Bruce Jenner comes out as a transgender Republican in epic 20/20 interview


Bruce Jenner’s two-hour 20/20 special with Diane Sawyer aired last night, and I think we have to give it to Bruce: that was a really great, informative, emotional and powerful way to announce to the world that he is a transgender woman. Before we get started, GLAAD issued a helpful tip sheet on gender pronouns and names, which we will be following for the time being, until Bruce identifies otherwise. GLAAD says we should refer to Bruce as “Bruce,” considering he hasn’t identified any other name he would like to be called. They say that using male pronouns for the time being is appropriate because “Bruce Jenner has not indicated that a new name or pronoun should be used, so please respect his wishes and refer to Bruce Jenner by his current name and with male pronouns until such time as he requests something different.” Now, for the interview. Some highlights:

Bruce says that he’s felt like he was a woman living in a man’s body for as long as he can remember. He used to wear his sister’s clothes as a kid, and as an adult, he wore women’s clothes off-and-on throughout the years. He tries to explain by saying that God “gave him the soul of a female.”

Right now, he calls his gender identity Her and She, and he often referred to “Bruce” in the third person, just like he referred to Her and She in the third person. As in, “Bruce lives a lie. She is not a lie. I can’t do it anymore.” I don’t really know how to explain it other than he’s still transitioning and the pronouns and public identity are still in flux.

Bruce identifies sexually as straight, as in he’s loved and been sexually attracted to women all his life. When Sawyer pointed out that he’s a transgender woman who likes women and whether that makes him a lesbian, Bruce really didn’t know how to answer.

Bruce was on the path to transition in the 1980s, before he even got with Kris Jenner and after his second marriage failed. He was even in therapy and on estrogen treatments.

He is currently on estrogen treatments and has been for more than a year. He’s also confirmed that he’s been undergoing various plastic surgery procedures but has not undergone gender reassignment surgery. Sawyer asked Bruce point-blank about GRS and he basically said that he wasn’t sure if and when he would do it but that if he did it, he would do it quietly and without media fanfare.

Sawyer asked Bruce about his thoughts on Pres. Obama being the first president to ever say the word “transgender” in a State of the Union speech. Bruce was sort of like “meh” because – AND HERE IS THE MOST SHOCKING PART OF THE INTERVIEW – Bruce is a Republican. At first he said he was “conservative” and when Sawyer asked if he identifies as a Republican, Bruce said “Yeah. Is that a bad thing? Neither political party has a monopoly on understanding.” He also said he would totally speak to GOP politicians about Transgender identity and the need for more legal protections and rights for transgender people.

Apparently, Kris Jenner knew about a lot of this a long time ago. What was interesting to me was that Bruce made it sound like he was very happy being married to Kris and that they would still be married if she was more accepting of his transgender identity.

Bruce is not doing this for attention or a reality show storyline. He’s just not.

Bruce contemplated suicide last year, after the stories about his laryngeal shave made headlines and the paparazzi started stalking and harassing him. He said: “That night, I thought, ‘It’s over.’ I was in this walking up and down this hall back and forth all night long. Heart pounding. I thought, ‘Wouldn’t the easiest thing to do right now is go in the other room, get a gun. Pain is over. Done. Go to a better place.’ Then I thought, ‘I can’t do something like that. I want to know how this story ends.’ “

There was a lot of information about Bruce telling his kids and what their reactions were. It sounds like his older kids, his sons, had an easier time accepting it. Bruce said that the first kid he ever told was Kim Kardashian and that for the longest time, she didn’t want to talk about it with him, but she’s come around (more about that in a second). What surprised me was that Bruce said the kid having the hardest time is… Khloe. Khloe and Bruce have always had a special bond, and I got the feeling that Bruce was hurt that Khloe didn’t accept his identity immediately. But Bruce acknowledges that it’s a process that takes time, and all of the kids have come around or are coming around.

Bruce says that Kim finally came around because she and Kanye West were talking about Bruce’s transgender identity and Kanye made her understand what Bruce was going through in a surprisingly beautiful way. This is how Bruce explained it: “Kim told me a story. She goes, ‘You know what really turned me around? I’m thinking about this.’ And I said, ‘What?’ She goes, ‘Kanye.’ They were talking about it and he says to Kim, ‘Look, I can be married to the most beautiful woman in the world, and I am. I can have the most beautiful little daughter in the room, I have that. But I’m nothing if I can’t be me. If I can’t be true to myself, they don’t mean anything.’ From Kanye, yeah. And since then, Kimberly has by far been the most accepting and the easiest to talk to about it.”

Anyway, I could keep writing and writing about this. I really have to applaud Diane Sawyer, ABC and 20/20 for the way they handled this interview and the way they packaged Bruce’s personal story with a larger story about transgender issues, including the increased suicide rates of transgender people, the violence they face and the legal protections that just aren’t there. Bruce deserves a lot of credit for choosing to discuss all of this publicly and becoming a public face of transgender advocacy.

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  1. BendyWindy says:

    I’m glad he finally got to tell his story on his own terms. Good for you, Bruce!

    • wiffie says:

      Good for him.

      I’m kind of proud of society too, who, for the most part, has been careful with understanding and maintaining sensitivity, keeping crude jokes and snark to a minimum. I expected far more than I’ve heard, and it makes me so happy to see how far we have come.

      Bruce is so brave! Full support here.

    • Darling says:

      Just a little side story…I was watching family guy😃 last season or the season before last and the mentioned Bruce Jenner in a scene. It was a completely idiotic scene but Peter mentioned Bruce Jenner as a women, then there was a cut-a-way to “Bruce” in little pink shorts and a boa danceing in frog of army navy men… This was completely before there was news about Bruce and his laryngreal shave surgery, I wonder how they knew about it

      • HH says:

        I know exactly what you’re talking about. I never put that together. Although, it could just he coincidental…???

      • nk868 says:

        maybe from the old clip they showed during diane sawyers piece with him and other athletes on johnny carson?

      • Sugar says:

        Because it’s been whispered about for years as Bruce’s face became more and more feminine.

      • Bridget says:

        This has been an open secret for years.

      • jenna says:

        I’ve been hearing people talk about Bruce getting womanly for years. When he pierced both ears, plastic surgery, and letting PMK boss him around at home

      • Colette says:

        Years ago 30 Rock made a joke about Bill Cosby doing something inappropriate with the Tracy Morgan’s character’s aunt.It was an open secret.About ten years ago I read about Bruce cross dressing on a gay blog.

      • FLORC says:

        I remember during the 1st season of KUWTK there was a big rumor Bruce wore Kris’s close and liked walking around in her shoes.
        This was known for some time that he liked visualizing himself as a woman.

      • claire says:

        It’s been a bit of a rumor for many years. Way before he was on TV, I think.

      • ava7 says:

        People have been alluding to it for years. Chelsea handler started “joking” about how Bruce really wanted to be a woman years ago. It seems a lot of people who know the family have known about it for a while.

      • Lauraq says:

        There have been rumors of Bruce cross dressing for years.

    • Dee says:

      While i am so happy for bruce and the fact that he can now live his life openly and honestly, i can’t help but be afraid for trans people more specifically trans people of color. People all of a sudden are seeing the humanity in being trans when a white famous wealthy privileged person transitions. All of these celebs pretending to be great trans allies now sat silent when trans women of color were murdered earlier this year.( miley appropriating cyrus) We (myself included) cishet people need to do better. I’m afraid this will do for trans people what Obama being president has done for blacks. ( people think racism doesn’t exist bc we have a black president.)

      • sally says:

        @lo8 you can’t help but notice that when they mentioned the murdered youth they were all black. race affects everything.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        Trans people need a prominent public figure, regardless of race, championing their cause. I’m not sure it will be Bruce, he calls himself a Republican so he clearly has no understanding of the Republican stance against all people who deviate from the norm. As far as Obama revealing racism, it’s pulled the scab off the wound and dragged racism out of the closet and into the sunlight, is it pretty? No, but better we all know the truth and wake up to reality than continue to pretend racism isn’t alive and well.

      • tifzlan says:

        Bruce also spoke about this issue during his interview. He acknowledged that his privilege, both financially and racially, made it easier to transition. I’m glad that Bruce recognizes the danger trans-POC faces. He’s really bringing a lot of awareness to this issue.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        I get what you’re saying but I also get incredibly tired of people looking at every single positive devolpment with this attitude of “It won’t change a thing and what about *insert other minority here*?” One step at a time. Just be happy for five frickin’ seconds, please?! Then we can discuss the remaining hundred thousand awful problems we’re still facing. Baby steps. It’s always baby steps, whether we like it or not.

      • HH says:

        Above all, Bruce’s bravery should be commended no matter what the case. BUT LISTEN, there is perhaps no greater confirmation of “white privilege” than statements such as: “Why must it always be about race?” “Can we not talk about racism for just second?” While no doubt, not everything has to do with race, I agree. At the same, the ability to only be conscious of race when you WANT to, is probably one of the greatest, intangible privileges that I could think of.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @ HH: Yes, of course, trying to see something positive before also dealing with what is still a huge problem must be a confirmation of one’s own privilege. Or maybe – MAYBE – you could say that there are times when we can all look at something good that’s happening and see just that. Then get back to business. Your last sentence has nothing to do with that. If you never celebrate small victories (even other people’s), life is going to be pretty crappy.

      • Andre says:

        Amen, Dee! It’s always accepted and mainstream when a white person does anything that people of color have been discriminated and killed for.

        It’s a classic white privilege response to say ‘why bring color into it?’ Because it’s always about color.

      • HH says:

        @LMN- We should most certainly be celebrating the progress and not discount or devalue it (especially when it comes to issues of gender/sexuality). That being said, I don’t think people understand how frustrating, exhausting, disheartening, it is for Black people when issues are only understood and/or accepted and/or important when they apply to “someone else”. And that’s where I take issue with your comment, as I thought the *tone* was disrespectful and lacked understanding. I don’t think the original commenter was attempting to take anything away from Bruce or the importance of his interview; but, IMO it should always be taken into account how issues affect white people, and people of color very differently. Thankfully, Bruce did highlight this. I have reason to believe that if we actually try, we can attack multiple problems simultaneously. In fact, policies and attitudes which treat issues as isolated lead to further damage.

      • Anna says:

        @Dee yes!!! All these people are trans “allies” now but we’re laughing at trans jokes just weeks ago. They’re very transparent.

        @L08 what are you talking about? Are you that ignorant to the issue? First of all Bruce said the amount of black transwoman murdered is a problem so they brought up race.. Secondly race is always an issue especially when it comes to LGBT issues. The life expectancy of black transwoman is 30 years old, that’s horrible and that’s something that needs to be talked about and discussed and their race and gender has everything to do with it. You can’t separate the two. Please get your “colour-blind” type comment out of here because it derails the conversation

    • funcakes says:

      Bruce’s transition is turning out well. Anyone else think he looks like Janice Dickinson without the bad plastic surgery.
      I just wish he would get a stylist. I saw him in a picture wearing a horrid mint green stripe dress.
      Plus a hair and make up person would also help to soften the face.
      With all the women he helped raise you would think the would gather together to assist him with his look before the interview last night.

      • Hannah says:

        I don’t think the kartrashians are the right people to go to for fashion advice…

      • maripoodle says:

        Voice of clarity.

      • Joh says:

        I saw Janice a bit too.
        The okay looking Janice.

      • ISO says:

        I thought he looked really good And doesn’t need a stylist. He has this whole trans republican thing going on – very original- I like it ♡

      • Sherry says:

        For the first time, as I was watching the interview Friday night, I could see how much Kendall looks like her father. Bruce looks like an older version of Kendall without makeup.

    • Mispronounced Name Dropper says:

      I’ve decided to identify as a God. So please start referring to me as The Almighty.

      But seriously, Bruce is a fine example of someone who has the courage to be themself and should be an inspiration to us all.

  2. Kaley says:

    Good for Bruce…on the transgender part anyway. 😉

    • Jules says:

      I’m sure the GOP will welcome him with open arms.

      • jessica says:

        Why wouldn’t they?? So funny how it’s OK to stereotype republicans…
        There are mean, nice, open minded, closed minded people in both
        parties!! I’ve met plenty of racist democrats…enough with the lies.

      • MJ says:

        Why wouldn’t we? You sure like to put us all in a little box, don’t you?

      • TotallyBiased says:

        Show me where Democrats have gone out of their way to trample on the rights (and deny basic protections to) LGBTQ people, hmmm, Jessica? Cause it’s a Republican Party Platform plank.
        I’m only hoping Bruce might actually be a subversive force from within. But somehow I rather doubt it. It’s okay for a rich, Olympic medal-winning, white male to be transgender–after all, he still goes by Bruce. Let’s see how the Rep. Party reacts as he transitions further into she. At what point will his marriage be an outrage to them, for example?

      • Nicolette says:

        @jessica, @MJ, I completely agree with you both. Funny how some who claim to be so fair minded and tolerant really have some set in stone preconceived notions isn’t it?

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        It’s easy enough for you to claim you’re “liberal” republicans, and I won’t berate you for it, but prove it in the polling place and on Election Day, not here. Until your party cleans up their rhetoric and starts acting with care and consideration for for the rest of us, you will have to defend yourself in any public forum. I’m no democrat either so don’t bother pretending I’m party cheerleading. You want to drink the Koolaid? Fine, don’t act like the rest of us are bad people for thinking you’re sadly mistaken.

      • Decorative Item says:

        Oh Bob, your rhetoric is tiresome. Any party that manipulates history books, institute of higher learning and the media to indoctrinate an entire generation should be questioned. This is coming from an Independent who believes both parties have positive and negative aspect to them and that a happy balance between the two is needed.

      • Dirty Martini says:

        The irony of your comment stereotyping and judging others– on this particular thread which is about acceptance of the individual separate from stereotypes is inescapable.

        He can be a political conservative and a trans-sexual without having to justify it to you or anyone else.

        Perhaps one of our next areas of focus is dropping demonization of the basis of a political binary, eh?

      • Tessy says:

        @Dirty Martini lots of us watch politics and that’s what is out there to see. So certainly there is a curiosity factor of someone coming out transgender at the same time as admitting they are a republican. If you look at any political movement to limit people’s human rights, it is invariably championed by white republicans, usually males. Gay marriage, women’s rights- not only abortion but increasingly just simple birth control, racial issues and more. I’m sure they don’t believe these things when it applies to them and are just as likely to decide on abortion if they have an unwanted pregnancy. Cheney obviously loves his daughter, who is another curious republican. Have you ever heard any Cheney ever speak out for rights for other gay people? Its ok for them, but not for anyone else.

      • Dirty Martini says:

        @Tessy. Actually Tessy– Dick Cheney did indeed come out in 2009 as being in favor of gay marriage…the quote was something to the effect that he supported the freedom to marry “for everyone”. He went on to say that it should however be a state issue (as marriage s and as it has been). Don’t forget also that Bush #1 officiated a gay marriage. There are several prominent republicans who have expressed support. Yes I too want to see the platform of the republican party changed on this. Several matters I want to see the platform of the democratic party change on as well.

    • claire says:

      Yeah, seriously. Happy for him that he can be himself. Hope it adds something positive towards trans rights. But I still think the guy is a total famewhore and a sh*tty parent, just like Kris. I’m not going to suddenly think he’s the most awesome ever because of this.

  3. tifzlan says:

    It’s never too late to become your truest self and i am so happy for Bruce. The outpouring of love and support i’ve seen for him is also very inspiring and beautiful.

    On a less positive note, did you guys see Kris Jenner trying to throw ABC under the bus? Both of Bruce’s ex-wives before Kris had expressed support for him but Kris gave no comment and she tweeted to Perez Hilton that ABC “never asked her to comment.” Lo and behold, ABC clapped back and said they called Jenner’s camp multiple times but got no response. Shady, shady…

    • Christin says:

      When the other ex-wives commented, but Kris supposedly did not, my first thought was that she was waiting to grab her own headline. Yes, shady, shady.

      Despite how heartfelt he sounded, I still harbor a feeling that this will be manipulated into a huge storyline or new show (with Kris continuing as the puppetmaster).

      • Jayna says:

        He has a docuseries he’s been filming on the process of living as a woman and how he adjusts to that and his family adjusting. So you will see a little bit of all of his family here and there. I think it will be done tastefully. He didn’t let Kris get her greedy hands on it and produce it and make it something tacky. She has nothing to do with it, which probably pisses her off, because she wants that producer’s fee and manager fee. I think it will be eight episodes following him. It’s coming out in July, I think.

        I think it will be good to let people see Bruce become a woman and for everyone who is following this to get used to it and not so shocking, instead of just seeing him papped all the time as he emerges as a woman and trying to live quietly.

      • Michelle says:

        @Christin – I thought the same. Kris looked bad when that happened, but apparently she got into a fight with Perez Hilton on Twitter saying “Fuck you Perez” when he called her out on it, she claims no one asked her to comment and that she was watching the show with Bruce at that moment. She went on to post about how he is her hero now.

      • Christin says:

        I truly hope he steers clear of her ‘influence’. What few early episodes I watched of KUWTK suggested he is a ‘get along’ type, and she seemed to dominate him. Hopefully she won’t try to twist this for her own money and attention seeking reasons.

    • minx says:

      Linda Thompson wrote a long, detailed account of her time with Bruce–I read it on HuffPo. It was honest and very touching; she sounds like a good-hearted, generous person.

    • Kitten says:

      Kris was waiting to see how public reaction was trending on Twitter before she weighed in.

      • tifzlan says:

        Idk… i still think it’s shady. Why should Twitter factor into what she thinks of Bruce’s transition, you know? They were married for 25 years or whatever and it seems kind of weird to wait for public reaction to express her support. Like, if public reaction hadn’t been as great as it is, would that have changed her mind? :\

      • Anon33 says:

        This. I can be a Kardashian apologist but she is the literal worst.

      • Kitten says:

        @Tifzlan-I was being facetious 😉
        I just meant that PMK’s image is most important to her. I agree that it was shady as hell, but I expected nothing more from that woman.

      • Ennie says:

        It is not her public opinion so much as how her opinion would affect her business (reality show, endorsement deals, etc)

      • Cricket says:

        +10000! I thought this right away as well!

      • kcarp says:

        That’s exactly what she did. She wanted to see how Bruce was received. When she figured out the majority of people are cool with it she jumped onboard. Had she known this was going to be such a judgement in cultural history you better believe she would have had her prized pigs front and center

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        I think you’re on the money, Kitten, she was waiting for two reasons, to gauge reaction and because she is going to try to make bank on this storyline on her krapfest TV show. She is saving it for the fake show, guarantee it. That thing is wheezing along at E!, nine seasons, what else are they going to air? She is going to use this to extend their fame and exposure, like everything else.

      • lucy2 says:

        Probably. She’s too calculating to risk putting anything out there first.

    • nk868 says:

      it seemed like there was some animosity between them and he resented her a bit. i got the impression she was comfortable with maintaining the status quo and was surprised he wanted to fully transition.

      i felt the hostile way he said they would probably still be together if only she were “more accepting” to be really unfair. i know, i KNOW, i can’t believe i’m defending kris. but…. i think it’s perfectly reasonable if he wanted to transition and she still loved bruce very much but didnt’ want to be married to a woman. i dont think after she knew about what was going on as long as they were together it’s fair to paint her as super closed minded.

      • Ennie says:

        We really don’t know why they talked about in their long marriage. Of course she knew from the beginning as I read that he had already breast implants when he met PMK. So, she was accepting his issues, but he still came back to his male appearance, probably for the sake of all their young children, and he put it on hold until his younger daughter grew up a little.
        They might have discussed it and he may have thought she would be more accepting but they ended separating and she is now with 30 year old “boyfriends”, competing with her daughters (Kylie, watch out!).
        His journey has been long, and inside his mind, probably more difficult due to being also a public person, a male ideal, and with his family becoming so infamous.
        What I dislike, after reading his ex-wife account, is how he at times has “abandoned” his older boys, missing graduations, while he was with his newer family. That gives me an idea of why the Jenner girls are like they are. Their parents are more focused on themselves, both of them. I know Bruce has waited enough, but he and PMK had responsibility, not everything is money.

      • perplexed says:

        I don’t like Kris (particularly in her role as a mother), but if she’s a female heterosexual (meaning, I assume she’s fully attracted to the masculine physical being of a man), I do think it’s a little much that he’d expect her to live as a lesbian if that’s not her orientation. But then he seems to consider himself straight despite his wanting to be a woman and being a woman, so maybe he doesn’t understand her dilemma? It seems as though she was accepting of his identity as a woman, but I imagine that her dealing with the physical transition would be much harder if her orientation is straight.

      • Ennie says:

        you are correct. Once when discussing the Duggars, someone posted a link to a personal blog of a woman who once was into that type of “fundie” religion and got married into the same religion. It was a very interesting read because after the couple got married and some years passed, they talked about their real personalities, one was transgender and the other a lesbian… and they still were together! Really Love can still overcome many things.
        PMK is surely not attracted to him, anymore, of course, I understand that, and what you said, she probably thought he would not pursue a public appearance change for many reasons.
        I still loathe her, tho.

      • Colette says:

        Bruce has never stated he has had breast implants.He stated he was hormones for five years.After five years of hormone therapy he could develop to a B cup.
        I know a trans woman who is a B cup, she decided she would do it naturally instead of getting breast implants.She hasn’t had any surgery yet.

      • Jay (the Canadian one) says:

        @Ennie: implants? It was my understanding that they were a natural consequence of his hormone therapy.

      • Ennie says:

        Maybe I read it wrong, but what he was doing to change his appearance stopped when he decided to marry Kris. my mistake. but 36c are big boobs (per Dlisted)

      • Lee1 says:

        I did’t interpret that comment as hostile at all. I just took it to mean that they didn’t have any other issues in their relationship. They still loved each other and might have stayed together if it weren’t for this issue. He couldn’t continue to live as someone he wasn’t and Kris couldn’t stay married to someone who was no longer the person she thought she married. It’s sad, but it’s no one’s fault.

        also, @Ernie
        In the actual interview it was said that Bruce stopped hormone therapy after 5 years because the fear sort of set back in. It wasn’t implied that it was directly related to marrying Kris at all. They made it sound like it was before that. Also, they said B cup, but 36c.

      • Lee1 says:

        Oops, the last line should say “B cup, not 36c.” As written it is way snarky, which was not the intention. 🙂

    • Michelle says:

      @tifzlan – LOL yes, Kris is definitely garbage, but I think she has understandably been having a difficult time with this. If anyone can believe what she actually says, I think it seems like maybe she only began understanding what Bruce has been going through last night after watching the interview with her kids and seeing that they’re all accepting and loving him anyway. I think Kris took it deeply personal. According to TMZ, (not exactly a credible source but they were right on the money with a lot of things they said they heard about Bruce’s interview) Kris was hysterical when Bruce told her and tried incessantly to talk him out of it. I cannot stand that woman, but it is a lot to take in so I somewhat give her a pass. People who are intolerant infuriate me, but I don’t think it is fair to expect her to be so sensitive and understanding as his other exes; they might not be so understanding if they were still married to him all of these years. It was a “fresher” issue for Kris, I guess.

      • tifzlan says:

        I completely agree that it’s a hard thing to come to terms with, especially when you’re married to someone. It’s not shady to me that she’s still wrestling with her feelings on this topic. What was shady was to say that no one at ABC called her for a comment when in fact, they did multiple times and got no response.

      • Grace says:

        I totally agree as well. His ex wife Linda wrote a greatpost on huffpo regarding Bruce’s situation and she admits that she too had a hard time with Bruce’s need to transition while they were married. Its a tough thing to ask to remain married. Kudos to the couples who decide to remain a couple but I understand when they don’t. I still hate Kris though

    • milla says:

      she just wanted it to be on keeping up…. that is one vile woman,
      as for Bruce, I hope he finds his happiness and since he can, help people with gender identity issues. this is a big deal, this is a real, important issue and this is what makes us human. I loved when he said “I am a person”, that is the single most important lesson for everyone who ever had any self doubts.

      Good luck Mr Jenner

  4. Jen43 says:

    Bruce is so incredibly brave. I wish Bruce nothing but the best.

    • Judyk says:

      I agree. I was touched and moved to tears watching him. I have always liked and admired Bruce, but never more than last night.

      Unfortunately, I fell asleep during the last hour since I’d been up since 4:30 a.m. Have to try to find a repeat of this…hope it will be on ON DEMAND.

    • Mia V. says:

      Bruce was always the best person in the Kardashian Klan, you go Bruce!

  5. BengalCat2000 says:

    He is brave and beautiful. I am so happy that he can finally be the person he always was inside!!!!

    • Pinky says:

      Profound. The masculine ideal, the epitome of manhood, the perfect male specimen, the greatest athlete the world over (which is what the Olympic decathlon sets to prove), the Wheatiest Gold Medalist, was a woman all along. Love it.

      Seriously though, this is a watershed moment. (I’ll save contemplating the Republican part for another day.)

  6. Kitten says:

    I didn’t watch it but good for him. Seriously. I recently saw an interesting story about a transgendered 4-year-old and I have so much f*cking respect for that kid’s parents. They were so brave in the face of public criticism. Everytime we get a bit closer to destigmatizing transgendered people is a step in the right direction IMO.

  7. minx says:

    Good for him; I hope this leads to dialogue and understanding.
    I thought the Kimye anecdote just showed that she was referencing everything back to herself, her looks, and Kanye. “The most beautiful woman in the world” lol, had to get that in there.

    • She’s the most beautiful woman in the world, but their kid is only the most beautiful kid in the ROOM? Lol

      • minx says:

        I know, I caught that lol.

      • ThatMitsyGirl says:

        What’s further to that is that is was translated and delivered by Kim herself!! The woman who had to go back into the hotel to get her daughter after realizing she wasn’t with her when she got to her ride….the woman who cropped her daughter out of a pic!

      • neha says:

        I just watched the interview, and he does say “most beautiful daughter in the world”.

  8. Izzy says:

    Good for him, being true to himself. Imagine the pressure to keep the status quo.

  9. Angie says:

    I bet the reason it’s been hardest for Khloe is precisely *because* she’s so close to Bruce. Perhaps it feels like a death to her? Her reaction may not have to do intolerance.

    Good for Bruce. He’s a brave man. I kinda love that he outed himself as a Republican too because it suggests how authentic the whole interview is. lol.

    • tifzlan says:

      That’s how Bruce explained it. Khloe took it very personally because she’s experienced a lot of loss in her life, with her dad’s death and the disintegration of her marriage to Lamar, so she felt as though BRUCE was leaving her too.

    • Kitten says:

      I think this is likely the case. Say what you want about her, she doesn’t strike me as particularly intolerant.

    • Airhead says:

      She probably felt as if she was losing another father. She took the death of her dad the hardest and I guess she felt like she had to say goodbye again

    • Courtney says:

      It seems like she may already have some unresolved daddy issues, and this coupled with the divorce might be a lot for her to handle right now.

    • Alex says:

      That’s how I feel too. Khloe has lost a few men in her life and this must feel like a loss to her too. And she is the closest to Bruce but with her divorce and her worry over Rob…I think it’s a lot.
      I did like that the entire family watched the special together. I don’t like this family but the support seems genuine and I applaud that

    • Perfectly executed Chewbacca sound says:

      I don’t know, Khloe’s said a lot of really hateful things about trans women in the past, throwing around slurs. I’m not that sympathetic to her because of that.

    • Miffy says:

      I can’t speak for Khloe but that’s how I would feel, that I’d lost someone. It’s a hard situation, on the one hand it’s wonderful to see someone you love finally live to their happiness’ full potential but it’s also difficult to lose the person you love so much to begin with.

      I always wonder how I’d cope if one of my kids turned out trans, not out of any intolerance (that’s just a massive no-no in my book) but because I’d feel such a deep sadness that they didn’t see themselves as the amazing person I see them as just the way they are. Not that I wouldn’t continue to think they’re amazing but I’d hurt for the person I lost even if it was in the pursuit of them becoming their authentic selves. I know that sounds selfish but feelings are feelings, there’s not much logic to them.

      • Grace says:

        My parents’ friends’ son transitioned into a woman a few years ago. His mother had a hard time accepting the change and felt that she was mourning the ‘death’ of her son. But through therapy she has now become his biggest advocate and loves her new daughter. They are very close, but it was a rough first couple of years for them.

    • joy says:

      You know it’s odd, I clearly don’t know this man, but when Diane said, this is the last time we’ll see Bruce Jenner, I felt a bit sad. I have a friend who transitioned, but it was one of those always needing to be a girl no surprise deals. So his change into a woman didn’t feel like a loss (to me anyway). But I can imagine being attached to someone as a certain kind of person then feeling the loss when they’re gone. Now I will say that when Bruce said he’d been doing hormones and getting surgery in the 80’s suddenly all those surgeries made sense. I had always wondered why such a hot man would mess with his face, but now we know. I’m glad it was so tastefully done.

    • M.A.F. says:

      Didn’t one of his daughters (the daughter he had with his wife before Kris) ask if she could still call him “dad” and expressed relief when he said “yes”? Could be what Khole is feeling. Still wants to call him Dad at the end of the day and not another name. It is understandable.

  10. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I hope his children continue to grow in their understanding and acceptance of his true identity, and I wish him the best in this journey. I have some negative impressions of Bruce as a father, and I think Kris unfairly takes all the heat for the way the Kardashian women and girls have turned out, but as far as this transition goes, I am behind him 100%.

    • Courtney says:

      THIS. His ex-wife wrote some very beautiful things about him, when he was a deadbeat dad to their two boys for many years. And Kylie isn’t just PMK’s daughter.

      • lisa says:

        i totally support transgendered bruce getting support in his transition. however, he hasnt always been a good father to any of those children and being transgendered doesnt give you a pass for that.

    • ctkat1 says:

      Exactly. He wasn’t much of a father to his four oldest children (Burt and Cassie with his first wife, Brandon and Brody with his second), and Brandon and Brody have been especially open about the fact that it hurt to see him be a father to the Kardashian kids when he wasn’t around for them.
      Brandon said something in the interview about how the transition is giving them (the older kids and Bruce) a chance to build that relationship they didn’t have before, which is nice but doesn’t take away the fact that he wasn’t much of a dad when his kids were young and needed him.
      This is completely separate from his transition, of course.

      • Kitten says:

        “This is completely separate from his transition, of course.”

        Is it, though? I agree with everything about him being a pretty shitty father, but I can’t help but wonder if he would have been able to be a more effective parent if he had been “allowed” to transition earlier in life.

        I’m not giving him a pass, I just wonder how much feeling uncomfortable in his own skin became a constant source of unhappiness and preoccupation.
        I’m trying to imagine how torturous it would feel to be trapped in the wrong body.

        Anyway, the sad part is that now that Bruce is transitioning, that seems to be his main focus. Once again, his parental responsibilities seem to take a backseat.

      • Pinky says:

        @ctkat1 @Kitten You guys are giving me pause and reason to wonder: maybe the fact that he felt inauthentic and kind of like a fraud made him shy away from parenting, especially in parenting his boys? Like, perhaps there was an internal struggle about being able to be the male role model to his sons (and even his daughters) when he wasn’t male himself? It must have been so confusing. Maybe Rob is also taking this hard? I don’t know. But what I do know, is that all those kids were wanting for a strong male role model for most of their lives, and for one reason or another, it was lacking. No shaming, just trying to understand. It baffles my mind, and I reserve the right to go back to my intolerant thoughts about their supreme idiocy, but thinking about this specifically has made me a lot more sympathetic to the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan (and its offshoots). Never in a ka-jillion years did I think that could happen. Mind. Boggled.

    • Shambles says:

      GNAT, thank you. I’m really glad to see that someone pointed this out, because it was on my mind the entire time I’ve been reading this thread. Needed to be said, IMO. I’m genuinely proud of him for being his true self for the world to see, and for becoming an advocate for such an important and stigmatized issue. But I’m still gonna need him to come get his daughter. He’s still a parent, and there is an obvious lack of parental guidance in that girl’s messy life. I’m not entirely comfortable with seeing him painted as this patron saint when he’s made his own personal story (while still important) more important than the fact that his 17-year-old is being statutorily raped by a grown a** father who’s greatest musical contribution is a song called “Molly.”

    • vauvert says:

      Agree with GNAT, totally supporting his transition. But I think as a father /parent he leaves a lot to be desired, and I think all the praise heaped on him for coming out hides several facts:

      He could have chosen to come out in a classy way, without the past months of media baiting and finally doing a much publicized interview for which I am certain he was paid. (You know how Angie reported her health struggles in op-ed pieces? That is class.)

      If he was paid (and I am sure he was) then the right thing to do would be to use that money to help transgender youth who have nowhere to turn when dealing with coming out and their identity. Here we are, looking at a rich white aged male, who has celebrity and money and a public platform, and he is being praised for bravery. OK, but what about a teen raised in a conservative household and community who is trying to come out and has no support? That bravery is what needs a spotlight and could use funds to assist in a long and painful journey.

      Also, the whole “tasteful” reality show about Bruce’s transformation leaves me with a bad taste too. Please don’t tell me he is doing this to help others, unless again, he donates that money to the transgender cause. If all he does is pocket it, the way the KKs have been doing for a decade, how is he any better? After all, Kris gets all the hate but Bruce was there for the ride, he shared that wealth, he agreed and supported his daughters’ leaving school and becoming the uneducated, inarticulate, superficial young women that they are.

      So, good for Bruce that he finally found the courage to publicly state what he has known all his life. That doesn’t get him a pass for all the other things, at least in my book.

      • claire says:

        Yep. This is pretty much how I feel. Like I said upthread, still a famewhore, still a terrible parent.

      • Dirk says:

        Nobody seems to have mentioned the fact that this interview comes very soon after he caused a fatal car accident. Which I guess means damage control done.

    • Shambles says:

      @ Kitten, I see what you mean. I can’t imagine what a toll it must have taken on him, trying to raise little people while feeling like he wasn’t the person he was born to be. That being said, Bruce said himself that he knew from a very early age that he was meant to be a woman. Imo, if you know you’re not in the best place emotionally, and your own personal struggles make it so that you can’t be there to support your children, why have 6 kids? I don’t mean to sound harsh, or unaccepting, because I am really happy for Bruce. But he chose to have 6 children and, from what I hear/see, provided them with little to no guidance or emotional support. That’s not at all to say that transgender people shouldnt have children. I just don’t think it’s fair of him to have let his personal struggles keep him from being the parental figure his kids so desperately needed/need.

  11. Zombie Shortcake says:

    Wow, Kanye’s massive ego had a positive impact for once.

    • SnarkGirl says:

      I know, right? I wish he’d let that side of himself out a little more often.

    • ctkat1 says:

      Kanye is a turd most of the time, but I wasn’t surprised that he was tolerant and understanding of Bruce’s transition.

    • meh says:

      Yeah, strangely the flip side of his kooky self-absorption is that he is very open minded. It sort of makes sense I guess, since he claims to always be pushing boundaries artistically.

    • goofpuff says:

      I know this is actually getting me to like him, dang it

    • M.A.F. says:

      And unfortunately too many news outlets are focusing in on that 20 sec. piece of information.

  12. Colette says:

    I am proud of Bruce,it is never too late to live your truth and to be happy.My great aunt recently filed for divorce.She has received a lot of BS because she is 62 and was married for 44 years.People are saying ” What’s the point?”.The point is, she wants to be happy for however many months ,years or decades she has left on this earth.Life is too short to be miserable.

    Also I am glad that Bruce pointed out he has been dealing this issue for 60 years.The Kardashians aren’t responsible for Bruce’s gender identity issues.Kris can be blamed for many things but not this.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      62 is young, your Aunt has many good years ahead of her, I hope she finds her joy. It’s a waste of life to stay in an unhappy relationship just because “everybody says so.”

  13. Airhead says:

    Hats off to Bruce, I applaud his courage and honesty. Wishing him all the happiness and acceptance in the world

  14. Bellaboo says:

    I wish the best for him. It makes me so sad that he (and other transgender people) had to suffer for so long. I think he looks great. He looks just like Kendall – I never realized how much until last night. I bet Kris is pissed bc he will be a much better looking woman than she is or ever was.

    • GingerCrunch says:

      I thought the same thing! He does look better, and I wanna say it’s the longer hair! Plus his nose is not as narrow as it once was. And he just might one-up Kris, as long as Kim isn’t always helping him dress!

  15. savu says:

    I think he should be really proud of himself. It takes a lot of guts to talk about it publicly. And I’m not a republican, but I think it’s a good thing that he is! It could help transgender rights break out of being a “democrat” issue. Good for him.

    • bettyrose says:

      That’s a good way of looking at it. My first reaction was that he wants transgender rights for himself but feels fine supporting a political party who will deny those rights to others. I don’t consider the Democrats progressive on these issues but they’re not as deliberately regressive as the Republicans, so I disagree with him on that point. But he’s fabulously wealthy and it would take someone like him to bring about change from inside the Republican party. Let’s hope.

  16. sara says:

    I hope he has a happy life. Good for him.

  17. bjesgirl says:

    It kinda drives me crazy that he’s a republican. Not that the democratic party is much better, but come on! You’re supporting a party that wants to give you ZERO rights as a transgendered woman. Being a republican makes sense for a wealthy older white man, but not a transgendered woman… rant over. Any way, best of luck to him and bravo to him for his bravery. This is not a choice, he is just being who he is, and he deserves to be able to do this with dignity.

    • Lama Bean says:

      And his statement after that rubbed me the wrong way. “Yes I’m a republican. I believe in the constitution.” Bc of course no one else believes in the constitution.

      Anyway, this was a great interview. I feel like after understanding how long he’s been fighting this, his awkwardness on KUWTK and sometimes discomfort on the show makes a LOT MORE sense.

      Last thing, Brody may be a jerk but he and Brandon are HOT.

      • pf says:

        Exactly. (sarcasm) Republicans are the only ones who respect the U.S. Consitution, I mean, Dick Cheney just rewrote it during the “War on Terror” with the Patriot Act etc. No big deal.

      • Carol says:

        @Lama Bean I always wondered if Bruce could make an ugly kid. All attractive. Bruce sure was hot back during the Olympics 76

      • CG says:

        Yeah, I was so ashamed of myself last night for wanting to hit it with Brody! He’s so gross but damn he’s hot. Brandon, too.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I’m a Democrat, but just want to point out that all Republicans are not like the vocal and obnoxious right wingers you hear so much from. My parents are Republican, and they support gay marriage. I’ve never discussed transgender issues with them, but their general attitude is live and let live. I also know Democrats who are homophobic and make jokes about Bruce Jenner. So it’s not fair to generalize the party members, although certainly you have a valid point as far as policy goes. That’s probably what you were referring to.

      • Michelle says:

        @GoodNamesAllTaken – You’re so right. It is like people forget that not ALL people are so radically divided down the middle between being super liberal or super conservative. Contrary to popular belief, the average American is moderate-meaning whether they identify as a Republican or a Democrat, most people have a fairly neutral stance on many big issues such as gay marriage and the right to choose. This is an issue of narrow-mindedness that our country is plagued with and too many Americans view political parties as sports teams (I want my guys to win!) instead of basing their opinions on actual issues. My father is a moderate/conservative who believes in a woman’s right to choose and gay marriage. I also know plenty of Democrats who are homophobic and don’t even acknowledge transgenderism. I don’t know where these ridiculous stereotypes come from that all democrats are so staunchly supportive of certain issues. Last I checked not a single person could be painted with such a broad brush, so political affiliation does not mean all people think exactly the same.

        I can’t believe how many people are talking about Bruce’s political views out of everything that occurred in that interview last night. That was a blip for me. Instead of being so torn apart over it, perhaps people should take this as a sign that not all who identify as Republicans are hardcore to the right.

      • Robin says:

        Excellent points, GNAT and MIchelle. I’m a conservative and support LGBT equality, and I get SO SICK of the nasty, snarky comments made by people who identify with the “more tolerant” side of the aisle, lumping all conservatives and/or Republicans with the most extreme ones.

      • TotallyBiased says:

        Well, those moderate Republicans need to take the party back, and get the aggressively anti-LGBTQ stance taken out of the official party line if they want Republicans to be viewed differently. I don’t ‘lump them all together’ by random chance, I can only go on the information publicly presented and the voting records.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Fair enough, TotallyBiased. I think the majority of Republicans are middle of the road, and their mistake was ever signing up with the right wing around the Reagan era . They wanted to win, but I think it cost them in the long run, as the right wing became more extreme and they’re sort of stuck now. I’m no political expert (obviously) but I think they wish they could ditch them, but are afraid to. But you’re right, you can only judge by the end result.

    • Dirty Martini says:

      I’m sorry but…seriously? I find irony in the binary political thinking on this website. You are one (Republican) or the other (Democratic). And all too often, if you think at all like a republican, than you are the devil with horns.

      I can only hope that openness to political diversity and the gray in the middle will follow our new acceptance of people like Bruce who come out with gender identity news.

      Here’s a newsflash: I daresay that a solid percentage of citizens in this country don’t fully identify as Democrat or Republican. The majority are likely in the middle. And THAT is why we swing to and fro every few years…from Reagan to CLinton to Bush to Obama. I consider myself more independent or libertarian, and I’ve voted on both sides, but more often Republican than Democrat. I support gay rights and all LGBT issues, a woman’s right to choose, and immigration reform but not amnesty. I also support less government control in our lives, a strong military, and am pro business. I think our entitlement programs need a serious overhaul too.

      In other words… issue doesn’t dominate my thinking and therefore the platform of both parties have appeal to me and have aspects I do NOT support.

      And if someone does identify as one or the other, I see them as an individual first capable of independent thought who may or may not agree completely with all aspects of the platform and who still has my respect…even when I don’t share their affiliation.

      • Crumpet says:

        *clap clap*

      • Lama Bean says:

        Let me clarify. I don’t give a flip that he is Republican. Do you. I’ll do me. It’s the “I believe in the constitution” that gave me pause. I’m not offended by it. I just found it to be an interesting reason for his political views.

      • Kitten says:

        Yes, not everyone is one or the other. Plenty of us are Independents.

      • Stephbpt says:

        Thank you! Saddens me to see statements of generalization or intolerance within a discussion about acceptance – no matter which party you align with in the voting booth.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        I’m a Libertarian. *shrugs*

  18. maeliz says:

    I watched the whole thing. What a brave guy. All these years living with the Kardashians, and seeing them having hair, makup and all kinds of girly clothes must have been torture. I wish him the best luck with this. I always admired him for being a great athlete and nice guy

  19. Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

    I do not understand what “the soul of a woman” is. The soul of a human – yes.

    Gender is a cultural construct. Jenner seems to see the world in either/or, male/female. In recent years, we have been the erasing the boundaries between what is male behavior and what is female behavior. Jenner’s idea of of a woman is based on learned behaviors of 50+ years ago. Jenner seems retro to me.

    I wish him happiness and thank him for talking with all of us so honestly.

    • mememe says:

      Well said.

    • RosettaStoned says:

      This. I support people presenting themselves to the world in absolutely any form they want, I don’t even care if it’s socially acceptable, let your freak flag fly and all that… but I am so sick of binary gender roles. Liking makeup, clothes, pretty hair and talking softly does not make you a woman. If so, then I have a lot of friends who need to turn in their woman card… I know it’s more complicated than that but it seems like time and time again the things attributed to ‘womanhood’ are pulled from the same frivolous box of performativity that society has always tried to stuff us in.

    • eknasok says:

      Yes, it is confirming heteronormativity and accepting binary gender as a role of identity.
      This is on gender, self-expression and not conforming to the norm. Bruce Jenner lives his life and I am not here to judge.

      Also yes to @RosettaStoned. I read your remark after I made mine.

    • Bridget says:

      That’s YOUR opinion. Would you tell someone that’s transitioning that it essentially doesn’t matter because we’re all just humans anyway?

      • eknasok says:

        Whose else`s opinion can it be but mine? And yes, if a person would ask for my opinion on natural gender identity and gender roles and the subject of binary gender.

      • Lucrezia says:

        Uh, yes? Not a random stranger, of course. But I have had that conversation with a trans man. I was trying to understand why he was transitioning. He was completely fine with talking about it. He understood that I couldn’t see the big deal between male and female, and I understand that it was so important to him that he’d risk surgery.

        Probably helped that we were both psychology students. Also helped that he had (pre-transition) identified strongly as a lesbian … and was dating someone who’d also been a strict lesbian and was transitioning to male. He could see the irony in that he didn’t a whit care about his partner’s outward gender but did care about his own.

        (Cute story: They’re probably the only couple I know who were happy to be at the receiving end of gay slurs. Never thought I’d hear someone so happy to say “bunch of teenagers called us a pair of f**s. It was all “Yes! They thought we were male! Awesome!”)

      • Bridget says:

        I’m not trying to be mean, but that comment comes across as incredibly dismissive. If gender were solely a social construct, transitioning individuals wouldn’t need to surgically alter themselves. Transitioning isn’t just wearing the other gender’s clothing – for many (and I say that because I realize that there’s a range of experiences among trangendered individuals) it involvea hormones and surgical procedures. It goes much deeper than a social construct.

      • Lucrezia says:

        Whose comment is dismissive Bridget? (I’m not sure who you’re talking to.)

        I’m pretty sure eknasok isn’t being dismissive – anyone who tosses out “heteronormativity” and “binary gender” is either genderqueer themselves or has a lot of contact with the LGBT community.

        I’m certain I was not being dismissive. If I came across that way, I apologise and assure you I didn’t mean to.

        That said, and given I’m not sure who you were talking to … I don’t understand how you jumped from “gender is a social construct” to “therefore it’s something shallow”. Social constructs can go incredibly deep. Race is a social construct. Love has a tiny biological component, but how we experience it is mostly a social construct, and how we express it is definitely socially constructed.

        Actually, I’m worried you got the wrong impression of this little sub-thread from the start. Anyone talking about binary gender being old-fashioned is all about MORE choice, not less. If someone wants full sex reassignment surgery – great. If someone wants hormones and chest surgery, but not genital surgery – great. If someone’s happy with just cross-dressing – great.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Ok, don’t be frustrated with me. I’m trying to wrap my head around what you’re saying. I totally agree that our culture pours tons of false gender identification information into our brains from the day we are born and the hospital puts a pink or blue bracelet on our wrist. Get that. And things like girls should be passive, boys competitive, etc.. Get that, too. But I still feel that I am a woman. Not because of makeup or sexual orientation or anything outside. I just inwardly identify as a woman. I’d be sad if I had the outward appearance of a man. Ugh, I’m not finding the right words for this at all. I guess I’m just asking if you don’t believe that there are ANY inborn differences, if it’s all cultural? And I’m not arguing. I’m just interested in your point of view.

      • Lee1 says:

        GNAT, I think you understand it and articulated it perfectly. Gender roles ARE a social construct, but that doesn’t erase the existence of gender identities as being true. I am a lesbian who usually wears dresses now but still occasionally wears jeans and flannels. I grew up a tomboy playing lots of sports but I also love baking. I have had short shaved hair and long done up hair. None of these things define my gender. In spite of often having had a fluid gender presentation and interests that have commonly been associated with both girls and boys, I still have always 100% felt I was female. These are separate issues.

        Bruce even acknowledged this in the interviewer towards the end by saying he thinks he will still love racing cars and flying helicopters etc (typically “masculine” interests according to old-school gender beliefs) even after he fully inhabits life as Her. He said Kim asked him if that meant he was a Tomboy. He thought that was a cute idea and didn’t quite know yet. There are butch trans* women and there are femme trans* women and there are trans* women who fall somewhere in between just as there are people who are agender or gender queer.

        If anyone still thinks they don’t believe there is a genuine internal basis (whether it is psychological, hormonal, whatever) for gender identity, then they need to read about how intersex babies were and are often still treated and how that affects them growing up. They also need to read about the horrific life of David Reimer. You can’t just force someone to be who they are not. If gender only existed because of social conditioning, David Reimer would have been okay. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case at all.

      • Grace says:

        +1 roles based on gender were around for thousands of years including primitive time and in all areas around the globe. Gender roles were not created in the 1950s – maybe became more defined and restrictive

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Thank you, Lee1. That makes total sense to me.

      • Lucrezia says:

        GNAT – I think there are 4 factors: biological sex, psychological gender, societal sex-role, and culture/time.

        And I don’t think any of those are purely binary. For biology, you can be male, female, intersex (which has a whole series of sub-types: XXY, XX/XY moasaic, XY with an androgen insensitivity etc etc), and I guess castrato or otherwise injured would also fall under biology.
        Psychology would cover the “inward feeling” you talk about, and you can be masculine, feminine, androgynous (high on both masculine and feminine traits) and undifferentiated (low on both masculine and feminine traits). In terms of societal sex-role you can be masculine, feminine, androgynous or fluid. But the sex roles available depend on your culture/time: some cultures have a 3rd sex-role that is kind of half-way between transgender and androgynous that simply isn’t a recognised option in Western Society.

        Combining biology and psychology says whether you’re cis-gendered (feeling matches biology) or trans (feeling doesn’t match biology). Sex role is about your outward expression, how you’re behaving regardless of whether your behaviour matches your feeling.

        So my basic position is: it’s waaaaay more complicated than binary thinking suggests. I don’t think you can tease one aspect out and say it’s all culture or all psychology or whatever. But I definitely think male/female either/or thinking is wrong.

        Personally, I don’t have a strong psychological gender identity – I’d be undifferentiated. I can’t relate when you say you “inwardly identify as a woman”. I … simply don’t. But I don’t identify as male either, I just think of myself as a person. So it’s extremely hard for me to relate to being transgender. I can definitely sympathise, and I can intellectually kind of grasp it, but it’s not as easy as imagining myself trapped in a male body, because my honest reaction is: meh? I’d still be “me”.

      • Hispania says:

        Thank you Lucrezia. That was very clarifying!!! Basing mysekf on your post, i woukd guess I’m undifferentiating too, because I find it hard to understand what “feeling like a woman/man” means, but I guess it’s not the same for everyone. Thank you for the information

      • Lee1 says:

        I really appreciate you explaining your position in more detail. Obviously, I agree with you about the complexity and how all aspects of gender/sex exist on a continuum and may be fluid over time, but I think there’s a point at which some of the comments in this thread came across to me as denying that anyone could or should identify fairly strongly with one end of that spectrum in any given facet of gender.

        My initial reaction to these comments was not unlike Bridget’s above. It sounded to me like there was the implication that no one should ever transition in any capacity because they are simply conforming to what society told them about gender roles. It implies that other people don’t have true agency over their own identities or that their gender identities and/or gender presentations are intellectually dishonest. There seemed to be a lack of acknowledgement that there are trans* women who don’t identify with the aesthetics or interests that have commonly be forced on women, but they still identify as women.

        Anyways, like I said, I appreciate you laying out where you are coming from because it makes more sense to me now and I see you weren’t trying to deny anyone their right to identify however they feel is right or take the steps they need to feel right in their bodies and in society.

        For what it’s worth, I strongly disagree that Jenner is prescribing to heteronormative roles as was stated above. Anytime someone crosses gender lines, they are giving up their privilege. Trans* people are still a part of the LGBTQ community and accusing them of caving to heteronormative society seems very narrow minded and exclusionary to me. Not to mention, if Jenner continues to be attracted to and date women, he will technically be a lesbian or bisexual woman. How is that heteronormative? I also feel like people are making judgements about Jenner’s future gender presentation and identity without allowing him time to explore that for himself and without having actually watched the interview.

        Oh, and lastly, not everyone who is trans* identifies with the “born in the wrong body” narrative. It makes for an easy way of explaining trans* identities, but it isn’t true for everyone.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Thank you, Lucrezia. I thought your post was very illuminating. I guess I assumed all women felt the same identification with being female as I do, or, more truthfully, I had not ever really thought about it, but the assumption seems to gave been there. I appreciate your taking the time to explain your point of view and helping me to see the issue more clearly. The topic is really fascinating.

      • Lucrezia says:

        Phew, I’m glad I managed to explain it okay 🙂 I’m enjoying this conversation because it’s making me figure out exactly what I think, and how to express that without accidently offending anyone. I assumed it was OBVIOUS I wouldn’t want to limit someone’s access to surgery if they wanted it (only unsympathetic, uncaring, controlling nutbags would think like that!), so didn’t bother specifying. I’m long-winded enough as it is. Now I know I really do need to add some kind of disclaimer.

        @ Lee1:
        Re: “implication no one should ever transition” etc. I said earlier that I don’t think gender identity can really be teased into social/psychological components, so I’m just playing devil’s advocate here … but I can easily imagine some (non-nutbag) thinking gender is completely socially constructed, yet still believing treatment/surgery is necessary for trans folk. I mean it’s not like we can actually change society right this second. And socialisation occurs mainly in childhood, so you’d probably need a time machine too. Does that make sense? It’s kind of like I can say “depression is a mental illness”, but I definitely wouldn’t mean to imply that there aren’t biological factors or that it’s “all in their head” and they should “get over it” without medication/treatment. (Again, imo, only an unsympathetic nutbag would think that.)

        Re “heteronormative”: I haven’t seen the vid (I’m not in the US, makes it hard to watch US TV), I actually just assumed people who were saying it knew what they were talking about. But I do think two things:

        1) I think we have different definitions of the word. You’re thinking something like “constraints/privileges relating to the fact heterosexuality is the norm”, right? I’m from Australia. We’re sadly behind in most aspects of LGBT rights, but one thing we’ve done right is allowed for 3 gender options on federal documents (passports etc). You can be M, F or X. So when I was studying psych, non-binary gender was huge topic under heteronormativity. One of the things we talked about was how, when homosexuality was first becoming “accepted”, it was only “okay” to be straight or gay. Bisexuals were seen as dabblers or people too scared to fully come out. So my definition also includes “constraints related to binary gender roles/orientation” – the problems of seeing things as just gay/straight, just male/female. By that definition, simply by virtue of the fact Bruce is going from male to female, it’s heteronormative. Doesn’t mean he’s wrong about who he is/what he wants! I think people are just taking the opportunity to toss the word around to make note of the fact this narrative isn’t the only one. Kind of like how “intersectionality” gets tossed into any feminist conversation these days. People just want to make sure it gets mentioned.

        2) Based on how he answered the gender question, it doesn’t sound like Bruce is identifying as lesbian at all. I agree he would be considered one technically. Personally I think Jack’s logic below makes sense … he was always a lesbian. But Bruce seems flat out against the idea. That’s something that should be discussed under “heteronormativity”. Is Bruce showing the effects of heteronormative thinking (“I’m not gay, I’m totally hetero”), or are we being heteronormative by saying “nope, don’t care what you think, you’re a lesbian”?

        Re: “Wrong body narritive isn’t the only one” – agreed. Such a complicated topic I just skipped over adding even MORE complication, but I’m glad you bought it up.

      • Lee1 says:

        ETA: Yikes, this is my most long-winded one yet! Sorry in advance!

        I’m enjoying this conversation too and the fact that this type of conversation can be had here is one of the reasons I so love Celebitchy and the commenters that make this such a diverse and interesting community. So thank you. 🙂

        I definitely understand what you are saying about the belief that gender is completed socially constructed not necessarily being in opposition to the idea of transitioning. I just personally don’t believe that anything is 100% environmental or 100% biological. I think on this point we agree though. My concern is that to me there is a certain elitism in that devil’s advocate view you mentioned. It strikes me a bit as though the person would be saying “well, you’re not strong enough to resist societies ills, so we’ll concede that transitioning is the best option for you given the context”. I still just feel like it denies that while binaries absolutely shouldn’t exist as the only options, someone might still identify with a binary identity even in a Utopian society without forced ideas about gender. And I also feel like it ignores that even people who don’t have a binary gender identity may still choose to take hormones or undergo certain surgeries while some people who do have binary gender identities may decide to forgo treatments all together. Does that still mean that those people are conforming to some sort of forced societal ideal of a binary gender system? I don’t think it does.

        re: heteronormativity, yes, perhaps we have slightly different definitions. I think the thing that rubs me the wrong way about the way it was ascribed to Jenner or binary identifying folks in general has to do with the way it has essentially always been used as a pejorative in my personal experience. It is to me a negative concept. At best it relates to the sort of queer elitism I was mentioning above (as in, any queer who is conforming to what is deemed heteronormative is less evolved or liberated than “true” queers) and at worst heteronormativity supports heterosexism and rigid concepts of gender. It feels like a judgment. That could all be my own projections I guess, but in my queer circles it never would have been a positive thing to be accused of being heteronormative. I feel like our trans* family has been ignored or intentionally left out of the conversation for so long that we shouldn’t be making any kind of judgments about their identities, especially for someone like Jenner who is undoubtedly still figuring it all out.

        As to the second part of this point, I think Bruce may still be struggling to understand how his sexual identity fits in given his transition. He seemed to mostly want to emphasize how gender identity and sexual orientation are not at all the same. In the end, he said for now we can consider him asexual because dating is the furthest thing from his mind. He is finally just concentrating on him. I think how his thinking on that subject does or doesn’t evolve over time remains to be seen. Your point about who is really forcing a heteronormative context on it if he does continue to date women and identify as a women yet maintain a heterosexual identity is very interesting though and I’m not entirely sure I have an answer.

        Last thing, I actually live in Canada but was able to watch the interview online from the clips ABC posted. Maybe that’s only because we still get ABC in Canada though? Not sure. Most things in the US are usually geo-blocked for me even when we do get the station here. Just in case you are interested and can watch it from Australia though, I’ll link to where I watched them since they’re all organized together here:

      • Lucrezia says:

        I don’t have much time today, so can’t go into detail. So super-short version: I pretty much agree, and the link DOES work in Oz – thank you!

        I think I might have been a little hasty yesterday when I was talking about Bruce’s orientation/confusion. He’s still struggling with it, definitely. But even if he had been 100% settled in his mind, I wasn’t giving fair consideration to the context. It’s not like a prepared speech, he has to reply to the questions given … and it’s TV … and it’s for an audience with a huge range of awareness of the issues. Expecting a perfect soundbite is unfair.

    • Crumpet says:

      Gender is a social construct? Really? I could have sworn there was something about a Y chromosome in there…

      I agree that many things about the way we EXPRESS our gender is a social construct. But gender has to do with your DNA – it is biology.

      • Mrs. Wellen-Mellon says:

        You are right: I meant gender roles, not biological gender. Gender roles are a cultural construct. Associating short hair, playing with toy trucks, and excelling at sports as masculine and long hair, painted fingernails, and rocking a lacy black dress as feminine is learned behavior.

      • flaca says:

        You are confused. GENDER is a construction and the concept was first used by feminism to explain gender roles that were impossed on us. Whereas SEX is biology .

      • Crumpet says:

        flaca, no I am not confused. Gender is not a completely social construct. It is partially biological.

      • Anony says:

        Flacks is correct, gender is performance.

        Gender – man and woman

        Sex – male and female

      • Cora says:

        My xx chromosome pairing is my sex. My gender is the femininity I perform due to years of social conditioning. My body doesn’t know or care whether or not I like dresses.

      • Crumpet says:

        You all are referring to gender from the sociological viewpoint, which is fine. However, from the biological viewpoint, gender refers to the scientific classification of sex.

    • Hispania says:

      I have often struggled with the concept of “transgender” for the same reason. I don’t understand how anyone can feel like a different sex. I am a woman – I will never know what it is like to go through life with male DNA and if that changes much. I understand feeling pressured to have your external appearance conform to the gender society would expect, given your life choices, tastes, traits, etc. But this is why I struggle with it – should we applaud transgender people for “transitioning” and support them, or should we be questioning the cultural pressure we exert on individuals to behave in a certain way, to the point where we drive them to undertake risky surgery to “look” like a woman because they want to “act” like a woman?
      I just don’t know…

      • Stella says:

        Same here. I support everyone doing what they need to do to feel comfortable with their identity, but I don’t understand what exactly it means to “feel like a woman.” What is the definition of being a woman? If it’s not purely biological (which it obviously isn’t, or there wouldn’t be men transitioning into women and vice versa), what does it mean? It doesn’t just mean wearing dresses, makeup, and long hair, because many biological women don’t do these things and yet are still very much women. Hypothetically, what if a biological male was transitioning but didn’t adopt any stereotypically feminine traits in terms of appearance/roles, and also didn’t have gender reassignment surgery. What would make that person a woman if not biology or gender norms? Just purely a mental identity that can’t be defined? (If so, that’s fine, I’m not arguing against it, just trying to understand it.)

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        I think it’s a feeling someone has, from very early in life, it has nothing to do with learned behavior and everything to do with this internal feeling. They know that their inner self doesn’t match their outer self. I seriously doubt any cultural pressure has been placed on the four year old transgender child, recently in the news, that child just knows, and she’s four. It is just one more variation in the human spectrum.

      • Jack K says:

        I’m a trans male (meaning I was born with female genitalia, given a female name, raised as a girl but KNOW I am a man inside). Trust me, if this was easy to explain there would be a lot more progress for the trans community. And I’d like to say that it would be so much easier if I was just gay (yes, that right, the incredibly hard process of coming out as gay looks like a dream to me) because people who can’t understand how it feels to know you are not what you should be means that there is something wrong. Many heterosexuals don’t use the same excuse when discussing homosexuality. Ugh…

        I’ve known since I was 3. My parents never pushed me away from sports (where I excelled) but I was “forced” to wear dresses for certain occasions. I have always been labelled a tomboy and I realize that makes it somewhat easier to be FtM than MtF — society gives me more room to behave as I feel comfortable as long as I continue to mark F where necessary. I’m not far along in my transition because the shame and confusion is unbearable. I have contemplated suicide several times since I was 9 years old. I turned 25 this year. There will be surgeries in my future because I will not be complete until I am outwardly fully male to match the fully male inside.

        As much as the interview was great I feel like Bruce didn’t help the confusion over sexual orientation as a trans. For me, since I am still outwardly female and am attracted to females, people see me as a lesbian. When I am completely male I will be heterosexual. The sex I am attracted to will stay the same but how people perceive my orientation will change. To me, I have been heterosexual since day 1.

        This is already a long post so if need be ill post again to continue if necessary, but the posts by Hispania and Stella saddened me. It’s these types of comments that make me guard my true self too closely. I thank Bridget and Michelle for their fantastic comments that I wish more people understood is true sympathy towards the trans community. And thank you Bob Loblaw, you understand.

      • Hispania says:

        Jack K: I’m sorry my post saddened you, I didn’t mean it in a judgemental way, I really did just want to understand whether the root of it was internal or external, because it is true that from a very early age we are taught to view the world in preconceived, generally binary terms, so even as young as 4 I remember playing “mummy and daddy” and having internalised stereotypes like “mummies cook while daddies go out and earn money”. This sort of education starts from the moment we are born and are given a name.
        The only reason I question it is, because if it is a social problem, if we targeted it from a social point of view too there wouldn’t be a “problem”. And by the I mean, maybe you wouldn’t have had to feel like contemplating suicide, thinking or feeling confused because you feel like a man and could instead just have felt you were… you. Hopefully I expressed myself correctly. All I wanted to say is that so much suffering could sometimes be avoided with a more tolerant outlook on life, because everyone is so very, very different and so similar at the same time.
        That being said, I really don’t know, I’m just trying to understand. I wish you the best, and you should never guard your true self just because the others (including myself) don’t understand.

      • LNG says:

        Not being transgender, of course you cannot understand what it is like to not “feel” like the sex you were born as. I’m not transgender. I can’t describe what it’s like to “feel like a woman”, because I just do (actually, I wouldn’t even say that I “feel like a woman” – I just feel like myself). The reason i feel this way is because I am cisgender. I don’t think it is something that you can truly feel unless you were born transgender.

        From my understanding, it is more than just wanting to look the way you feel on the inside. It is not JUST about looks. We are gendered from birth, and if that didn’t occur perhaps it would be easier for transgendered people to transition, but it would not eliminate the need for that transition. I do believe that some of the differences between men and women are social constructs, learned from a young age, but some are innate. I thought it was really interesting when Bruce talked about the difference that he felt when taking hormone replacements – he said that some of it was physical, but most of it was mental. It was about the way having the hormones in his body made him feel.

    • feebee says:

      Of course he’s retro, he’s 65 and admitted conservative thinker.

    • jwoolman says:

      Yes. I think the transgender dilemma is actually a problem with the rest of society, not really the transgender person. Without the outside pressure to be perceived as female in order to be himself, would Bruce still feel like a woman trapped inside a man’s body? As a birthright woman, I know the clothing, jewelry, makeup, hairstyles are just cultural trappings which I myself don’t even use. But people like Bruce early on decided that was the way to be perceived as “female” and therefore let out of that tiny little box men get put inside from infancy, so he could express his true self.

      It’s sad that the pressure is so great that he feels the need to actually readjust his body. We need to get rid of those boxes so people don’t have to take such drastic (and risky) steps for acceptance as who they are. The boxes are imposed from the outside, and children are so gullible that parents can’t be blamed for it. Just one remark from another child or adult is enough to unravel years of attempts at egalitarian upbringing. I’ve heard parents say that their boys happily play with the same toys as their girls and like the full range of colors until they go to school, and are told by somebody “boys don’t do that”, even dropping a favorite color because it’s “girly”. You’d have to raise your kids on a deserted island to avoid such influences. Some kids are more damaged by such pressures than others. Girls are also affected, although our boxes have more room in them today. For example, I was constantly told directly and indirectly that girls don’t do science and math when I was a kid (this is very culture-specific, not the same in other countries) and girls really have been turned away from those directions very early in my generation by purely social pressures (and the pressure has not disappeared entirely, especially in my field). I was actually helped by the fact that my father was such a jerk, I learned very early that adults could be completely wrong and just continued on my merry way no matter what anybody said… My mother found my odd interests very embarrassing, though. My generation also assumed that girls weren’t interested in team sports, a myth that was smashed when opportunities to play opened up and girls joined teams in droves. Maybe this means there is hope in other areas as well, for both boys and girls who don’t fit the boxes.

  20. Jayna says:

    Everybody read Linda Thompson’s account of her marriage to Bruce on HuffingtonPost in her blog. It was beautifully written and showed how much he would bury this deep down, to where she didn’t even know, until he would just burst and tell it. She was so compassionate and loving about it, because at that point he said he couldn’t go on living as a man.

    I applaud Diane Sawyer. It was an amazing interview and interspersed with information about this subject to help people better understand and highlighting the pioneers of coming out back when it was so much harder.

    I loved seeing Bruce as the Olympian he was back in the day. He was quite phenomenal. I wish him all the best and his children, as I know it will be even harder for them once he leaves Bruce behind completely and transforms into a woman day to day. But they want him to be happy so will adjust. There will be a mourning for some of them, though, and I get that. I loved how protective his older children were.

    No Kardashians on the show. Hmmm. I see Mama Kris has her own agenda to make ratings off of that in her own sitdown or their show. At least, his four older children came forward and really showed their love for their dad in their thoughtful remarks, and his sister.

    Sure, Kris, no one believes you. Of course, ABC would have reached out numerous times. You have been married to him for 20 years.

    • Christin says:

      Reading her blog confirms my opinion that Linda is a fair-minded, sensitive person. She could harbor a lot of resentment for a number of reasons (not the least of which is how he allegedly ignored his older children, including her young sons).

      I really have a tough time humanizing Kris. I believe the network over her, regarding the attempts to contact her for a comment. If she and Bruce are still in such close contact, she KNEW this show was airing and could have offered a comment, IF they had not already attempted to contact her multiple times.

    • LNG says:

      I think Kris Jenner is terrible, but I don’t necessarily think the older girls not being on the show is about her. I would be willing to bet that Bruce didn’t want to girls to be interviewed for this show, as it would have made it be all about them, rather than about him and his transition/journey. Many news outlets are already focusing primarily on the two minutes that he spoke about Kim and Kanye. I believe that Bruce genuinely wants to make a difference for transgendered people – the interview was about that, not about the Kardashians and how they are dealing with the transition. I don’t think those girls have any issue doing things that their mother doesn’t approve of.

  21. TX says:

    So proud of Bruce. This was so brave and I really hope it opens the door for discussion and gives other trans people some hope. I am also so shocked to hear such a wonderful explanation from Kanye. When Kanye doesn’t get in his own way he can be pretty insightful, apparently.

  22. The Other Pinky says:

    This is great. I love that he isnt swinging towards that “ultra feminine” self alot of prominent transgendered women do. No judgement on them but I do find the whole glam thing to be a completely unnecessary over compensation. Most born females dont gravitate towards that and its sad when people think that they cant claim their feminity without big wigs, 7 layers of makeup and an exaggerated hip swing. Go Bruce.

    • Anne says:

      I’m all for people expressing themselves in the way they choose – who am I to say what is right for someone else – but, at times, I, too, have difficulty understanding that kind of exaggerated expression. It can feel a bit like caricature to me.

      Bruce really is forging new ground here in publicly experiencing something that is challenging for many of us to understand.

      I was unable to view the interview last night, but I’ve read a lot of the coverage this morning and it really feels monumental to me. It’s the first time we are having the gender-identity conversation collectively, as a country and as a culture. I’m touched and a bit surprised by the consideration and open-mindedness I have felt in the reporting and the response to Bruce. We all know the force of intolerance and prejudice that lives in pockets of the world. Like someone said above, I thank Bruce for speaking with us so honestly. In sharing his experience, he is speaking for a community of people who have not had a voice in our public dialogue.

      May we be empowered in our individual journeys as we grow towards love and full, compassionate acceptance of ourselves and of each other.

    • Lee1 says:

      I’m curious about which prominent transgender women you are thinking about when you describe them as overcompensating? I mean, Laverne Cox is ultra feminine, but I don’t think it’s in an over the top way. Janet Mock seems perfectly average in her femininity aside from the fact that she’s drop dead gorgeous. Also, I think it’s apples and oranges to compare prominent celebrity trans* women with the women in our every day lives. It would make more sense to compare them to other prominent celebrity women. I think there is a general tendency towards more exaggerated femininity in those circles in general. I mean, I can’t think of any prominent trans* women who are more over the top than the Kardashians or Christina Aguilera.

  23. GingerCrunch says:

    Great post, Kaiser!!! Thanks!

  24. Tracy says:

    I was so impressed with Bruce Jenner during last night’s interview. And not because he was so ‘polished’ or media savvy. Quite the opposite. I found his nervousness, eagerness to explain and please, tears about his kids, etc., very endearing, and very authentic. I think Bruce has indeed somehow been selected to do even greater things than being The Greatest Athlete in the World (gold medal decathlon winner). Perhaps the Olympics and all the associated training, discipline and courage to reach deep was in fact training to help give voice to so many who deal with transgender feelings and issues. What an amazing way to spend one’s life if you could help this population by carrying some of the weight of public education and acceptance on one’s shoulders. What an incredible legacy.

    If Bruce can just continue to mine his astonighingly deep reserves of courage and bravery –with those of us who can only play lesser roles cheering him on and giving him comfort against all of the vitriol he will encounter along the way– he will soar and give both voice, and example, to those people suffering in silence, and guided by so many who have come before him, perhaps help some kids and adults walk out of the hell they’re in into the sunlight. I hope he can just look right over the heads of those who feel it’s their role to judge, condemn and point fingers, and see the rest of us clapping on the sidelines.

    And kudos to both the Jenner girls and the Kardashian clan for publically supporting him; they too can do so much good by using their respective platforms. (And Kylie? You just walk through this any damn way you choose, you owe no one anything.)

    Hey Bruce? Who’s cooler than you?

  25. LaurieH says:

    Good for Bruce!! The most shocking thing about this interview was the shocked reaction some people have had to his admission that he’s a Republican and a Christian – as if certain people aren’t allowed to be those things. I think what Bruce shows us – more than anything – is that a person is never just one thing that can be neatly defined and tied up in a box. We’re kind of all over the place. He shows us that labels are silly (and, in fact, strip us of our humanity by placing oppressive expectations and demands on us) and that one vital statistic about ourselves should not define the whole of ourselves. We should just be allowed to “be” – without judgment.

    • Judyk says:

      So beautifully worded.

    • jc126 says:

      Yes, that was what I liked the most, too. I would like it if more people realized individuals are not all one thing – particularly in the political sense – or the other.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      The Republican Party and the Christian church have actively worked against the transgender community, they should be ashamed of themselves, and Bruce is a rich white man, which explains his political choices. I have no problem with anyone joining whatever group they please, hang whatever label you like on yourself but you’ll get no pass from me for “good intentions” when your group actively campaigns against marginalized groups. It’s all well and good to tout your good will here, show us IRL, take you party or your church and improve our world. As long as the rigid, intolerant racists on TV are the face of your party or church, you’ll have a problem with image.

      • Lee1 says:

        I tend to agree with you in term of the elected officials in the Republican party and the policies and politics that they push forward. I would be careful though about lumping all Christian churches together. Personally, I’m an atheist. But there are many denominations within Christianity that do not actively fight again trans* individuals and their rights. The Evangelical Lutheran Church, The United Methodist Church, The North American Old Catholic Church (not to be confused with Roman Catholic) and The Church of England have all even had transgender priests/church leaders.

  26. Jayna says:

    Watch this about an amazing little girl, born as a boy. I think it really is eye-opening.

    I am Jazz.

    • Michelle says:

      @Jayna – Thanks so much for posting that. I watched it and it was amazing!

      • Jayna says:

        I’ve followed Jazz since a show on transgender children first aired back when she was a little girl, and other children aslo. It was a in depth expose special by Barbra Walters, and it was heartbreaking back then seeing how she struggled so young and how her amazing parents recognized it. This is such a good family. As the years have gone on they’ve followed Jazz as she wants to be more prominent as a voice for those who feel different. Her mom is amazing, but, honestly, I am in awe of her father, because many fathers would never be as wonderful and so involved as her father. It’s beautiful the love of her family and brothers.
        . She is truly an amazing little girl. I, honestly, cry every time I watch that link of her at 11 and just love her and she is really becoming an advocate for transgenders. One interview following her was her first crush, and her mother was sick because she worries about her and knows the rejection she will have in school by boys she has a crush on. They worry about any violence that could happen against her and try to protect her from that. She was named Time Magazine’s Most Influential Teen. She is on hormones now and she is a beautiful 14-year-old. And her teenage brothers being so supportive is another beautiful thing.

        That link above was when she was 11. Here she is now age 14. Remarkable and her poise now at 14 is inspiring. She is so wise.

      • Michelle says:

        @Jayna – I cried through the whole thing. Absolutely beautiful. I also saw the video of her at age 14. I’m sincerely grateful that you mentioned Jazz! I’m not sure how I ever missed anything written about her before. What an incredible, inspiring and beautiful person. I’ will be sharing these videos with family and friends.

  27. Michelle says:

    I thought Bruce’s interview was amazing. It choked me up at times because too many young kids kill themselves because they feel like they don’t have a voice in this world and they’ll never be accepted. According to Dr. Norman Spack who was interviewed on the show, “Untreated and unevaluated people between 16-25. 45% will attempt suicide.” The fact that a 65 year old is showing them that life can work out for them as transgender people could save so many lives. What Bruce is doing is unimaginably incredible. I read last night that Jimmy Fallon tweeted after the interview, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” And he is so right. Bruce Jenner coming out as transgender is a game changer for how people relate to this topic, it brings it home to people’s living rooms and kitchen tables and it makes it something that gets talked about. Once upon a time being gay was equally as taboo and it took getting the topic out there to get people to understand and accept and tolerate. Bruce is amazingly brave and he is changing the world. Anyone who watched that show last night witnessed history and it was beautiful.

    • LaurieH says:

      You know, I’ve given this topic (transgender) a lot of thought and I think we’re doing what we (as people) always do: define things as black or white. It reminds me of Alan Alda and the dawn of the “sensitive man” back in the early 1980’s. Think about it – both men and women are comprised of male and female hormones. The natural balance of these things determines not only our gender, but also how masculine or feminine we are in our psyche, despite what our outside biology looks like. Young girls who liked playing with “boys” toys and “boys” games and wearing “boys” clothes were simply called “tomboys”. Little boys that played with dolls were called “sissies”. This has nothing to do with physiology and everything to do with cultural constructs. You can be a “masculine” woman and enjoy things that are culturally identified with men and STILL be a woman. The same holds the other way: you can be a “feminine” man and enjoy things that are culturally identified with women and STILL be a man. I think these constructs are what really hurts people the most; it’s what causes the pain and shame. A woman can don a pair of fatigues and a tank top and no one will think anything of it. But if a man wants to put on a dress, there’s something seriously wrong. Or so “culture” tells us. Back in the medieval times, men – men who rode horses and killed people with swords and chopped heads off – also wore frilly lacy, bejeweled clothes with makeup. No one said anything (duh!) And then there’s the fact that as we age, our hormonal balance changes (trust me, I’m entering menopause….the hormone dragon is a wild ride). So I find myself really against labeling people as “transgender”. Not everyone who is given this label wants to physically changed their biological sex, nor their sexual preference. Nor be known as the opposite sex. They just want to live in a way that makes them comfortable without someone papering them with labels.

      • Brenda says:

        Well said @LAURIEH.

      • Michelle says:

        I get it and can relate to the point you’re making, but this doesn’t have anything to do with a person feeling like they’re trapped in the wrong body. I don’t quite get why you would have a hang up with labels if people who actually identify as transgender don’t have these issues themselves. The need to know what you are and why you are is fundamental and a human characteristic. People don’t get labeled as transgender so much to help society understand what they are, but also to help themselves. I see nothing wrong with this. I think people have too many issues with labels. No one is forcing transgender to live their lives 100% as male or female or to identify as transgender, it is a choice they make because they feel like it is what they want or have such a strong desire that it becomes a necessity for them. If transgender people want to be called transgender and become another sex, why deny them that? Why have an issue if they want to label themselves? It’s about their happiness, not society’s or ours. As much as we choose to ponder this, I think those of us on the outside need to not kid ourselves like we have any sort of clue what it is really like. You make a good point, because I think that the biggest issue with this topic is that we don’t understand it, and yet here we are trying to reassess an issue that isn’t even ours to begin with. Do you hold the same opinion of people labeling themselves as gay or lesbian? I know that it isn’t the same thing, but if you’re heterosexual, how do you really know what it feels like or why anyone would find it necessary to label themselves as anything? Since it isn’t an issue that we can relate to, I say why not just let the transgender community work it out themselves and be openminded and supportive of their decision? I’m good with whatever “transgender” people want to call themselves or identify as.

        Last night during the interview, Diane Sawyer spoke to a psychologist who mentioned that a passage in the bible notes that a man should never dress in women’s clothing and the same goes vice versa, and the Dr. noted, obviously this means that it was happening back then because you don’t say “don’t do this” unless it is occurring, so these feelings obviously date back even further than the Middle Ages as you noted.

      • Lee1 says:

        But people aren’t forcing the label transgender onto those who are gender-non confirming. Transgender individuals choose that label for themselves because it helps to explain who they are. There are plenty of trans* women and trans* men who still don’t fall in line strictly with how society tells us women or men should behave. There are also trans* men and women who choose not to have surgery, but they still identify as trans* individuals. I understand what you are saying, but I think it is simply a complete misunderstanding of what being transgender means. Look up Laura Jane Grace, she is a transgender woman who is also the lead singer of a punk rock band. She mostly wears jeans and ripped black t-shirts and she rocks the h*ll out. Or look up Fallon Fox, who is a transgender female MMA fighter. She has a rather feminine aesthetic, but I’d hardly say society views MMA fighting as conforming to traditional female gender roles.

        @Michelle, very well said all around.

  28. Brenda says:

    I am overjoyed that Bruce is using his platform to change the world and I am so happy that he is finally free to be the woman he has always felt he was inside. However his story just makes me hate Kris even more. Bruce and Linda divorced because he wanted to transition. As much as she loved him, she knew she needed to let him be free to become a woman. She let the husband she knew and loved go, and she mourned it like a death. It must have been agonizing for her, but she accepted that it wasn’t about her, it was about Bruce, and what he needed to do to be happy. So Bruce started the hormones and the electrolysis, and the plastic surgery. He was beginning his transition. Until he met Kris. Kris knew what was going on and she stopped it. She stopped it for her own selfish reasons. She wanted to be married to “Bruce Jenner: The Worlds Greatest Athlete”. She’s even more vile than I thought.

    • **sighs** says:

      I’m not one to defend kris Jenner normally, but she didn’t “make him” detransition. He could have walked away from that relationship, just like anyone can walk away, no matter your gender identity.

      • Bridget says:

        I agree. It was Bruce’s choice to stop his transition, not Kris’s. Had he transitioned in the early 90s it would have been very, very different. His career as a motivational speaker would have been over, and he would have faced a very different reaction from society. Bruce Jenner wasn’t just some guy, he was an Olympic champion and his image was built on that very macho ideal. Also, if I remember correctly he was having some financial difficulties when he amd Kris got together – she helped secure his image and his career.

      • Brenda says:

        I didn’t say she made him, I said she stopped it. Perhaps she didn’t directly demand that he stop (then again, maybe she did, I don’t know). By all accounts, it seems that he really truly loved her. For whatever reason he felt that he should not continue on with his transition after he fell in love with her. Maybe it was because she asked, maybe it was because they wanted to start a family, maybe it was because she threatened to tell everyone. I don’t know exactly why he stopped, and yes ultimately it was his choice, but I would wager money that it was due to Kris’ insistence. She’s a terrible manipulative person.

      • Bridget says:

        There are a whole host of reasons that could be why Bruce put off his transition, and none of which are ‘Kris pressured him’. How about the fact that his career would have been over? Th e social pressure of transitioning in the early 90s when it would definitely not have been acceptable? The loss of family and friends? And are we really faulting Kris for not wanting to be romantically involved with a woman when she’s not a lesbian? To be honest, I dont think its a coincidence that he made his choice to move forward now that he’s financially secure and his children are adults (or almost).

      • Brenda says:

        @Bridget You’re right. Those are all very valid reasons as to why he may have put off transitioning. No, I’m certainly not faulting Kris for not wanting to be in a relationship with a woman. Knowing what we know about Kris Jenner now, it seems she had a business plan for them back then. Of course this is all just my opinion based on what I have read about both of them. I could be jumping to the wrong conclusions and if I am I apologize. I didn’t really come here to debate. Just wanted to give my opopinion, like everyone else. Bruce is a brave man and I am proud of him for telling his truth. I’m going to leave it at that. Have a good day everyone!

      • Bridget says:

        @Brenda: neither Bruce nor Kris are particularly great people, and that can definitely shade the conversation about this subject. But in the same way that Bruce not being PMK doesn’t automatically make him a nice guy (or a good parent) PMK being a terrible person doesn’t make her responsible for Bruce’s choice not to transition earlier. Personally, I think that is part what ultimately made their marriage so successful – both parties clearly got something out of that partnership.

      • megan says:

        His youngest kid is about to turn 18. He must have wanted to wait until they were all adults and not have young kids while going through something as big as this

  29. serena says:

    I’m happy for him, to come out at his own terms and all. Where can I find the full interview online? 🙁

  30. Talie says:

    What shocked me was how many of the tabloid stories over the years about his transition and cross-dressing were true! The story about Kim catching him has been out there for years. Wow.

  31. Shirleygail says:

    The part he probably doesn’t know yet…is that as a mature woman in our society, he is going to become…..invisible! Our society does not appreciate, honour or respect our elders, but especially not our senior women. That may ultimately be a blessing for him.

  32. Murphy says:

    I enjoyed the show and appreciated how it tried to educate people, i.e. gender vs. sexual orientation. I read a lot of commentary from gay and trans people who said that part-the education- was corny/cringeworth but-hey there are a lot of people out there who need to learn and understand it.

    Also Bruce looked fabulous. And so happy! I loved that.

  33. Bridget says:

    The interesting part (to me) was that he essentially confirmed what we’d been speculating: that Kris always knew. Bruce was an Olympic champion decathlete – considered the ‘greatest athlete in the world’ (which is bestowed on the holder of that title, a la ‘fastest man alive’ going to the 100m champion). At the time of his split with his second wife the rumors about Bruce’s cross dressing probably put a dent in his career and showed him a taste of what transitioning in the early 90s would be like. I’m not shocked he stopped the process at the time.

  34. Miss Jupitero says:

    I am shocked shockey shocked about the Republican part. Shrrrriiiieek!

    (Only kidding: I assumed he had such sympathies. Eventually even conservatives will come around, and it will be because of the Bruce Jenner out there– someone has got to talk to that side of the fence. )

    I admire Bruce’s courage. He speaks well.

  35. jenna says:

    I’m glad Bruce told his own story. He’s such a brave person. Awesome that the kids are supporting him with this. Khloe should realize he won’t be leaving her life like her father when he died. Bruce will still be around

    • LNG says:

      I was so touched by the part of the interview where he described explaining to the girls that a lot of what they knew of Bruce was actually “her”. They felt that they were raised by Bruce, but in reality She had a lot to do with it – She was always there.

  36. My Two Cents says:

    I will admit I had a completely different attitude of him before this show than after! He did an outstanding job of putting finesse in something that had to be so hard for him! I, too, thought why at 64 before show. After I fully understood and applaud him for doing this at 64! I saw a loving Father, compassionate human being that I never saw in Bruce that deep. He changed my whole perception of him in this interview vs all the other publicity I have seen about him. My guess is he watched with entire family for an episode of KUWK show so they can get record viewers. Probably not so much his idea but Kris always thinking about $ side and him thinking he owed her that much. Was so good to see him with his other biological children and their support. Brandon seems to be a wonderful, caring human being along with his sweet wife. Brody has even matured into fine human being. Never had seen the older ones. He made some beautiful humans. Glad to see him with them and allowed to speak vs always being made fun of and shut down by Kardashians. Love you Bruce and thank you for changing my perception on several things! Glad to see he is a Republican as am I. We are not all closed minded. That is what strong liberals want people to believe so we stay in the background.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Strong liberals do not want people to believe anything. Strong liberals want everyone to have a chance to be heard. Strong liberals want you to make your own choice after you hear all the different voices. Please don’t talk about “strong liberals” as if they are pushing Scientology on you, they’re not.

      • PoliteTeaSipper says:

        Amen. So sick of “liberal” being used as some kind of swear word. Don’t be afraid, just educate yourself.

  37. Ava says:

    I don’t want to comment on anyone in his family or others feelings. The interview was amazing, informative and fair. This is about Bruce. What bravery…I am speechless. I fully understand how much guts it took for Bruce to put a face to transgender issues. He was a hero at the olympic and he is a hero now. #teambruce

  38. Kris says:

    Omg, yes!! The most shocking thing is that he is a CONSERVATIVE! I loved this interview. It broke my heart that he’s had all these years feeling like he was living a lie.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      There is nothing shocking about him being a Republican, look at his zip code and bank account, look at his background. The sad thing is he is a Republican. He obviously has no concept of his party’s track record when it comes to anything other than protecting his bank account and investments.

  39. melissa says:

    His son said as a kid he was proud when people saw his last name and would ask if he was Bruce Jenners son. Everyone knew who the Geatest Athlete in the World was! He should and seems to be proud of his father now, and should

  40. Crumpet says:

    I found this to be eye-rolling: ‘When Sawyer pointed out that he’s a transgender woman who likes women and whether that makes him a lesbian, ‘

    Rly? Come on Diane, is that the best you can do for a penetrating question?

    I wish Bruce the very very best. It is always heartbreaking to hear these types of stories.

    • Anne says:

      Yeah, it’s a bit of an odd question. In fairness, though, I think that question showed she understood her audience. The transgender experience is difficult for people to understand, I think she asked that because she knew a portion of her audience would be asking it themselves.

      • meh says:

        She really could have framed it better. Like, “once you fully transition will you continue dating women? Will you consider yourself a lesbian at that point?” Not “HEY BUDDY YOU ARE A LESBIAN FYI.” It’s always inappropriate to tell someone else their identity as if you know better.

      • Bridget says:

        I think it was a reasonable question – there are a lot of misconceptions of what it means to be transgender. Many folks would assume that it means that Bruce is transitioning because he’s gay and into guys, where in reality gender identity and sexual orientation are two different things. People don’t always realize that being transgendered can mean different things to different individuals.

      • LNG says:

        If you look back at the comments on previous celebitchy articles about Bruce’s transition you’ll see that this misconception is pervasive – there were numerous discussions about gender identity vs. sexual identity, and many people assumed that his transition meant that he is not attracted to women. I think she could have asked the question differently, but I think it was an important question to ask.

  41. God is not the author of confusion, and did NOT give Bruce ‘the soul of a woman’. Look at this family, and the history of this family. If Bruce’s ex-wife was so supportive and understanding, why are they divorced? He’s a deadbeat dad, absentee dad. He always makes time for golf and other selfish persuits. Look at the daughters he had with Kris, letting a teenager shack up with a 25 year old man! Same teenager getting multiple plastic surgeries. Outside of the Olympics, Bruce has done nothing to be prooud of.

    • Crumpet says:

      God is not the author of confusion, nor did he appoint you judge and executioner.

      We don’t know for certain what God does and does not do. People have their struggles, and I think this is one of them. I choose to be compassionate to someone who is suffering as Bruce is. Sure he has made mistakes – so have you. Tend to the log in your own eye please.

    • Jay (the Canadian one) says:

      The rest aside it always amuses me when people speak with such authority about what they’re sure “God would or wouldn’t do.”

    • taterho says:

      Humans are complicated. Their behavior (true or rumor assumed true by you) does not negate their right to change, accept and embrace their true self, or stand on roof tops and announce proudly who they are.
      I don’t know if anyone has addressed it here yet, but perhaps Bruce was unwilling or unable to face or take on the responsibilities of fatherhood because of the inner turmoil he was dealing with. No one is perfect. Not everyone can put their own pain on hold and deal with responsibilities and be there for their families. -I want to note that I haven’t seen the entire interview, so maybe Bruce addressed it himself.-
      You say that, outside of the Olympics, Bruce has done nothing to be proud of. Well he just HAS. He’s given an issue that has, for years, been whispered about and shamed for a long time, a stage. Now going forward maybe the world can see that humans are not cookie cutter boy/girl standards that everyone has to follow. He is the most famous person to publicly share his journey and that hopefully will start a much needed conversation.
      And to add. Your declarations of knowing personally what God does or does not do is not only offensive but the reason why so many people group religions into catch all stereotypes of intolerance and arrogance.

      • claire says:

        It’s kind of bothering me that people are crediting him with so much power. There are trans-rights activists that have been working their butts off and everyone is talking about him like he’s the movement’s savior. It feels so dismissive to the voices that are already out there doing the hard work. Let’s be real. He is a reality star from a family no one respects and everyone makes fun of and laughs at. He’s certainly not a role model for parenting. He’s pretty out of touch with certain issues the transgender community of regular, non famous people experience. As per this family’s usual method of operations, he’s going to cash in and exploit his life. Whether that will be done tastefully, helpfully and with any positivity that could assist the trans community absolutely remains to be seen. For all we know, this will be a damaging spectacle. Yes, it’s great this has contributed to (not started) conversation but I’m definitely not comfortable giving this guy so much credit, as some sort of spokesperson, as others here seem to want to give. Feels like people are really jumping the gun on this.

      • Christin says:

        Well said, @Claire. Some of the OTT comments I’ve read make me think the year is 1985 and this is a relatively new topic. He is not a groundbreaker by any means, and as you say, time will tell whether this is going to help others or just be self-serving ($$$).

        On today’s post about Kim, I took some heat over pointing out his difference in resources. That does make a huge difference, in my book. He can afford therapy, surgery (if he chose to do GR), etc. But right now, some are giving him this unquestioned halo, despite any other past behavior or character issues (as in the crappy parenting).

    • Iheartgossip says:

      Agree with you 1,000,000%.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      God is not the author of confusion. Perhaps He made Bruce the way he is so Bruce could enlighten people about this issue, and help those still living in darkness and judgement and self-righteousness to open their minds and hearts. I don’t know. All I know is God loves Bruce Jenner just as He loves you and me.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I also wanted to add that God allows babies to be born with all sorts of serious but treatable medical conditions. Should we not fix these things then, because God is not the author of confusion? If a baby is born to a person who abuses it, should we not intervene because God is not the author of confusion? I wish you could see that the “confusion” is yours. You are uncomfortable with this topic and you are using God to judge and condemn. It’s coming from you, not from God at all.

    • meh says:


    • judy says:

      I’m tellin ya, that is an awful thing to say. First of all, what if there is no God? Is it alright then? He has done plenty of good when he became famous with the Olympics. Bruce deserves to be proud

    • Adrien says:

      God could’nt have chosen the best person. Bruce is one of the world’s best athlete. He’s good looking, conservative Republican and is in one of the biggest reality show. He had 3 wives. God could’ve chosen some obviously feminine joeschmoe to transition and people would remain ignorant. Nope, God chose someone who would challenge people’s perception of trans people.

    • ida says:

      Oh please. @i’m tellin ya. Did God tell you that himself? Are you perfect? Everyone has problems and makes mistakes. Is God perfect? I don’t think so

  42. SnarkGirl says:

    I seriously want to hug each and every one here who commented. The compassion and supportive words are so beautiful to see. You all give me hope for humanity. 🙂

    • LNG says:

      Agree. I went on twitter after the interview and was ready to be completely disgusted by humanity. Instead, for the most part all I saw was understanding and support and hope. It was amazing and so so heartwarming.

  43. Mary Jane says:

    I was pleasantly surprised at how sweet and well done it was. I really admire Bruce’s courage, humour, and honesty. The children and ex-wives from the first two marriages, as well as his mother and sister, seem so supportive and loving. I remembre watching him win the gold medal back (old lady, here!), and I really do wish Bruce the best.

  44. Stephanie says:

    I am proud of Bruce for telling his story on his own terms, and for following the path to peace and happiness. I am so happy for him.

  45. Greek Chic says:

    Good for him. I hope that he’s happy.

    They only thing that struck me as bad is that he kept it secret from his wives and he confessed it to them after marriage and children. You have the right to feel trapped in a wrong body, but doesnt’t your wife have the right to know whom she’s married to? If you feel it your entire life why not tell her from the start and let her make her decision? I read Linda Thompson’s article on the HP and he told her that he wants to be a woman after they had babies. This is shocking…

    Don’t get me wrong, i think he’s brave and i wish him hapiness, but it’s not easy for a woman to learn that her husband wants to be a woman or to stay with him after he becomes she. No matter how much you love him it’s not an easy decision and i can’t judge anyone who walks away. You love him as a person but you fell in love with him as a man. Not everyone has dreamt to be married with a woman all of a sudden.It’s a sensitive issue and you should be clear from the start.
    I wonder if Kris knew about this when she married him.

  46. swack says:

    What I find confusing (and maybe someone can explain it to me) is why would if someone is transgendering that he/she would not use the feminine/masculine pronouns that are associated with the new person they are becoming (hope I’m saying this right as I am not trying to offend anyone). Seems to me that it indicates that that person is not truly ready to live his/her life as the opposite sex. Also, I always believed that the person who was transgendering was suppose to live their lives both public and private as the sex they were transgendering to for a certain period of time. I just wonder if Bruce is truly ready for this. I wish him good wishes and all the luck in the world.

    • Jen says:

      My interpretation was that Bruce still felt like he was in the middle of his transition-he was still leaving his identity as Bruce Jenner, a male, behind and on his way to identifying as female. I felt like this was in large part due to helping his children adjust. He said this was his last public appearance identifying as a male and also mentioned he was not ready to share his new name or his female identity because of how the media would handle it. Let’s face it, he’s been treated as a joke for years and I’m afraid if he had shared more of his new identity, the media would have latched onto that-“click here to learn Bruce’s new name or see the first picture of Bruce as [name]” etc. I think he handled it very well and showed a lot of respect for himself and his children, as well as forcing media outlets to focus on what it means to be a transgender person and not his new identity.

    • Nic says:

      He said that this is the last interview he will do as Bruce and after this we will be seeing him as “her”. He had Diane use “he” so as not to confuse the viewers. You are right they have to live as the sex they want to be for a year before GRS, but at this time Bruce has no plans for that.

    • judy says:

      After going through the thoughts for most of his life, I think he’s truly ready. He didn’t come up with the idea yesterday, swack. We’ll never see him as Bruce again.

      • swack says:

        @Judy, I didn’t say he came up with the idea yesterday. I was just looking for an explanation. Thank you Nic and Jen as I was not able to watch the interview and your explanations helped greatly.

  47. nicegirl says:

    Lovely to see such supportive comments. Best wishes to Bruce and the entire transgender community.

  48. Jen says:

    I really appreciated that Bruce addressed his continuing Christian faith in the interview, in that he still has a relationship with God and attends church. I can’tt even get into issues of sexuality and gender identity with most Christians anymore. Who are any of they to say how God feels about the LGBT community, to act like they know how everyone is perceived in God’s eyes? Worry about your own relationship With Him. If you believe in God, you believe we will all answer to Him one day and trust his judgement- I struggle with some Christian doctrine on this but I do not believe this is a sin, and if someone does, well, let God handle it and let people find their peace. I know too many gay people who have felt ostracized by the Christian community and abandoned their faith after coming out because of it, or at least stopped attending church. A true person of faith would want anyone to understand being LGBT and a believer in God are not mutually exclusive ideals. I’m glad Bruce now feels at peace with God throughout his transition and hope he finds acceptance in his church community.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Oh, I love you so much for saying that. It breaks my heart to see God and Christianity used as a weapon against people who are “different” in any way, as if the Bible is only for white, heterosexual, married couples with two perfect children. That is the opposite of what Christianity was about, to me, and I think if Jesus were on earth today, He would make a special effort to comfort and reassure anyone who feels judged by these prejudiced people. They are using their faith to hate. I don’t find that anywhere in my Bible.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      The church and organized religion have very little to do with the message of Christ, his message was one of love, acceptance and tolerance. Churches are man made institutions of manipulation, designed to serve their own ends, disconnected from any spirituality or faith, the people flock to them to publicly show their piety rather than bothering to live lives as good Christians, it’s like a county club were they get together to pat each other on the back and admire themselves. What does that have to do with Jesus?

  49. Rhiley says:

    It was a really great interview. A few things that struck me:
    Bruce seems like a polite, kind person. Almost like a true gentleman… I felt his isolation most when he was talking about loving to play golf, a pretty social sport, but not knowing anyone to play with… his first four children seem comfortable with each other and truly supportive of their dad. The bohemian son seems like a very respectful man… Bruce may need to change some of his political views as his transition progresses… Bruce actually humanized Kim K…

    • bridget says:

      Just as he doesn’t have to change his feelings about being a woman, he also does not need to “change” any of his political views. I don’t understand how liberals claim to have ownership over the LGBT community…if you truly believe in what you preach, you should be celebrating that he is a republican, in hopes that it will better the party- not saying he might need to change parties.

      • Rhiley says:

        As a queer, there is no other party that has made me feel more descriminsted against than the Republican Party. Did you happen to see Bobby Jendal’s homophobic op ed this week? And I think his views are pretty reflective of the party as a whole. Bruce may believe in the Constitution but the Republicans are working hard to rewrite so he has very few human rights.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        I don’t celebrate him being a Republican, I want that party to die, in fact I want the two party system to end altogether but I especially loathe the Republican Party. And liberals don’t claim ownership over the LGBT community, we’re not into ownership of other individuals.

      • anon321 says:

        “Did you happen to see Bobby Jendal’s homophobic op ed this week? And I think his views are pretty reflective of the party as a whole.” You don’t want others to make generalizations about the LGBT community but you feel comfortable making this statement? You sound just as bad as Bobby J. I’m conservative but I mind my own business. You have no right to tell Bruce what party he should support.

      • jwoolman says:

        When I was actively working on statewide and regional peace/anti-war-du-jour projects, we treasured every die-hard Republican in our groups! They would deliberately push themselves in front for us when talking with the press, so they could honestly say “I’m a life-long Republican, but President Reagan is completely wrong to bomb [fill in the blank]”. People choose political party identifications for all sorts of reasons (one fellow troublemaker said that of course she was Republican – she was born Anglican! ), but their views on various issues are their own and do not have to match the views of that same Party’s representatives in Congress or the White House. Senator Mark Hatfield was a Republican and also an eloquent speaker (and voter) against one pointless war and bombing raid after another when he was in Congress, while plenty of Democrats went along with every foolish war there was no matter which Party started it. There are likewise wide ranges of beliefs about economics and the role of social programs within each Party, especially among individuals who are not politicians. People can share goals while disagreeing about how to accomplish them.

        Bruce may be effective in helping change occur precisely because he identifies strongly as a Republican and as a Christian, and also because of his sports background. It will be easier for people with similar identifications to listen to him and open up their minds to a different viewpoint. That’s very normal, and a good thing.

  50. Iknowwhatboyslike says:

    The interview was amazing. Though I knew it was coming (anyone who read gossip blogs or stand in line at a grocery story knew this for years) but his announcement managed to surprise me. Good for him. Still in 2016, so many are still afraid to come out as gay, let alone a 60+ year old macho guy coming out as transgender. That being said, on one of my supermarket reads, I remember reading that in the early days of the KUWTK, Bruce wanted out of filming and allegedly, Pimp Mama Kris threatend to go to the press out his “cross dressing.” apparently, she had video or photos. Now I wonder if she got the photos from Kendall’s video footage of him stealing her clothes? Also, a part of me (i hate myself for saying this) does feel for Kris and her daughters. As brave as we say Bruce is, the fact is, he married women and had children with them. How bitter would some of us be if our mothers were in any of these women’s place. I would be livid. It would take me some time to forgive. I could understand Kim’s feelings. That’s if her difficulty with Bruce’s gender issues was because of what it meant for her mother and not what it meant for the Kardashian brand.

  51. Franny says:

    Bruce Jenner will make money by telling his story, so its not being brave at all, he is doing it for the money. People seems to forget that his motivation of coming out is really because he can make money out of it.

    • kate says:

      If he wanted to make money from this, he could have mentioned it years ago. So I don’t think money is the motivation. Bruce is very brave to do this because there will always be people who talk bad about him no matter what

      • Bridget says:

        That’s a flawed argument. Even today, in 2015, being transgender isn’t particularly socially acceptable in mainstream America. The reason why Bruce’s announcement is being met with so much positivity and applause is because word has leaked out about it for a while and the public has had an opportunity to get used to it. If he’d done this years ago he wouldnt have been met with a pile of cash, but rather fear and derision.

    • jane says:

      Could’ve made money long ago with the story. Sorry. I really don’t that’s why he’s telling. He’s brave to tell us so he can live life as the woman he feels he was born as

    • Nic says:

      The story would come out whether he told it or not, so why wouldn’t he tell it himself?

    • ida says:

      It’s sad to see people assume that an already wealthy guy would tell a story like this for money. Of course he would tell us because we’ve all suspected it for years. We’ll end up noticing something more when he walks in public in dresses. Good that he explained his feelings

  52. Loren says:

    the interview was so beautifully produced. The salt he threw at the keeping up show was amazing. “The whole time I had the real story” pure gold. Team Bruce!!

  53. trisha says:

    That was a really touching, honest interview. It’s good to finally see positive comments about Bruce not mean ones. He should be proud of who he is, and it’s great to see his kids support him.

    I don’t play golf, but if he ever asked me to I would. He shouldn’t have to be alone. I’ve always admired Bruce Jenner,

  54. Girlygirl410 says:

    I watch that Katastrophe, Keeping Up with the Karadshians. One thing I see in Bruce is that he is a voice of reason and a sounding board for all of the children. In the 20/20 special I noticed he is still the same person. Man or woman, we will always have the same heart and the same intentions. He is so nurturing and I believe that he will never change man/woman. He will be the same person he always was and I hope, with all my heart, Khole can understand him.

  55. racer says:

    The best of Bruce is in all the children he had prior to the ones with Kris.

  56. ryan says:

    Who knows? This might be a great thing for our country as bruce stated he would be open to meeting with repub leaders. I look forward to the future..noone fits in a box..and I see change on the horizon

    • tina says:

      No ryan..repubs will not change. They are hateful. Eventually bruce will see that and join our side

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        I agree, Bruce will have to choose between the Republicans or the transgender community.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        They are, and I agree with you– but Bruce has to decide on this for himself.

        Fwiw, I know several lgbtq folk who came out and we’re pretty disheartened by the hostility, and so switched sides. Years later though I would say that they are still fairly conservative (these are my church going, married, raising children, white picket fence installing gay and lesbian friends). I also know a lesbian couple who work fulltime raising money for the Republican party (very wealthy women, motivated primarily by economic policy) so it takes all kinds.

  57. unmade_bed says:

    I wish they would’ve delved deeper into what he feels inside that makes him feel “womanly.” I thought his responses focused on so much of the material aspects of being a “woman”–wearing dresses, makeup and nail polish–and not much of substance. I am a woman who has worn “boy’s” or “men’s” clothing from time to time, since childhood. I also go weeks without wearing makeup, and I almost never wear nail polish. If Jenner has just been doing the same, with the genders reversed, I want to know what else makes him feel womanly. I’d hate to think that he is going to all of this trouble to identify as a different gender, because he thinks that any man who wears “girly” or “womanly” things from time to time must have some deep-rooted and pervasive malfunction. There has to be more to it–I just wish they would’ve covered it.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      I have heard that anyone considering gender reassignment goes through extensive therapy before they get a “green-light” to transition, I’m sure this is about much more to him than just wearing dresses and makeup.

      • Lee1 says:

        Yes, it is absolutely about much more than just wearing dresses and makeup. But the reality is that those are the parts of being a woman that he desired and yet was denied for decades. The internal part of being a woman he already had and has had forever. It is also very difficult to put in to words. But being able to wear nail polish for long enough that it starts to chip? That is something that has been denied to him up until now because if he had done it, his truth may have been revealed before he was ready. I haven’t worn nail polish in nearly a decade, but I was still allowed to play with it as a child and make the decision of which aspects of femininity fit my personality for myself. I think Bruce is just looking forward to that same opportunity.

  58. Jess says:

    So much to say but wanted to put in a quick comment about Khloe, I know she was also close with her biological dad and had the hardest time out of everyone when he passed, wonder if now she feels like she really doesn’t have a dad, especially since there’s uncertainty surrounding Robert even being her real dad, now the only father figure left has come out as transgender, that has to be hard on her so I get it. I feel so bad for her for so many reasons!

    But, I feel so happy for Bruce, good for him!!

  59. Sam H x says:

    Not seen the interview, will have to track it down & give it a watch. I have been reading news articles about his interview. I’m happy for him that he was able to do this on his terms, there was no editing/manipulation by the E! Cameras & PMK. He was the narrator to his own story! He sounds at peace but I still think he is figuring out the whole thing as he is going through it.

    I think PMK is p*ssed at Bruce for a myriad of reasons and I think we all know what those are. It was very shady on her part to throw ABC under the bus & make it about her probably cos there was no payday and she couldn’t edit it to suit her angle. I can understand now that everything is public, the sh*t has hit the fan for Kris & now she finally has to face what she was in denial about for many years. Not easy.

    PMK strikes me as a person who think she can throw money at a personal problem ie. her kids maybe going through because it’s easier than actually have to deal with the problem itself. She treats her kids like clients not like her children. The episode in the counsellors office where Rob literally sobbed like a child, the only one who went after him was Khloe was very telling about the dynamics of the family & the problems those kids have had stemming from their upbringing.

    I think this is the most vulnerable & honest moment we will ever see from the Kardashian-Jenners.

    I’m glad the Kardashian gals & Kendall/Kylie were able to put their narcissism aside and support Bruce. Kanye has surprised me with how open minded and accepting he was with Bruce’s transition. Even though he appealed to Kim’s ego/self centred train of thought (lol) to help her understand. Each to their own! What surprised me too is the kind words from Kim. Even though you can’t help but think is it calculated? I think she’s supportive & ‘Ye helped with that in some respect.

    Even though he has been a rubbish parent to his eldest children & allowed Kris to pull his girls out of school to pursue careers. The transition has given him another chance to reconnect, build a proper rapport & relationship with his eldest children. Although it won’t compensate for the time lost during childhood however they can start fresh. You could say a silver lining!

  60. May says:

    Reading a lot of the comments on Facebook is really disheartening, but I’m glad so many other people are being supportive. I don’t care about the Kardashians particularly, but I do care about people as humans. Good for Bruce, I hope he’s happy.

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      I had to bite my tongue this week because my aunt put up a “joking” disparaging poster about Bruce. It really p*ssed me off, but I try not to let current events or politics draw me into fights on Facebook. She did take it down so I can only hope one of her kids said “Mom this is not cool”, as I would to my own Mom. It did sadden me though, I have a gay cousin and have always had gay friends so I don’t have any patience for ignorance on the LGBT front.

  61. Adrien says:

    I think general feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It helps that people are not really surprised and were just waiting for him to confirm things. See now John Travolta, come out now and people will support you. Never too late to be happy and free, John.

  62. Dawn says:

    When did this become about the Kardashians? Every headline in the rags have had the Kardashian responses first and foremost. That really irritates me. This should be about the Jenner family first and foremost. That would be his first four kids and the two with Kris. Although it may be nice to know that the step-kids support him they are not or should not be the important ones here. Other than that I watch a bit of it and thought good for you but please go ahead and do this in private. When I found out he got his own E! series I thought awww so you really do want the attention. Good luck Bruce but I won’t be watching your transformation.

  63. word says:

    The only issue is he has made it a dog hunt to be the first pap to get him dressed as a woman. I wouldn’t put it past Kim and Kris to get Bruce to dress as a woman and ambush him with paps just so they can also get some attention. I hope Bruce doesn’t fall for it.

    Also, I HIGHLY doubt Kim didn’t run to her mother when she caught Bruce in women’s clothing years ago. So there is no way Kris can say she “had no clue”.

    • LNG says:

      Bruce said in the interview that Kris always knew. He was in the midst of transitioning when they met and he pulled back on it. He said that he downplayed what was going on and should have been more clear about it, but there is no question that Kris has always known.

      • word says:

        I’m sure she always knew but she said in a statement a month or so ago, that she had no idea Bruce wanted to transition into a woman. Bruce also made it seem like Kim kept his secret and no one else in the family knew. I think they all knew. In fact, I think Kris may have been the one to leak stories about Bruce once they agreed to divorce.

  64. word says:

    I like the part of the interview where he says that the only TRUE story on KUWTK was HIS but he kept it a secret. He just admitted right from his own mouth the show is fake (not like we didn’t already know).

  65. EM says:

    Another reality show in the making no doubt.
    I don’t see the interview as a surprise. The Kardashian PR machine has been putting stories in the media about this for the last year.

  66. Amanda says:

    I’m so happy for Bruce and it’s wonderful to see how accepting his children have been. You do you, Bruce!

  67. Miran says:

    Proud of him, and so glad he got to tell his story on his own terms finally.

  68. Mrs. Darcy says:

    He seems really happy, and he always seemed unhappy on the Kardashians, so on that front alone I’m happy for him! Seriously though this is hugely brave and Bruce will give strength to so many by doing this I’m sure. I want to see the rest of the interview now. Even though Diane kinda bugs me.

  69. Kate says:

    Was very proud of Bruce and enjoyed the interview immensely. I don’t even know the guy and was crying for him during several parts of the show. I can’t imagine the sense of relief he’s feeling right now.