Brad Pitt & Angelina put their New Orleans mansion up for sale for $6.5 million


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt own a lot of property all around the world. Brad’s real estate holdings in LA alone are quite extensive (mostly in Los Feliz and Malibu), plus I think he still owns a place on the beach in Santa Barbara, CA. At one point, Angelina owned a big farmhouse in the English countryside, but I’m pretty sure she sold it. Plus, she owns a huge swath of land in Cambodia, most of which was given over to a charity-run nature preserve. They also own the huge Chateau Miraval in the South of France, complete with a running vineyard (which produces an award-winning rosé). And they also have a big mansion in New Orleans. Brad bought the family home on the French Quarter about a year after Hurricane Katrina. They’ve stayed at the NOLA home, off and on, throughout the years, although not much lately. So, it’s not a huge surprise that Brad and Angelina have decided to sell.

Laissez le bon temp rouler no more! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are placing their New Orleans mansion on the market, asking a cool $6.5 million for the 7,645-square-foot digs. The Hollywood royal couple purchased the home back in 2007, a year after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city and surrounding areas. The Pitt-Jolie clan made headlines for their philanthropic efforts to rebuild the area, and have since spent generous amounts of time there to help with construction efforts, film flicks and just enjoy NoLa’s charm.

As for their French Quarter residence, the historic home boasts exquisite details like Venetian plastered walls, custom marble fireplaces and a grand spiral staircase. Don’t think the home—built in the1830s—doesn’t come with plenty of Pitt-approved updates though. Since purchasing the mansion for $3.5 million, the 51-year-old actor has poured ample architectural upgrades into the 5-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom house.

With the Jolie-Pitts being the hush-hush folks they are, no interior photos are available of the stunning residence. But use your imaginations: This classic property probably qualifies as an Architectural Digest-worthy hotspot.

Pitt maintains his Make It Right foundation in the Big Easy to revamp homes in the 9th Ward with eco-friendly makeovers, and he’s also made time to film quite a few movies in town. Interview with the Vampire in 1994 and 2008’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button rank as two of his most noteworthy New Orleans-filmed flicks, and even this spring Pitt’s been spotted shooting the upcoming The Big Short in the jazz-loving locale.

[From E! News]

Brad also filmed Killing Them Softly in NOLA, and he produced 12 Years a Slave, which was mostly filmed in Louisiana. So, The Big Short is actually the fourth major film project Brad brought to Louisiana post-Katrina. Plus, his heart was in the right place with the Make It Right Foundation, although MIR NOLA has had some stumbles and some wasted money as a foundation. I wonder why they’re selling? Is it just an issue of “we’re really not in New Orleans that much anymore”?

Here are some photos of the Jolie-Pitts in NOLA back in 2011.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. aims says:

    It might be that I’m a normal, down to earth peasant, but it blows my mind that people have homes all over the place. One is enough for me.

    • Esmom says:

      I hear you but if I had staff to do upkeep and maintenance and cook, etc, as the Jolie-Pitts and other rich people do, I’d have numerous homes, too. Much nicer than staying in a hotel when traveling to places you love. Plus I’m sure celebs prefer private homes vs hotels when they travel, too.

      I’d love to see the interior, I’m sure it’s an amazing place.

      • Boopybette says:

        I think their moving there immediately post Katrina, boosted the profile of the city and put all eyes on the rebuild efforts and needs of the community..especially areas like the lower 9th where Brad’s MIR and the JP Foundation was working (and still is). Also, I always thought it had to be a pain for them to be smack dab in the French quarter. They have pics of tourists and people always taking selfies of the place and stopping buy to yell and wave. 75% of the time they weren’t there. Lol. I’d say they’re either downsizing to something more circumspect to have a place when they come to check in on the charities. Or they feel their major work is done and the purpose has been mostly fulfilled. They’ll come back to check in on things and do the 5star thing and leave.

      • qwerty says:

        Living out of a suitcase with a million kids must be terrible. There’s something to be said for a place where you can go with pretty much a toothbrush and a few pairs of underwear and be all set cause your closet and cosmetics all are there…

    • Tarsha says:

      I think its basically investment properties.

    • cr says:

      If I’d had a lot of extra cash I would have more than one home, wouldn’t be a mansion, but there are places that I, and friends and family, like to spend time in that isn’t ‘home’, but it would be nice to have something year-round that’s ‘ours’, cabin in Wisconsin, or a place along the Oregon coast.

      • aims says:

        I’m an Oregon Girl!! Our beaches are awesome and a best kept secret. Shhhhh, let’s keep that to ourselves, lol.

      • cr says:

        @aims: Hah! My Oregon friends joke with me to stop posting pictures of blue skies and gorgeous mountains and beaches, lest the secret get out. I joke that I’ve Photoshopped all the rain out of the pics.
        But if I had money, I’d get out my maps and decide where that cabin would go, so many places on the coast, and then inland.

      • EmmGee says:

        Oregon girl here as well! My family has a funky old place on the beach and while I’m pretty sure it’s not anyone’s idea of fancy, it suits us just fine and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Oregon beaches are amazing!! I’m so lucky to live here 😀

    • Carmen says:

      I’d love to have a second home on the West Coast where I could stay while I visit my family in California.

    • lucy2 says:

      I could see having 1 vacation house, but not a half dozen or whatever. The money that must go into upkeep, taxes, utilities, etc.
      Though how nice to have a vacation home for a few years and then make a few million dollars on it when you decide to move on!

    • Courtney says:

      We have two homes. It is more work, but worth it to us. We did spend extra time and money finding the easiest situation though.

  2. Talie says:

    Shame there are no pics post-renovation. Brad always makes spectacular homes.

    • Camille (The Original) says:

      I’d love to have seen pics too. I’m an interior design junkie hehe.

  3. Jerry says:

    I’m surprised that they kept this place as long as they did.

    It’s in the French Quarter and has no privacy, at all, as it’s right on the street. It’s become a tourist attraction with people. They knock on doors, they leave messages, etc.

    His rep has said that they are going to be buying a place that is not on the beaten path, meaning, a place that the public and paps are not going to be able to get to.

    The press, as they do with all things, Brad and Angelina were already trying to spin this negatively regarding MIR, so his rep had to come out and quash the why’s of their decision to sell right now.

    So, they will be buying another property, they’re as committed as they’ve ever been to NOLA and MIR. No story here, move on.

    • Boopybette says:

      Haha. I knew it. See my post above! 🙂

    • qwerty says:

      Theye were obviously trying to send a message back in 2005 (iirc) when they were buying it, and getting a mansion in a gated community would send an opposite one.

  4. tracking says:

    It might be big enough for their family, but not their entourage (bodyguards, nannies etc.) And, yes, I’m sure the lack of privacy too.

    • qwerty says:

      I read in the comments on another site that crime is crazy over there?

    • meme says:

      They didn’t know that when they bought it? The privacy part.

      • qwerty says:

        They bought it to send a message. A gated community wouldn’t do that, in fact they’d problably get blasted for that.

  5. Observer says:

    They don’t own Chateau Miraval, do they?

  6. Oobejabbawonka says:

    ‘Couple puts house on market’ Scintillating :S

  7. BNA FN says:

    If I’m not mistaken, I believe Angelina mentioned some time ago that they would be spending more time in their France home because the kids love it there, and they are left alone by the neighbors. She did mentioned that the kids will be needing more of her time the bigger they get. Angelina also mentioned she will be cutting back on making movies and she has.

  8. Catelina says:

    Makes sense that they would want more privacy, and maybe another bedroom so the twins dont have to share as they get older and want different decorations. I would love to see their NOLA house. Im sure its beautiful.

  9. boredblond says:

    I don’t doubt his motives or heart, but after reading a few articles on his foundation’s project in New Orleans, it seems so ill-spent (compared to other charity rebuilding) it’s pretty sad.

  10. bettyrose says:

    But why several homes in LA? I get that the traffic is a nightmare but what if you plan to crash in Los Feliz after a late dinner and realize you only have the house key for Malibu?

    • Jerry says:

      They don’t own several homes in L.A. They sold the Malibu home a few years ago.

      Brad and Angelina have bought up the surrounding homes in their Los Feliz compound, which were originally part of the compound before Brad bought the house and that was always his plan when he bought the home in 1994. The homes were broken up before he bought the original home.

      He sold one of the homes in 2003 to the head of his security, who is still the head of their security.

      He owns a home in Santa Barbara, which he’s owned since 2000/2001. Which his family uses a lot. Just as his family used the NOLA home, quite a bit.

  11. Stacey Dresden says:

    I can has?

  12. Aubree says:

    This is news!