Kim & Khloe Kardashian visited their family’s ancestral home in Armenia


Here are some more photos of Kim and Khloe Kardashian, plus Kanye and North West, in Armenia. They’re really going all out with this trip, seemingly with the full support of the Armenian government. Like, Kim and Khloe met Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan, and it looks like they have police/military escorts wherever they go. On Friday, Kim, Khloe and Kanye visited the memorial for the Armenian genocide. Then on Saturday, the whole clan (including a not-happy North) visited the Kardashian ancestral home, where Robert Kardashian Sr.’s family had lived. They also visited a church in Gyumri.

Surprisingly, it seems like all of Armenia is in agreement that the Kardashian visit to their country is an overwhelming good thing. And I kind of agree. It’s cool that Kim and Khloe are interested in their father’s side of the family and their deep connection to Armenia. Even though some Armenian politicians are “eh” on Kim and her family, this visit is basically one of the best things to happen for Armenian tourism and awareness. Here’s something I find interesting though: most of the Armenian politicians commenting about this trip are just focusing on Kim. It’s almost like… people don’t think Khloe is really a “Kardashian” and she really doesn’t have any Armenian blood. Hm.

Kim and Khloe got a special gift in Armenia too – an Armenian company gave “the Kardashian family” a plot of land outside Yerevan. That’s nice. Some were wondering why Kourtney didn’t make this trip – well, she only recently gave birth to her third child, so that’s one reason to not travel unnecessarily. Kourtney posted on Instagram: “I didn’t end up going to Armenia because it was making me too anxious with three young children. I do wish that I could have experienced the trip with my sisters but I do know that we will all go to Armenia together someday.”

Kim has been posting Instagrams throughout the trip – go here to see.




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. NewWester says:

    North is wearing some colour! And Kim actually smiled!

  2. JKL says:

    Cute kid.

  3. als says:

    How is this good for Armenian tourism? Do you think people will flood Armenia because Kim Kardashian visited it?
    If Kim and Kanye put their money where their publicity hunger is they would invest in something in Armenia – grant art scholarships (supposedly Kanye is an artist) or anything else they can think of.
    I don’t think this visit is bad (although it’s a bit shady how excited the Armenian authorities are) but how is it good for Armenia?

    • Nicole says:

      Makes Armenians abroad want to go to Armenia. Since that whole genocide thing, we’ve been kinda scattered.

    • word says:

      They were only in Armenia for five days. I hope they did some charity work while there or at least donated some money. I don’t think this will help tourism there. Their fans won’t get the royal treatment if they go to Armenia. You guys won’t believe where Kim and Kanye are now ! North is getting baptized at the home place of Jesus.

      • Michelle says:

        “You guys won’t believe where Kim and Kanye are now ! North is getting baptized at the home place of Jesus.”

        Jesus was born in Bethlehem and lived in Nazareth. UGH. I googled and unfortunately this information is true and not just a rumor; they’re baptizing North in Jerusalem. I will watch my words here because I have no way of ever proving what faith someone truly holds in their heart, but this feels like overkill since none of these people engage in any particularly Christian behavior. I might blow a gasket if this turns up on the reality show because a holy land that is very important to all 3 of the major religions should absolutely be off limits.

      • swack says:

        Don’t know about anyone else’s religion, but when we baptize in mine it is a pretty big deal. After the ceremony at the church, we celibrate the event at home (another reason to have a party!).

      • Word says:

        @ Michelle

        Of course the cameras will be there ! I don’t understand why they had to make an announcement regarding North’s baptism. Why not keep that private? This poor kid is going to be so upset when she is older knowing EVERYTHING about her life was put in front of cameras. Plus, wouldn’t you want your family members to be there? Kim just loves attention. I wonder what outfit she’ll wear when she baptizes North. Also, I wonder why they cut their Armenia trip short. They were supposed to be there for 8 days.

        Also I wasn’t sure if I should call Jerusalem the home of Jesus as some people believe it is Bethlehem…so I didn’t type that. But yeah, they are in Jerusalem right now.

      • me says:

        There are pics. Kanye wore ripped jeans to his daughter’s baptism. Why am I not surprised.

      • Michelle says:

        @swack, I was raised Catholic and we do the same thing; a baptism is a huge event in my family.

        @word, I didn’t mean anything rude about Jesus’ birthplace. I wasn’t sure myself so I looked it up when I googled whether this story was true or not. Ugh anytime I think they’re as ridiculous as they can possibly get, they go that extra mile and blow me away all over again. Like you said, why even announce it? Why not keep it private? And why in the world wouldn’t you want your family there? Since when is religion so important to these people? Don’t they belong to some BS “new wave” church that Kris Jenner has her age-spotted hand in? “Life Change Community Church” is the name, I think.

        @me, I haven’t seen any pictures yet, but I’m sure North and Kim’s outfits were equally ridiculous. I have to be honest, this bothers me a bit. This family is the epitome of tacky and tasteless, but encroaching on and essentially making a mockery out of religious matters that deeply mean something to people might actually be taking it too far…although I’ve said these exact words about so many other things this family has done before!

      • swack says:

        @michelle, I’m catholic too.

  4. Kitten says:

    LOL @ her face.

  5. Hawkeye says:

    A part of me strongly doubts that this trip would have meant much to these people without the media present.

  6. dr mantis toboggan says:

    Even with all that north has been through, I don’t think anything could prepare her for the horror of wearing double denim

  7. Joy says:

    Again, with all the jet setting they do, I don’t get why this took so long for them to get there.

  8. Michelle says:

    I saw Khloe’s Instagram and I was surprised (or maybe not really) to see that she is only posting pictures of herself inside what looks to be their hotel room. I mean, I would just figure maybe she would be posting more pictures of her surroundings or something. I don’t think she actually has any Armenian blood either, but she was undoubtedly raised by Robert Kardashian, and it seems that he raised his children to respect and value Armenian heritage and culture. I think that the Armenians are so thrilled because like it or not, before the Kardashians most Americans had no idea where Armenia even was. There is still a lot of confusion out there about what exactly the ethnicity of Armenians actually is (Indo-European). I think it is great that the Kardashians have brought attention to their ancestral homeland, especially the Armenian Genocide; even if only a handful of their fans research the issue and learn about it, they still successfully spread the message.

    • Nicole says:

      I think she has (er, had maybe) an Armenian look to her. Don’t know why people are so sure they can decipher someone’s genes by looking at them. Girl just looks more like her mother.

      • Greek Chic says:

        Girl just looks more like her mother’s hairdresser but ok.

      • Michelle says:

        LOL yeah, that was more of what I was going for. I don’t believe that Khloe is Robert Kardashian’s daughter, and I think it is terrible and sad for her because she found out in the same unfortunate way that the rest of us did – through pictures and media speculation. You don’t have a woman with a history of cheating on her husband give birth to a child that looks drastically different from the rest of her children, yet conspicuously like her hairdresser, and not have people question who the father really is. Khloe looks exactly like her mother’s hairdresser, Alex Roldan.

        Link showing how much Khloe looks like this guy:

        And this is a picture of the 3 girls with Robert and Kris as children, where you can see that Khloe looks nothing like her siblings. It can happen, but it’s pretty shady.

      • me says:

        @ Michelle

        I saw an episode of their show where everyone wanted Khloe to get a DNA test which they would compare to Kim, Kourtney, and Rob’s DNA to prove once and for all if they share the same father. Khloe was completely against it and wouldn’t do the test. Either deep down inside she knows she doesn’t share the same father, or she was revolted her family would even consider doing a DNA test. Some siblings do look different from each other even though they share the same parents. In Khloe’s case, her own mother put out a memoir where she stated she cheated on her husband 9 months before Khloe was born. So obviously there is going to be some speculation. Kris wanted that info out there…she loves attention and drama.

    • pk says:

      Not to mention Khloe’s middle name is Alexandria.

  9. ann says:

    Cute to see North out of gloomy black and in a little color. Is there a reason they don’t let her hair down in natural curls?
    It would be great if everyone could go to their own familys ancestral home, but E can’t pay for us all

  10. savu says:

    I’m not gonna lie, I googled the Armenian genocide after all the publicity. Even if they’re just “raising awareness”, I can’t be the only one it’s worked on.

    I did the same thing in Italy, we went to a tiny town in Tuscany and a local led us to the home with our family name and crest on it, along with the year 1732. The man who owns it now let us in and showed us all he’s doing to restore it. It was a humbling and proud experience, all at the same time. I genuinely wish that same feeling on the Kardashians, and anyone who has the opportunity to do the same thing.

    • Michelle says:

      I agree with you! I’ve followed my roots to Italy and it was an incredible, life-changing experience that I would be hard pressed to put into words. I can’t knock the Kardashians for making an effort to learn about their ancestry, I think it’s great. I also read about the Armenian Genocide after they brought attention to the issue, and I think that the Pope acknowledging the Armenian Genocide as the first genocide of the 20th century at the same time that the Kardashians are there means that a lot of people are going to be researching the issue and educating themselves. I’m certainly no fan of this family, but I think what they’re doing in Armenia is great.

  11. Diana B says:

    North and Kanye have the exact same expression on that second pic LOL. And why are you putting fake hair on a toddler, Kim?

  12. Shambles says:

    It’s almost like… people don’t think Khloe is really a “Kardashian” and she really doesn’t have any Armenian blood. Hm.”

    I’m pretty sure the Armenian people have it right. Google “Oj Simpson Khloe Kardashian” — maybe it’s just me, but they have a very similar face shape, eye shape, and nose (before she started kontouring it to pieces). The OJ thing is just my curious speculation, but either way it’s obvious that Robert Sr. was not Khloe’s biological father.

    Also: I want a collage made up of all of North’s facial expressions. She’s my spirit animal.

    • Marie Alexis says:

      Khloe is the lightest member of the family; it’s obvious she’s not half-black. Google Alex Roldan (not sure of the spelling). This is Kris’ longtime hairdresser…the side by sides of him and Khloe show a striking resemblance.

      • Michelle says:

        Yup! I actually put up 2 links showing how strikingly similar Khloe looks to Alex Roldan in another comment in this thread.

        This picture of the 3 girls as children with Robert and Kris also shows how Khloe looks drastically unlike her siblings.
        I would find it less weird if Rob didn’t look so much like Kourtney and Kim, but the fact that those 3 look so similar and Khloe is the only one who looks not only nothing like her siblings, but also just like the hairdresser, makes me believe that she is not from the same dad. It’s not her fault Kris was so skanky.

      • Anna says:

        Can we stop saying that just because Khloe is “light” she can’t be half black? people who are mixed (with black and white) can look completely different from each other, some people can end up looking fully black and some can end up looking fully white. There isn’t a certain look that mixed people have to be to be mixed. I actually know a few women who are mixed and have green eyes and hair on the straighter side.

      • ashley says:

        But isn’t Kris armenian? So wouldn’t Khloe still be armenian?
        update – nvd I looked it up. I always thought she was bc she looks just like all her daughters lol

    • gale says:

      Not all kids of a family have to look just like the father and all the siblings. My oldest daughter looks darker with dark hair than my younger with blonde hair and green eyes like me. Same father. He’s Italian and I’m Canadian and lighter skin.

      • Michelle says:

        I agree. My sister and I look nothing alike and people have always said they don’t believe we’re sisters, but in Kris Jenner’s case, she cheated on her husband constantly with practically every other man she came into contact with so it isn’t like there is no reason to speculate. Plus it would really be a very bizarre coincidence if Khloe just so happens to look exactly like one of the men Kris has admitted to having an affair with.

  13. paola says:

    She is such an articulate, like, woman.

  14. Miss Jupitero says:

    I have to sau, if this makes even a handful of people more aware of the Armenian Genocide, its win win.

    And if it gets even a teensy bit up Turkey’s nose, win win win.

  15. Anna says:

    Did anyone see the video of Kanye’s impromptu performance yesterday? There’s one part where he jumps into a fountain and doesn’t realized how deep it is and gets completely soaked LOL it’s actually really funny. it was nice to see him give a free concert to so many people tho, they all loved it.
    I’m glad Kim and Khloe did go to Armenia even if E! did pay for it. It’s raising a ton of awareness and people who normally wouldn’t be interested in researching about Armenia or genocides are looking it up

    • kate says:

      Is Kanye getting soaked in a deep fountain as funny as the video of him walking into the sign in front of the paparazzi?
      I honestly would no nothing about Armenia if the Kardashians weren’t around

  16. Hannah says:

    Stop giving these people credit! If it made you learn about the genocide, pat yourself on the back, not them. The only thing they want in life is publicity, don’t fall for this krap. Otherwise why didn’t they go before?
    This is just a plot to make them more likeable and apparently it’s working…are we conveniently forgetting how bad they are for society overall?

  17. Jayna says:

    I detest these fame hos. They are being paid a boatload of money to come there and it’s just fashion photo-ops one after the other with them dressed to the nines..

    It’s ALL about the DOLLAHS to the Kartrashians. They couldn’t care less about bringing attention to anything without big money up front.