George Clooney: Amal doesn’t have a stylist, ‘doesn’t think of herself as a celebrity’


I’m starting to worry about George Clooney a little bit. He’s promoting Tomorrowland, but nearly every quote coming out of his mouth is about his marriage and how special and amazing and different everything is now that he’s found the love of his life…? Maybe I should just sit back and let the Alamooney wash over me. I don’t need to question it. I don’t need to analyze it. I don’t need to wonder if the Body Snatchers got him and turned him into a Stepford Husband. I will not be asking “what’s the deal, Cloons?” anymore. Behold, George talks to an Aussie outlet about never being apart from Amal for longer than a week, and whether they’ll have Alamooney babies.

There’s nothing tough about his marriage: “There was nothing tough about it. Our only adjustments are figuring out our schedules. Our deal is that we can’t be more than a week apart. So far, that’s worked out pretty well.”

Babies: “Ah. I have actually no idea about that.”

Their new English country mansion: “The town has the greatest pub in the world which is something like 200 years old. Amal and I walk from our house over a bridge, through a graveyard and into the pub. It’s fine going there but coming back is a little, eh…Now we’re in the middle of updating the house, and we’re bringing it back to the Georgian style. I have a boat and we ride around and there’s an unbelievably great restaurant nearby called The French Horn. I love it there.”

Amal does not cook: “Well, I cook a little bit. My wife makes reservations. And her mother makes reservations, so it’s a generational thing… [Now I’m] a bit of a connoisseur of Lebanese food. I didn’t know much about it before, but I find it to be fantastic. We eat a lot of tabbouleh. And listen, I was a single guy for a long time, I’m a decent chef, I know how to cook. I make a nice pasta because I spend time in Italy. I can also make good breakfast food, and I’m great at Thanksgiving dinner.”

Amal is not a celebrity & she pays for most of her clothes: “Well, that’s part of the world that comes with us getting married but she doesn’t think of herself as a celebrity. She’s found a wonderful way of balancing the idea of what she does for a living. She’s very well groomed to handle a lot of pressure. Sometimes people will give her a dress because they want their name to be out there, but she’s a grown person and she pays for a lot of her own stuff.”

Amal does not have a stylist: “The funny thing is, from the first day I met Amal, you could see that she has her own sense of style. She doesn’t have a stylist, she has clothes that she loves to wear and she knows exactly what they are.”

The Met Gala: “Let me tell you something, that’s the only time in my life I’ve ever worn the tie and tails thing. And I don’t think I’m going to do it again. That took a long time to put it on and take it off…Sometimes Amal looks at me confused about my sense of style. There are times when she says, ‘Are you going to wear a Tequila T-shirt again?’”

He & Amal don’t disagree: “We don’t disagree on many things so far. We will see. And since she’s smarter than me, the only way we resolve anything is by arm wrestling. That is my only chance of winning anything with her because if it’s an intellectual battle, I would lose. She’s the smart one in the family.”

[From People &]

“My wife makes reservations. And her mother makes reservations, so it’s a generational thing…” This is going to sound so middle-class, but I really don’t understand Amal’s insistence on never cooking anything, ever. It makes her sound like such a princess, like she can’t function unless people are waiting on her hand and foot. I’m not a world class cook by any means, but I know how to make some basic dishes and I can certainly follow a recipe. Now I’m starting to wonder if it’s more about the way upper-class households are organized in a country like Lebanon. The Alamuddins are a wealthier, upper class family in Lebanon, so I’m guessing they probably have a house full of staff. Amal and her mother never learned to cook because they always had someone cooking for them. And even when Amal went off on her own and lived by herself in New York and London, she just never learned how to… what? Throw a bowl of soup in the microwave? Make a sandwich?


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  1. Belle Epoch says:

    She had a fabulous stylist during the wedding celebration phase, but that person is definitely gone.

    • Robin says:

      Her wedding dress was nice, and the striped sundress she wore one day looked great on her. But the pantsuit she wore…the trousers needed hemming, and the hat was far too large. And that flowered dress with the bizarre hemline…awful.

      • CLEA says:

        He obviously found the one and he’s inlove: people inlove love to talk about their love. I think its lovely.
        I also think she is lovely. She holds herself well and seems to balance well exposing herself for our scrutiny without seeming like she is cultivating it (a la Mrs. Baldwin). I hope it lasts and wish them well.

      • taxi says:

        The Wedding Weekend dresses were awful! She requested her custom dresses be shortened way too much as hi-lo hems. When she stood on balconies & descended stairs, everyone below her got great biscuit views atop the scrawny legs. Really tacky.

  2. Brin says:

    She has an annoying, non-stop spokesperson though.

    • Sabrine says:

      I don’t think not cooking makes her sound like a princess, not at all. I dislike cooking and if I had a choice, I would make reservations every night also. I can’t afford to eat out every night but if I could, my stove would be stone cold and stay that way. It’s just a boring chore and good for her. George has said enough now about his wife. He obviously adores her and wants to share, but it’s time to button it up.

      • Dana m says:

        I respectfully disagree. Knowing how to cook is a good skill to have for yourself.

        My mother did not teach me how to cook (she doesn’t know how to cook either). I went to college and ate out the whole time unless my roommates or boyfriend cooked for me. I felt so dependant on someone else for food nourishment. I ate out a lot as a young adult and now I have extensive IBS issues. Yes I blame my gi issues on the horrible fast food/restaurant food I ate during my young adult life. After college during my workaholic, fast-paced 8-7 pm high-tech career, I ate out the entire time as well. Growing up my mother would prefer that I practice my instruments or study rather than cook for myself. I m embarrassed to say I was treated like a princess and had many things done for me.

        Fast forward many years later, I’ve had to learn how to cook for myself and my family. I cannot afford to hire a personal chef to cook for me like these celebrities/Rich people do. Eating out with rowdy toddlers became so stressful, so naturally, cooking at home seemed like a good resolution. Another good reason for me to cook dinner at home was due to , all the preservatives, GMOs, antibiotic and hormone use in restaurant food. All of that doesn’t sound like a healthy choice to eat ALL of the time ( don’t get me wrong, we eat out about 2 times a week). And besides, my new diet suggested cutting out preservatives to help me heal from my GI issues . I was given recipes to help heal my stomach. I had to learn how to cook good meals from scratch. I I’ve watched countless hours of cooking shows and youtube videos. Also, It’s a no brainier that cooking at home saves a lot of money. Eating out can be costly. So now at this stage in my life, I can now say I can cook AND I can cook well too. I can safely say I am at Gormet level accomplished with lots of practice. My kids love home cooked meals and I’d rather have it that way. I will teach my children how to cook so they are able to care for themselves as adults. It’s a nice feeling to know you don’t have to depend on someone else (or a restaurant) to make good healthy food for youself.

      • BNA FN says:

        Donna, for your IBS issues, Are you on BP Meds? If so, maybe it needs to be changed. Speak to your dr about your BP Meds, if you are on BP Meds for an extended period of time, that could be a problem.

      • Dana M says:

        Hello BNA FN,

        Thank you for your suggestion. I am not on any BP meds. I was on an acid reducer med which made things worse after a while. Now Im not taking anything and feeling a little better.

        Dana M.

      • crtb says:

        I agree with Dana ma. I think everyone should KNOW HOW to cook. Now, should you decide to use that skill is your choice. It is a mater of being independent and self reliant. Just because you don’t like it or can afford not to, what are you going to do should you or your kids get sick? Stuck home due to a snow storm and everything is closed? ( yes, that happened in my city several times last winter) The help has the night off and you’re hungry ? Boil an egg, make some soup or a salad, make an omelet, bake some chicken or fish, boil some pasta.

        Also, regarding her not having a stylist: We can tell. She dresses awful.

      • RJ says:

        I agree Sabrine. I really dislike cooking, always have (my mom & sisters are fabulous cooks). I live alone and even though I’m not wealthy I eat out/order in most meals. Between the local food coop and other local places I can get relatively inexpensive organic salads, soups, and other dishes that are delicious and healthy, I don’t eat fast or junk food. Knowing how to cook may be a good skill to have (and I appreciate my friends who do cook) but it’s one I choose not to acquire and I’m 100% happy with that.

    • Nancito says:

      Domestic help, in Lebanon, is incredibly inexpensive. So it’s extremely possible that Amal and her mother don’t even know where the kitchen is.

      • Isa says:

        If I had access to someone to cook me healthy, fresh food I wouldn’t ever cook either. It’s not like she’s eating Taco Bell everyday. I’ve come a long way with cooking, still have a lot further to go, but it’s not something I enjoy. I also hate, hate, hate washing dishes and cleaning up my mess.

  3. Nancy says:

    Oh, she knows and believes she is a celebrity! BOOM!

  4. Rhiley says:

    The part about walking to the pub and the boat… Now I will be singing, “Over the hills and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go. The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh to the white and drifted snow.”

  5. Jayna says:

    Out of all of them, I kind of like this interview. I didn’t realize they were in their English manor and kind of liked hearing some personal details on it and what they do, not the usual soundbites.

    I have two friends that don’t cook. Their husbands do. I really didn’t cook for years. My ex-boyfriend, when I was in my 20s, once asked me to and I burned breakfast and the rest of raw pancakes and ended up locked in the bathroom crying because he was incredulous someone could blow cooking breakfast. LOL The same with dinner one time. I ended up calling my mom throughout the whole process.

    Angelina Jolie doesn’t cook and she has six kids. She said she can’t make spaghetti and the kids usually don’t want her in the kitchen. She probably only because of kids cooks a little, as she does know certain more exotic recipes she likes, but that’s it. She said she gets too distracted and is usually assigned to the cutting board to chop things.
    Kathy Lee said she does not cook and has always had a personal chef for her family. Amal has no kids. I don’t find it all that odd, and considering how she grew up.

    I also laughed at the one comment. She luvvvvvs being a celebrity. She doesn’t hide that no matter what George says.

    • AG-UK says:

      I don’t cook hate it my husband loves it so he does 98% of cooking. I’ll wash up and clean but no cooking.

      • Loulou says:

        Same, I hate cooking and find it extremely tedious. Luckily, my fiancé loves being in the kitchen or else it’d be takeout all the time.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        Just because a person is a female, does not automatically give her the “cooking gene” or the “cleaning gene”, or the “I NEED babies gene”. or the “I love fashion gene”….

      • WillowS says:

        Yep-I don’t enjoy cooking. My husband loves it so he does the cooking in our house-he actually would rather that I not cook lol. I do laundry, most of the cleaning and handle our finances; he cooks, mows the lawn, takes out the trash and helps with cleaning sometimes. It works for us. I’m certainly not a princess and if my husband didn’t love to cook I would do it.

        No one should judge Amal for not cooking. Why should she? If I were rich I wouldn’t clean or cook. I would do my own laundry (I don’t want anyone else touching my underwear lol) but most other chores I would outsource.

    • Kara says:

      but the whole no cooking thing is still a weird one. some women misunderstood that modern roles in a relationships dont mean that you dont have to know how to cook, it meant the men needed to learn it too because its is a basic life skill! literally everyone can make use of it and as long as you dont want too fancy stuff its pretty easy to learn.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        I would rather just have a salad for dinner, than cook a big meal…that’s just me! Or a bowl of cereal…of course, part of that is that I hate the clean up that comes with making a big meal…I’m sure Amal and George, have a chef and maids, and really don’t have to struggle with any of these issues! I’m sure Amal doesn’t come home from a day a the office and say “george, what do you want me to make for dinner?” or “ok, honey, you wash, I’ll dry” NO, that ain’t happening!!!!!

    • BNA FN says:

      I remember Angelina on Anderson Coopers show a few years ago telling she and Brad made Thanksgiving dinner. She also said on another show while being interviewed that she is not a cook but she and M Pearl cooking from a recipe, I belive it was some spagetti meal. Angelina said she told Brad she was going to get this wife thing and be a better cook. I thinking she does light cooking but Brad and Pax is the better cooks that’s what I get from some of her interviews.

      Btw, CG is really pushing AC on the public as if she is the best thing since slice bread and most of the public is not buying what he’s selling. Something just seems off with those two. Wishing them a happy life, time will tell.

    • senna says:

      I think a lot of people just aren’t food oriented. They wouldn’t mind dinner, but would rather not be bothered to make it. They don’t mind eating the same meal all week, or grazing on cereal instead of having a hot dinner, or eating properly only once a day. I am not that way – I enjoy my three meals, love to cook, love to shop for groceries, am great at meal planning; I like to have dinner parties and potlucks, and to show people I care for them by making food they like and accommodating whatever dietary restrictions they have. I think if you enjoy food and eating well, you WILL gain the skills you need to become functional in the kitchen. If not – there’s other things in life to be passionate about and I get that.

    • Joy says:

      Cooking isn’t for everybody and that’s ok. I hate the way women are made seem less than if they don’t cook. I love cooking and am pretty decent at it, meanwhile, my husband isn’t really allowed to touch my stove lol. He has a toaster oven I let him heat things up in and besides that, don’t touch my stuff.

  6. bammer says:

    Will he ever shut up? He’s pimping this so strong it’s embarrassing. Where’s a couch he can jump on?

  7. Regina Phalange says:

    I also heard Amal only shits roses. Isn’t she amazing?

  8. PHD Gossip says:

    George: Stop overselling your marriage. please.

  9. loud noises says:

    i get the no cooking thing. she works her arse off at a high powered job… most people i know who work in jobs like that don’t cook either. it’s not that they can’t – it’s just that it’s so much easier to not. also, she might just not enjoy cooking. my partner is like this, hates it, but since i work such long hours (long hours spent on celebitchy of course!!!) he’s got to do it. (meanwhile i LOVE cooking but i don’t get home in time to). he CAN but if we had the money (which we don’t), trust me, we’d just eat out every night too.

    • Esmom says:

      I also get the no cooking when you’re busy at work thing but he makes it sound like she never learned to cook at all. So did she only get takeout in college and law school? The days when I was a student and then immediately post college are when I had no choice but to cook (cheaply and simply) because I didn’t have the money to eat out. I guess maybe money has never been an issue for her.

      • loud noises says:

        it does kinda sound like money hasn’t been an issue for her. i went to university and postgrad with some pretty well off people – they never cooked either (although to be fair they did know how, just not very well haha).

        but it does sound like there is cooking at the house so i wonder how much of it is exaggeration or whatever… he talks about eating lebanese food and tabbouleh and it’s not lebanese restaurants they’re going out to all the time. or maybe they just have a cook / the mom?? who does that??? who knows.

        now of course i want tabbouleh.

      • Francesca says:

        If you don’t eat, why learn to cook?

      • Hudson Girl says:

        I went to University with people who couldn’t or wouldn’t cook. They weren’t eating out all the time, because of budget, schedule, or laziness- I’m not sure. But, you can buy a lot of foods at grocery without having to cook it.
        They ate a lot of bagels & cream cheese. Cottage cheese & canned peaches. Bananas & peanut butter, hummus & veggies, pizza delivery, a huge selection of cereals, made A LOT of sandwiches. They bought precooked chickens and deli meats.
        I was always SO amused watching them. I was adored and treated like a genius/goddess for cooking the most basic of meals from scratch and sharing. LOL.

    • Birdix says:

      Girls of her generation who were brought up to be in high powered careers were taught that cooking, cleaning etc were beneath them. If the idea was that they could be anything a man could be, why would they waste effort on learning domestic chores? And there was an element of making them seem lesser in the workplace if they have the soft “feminine” cooking side. I’m not saying this is right, and I think the pendulum has swung back. But in this context, I understand her disdain for cooking.

      • Anon33 says:

        Are you speaking soecifically about her being Lebanese? Because I’m her exact age and I was raised to be a career woman as my mother was but she also made sure I knew how to cook and clean. Your comment doesn’t describe my experience as a person in her age bracket and seems to make a couple unfair assumptions about women my age.
        Of course my parents weren’t rich, so there’s that.

      • loud noises says:

        uhhh i’m her generation… i might have missed that lesson?? but i also come from an immigrant background where i was taught to be self sufficient at home (didn’t even have home ec at school to not choose from). maybe she just doesn’t like cooking! or maybe she grew up with enough resources available to her that she never really had to cook. *shrug.

      • Birdix says:

        You’re right–way too general. I meant that her generation is among the first to have had mothers who came of age when being a feminist and having a great career was a real possibility. Many of these women (the mothers) looked at the limits placed on their own mothers, had a taste of equality themselves, and wanted even more for their daughters. It was the first time you could really be a tiger mom to a daughter, other than trying to marry her off or put her on the vaudeville circuit. But you’re right, of course not all these women became tiger moms and Amal’s not emblematic of a generation, rather a reflection of one side of the prism that was the 60s and 70s.
        All that said, I could count on one hand the number of times I turned on an oven in the 10 years I lived in Manhattan. Why bother when there’s so much great food steps from your door?

      • KellyBee says:

        I live in NYC too and I cook and so do most of my friends and family.

  10. Kara says:

    even after all those years in the spotlight George does not understand when he is pushing too far. it can be nice to talk about your spouse in public but he always puts on way too much and it sounds insincere.
    in every interview he now mentions how Amal is smarter than him, we knew that before you met, George.

    it sounds way more like he wants cookie points with the female audience and also a greeting to Tina and Amy.

    • jen2 says:

      I don’t cook either and I am certainly not rich, so I don’t fault her for that.

      But as someone above said, it is like he is reading from a script. Every tabloid story has to be refuted..she doesn’t cook, she doesn’t have a stylist, she does not think she is a celebrity, they don’t have disagreements and she is basically perfect and most important of all—smart. It is OK to be proud and love your spouse, but he just seems to be selling her and the relationship as a product that we need to buy.

    • Green says:


      I believe you said it all in this post. Including the Amy and Tina point.

  11. Abbott says:

    I don’t come from a wealthy family or believe I’m a princess and I don’t cook. Ever. My kitchen is used for storage and my fridge only has booze and soy sauce packets from 2012. Some people just don’t dig cooking and the clean up.

  12. MinnFinn says:

    Amal doesn’t cook because she doesn’t eat. I wish Clooney’s people hadn’t scrubbed the internet clean of every Amal photo before she went to law school. I’d love to see if she was thin earlier in her life.

    • PoppyAdair says:

      I was wondering about that very thing…there is virtually NOTHING available on the interwebs about pre-GC Amal. What is she hiding? Why scrub everything?

      • Liberty says:

        PoppyAdair — as soon as their dating was in the news, several people I know who are into fashion etc screen capped a few old photos of her from the internet. She was in these photos, which identified her at the time, shown at a couple of work events and also out with some guy, an ex I suppose. She was not chubby, but certainly rounder, a more average weight, rounder face, and had a more prominent nose. She looked fine, but not like she does today with her new nose and very slim body. Her clothing was, hmm, louder, more junior-shop-y in some photos, as I recall.

        I am told that ever since the internet scrub of Princess Charlene, gossipy fashion followers are quick to search and capture old images of rumored celeb dates before they fly away, I guess, and I’ve seen them posted on other gossip sites.

    • MidnightCowgirl says:

      Amal attended law school in NYC and she clerked for Justice Sotomayer. Yet no pics? Very weird. A few months ago I came across an internet discussion about Amal while reading comments on a UK news site. Obviously there is no way to verify but most of the comments suggested that the reason for the scrub of all Amal pics involve plastic surgery and significant weight loss. This 2009 photo seems to be earliest image of Amal still in circulation.

    • loud noises says:

      is it really that unnormal though to not have photos of her on the internet? she’s not like princess charlene where charlene was a public figure beforehand (i guess you could argue lawyers are public figures too but in a much less sense of how we mean by that… how many lawyers can you name really?)…. but facebook, instagram, twitter, all that stuff is post her life. she’s nearly 40, how many 40 year olds do you know with that much internet presence, just generally. sure there are people in their late 30s who are all over social media, but tehre are also a lot who aren’t. she’s not some 20 year old with a tumblr. she’s a nearly middle aged (i don’t mean that as a put down), professional woman who might not be any more internet savvy than what she requires to live.

      • BearcatLawyer says:

        I think it is a little odd that there is virtually NO mention of her on the internet before she met George Clooney. If she were as successful and influential a “human rights lawyer” as George and their publicists seem to think she is, there should be more stuff out there.

        Also, I seem to recall that she was voted one of the best-looking barristers in London or something like that a few years ago. I would assume that to garner enough votes in that kind of competition she would have to be pretty well-known in the London legal world. Yet there seem to be few, if any, old photos of her attending any legal functions or party pics of her with any exes – certainly not enough that would justify such a high profile. So, yeah, I kind of wonder what she or George or their PR people are trying to hide from the general public, especially when they seem hell-bent on feeding us multiple stories and photos of Amal and George and selling us on their perfect, amazing marriage.

      • Heathering says:

        She had a very active social media life until the pre roll-out as Clooney’s gf scrub. She was not a stranger to attention seeking that way; she was ‘deleted’ in tandem with massively widening the scope of her audience. Neat trick.

        Several of her family members appear to have availed themselves of new ‘data deletion’ options recently too.

      • md1979 says:

        I’d scrub the internet of pix taken in my early 20s too if I knew that they would be dug up and scrutinized by the international media.

        Most people don’t even set their facebook profiles to public because they don’t want any random person seeing their pix… so I can totally see why they would scrub the Internet of Amal’s pix.

    • oneshot says:

      The Daily Mail ran a picture of Amal as a first-year at Oxford, and honestly she looks a bit chubbier and had a messy ponytail instead of her current blowout but quite recognisably the same woman.

  13. Miss M says:

    I am middle class and i don’t cook. I grew up having someone who was hired to cook for us. Whenever i try to cook, i do well. But i tend to lose my apetite and i dont like to lose my apetite, i like to eat!

  14. Angie says:

    She doesn’t think of herself as a celebrity? She seems perfectly fine going to every single party he’s invited to. If she’s so above the Hollywood crap then why did she go to the Met Gala and those fundraisers all over Italy? She went to the globes b/c he was being honored but everything else is obviously because she loves the attention.

    His comments are consistently barf inducing; I think he’s become her unofficial publicist. Whatever happened to him always maintaining his “privacy”?

  15. Cora says:

    There’s nothing tough about marriage and they don’t disagree … said no married person ever.

  16. SuePerb says:

    Throwing anything into a microwave is not really cooking. Maybe she does cook toast and put things into microwaves, but I wouldn’t call that cooking. I know people who say they can cook a great home made Spag Bol using Coleman’s packet mix. I know a lot of people who don’t cook at all, one being my 70 year old friend, who says she has never cooked, yet she does make salad and soup (which she doesn’t call cooking as the stock is not homemade) and she bought up 2 kids (one of those actually runs in the same social circle as the Alamuddins who doesn’t have time to cook and doesn’t cook). My friend is also a middle class Londoner (who wasn’t born in the UK). She is great at making reservations. I shared apartments years ago with professional Londoners who never cooked. I am pretty sure it is not that normal for Londoners not to cook, but I know loads of people who would be considered the same class as Amal and her parents who don’t cook. Their children are either in boarding schools or have school dinners (as I presume Amal had) so cooking for their kids is not necessary.

  17. Jem says:

    Its like he’s trying to convince himself this is what he wants instead of the endless young cocktail waitresses he used to date as a bachelor. I’m not buying it

  18. lisa2 says:

    Who cares if women cook. Most of my married friends don’t cook. Many of them can but they don’t because they have busy careers. Their husbands cook because they like it and are better at it. This is not the 40′s or 50′s. Every woman doesn’t need to be the cook in the family. Either or neither can cook so fine. They have money to hire someone to do it. If I wanted to spend my money that way I would hire a cook too.
    I don’t like doing yard work so I have a yard man.. I work and have a busy life so I hire someone 2 days a week to clean my house. That is my choice and it doesn’t make me less of a woman or lazy.

    I just wish George would tone it down. He and others act as if Amal is the only woman in the world to be highly educated; and have a good job. I’m sure there are many other women working at her firm. Maybe we will hear about them too.

    • Esmom says:

      I don’t think cooking is a gender issue, I think it’s a basic skills issue. I have teen sons and I think it’s important that they learn to cook and I’d feel the same if I had daughters. It’s not that I’d want them to learn to cook for their partners, but for themselves. I personally think eating takeout should be done in moderation, both from a financial and health perspective.

      • sills says:

        Yeah, my mom was pretty feminist but she taught me and my two brothers how to cook. Also to darn a sock, sew on a button, properly clean a bathroom, change a tire, and change your oil…these were all “basic life skills” we learned young and they’ve come in handy many a time.

      • anon321 says:

        You beat me to it. Cook, clean, create a budget, sew on a button, change a flat tire and tread water. My university was on the waterfront and students would drink and walk right into the water.

        I never understand women who proudly state that they have a law degree but can’t fry an egg. If you can read a law book you most certainly can read and understand a recipe.

      • jane16 says:

        Esmom, and sills and anon, agree with you all. I think eating out all the time is unhealthy, given the quality of food that most restaurants use (gmo’s, foods loaded with pesticides and preservatives, etc.). You might be able to get away with it when you’re young, but when you get into middle age, you start getting lots of health problems from all our freaky food, like ibs or Crohns, or Type 2 diabetes. Look at how fat Americans have gotten. I think the culture of eating out all the time and our franken food must have a lot to do with that. My parents and grandmother taught my sibs and I how to cook starting at age 6, along with the other life skills you mentioned. And my Dad made a lot of money, but we all cooked, and I taught my boys how to cook also, and they’re quite proud of it. A lot of people don’t just view cooking as an important life skill, they view it as an art. However one views it, I think one might as well rack up as many accomplishments as one can in life.

      • Ange says:

        Even in my old school, countrified chauvinist family every man in the family is a great cook. Did they do much of it back in the day? Not really but now they’re all older and/or single they can all throw together an amazing meal even though they never learned to cook from anywhere, they just kind of picked it up. Even they realised it was a benefit to be able to fend for themselves.

        I personally loathe cooking but also picked up the freakish family ability to cook well so I do most of my meals in my off brand Thermomix (the fauxmomix as I call it) and they’re amazing. I just had the most delicious carrot and lentil stew for lunch and can’t wait to have it again tomorrow. Funnily enough it’s inspired me to take more of an interest in cooking and recipes and I can kind of enjoy the process now. So much cheaper and easier than going to a restaurant every night – imagine the prep time for Amal just to get glammed up to go out for lunch or dinner!

  19. sara says:

    It’s not an upper class; even upper middle class or decently middle class people in Beirut have a cook who does most things, and labour/food is priced differently so they do order in for things like breakfast often. That said, she lived in London for most of her life, so presumably the Lebanese diaspora in London has adopted the same lifestyle as they are very busy, working people. Everyone orders in in the city – why should Amal be any different?

    • Casi says:

      I went to college with a guy who sounds like he comes from the same kind of family as Amal. He sent his clothes out to laundry and either ordered in/went out to eat or eventually paid the grad student across the hall to buy extra groceries and cook two of everything she cooked. It seemed so odd to me but to him, it seemed odd to learn to cook and do laundry in college when he had never done it before and had no intention of doing it after, when he moved to NYC or London to work in finance.

  20. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I thought it was sweet.

  21. sara says:

    also, if you look through the transcripts of the interviews, 90% of the questions he’s being asked all relate to amal and his marriage, so he’s also just playing along and not being difficult (because if he didn’t answer everyone would say he’s being difficult or hiding)

  22. E.M. MAXX says:

    He is full of S$&t !!!!!!

  23. kai says:

    He sounds like suuuuuuuch an idiot. Seriously. Giving interviews about how your wife is able to pick out clothes for herself?? What. the. F-CK. Weren’t you a respected, “serious” professional once? I agree with evryone who said the only thing missing is a couch he can jump on.

    Also, I’m curious does anyone know if her family really was all that rich? According to wikipedia, her father “hails from a prominent family”, but there’s no info about said prominence. He left the family when she was around 13. I also notice that she went to a state school, which looks nice enough but isn’t usually the way to go for the wealthy in England, is it? I don’t know. That level of desperation and naked ambition doesn’t really scream ‘privileged’ to me.

  24. Jessica says:

    I’m sure she can make a sandwich and heat something up in the microwave, but if you have the option of dining out in a lovely restaurant instead, why would you?

    I personally love to cook, but there’s nothing wrong with not enjoying it, and if you have the money and the inclination to dine out instead of eating beans on toast or spending hours cooking a proper meal when you find it a chore, I can’t see the problem?

  25. lizzie says:

    my best friend doesn’t know how to cook and neither does her mother. she can barely heat things up in the microwave – honestly! they just never learned or tried to learn. her family ate out, got takeout or ate pre-prepared food from the grocery store every day and now that is what she does with her family. Some people just don’t cook.

  26. DogMom says:

    Kaiser & Celebitcchy: how would one go about finding an interview of the PR team advising? That’s what I want to know… How incredulous and overpaid their PR team.

    George and Amal are pawns to the game at this point.

  27. Really, a lot of Americans don’t cook, that is why when you go to the grocery there are aisles full of quick and instant dinners. There even is a company in my area, where they deliver all the fresh ingredients for the customer to make a fresh and healthy meal that night. So Amal not cooking is no big deal. I think George can’t stop selling Amal to the public, because he is in the honeymoon stage of their marriage, just wait for a few years, when all her faults come out.

  28. Fiona says:

    Why tell people where they live, eat out, socialise ? He’ll be the first one whining about the paps when he decides he wants his privacy again. If she had no interest in celebrity and if he were a genuinely private person (as he’s always claimed to be), they would have kept their relationship relatively private instead of doing a massive publicity campaign to sell it as if it were a product. Then he wouldn’t be asked all these stupid questions and feel the need to inform the world that his wife dresses herself and can make reservations because she’s so smart.

    This is cringe inducing. Focus on selling your movie and stop selling your private business. It’s nice to talk about a partner but not to sell your relationship as a product.

  29. Heathering says:

    She may not know how to cook, but the entire Cloonamuddindashian family definitely know how over-egg THE PR pudding. Despite its curdling.

    Every Tomorrowland (yes, that is the movie he’s supposedly meant to be promoting – we’d be forgiven for forgetting the small matter of his professional obligations to Disney at this point) interview is now a fully scripted ‘address scepticism and all the ‘narrative’ inconsistencies those pesky public (us) have been too clever by far in daring to spot within our carefully constructed “fairytale”. I suppose that gives it some loose Disney style link.

    You can, literally, read through his interviews and mark them with a red tick for each publicly noted plot-hole to be remessaged.

    And the small matter of the Atlantic Ocean must make those, implied as regular, walks to their ‘local’ pub a very wet walk; and one with no Paps, very irregular indeed.

    She’s not a lot of things she or he think she is (or ought to be seen/made to be). A ‘celebrity’ is just the tip of this PR iceberg. The “humanitarian” and “foremost lawyer” are the deeper hidden crash aspects of this ship they’re desperate to keep afloat.

    I’m genuinely now offended at how badly their PR is being managed. I now actively resent that, as Amal is clearly the only person of ‘intelligence’ to walk this earth, they’ve presumed to rely on the rest of us as dumb fodder to simply mouth-breath agog at her wonder. Nevermind the quality, feel the width sales in the extreme. It makes me now think Amal never even ever had the potential to become a credible role-model, far less model as one now. Shame really, their was a brief hope.

    • kai says:

      Yeah, it’s weird how amateurish this all seems. He’s p-ssing on his own career/respectability.

      • Heathering says:

        Yep Kai. I’ve been assuming Baria’s PR company moved in wholesale once the ‘marriage’ arrangement was brokered and relegated George’s longtime team to the sidelines. Maybe the old Clooney team just work the phones calling in every media marker he’s had in credit these last 20yrs. That pot must be running dry.

        Baria seems to be on the Wintour end of this compact. Perhaps she saw Anna as ripe after the downgrading of Vogue a la Kardashian sponsorship. All the same approaches are being played out re Amal; just with a flimsy veneer of class if they say “Oxford” enough.

        Add to the mix the Tequila imperative through Gerber and suspected sub rosa traces (currently with deniability) of Prendergast and DSC in as another vested aligned interest… and it’s a competing PR clusterflip trying to hold a united message front. Jings.

        And that’s without even mentioning the potential influence and interests of other members of Amal’s wider family being factored in too.

        Also, they all seem to be combining to use old skool approaches in the face of an increasingly more sophisticated target audience. Trying to scrub her internet presence pre-Cloon seems to be as advanced as they thought to get.

        Perhaps it is not so much amateurish (although much is) as extremely over crowded on the number of plates being spun in a oner.

        Fascinating to watch in the abstract; now overwhelmingly irritating and troubling at its unrelenting persistence (and motivations) in practise.

      • Zombie Shortcake says:

        Heathering- That sounds so similar to when TC’s sister took over his PR and everything went downhill.

  30. FingerBinger says:

    It’s kind of obvious Amal doesn’t have a stylist.

  31. meme says:

    Georgie, I used to adore you but it’s all just too much. Much too much. Please stop talking. STAHP!

    Amal has a stylist; she’s way too busy to be constantly shopping and she’s never been papped shopping. And I thought Georgie had a big say in her wardrobe?

  32. noway says:

    Why do people get upset about the cooking comments? There have been numerous times that we have heard she doesn’t cook. I just don’t get the interest.

    There is so much more to this interview than that. The babies comment, if he doesn’t know about that who does? Also, if George thinks I am believing that Amal who by his own admission in a previous interview only has 11 cases she’s working on, and none she is the lead attorney, wants me to believe that she is paying for most of her hundreds of thousand dollars of newly designer clothes, he has totally lost it. He may be paying, but I doubt that too. Most have to be given especially by Giambasti Valli, she is his walking billboard.

    • Heathering says:

      One report had her as taking as much as $50,000 in freebies from some Designers’ ‘for your consideration’ rails sent. A year ago I would’ve scoffed at anyone having that level of greedy entitlement – especially one who ought to have the wit to realise she has NOT ‘earned’ that kind of Ents Industry perk herself. Now, seeing the daily parade of upwards of $10,000+ per day worn once outfits, I didn’t pause for a second in accepting that report.

      No barrister, far less a JUNIOR one, earns those threads. Especially one on fewer and fewer hours. Unless she’s found a way to factor the hours of daily hair, make-up, and costuming into her billables.

      Oh, and the “baby” question – umm Baria & a baster, maybe know?

    • aga says:

      Yes, she is “grown person” who spends husband’s money, so in reality she is his permanent “paid escort” (if we are following logic of yesterday’s article).

    • Jayna says:

      In the full interview, it said he laughed when he made the comment to the babies question. It was just a deflecting answer made with humor. Good Lord, people, calm down. Like he’s going to answer if they are trying or are planning, etc. He did with that question, as he has always been known to do, answer questions with humor.

      • noway says:

        Okay, but the answer doesn’t comes off as funny. I didn’t really expect him to answer the question at all to be honest. I never really believe any celebrities on the baby question, and don’t know why anyone asks, it’s rude. I would love for him or some celebrity to answer with the turkey baster knows or something like that said above. Now that would be funny. The gossip blogs would go wild. Look how crazy they go over cooking.

  33. rudy says:

    I don’t understand.
    Why do you still compare it to a REAL marriage?
    Who cares if Amal cooks?
    She probably DOES cook.
    Whatever the PR machine wants, the PR machine gets.

    It annoys me NO END that we lap up these lies over and over and over.
    We lick our chops on these stories which is just what the Hollywood PR machine manipulated us into.

    Why do you believe EVERYTHING you read??
    Have you EVER SEEN Geore and Amal KISS deeply, kiss like they were in love?
    Have you ever seen them CUDDLING?
    Clooney kisses her HAND instead AND WE STILL BUY INTO this charade.

  34. capepopsie says:

    Oh, give the poor guy a break. He is just in love!
    It´ll wear off, let him and her enjoy themselves
    during this (usualy short) period of Life.

  35. Tough Cookie says:

    There’s nothing tough about his marriage? That’s because it’s not a REAL marriage!!! Even though I love my husband (we’ve been married over 20 years) it’s still hard. It takes effort and patience…it’s worth it but it’s hard.
    If I hear one more time about Amal not cooking….give me a freaking break. I don’t especially like going to church, but my husband does so I suck it up and go to make him happy. I’m sure he could find something he likes better than taking me to the mall shopping but he does it anyway.
    ok, rant over LOL
    p.s. I wouldn’t be bragging that she doesn’t have a stylist, Georgie..

    • jane16 says:

      Why don’t you just not click on the George and Amal posts, since they seem to upset you so much. (“If I hear one more time about Amal not cooking…”) I can’t stand the KarTrash family, so I don’t read the posts or comments. Why get into a froth about people you don’t like? Stay cool, stay zen, be happy.

  36. lisa2 says:

    I found it interesting that he didn’t lock that baby question down. He kind of implied without doing so that it could be possible. I thought there would be more comments about that; more so than the cooking one.

    OK George

  37. sofia says:

    I can’t even eloquently say how this Clooney conversation/behaviour annoys me. I find it condescending. If she is THAT GREAT as a lawyer why focusing on such small things like if she cooks or what she wears? Why did he encouraged these conversations? Shouldn’t he actually protect her from all this celebrity nonsense? Why did he made such a circus about his marriage? And why does she accept to be part of this if she doesn’t want to be a celebrity? It’s not like he was nominated for an oscar and brought his partner; she was in this film premiere and Met gala. Why even go to the Met Gala. Why anyone goes apart from wanting to be seen? There was a time when I thought he was smart, not really a celebrity player but I was obviously wrong. Doesn’t he have people around him to tell him how sad all of this is? Oh the hypocrisy. UGH. *rant over*

  38. cujokay says:

    She shouldn’t feel like a celebrity because she is not a celebrity. She married a celebrity, that’s all.

  39. Beep says:

    Are these all about Amal clooney interviews supposed to make people want to see his movie? I’ll wait for the dvd or Netflix :-)

  40. Santolina says:

    Knock yourself out blathering to the press, Clooney! Nothing you say about that spoiled famewhore you contracted with to play your ‘wife’ is relatable.

    • Heathering says:

      For fun, I am a betting woman, perhaps we can open book on so many variables in this race to bottom out as worst HW PR ‘marriage’ EVER.

      Suggested categories:

      How long before George publicly flips out in interview at another attempt to *over!* justify Amal as incomparably wonderful compared to every other woman to have ever lived (including all those he’s not yet contractually arranged to ‘sleep’ with)?

      Can George dare to sack his PR team director (now known as “mother-in-law”)?

      Will Amal now be sponsored by a dial a takeaway company? And wear their logo-ed T with at least 4 media outlets hailing it as the ‘NEW (for this pap walk 24hr period) Style statement for career women’?

      Is a cross-promo takeaway food + tequila sales option being explored for late-’15 roll-out? Perhaps a companion cookbook “Dial & Pour a Shot – Cooking with the Cloons”?

      If Amal is a unicorn, did George sign on as Dodo and are we supposed to be the lemmings?

      Just some suggestions based on their recent form.

    • Bess says:

      George and Amal are two decent, beautiful people, whatever the angry haters say.

  41. AliKat says:

    George appears to be not only a narcissist, but also a shameless opportunist, using the movie’s promotional junket to talk ad naseum about finally finding The Perfect One. It’s all about clamoring for a credible re-branding of his image, but in my opinion, it just makes him look like a aging buffoon who sees he’s losing his foothold as a Hollywood power player.

    While I seriously doubt he’d attempt election to public office, marrying Amal was definitely a strategic selection, as it widens his sphere to a whole new crowd of intellectual and influential people, which again, has the appearance of upping his credibility. He’s aiming to be a big fish in an even bigger, global pond.

    Anybody who has followed Clooney for any length of time knows he’s a man with a plan and ultimately motivated by an immense hunger to leave a legacy of success and respect.

    Anybody see that recent picture of Burt Reynolds? Oh how the mighty have fallen! That’s what Clooney is scrambling, rather transparently, to avoid.

    • oneshot says:

      if he married Amal as a public office strategic selection run, that has to be the worst strategy EVER. I mean, she’s a ‘foreign’ woman of Middle Eastern Arab descent, I can just see the Fox News and other tabloid headlines accusing her of being a terrorist on the one hand, and of being an anti-Semite on the other (and the latter has already happened).

      • Heathering says:

        That said: Greek Marbles case; Armenian case; Irish case; and Italian credible connection assumed as established. Depending on the position and demo of the constituents for the run, some obvious potential large grouping boxes are being very publicly checked (by association).

        If anyone were to be thinking of it strategically, that is (of course).

      • AliKat says:

        My comment did not imply political strategy. I’m saying he’s looking to stay relevant, run in circles that keep him in the news, make him look good and who the hell knows why else. He would never run for elected office – too great a risk of blackmail. And I agree, Amal is also a liability politically.

    • noway says:

      AliKat, I agree with most of what you said, but I am not sure what George is going after with this PR. I don’t think it’s political office either, but it is some power move. Only time will tell.

      I don’t know why people who love George and Amal don’t realize that if they really didn’t like the attention, they could stop it. There are times we don’t see either of them, and others we see at least her every day in different designer duds. George has enough money to buy their privacy. They have been courting it since the opulent wedding. That is okay, but don’t whine about how sorry you feel for them, they like it.

      I do disagree about Burt Reynolds though. He is almost 80. His stock has not fallen he has just gotten older, and not all of us get to grow older with all our health in tact. Sometimes no amount of taking care of yourself changes that, it is just the luck of the draw. Apparently, people who have worked with him recently said his mind was good and they enjoyed their time working with him. I think the slamming of him for his age was just a sad item about our celebrity young obsessed society today.

  42. polonoscopy says:

    My best friend is a Lebanese-Canadian and I when I was the maid of honour at her wedding, I chatted with soooo many upper-class Lebanese women who made a point of pride out of never cooking. It is about class, and it is a cultural thing IMO.

  43. siri says:

    I get so annoyed by this constant babbling about Amal. She doesn’t cook? Fine! She has no stylist? Fine! They walk through a graveyard? Wonderful. Only why giving away those details (not that I really believe them all) if you don’t want to be papped? It all sounds a lot like Baria having taken over the PR. And it’s a very bad way of doing it. If this goes on, George will loose any credibility that might be left. A baby? Jesus, why would anybody think that would/should happen? I sometimes hope they would both just disappear from our radar, and do whatever they think they are doing- but there obviously IS an agenda. Just I’m not curious anymore how this unfolds.

    • md1979 says:

      RIGHT??! I mean who cares if she doesn’t cook, doesn’t have a stylist, has hair extensions, has had a nose job… whatever. So have thousands and thousands of others. GOOD LORD, why are we picking this woman apart?

      I see her as playing her role of “married to a celebrity” very well. Perhaps she appears at the events and premieres because she’s a supportive spouse? I don’t see her running to every tabloid giving interviews, I don’t see her courting attention by calling paparazzi, I don’t see her on twitter or instagram, I don’t see her endorsing any specific brands… yes, she’s in the public eye by virtue of her legal career and her marriage… but it doesn’t seem like she promotes her “celebrity” status on a daily basis. She’s not a frickin Kardashian for crying out loud.

  44. Airhead says:

    The French horn is only 4 miles from my house, I’ll have to go and eat there!

  45. lulu1 says:

    Why should she cook? She clearly doesn’t eat!

  46. browniecakes says:

    Wrestling huh? Hi Stacy. No contestant could remember Stacy Keiber’s name as a clue on Jeopardy he other night.

  47. md1979 says:

    George is a pro interview giver. As if he would make a rookie mistake like sounding off about his wife or airing gripes about being married in an interview he knows will be picked up by various outlets around the world. Of course he will say positive things about Amal. If anything, he’s always presented a “class act” public image. No surprises here.

  48. Iheartgossip says:

    Nobody thinks of her as a celebrity there Georgie-Boy. What she could use is some nutrition counseling.

  49. DT says:

    George Clooney is acting exactly like you want a new husband to act. Yeah, he’s a little goofy, but he’s a newlywed! He’s clearly smitten and that’s what you want to see with a new couple. He fell hard. Good. They sure look happy.

  50. Miss Gloss says:

    He’s so full of shit. Vom.

  51. Green says:

    I think she’s also trying to sound feminist by saying she doesn’t cook.

    So obvious he’s in damage control mode. They read everything that’s written about them. That comment about her choosing her own stuff and paying for her ridiculously expensi wardrobe? Direct response to the Daily Mail article on her designer wardrobe and the stuff written about her having a clothing budget from him.

    George, as usual, is trying too hard. Look up the art of the soft sell, George. Yawn and embarrassing. Can’t stand this couple. God forbid he has political aspirations.

  52. Jib says:

    Kids?? He doesn’t know??? hahaha! He is getting older by the day and looks like he can barely walk from pain (that part’s not funny.) But imagining him running after a baby is just ludicrious.

  53. Sophie says:

    I cannot stand her! I’ve never seen anyone look so self satisfied in every picture they take. I can’t wait for the divorce.

  54. Jaci says:

    Can’t help but notice that things are falling flat on the career side. Julian Asssange’s appeal has failed and the Greeks’s have just publicly said no thanks to Amal’s legal advice.

    I think all this publicity about her embellished career has just backfired.

  55. Art Collector says:

    SO much second-hand embarrassment here that it is almost impossible to know where to start.

    What’s clear, though, is Cruise thanks you, Clooney, for making his marriage to Katie Holmes seem genuine by comparison.

  56. Luciebelle says:

    All this talk sounds it was all discussed before with his PR team. I am struck with his mentioning his Mother-in-Law (who seems to be around a lot and enjoying it).
    What about the “arm-wrestling” with Amal (didn’t he date a wrestler?).
    And common, people of the 99%, the rich and privileged have impressive staff, and the Lebanese are really used to being served and employ lots of help. They are super busy.
    This guy is always promoting something : coffee, tequila…

  57. WhyWhatWhen says:

    She has one less job to worry about today. Greece have very publicly opted to NOT take her 150 page, £200,000 worth, legal advice on the Marbles.

    The ‘best’, pretty unprofessional, bit of her report was:

    “The British adhere to international law,” said Clooney who co-authored the report with Geoffrey Robertson and Norman Palmer, British QCs regarded as pre-eminent experts in cultural restitution. “The Greek government has never taken advantage of this Achilles heel.” [The Guardian]

    So, the “greatest human rights lawyer” actually believes a nation having a reputation for respecting the law is a WEAKNESS to be exploited. Oh George, you gave this opportunist a platform to exploit for her own ends. Stop the sell, the goods are faulty and not fit for purpose. Recall.

    • siri says:

      Well, those high-end lawyers only cook with water, too. It’s embarrassing unprofessional to give this kind of advice- they could have ask ME;-) You could SAY this to you client (not that it would make the intention better), but putting it in a report will not do her/her chamber any favor. To call it an “Achilles heel” is more than dubious.

  58. ickythump says:

    Maybe she should concentrate on being a celebrity cos she’s not that good a lawyer – Greece have decided not to pursue her 150 page recommendation to sue the UK for the return of the Elgin Marbles…

  59. ickythump says:

    Sorry @WhyWhatWhen – didnt see your comment – I just scrolled to the bottom of the page…..what a waste of time/money – what a bloody sham.

    • WhyWhatWhen says:

      No probs at all Ickythump. And, yes, “bloody sham” is right. As lawyers go she’s heading for being as good as a chocolate teapot.

      When arguing the Armenian case she took the opposing ‘legal’ position that Turkey’s poor reputation for adhering to International law and conventions simply made her case for Turkey being in the wrong – QED OR because Amal says so (as is now seemingly an established precedent in Law).

      Siri, exactly. To SAY that to clients, sotto voce, is one thing; not exactly a scrupulously ‘proper’ sentiment to hold re Law but, it happens. To formalise such in a written advice, highly dubious and unprofessional. Also very revealing as to her ‘ethical’ make-up.

  60. Fan says:

    If I’m not mistaken, her sister is a stylist and just as beautiful as she is.

  61. Jenna says:

    Yeah. We know she doesn’t have a stylist. It’s obvious.

  62. kanyekardashian says:

    The woman is an international attorney, you don’t think she has more important things to do than cook? Hell, if I had the money, I’d eat out every single night. And it’s great to hear a man so in love that he can’t stop complimenting his woman. George talks about Amal’s intellect, maturity, and success, whereas Kanye just posts naked pictures of his hooker and talks about her sexual skills.

  63. Dari says:

    Burt Reynolds just did his first comic standup gig. Is George auditioning with this article?