Oprah allows Ellen DeGeneres honor of an O Mag cover


Ellen DeGeneres is finally getting her wish! Oprah has agreed to fulfill her dream of appearing on the cover of O Magazine. Ellen twittered the news Thursday night and Oprah confirmed via satellite on Ellen’s show today. The two daytime divas are already talking wardrobe choices – Oprah is thinking about wearing pants, to honor Ellen’s constant pants-wearing fashion statement. OK! has more:

Ellen DeGeneres has plenty to smile about these days. The newlywed slash comedienne slash talk show host slash Cover Girl model has had her latest dream come true – to be on the cover or Oprah Winfrey’s magazine!

Last night, Ellen announced the news via her Twitter feed: “Oprah just asked me to be on the cover of O magazine!”

To make things official, while taping the Friday edition of the Ellen DeGeneres Show Oprah made a guest appearance via satellite.

“I have to tell you when I first heard it about this… I thought it was such a fantastic idea,” Oprah said. “I was only sorry that I did not think of it myself. So I am calling to officially invite you on the cover of O.”

Ellen, who has gone to great lengths to get the attention of the rival host, including phoning HARPO studios on air and putting herself on mock covers, was excited by the offer.

“I can’t believe you’re serious. I am freaking out right now,” said Ellen. “My goal is going to be for this to be the biggest selling issue you’ve ever had. I want that to happen.”

The two even joked about their wardrobe for the upcoming shoot.

“Maybe I’ll wear pants, too,” Oprah offered.

“All right,” Ellen joked. “They’re comfortable, Oprah.”

Ellen will be only the second person to grace the cover alongside Oprah. The first, was Michelle Obama on this April’s issue. One can only wonder, what will Ellen take on next?

[From OK! Magazine]

Oprah very rarely puts anyone but herself on O covers – April’s issue with Michelle Obama and Oprah pictured together was a special one. I really like how friendly Oprah and Ellen are. In another world, they would see each other as rivals and try to out-diva each other. I don’t think Ellen plays that game, and Oprah has always shown Ellen a lot of respect. Call me crazy, but I think the two women actually enjoy each other’s company. Shocking, but not every girl-on-girl interaction in the entertainment world has to be a catfight.

Here’s Ellen and wife Portia de Rossi at Madeo Restaurant in West Los Angeles on March 6th. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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21 Responses to “Oprah allows Ellen DeGeneres honor of an O Mag cover”

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  1. Annie says:

    YAY!!! I LOVE ELLEN!!!

  2. what is ever. says:

    who could fight with a person who grooves like Ellen? She’s much too personable.

  3. voodoobetty says:

    Those two look so happy together. Portia has never looked more radiant than since she married her true love.

  4. geronimo says:

    I love Ellen. Don’t think Oprah sees Ellen as a threat, think that’s why they get on so well. I’m sure Ellen has an ego but she knows how to keep in in check and is happy to play ingénue to Oprah’s queen. (remember that point you made, kaiser, re Oprah not being keen on powerful women who won’t kow-tow to her.)

  5. my take says:

    Oprah’s never had anyone but herself on the cover, not ever. Besides once ADDING Obama, its always only been her. She won’t give it up!

    And thats the joke behind Ellen trying to get on the cover… she was subtely making fun of O for being so…. O.

  6. Chiara says:

    Ellen is so easy to like, so non-pretentious … too bad the big O didn’t surrender the page.

  7. Tia says:

    I love Ellen so much. She is one of my favorite Hollywood stars.. such a class act, and what a beautiful wife as well.. GO OPRAH

  8. velcrodots says:

    Go Ellen 🙂
    I would LOVE it if on the cover, Ellen was holding one of Tony’s “facebook photos” hehe

  9. spooge says:

    What a complete waste of a hot blonde.

  10. Feebee says:

    What’s Oprah up to with all this?

  11. AC says:

    I just love Ellen and Oprah, that’s wonderful for them to appear together!

    Can’t wait to buy this issue!

  12. lunachick says:

    Portia & Ellen look so happy together! I love it, they just seem perfect together.

  13. CB Rawks says:

    Love Ellen to bits.

  14. Aspen says:

    This just made me grin so big. I love Ellen! I’ll buy it just cause she’s on it. Ha ha. Everything that woman does makes me smile.

  15. Kaiser says:

    Geronimo – Yeah, and I still stand by that idea that Oprah only gives her time to powerful women who show her respect (re: kiss her ass)… but I’ll make an exception for Ellen. I really do think Ellen & Oprah genuinely like each other. It probably has something to do with Ellen always maintaining that Oprah got there first, and that Oprah is one of her career idols.

  16. michellle says:

    “my take” – could not have said better.

  17. aleach says:

    never read “O” but if ellen had a magazine id be a subscriber for sure.

  18. Jane Lane says:

    Man Portia looks so hot in that outfit.

  19. bagladey says:

    I love Ellen. That edition will be my first O magazine.

  20. nora says:

    HONOR????!!!!Just when I thought no one uglier than Opera could ever go on the cover the the “O” magazine….

  21. greta says:

    My first take: this is as close to coming out as a lesbian as Oprah can get.