Rumer Willis steps out for two weekend events: doesn’t she look great?


Here are some assorted photos of Rumer Willis at two events over the weekend. First, she attended the 22nd annual Race to Erase MS event (the photos of Rumer in the light-colored dress) on Friday night, then she attended the Radio Disney Music Awards on Saturday (the black jumpsuit). And you know what? Rumer looked great. Seriously.

Rumer has been a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, and she’s apparently been doing really well. She’s been scoring well and she’s a fan-favorite. Her mom Demi Moore has been in the audience most of the time too, and her dad Bruce Willis has come out as well. By all accounts, Rumer has been working hard on DWTS and she’s said that she’s in it to win it. And it shows – it seems like she’s lost a significant amount of weight and she looks very toned and fit.

People tend to be pretty harsh about Rumer’s looks, but at this point… I think she’s figured out a look that works really well for her. She’s 26 years old now, maybe it was a case of Rumer growing into her looks and learning how to best accentuate the positive. The darker hair works best for her, her makeup is on point and her clothes are… better. Hands down, she looks really great these days.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Lo8 says:

    Wow, my new girl crush.

    • lia says:

      She has always been a beautiful girl.

      • Lilo says:

        I think so too, never quite understood why people called her awful things.

        In this pic she’s a little too kardashian-esque for mmy taste, though.

      • DrM says:

        I’ve always thought she was gorgeous as well. With or without the ”on point makeup and darker hair”

  2. Shambles says:

    She looks smokin’ in that tan dress. Love her makeup, and she has pretty tattoos. Yay for Rumer.

  3. Jen says:

    I can’t do DWTS-but I flipped by the other night and she really is in amazing shape-I was pretty jealous of her abs!

    Unrelated, another negative side effect of the world’s Kardashian obsession: contouring. Rumer already has a thin face, she didn’t need it.

    • Boopybette says:

      I think it de-emphasizes her her large jaw. There is a place for contouring..and she’s a perfect example. Wonder why no one ever mentions her new butt? She got implants a few years ago and is really showing them off on dwts ….celebrity kids have it tough.

      • Justagirl says:

        On DWTS she has talked about the effect of hurtful comments about her looks – things people said when she was just a child, long before she started her career. You acknowledge ‘celebrity kids have it tough’…then you mention her ‘large jaw’ and ‘perfect example’ for contouring… it’s a little bit classic subtle-meangirl styles.

        You may not have meant it that way, but if you had seen the episode where Rumer talked about the damage to her self esteem & mental anguish, the ‘maybe if I just change my body/surgery/etc’, and then realized no, surgery won’t fix esteem issues – you might have more compassion.

        This site is enjoyable because in general, Celebitchy comments aren’t mean-spirited “who sh!t in your Wheaties this morning” snark…unless the subject is a deserving tool, like an abusive fraternity ‘hazer’.

  4. littlestar says:

    I have to say, I think she’s looking a lot like Kim Kardashian :O.

    In an entirely good way, of course.

    • lana86 says:

      my first thought

    • jane wurst says:

      I came here to say that!
      Head to toe, from the white puddles under the eyes makeup (it looks already crazy in pictures but it must be worse IRL), to the shiny dress with lots of draping… it should look classy and instead it looks cheap. Such a waste because Rumer, unlike Dimbo, has some features left to work with and highlight.

    • MBP says:

      Yeah, the first pics with the contouring and highlighting…ugh. The other pics where her face is pretty much one colour are much better.

  5. Brittney B says:

    SO happy to see her thriving right now. I also have a prominent chin and jawline, so superficial criticism of Rumer always felt personal to me… it went beyond her fashion sense, to something no one can help.

    She’s finally tapping into her unconventional beauty, but even better, she’s using and toning her body by doing something she enjoys. The mental health benefits of daily dancing are enormous… and it looks like she’s growing into her skin because of it. Maybe I’m overthinking this though.

    • KellyBee says:

      I think all the plastic surgery she had done help her alot as well.

      • taxi says:

        Ditto. She had lots of plastic surgery & it gave big improvements.
        Just as extensive work has helped Alexa Joel & Lady GaGa.

      • Boopybette says:

        BIngo. lol especially the butt implants. Just become they aren’t the kim kash deluxe supreme jumbo version doesn’t mean other girls getting fake azz should not be called out.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I never thought she looked ugly–she has very strong features, and I think she looks better than ever because she’s learned that simpler styles and makeup are the best on her. She used to try and go overboard with the makeup, the OTT style (for her)…..she looks her best with a simple hairstyle (she looked amazing with that pixie cut she had a few years ago), and little to no makeup. I think people were pissed that she and her sisters didn’t look 100% like Demi…….

    • ISO says:

      Right, she could go the young Anjelica Houston route- interesting, well connected and very stylish. Unique can be beautiful.

  6. Loopy says:

    Her eye makeup looks amazing,

  7. meme says:

    no. the first photo she must have on 10 pounds of makeup; the second she reminds me of J Woww. this one is mega thirsty.

    • Penelope says:

      ITA, meme. Way too much makeup and she needs a better hairstyle for her face imo.

    • QQ says:

      I was wondering if I had bad eyes or was going crazy cause that shit looks to be applied with the Light Touch of a Trowel!

      • meme says:

        Light Touch of a Trowel LOL

      • Sos101 says:

        Totally agree. Her makeup does not look good in that first photo. Reminds me of my 9th grade English teacher -one could always see her foundation line

  8. SnowGlow says:

    Unfortunate. And why is her eye area whiter then the rest of her face? Not well blended or contouring?

  9. amanda says:

    she looks like Kat Von D’s other-dimensional mirror reflection…

  10. oneshot says:

    I don’t see how going overboard on the concealer to the point where you have white circles instead of dark circles, can be considered ‘on point’ makeup.

    But apart from that she looks fine.

  11. KellyBee says:

    I think she looks a lot better in the second picture with less make on then in the first picture.

  12. jferber says:

    I like her nose ring, too. It makes her smallish nose more prominent, all to the good. Yes, she looks amazing. I think the long dark hair, like her mom, is a great fit, too. She has a strong face and the long, dark hair flatters her greatly. She looks fierce.

  13. minx says:

    Pretty, but she went overboard on the rhinoplasty. Her nose is too small for her face.

    • Lucy2 says:

      I thought so too- she looks good otherwise but her nose looks different.

    • Debb says:

      ITA – it looks practically non-existent.

    • Eleonor says:

      Suddenly her nose is smaller yes. Too bad.

    • Santia says:

      Yes, that was the first thing I noticed. It makes me sad that people with “unconventional” looks are often beaten into the ground in our society until they give in and try to look like everyone else.

    • Maggi says:

      I agree with all the other plastic surgery comments being possibilities BUT her nose has always been extremely small- to the to extent where her tiny nostrils stood out strangely from the rest of her face. So, plumped lips, possibly shaved jaw, new teeth, new butt, whatever…but the nose has not changed.

      Waaaaaay too much makeup in the dress. She looks much fresher and prettier without all the contouring. Looks great in the black outfit.

  14. burnsie says:

    Holy contouring, Batman! 😮

  15. Livealot says:

    She looks great in the black. Gah it must be so hard to grow thru ur awkward phase publicly. Hats off to her.

  16. Nev says:

    Werk Rumer WERK.

  17. Boston Green Eyes says:

    She looks like a Kartrashian.

  18. Cara says:

    I like her styling in the black outfit- hair looks great with her face. 🙂

  19. RN says:

    A new nose and a new chin derived through plastic surgery really did change her face.

  20. Allie says:

    She’s doing the “JLo trying to be sexy” facial expression. So annoying. Smiling is way more sexy than the try hard pose.

  21. Tessa says:

    She does look great, but she definitely had
    Mandible surgery ala kylie Jenner
    You cant slim down a massive jaw with a nyx wonderstick and some ben nye
    Shes dressing better. I hope she leaves the work there and doesn’t try and be an identi-kit hollywood plastic face. That would be a shame

  22. Neelyo says:

    Real Housewife Drag realness.

    She could cut somebody with that nose.

  23. Kloops says:

    She’s very odd looking to me. Not unattractive so much as my brain can’t quite reconcile her features and I find her face jarring. I don’t understand why she’s famous though. Her acting career hasn’t amounted to much.

    • FingerBinger says:

      From the neck down she’s fine but I agree she’s very odd looking.

    • meme says:

      She’s famous because of her parents. These days that’s all you need…famous parents…if you want to be in show biz.

    • chaine says:

      yeah, i resent the name of the show. should be called “dancing with the children of the stars” or “dancing with people who wanna be stars” or (in some cases) “dancing with the stars of the 1970’s”

  24. Suzi says:

    She’s talentless and insists on living in the public eye so with nothing to offer people are going to focus on her extremely unfortunate face. The plastic surgery has made her look a bit better but nothing can fix that level of ugly. She should have gone to university and developed skills that would allow her a decent career that doesn’t require being half decent looking.

    • Hum says:

      Wow who hurt you?

      • guilty pleasures says:

        @Hum, re Suzi’s seeming anger at Rumer, that was my first thought. Why so vitriolic? I am tired of the false bravery people manifest in their anonymity.

        Rumer is attractive, her personality is engaging, and who in the WORLD doesn’t benefit from their parent’s choices and lifestyle? Seriously, if my parents were successful to such a huge degree they would bestow that on me in a heartbeat. I believe that people are really jealous of those in what appears to be an ivory tower.

        So, it is my viewpoint that we all have struggles, hurts, tragedy, but our outlook is our choice. I choose to love my life (to put it in context, I lost my beloved husband to cancer 10 months ago, the hardest and most heart wrenching five years I could ever have imagined) and I know that casting aspersion on others is not going to benefit my life at all.

        Rant over. Namaste.

    • The other paige says:


    • Santia says:

      The only ugliness I see is YOU with that comment. If she wants to act, and she has the connections to do it, good for her.

    • Cindy says:

      What a horrible thing to say.

  25. thatonechick says:

    Is her nose natural?

    • India says:

      No. She had a nose job and her jaw shaved down. New big white teeth like her mom’s. Also, filler in her lips. She looks so much better. I’m happy for her. I hope she wins DWTS.

    • Maggi says:

      Her nose is natural. She has nostrils similar to Demi. Her nose has always looked freakishly small in the context of their rest of her face. Google her childhood pics.

  26. Darlene says:

    Way, way, WAY too much makeup, especially the area under her eyes. 🙁 She’s so pretty, too, without all of it!

  27. kri says:

    That body. I mean..Damn.

  28. serena says:

    Yes, she looks very good. I love the pale dress but the eye make-up is too much in the first photo event.

  29. Tig says:

    The first pic is Kardashian level of makeup- it looks like it’s been sparkled on. She’s not the first, nor the last, person to go the surgery route to correct a prominent or under slung jaw. And that is nothing for the faint of heart.

    What puzzles me is after seeing her mother put through the PR meat grinder as part of her movie career- why would anyone want to do it? By her own admission, folks were so
    cruel to her on-line growing up- and she now chooses to put herself out for more of the same?? Hope she has developed a thicker skin, bec she will need it.

  30. candice says:


  31. I Choose Me says:

    Much prefer the second pic where her makeup is toned down. She looks great.

  32. Adrien says:

    She looks like Natalie Portman to me. I found her attractive in House Bunny.

  33. jasmine says:

    #BOMBSHELL She looks amazing. She’s always been an attractive girl but like some people, my own daughter, I definitely think she had to grow into her features. Find what suits her best and not follow popular trends.

  34. lisa says:

    how is obvious plastic surgery “growing into your looks”?

  35. Melly M says:

    Has the plastic surgery really helped her? I don’t find the new nose pretty; it is too short for her.
    Who knows what she would look like today without having had work done, just as more mature and better styled person.

  36. RedWeatherTiger says:

    Howard Stern interviewed Rumer last week. He is a big fan of hers. She was very giggly but seemed sweet and genuine. Had alot of verbal affectations, starting lots of sentences with “I mean” and “you know,” but I still thought she was charming. She was either genuinely nice or had been very well coached in how to dodge any tricky questions. And she has four dogs, so I love that about her. Her dance partner was on, too, and he came off sounding sort of douchey.

  37. Amelia says:

    The most important thing here is that she is looking happy and confident in her image. Good for her! In my mind, Rumers unique look has always been a reflection of her fathers strong features. I’m glad she has grown up and able to rock her look rather then blend in with the crowd.

  38. Cankles says:

    I’ve always found her attractive in a striking, unusual way-which is my personal preference, actually. I often tend to find “classically pretty” faces boring. *shrug*