Scarlett Johansson in Zuhair Murad at the MTV Movie Awards: cute or tragic?


The MTV Movie Awards were last night and it turned into a Marvel promotional event. Of course. That’s just the demographics – The Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out in just a few weeks and their promotional trail has started to go full throttle as of this weekend. Scarlett Johansson was one of the few Avengers to walk the red carpet, and it feels like every time I see her, Scarlett looks radically different. It’s not even some HUGE change from how she looked at the Oscars, but she did change up her hair a little bit, plus it looks like she’s lost even more weight. Scarlett wore this Zuhair Murad jumpsuit which… it’s okay. It’s not my cup of tea, but I like that she wore pants. Also: she really, really looks like Elsa Pataky, right? I’m not just imagining that?



Here are some photos of The Avengers backstage after they presented RDJ with his award:

Bonus Mark Ruffalo on the carpet with his date, his tuxedo-wearing daughter Bella. Adorable.


More photos… Emily Ratajkowski wore Fausto Puglisi. I can’t help it you guys… this girl is hot. She’s very, very sexy.


I’m not a big Cara Delevigne fan, but she looked really nice in this Reem Acra. Her makeup was great (Cara is very makeup-dependent) but her hair was… unusual.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Getty.

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  1. Jess says:

    Scarlett looks amazing and I absolutely love her outfit, I want it!

  2. Wren AUS says:

    I love Scarlett’s outfit! She looks fab and the hair is awesome too

  3. vauvert says:

    Sorry but not getting the love for this Emily girl. I can see they are trying to make her into a star (and I have not watched a Gone Girl, so I can’t speak to her acting) but I don’t find her beautiful at all.
    As for clothes, they all look terrible. I hate Scarlett’s hair and that all pink suit is very Stepford wife. If she mused the pink top with a flowing black skirt or pants it would work a lot better.

    • Kaley says:

      I think her body is on point but I’m just not a fan of masculine features on women enough to love her face.

    • doofus says:

      I don’t see it either.

      plus, that dress makes her boobs like they belong on two different people…I mean, I know most women have one boob bigger than the other (in some it’s more pronounced) but this dress is terrible. It seems to accentuate it.

    • Sarah says:

      The dress makes her boobs look lopsided. Girl needs support. I also don’t think she’s THAT beautiful. She’s got a great body for sure, but there are prettier girls out there.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Emily has a rockin body, but she has a$$hole face, to me. As for her acting in Gone Girl…it was fantastic if you consider acting, just taking off your clothes…Someone is trying to make her happen…she better take a lesson from Amber Heard and find herself a Johnny Depp, cause she will never make it on her own! Maybe porn???

    • Maria A. says:

      Those heels look like torture. I get pains just looking at them. Odd how her stance makes one shoulder look higher than the other.

  4. Lilacflowers says:

    Wish we could see more of her shoes. Not many people can wear that much Pepto Pink but she looks fine. Not as pretty as Elsa Pataky but the look is similar.

    • Franca says:

      I thinkshe’s way way prettier than Elsa Patak, but I hope she’ll grow her hair out.

  5. Catk says:

    I think scarlet looks unusually … small. Is this for a role?

    • katP says:

      I agree. Definitely lost at least 5-10lbs more since we last saw her. Plus she’s quite short so that much weight off is especially noticeable.

  6. Jegede says:

    Many comments on twitter also wondering whether Elsa Pataky had joined the Avengers!

    • V4Real says:

      I saw Furious 7 and Elsa didn’t look too attractive in it. That being said Scarjo seems to be channeling Elsa but Scarjo looks good. She lost more than her baby weight, her curves are gone.

      Congrats to RDJ and I loved seeing the cast of Avengers assemble at the awards. I’m hyped for this movie.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      She actually substitutes for Natalie Portman in a scene in Thor Dark World so maybe they’re all interchangeable at this point

    • Anna says:

      I actually thought that was Elsa on stage with them and i couldn’t figure out why she was there!! I had no idea it was Scarlett until I saw some close up red carpet pictures. It looks nothing like her.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      There’s a blind item currently out there hinting the Scarjo had some help losing her post pregnancy weight – the kind of help that you snort.

  7. ncboudicca says:

    Maybe the baby has changed her figure – it seems like in the past she’s had a very small waist and fuller hips, but in this outfit, I don’t see hips!

    In any case, I think this is very flattering outfit on her. Must be a pain to use the toilet, though. 🙂

  8. Erindipity says:

    She looks so matronly with her hair cut like that, though. :-/ Elsa looks cute with short hair, but on Scarlett it’s incredibly aging.

  9. Susan says:

    Good god Scarlett….motherhood agrees with you?! If only we all looked this great post baby. Sheesh. I’ve never been her biggest fan looks wise……but I might be now!

  10. Nessa says:

    Yup. Scarlett looks amazing! I love her outfit.

    I can’t get on board with Emily R, though. He body is insane, but her face is weird.

  11. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Omg, that pink jumpsuit is so tacky and ugly. Pepto Bismol with lace. Yuck.

  12. taterho says:

    The outfit looks fantastic on her but the color is too Blanche Devereaux for me. She pulls it off though.

    I love Ruffalo and his daughter’s twinsies outfits.

  13. Wheeze says:

    I don’t like this look on Scarlett at all. She looks so harsh in that outfit/haircut and her face is very manly with the weird make-up. Emily R has an insane body.

  14. amanda says:

    scarlett does look like Elsa.

    *yawn* to cara, always.

  15. dr mantis toboggan says:

    I love the colour of cara’s dress. Blurred lines chick is just a couple of surgeries away from being a Kardashian in my opinion.
    Scarlett looks like she’s been raiding my mother’s wardrobe and visiting her hairdresser. A little scary actually

  16. Fan says:

    I don’t know. I never like this jumpsuit type of dress no matter how well made or how lovely the figure is. It is just not flattering to a woman.

  17. cari says:

    Scarlett looks HOT!

  18. ccinkissimmee says:

    She is giving me Posh Beckham tease. Victoria would probably never be caught dead in this outfit though lol.

  19. Cali says:

    Scarlett is always hot and I agree, on first glance she looked exactly like Elsa Pataky.

  20. Murphy says:

    For the first few min when I was looking at Scar Jo’s pictures I thought it was Elsa Pataky. I thought the DM had labeled the pictures wrong.

  21. embertine says:

    No particular thoughts about the Pepto-Bismol jumpsuit, but how rude were she and Chris Evans chatting all through the presentation? Get it together, Cap: don’t make me come down there and chastise you.

    (Admittedly this is just the impression I get from screenshots, I haven’t seen the vid so apologies if this is erroneous)

  22. QQ says:

    I LOVE Scarlett’s hair, but here is the thing, in Venezuela Back in the early 90s, somehow all the ladies got together and decided that the height of chic was Linen pants ( which HELLO! Crotch Wrinkles!!… maybe highlights the pussoir?) and linen blouses with cutouts .. like a set if you will ( HELLOO BRA WAS VISIBLE!!!)

    ….well, Scarlett looks like the slutty version of what my mami would wear cause they would do at least lighter colored top to relax the whole thing …. is just like the town hussy?

    • embertine says:

      “Highlights the pussoir” is now my favourite phrase and I need to find a way to incorporate it into my managers’ meeting tomorrow.

      • QQ says:

        well embertine, you know how sometimes Beysus will literally Vanna White Present her tits when she is dancing, Like she is a waiter serving you the goods??(Refer to “Grown Woman” Video) THAT is what them wrinkly ass pants were doing for the ladies

      • embertine says:

        I am aware of the platter effect of which you speak! I’m only envious that I don’t possess the frontage to do it myself. However, I shall definitely choose all future outfits on the basis of whether they highlight the pussoir or not (Yes = good, no = BAD).

  23. FingerBinger says:

    Scarlett looks like Carol Brady and I like it.

  24. Ameoba says:

    I like the blue of the carpet very much. It’s very….serene.

  25. Magpie says:

    I love, love, love Bella in her tux and vans! Too cool!

  26. lisa C says:

    I love Scarlett’s outfit!

  27. Wooley says:

    Maybe the Blurred Lines video had fantastic lighting, thought she was stunning in that but looked different in Gone Girl and here

    • Naddie says:

      I was thinking the same here. She was beautiful in the video, but out of it she looks like another person!

      • Hotpockets says:

        I swear, that video was filmed with a Valencia photo filter, but I concur..she looks so much better and softer in the video. Also, the dress is ill fitted, her boobs look like they’re two completely different sizes in it.

  28. Naddie says:

    Scarlett looks thinner, but still good. I don’t like the outfit, but if it has to be worn by someone, may it be her.
    And Blurred lines’s girl is still trying to happen…

  29. Greek chic says:

    Emily Rat has a great body but she looks tacky here. It looks like what a d-list singer whould wear.

  30. Diana B says:

    Can we talk about what’s really important here? How adorable are Mark and Bella Ruffalo with their matching suits????

  31. santana says:

    Scarlett does looks like Elsa Pataky but you can see that what she was trying is the Claire Underwood, at least hair-wise. Her haircut and color is exactly the look Robin Wright had at the last Golden Globes.

  32. InvaderTak says:

    The Ruffalos win. Scar-Jo is a big no. Her hair is bad, sorry. And CD again looks like she needs a bath. Ick.

  33. Wannabeparisian says:

    Good god would the real scarjo please stand up? I miss her curves!

  34. siscly says:

    Why is Cara Delvigine in big movies nowdays? I just the trailer for Papers Towns and her acting looks terrible. Now she is in the Suicide Squad movie?! Why not hire real talented actresses instead of a no talent model? This girl has no acting talent. Ugh.

  35. Mellie says:

    I’m totally opposite on the writer here…I think Scarlett looks great (if she looks like Elsa, who cares, Elsa looks great too!). Emily just looks like a creepy girl to me, not sexy at all and please girl, learn how to stand. Cara is very pretty, but this is not her best look. Her hair looks like a grease ball on the side and I think I had a shirt like that in the 8th grade, in the 80’s.

  36. Schnee says:

    This Ratajkowski woman is so random and C-list, hahaha.

    I have to laugh every time I see her. We are not in 1995 anymore, love. You can’t buy a career with big breasts anymore. I am so glad her big splash attempt with her poutiness in Gone Girl didn’t work out she faded back into obscurity again. Besides on CB I never hear or see of her.

  37. Deedee says:

    I think she looks like an old Miley Cyrus.

  38. oneshot says:

    I actually think Scarlett looks good, even if that pink is crazy. She’s lost a lot of weight, especially in her face – she used to be so plump-cheeked and cute.

  39. jojo says:

    with regards to Scarlett: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Sally O’Malley. I’m proud to say I’m fifty years old, I’m not one of those gals who likes to hide her age. And I like to kick! [ kicks ] Stretch! [ stretches ] And kick! [ kicks ] I’m fifty! Fifty years old, ladies and gentlemen, fifty years old! Fifty years old!

  40. Veronica says:

    I am not usually a fan of jumpsuits, but this is actually working on her. I’m really digging the hair on her – give her features a nice edge.

  41. SnowGlow says:

    She kinda looks like Aaron Taylor Johnsons wife…

  42. kitty-bye says:

    Love, It looks like a sweet heart shape in her outfit 🙂

  43. norah says:

    scar jo looks like elsa – even the same hairstyle – and she looks really skinny

  44. BMoran says:

    The baby sucked out the life of Scarlett, she looks tired