Leighton Meester is adorably pregnant with Adam Brody’s baby

Above is a photo of Leighton Meester, 29, at an event in April in a floral romper, where she performed. You may know Leighton from Gossip Girl and various film roles but she’s also a singer and released her first full album late last year. (You can hear her first single, Heartstrings, on YouTube. It’s lovely.) Anyway as you can see from the photos, Leighton is wearing a loose outfit. That’s because she was most likely pregnant in those photos!

PopSugar has the exclusive photos of Leighton out with her husband, Adam Brody, this weekend looking very pregnant. She’s in a tight t-shirt and there’s no mistaking her bump. I would say she looks at least six months along, but I’m not the best judge. She also looks so happy! Leighton secretly married Adam Brody, 35, early last year after a very low-key romance. Neither of them are particularly into the spotlight and they don’t attend many events so it was a nice surprise for me to hear about it when they were engaged. I’m so happy that they’re now expecting a baby together!

Unlike Leighton’s former co-star, Blake Lively, she’s not milking her pregnancy for publicity for a project and I doubt she’ll do a ton of pap walks in carefully curated outfits. Popsugar’s photos look more like a happy pap accident and even if they were planned there’s a kind of adorable earnestness to them.

As Popsugar mentions in their coverage, Leighton has spoken about having kids and she told Nylon magazine in October that she was considering having a family. “Most people I know are starting to get married. It’ll be kids next. I like the grown-up stuff. I like having a house. I’ve got dogs.” She’ll have a baby soon too. Congratulations to Leighton and Adam on their upcoming arrival!

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  1. Brin says:

    So happy for them! They are so low-key, never run to the tabs. She looks pretty far along, too.
    Congrats to them, that will be a beautiful baby!

  2. Lee says:

    Congrats to the happy couple! Nice to see a famous couple who is really private and not only when it suits them.

  3. Jegede says:

    Congratulations guys. Lovely news.

    I say its a boy, with the most adorable brown eyes and cute dimples.
    *Um, then again it could be a baby girl.*

    (And Pop Sugar pics whether its Jessica Biel’s pregnancy shots, or FKA Twigs and Robert Pattison’s constant pap stroll exclusives, are NOT happy accidents.
    They are very planned, and why not? Its better to control the message.)

  4. Naddie says:

    Lovely couple, lovely baby, I’m sure!

  5. lisa2 says:

    Congrats.. they are a super cute couple. I can’t believe he is 35. So cute.

  6. Angie says:

    Congrats to Leighton and Adam! They are so CUTE. I’m sure they’ll end up having a ridiculously cute baby too.

  7. Greek chic says:

    Congrats! Such a cute couple!
    I feel so old right now…

  8. Sasha says:

    What a beautiful couple! I haven’t watched too much GG but I really like Leighton for some reason!!

  9. Sel says:

    29? I thought she was a lot younger for some reason. Congrats, they seem sweet.

  10. Miss M says:

    Congrats to Blair and Seth!

  11. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Aw, congratulations. I love her pretty little face.

  12. perplexed says:

    How’d they keep a 6 month pregnancy hidden for so long? Granted, I know they don’t go to a lot of events and maybe they’re not that famous, but wasn’t there a video just last week of Leighton being asked whether she’s ever been dumped? She looked skinny in that. It might have been filmed some time ago, but they seemed to be out and about enough that rumours could have spread. Some celebrities really know how to maintain their privacy.

    • Green Girl says:

      I think it all comes down to what the celebrity wants. I mean, Angelina Jolie can go undercover and low-key when she wants to, so it IS possible on some level. That’s why I’m always mystified when some random C-list celeb complains about the paparazzi.

      Avoiding the big name restaurants and hot spots (EX: that pumpkin patch in LA where every celeb seems to go in the fall) and knowing who you can trust in your private life seem to help, too.

    • Alex says:

      Celebs can hide when they choose too. Hence why someone like JLaw can virtually disappear for months if she’s not filming, Matt Damon’s kids are rarely ever seen or Angelina can run around with her kids without scrutiny. You avoid pap restaurants, busy places where stars frequent, etc. not saying you won’t ever be papped but chances are slim. Hence why when people DO emerge it’s for a reason most likely. Some celebs play the game and then when they don’t need to they disappear into their every day lives.

    • WinterLady says:

      I’ve noticed Celebs that don’t live in Hollywood or NYC (or any other celeb hotspots) tend to keep much lower profiles. I believe Meryl Streep, for instance, lives and raised a family under the radar in Conn. But even in Hollywood, a celebrity who wants to can go a long time without being seen, like Christian Bale, who is really never paped, with or without his family. It’s possible, some celebs just love the attention and then love to complain about it.

  13. Sadie says:

    Awwww. I’m so happy for them! That is going to be one cute baby.

  14. Oobejabbawonka says:

    So delighted for them, love me some Leighton! 😀 xxx

  15. Kaylah says:

    I’m never not surprised that they’re together. Adam looks amazing for 36, must be the curly hair.

  16. sauvage says:

    I recommend watching “Life Partners” to everybody who wants to see them act together. Plus it’s a lovely film!

  17. Shambles says:

    She’s the most adorable person on the planet, pregnant or not. I loves my Leighton. Congrats to the Meester-Brody’s. 😀

  18. bettyrose says:

    She deserves so much happiness. She’s never had a “normal” family to come home to, so I totally get wanting to live out of the spotlight.

  19. platypus says:

    Another couple that looks like brother and sister.

  20. atrain says:

    I do not get the appeal of this girl. She is blander than toast. People say that Blake Lively is boring, but compared to this girl, Blake is a day at Disneyland.

  21. The Original Mia says:

    Had no idea she was 6 months! That’s great for them.

  22. perplexed says:

    They’ll have pretty kids.

    She makes a cute pregnant lady.

    • JonJon says:

      She Has Such an UNFORTUNATE body. Her LEGS Are Tree Trunks.

      • bettyrose says:

        You insulted a pregnant woman’s legs?

      • JonJon says:

        They Were Trunks befoer SHe got Knocked up too. Like KATIE HOLMES.

      • bettyrose says:

        Is something wrong with your caps lock key?

      • Chem says:

        In some places, thick legs are good. Men love them

      • Geekychick says:

        I know right? The most important thing about any woman is her looks, especially her natural looks, for example, the way she’s built. So no matter if she’s a succesfull actress who is pregnant, and seemingly happy in life, the first thing we must do is focus on what we perceive as her flaws and then tear her down. Extremely important to bring to attention.
        my God, I’d like to see how YOU look.

  23. JenniferJustice says:

    She is adorable anyway! I love them as a couple – so natural and easy. No pomp and circumstance. They’re a breath of fresh air.

  24. S says:

    She’s so lovely, and seems remarkably down to earth.

  25. funmi says:

    Oh!i love Leighton. I loved her in GG too.
    And so pretty and great actress too.