ones, though 12 + 2 specials seems way too few. I’d love if Ricky would be a permanent (or even for a season) character on the US office.